QE2 Day Is Finally Here


Wednesday update...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3hIjgtsKbc )

I decided to do a second video update, as a gap up over the 1215-1220 area isn't looking likely right now.  More important data has been sent to me.  Please read this release by Half Past Humans, as the timeline has been moved up to November 5th (from the 8th), and extended to November 14th (was the 11th).

Also, watch the youtube video by Lindsey Williams (part 1 of 6).  Folks, too many people are all saying the same thing right now... which is that the time period we are about to go into next week will start a horrible sell off in the market, possibly caused by some "false flag" event.  It will likely be 10-1000 times greater then the 911 event, and the "Tipping Point" is November 14th!

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U9GGpReZLM)

From all the evidence I put up on my weekend post, and all this new evidence... from different sources, something bad is coming I do believe.  Just be very careful, as if it does happen, then stocking up on 6 months of food and water might be a good idea after all.



The day the market has been waiting on is less the 24 hours away now.  What will happen?  Will the market start a new rally and go up another 600 point on the Dow and hit our DIA 118.16 FP?  Or is that print for next year, and instead the market rolls over into a nice correction/crash?

With the market so close to that upside FP, I wish it would just go up there and get it over with, as I like to start heading down toward the other FP at Dow 8300 before I grow old and die waiting.  I honestly don't know what is going to play out?  It really does depend on how much the QE2 is?

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF_gFv3cvFc)

If they promise way more then the market expects, a rally from hell could squeeze every last bear out of existence.  So expect the "unexpected"... meaning that if everyone is looking for a huge sell off, then maybe we just keep on heading north and fool the sheep again.

While everything I see, hear, and read points to at least a correction, if not a crash... that might not come until that upside FP is hit?  That means we could rally tomorrow, Thursday and Friday... and if they squeeze hard, I think they can hit it by Monday.

Of course that's really asking for a miracle for the bulls, as blasting past that double top resistance at 1215 isn't likely something that can be done on the first attempt.  Many days of consolidation are usually needed, before a successful pierce of the resistance line.

Lot at how long we have been hammer away at the current resistance range of 1185-1195... 7 days now!  While we'll likely breakout of it tomorrow, running through 1215 in one day is extremely unlikely.  Which means that we should at least see a nice pullback before attempting to breakthrough it again.

Now, I personally still think that we are going to have a big correction (50-100 points) next week.  While I'm hoping that we don't get another false flag event, if we do... the you can throw "correction" out the door and get used too the word "crash" again!

I had the chance to listen to the entire 2 hour audio called "The Waterman Files" that Pzy5t0 emailed me.  It's one scary broadcast, and should be listened too... before this week is over!  If you haven't done so already, you need to make it a priority and listen too it asap.  (To download it and use RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen, just "right click and save as" this link: https://reddragonleo.com/ArgusoogRadio-20101029-TheWatermanFiles.mp3)

Also, in the video I talk about Ben Fulford and David Wilcock.  The link to that article is here: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?7635-Ben-Fulford-Blogs-David...&s=9184d0534376f0d6e860a578952ae62f

Ok, as for tomorrow, Fed days are almost always bullish... but the day after is another story.  Trying to figure out which direction the market will break to first is about as easy to do as calling heads or tail, so you might just wait until the close at 4 pm to go short (assuming we rally up to hit a double top at 1215 area?).

Of course this could be the one time the market just sells off on the news and never looks back?  Hard too say?  But that audio broadcast speaks of the November 8th-11th as a pivot point of major importance.  Could we have a false flag over the weekend while all the sheep are stuck long after a surprise "more then expected" QE2 short squeeze rally?

It's very possible, so be very careful tomorrow as there should be at least one more bear squeeze before this week is over.  And since tomorrow is the QE2 day, with jobs data out on Thursday and Friday, I'd expect the high to be put in tomorrow.

There is also the FP of 1160 spx that Anna caught after the bell today.  That could be the target for Thursday or Friday?  A move up to around the 1215 level, and then back down to 1160 by Friday could easily happen.  At that point I'm not sure, as I'd need to see the damage done on the charts.

It's all just speculation at this point.  I'd just listen to that audio if I were you... and pray they are wrong!



  1. Although I find it hard to believe anything drastic will happen until the Fed meeting is over, the $vix did have a hollow red bar and is above its uptrending 20day average. The markets except the Nasdaq have been trending sideways for a couple weeks now and putting in a smilar like top to the April and early August highs.

