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Thursday Update... 3 Down, 1 To Go!

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It looks like the mystery missile was fired from a Chinese Nuclear Submarine, or at least that's who is going to be blamed for it. While I don't know if that's true or not, something isn't right here. It sounds like the gangsters at the Fed are going to try and provoke China here... for what I'm not sure? But leaking out that it was a Chinese sub that fired the missile sounds like a plot to get American's upset with China. I'm not buying it. The Fed's are responsible here... I just know it.

Colleen Thomas was interviewed on Russian TV and she says that the good Aliens shot down the missile, which very likely could have happened. I've seen on the history channel where every nuclear missile in America was powered down once in the 90's. It was to let the gangsters know that the good aliens have the power to stop any nuke from going off. I don't have the link for it, but I'm sure it's probably up on youtube somewhere.

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Will we make it?

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Only 2 more ritual dates left before the crash zone is over with.  We passed the November 6th date that was suggested as a possible date for a false flag nuclear bomb event in the Simpson video.  And now we passed the November 9th date that would have be another 911 in reverse (11-9 = 9-11 backwards), so what's left?

Well, the gangsters love the number one, as in 11, 111, or 11-11... which happens to be tomorrow.  That would be our third of four ritual dates that they could possibly stage another false flag event on.  The fourth would be on the 14th, as that date is 777 days from the Dow's one day loss of 777 point back in September of 2008.

It is quite possible that the missile that fired off the coast of California yesterday was the "false flag" event, but it failed.  I hope and pray that's what it was, and that no other event is scheduled to happen.  Of course we won't know until after the 14th, but I'm hopeful that the "event" was stopped by the good guys.

Many people have been talking about it on the internet now, exposing it to the world.  This serves to derail the bad guys as they might be forced to change their evil plans if too many people figure it out.  At least that's what I'm hoping will happen.

Also, since the upside FP of DIA 118.16 is still 400-500 Dow points away, maybe nothing bad will happen yet?  Even when we hit the print, maybe only some financial disaster will happen, and not a physical one that kills hundreds or thousands of innocent people.

It's only a matter of time before the Federal Reserve Bank will have too declare bankruptcy anyway, so why not release that information once we hit the FP target?  That wouldn't hurt anyone physically... except maybe Bernanke, Geithner, Blankfein, etc... who might jump out a window from a tall building or something?  That wouldn't be any loss of life or anything, as vampires aren't human anyway.

Maybe I'm being too optimistic now, but I really don't want any disaster to occur.  I'd just like to see the market have an overdue correction... maybe down to the 1060 level or so?  A crash will hurt too many Americans, all while getting the gangsters richer as they profit from shorting the market and buying up assets at below wholesale prices.

I know what you're think... but Red, it's how they rob everyone... I know, you're not telling me anything I don't already know.  But I remain hopeful that nothing horrible will happen, and any "event" won't involve the loss of any lives.

As for tomorrow, barring any false flag event, we should go up a little in the morning based on the 60 minute chart, and then rollover into the close.  We could go down to the 1195 area into the close, where I would expect the market to find support from the rising trendline and the horizontal support level.

If the 1195 area breaks, look out below as the market could fall pretty quickly once that very important rising trendline is broken.  But as long as it holds, they could bounce from there and continue to rise into next week to hit that upside FP on the DIA.  However, if the "event" wasn't the rogue missile, but instead something else yet to come... then we may never see the FP?

So again... let's all hope that nothing bad happens.  Be safe everyone, and good luck tomorrow...


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    • The highest I can see the market going Robert is to the FP of DIA 118.16 (about 11,800 Dow), but I wouldn’t dare chase it at these overbought levels.

      If you’re daytrading, then fine… but I do options and look for a several day move. Go long here is too risky for my blood. Going all in short at the DIA print is what I’m waiting for.

      But for now, I’ll just take small short positions until I see the up trend break. I’ll go long when the market hits Dow 8300, but not now. Good luck on those long though…

  1. The drop in the market is enough to regain what my options lost from their premiums. I’ll be moving my puts to december next week depending on mondays action. Going long is insane and ridiculous at this point. Why bother? It’s too risky. Maybe if you’re day trading and you want to run the markets movements up for a little while, but in that case you’re far better off working with stocks that have a reason to go up. I have 51, 52, and 53 puts on the Qs all for November. I’ve been averaging up and am already down about $2000. If the Qs open up at what they’re at now, $53 even and head down all day, I’ll break out above even and hit the profit point. If the market does that 10% correction, woo boy I’ll finally have enough to actually make some moves.

