November 8th Black Monday


Will the stock crash on November the 8th, 2010?  God I hope not!  This is one call I want to get wrong!

Not that I've been right on every call of course.  I've been wrong many times in the past.  I called for 4-5 Black Monday's or Friday's and nothing happened.  But this call is special because it may involve a nuke or some other type of bomb that the Federal Reserve Illuminati Gangsters set off.  I don't want that too happen, as it could kill thousands of innocent people... all for the gangster to profit from some staged war.

(to watch on youtube:

These people are pure evil, and are the "real" terrorists.  They should be hunted down, arrested, put on trial, and sentence to death by public hanging... that's how I feel about it!  They want to mass murder billions of people just because they can!  They want absolute power, and causing panic and fear is their way to control us sheep.

Isn't it about time us sheep wake up and grow some teeth?  Let's spread the word to everyone you know of their evil plans so that will all awaken and take back our country before they destroy it.  Email everyone you know links to this post, and all the links to "proof" that I've posted here on this blog, and in the comments of many of the prior posts.

Be sure to watch the video above. The direct link on youtube is:

Gang, regardless of where the market ends tomorrow, if this event happens, you'll wish you had put every dime you have in the market and shorted it.  I hope they are all wrong, but I fear they are right.  It doesn't matter if we go up to the DIA 118.16 FP or not tomorrow... it only matters that you are short before the close!  Maybe tomorrow will be a flat day, as we usually have a doji day after a big move up.

I don't know either way?  Maybe they don't have the money to run up to that print and they might fall short of it?  Or maybe Anna is right, and we sell off a little tomorrow?  But for goodness sakes, take at least a small short position just in case something bad really does happen.

Good luck everyone, and I pray that this doesn't happen...

Let's root for this lady above!


The links to Half Past Human, Daily Paul, and The Light Gate are...


  1. lol, Red, you are the best, every day a new crash prediction….guess I was wrong about professionals pushing stops on the futures yesterday, I guess they were loading up for today!I think you will be right one of these days, but you might have to post every day for the next 100 days…heh heh. This market is out of control. This rally reeks of desperation.

  2. Red,

    Regarding Half Past Human data, based on the most recent data, the tipping point seems to end on 11/14, and then we enter the 2 months long release language. To put this in perspective, 9/11/01 was the last major tipping point and then we entered a few days of release type language. It was during the release type language that the market really accelerated the sell-off (it had been in a downtrend prior). So, although we may sell off next week, I wouldn’t be too surprised if we rallied (since we’re in an uptrend), went flat or had a small type sell off. But I do fully expect that by 11/15, the selling will start in earnest.

    Also keep in mind that for those who purchased and read the full report, there was some indication of the market(s) being shut down or stopped as a stop-gap measure due to massive selling. And then when they’re reopened, the selling continues. It doesn’t indicate how long such a closing would be but it’s for this reason I’ve been buying Dec puts instead of November, just in case I can’t realize my profit because the markets were closed.

    I hope this helps.

      • Red,

        The reports are $10 and can be purchased off his website. In lieu of that, Cliff is being interviewed tonight by Mel Fabregas for about 3 hours. (Veritas Internet Radio Show) Veritas is a paid subscription — HOWEVER, because this November tipping point is so critical, Mel Fabregas has agreed to release the entire audio for free. It will be available at 11:00 PM E.S.T. on Friday 11/05/10.

        I would highly suggest you tune into that interview as we’ll probably get all the data we need right from the horses mouth. This is suppossed to be roughly 3 hours with NO commerical interruptions. And I’m sure Cliff will be giving the most up-to-date information available and expounding upon all the various details of what’s coming, not just the stock market (there’s also massive earth changes coming and some very important social/political fallout that’s not directly related to our election.

