Weekend Update – Will The Elections Crash The Market?


No, but the FOMC meeting likely could...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbXFJHaGB1o)

Yes, the market will just be in a "wait and see" mode until 2:15 pm on Wednesday as the Fed's will probably release the amount of new stimulus (Quantitative Easing... aka QE2) that they will inject into the market over the coming months(notice I didn't say "economy"?  ...that's because the money will never make it to the unemployed American, but will instead end up in some Banksters pocket on Wallstreet).

You know, I never thought they could actually keep this market up all the way until the elections.... but they did!  Absolutely amazing!  I thought many times that it would sell off first, as traders take profit before the unknown outcome on November 2nd.

You never can tell what the gangsters have planned, as even though I thought the market will sell off some in front of the elections, and crash afterwards... even that could be wrong?  I don't know for sure about anything anymore.  While the odds clearly favor a sell off of some kind (correction/crash?), these guys have been defying the odds for quite awhile now.

The charts are still useful of course, but the ability for them to be manipulated and held back from rolling over is truly an incredible feat they pulled off.  Last week produced 5 days of doji candles on the daily charts... something of a rarity in of itself... in my opinion.  While I don't know how many times that has happened in the past 100 years, I'd bet I could count the times with my fingers.

It's almost as if God was holding the market up, and not allowing it to sell off until after the election this coming week.  But wait... it was God!  Remember, Goldman Sachs is doing "God's work" (aka, robbing from the middle classed and poor to give to the rich and evil... where's Robin Hood when you need him?).

The market last week was enough to make both bulls and bears alike... "sick too death".  When is enough... "enough"?  There probably isn't any retail traders left in this market as it's clearly driven by computer bots trading against each other... with our money of course.

If it seems like I'm bitching or just rambling on... you're right, I am!  No one can make money in this kind of crappy market, except maybe the day traders... and only the really good one's at that.  This has too be the most hated rally ever on Wallstreet, as it's completely 100% FAKE!

No really earnings, No real job's, No real anything but lies!

Not that I really want a huge crash to happen, as that would hurt a lot of people.  I just want a market that can be fairly traded... both short and long.  A market that follows some type of reasonable charting patterns and actual "real" data (not made up lies)... which I'll likely never see in my lifetime, so I guess I'm just dreaming here.

Moving on...

It seems that Friday after the market closed there was a reported terrorist attack that was stopped.  How convenient of the terrorists to wait until market is ready to crash to try and attack us.  That's really nice of them to do... (ROFLMAO here)!  Yes folks, it's another "False Flag" that the gangsters are staging so they can blame the coming crash on it.  (By the way, I mentioned Yeman back in February of this year.  Maybe you should go re-watch the video's on it?)

They'll spin the truth as "the economy was recovering and this (insert false flag event here) really shocked the market... blah, blah, blah".  Come on folks, you guys (and gals) are much smarter then that.  You know the timing of false flags are almost always around major tops in the stock market.  Remember the BP Oil Disaster?  When did it happen?  Answer:  April 20th, 2010 What happen to the stock market shortly there after?  Can you say "Flash Crash Fat Fingers" 10 times quickly and not be "tongue tied"?  LOL

The market actually hit the final top on April 26th, with one quick stop sweep above key resistance to clear out all the shorts before the crash... but basically the Oil Disaster False Flag event was done when the market was peaking.  So what does that mean for next week?  I speculate that we'll have another stop sweep above the current overhead and resistance level and then another crash... but this time it won't be just a "Flash Crash".  I expect it to continue down to the DOW 8300 level by mid-late November, and then a rally back up to happen.

Thinking like a gangster here... I'd shock the market with just enough new stimulus (with the expected QE2 news data released by the Fed's after the FOMC meeting this Wednesday), that would give the market one final push up.  Then I'd stage a false flag event to blame the crash on.  (Of course I don't know what the market is expecting, but I heard $500 Billion to $3 Trillion.  So, give them something on the low end of that range to stage one more rally, but not too little that the coming train wreck would be blamed on the governments' lack of stimulus.  (Now if they give them something on the high end and blow out what the market expects, we can expect a move up to the DIA 118.16 FP to happen before and crash does... but I really don't expect that to happen).