    I think the Fake Print analysis is very effective, and have paid attention to them in the past, but mostly during times I haven’t been trading options. After following your blog for the past 2 weeks Red, I am convinced that they have FAILED to hit the fake print fast enough, and that the number is out the window at this point. Today’s upward movement was bullshit, and reeked of manipulation BUT!!! because of Cisco and its weight in pulling down the Qs after hours, along with aapl and goog, i think tech is down for tomorrow, and with that goes the nasdaq. I think the resistance of holding the nasdaq up (which I think is the most overbought index) and pushing through with the fake rally to the fake print, is not going to overcome the weight down due to the rest of the major sectors. Down comes the nasdaq, down comes the other indices, and they toss the FP out the window and go for the sell signal. It’s probably timed to the DAY rather than just the number and I anticipate some more down days leading into a gap down on monday.

    I could be completely wrong, obviously, but I’m all in short and I’m going with my guns. had the qs sell confirmed yesterday, but todays movement on the qs flipped that to buy-if. I think that’s nonsense, and its completely out the window with the 1 1/2% drop for the Qs after hours. I think tomorrow will confirm bearish indicators across the board, tossing the 60 minute out the window.

    Here’s to a healthy correction!

    • I’m with you on that… I’m 50% short, and saving the remaining amount for the FP… if we get there? But if we tank from here… I’d be a happy camper too!

      Let’s just see how hard they try to save Cisco tomorrow morning, as that’s the real key to whether tomorrow starts selling right at the open or rallies first… then sells off.

      Also, keep your eyes on the dollar. They will likely tank it to push up the market.

  2. Not sure if this means anything, so take it for what it’s worth.

    I’m looking at a few shorts…VXX (short futures), TZA (short Russell 2000) & FAZ (short financial).

    Many of these shorts are active in after hours. Usually these ETF’s extend their losses in after hours by a few pennies because I watch them all the time. But, VXX is up 0.84 cents (1.88%), TZA is up 0.37 cents (1.89%) and FAZ up 0.26 (2.40%). I mean there is no impending doom news, the dollar is weakening and nothing to really warrant a reversal of this bull trend.

      • It’s unusual for inverse ETF’s to go up on a positive or flat day.

        ERY, DRV, BGZ, EDZ, VXX, TZA & FAZ all have similar moves in the after hours.

        Last time I saw this the market went down.

        Either people are hedging or jumping off the bull bandwagon expecting these ETF’s to be at or close to 52 week lows.

    • I think that is the point Goldieee… to send a message. If they wanted to be accurate in the movie, then they should have used the real number instead of the 777. But they are sending a message I believe.

      • I wonder myself which one they’ll do? Close the gap above them, on the one below them? The 60 minute is still oversold and is trying to move back up, but it seems too weak with the daily now rolling over.

        However, we still have light volume and no “event” yet, which favors the upside. It’s going to be the bulls that start the sell off, not the bears.

        I think will probably go back up into the close today, as the lack of any further news leans bullish for the market.

  3. Probably back and fill today, and waiting for tomorrow to see if $9B is enough to stem the tide. If not, ba-woooooooooooosh!!!

  4. Well i was out of the market for the last couple of days and wow what a roller coaster.I will only be doing more checking on how things are going on for tomorrow as todays move is quite important for me.Looks to me that we are heading down however once again we have SUPER FEDS coming to the rescue tomorrow.Man honestly this has been the hardest 2 months of trading and i feel like im breaking down.I am going to jump back on once i regain my focus but for now im just watching good luck to all traders over this weekend.

  5. Im looking at the 5 and 15 mins but it seems to be rolling over it should start working off the oversold conditions before going back down but tomorrow is one tough nut to crack for the bears.Going into friday we all know that the guys over on wall street want to close of the week at least on a stronger note on top of that the bonds market will be open and even if POMO doesnt affect the market in a direct sense the safe buying mentality comes into play.The bulls have not had a chance to rally the whole week and imho this was the one week in which the bears could make a dent.On the DJ30 we see that it has pushed down into the 11200 region but its bouncing off it right now unless it breaks in the next few hours it means that on the daily chart the up trend hasnt broken.Right now im actually confused i dont know weather to look at the charts or listen to the news.Each one to me is equally important but my gut is twisting in knots right now.If anyone would like to carry on this discussion please do so cause i want to see if im missing out on anything