  2. Red, I know you are urging your readers to listen to the Waterman files, but is there a summary? Can you hit the highligts? I want to stay informed, but that thing call “life” gets in the way of me allocating 2 hours right now.

    • They cover a lot of things, but the main thing is that the super computers that scan the internet looking for keywords to predict the future, all point to November 8th-11th as something really bad happening.Another type of false flag event that’s 10 times (or more) larger then the 911 event. So, something bad could happen anytime now… even over the weekend.

      • Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Though, to get to the 349 VIX FP that you have, I would think it would take a FF event. Heck, even during the 87 crash, wasn’t the VIX only in the 100’s? So we have some baseline of where the VIX will go during a “normal” crash.

        • Very interesting interview Diablos… thanks.

          It’s all about the number “11” it seems. This Saturday is 11-06-2010, which adds up to 11 (1+1+0+6+2+0+1+0=11). Today adds up to 8 (1+1+0+3+2+0+1+0), which isn’t that important.

          So, I don’t expect anything bad to happen today, but Saturday could be another story. Of course 11-11-2010 should also be important because of the number 11 twice in the date (without adding the numbers).

          Next year on 11-11-2011 should also spark some kind of event. Who knows what that will be? Also, 01-11-2011 is an important day, and could be another false flag event too.

    • Thanks anoopsan today will be the best day to hit that cloud if not wow i really got no comment im counting on Ben to make my day today.

        • i wont be surprised but at the same time its just confusing. Everything is point down and now not only are the charts which have been for a very long time but news all over are screaming SELL SELL SELL but what we have seen for the last 2 months has been a levitation magic show.However when you think about everything as a big scam then it doesnt make any sense for them to allow it to drop when EVERYONE is expecting it to. It would be more in their best interest to push it higher when everyone is calling it short and drop it like a hot potato when everyones suckered into closing all shorts .So over a few weeks hmmmm maybe i cant say for sure but there is nothing as important as today to make that happen other then today i dont see anything able to turn the market and to give it direction.

    • Hi Red,

      Yes am puzzled on that one. We know there is a lot of money involved in GLD contracts. Serge mentioned GLD ETF is bigger than XLF and XLE together or something like that. Must be smart money getting out… and for sure they know what’s coming.

      By the way am listening to Waterman’s file audio and like you said ,it’s a must. Something major is coming, this is scary stuff

    • Im wondering if people are pulling their money out to get back into the market that will pull in a hell of alot of traders on the sidelines to jump in as well.

      • Since the charts are slowly becoming oversold now (if you can believe that… sheesh), so a rally on the Fed news is likely from what I can tell.

        And, tomorrow doesn’t have any major news, so I’d expect a follow through tomorrow too. But, with the non-farm payroll report on Friday morning, I’d expect Thursday to be the high for the week, and to see some selling on Friday from that report.

        This assumes it meets expectation… if it disappoints badly, well that’s another story.

        • well everythings in the red SP, NYSE, Dow are all in the red.Gold is taking a pounding.Dollar looks like it wants to go up seems like a huge move is gonna take place

        • well everythings in the red SP, NYSE, Dow are all in the red.Gold is taking a pounding.Dollar looks like it wants to go up seems like a huge move is gonna take place

        • well everythings in the red SP, NYSE, Dow are all in the red.Gold is taking a pounding.Dollar looks like it wants to go up seems like a huge move is gonna take place

          • yup looks that way but there is still sometime before that happens and as far as how the market has been moving its really anyones guess

            @ bullkiller

            somehow i just dont feel like its time yet personally i would hold off untill the trend has been set and established before going in

    • It’s resting right on a support trendline, and oversold with light volume. I really doubt it’s going to tank today. Remember, the first move is usually a “fakeout” move, that quickly reverses.

      I’m expecting a sharp down move, followed by a rally into tomorrow. Then a sell off on the jobs data.

      • The jobs data is priced in. ADP report was better than expected for private sector along of course w/ ISM, manufacturing. I would expect a drop to 9.5% which the markets will love. Of course nobody trusts the numbers.

  3. Red the Electoral system is the only savior of the country. Without it NY LA SF Seattle would pick all presidents.

  4. Short term charts are all oversold now. They just tested the rising trendline line during that stop sweep/bear trap move, now I suspect we’ll go up into tomorrow to allow the charts to become overbought. After that… who knows?