After the market tanks for a few weeks I'd get together with the new Congress and Senate with some emergency bill (even more stimulus) that "has too" be pass through under fear of economic collapse (all planned years in advance of course).  But don't pass the bill until the downside target is hit, and then I'd announce to the media that the Republicans and the Democrats have put aside their differences and decided that another round of stimulus will now be given to the Wallstreet Gangsters (errr... the American public, my bad!) because of the disaster.

The Democrats can "save face" as they put through another stimulus package before the Republicans took back control of the house of congress (and maybe the senate too?).

The Republicans can "save face" and say that they would have stopped the reckless spending of the stimulus plans that the Democrats did over the last year or so, as they rejected more money when they got elected (in this weeks' coming election), but do to the emergency nature of the current situation that developed (because of the "false flag event"), they'll give the market (err... the economy) more money after all.

Yay!  We're all saved again!

Isn't politics fun?  LOL!  Of course I don't know what will happen, but that could be the plan?  It certainly matches up with a peak in the market like we currently have now.  After all... someone, or something, has too be blamed for the crash coming.  It just can't be technical analysis or elliottwave theory, as that stuff is just all worthless crap anyway... right?  It's fundamentals that makes the market move up and down... so says the bought and paid for mass media machine.

Ok, so where do we go next week?  I'm going to borrow this chart posted by Apple Al, and use it for speculation as it would line up with one more stop clearing sweep similar to the April 26th high... just before the real move down came.

Al's chart points to a move down on Monday, (which supports the over bought 60, 30, and 15 minute charts), and then one "last hurrah" move up to the double top area around 1215 spx as a wave 5, with Mondays' move down as a wave E in a larger wave 4 move that formed during most of last week.  While I'm not an expert on Elliottwave (who is really?), I think the chart lines up perfectly with what happen on the April high day on the 26th.

You have too think about this from the gangsters point of view.  There are still plenty of bears hanging on to their shorts last week, as the market just traded sideways and never broke the overhead resistance area.  This tells me that they must be shaken out before the real plunge begins.  You know the gangsters don't want to let these bears on the train to hell with them, as there are only so much cocaine and naked women available in the passenger cars... and of course they don't like to share.

So, they must get them off the train before the real move starts.  A quick short squeeze to a double top would probably just about do the trick I'd say.  While it's possible that the top is already in at the 1196 spx level from last Monday, I got a feeling that there's going to be one more fakeout move to the upside before this train really leaves the station.

Maybe it only makes it back up to the 1196 top, or maybe a little more?  I don't know for sure but that terrorist scare is speaking loudly to those who are listening.  An "Event" is coming, and the market won't like it.  When?  Days I'd say, not weeks.  Maybe after the FOMC meeting this Wednesday, or at the latest it could be push out to the G20 Meeting on November 11th.  I doubt it, as I think what the Fed's says this week will determine the future direction of the market (and the elections too of course).

But the charts can't take too much more of this propping up, as they are all ready to collapse hard very soon.  So how many fingers and toes does Bernanke have left to keep plugging the holes in this dam that's ready to burst?  I don't know, but if he tries to use the "Fat Finger" to plug a leak, he might just do too much damage to the crack and cause it to burst.

Ok, what about Monday you ask?

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYRlUCk7M8U)

I'd say we rollover in the morning and possibly stay down all day.  I say "possible" because the terrorist scare and the uncertainty of the elections could cause traders to cash in their longs on Monday and not do anymore buying until the FOMC news on Wednesday is released.  The short term charts are rolling over going into Monday and that should put some downward pressure on the market early on.

While I don't think it's going to tank on Monday, or break key support, but I can see early selling in the morning with the afternoon session being left in the "unknown" status as the PPT could come in a buy it back up (remember, the volume will likely be very light after the first couple of hours of the day), or they could just let it stay down and use that money for Wednesday.  Hard too say what the close will be, as Monday's have a long time reputation now of being "Bullish Monday's"... a name they got for that very reason, they usually are UP days.

So, if you do short on Monday, be careful after the first couple of hours as once that selling pressure is gone the government could step in an turn it all around by the close.  It's the day before the election too, so you know it's not going to crash.  We could see a 10 point down in the morning, but I wouldn't expect too much more then that... if we even get that much?

