Weekend Update – False Flag Failed, Crash Adverted?


Maybe?  But just because the possible "false flag" event with the ICBM Missile launch off the coast of California failed to explode, doesn't mean they won't try again.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxLnXOk_x6k)

So, is the "Crash Adverted" now?  I don't know for sure, but I'd say only that we have now made it through the crash window period unharmed.  But next week still isn't looking good for the bulls.  While options expiration week is usually bullish, I'd be shocked if the market can turn around all the bearish indicators and rise back up next week just to make the put options expire worthless.

While anything is possible, especially with Bernanke's money tree, a lot of technical damage was done to the charts this week.  Also, it's questionable if the SPX and SPY broke the rising trendline of support since the 1040 low, but the Nasdaq clearly did... and so did Apple, the leader of it.

We also were given a new FP of Apple on Friday (thanks for sharing that rose2797).  While we do not know when it will play out, or if it ever will play out, I can only say from experience that I've seen many of then hit their targets, and reverse from them.  You cannot trade off of them, but once the charts align in the direction of the print you can look for the print to act as a magnet.

Apple looks pretty bearish now on the daily and weekly charts.  It took a beating last week, and so did Cisco.  This is very bad for the Nasdaq, which will likely mean the S&P 500 and the Dow will follow the same path.

However, we still have POMO money out there... which will of course be used to manipulate the market.  I just don't know if it will be enough to hold this market up, as she looks ready to puke right now.  Oh... for everyone who doesn't understand what POMO is, here's a video to explain it (thanks Reza):

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTUY16CkS-k&feature=player_embedded)

The video above is a "must watch", and absolutely hilarious!  Maybe Ben Bernanke is a plumber, as seen in this picture.  Nothing against plumbers of course... as a matter of fact, I'm sure they are a lot smarter then Bernanke.

Ok, let's look at the charts and see if we can figure out what's going on?  For Monday, the daily chart is now pointing down, and even though most Monday's are up days... hence the phrase "Bullish Monday", I find it hard too see this coming Monday rallying too far.

The 60 and 30 minute charts are pushing up, with the 15 and 5 topping and looking to roll over.  This makes it hard to figure out which time frame will win out?  Since the daily is the strong, I'm leaning toward Monday being a flat to slightly down.  Of this all changes if some unknown "event" happens, but right now it seems that the "event" has been stopped.  It could still happen in the future of course, but I don't have any more "windows" of time that are ritual dates.

So, it's looking like we might only get a much needed correction and not a full blown crash... for now at least.  I still think that we will eventually go up and hit that 118.16 DIA print, but that might not happen until next year?  For now, I'm just expecting a correction to happen, and then another move higher to finally hit that print early next year.

How far will we go down?  I'm not sure on that one?  We still have many FP's on various stocks and etf's.  We have that 106 spy FP from a few weeks back, and the 885 spx print too.  Of course if we drop that far then it will likely be a lot more then just a correction.

I'm not going to rule out a huge drop, but instead just let the market tell me where it wants to go.  With no big "event" (and remember, it doesn't have to be a false flag... it could be some country defaulting, company defaulting, etc...), I don't see a drop of such magnitude happen... yet.

The weekly chart has a necktie of support at the 1125 spx area right now, and should provide a nice bounce from.  The question will be... is this only a corrective wave back up, with another leg down to follow?  Or, is there still one more push back higher to the DIA print sometime early next year?

I can't answer that of course, but we'll revisit the charts when we get there to see what the likely next move is.  The biggest thing that bugs me is all these FP's to the downside.  They are all very deep, and would be levels that a crash would take the market to, not a correction.

The 106 spy print is about the only print that would still be considered a correction, but the others are very scary.  They will be hit at some point in the future, but I don't know when?  For now I'm only going to say that "if" the rising trendline of support clearly breaks on the spx/spy, then I could see a move down to that 1125 spx level fairly quickly.

Next week is still a tough one to forecast, as even though the charts are very bearish right now, it's still an option expiration week... which are usually bullish.  They are usually manipulated higher to make the puts expire worthless.  Doesn't always happen, but it's still something to remember come Friday.

So while I don't know for sure that the market is going down next week, "insiders" do see the market crashing... the "when" is unknown?  Take a look at this chart, and read the article at ZeroHedge.  Corportate Insiders are dumping at amounts that are "OFF The Charts"!  If that doesn't speak "Crash Coming", I don't know what does?

For those of us playing options, the timing is extremely important.  But for those simply buying bearish etf's, it's just a waiting game now.  While the "crash window" may have passed now, that doesn't mean it's still not coming.  It takes time for all those crooked insiders to unload all their shares to the retail sheep.  Maybe the date has be pushed forward a little?

Here's something to revisit and rethink about... the Wilshire chart showing the 7300-7400 FP level.  While ever other FP I have always shows the FP as occurring on the day that I (or one of you that help me catch these prints, and email it to me), take the screenshot of it, the Wilshire screenshot was taken around March 5th-8th of this year, but the date of the FP is December 7th?