  6. Im looking at the 5 and 15 mins but it seems to be rolling over it should start working off the oversold conditions before going back down but tomorrow is one tough nut to crack for the bears.Going into friday we all know that the guys over on wall street want to close of the week at least on a stronger note on top of that the bonds market will be open and even if POMO doesnt affect the market in a direct sense the safe buying mentality comes into play.The bulls have not had a chance to rally the whole week and imho this was the one week in which the bears could make a dent.On the DJ30 we see that it has pushed down into the 11200 region but its bouncing off it right now unless it breaks in the next few hours it means that on the daily chart the up trend hasnt broken.Right now im actually confused i dont know weather to look at the charts or listen to the news.Each one to me is equally important but my gut is twisting in knots right now.If anyone would like to carry on this discussion please do so cause i want to see if im missing out on anything

    • Honestly its like trying to pin the tail on the donkey.Someone has to take the blame i could call out quantas on their engine problems but when 25 out of 30 companies on the DJ is in the red who is really to blame.Honestly this to me is how the market should react if there wasnt any monopoly money coming in but is it gonna stop anytime soon doesnt look like it.

    • Could be? The short term charts were all mixed, and could have open down or up. Since Cisco dropped yesterday, the opened down. If Cisco would have went up in afterhours yesterday, then we could have just as easily opened up this morning.

      Now that the 30 and 15 minute charts have worked off their overbought condition by becoming oversold, they can now move back up in sync with the 60 minute chart.

      The daily is still putting downward pressure on the market, so the upside move should be limited. Overall, just a bunch of choppy waters.

    • Should be up, as all the short term charts are now pointing up together, from oversold conditions all day today. But the daily is pointing down, and more powerful then the shorter term charts.

      That suggests a flat day as the charts again fight each other. The daily will push down, and the 60, 30 and 15 will push up. It’ possible that once they all become over bought that selling could happen into the close.

      However, most Friday’s are positive for the market and may again be manipulated up. I don’t see it going up too far though, even if they push it up with more monopoly money.

      • honestly when i saw the time table release my heart kindda sank cause it basically means they are gonna float the market all the way till Dec and by doing so at that time the retail sector will no doubt be in the green and give the market enough momentum to rally again.Unless something major shifts and the majority of the retail traders jump on board the bears train its a real uphill battle to try and even make a dent on this market right now.The bulls have only allow the bears to either bring it down to the res point in the channel which anoopsan is so kind to post and after that its nothing but bounce bounce bounce from there.Next week we have the GM IPO and the opx meeting so moving down from here seems further and further away now.

        • Yes it does seem further and further away now. It simple means too me that we are till on target for hitting the upside FP, as it appears we are not going to have any “event” at this time period.

          I’m sure they’ll try again, but this time looks like the good guys may have stopped them? I do believe that missile was the “event” and it was stopped from reaching it’s target… hence we have NO event now.

          Of course that’s bad news for us Bears, but good news for anyone who would have lost their lives should that missile hit it’s target.

  7. The market hasn’t even touched its 20dma in months. Would not be surprised to see green at the close. Plenty of steam left in this bull…………

    • and time as well the one hour shift has thrown me off abit with 2 hours left on the market it is very possible to close off today with a doji and maybe in perpetration for tomorrow even push up higher.

    • anoopsan you have only posted charts which i love but do you have any personal comments on the market itself.Would love to hear your views.

      • My technical analysis is better than the fundamental analysis that’s why i am sticking to the charts. I will try to share my views here as often as possible.

        • no no i ment as in your views when you look at the charts and what you look out for heheheh im trying to learn and not just depend on other people for charts and pattens im really impressed by the charts that you have posted dont know if your the one drawing them but doesnt really matter.I used to be fixated on only the charts but over time i have learnt that its not just one simple thing that will show you the clear path thats why im on a mission to gather as much info from every possible source and to place everything together like a huge jigsaw puzzle.So any views from tech to personal to news is just as equally important to me.

          • The only way to truly gain the superior edge and win all the time is to work for Goldman Sachs and do insider trading. Let me know if you get hired on… maybe you can send your old buddy a tip from time to time. LOL

          • HAHAHAHAHAH if only my man i would JUMP on an offer to even clean their toilets.In this day and age information is power charts news and other stuff is for the masses.Honestly do you see a broker or anyone working in goldman in (bad times) that just shows you how when your swimming with the big sharks its only a matter of how much you can feed on the small fishes.