  3. Today is also 818 calendar days from 8-8-8 which was right around the peak prior to the collapse in the fall of 2008 and also when Russia invaded Georgia or whatever version of history one chooses to believe. 818 divided by 6 is the Miami Thrice number but with a kicker 136.333333333ad infinitum…… Hard to believe all these numbers on the same day don’t mean anything. (see last post’s comments section on my last mini opus mainly on the weekly cycles)

    • How stupid of me. It’s 136trading days tomorrow off the April high. I didn’t put 2 and 2 together; I was so focused on the 134 or 67×2 connection. No wonder the market tanked on 136th day off the July 2009 low ie Jan 19th???? Today or tomorrow should be 6months 9 days from April 26 (depending on if one wants to count an imaginary April 31st or not). This is week 69 off the July low and today is 6years 9months from the 2/4–2004 date in Social Network. If one wants to look at false flag cycles, 1941, the year of Pearl Harbor was 69 years ago(but that would be the case starting in December). Interesting that 41 years ago was 1969. (We’ve got a similar numerical conundrum off the master historical template that all of this is based on). 820 calendar days from 8-8-8 is 11-6 or divided by 6 is 136.666666 ad infinitum. 888cds should be around that Jan 6 release date .

  4. really Red? I’m sorry, don’t mean to undermine your convictions…but my honest opinion is that most of this is hoccus poccus…no? Okay, I happen to believe 9/11 was an inside govt job…but this beaming stuff, no way…i guess time will tell. but if it doesn’t happen, I can hear it now if it doesn’t happen, ‘enough people got the word out so they didn’t follow through on it. LOL.

    • I don’t know about “all” the stuff either. Maybe only some it is true, and the rest just a bunch of b.s.? But the FP’s are something that have been true ever since I seen them.

      With that only, it’s only logical to go short once the upside print is meet, regardless of whether or not any false flag event happens.

  5. ANOTHER CRASH! if the market goes down it will be because most likely it’s overbought Red!!! If there is some type of “event” you won’t know about it beforehand!
    I love you but this is the umpteenth time you have had this in your post. and I know you really believe it. Why you believe everything you hear/read is mindboggling. But i guess you want to There is always a chance of something happening but that guy who was going to buy NOV 49 puts!!!!!!!!!!! $ thrown away!!! too little time too far away just my thoughts take care sweetie LOL

    • I know Anna… I’m the boy that cried wolf. I really hope I’m wrong on this call though. I’d just like to go up to the FP and then reverse and drop 50-100 points. Just a nice correction and not a crash.

      • hahahah but with that in mind the wolf really came however no one believed him.So judging by that how many people still believe you now red tell me when its Zero then i will risk it all on the BIG BAD wolf.hahahha

      • Red I love ya, but all this stuff is entertainment and yes I can say the world will end in a big blow up of some kind and it will eventually happen, but i don’t know when? ?? We will not go up to 11, 816 today or even close that’s my call for sure 🙂

        • On this note i have to lean towards Anna cause its really a huge reach for them it this was over a week or 2 maybe but in a day hmmmm only time will tell.

  6. Heheheh dont forget we still have yesterdays call Anna going for down and Red going for up and shorting before the final bell.

    • yes we do heheh of course there is always a chance of a terrible event, but like I said we most likely wouldn’t know till after the fact not before! He knows this stuff makes me nuts.

      • Well before the opening we see a small slide back on the DJ but with the news coming out at 8:30 that most probably will set the tone for todays action.This is personal but i wont be even thinking about doing anything until all the news clears.

  7. Right at the starting bell i can literally hear traders scream BUY BUY BUY.After the news released everything went through the roof and its only pre market.If this is the tone for today then round one goes to Red but its still early in the game and Anna could make a come back

    • DJ with that kind of beat the market should have gone up 100 points! It is up 18 premarket and not open yet, I stand by my short call even if we are flat today 🙂 but not going up to 11,816 as Red thinks 🙂 Back to HOB where the water is warm lol

      • True on that i agree but i wont be surprised to see another spike i got carried away at 830 yes your right its not open market yet.We dont get this kind of action much so forgive me for jumping the gun i was in hyper mode

          • Flat would be more in the cards cause after the jump and everyone into buying right now i seriously dont know whos shorting or even if that amount is enough to withstand the onslaught of the bulls right now.If today ends on a flat note its actually a victory for the bears.

