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ES Morning Update July 5th 2019

Hope everyone had a great holiday yesterday. Today I expect light volume as many traders will likely be taking today off as well. The futures are down some, which is to be expected I guess with the exhaustion move up yesterday to finally make all time new highs on DOW of 26,966 (nice triple 6's there... top signal?). I don't have much to add today as it's looking like any sell setups we had are going to be pushed out into next week. The DOW making a new all time high caused this. So I'll keep it short and just wish everyone a happy extended holiday.

P.S. If the market pulls back too far today it will likely kill any sell setups for next week and allow another big push higher... like maybe even 3100 on the SPX? Hard too say for sure but too deep of a drop today is bad for the bigger pictures for the bears.

Author: Red

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