Weekend Update – Disaster Is Coming Next Week


Tuesday Update...

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Monday update...

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Not much changed today as we had another "pause" day, ending about flat.  Tomorrow should be an up day, based on the short term charts.  I'm still waiting for the upside FP to be hit, and do still expect it sometime this week.  For now though, we wait...



Well, it's least that's what a lot of people are saying...

Of course I don't know for sure, and I hope nothing bad happens, but I still believe the market will sell off hard once it hit's that final upside print of DIA 118.16 on Monday or Tuesday.

Since we didn't hit that FP on Friday, that meant too me that nothing bad would happen on Saturday November the 6th, 2010 as shown in the Simpson video from Friday's post.  That's a good thing I believe, as it means that maybe it won't be a "False Flag" event, but instead just another country defaulting, or some big bank going under.

It's hard too predict what the event will be, but once it happens the selling will be massive I believe.  While many people think I'm crazy for believing in all this stuff, all I can say is... I hope they are right.  I really don't want a nuke to go off just to make some money from the stock market crash that will follow.

It's not really about the money to me, but more about exposing the lies, corruption, and manipulation in the markets.  Sure I want to make some money on the fall, but only to help protect myself from the poverty that will follow as millions of people become homeless, jobless, and food-less.

What these people are doing, and have done to the population is truly a crime against humanity... and punishable by death in my opinion.  They are truly evil, and deserve no mercy.  They run now, like the scared rats that they are.  Over 3000 people from the White House are now gone with O-bomb-us over seas, with 34 warships to protect them.

If that doesn't smell of something wicked, I don't know what does... That's never been done before!  No president has ever take 34 warships and 3000 staff members from the White House to go on an oversea mission.  They are evacuating Washington D.C.  WHY?

What do they know that they aren't telling us?  Stock market crash or not, something is certainly up.  You don't do that unless you have advanced knowledge that something is going to happen, which begs one to wonder... how do they have advanced knowledge without being one of the ones who planned it?

The answer is simple... you don't!  George Bush knew 911 was going to happen prior to it happening as he was part of it... just like Bill Clinton was part of "it" for HAARP being used on Haiti to kill all those people.  While "Wild Colleen" is certainly "out there" on her information, aliens do exist... and they have been here for millions of years.

I don't know if all the recent presidents are Reptilian Aliens or not, but I do believe they are evil.  She has a lot of information on her site about aliens, and all the different types that are here on this planet now.  Some are good, and some are evil... just like in Star Wars and Star Trek.

Anyway, let's get back to the market now...

We all know that the charts are way overbought, but by now you should all know that the market is controlled by TPTB and they have every intention of fulfilling their evil plans.  Since they but the DIA 118.16 FP out there months ago, and are now only about 300-400 points away from filling it... my forecast is that it gets hit early next week.

What day I don't know?  Will it be on "Bullish Monday" or maybe not until Wednesday, as lot's of prior one's put in the high for the week.  My feelings are that it will be on Monday, as the 9th is Tuesday... which makes it another 911 day (11-9-2010).

Wild Colleen said that it was going to be on the 8th, which is Monday.  The Simpson video indicated it would happen on the 6th, which was wrong as Saturday has now passed safely (thank God for that).  The "webbot" that Cliff High from Half Past Human says a time period from November the 5th to November the 14th, which makes mores sense as the 14th is 777 days from the one day loss of 777 points on the Dow back in 2008.

My only thinking is that it will turn after it hits the FP... but when it hits that print is unknown.  Maybe not until later in the week, I don't know?  I just know that I will be going short with when it's hit.  I've seen this game before (back in January-February of this year), and I know how it works now.

The market hits the print and reverses in the other direction for quite awhile.  The last time it did it, it rose for the following 3 months.  Don't know about this time, as it goes down faster then it goes up.  The move down will be fast and furious I believe.

I'll be looking to exit my shorts at the next FP of Dow 8300, and go long on silver and gold... should they also crash from big institutions dumping it to pay their margin calls.  Downside FP's on gold are 939 and 935, but I've seen these FP show up for multiple days in a row, which questions their accuracy?

The 777 on the train in the movie "Unstoppable" is likely a FP for something?  It could be on gold, the spx, or a dozen other indexes, I don't know?  The train that is trying to stop the runaway is numbered 1206... which could mean December the 6th?