          • 10 mins to the bell o and before i get carried away on the market give Ziggy a belly rub for me as for you i know telling a trader to rest during open market is impossible but during the weekend you better rest up

          • right on the button dear went up and down like a yoyo .Hahaha since im sitting this friday out im just a bystander right now.Im gauging where the market ends today to make a call on monday to see if its the right time to get in again.

  8. you guys focus on media too much I think, focus on the PRICE ACTION of the market!! its telling us something….

    • Well i dont take everything at face value and i weigh in on both the charts and news to (try) and guess where the market is heading.I understand that we cant see just one side of a coin and call it.Maybe you are right cause it seems i have strayed a little from the charts and lean more towards news this few days.Whats your take on the price action and what is it saying would you care to shed a little light on the market?

  9. what i see. is… price and volume is BS… we keep going up ..but no volume to support the up move.. its obvious the fed is holding this market up. the problem is.. you cant fight it… just need to wait for the right moment because this market will tank, the problem is when and how long can the fed keep pumping and holding it up.. right now.. the fed is trying to crush all those shorties.. once most of the shorts cant take it no more and cover…. we will tank. I think we are waiting for that sweep.. which I think just happen yesterday.. but I can be wrong..

    • Well true volume is key to see weather the action is real or fake thats like a lie detector right now as things stand i will agree 100% on a correction and this rubbish bull run will end the key to everything right now would be the time period.Thats the reason why to me news is actually the key to that.It was bugging me when the news was screaming sell sell sell.Im actually waiting for things to turn around to BUY BUY BUY.That will cause complacence in the market which traps bulls instead.Buy on fear sell on complacence.Im leaning to that to get a right time on the market shift.

    • I’m sure the FP is the final upside target, but getting there today seems impossible. But, we’ve all seen the impossible happen here lately, so I won’t rule it out.

      Maybe there won’t be any false flag over the weekend, and the market will wait until Bullish Monday to reach the FP, and then fall from so other “less harmful” event. We can only hope so.

  10. Reading Reds posts and gangsters and illumaniti stuff and bombs going off… me side tracked as well lol..

  11. Anna this is just a side note but do you think you have enough time to maybe teach me a little about the market.I still really new and trying to learn as much as i can.Finding mentors is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

  12. Ok 25 mins into trading and wow what a seesaw ride so far.Gains during the pre market have all but been wiped out.On a 5 min chart the bears have managed to pull it back to a 50 MA.There is one more report due out at 10 on home sales which will give another volatile move but once thats done the market should calm down.Its still early into trading and today seems to be the wild wild west anything can happen.Will this be the new high for the year or is this just the beginning of another leg up.Time will tell weather stimulated growth can win against fundamentals over the long term.

  13. Getting close to my entry time to short. I’m looking at the 50 puts, .06/.07. Nice and cheap, just the way I like it, ready for an explosion just like the world.

  14. Getting close to my entry time to short. I’m looking at the 50 puts, .06/.07. Nice and cheap, just the way I like it, ready for an explosion just like the world.

    • What “50” puts? You mean how many you are going to get? I hope you aren’t talking about the strike price. Depending on how much time are in the puts, the lowest I would go is… maybe the 110’s?

      I’m looking at the 115’s and 120’s… but these are wildcard plays, and you shouldn’t risk very much money on them. Be prepared to lose it all.

      Remember, we have the 106 spy print from a few weeks ago when the market dropped to that level at 4:15 pm, and the Dow 8300 print, (which would put the spy in the 90’s somewhere?), but we aren’t going to 50 on the spy… unless you mean 1050 spx (which is the 105’s on the spy)?

    • Anna when you told me the 50 puts were throwing my money away, did you mean 50 puts on the SPY or 50 puts on the Qs, cause if the market drops on monday with 2 weeks to expiration the 50 puts would still go up.