    But, I still think we go down hard next week. Maybe up to the double area around 1215 this week, but I think it’s over after that.

  5. wow wow wow what can i say took a risk to open a couple or longs when it dipped and that paid off quite well.I stated that it was bugging me when everywhere on the news was screaming sell sell sell.Only question left on my mind is how far they feel like taking it before letting her go down. 600 Bn is just proof of how far MR Ben is willing to go nothing other then a nuke seems to be able to stop him and his madness and i wont be surprised if 600 B isnt enough and he starts giving out 1 T instead.Dam those last few mins shorten my life by at least 5 years whew.

  6. Ok, everyone should know the game by now. The market will likely gap up out of this range it’s in tomorrow morning. While it could breakout into the close, most of the time the resistance is still too great during normal market hours.

    That’s why they push it up in the pre-market, as the resistance isn’t as strong during that time period. Once it opens, shorts will be forced to cover and up, up and away we go… until we hit the next wall of resistance of course.

    Which happens too be around the double top area of 1215 spx. Of course they could just gap it above that level too? I never thought about that?

    Wow! What if they gap it open just above that level? With all the overhead stops just above the 1195 level, and probably twice as many just above 1215, they would certainly have the fuel to rally up to the 1260-1280 area (the spx level that matches up with our DIA 118.16 FP, which is about 11,800 Dow).

    Now, this is ONLY possible if we gap above that 1215 area and create a massive short squeeze. If we don’t gap over it, we’ll be banging on it for weeks, and likely fail to get above it.

    But a surprise gap over it tomorrow would fool a lot of shorts and force them to cover quickly. This could be the plan before us? It would certainly fool everyone, as I don’t think too many people are still considering that FP as a target.

    That means we would likely rally on Friday and Monday too. The daily chart has turned back up now, so this is possible… even though it seems unlikely.

    I’m just thinking out loud here, so don’t hold me too any of it. If all the short term charts get really overbought tomorrow, and the daily too… and we don’t gap above that 1215 area, then throw this thought out the window.

      • heheheh todays market is a wild ride well i dont know anymore if i really had to call anything i will end up saying that i will sit on my hands and ride this one out.There is absolutely no sanity and logic right now.If i cant be sure where its going i rather sit it out if not i wont be alive long enough to see any money.

  7. Historians will look back at this day and call this the day that Madman Bernanke, the most evil, traitorous, sadistic criminal who ever worked in the US government, assured the complete and absolute destruction of the US economy.

  8. Today is another doji…. tomorrow feds will come out and start pumping the market up with the money they got. so tomorrow will be either up day or flat.. i assume.

  9. I think, I need to turn off the TV and Turn off the computer and come back in a few weeks… what do you guys think ? is this a wise choice for me ?

    • HAHAHAHHA you cant find a Bull in a cave.Na doesnt need to be that long cause somehow i see this weekend giving a once and for all clear signal on where its heading.Tough it out till then mantra to live by longs with TIGHT stops and if your short HOLD ON

  10. O i forgot to mention im calling 11150 on the DJ30 at closing can i still get my prize of smacking the 3 morons if i get it on the dot today

  11. Listen gang, we are so close now to that 118.16 FP that I just can’t see them not going up and hitting it. They just put 600 Billion into the pot again… believe me, with that kind of money, you can move markets wherever you want them!

      • These FP’s are hit… the “when” part is unknown? But do you really think we’ll ever see these highs any time soon if we start down into a Primary wave 3 from here? I don’t think we’ll see these levels in many years to come. The final upside print is the DIA 118.16 as far as I can see. After that… it’s a train ride to hell.

    • dam why wont the stores take my money when i print it out myself.It has my picture on it as well and its green.

      Jokes aside with that kind of bankroll the charts are worthless its not going to follow the fundamental rules its gonna follow the money

    • If today isn’t the high, I can easily see this BS pushing right thru the FP, and not stopping until nearly 13,000. Then the market will beg for its next fix and get it. Then 14,000 and 15,000 easily. Gas will be $8,50 a gallon, but that won’t be Madman Bernanke’s concern.

      If all the charts are pointing down this hard, and this market manages to push back up to extremely, extremely overbought, I don’t see how this market will ever be able to fail, as long as they get their cash and leverage it. False flag or not.