In the Wilshire FP I have, it shows the print on December the 7th... Pearl Harbor Day.  Lot's of rituals here folks, and the Illuminati put it all out in front of everyone too see... but few are watching.  Are you paying attention?  Yes, the rituals and the numbers are hard too figure out, but that's part of the game they play... fun isn't it?

Also keep in mind this print from several weeks ago, that showed a 106 spy at 4:15 pm.  This could be the downside target for the wave 1 down, and then a small bounce to follow, followed by a wave 3 down (to possibly  or Dow 8300 print?).  Of course the entire wave down will be part of Primary wave 3, but I'm just guessing on the smaller wave counts by using the FP's that they give us.

You know, a year ago I would have never used FP's to predict moves in the stock market.  I would have done Fibonacci levels, combined with Elliottwave, and Technical Analysis.  Today I realize that all of those charting methods only work temporarily.

They allow them to work for awhile to get more people to use them.  Then when everyone see's a certain pattern (like the giant Head and Shoulder's pattern on the daily and weekly chart that failed recently), they trick everyone by doing the opposite of what the normal outcome would be of the pattern.

I'm sure you all remember the media talking about that pattern back in late August when the Right Shoulder was completed and the market was heading down toward the neckline, and going into the month of September too.  They "gamed" the market just like I was told they would from a friend many months prior.

Now everyone and their brother is on the long boat and thinking that the worst is behind us now... especially since the Fed's can keep printing money, and adding another stimulus package like QE3, 4, 5, etc... But guess what?  The market is rigged, and the high is already known... at least to those of you reading my posts.

The high is the FP of DIA 118.16, and that's the last time we'll be up this high, until hyper-inflation kicks in, and the Dow goes to 38,000 as Mahendra claims.  At that point, gold will be 10-20 thousand dollars a ounce, so it really would be like Dow 3,800 today.

On another note, I was able to listen to about 2 hours of Cliff High's interview before it was taken down from youtube.  He see a total collapse of the dollar and the Dow at 20,000 or more.  While he didn't say what kind of event his webbot is talking about, he bought up the possibility that it could be 3 nuke's based on what he seen in the Simpson video.

Basically the clock stops with the minute hand on 11 and the hour hand on 6, but it also has 3 round spots on the hands themselves... which could indicate 3 bombs on a route that looks like Interstate 95 from Washington D.C. to Miami, Florida.  That would mean a bomb in Miami, D.C., and some 3rd location along I95.

But, Saturday has safely passed now and that speculation isn't valid anymore... thank God for that!  Of course the date could have been read wrong, and maybe it's scheduled for 11-9-2010?  I hope it's all wrong.  I will say that he was only speculating as to what the video meant, and not says that his "webbot" indicated any of that.

So, we shouldn't jump to conclusions on that show alone.  While I'm sure it does mean something, it could have been changed or stopped now, as everyone is waking up and seeing what they are planning... hence it might not happen because of that reason.

But whatever happens next week, I still believe the market will tank after the FP is hit.  It might be another country defaulting, or the Federal Reserve declaring bankruptcy?  Who knows?  Let's just hope it's not something that involves killing innocent people.

Best of luck to everyone, and let us all pray together that nothing bad happens...



      • Red, lstened to Cliff,if hes right, it will not matter about shorting
        market, dollar goes to zero, total collaspe,end of america,total
        nitemare, no food, where can I get silver, gold, Good luck,ps
        I am sure net will go down if this happens,Jackson

      • First off, I’ve been reviewing this site for a while and love the content and community that is here. Please know that I will continue to visit this site several times a day…Keep up the good work!

        Now for my opinion….I think what has troubled me so much over the “Simpson’s Video” is WHY would the POWERS THAT BE choose THIS form of media to communicate to their community of intellectuals? It just seemed a little bit far fetched. Of course, they could have gotten away with putting any type of symbology in the TV Series LOST,….but as we all know that series is over. 🙂

        Personally, I think they the Illuminati has a password protected website where people have signed up for a weekly newsletter subscription.

        Anyway, that is my opinion. Keep up the good work.

        • They put it out for all to see because they enjoy the game. It’s fun for them, as they know that the masses of the population will never figure it out… and they don’t.

          I’m sure they also communicate privately with each other too, but the clues they put in public view are just a game to them.