      • Hi Danger that was on the spy I thought you were speaking of if it was the QQQQ’s that’s ok
        50 strike ok on those not on spy 🙂 always happy to help allot of experience with options

  15. Hi folks,Earlier there was a post about a 3 hour long radio interview about the latest tipping point research by “Half Past Human”. Red asked for the link to it. Here is the link to the radio show website: I could not find the interview announcement there, so hopefully it will be there by 11pm eastern.Hope it will be good!

  16. Conspiracies aside, we all agree this debt bubble is going to end badly for Americans. From Karl Denninger, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul and Gerald Celente the debt we are incrementing will not get repaid. Globally the world’s richest 1 percent, adults with at least $588,000 to call their own, hold 43 percent of the world’s wealth, all by themselves. “Here in the U.S.A the wealth of the 400 richest Americans increased by $30 billion, bringing their total combined wealth to $1.57 trillion, which is more than the combined net worth of 50% of the US population. Just to make this point clear, 400 people have more wealth than 155 million people combined. Meanwhile, 2009 and 2010 are and will be record-breaking years for Wall Street bonuses. 2009 firms issued $150 billion to their executives. 100% of these bonuses are a direct result of our tax dollars. Middle class pay is actually declining and all the dramatic increases in wealth are going straight into the pockets of the Economic Elite. The Middle class backbone of America, a hard working group which made our country a world leader, has been devastated. “’s_wealth_–_what’s_it_going_to_take_to_get_it_back?page=entire

    So in my opinion, Reds warning speaks volumes about preparing yourself for the hardships to come, and whether they manifests in a false flag disaster or a dollar crash with a bank holiday, it does not really matter. Besides, you lose nothing by purchasing a little extra food and water; it will eventually get used if nothing happens.

    Just a few little tidbits for your amusement, note the foxes have left town, do you feel lucky?

    Ominous Executive Order Released: November 4th-Order of Succession Within the Department of Justice

    And what’s in West Virginia?

    And what’s on Tru TV tonight WallStreet and resides from Minnesota?

  17. This is just my personal view.We are at the mid day point in trading with only a few hours left to go.Early trading showed some gains but those gains have all been taken away over the last couple of hours.Highest for the DJ30 indice is 11422 and that seems to look like the top for today.Low was 111348 but i dont really think thats a low.On a 5 min chart the 50 MA i have seems to be angling down and there are no more important news coming out.There doesnt seem to be much upward momentum left for today but anything can happen.Its a friday so they might want to end today on a good note after yesterdays rally.I see a high chance of it flat lining till close with maybe a small rally towards closing.That is unless there is a big wave of people coming in to short before the close to maybe get into a position on monday.

  18. Benny boy had better hurry up and make it to the airport so he can get a plane ride out of the country for this weekend. Wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to him… he’s my hero!

  19. It is quite possible we gap down next Monday if we close below 1225. Topstep thinks we have to close the last gap at 1205. I will initiate a small put position before the close if 1225 holds.

  20. I wonder why he said in the video with Homer Simpson… “5, 4, no time for final countdown”? Could the final countdown be our upside FP target, and this time it’s not going to be met, as time is running out in front of the November 6th date?

    This could be all we get, and “if” something bad happen tomorrow, we’ll never seen the upside FP. Maybe I’m reading too much into this… in fact I hope nothing happens. But if I’m understanding it correctly, the plans to go up to the FP of DIA 118.16 might be changed?

    However, if nothing happens over the weekend, then I still expect it too be hit… probably on “Bullish Monday”. Again, let’s all pray that getting this information out in front of the masses will stop it from happening.

  21. This tipping could be a major bank closure if its going to occur an hour and a half after the close. There are rumors that BofA will seek bankruptcy protection for its Countrywide unit. Web bot Cliff did admit in his recent interview that his call for the events over the next few days is conjecture but with 11-9-10 (rearrange those numbers) and 11-11-01 his speculation has some merit especially since there is another Simpson episode “preview”. Elections have ended so some political groups can get their dirty business over with.