    • If today isn’t the high, I can easily see this BS pushing right thru the FP, and not stopping until nearly 13,000. Then the market will beg for its next fix and get it. Then 14,000 and 15,000 easily. Gas will be $8,50 a gallon, but that won’t be Madman Bernanke’s concern.

      If all the charts are pointing down this hard, and this market manages to push back up to extremely, extremely overbought, I don’t see how this market will ever be able to fail, as long as they get their cash and leverage it. False flag or not.

  12. If the Dow is actually up on such a pivotal day, I don’t see how anything will be able to take this market down, with all that cash available. That $600 bil can easily be leveraged up to $6 tril and the market pumped up to $14K easily.

    Why not? Then, when the market shows signs of a really, really huge crash if they don’t get their fix, Madman Bernanke will just pump another trillion or so in saying that NOT injecting $100 billion a month directly into the stock market for the rest of all eternity will pose a systemic risk.

    • Hahahah everyone will be wearing robes and bowing down when he walks past.dam it 11176 . I was 26 pips off but i still wanna smack them.suddenly 11200 doesnt seem that far will it hit tomorrow im leaning towards YES

      • A conflicting signal though, is that we still haven’t taken out the intraday high with the usual pump and dump schedule. However, they could be rewriting the rules.

        If today isn’t the high, I can see this market never having a correction until the spigot is turned off, which it won’t, because that will cause a selloff. The Fed is now running the entire economy of the US. All companies are having their margins squeezed by inflation, which will only be amplified, now that this cash is going directly into the trading desks of the primary dealers.

        Of course, even if a company goes out of business, the Fed still be able to support its stock price. Too bad MCI Worldcom wasn’t around any more, the Fed could prop its stock price up at $90 forever. Doesn’t matter if all the books are cooked and all their assets are sold off, and there are no more actual employees. Just keep that stock price up!

  13. The rig is in……….600 bil plus. Loved that shakeout today. Follow the crooks and buy…………Gold should be rallying until year end………..

  14. Long DTO 61.50, based on bollinger band setups. It feels completely insane to short oil on a day when QE2 gets announced, but here I am. Doing what the chart tells me to do.

  15. Looks like there are 2 big gaps left in the EUR/USD trade made in the last 30 hours or so. This may have some effect here shortly.

    The next move is up to the spineless ECB. Sad how the only way the US can be saved from Madman Bernanke is if other countries fight him.

    • Well, so far the afterhours isn’t showing any signs of a gap up. If it doesn’t gap above the 1215-1220 area, then if it rallies up close to that area, it will fail and sell off from it.

      • Oh yeah – I was talking about strictly currency; big gaps in the Euro trade.

        And yes, there futures look pretty flat for equities, but that can change…

        Just have to see how it plays out I guess. Still watching the recent intraday high of 11,247.60. Still holding, longer than any intraday high has held since the beginning of this BS. The clock is ticking on the pumpers to pump the market, so I hope it holds.

  16. Hey Red, you could be right about Dow 11,800. My only concern about today is that the Dow failed to break out, which means the S&P breakout remains unconfirmed. Furthermore, we saw professionals pushing hard at the close to run the stops on the futures, so essentially what you saw all of the last hour was professionals trying to break the high in the overnight futures to get those prices filled on their positions. It was all on small position size (small traders getting run out).Also, “buy the rumor, sell the news” is older than Wall Street itself it would seem. I would really tend to think it works, it might just take a few days to pick up. If tomorrow is up big, then it will put that argument to bed.

    • Yes, I agree. Most of the time it’s “buy the rumor, sell the news”, and it could still be that way now? The only way I see us getting to 11,800 is to gap above the double top area around 1215-1220 spx, and create a big bear squeeze up to 1260-1280.

      But, a failure to gap above that area means we will like sell off from it. Anytime you haven’t hit a level in quite awhile, like since April, the odds of a multi-day pullback is very high.

      As for whether we simply have a correction or crash is unknown, but that FP is bugging me. It’s going to be hit at some point…. but when? I just can’t answer that. We’ll see tomorrow I guess.