  8. 57% bulls AAII poll. An incredible number. I know it got to 60% at the 1987 peak. This is by far the highest number I have seen in years if ever.

  9. More bad news for New Orleans, (Voodoo city, getting hit by Voodoo economics)
    HAL, off topic, if you work at a well site, robots are fully going to eliminate 35% of the workforce, next 3 years..that’s a 10% year increase in productivity—EXPECT a PINKSLIP if you work at a well site.

  10. Well it’s now become a case of the euro getting flushed down the toilet vs nonstop Pomo for a mini-eternity. Euro broke through its double-bottom today and the tankage continues in after-hours. Irish 2year bonds trading at the same spread to German bonds as the longterm rates which shows the markets have little faith in Irish bonds in general. I would like to see the McClellan Oscillator continue to drop tomorrow and finally penetrade that -100 range to the downside. That would encourage me that Monday could be the tipping point. Since today was a semi-holiday, it was expected that the decline would be muted. I don’t like the red hollow bars for the Nasdaq. They were buying calls at semi decent rate on ISEE.

  11. Hey Red, follow up—I made 35% on the FFIV puts. That was the max the market gave. Can’t short FFIV anymore…CSCO starts going up, so does FFIV.
    btw, CSCO in the 19’s is a MAJOR BUY…good IRA buy too, at that price.
    btw, My IRA buy recommendations, on average go up 30% to 40%, in less than 6 month’s.

  12. I think your right Red, it looks like we will go down some more and we do have some fundamental basis for this drop.

    This run up in stocks has set the bar high for expectations. The government is cutting back on spending on products from CSCO and other companies. Yahoo is to cut from between 10% to 20% of it’s workforce. Ireland is having debt issues. I think we glossed over that the foreclosure fraud could cost banks up to 100 billion. Insider selling of 12:1. Steve Ballmer wants to sell over 1 billion in shares of MSFT. If you didn’t probe for information, Ballmer hasn’t sold any shares in 7 years!

    Be smart. Wisdom and money can get you almost anything, but only wisdom can save your life.

    Look for a drop in at least Finance and Technology.

    • Cool well asia side threw a huge move everything was reporting in the red during asia trading but somehow i get the feeling that we weill close green today just me

      • I think we will pullback a little.. to sucker more bears in… then move higher….. and then Drop… this way the gangstahs make more money…. both ways, this is how an OG (Original GANGSTAH) WOULD DO IT.

  13. looks like we are tanking at the open…. … Open Lower and the feds come in and save the day… and making it a DOJI!!! same routine….

  14. Anoopsan if im not seeing things im looking at a break in the trend channel on the DJ30 and its quite a big one does your charts confirm this ????

  15. On My charts, it’s 50/50 we will see 11111, on the DOW..Monday, maybe Tuesday, these are down Tuesdays weeks, in the weeks ahead.
    There’s still a possible end of day sell off, 11111 close?

      • I figured I wasn’t bringing you anything new since you’re so ahead of the curve.

        Did you happen to watch the colleen clip that talks about how we’re supposed to be given 5.4 million when we reach age 18?

        Wondered what your thoughts were on that.

        • I don’t think too much about that, as if we all got 5.4 million dollars, then it wouldn’t be worth anything. There are lots of people/aliens all trying to do things for their own agenda. Who knows which one will happen?

          I thought that the gangsters would have created another false flag event this week to collapse the market, but they failed. Maybe they’ll try again, but at this point I don’t see any crash coming caused by some unknown “event”.

          It’s a good thing really, as people would have died if that missile had reached it’s target. Who shot it down? I don’t know, but I’m glad they did… whoever they were.

  16. Hi Red, after this minor pullback, be very careful about shorting, the X-MAS RALLY———————–It’s going to be UP, and the rally always starts in NOV. Either in 48 hours, or week after next…

    • It’s looking pretty oversold right now on the short term charts. Plus, the support line held today. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a rally from here now… especially since the “false flag” event has been stopped.

      Of course that all goes out the window if something happens this Sunday. Let’s hope not…

  17. If I told you CSCO will be back at $24, would you believe me?….If you are a non-believer, then you don’t know much about trading CSCO…my time frame 60 to 120 days

  18. stop guessing the market.. and start trading it…. learn to take what the market gives you… and not what you guess… losers always guess… traders always win…

  19. red,

    against my better judgement, and what the short term (30 min) oversold charts are telling me, and with the small end of day bounce – i took a big spy short for the weekend – on nothing more than a gut feeling of a BLACK MONDAY! (please – anyone else reading this – this is so not the way to place a trade…). i kept a tight stop, but that does not protect me from a potential GAP up over my stop on Monday…. sometimes you gotta do what your gut tells ya to do.