      • Hi Red,
        here’s a refresher course, I rarely get these signals…( usually 3 or 4 a month, but this time it’s been a month) 5 out of the last 6 were correct!
        Over a year, 25 out of 28 or 30.
        I’ve done this before, hero to zero, in under a minute.
        btw, have you ever heard about 3 dimensional time and one dimensional space…That’s the mirror of what is reality.

  22. fed will be pumping money into the market.. on nov 8 which is a monday.. so I doubt it will drop…. maybe tues.

    • Yes, me too Mike. This is one call I want to be wrong on (not that I’m right a lot… LOL). The FP still holds as the upside target that I’m looking for to go short at. However, I did take a small short position… just in case.

    • Yes, me too Mike. This is one call I want to be wrong on (not that I’m right a lot… LOL). The FP still holds as the upside target that I’m looking for to go short at. However, I did take a small short position… just in case.

  23. My money came in at 3:59, coinciding with the last little rally at the end there. I picked up the QQQQ November 51 Put at 11 cents. It traded at 11/12 and 12/13 all day long. Crazy timing right at the end there.

    Kudos to DJ30Trader. he called the rally right at the end, and that end of the day push dropped all the put options in price.

  24. My money came in at 3:59, coinciding with the last little rally at the end there. I picked up the QQQQ November 51 Put at 11 cents. It traded at 11/12 and 12/13 all day long. Crazy timing right at the end there.

    Kudos to DJ30Trader. he called the rally right at the end, and that end of the day push dropped all the put options in price.

  25. WOW can you believe this i havent been trading long but i think today is amazing.Gold is up to record highs.The dollar is UP.Dow S&P NAS all up.My god i knew they said buy across the board but this takes the cake as bullkiller has pointed out Monday is another POMO day.So chances of it sliding with low volume and the Feds in the picture seems low.This is of course barring any event that might happen over the weekend.Im keeping my eyes and ears peeled over any news coming in after “O,bomb-us” little trip.Honestly i dont know what to make of monday im tempted to call it a down day after yesterdays huge rally and a doji at the end of today but at the same time i have mixed feelings on that stupid POMO. Zstock is calling for a drop maybe monday or tuesday and his been on the money with his calls so far but i see a more probable drop on tuesday.Hehehehe the little match up on Anna and Red to me ended on a draw with Red calling up and Anna calling down.The market threw a curve ball and ended up with a doji. Thanks for the compliment Dangermouse i think everyone here is just trying to get a better understanding on the market so im just trying to piece every info i can from news to charts to maybe get an objective and clear picture without everyone here with all the info that they have posted i wouldnt have learnt so much.Well thats it for me im taking out my whisky to end my trading for the week.Goodluck to everyone next week.

  26. One last thing i know red has been interested in numbers here is one for you. The DJ30 indices closed at 11376.50. so if 11 is a bad number then see if this breaks up to something to think about (11) (37)=777 ??? 6+5 =(11) end result is (11) (777) (11) hehehehehhee

  27. anyone know the link to obama and 34th battleship ?
    the reason its not in the media is they do not want to panic the mass ?
    cuz i cant find this in the NYTIMES or… other legit source of media. some places said that its bogus….

    I tried looking for it ….on this site but couldnt find it… and I am sure RED posted it… in on the comments. Thanks.

  28. Hey Red, love that lady in in show, could not stop laughing, shes nuts
    if we have nuclear attck, stock market will not open. MC

  29. Hey Red, love that lady in in show, could not stop laughing, shes nuts
    if we have nuclear attck, stock market will not open. MC

  30. Hey Red, love that lady in in show, could not stop laughing, shes nuts
    if we have nuclear attck, stock market will not open. MC

  31. The Dow had a nice close 11444.08 ie 11…488or884 for an important top, couldn’t see anything with the SP. The euro quietly had a big drop/ a lot larger than the advance it had yesterday and both the euro and dollar had rsi divergences yesterday at their high /low. Gold and silver were up despite the dollar rallying. I’ll need to see if we had an all up day per Cobra……We’re at the witching hour now for the tipping point.