  17. Ok, Nov 4 has the big cycles. 88calendar days from 8-8, 88 trading days from the July low, the Miami Thrice ((WallSt.J came up with this moniker)) # from the June 21 summer solstice high (calendar days). 6years 9months from the 2/4-2004 date in Social Network. 47trading days today from the August 25 low (there were 47tds from April high to July low). Today is 113tds from the May 25 low in commodities/crude oil (48tds into first high followed by today’s high 65tds later (add those numbers together and each column is 46+85). Today’s high in the SP of 1198.30 minus the July SP low of 1010.91 is 188.49. Today is also 711 calendar days from the Nov 21,2008 low…..Then there are some normal cycles. The transports were the last index to make a high on May 3, 6 months ago.

    • On the 4year cycle, the market normally bottoms in early November so it could be inverting here. On the 10year cycle, the market topped on election day in 2000 and I believe there was an intervening high in 2008 on election day. $vix got manhandled today but it appears that happened in late April as the $vix was stairstepping higher.

  18. Interesting…a contributing factor for the 1987 correction was the US shelling an Iranian oil rig. We had a BP rig blow up before the May 6 crash. Maybe we’ll have Israel bomb Iran’s new nuclear reactor?

    • Hi Anna

      Hope your resting yourself after yesterdays run in.If you called bull yesterday then it was a great call.I just went in and out fast with a quick take and rested.Objectively the market should either be green or flat today but with the news reports coming out later jobless claims and all.Flat day should be out of the picture.Wished i had your insights on things hahaha your good karma in helping all the animals seems to be paying off really well.

      • I was up @ 4;30 fuming about my ordeal (neighbors hurting ziggy)
        but still going strong yes long till end of day my call was 1219 about 1218 I said Uncle and went short wish me luck 🙂 and those other hungry bears! 😀

        • Well my dear those people will get whats coming to them and the best thing for you to do is to live a better life and not even think about them as humans (which is true) Good luck in your short positions and trust me i seriously hopes it comes true cause the DJ is like a mirror and im hoping it drops.Ziggy is now in good hands (yours) so make sure he doesnt stray too far from you again.

  19. Well, we got our first gap up over resistance… will we get another one, or will a double top be all we get? It’s rare when a market goes up toward a double top level of such importance and stops right at the double top and then reverses.

    They either fall short by a few points, not allowing the bears waiting for the double top to get short… or they pierce through it and take out the overhead stops before reversing back down.

    Remember what Danny Riley said over at Mr. TopStep? They were looking for 1250 spx before the end of the year. Well, that area is allful close to the DIA 118.16 print.

    But, in order to do this, they need to do it tomorrow on a surprisingly positively viewed non-farm payroll report, as next week is seen to be horrible by many people (as I spoke of in the video’s).

    Everyone is looking to go short into the Friday numbers it seems, but I’d think twice about that. This bull is on crack right now, and isn’t looking to come back down from his high just yet. Cash is a position.

  20. 2 months per 1,200 dow points = 12,400 EOY
    13,600 By end of February

    14,800 By end of April

    16,000 By end of June

    If POMO continues per Madman Ben, 17,200 By end of August, if not, 10,000 By end of August.

      • In those 6 video’s of Lindsey Williams, he says “they” plan to take oil to $150.00-$200.00 per barrel (about $5.00-$6.00 per gallon of gasoline)… starting this November! (as in… next week!)

        • It would have to something in the order of the other 2 things I mentioned below that (helped) caused the crashes in 1987 and in May. Total surprise.

          All I can think of is an attack on Iran’s reactors. A nuclear terror threat is the only other thing that would have the same effect. You were spot on about the gap. I was thinking the BOE decision might be that catalyst, and it was.

          I just wonder what the event will be, because it will have to be very, very, very substantial.

    • Thanks anoopsan well what can i say guys other then UP UP and away.The whole thing about the sell signals which experts have been shouting was the thing that was bugging me the whole time.I hate to be long now cause it leaves a f****** bad taste in my mouth but what else can i do.11300 was breached just a few mins back and to call this bull dead at this point of time is just crazy.Yesterday was the push they all needed i was hoping for a dagger in the heart but as things are standing right now Mr Ben just shoved a rod up the bulls ass.Can i say im surprised to a certain extent yes but overall not really.I have gone long since yesterday but im sticking to my mantra Tight stops.If anyone cares for a prediction on where it will end up today please open that discussion for everyone.For me im sitting this one out untill a bomb or something goes off.

    • I hope a backhoe triggers a quickclay slide under the Fed during a meeting, with Hoenig absent. That would certainly tank the markets.