  1. anyone here good with options ? and can help me with few questions ? Thanks… let me know maybe I can email you ? how about you hotoptionbabe ?

      • cool thanks, here is the question, I was checking out the VXX jan 12 calls and see the spread is crazy… its like .40 cent spread… anyways… what i wanted to know was if I were to buy the VXX jan 12 calls for 2.10 today… from today til jan 2012.. I can sell my calls for a profit if the vxx moves up correct ? or do I have to wait til jan 2012 ?

  2. The lack of volume, (hence… very little selling) clearly says to me that we are still on track for hitting the upside FP. It should take most of the day to reset the overbought conditions on the short term.

    Once they are reset, this should allow them to push it up either later today, or tomorrow. We could hit the print by Tuesday or Wednesday as long as no serious selling on the downside occurs.

    • There is no way this market is going to 11800 this week.

      first we retrace to dow 11200…and then if that holds (almost certainly)…we can move back towards 11500/600 towards op-ex.

  3. Ok midway through trading overall the bullish monday seems to be quite subdued.Early trading from asia and london tried to push the market down but from the looks of things it only managed to push it into a trend channel.The POMO has come and gone and in my personal view that allowed the market to gain a foothold to stop the bears from taking over.Charts on a 5 min chart look very overbought and heavy overhead res seems to be stopping the bull from breaking out today.Res point which is holding for now seems to be 11370 on the DJ30 indices.Heavy support seems to be at 11320.Right now the market seems to be leaning towards a pullback.I wont be surprise if it continues on a downward move before the last hour of trading where buyers will rush to push the market back up to end the day with a doji on a day chart.

      • It’s pretty well formed on the 60 and 30 but only on day 2 of the daily. So the daily isn’t completely formed, but the short term charts are. Any positive news out tomorrow could push the market up.

        While we could keep moving sideways for several more days, I do think we will push up higher this week. It should be tomorrow, but no one really knows for sure when it will happen.

  4. ANDDDDDD closed with DOJI -,- no surprise there well not really a doji but a small green bar which you can hardly see hahahahaha

  5. Didn’t realize today was a pomo day and the next schedule won’t be released until November 10…….I have seen or heard two reference to tipping points today. One a bloomberg article on Bank of America and then ESPN radio host talked about a tipping point this weekend regarding college football. Either he reads this site and subconciously slipped that terminology into his dialogue or he’s playing enlightened one games. I also saw a USO promo with the text #27722 during an NFL broadcast. And one of the phone numbers displayed in Wall Street 2 was 212-535-2727 or 5(35)or58-2727. Of course SP high on Friday was 2227……..That 820 number (from 8-8-8 would have been November 8) had some very interesting aspects. Divided by 6 it was 136.666666, Divided by 9, it was 91.1111111adinfinitum,,,,divided by 360 it is 2.2777777adinfin..plus some other interesting numbers.

        • I read that the Daily Sentiment index hit 94%bulls on Thursday and the tickersense poll is at 61+%bulls and 7%bears and Consensus Index has been 66,67%bulls the last two weeks. That is at major top like levels. The only thing is Investor’s Intelligence has not hit extreme readings yet although they are definitely bullish so the market could hold up until they are released on Wednesday. Wednesday has a major esoteric cycle and lines up with being a major date according to Jaywiz. Also check the weekly pattern the last 10 weeks to the final rally from Feb to April earlier this year. If they align, then this week should be down. I’ll send an email with some info to soothe a group whose had their external communication cut off.

  6. Somehow i feel that this isnt the end of it during overnight trading we could see a small rise to carry on a EW5 move but come starting bell the overhead res seems to be holding nicely and if i look at the charts there is more downward potential.The tri factors as i like to call them seem to be totally off right now called my trading firm to talk to them and no one there could make of why currency gold and the market are all on the rise together.These few days are going to be tough but with no news to rally off and promo on hold till nov 10 new released dates there might be not much supporting the market .So at this point a pullback before rallying once again this week seems the most likely case, overall should be slightly down but how far i cant really tell.The only factor which i can think of is the FOMC meeting but thats only due next week.If i missed out on anything please correct me.