    • Yes Geccko, the 5:30 pm est time has now arrived, and I don’t see any news of bank failures or anything else that can move the market. But, the HPH site only said that it was the start of the “tipping point”, which could me anything?
      Since we didn’t hit the FP today, that leaves Monday to be another big up day. Maybe nothing will happen over the weekend, and we’ll rally Monday and finally hit that print.
      False Flag or not, (I hope “not”), once the print is it, I think it’s time to short.

  32. The Dow had a nice close 11444.08 ie 11…488or884 for an important top, couldn’t see anything with the SP. The euro quietly had a big drop/ a lot larger than the advance it had yesterday and both the euro and dollar had rsi divergences yesterday at their high /low. Gold and silver were up despite the dollar rallying. I’ll need to see if we had an all up day per Cobra……We’re at the witching hour now for the tipping point.

      • was just thinking the same thing but its the timing on the way up that im really interested in will it be a rocket or will it take another week or so

          • without any period of consolidation and accelerated spurt it basically shows there isnt any substance behind this rally which will give more basis to a turning point at the res level which is smack at the FP.If it was over a longer period of time and there are pull backs along the way then it diminishes the chance of a strong drop from the res point.So right now if they wanna rally like mad be my guess cause it will be like running at full speed non stop how long can you keep going.

  33. There is a chance we will hit that 118.16 FP next week. Remember they want to get out at the top and we have Veterans day on nov 11th plus G-20 meeting nov 11-12 in Seoul. I am sure they don’t want to do anything on those dates.. So the big event must be on the 14th during the week-end. 5-4-3-2-1 countdown means nov 15, nov 14 and no more time… 5+4=9, nov 6+9=nov 15 it hits the market. A war or something can then be declared or whatever that is.

    • FP is short for “Fake Print”… as a print showing up at any given time that never really happened. It’s the signal that TPTB (The Powers That Be… aka Illuminati) use to tell their friends where they plan to take the market too.

      The date isn’t known, but I try to figure that out with other things, like the important numbers that they love, and of the charts.

      They love 11, 111, and any combination to make up those by adding other numbers together. They also use 212 (the boiling point for water), 911 (the emergency help number), and 3.14 (pi) as their signals.

      The FP was from March 30th, when the market was at 108.05 on the DIA (10,907.42 Dow), and 1173.27 on the spx. The print shows the high of day, low of the day, and pre-market last at 118.16 DIA, which is about 11,800 on the Dow, and about 900 point higher the they actually price that day.

      That’s a Fake Print! Especially when the volume adds up to 111, and the pre-market time adds up to 11… all signs that it is where they plan on taking the market too at some point in the future.

  34. Interesting things to think about…

    1) Irish/Greek 10yr are staying elevated. After the meaningless drivel out of the EU calmed the market for a while, they’re marching upward faster than before. Like the old saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…can’t get fooled again!”

    2) Buffet’s recent actions are giving a hint as to how full of BS bank finances are. He’s not writing down the value of some securities because he’s holding them until they increase in value. What some people call “Mark to Harvard,” this looks to be a statement, whether intentional or not, that the number of cockroaches in the banks are increasing.

    3) As the chatter increases on the web about something happening the next couple weeks, it feeds upon itself and may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Lastly, Wild Colleen and Madman Bernanke should hook up. They are a perfect match.

    • She’s definitely not hard too look at… LOL. She’s got a lot of good points about a fake “rapture”, as all religions have truth and lies in them. I know I won’t be getting on the UFO ships if the do land?

  35. Red, you mention that the fake print is at DIA 118.## up and the DOW at 8000 down fake print…..can you please verify that these are the fake prints that you have seen. Thanks

        • The USD will rise, despite everyone’s predictions to the contrary.

          It will be called a “flight to safety”.

          Elliot Wave is calling for a rise to the mid-to-late 80s (on the USD index – currently it is about 75).

          I have bought heaps of USD (selling AUD) in anticipation! I guess that it’s my way of shorting the markets….

  36. so 9/11 is an inside job
    the market will crash for the 254th time on monday.lolol
    Sad to see that much denial….