      • For that to happen, we’d need the boys over at HAARP to repoint their array to where the Fed’s next meeting is. Remember what Ben Fulford say about Haiti… the Clinton’s used HAARP to start that earthquake.

        • One can only hope…in any case, this is the most ridiculously overbought short-covering rally I’ve ever seen.

  21. Remember gang, if the Illuminati is losing control, then the upside print won’t be hit as they planned it. The timing is everything here, and it’s hard too say if they have simply ran out of time and that print isn’t valid anymore… or the web bot that reads the internet and makes these predicts is wrong?

    I don’t know for sure either way? While my gut tells me we are going up to that FP first, and then crashing, the amount of time left to do it is very little now… at least if this web bot prediction is right?

  22. red if you have time check out the bar thats forming on the days chart you called a bull run today but i dont think you expected anything like this

    • I thought we would go up to the double top today on a gap up, and then close at that level. Then gap up again tomorrow above the double top and rally up to the DIA 118.16 FP by the close Friday.

      But, if the webbot is correct, the “event” happens today around 2:30 pm PCT (5:30 pm Eastern). That’s afterhours, and would set Friday up for a huge crash.

      So, if they plan to go hit that FP, then they need to do it today! If they hit that print, that will the greatest shorting opportunity of a lifetime!

  23. Gang, I not trying to scary everyone, as I hope none of this comes true…. but I’ve had the DIA 118.16 FP since March 30th, (as you can clearly see the date on it), and I got burnt on the FP back in February of this year because I didn’t know the market was so controlled and manipulated.


    I won’t make that mistake again. You can clearly see that this print was hit less then a month later, and reverse hard from it and never looked back. The actual intraday low was 1044.50 spx on February the 5th, and the FP was 1047 spx… I’d say that’s pretty accurate!

    We are so close now to that DIA print, that I find it unlikely for it not to be hit. While I do believe that the gangsters are losing control slowly, as the good guys arrest them one by one, I do think they still have control of this market.

    Going short today around closing time would be a wise idea… just in case we don’t quite make it to the print. The “event” might happen afterhours today? I’d rather have some shorts then none at all. After all, should the “event” not happen afterhours, and the market continue to rally to the FP tomorrow, one can just buy more shorts at a little lower price.

    Just food for thought gang… make your own decisions.

  24. Wait a minute… today is the 4th, and the “event” isn’t for the 4th, it’s the 5th, which means tomorrow after Fridays’ close. Ok, that makes more senses, as they can gap open again tomorrow morning and go hit that FP by the close.

    Sorry about that… I lose track of the dates sometimes. That means it should be safe to wait until tomorrow to go short.

  25. Ok going into the final hours of trading and this is the round up.Started today flat going into asia market (night trading) rather sluggish after which london trading gave the market a boost which it didnt look back on. Highest which i recorded 11383.50 low 11164.50.Since opening bell the dow has gone on a bull run and hasnt even look back there was a small pull back after hitting 11383.50 but it seems to be working off its oversold conditions right now.Currently its hugging 11356 as im typing this and i wont be surprise to see it trying and leg up during late trading.Red has pointed out that there should be some event happening over the weekend once the markets have close.Barring anything major happening over 24 hours tomorrow should be another upday as the market tries to go upwards towards the 11800 as the FP suggest.As anoopsan has shown on his charts there has been a break out and i dont see anything major to cause a swing down to close below that 11257 i will call it that the bulls have won it this time. Big question on everyones mind right now should be is it the right time to enter the market for long positions although i hate to go long i had to but im keeping it tighter then usual.For shorting positions i hate to say this but for the time being unless it swings and gives off a clear indication i wont be risking it.Might be going in for a short at fridays closing bell but that all depends on the market if anything really happened over the weekend monday at the start of trading isnt a bad time to get into it as well.For me im burnt yes BURNTTT to a crisp but i gotta keep my head up and look for the next battle.

    @ Anna you really should be resting and hows ziggy

  26. well overall everyone is really mixed right now cause charts are out the window fundamentals dont make sense and the bull seems to be made out of lead / nothings able to kill it.Tomorrows reports on non farm payrolls and unemployment might give some direction but if its anything like today then news doesnt matter as well its just something to rally about.I wont disagree or agree with anything cause im not in a position to do so right now if it goes up wee if its down then its about dam time either way it goes its got me beat.Trying to make sense of this market is about as easy as getting to the moon can some people do it hell yes (granted im not one) but tons of people will suddenly find out everything they have learnt is close to useless. Strange enough the more i learn and the longer i am trading the market it seems the less i understand it.Every layer that i (think) i managed to strip i find another tougher layer under it.Sorry if im rumbling here but im tired the market has got me beat this time and i think its about time for me to take a break and review what i have learnt.