  7. Anna or anyone who can chim in here is the question, I was checking out the VXX jan 12 calls and see the spread is crazy… its like .40 cent spread… anyways… what i wanted to know was if I were to buy the VXX jan 12 calls for 2.10 today… from today til jan 2012.. I can sell my calls for a profit if the vxx moves up correct ? or do I have to wait til jan 2012 ?

    • Anna can help you more on that, as she knows options very well. But, to answer your question… you can sell them anytime between when you buy them, and when they expire.So, once they are profitably, you would sell them… regardless of whether or not it’s close to the expiration date, or still a long way off.

    • Bull don’t trade a spread that is more than 10 15 max! you will get killed on the slippage babe. so 40 is NO good. Check out the Dec VIX 30 calls much better spread (i am in them) any thing you need email Red and he can give you my email G/L 🙂

  8. Red.. I have watched your approach to these disaster warnings for 6 months. I started to believe you, only to move to safe positions and lose upside earnings from August to date… I know you believe them, and hope the ywil happen, but get a better position so that new members dont get caught up in the doomsayer events that you are creating..are you a Bull in the wings?

    • Many times I thought we would sell off first to the Dow 8300 print, and then go back up to the DIA 118.16 print next year. But, it never happened that way. Instead they decided to go up to the DIA print first and then tank.

      This means it’s likely to be worst then expected, and that the 8300 print will only be the first larger wave down. A bounce should follow, but it’s not likely to take out the DIA print, but instead just form a wave 2 retrace, with wave 3 down to follow.

      Since I have prints of much lower levels, I’d expect the next move down to take out the 666 spx low from March, 2009. The only wild card here is hyper inflation. If that happens, then the market could ripe to 20-30,000 on the Dow, while gold follows along with it.

      I can only go by what the charts and the FP’s tell me right now. And it now says that we are so close to the DIA print that it’s highly likely to be hit before a move down to the 8300 print.

      After that, who knows? Again, hyper inflation could produce a huge rally from the 8300 print, but if deflation still lingers then we’ll likely take out the 2009 low after a bounce from 8300.

  9. Disregarding your technical approach I think Tuesday will be a down day.

    People are moving in to Gold and Silver for safety.

    There seems to be a couple articles that should favor bearish activity.

    But you never know in this market. Good luck!

  10. well Overnight trading really threw a curve ball.Its 30 mins before pre market trading and london has brought the market up to new levels.DJ30 indices is up current high is 11399.50 low is 11324.50.Its heading towards the res level at 11370 for yesterday.There isnt any news coming out today to support the rally and as things stand right now on the charts we are way overbought.On the day chart it seems that a bull flag formed but without any concrete event to rally off it is still 50/50.At closing yesterday i did call for overnight trading to push things higher but this current level comes as a surprise.I still stand by my call that once US market start we should see a pull back but i cant be sure as to how strong that pullback will be it might be another chance for traders to buy on the dip.I have to give Red credit for calling an up day but its still early in and the actual market has not started yet but the way things are shaping up we could have another leg up today but IMHO i see more downside potential.

    • You know the longer we trade sideways, the more pronounced the bull flag will be on the daily charts. It would match up with your chart showing us in a wave 4 right now, with one final wave 5 up to finish the pattern.

      Of course you know what my target is for this wave 5 up…

      Thanks posting the chart Al.

    • Yes, but I’m in agreement with Al’s chart. I believe this sideway trading is a wave 4 and we have one more final wave 5 up to flush out the last remaining bear.

      After that… you know the rest.

  11. Well a few more hours left trading and looking at the charts once again im going to go out on a limb and guess the next few hours.15 mins looks to be oversold and things are bottoming out on the 5 mins one min went back on the up trend but doesnt look to have strong momentum. 50 MA is angling down on the 5 mins so i wont be surprised to see a bounce from here to run back up to the 50 MA before it bounces and heads lower towards closing.Please take note this is MY personal view if im missing out on anything like and indicator saying other wise please tell me so we can discuss this.

    • Yes… most all of the short term charts are now oversold. And since the market barely sold off, I’d say we’ll go up tomorrow. I’m surprised it didn’t today, but maybe they had to work off the 2 hour and 4 hours charts too (which I don’t usually follow).

      Still light volume today… extremely light. The market is just spinning sideways for now. The longer it doe, the easier it will be to break through the overhead resistance level.