It's really going to be a wild ride after Wednesday, but I'm not expecting too much on Monday.  So just be patient as around 2:15 pm on Wednesday until the close at 4 pm on Friday... it's going to get exciting!  Another side note:  most FOMC days are bullish, and I've noticed that the first move is a shakeout move that quickly reverses and goes the other direction within minutes of the first move.  Most of the first moves have been down, followed by a rally until the end of the day.

So, while it's possible that the first (again... usually down) is a real move that won't reverse, I find it highly unlikely.  The reason is simple... the government doesn't want to be the blame for the coming correction/crash, so they will want one more push up from their statement released about QE2.  After they get their brief rally, and the bears get squeezed off the train to hell, they'll proceed with the "false flag" event a few days later to blame everything on.

One more thing, the day after the FOMC meeting I've noticed are usually a down day.  Just speculating here on everything, by using past experience to forecast the possible future direction.  If it happens as I laid out here, I'll be a hero... if not, then I'll eat some more mud I guess.

Best of luck to everyone...


P.S.  Remember what this guy said about November the 14th...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V65rlYFJ0qo&feature=player_embedded)

Now look closely at the runaway train in the new movie called "Unstoppable" coming out this November 12th...

(to see on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JM-0Ywc7wNY)

Just a coincidence I'm sure...

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  1. I noticed that the header still isn’t animated Steveo. I also noticed that the file name is: hawaii-trading-banner1-once.gif.png

    Some how it added the “.png” extension on it. It won’t work unless it’s a “.gif”, nothing more after it.

  2. Thanks for checking on that, will investigate when I have time. These computer things are sometimes hard to attack, cause it might be 5 mintues, or 2 hours later…still a goose egg.

  3. There’s 3 events this week, which could drag the DIA down 2% in one day…
    1 elections, 2 FOMC, 3 employment report…..
    If all 3 hit negative, and you don’t own any puts…you’re screwed.

  4. Yes, so far it looks like we are going to defy gravity Monday morning and rally against the charts. Not that they’ve been working lately, but every now and then you’d think they would.

    I guess I’m just dreaming that the charts are worth following. Maybe on another planet where the Fed doesn’t exist…

  5. I don’t know what the market really expects or what level will cause it tank, but I do believe another false flag is coming… and the tank (aka “Crash”) will be blamed on that event.

  6. Fade the gap, probably end up down or flat On Monday…I’m stocking up on shorts ahead of the FED meeting. News coming out of there should have a 2 or 3 day effect on the markets…Plus there’s some big names reporting, and they could disappoint…MA is one of them.
    The only upset to my plan, is if the Republican’s win both houses…

  7. Chart analysis of every FX pair versus the dollar on 3 time frames.

    My hand notes, and rational basis for choices are in the attached pictures.

    I looked at all the major forex pairs compared to the USD.

    Results were startling. For all 24 Pairs

    Short Term Medium Long (over 2 years)

    Bullish 17 13 10

    for USD

    Bearish 0 7 7

    Neutral, or 7 4 6
    No Data

    Then I looked at my off the cuff, Major trading partners, and I included CHF Swiss Franc.

    Short Term Medium Long (over 2 years)

    Bullish 7 7 5
    for USD

    Bearish 0 0 2


  8. go go Bernanke print $$ …….pump everything – Gold…Stock…Copper….Corn…. etc. This is the policy of white gloves – bankers

    new world order

    Bernanke is a puppet of big fish, when people open eyes, the Fed is a private, laughs with us ……
    bigger U.S. debt is okay but only for FED fu … k

    OK big debt – Mr. Mrs. – everyone will pay debt – slavery XXI, are you people so blind??

    when people will understand what is going on…..you see only the Ipod, McD, movies and games (P3)