    • LOL “Strange enough the more i learn and the longer i am trading the market it seems the less i understand it.Every layer that i (think) i managed to strip i find another tougher layer under it.”

      Yes, that’s exact how I now feel. When I started this blog over a year ago I never knew anything about the corruption and manipulation in the market.

      I was a true green horn! Today, it’s all I focus on. While the charts do still work… they don’t always work. TPTB will allow them to work for a limited amount of time, and then they fool everyone and make the market go against the charts.

      We all know that this market is manipulated and controlled, but few people really believe the depth of control they really have. While I don’t know about tomorrow anymore then Anna, or anyone else, the “manipulation factor” says we go up to the FP before the close tomorrow.

      Maybe all the “webbot” talk is wrong? I don’t know… but it’s really scary when some many different sources all come to the same conclusion.

      If we go up to that print tomorrow, bears will be extinct and bulls will be trapped long. What a perfect setup to do stage another False Flag event over the weekend, and gap down huge on Monday.

      We’ll see tomorrow I guess…

  27. heheheheh for now im a bystander i love charts and looking at them overtime it has seem that i never noticed how much has added onto them over time.After i stripped every indicator and what not on it i find it strangely calming.I think im starting to lose my mind have you ever gone through stages like this red

  28. Hello boys and girls… can anyone donate me a cardboard box ? I am getting thrown out of the house lol..

    • And many will probably get killed again tomorrow, should be rally up more. How many do you think are going short at this double top area right now? A ton of them I bet…

  29. they know alot of people are short… and I am pretty sure they do not want them to make money…. so first kill the bears… and trap the longs… as RED said.. is a very good point its like killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

  30. Red you remembered when i said that it was bugging me that everyone was calling for selling im actually waiting for everything to swing the other way and for all the news to scream buy buy buy right now

    • well that is a plan but dont you think its better to catch the correct timing instead of placing your shorts all over cause you will be in a house of pain before seeing the light of day.Im not discouraging you from doing so but just be careful not to be burnt too badly that you cant recover from it.

    • i understand but your shorting before the turn if you wanted to increase your positions isnt shorting into the trend better as you can always fall back on the open short which is in the green instead of waiting for it to return

  31. but maybe your right..I should wait for the turn… even tho i am late for the party and missed parts of the move… alteast I wont feel the pain as much.

    • As red often tells me do what is working for you.Dont get me wrong and start to change what your doing cause of this if whatever your doing now is earning money for you then just keep doing it i just dont want more people to fall into the market trap and get burnt too badly before the market (finally) decides to swing in that direction.Although its nice to catch it BEFORE the trend happens its also ok to catch it WHEN its starting to happen and always stay clear when its Late into the trend.Thats just me and my point of view.If your going in at the tail end of a trend its worst then getting in late at the start of one.

        • Or the ability to maintain command and control in the event of severe damage to military or civilian assets here in the US.

          • bloody hell i totally didnt see that coming with defense down during the time his gone isnt that the ** cough cough best time for lets say a bomb or two to go off and with that BAM we have an event people can rally over

          • What’s happening now is so incredibly crazy that I actually can’t believe it. And everyone in the media and, well, just about anyone with a public face is telling everyone that Madman Bernanke is a hero.

            I actually can’t believe we’ve gotten to this point. Publicly hanging Madman Bernanke, just one man, will not make up for all the damage that he and his associates are about to do.

            Does he actually believe that his handlers will provide him with security when everything completely falls apart? He’s going to be the most hated man since Bin Laden.

          • i have to correct you a little on that its not (ARE ABOUT TO DO) but more what they have ALREADY done.The damage has already been done but the effects are not being seen yet once they do surface my god things will turn ugly real fast.Hanging them is a blessing if its up to me i can think of 1000 worst ways to kill a man SLOWLY and painfully till he BEGS to be killed

          • True insanity. I suppose this BS euphoria over all that is happening is how the Romans felt in the days before it was sacked.