      I hate it when they drag this game out forever. Isn’t there a time limit on making a move when chess players are in a game against each other? They are taking too long in this game… but then again, cheating is the only way they know how to play.

      • Tomorrow will be a hard one to call cause unlike today there is a truck load of reports coming in tomorrow.I would stay away from the news trading and wait it out.As for the chess thing hahahah what can we say the Feds are the players They are also the clock and judge at the same time so cant really comment on that.If UFOS really did come i hope they pick the Feds up first muuuuuuuuuuahahhaha dam why didnt that (missle) land on Mr Bens house.Its either a missile of a (UFO) running away cause the feds are too strong haaaaaaaaaaahahahahahhaha

  12. red,

    looks like 11/14 is still a go for the tipping point. Today a rogue missile off of the los angeles coast.

    first was a quiet code for the tipping point (11/06/10 – release of mail bombs by Interpol which is highly unsual. Then 11/09/10 a rogue missile fired off over los angeles….) there is NO coincidence on these dates…. code messages are being sent to those on “THE KNOW” through these events…..

    next stop is final code for (11/11/10) and then the tipping point (11/14/10)


      • When I first heard of anti-matter, I concluded that there must be an anti-, for everything.
        Space has 3 dimensions, and passes thru time.
        The antithesis..Time has 3 dimensions, and passes thru space.

        If you allow the 3 dimensions of Time, to pass through your mind…. You might accidentally transport yourself, “to a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….”

  13. I saw that rocket last night. It was flying real low over the coast. I saw it briefly and then it disappeared. I discounted it when I saw the planes flying from the nearby airport were flying out to the ocean at a very low altitude.

  14. WTF, all day long all I was hearing about was how gold and silver were going nuts and now I see GLD finished down. USO also reversed lower and DBA had a massive black bar on large volume (parabolic in fact). Russell 2000 had the largest red bar seen in awhile. It seems that today was a key reversal day.

  15. This could be the turning point… but I think we are going to rally a little higher to scare off some bears and then it will DROP….

  16. The Desk expects to conduct the November 4 and November 8 purchase operations that were announced on October 13, and it plans to publish its first consolidated monthly schedule on November 10 at 2:00 p.m.

  17. Thanks anoopsan i love your charts but dam the one thing i want to see is this ridicules up trend broken.Today was a close one i called it a down day at closing yesterday cause i didnt see anything supporting it today and although overnight trading gave me a scare when i woke up at the start of US trading it was sliding down so overall i think today was down.Day chart as clearly seen is a red bar but now comes the time when im 50/50.I would have liked to see a little more power in todays slide but the last min bounce still showed signs that the bulls are still not that ready to give up.Tomorrow we have some important data coming in and that (might) be the reason they are looking for to rally again.I holding back on calling the market tomorrow cause thats just how unsure i am right now once again on the daily chart things are STILLL looking over bought but its doing a magic act of staying afloat right now.The 1 hour chart on the other hand looks over sold right now so things might take an upward swing before resuming its down move.Tomorrow my call is about the same as rolling the dice as things stand right now its 50/50 other news that comes at me a few hours before trading will maybe give me a better picture but for now i will leave it as that.UFOs,missiles,Illuminati and now time travelers.If only the market was as interesting.Its a nice read time to time but somehow i dont see how if UFOs were here we wouldnt know,if a missile was launched the states with (all) its technology doesnt know about it,if we were controlled by the Illuminati why there isnt just one single world order by now and lastly how can someone with the knowledge to (time travel) be stupid enough to get caught by doing something so obvious.

  18. Follow up from FRI, RED, how’d you like my call from last FRI—I told you my charts were stretched to the limit, look for a down day…We’ll those damn charts delivered 2 down days, Yabba dabba dooooo!
    now they are all out of whack again.

  19. Here are the big cycles for tomorrow. 777trading days from the October 11,2007 high, 188calendar days from May 6 and 417trading days from May 6. 417===111 and a variation of this number has been recurring in the markets. The Nov 21,2008 sp low was 741 and that false print for DJIA 118xx??? had a version of that number in a nearby column.

    • Euro is down to 1.37 area after hitting 1.42+ last week. It’s approaching a double bottom near 1.37. It looks like the euro and australian dollar both opened their afternoon sessions by tanking after rallying into the end of earlier trading day.

