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ES Morning Update August 7th 2018 – The TOP IS IN

Gang I'm looking for a top today for many reasons. One is the VIX fake print (FP) showing 11.07 was hit in the premarket. But more importantly is that the much stronger FP from May 4th, 2018 is almost now hit in the premarket session. It showed a low of 10.91 and we are just a few pennies away from it as I write the post. Also there is the passport code from the movie Assassins Creed that is for today. Then there was a new FP put out yesterday showing a large drop on it, which I think starts after today. Everything is lining up for a big drop gang, and it should be fast. I don't want to say much more then this on this update. If you want to know the level we are going to (which I have double "clues" on it) you'll have to login to the free chatroom to find out. Sorry, but it's some pretty scary stuff and I just don't want to say too much publicly. Good Luck

On the menu bar go to the third one from left to right called "Members Login-Chat-Forum" and hover over it. A pulldown menu will show 5 options. Hover over the "My Account" and a side pullout menu will show 4 options. Choose the "Sign Up" option.

The direct link is:

Sign up

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