  37. 8TH and 28TH i really want to see what happens on these dates.Dam i thought the movies always showed aliens that say ( WE COME IN PEACE )

  38. Red, you seem like a really nice guy but some of this stuff is way out of left field. There is no evidence of any of this… I think if you listen to too much of it you start to believe it yourself.

    Anyways, I do think you are on to something in regards to the fake prints. I think that it is a possibility that the HFT machines communicate through these prints. I have been on here in a whie but did anyone mention the flash crash in the dollar a few weeks ago? It hit 74.6. Our low on the dollar was 75.24… so we would be close. Here is an article on it:

    • just nuts and so far sounds like an acid trip. I have told red that fake prints always will play out at some point since the mrket is a living breathing animal! He is a nice guy, why he really buys into all this stuff is beyond me.. why not help donate to the less fortunate. if you were to trade by these “predictions” you would be penniless.

    • Only really two options here: either he’s nuts or he’s not, in which case we’re the ones living in the matrix!

    • Smart man: he knows what’s coming, even while all the “talking heads” proclaim that now is the best time to be investing in equities.

      • LOL…

        I tried to post a comment on that page, using my yahoo reddragonleo login account. I kept getting an “error… internal server problem” message ever time I tried to post.

        I then decided to post as “anonymous”, and it the error went away. Sounds like TPTB don’t want me posting on some sites… or it’s just a coincidence?

        I posted the exact same message under the anonymous name, as I was trying to post under my name. You figure that one out? Youtube does the same thing to me. They censer my “reply” comments when I answer back to someone else’s post.

        I’m sure that’s just a coincidence too…

        • Red be careful,you could be list, all states are recruiting males
          16 to 65 yrs old, defense army, any one can join, just take orders
          you get paid, obamas Army, Jackson

    • Hi Red,
      How can this guy be worth $1.3 billion. He is not Einstein, he has not changed the world! He has not invented the wheel, he is just managing not alone but with hundreds of other managers a monopolistic company.
      Nothing new with this news, everybody(most traders and savy investors) knows insiders have been selling like crazy for the past 2 months and the indexes kept going up non-stop without even a 2% pullback. Never seen that . Technical,fondamental,sentiment analysis you name it don’t work in the current environment. This is a fed market where we have continuous liquidity going in stocks with the blessing of Bernanke because interest rates so low, the nice returns are only found in stocks, emerging markets and high-yield bonds, big bubbles ready to pop at anytime. The government chose not to protect the dollar, instead they created a fantasy , an illusion of wealth.
      How is it possible that a non-elected person(Bernanke) can have so much power in his hands. This is scandalous.
      People don’t seem to realize the market went up 20% but at the same time the dollar went down also by 20% accompanied by level of debt impossible to reimburse for many future generations. The system needs to be purged once and for all. Instead, they are destroying the country.
      Complacency is so high whenever we have a down day of 50 or 60 points on the Dow , the media, CNBC call that a hard decline and they start to panic like if it was the end of the world. This is a big joke. Each time we get an up day of 80 points it is like normal.
      This market needs to be punished so hard for real sanity to be back.
      This lameduck guy Oblahblah is saying now to the world: the USA doesn’t know anymore what to do to put this economy on track , It is obvious this puppet president is weak with a very poor leadership. I am so surprised the american people let their government act in such an irresponsible way.

      “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” –Thomas Jefferson, Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin (1802)

  39. Maybe you can understand the video concerning the nuke from the simpsons as a fall the next week and it could be that the “11” refers to the 11 weeks of fridays the indices went up but the “6” points down, so the sixth trading day is not saturday but monday
    So monday we fall :d

  40. The games are incredible.

    Misinformation has always been a problem, but now the “numeratti” has more information sources easily aggregated online in order to fine tune the effectiveness of various “misinformation campaigns”.

    With the media primarily controlled by large conglomerates / financial companies, and the financial companies largely controlled by the gov (dependent on handouts, and lack of prosecution), well….the games get more intense. With the Economic Hit Men having turned their sights on the motherload….the United States, we are in for interesting times.

    Here are some of my favorite charts.

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