      • It’s actually 425days. I subtracted 8 from that number when I shouldn’t have. But it is a 6-5 number (4+2)(5)or a 47 number. Both add up to 11. 425 divided by 5 is 85 or 58 reversed.

    • A currency war, like the tarriff wars back during the Great Depression, but trying to be more subtle, which never works.

      Madman Ben prints money to devalue dollar – tarriff on others’ goods.

      China downgrades US credit rating – tarriff on US cheap money.

      RBS said “think the unthinkable” back in the summer when they said currency wars would start. This is just the beginning of the unthinkable. I think the unthinkable will definitely involve world stock markets following each other off a cliff.

  20. OilTrader puts his reputation on the line with this one.
    “I have the biggest short line of the last 12 months. I don`t think the engine will backfire. The intraday volatility, the 30 dollar range in Gold, the US dollar rally, the Yen sharp moves…this all points in one direction and that is lower prices for stocks and commodities.

    I am playing big now, expecting to make a killing on this one. Regular readers know, that I haven`t been this bearish for quite a while. I could expand the post with more arguments for the bear camp, but I think I have been emphatic enough. I am “all in” short.”


    For me – I’m 60% short 30% cash. Plus a few other puts and sundries. Looking for some confirmation and the next 30% goes in as well.

    • The clock is ticking Pezhead, and “if” these gangsters want to crash the market on some ritual date (with a false flag event or not?), then they had better hurry up if they still want to hit the upside FP of 118.16 DIA.

      It’s not looking good for them, as that’s over 400 Dow points away now. I don’t know if they can pull it off before this weekend or not? If the trendline breaks at 1195 spx, then the bulls better pack their bags and go home.

  21. Maybe the 11/6 was supposed to be 11/9? And it was a dud, too.

    Interesting how much weird crap is happening now. The mail bombs, the Quantas jets, the mystery missile, now a 787 had an emergency landing because of a fire during a test flight.

    Any guesses on what will happen next? Sinkhole that swallows up DC? This is all crazy and will really wear on people quick. But whatever it is, the most important commodities may soon be brass, lead and smokeless powder.

  22. Dollar Index up at the moment about 1/2 of a percent.

    Silver, Gold & other precious metals had a sharp reversal. Looking at Silver alone it did not take long for silver to go from $29.00ounce to $27.50’s in which it recouped some losses.

    Sentiment is pointing the market down. Although that doesn’t mean we can’t have an up day. I just think the market will likely go down or be mixed on November 10th.

  23. I think volume will come in today and push the market down to the trend line and potentially break it. For me, sell confirmation is in. We’ll see what happens.

  24. question to you guys. do we really need the federal reserve for the u.s. economy or the usa in general to survive? seems that they are the ones that are the evil one. just wondering is all.

    • No we don’t need them. The printing of money to stimulate the economy, pay debt, etc… is a power that was written in the constitution for congress to do.

      The banksters bribed the congressmen and senators of the time period to give up control of that right. The banksters created a private entity called the Federal Reserve Bank (1910) and convinced the officials to give them control of the printing of money.

      It’s illegal and against the constitution of the United States, and the banksters should be brought on trial for the robbery and enslavement of the America public.

      They should be convicted for crimes against humanity in my opinion, and publicly hung. Just the way I feel about them…

      • thanks leo for the explanation. ya i agree that we dont need them. is there way to abolish them at all? seems that they are too powerful to be abolish.

        • Ron Paul, Congressman for Texas and two Presidential Candidate is fighting in Congress right now to audit the Fed. They have never been audited, yet they are suppose to represent the public.

          If so, then the public has a right to know where the money is being spent. Yet they refuse to be audited because they know that it will enrage the America public so much that riots will probably start.

          They are responsible for all the wars of the last 100 years. They stole Billions (Trillions) from the American public, and used our money to create wars for profit… not because someone was a bad guy.

          They funded both sides, sold weapons to the “so called” enemy. The dirt that would be found during an audit would destroy them and cause the public demand a criminal investigation, and many arrests would follow.

          Those gangsters fear letting the public know of what they’ve been doing for the last 100 years, and are doing everything they can to stop from being audited.

          It wouldn’t surprise me if they blew up the building where all the records are stored so they can’t be discovered. Of course that would involve another “False Flag” event… just like 911 destroyed lots of records.