    elections to begin in August – please start to use the brain

    but the bakers premiums is the most important fu .. ck
    Jewish Policy

  9. Decently sized negative breadth on the Nasdaq today. It looks like there will be a small change reading on $nymo today……Today is 770trading days from October 11,2007 high and Friday was 417tds from March low. The SP low on November 21,2008 was 741 and I noticed that the final low to low sequence from 11-21-2008 to 3-6-9 was 71trading days. So Friday was 487tds from the Nov date and today is 488. (Interesting that Randy Moss #84 was cut from the Vikings today and yesterday Kyle Orton (#8)threw for 369 yards and his lead receiver Brandon Lloyd (#84) had 167 (or 169)yards receiving in a game played in London (if that means anything)—I noticed an obscure Rams receiever, #11, went 6 for 67 receiving—-and it was Week 8 of the NFL season.))…….Anyway, I did see the movie Red and I was shocked to see a blatant p3 reference in the movie. (And it definitely was intentional since one of the govts agents in the movie is named William Cooper who would classify as a RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous ex-agent)…Ernest Borgnine is in the movie and he is 94 (born in 1917) and he plays the role of the keeper of classified (esoteric?) information within a certain clandestine organization…..Red started shooting on 1-18 this year and Wall Street 2 on 9-9-9 so it seems they event start filming on symbolic dates. October 31st would be 417calendar days from 9-9-9.
    I also watched the first half of Wall Street 2 again and took a closer look at Cramer’s scoreboard during Cramer’s brief appearance in the movie (and in it he’s talking about the house of pain) and lo an behold 1987 is on it (or 19——87). I also caught the 58 number in it when Geccko mentions that he went to prison for 8 years and spent 5 years in court (1988 to 2001 or 13 years).

  10. Hey GM all
    Most likely the thugs will run this up (Wave 5) to finish this off today and tomorrow around 1210 or so ES I really think whatever happens the news is priced in and will be a sell the news event (but not a crash) just a correction. $ could be down to 20% if fed eases as thought according to Bill Gross

    • Morning Anna

      Today is shaping up to be somewhat uneventful been drifting upwards during night trading for the dow.If the $ has a correction downward wont that mean the inverse effect on the market would be up or do you think they will both move in tandem?

      • Hi DJ
        I think the ldollar correction should come after a short term spx correction, after election Wave 4 for $ to around 77.90, before falling to sub 74 area (ouch) which means through holidays markets will move on to highs for year. (but do expect slight correction this week) Good luck to you! 🙂

          • Just an educated (charts) guess as we all try 😉 watch for a huge volatile move after FED (up and down) the correction for a bit 1165 is where I have it now, but there will most likely be scooped up like it’s a fire sale LOL You can also visit my blog @

          • nice site its simple and stroght to the point please excuse me for being a cheapo and not being able to pay for the membership the market has got me by the balls during this nonsense rally.I wont mind becoming a member once everything has regain sanity.

          • hahah dont worry i will im into the DJ30 indice as my name says and im an intraday so im looking at everybit of info that i can lay my hands on to (guess) where this market will head.I try to not only go base on charts but news and events as well.

  11. My setup, if accurate, concludes this afternoon. I see 1200 spx, likely between 1-3pm. See ES at 1197.

    For kicks, 1200.21 @ 2:01 PM on 11/2/2010

    • If we reach it by this afternoon as you think, then there won’t be much upside left for 2:15 tomorrow. Meaning that there may not be the usual spike down after the Fed meeting, followed by a rally into the rally. We could instead just sell off and not look back? Food for thought at least…

      • If I’m right, it would be at least a st top. Could see a drop and pop tomorrow but would not expect new highs. A 1-2 scenario in EW speak.

  12. Well gang, it looks like another exciting day in Vegas. Back up again for a triple top it seems. I’m with Anna on thinking that they will most likely break through this 1196 area, and go on up to 1215 for the double top there.

  13. Was today a Gangster buying day ? POMO ? what other days are left for the gangstahs to come and in the equity market ? Thanks.

  14. Was today a Gangster buying day ? POMO ? what other days are left for the gangstahs to come and in the equity market ? Thanks.

  15. The bullish case is too fishy. It would be so much easier to take this down. Probably false breakout on the dollar, stocks are not following thru (as yet).

    If they do decide to take this down, they’ll have plenty of bulls to slaughter as they buy back in, day after day. How many dips can you make pattern investors buy as you take it down? A whole lot, I would say at this point.

    • Im staying out of these few days cause i have absolutely NO idea where anything is heading and we have reports and graphs all over the place.One things for sure reps will win the question is by how many.Gridlock will be a scary scenario if they are forced into that play.The only problem i have with everything is the amount of news that says SELL SELL SELL.If everyone can see it coming what makes people think the FEDS wont do something about it.The best case would be for everything to play out and happen according to plan reps take the house correction happens and we all go along our merry way but and a HUGE BUTTTTTT is that i know a man who is hell bent on on stopping that no prizes for guessing who.Hint his name starts with a B

      • All I know is, it’s clear to me that Madman Bernanke is a psychopath (fits the profile perfectly) who has a vendetta against his own party. By the looks of how he and Barney Fwank are stroking each other when he appear before Congress, it can plainly be seen that there will be no dollar spared to protect his job and get back at the people who are calling him out.

