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Morning Update November 23rd 2016

Last Wednesday the 16th of November 2016 around noon my mother had a Pontine Hemorrhagic Brain Stroke.  She died on Friday night around 10 pm EST.  The funeral was Tuesday, November 22nd 2016.  My dad died earlier this year on March 6th so its been a tough year.  He was the love of my mothers life and I know she was very lonely without him.  For me my mother was my spark as I didn't know my dad that well.  But my mother was like an angel in kindness and giving lifestyle.  She will be missed tremendously by everyone that knew her and double that with me.  She fell in love with my dad back when she was 17 years old when he met her in the strawberry patch that my grandfather grew and made the 3 girls go pick.  My mother (Mary Sue Black Perry) was the oldest of those three sisters at 75 leaving behind her 74 year old sister Barbara Ann Finley and 70 year old sister Sarah Elizabeth Schofield, who is now on her 8th week in the hospital hanging on each and every day with too many problems to list here.

My grandfather used to chase my dad (Daniel Gene Perry) off as he didn't want him dating my mother.  But she loved him and chased him all her life.  Finally, after many girlfriends and 3 marriages (and divorces) my mother finally became my dads last wife in 2005.  She never dated or married anyone that entire time as she was determined to marry the only man she ever loved.  It was a dating relationship from age 17 to age 64 for my mother and different lifestyle for my dad.  She was the angel attracted to bad boy I guess.  She couldn't help her love and put up with too much crazy stuff to list here.  Even after his death he impacted her as it was as if he was this dark flame of light that she was trapped with all her life and after it went out she couldn't go on without that flame.  But, she died peacefully and did not suffer one minute I believe.  I'm sure she is in heaven now and finally at peace.  She was a wonderful mother as I couldn't have been more bless then to have her raise me.

I remember the few times she had to spank me for not minding her.  She would tell me to go to bed and I would test her and stay up a little longer.  Then she would warn me that if I didn't listen and go to bed in the next 5 minutes that she would have to spank me.  When I got the spanking I would naturally cry and tell my mother I hated her like most kids did.  She would tell me she loves me and that it hurt her more then me as she didn't want to spank me but knew I had to learn.  Overall she told me I was a great kid and didn't get into much trouble at all.  I am extremely glad to have had her as my mother in this life and will miss her very much.  I will love her the rest of my life and never forget the lessons she taught me.  May she finally be happy in heaven.

For my regular morning updates and the chatroom.  I will be in an out of the room the rest of this week and will resume normal updates next week.  I have a lot to do this weekend as I'll be moving into my mothers house.  Plus it's Thanksgiving this week and the stock market isn't likely to do a whole lot.  Thank you all for you patience and understanding for the time I've taken off.

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