    • We might not see it this time? Since they are planning the “event” to happen before the 14th, I’d say they have run out of time now, and don’t have the ability to get up to that print.

    • Not yet, but the bull has been cut now and bleeding is starting. It’s only a flesh wound though. Once support around 1195 is hit, we should expect a bounce into the rest of the day.

      As for tomorrow… who knows? If some horrible event happens, don’t worry about support as the market will cut through them like a knife in hot butter.

    • Actually I’m 50% short from Friday, so if it tanks from here I’ll still be happy. But it would bug me to see the market so close to that FP and not fill it.

      It’s a major print, and this would be a first for one of such importance to “not” be filled. Once the selling begins, I don’t think we’ll see the market this high again for a long time.

      So, will they push this out until next week to fill the FP, or will they forget about it and just press the boom button on the market?

      • Personally I don’t hang my hat on FP’s. It smells like a major paradigm shift is in the works – China downgrades our debt, oops!! Turbo Timmy can’t borrow all the money needed to feed the spending machine, or at least can’t borrow it without having to pay much higher rates…………

        • Well, there’s no way of knowing when the prints will be hit, but I’ve found them highly accurate in the past. Maybe I’ve exposed that print too much and they’ve changed the plan?

          You know I’ve been talking about that print for months now. Too much exposure could cause the plans to be changed? Hard too say exactly? I do believe they have/had every indention of hitting that print. But maybe they ran out of time and money?

  25. We have a bull flag forming on the 5 and 15 minute charts. But, there is a downward sloping trendline of resistance that’s holding the market back right.

    If it fails to hold, we could go up to the 1220 area. If it holds, then a failed bull flag should result in a nice drop again… possibly filling the gap at 1197 area?

  26. We have a bull flag forming on the 5 and 15 minute charts. But, there is a downward sloping trendline of resistance that’s holding the market back right.

    If it fails to hold, we could go up to the 1220 area. If it holds, then a failed bull flag should result in a nice drop again… possibly filling the gap at 1197 area?

  27. FX is going nuts.
    Irish 10yr up 70bp just from YESTERDAY.
    AND, someone is pumping the Euro to give the false impression that everything is A-OK.
    Is there no end to the madness?

  28. America has a voice it…It’s…IT’S the Chancellor of Germany. I’m surprised more people aren’t upset about QE2. The average American goes to work for hard earned money (the US Dollar). That same USD in return has less purchasing power. The rich benefit from QE2 the most.

    We have to stop supporting blood sucking banks like JP Morgan. Withdraw your money from these corrupt institutions and bank at small local banks.

    Stop buying goods at big corporations and help put a dent in their profit margins.

  29. We are forming a nice MA pattern with left side of the A forming on this move up. As long as it doesn’t take out the high tomorrow, we could see some selling tomorrow to complete the right side of the A.

      • I think that yesterday was A of an ABC correction. I think we put in B today. This might turn into an ABCDE zig zag.

        The initial euphoria of the Fed action has taken a while to wear off. The new POMO schedule posted today virtually guarantees that 118.16 will get taken out by year’s end.

      • Using USO, starting back in August, the target for wave 5 was 38. We hit that today (oil set a new high even though markets did not). Following my own trading plan, had to go short.

  30. as they say.. the market is on CRACK and the FED is the dealer…
    we are going higher….. the fact is there are still alot of shorties….once most of the shorties….. give up…. thats when we will fall.

  31. The euro broke beneath that double bottom today but bounced forming a hanging man. So tomorrow should be key if the euro heads down again along with gold and silver. I am going to do a count again of all the trading days since October 11,2007 to see if I was off on the trading days since then.

  32. Across all operations in the schedule listed below, the Desk plans to purchase approximately $105 billion. This represents $75 billion in purchases of the announced $600 billion purchase program and $30 billion of principal payments from agency debt and agency MBS expected to be received between mid-November and mid-December.

    go go go Bernanke go go

    • The answer to the riddle is that it is a back door bail out for the global, not just the US, financial system. Ben is not lying that it will benefit the economy. He just left out the fact that if the banks fail, there goes the economy. When things look ridiculous, as they do now, one needs to step back and view it from another angle. We must be in really deep shit for Ben to be going all out. He knows that everyone is going to suffer, but maybe less so if the system collapses.

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