        The charts haven’t actually lied yet, and I’m not saying they won’t, but it still looks like this market is due for a sizable correction.

        • true to that extent i agree if everything was based on charts then it should have turned in sept and carried on from there.I would say if that happened that it would have been a stable growth however from what we are looking at and the exact copy from what the april high it really leads one to wonder.The only thing i would say holding this obscene rally in place is the one with the nice looking suit.If he wants to hide behind the saying of doing something is better then nothing, i would add doing more harm is WORST then doing nothing.

  16. Wow, the Dow dropped just 6 points from 83 to 77 and the pumpers are so desperate to prop up this market that they cranked the Euro up from from 1.41 pennies to 1.61 pennies in a matter of seconds. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pushed this Euro up by almost 3 cents by EOD.

    • They seem desperate to bring it to 11200 mark today.Dont know if its able to hit it but if it carries on this way i wont really be surprise

      • I think their goal si to take out the recent spike of 11,247.60. They tried yesterday and couldn’t do it, by a mere 3 points. Based on the “treadmill” trend of the last 2 months, they need to take this out.

        I think they’re going to pull out all the stops today and pump this market, manipulate, kill, maim, do everything they possibly can to take out that number.

        • Yes, we are going higher… that you can count on. How high is another story? I can’t see them making it to that DIA 118.16 print, but that’s only about 600 points away now.

          I huge amount of stimulus injected into the market could rally it there before the week is over. One last hurrah for gangsters!

          • Ive been hearing rumors of 500 M figure for QE 2 floating around but i cant confirm that is that enough i dont really think so but heres the magic show we (feds) can turn 500 M into 500 B opps sorry i have (fat fingers)

        • True will this be the final horay before they use the last bullet they have to shoot themselves? Dont really know but at the end of the day that would be the easy way out.

          @ red

          Im crying too (wheres the champagne ) opps i mean the tissue.

  17. Gang, even though the charts say we should rollover today/tomorrow… this week! …it doesn’t mean squat if they add more QE2 then expected. We could have a rally up the that FP of DIA 118.16 by this Friday, in one huge short squeeze!Yeah, I know… that’s crazy right? I agree, but remember that after this week is over, I don’t think we’ll see this level for a long time… not if what is predicted in that audio comes true.Just be prepared for one last bear shakeout before the false flag event happens next week sometime (man, I hope those predicting it are wrong on that call).

    • everything will be clear on wed 2.15 when either terrorist blow something up or when MR B speaks either way it will show the way at that time

  18. Intrade now has a 95% chance that Republicans win the House and a 46% chance( but trending down) that Democrats control the Senate.

    • Hi Mike
      I’m 3 to 1 shorts, ahead of the results…of course, I could always go from hero to zero, in this type of market environment. I’m expecting the DIA to go down, on the results, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the market dipped, and then ended flat on Wed.

  19. Honestly red the audio paints a disturbingly grim picture and hopefully things to reach that extent.I think we all just want SANITY without bloodshed but thats just wishful thinking i guess.Overall i think the main message is to BE PREPARED.Worst part about all this is that it really is unfolding according to everything he said especially over the last few days.

  20. I just had a weird thought after reading a blurb where traders expect the Fed to keep the funds rate at 0%. WHAT IF…Madman Bernanke decides to take the funds rate up to 0.5% and ALSO print 2 trillion dollars???

    That circus act alone, would make my day.

    Well, they have 20 minutes to double the Dow to take out that spike. Drum roll…

      • That’s why I call him Madman.

        Plus, his concern is not foreclosure; that means nothing to him because he can (and will) recapitalize the banks if need be. He’s buying bonds issued by the Treasury only 2 weeks ago (per Zerohedge – haven’t looked at the details). As long as he can keep the equity markets up, I don’t believe he would have any problems with any other repercussions. If you look at the ISM report from yesterday, at the “Repspondents…” section, Madman Bernanke is already wreaking havoc on business. His concern is singular…pump up the markets at ANY COST.