    • I think we’ve avoided the danger for now Richie. I don’t see any Black Monday coming. The only wild card is if something happens on Sunday. But from the looks of things, the “event” was scheduled for 11-9 (Tuesday) with the mystery missile that failed.

  20. It looks like Pomo failed but so did the euro. We got this decline today with dollar declining and euro rallying. New low in McClellan Oscillator since this rally began and already reaching the levels achieved during the August decline. The Miami Thrice number plus the July 3 date when the notorious flash print was revealed is Tuesday, and the Miami Thrice number in trading days from the flash crash is Wednesday as well as being the favored Gann number of 144trading days from the April high.

      • Yeah, been looking at a lot of different sources/blogs and a couple that are very accurate are completely confident that this is a bearish reversal.

        When I looked at the charts with weekly bars, the signs just yelled out at me and technically, on that basis, the charts have not yet lied…

  21. Hi Red, can you start printing some of those low index numbers, you had 2 or 3 weeks ago? I have a broken down Island top on the IWM, indicating a possible 67 – 69 retest.

  22. I cashed out of my puts on the market today near the close and switched to puts on AGU, which follows the market pretty heavily, and I think bodes a good chance of dropping on monday. Anyone want to take a look?

  23. Do you think that dia print of 118.16 might be a date and not price predictor. It could be 11-15 or 11-16 and 18 or 11-24.

  24. Some of these P/E ratios are just ridiculous. AMZN (67.08), BIDU (92.20), QLIK(103.86), CRM (201.77), NFLX (65.28), KNOT (68.62), WYNN (336.36), RHT (93.24), OPEN (128.80), H (157.58), RHI (76.72), CTRP (50.99), IPI(70.16)

    Don’t think just because we went down a few days that everything is better now. Look what happened to ISRG when it had a high P/E, it shed 121 points since April.

    • Well, I don’t agree or disagree with what she says. I’m only putting it out there for others to consider. I won’t rule out anything, as this rabbit hole gets deeper the more I look.

  25. All who want to spend a few minutes on this…

    Take a look at the charts for all the indices on a WEEKLY BASIS with CANDLES and, if you would, respond by saying whether the answer to what will happen next is blaring out.

    PLEASE DON’T SAY which way you think the market is going, but just say whether or not the charts are screaming at you. (Pretend you’ve been in a cave for 3 months).

    Just an informal survey that will be thought-provoking…

    • 100% blatantly obvious. A blind monkey could trade this market, but only if they have some conviction. My friend lost everything today, even though I spent the last 7 days telling him numerous times every day, your short positions are fine the markets are going to crash. So what happens? He sells his short positions this morning after the ‘gap down’ and goes long for november. His logic – he thought the market would do the same thing it did the past couple of days, which was go up after a morning down.

      The bottom line – don’t go against the trend. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, the trend just changed.

  26. Red – Greetings! Did anyone comment on the AAPL fake print at 212 yesterday? Heard about it but did not see it.

  27. The McClellan Oscillator is in the same position it was 2days before the flash crash and already achieved the heighth of negative amplitude in this first leg down than it reached at its lowest point in the August decline. I am guessing $nysi (summation index) dropped below its 20day average and this time the odds should indicate there won’t be a whipsaw this time. Nov 12 was 227days from the appearance of the DIA 118.16number on March 30. The time of that print was 5:06 in the morning ie 5/6 which has me speculating that that number could be a date.

    • Social Security isn’t the only thing they will cut. Medicare will probably go bye bye too. And so will a lot of the funding for schools. Probably the only thing that will increase is taxes and the defense budget.

      • market wise, there’s not much there…in Medicare or schools, but Social Security—can you say, half the deficit gone, with one pen stroke at the white house. Tiffany’s will have to downsize. WMT base is safe.

  28. If you need me to explain to you the relationship between gold prices and this congressional action below, send me $3,000, and I’ll explain how that works…..$3,000, just about covers the losses I endured, before I understood this relationship!

  29. WD Gann quote: “7 is a fatal number referred to many times in the Bible and it is ruled by the planet Saturn, which brings about contractions, depression and panics. 7 x 7 = 49, which is shown as the fatal evil year, causing extreme fluctuations”.

    Before the 1962 stock market crash the All Time High in the DOW was 15 November 1961 (49 years).

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