    • hahaha they roll in style as well bet you dont have 34 warships to follow you around but if you did you most likely will be taking them all over the place muuahhahahah

    • Thats part of the reason i belive a day like today will only happen when you see the mass public shift and the money on the side jumping into the market i dont know the volume today but im guessing its quite high

  32. Look at LVS That has one of the most ridiculous charts over the last couple of months, hell even in the last week.

    • muuuuuuuuuuahahahha i would love to see him squirming in agony screaming nooooooooo noooooo then he rushes to take bills out to use a tissue

  33. Well there is another 4 mins to go but im done for the day so here is just a recap on today.Everything is through the roof DOW is up almost 2% S&P 1.91% Nasdaq 1.35%.Since the bulls started the run when london market took over it never looked back.On the starting bell things exploded everything was going up and everyone jumped.Volume is high today and it seems that everyone is in high spirits.QE 2 is on with 600 Billion as a figure.Today also will be an important day to remember as it has reached a new high for the year and broken 11200 barrier since the flash crash.September curse was broken Oct has been fantastic and MR BEN is gonna drop more money from the heli.The whole SELL SELL SELL news has been suddenly forgotten and the mood has now switch over to BUY BUY BUY.Right now you could get into anything and its good ETF is in the green , Gold is posting new highs , Futures through the roof.The message is clear DONT FIGHT THE FEDS weather the damaging effects will cause a nation to crumble is yet to be seen and weather a man now hailed as a hero will turn into a villian.Only time will tell.For today one word sums it up nicely ( INSANITY ).

  34. Short short @ 1218.75 My target 1219 as I mentioned this week on blog and here too and to Red.
    pull back to around 1205 hopefully

  35. Guess what folks, the rally hasn’t even started………..Wait till the panic buying starts……….I say again, the RIG IS IN…………………………

  36. Notice we closed at the magic number 1221 on the SP??? Have you seen the number on the Blackberry in all of those commercials. It’s better than the April 26 close of 1212 since April 23 had a higher close. 212 from 1010.91 be 1222/23 so it will be interesting if that is tomorrow’s high. It’s setting up for a TD weekly sell setup (9weeks of a close higher than four weeks earlier) or just a nine week TD extension since there never was an official sell signal since the March 2009 low. see twitter.com/kevindepew for furthur clarification (he’s the expert although I haven’t checked this twitter site for any recent updaters). This week will also be 27 weeks from the April high and 18 weeks from the July low. Remember there was an 18 week low to low during the first leg off the March 2009 lows (into July 2009 low) followed by a 27 week/134td rally (today is td#135 from the April high—the big drop came on day 136 in Jan). This is also week 69 from the July lows. There also have been lows this year on Feb 5,May 6,June8,July 1/6,and a high on August 9 so a turn cycle could occur around here. In 2008, there was an intervening high made on Nov 4 (election day) and in 2000, (10year cycle) the high was made on Nov 6 (following the first leg down from early Sept into August but on Nov 6, SP was right at its 200day average)

  37. My money gets wired into my options account tomorrow. I’m thinking about the nov 10 (exp 19) 49 put which closed at .05/.06.

    I figure with the double top, with it not breaking 1220, with the time wave zero graph’s downtrend a week before options expiration, our president and 200 ceo’s out of the country, all the talk about potential terror threats, mixed in with the huge up day today after the fed’s announcement – how is it not a good time to go short on an out of the money contract? If there’s a pull back I’ll make money hand over fist, and if there’s a crash I’m golden, especially considering the paltry sum I have to toss at some contracts.

    My question here is – if tomorrow is not a gap ‘down day’ consolidating before another bear trap, and tomorrow trades sideways / up, would it be best to pick up the contracts around 10am before the volume picks up for the day, or would I be better off holding off for the close, letting the market run its course, and getting in no matter what before the weekend? There’s all this chatter about the significance of the 5th, 6th, and 7th, and the monday doesn’t come until the 8th. Wouldn’t it pay off more to pick up an out of the money, this month, contract on friday and just let it ride over the next couple of weeks?

    • totally disagree you are wasting commissions and $ on this trade you will not see a 49 print on spy in 18 days. I have been doing this for 13 going on 14 years If you do Nov at least do a reasonable strike like 100. Don’t buy internet rumors of a crash. they have never been foreseen, they come when you don’t expect them. Good luck 🙂

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