        In any case, this is really amazing…the highs on the Dow, S&P and NYSE all held by mere pennies. Nice setup.

  21. Theres the closing bell well overall interesting day to say the least.Drifting all the way higher even on the close there was a big rush to buy in before closing bell.All this action points to a very weird conclusion Everyone is expecting a drop Question where are the sellers ??????? Ben the man is keeping the whole market away from his cash cow with a shotgun.Tomorrow is gonna be make or break we have a truck load of data coming in + the results of the elections AND Ben is gonna give his farewell speech . Jam packed day tomorrow where will it go no one knows.

  22. Some folks, seem to lack a fundamental knowledge of earnings and how that affects the DOW…earnings are good enough to propel this market to 11,900, by Jan. or LAte Dec….and then if JAN earnings come in strong…They may take the market down in JAN, but at some point those earnings beats, will have to be added on top of whatever this high is going to be.
    One a side note,
    I have pullback signals for the middle of Nov…..and then up we go again…anyone here know about x-mas rallies? ( I doubt you think one will happen) BIG Thinking Mistake on your part….imho…

    • There is still that DIA 118.16 print lurking out there… and it must be hit. But when? If we only have a quick correction down 50-100 points, and no crash, then yeah… we should have a Christmas rally.

  23. hello Leo. Its 21:30 and i cant hear the audio. The webpage seems to be off now. Will try again later… In the meantime can you share the main points of the audio?? From the posts below i deduce something nasty is going to happen next week, and that the markets are going to be hit…

  24. Red,

    I really like that Hell Train image. Do you happen to have a higher resolution copy?

    Regarding zstock’s comment the the market could rocket higher…yes, that’s possible, but personally, I think it will be quite a stretch to rocket up to 11,900 in the near future. Remember, a lot of people were thinking that this market wouldn’t make it to year’s end over 10K at the end of August…

    Just trying to stay as objective as possible in this irrational market……the fact that the Fed is artificially (and illegally) inflating this market doesn’t change the risk profile for stocks. They are more closely tied to the USD than ever before as a result of the Fed’s reckless actions and can become very volatile as a result of that many more variables.

    I guess I’m saying “day trade” the long side, which I suppose everyone here is doing.

    Just food for thought…I read an interview by Jim Rogers about he went 100% belly up back in 1970 when he shorted 2 stocks. He lost everything, that’s right, everything…BUT BOTH companies were bankrupt 2 years later. The market was able to stay irrational much longer than he was able to stay solvent.

    This time around, the rules have changed significantly – there are far more illegal actions being taken by the Fed – so we’ll have to stay far more vigilant.

    • Yes, I agree… they can print until the year 3010 if they want too. Of course by then a gallon of milk would be 4 million dollars… LOL.

      As for the picture, no… I found it on the internet and added the 3 idiots to the picture. Just right click and save as is… but that’s as big as the picture was when I found it. Sorry.

      • I’ve noticed there are a lot of bloggers out there who know what’s going on, but with no voice. Are there any central sites that you know of with people who want to actually fight, yes fight, the Fed?

        Yeah this seems to be a pipe dream, but this could be a great time to organize en masse. All these fatcats are wallowing in their own arrogance, just waiting to be knocked off the top of the heap by people who are “Fed” up with this mess.

        I happened upon this youtuber back in 2008. Validated the information – luckily Aurora Mortgage by Lehman was dumb enough to publish the documents he spoke about on an unsecured local website – and was encouraged by the willingness to act on this info. Alas, nothing came of it:


        Looks like he has a nice career as a consultant, but this thing petered out. I think it’s time for a Financial Revolution.

        • Well, I don’t think there is a lot of bloggers that know what is going on for sure, but a lot that have a good idea at least. The timing of the events are the hardest to foresee, and I’ve yet to see any one blogger call this market day in and day out… correctly.

          But, I’m with you on fighting the Fed’s. And, I think a lot of people are doing just that… it’s just that we don’t see what’s happening, as it’s being done behind the scenes.

          Not to worry too much, as their day is ending soon and a new world of freedom will be here for everyone on the planet. But between then and now, things could get a little rough as they throw their last punches at the world.

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