I seriously doubt that the print originally showed up on December 7th, 2009 and was still showing on March 5th (or 8th... hard to read the exact date).  Since I was sent that screenshot, and didn't take it myself, I don't know when the person that emailed it too me actually took the screenshot.  I'm assuming it was done on March 5th-8th, as that's the last candle showing, which would indicate the current date the snapshot was taken.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZWX-DUHkPY)

I wish I knew who emailed it to me, but I forgot.  But, I'm pretty sure they did indeed take the snapshot on March 5th-8th, and not back on December 7th, 2009.

So, what is odd about that to you?  To me, it's the fact that the FP is showing up on December 7th, and not the current date of March 5th-8th.  Maybe it's nothing and I'm just reaching for straws here, but that's what this blog is all about... "The Dark Side Of Trading".

Continuing down that rabbit hole, December 7th is a very ritualistic date as Pearl Harbor happen on that date in 1941.  So, if you were going to stage another false flag event, that rivaled 911, and would involve a nuke in some big city... maybe Los Angeles as suggested in this video below, what better date to do it then December 7th?

The Next Illuminati TERROR ATTACK has been revealed on TV
Uploaded by neverknwo. - More video blogs and vloggers.

Sick bastards these Illuminati are...

I don't see how this person gets L.A. out of the video, but I thought I'd put it up there for you all to see and come to your own conclusions.  Maybe someone can do more research and find a better copy of the debate, as this video looks too blurry for me to make out anything on it.

Ok, now the video below indicates that a Chinese submarine fired an EMP (Electrical Magnetic Pulse) at a Carnival Cruise Ship, and that the US fired an ICBM 11 hours later from California... but I don't believe it's all that simple.  China doesn't want to start a war with America, as far as I can tell.  It's the Federal Reverse Illuminati Gangsters that are trying to start a war.

That means to me that this isn't all it seems too be.  I'd guess that the EMP was just blamed on China, and not actually done by them.  This looks like another failed attempt by the gangsters to start WW3, just like they failed when they sunk a South Korea submarine and tried to blame it on North Korea, to get them fighting against each other.  These gangsters are pure evil, and need too be exposed to the world by everyone... which is why I constantly talk about them.

In the video above, they clearly point to evidence that it wasn't North Korea that sunk the sub, but I don't have any evidence that it was the US responsible... except what Ben Fulford stated on one of his posts weeks back.  The guy in the video isn't pointing it toward the US as doing it, but he does seem to believe it was a false flag.

As you can clearly see, if you simply put two and two together, the Illuminati is trying their hardest to start WW3, but failing at every attempt.  Whether it's White Hats inside the Pentagon, Good Aliens, The White Dragon Society, or a combination of all three of them, someone seems to be stopping these gangsters from succeeding... which is a great thing!

So maybe there won't be another false flag event... I hope not.  But the plans to sink the market are still there and you know that with all the insiders that just unloaded their shares, they will still take it down... with or without a false flag event to blame it on.

The charts clearly are very bearish right now, and with them throwing out new FP's (like Apple), that tells me that plans are still in place to take her down.  Of course the "when" part is still unknown, but looking at the charts, insider selling, extreme bullish percentage levels, dollar looking ready to break out to the upside, and a slew of other evidence, I'd say we just about "at" the point of recognition right now!

I guess they could stretch it out another week if they really want too, but odd's are clearly against it now.  While the charts have been wrong in the past, due to extreme manipulation, at some point they will fail to be able to hold this dam from bursting.  I think we are at that point right now.

I'll only state that in my opinion, rallies should be shorted from here forward.  As for Ben Fulford, I'll point you to a video did back in August of 2008, just one month before the crash into September the 30th of that year.  In this video (part 3 of 4) Ben states that the Fed's will be bankrupt by September the 30th (of 2008).  Funny how the stock market crashed, and the gangsters avoided that bankruptcy.  Hmmm, do you think they shorted the market during the crash they caused, and used that stolen money to keep them from going bankrupt?  I'd say they did...

Here's the links to all 4 of those video's from Benjamin Fulford...

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Good luck everyone...



P.S.  One more video for you to enjoy (well, actually 2, but who's counting?)...

Part One

Part Two

Banksters control Obama... No, I don't believe it! LOL Tell me something I don't know!


P.S.S.  Wouldn't you love to have a winning streak like this guy?  He made 126 high risk trades in 2 weeks and won every one of them.  Strange how he did that?

Link to the video of the UFO streaking over New York: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNHq-00hIzw


  1. Hello Red,
    hope you had a nice weekend.
    Didn’t get a chance to watch and read your new posting, but I am looking forward too.
    I wanted to share a video I found on project camelot, an update on the missile fired from LA. Acording with the video, the missile in fact was aimed at an UFO, so maybe Colleen is not that crazy?
    Here is the link


  2. I don’t know if is true or not but there have been 6 missile launched all togheter: one in LA, one in AZ ( I have posted a link a while back),
    one in Orange County,CA, one in Texas, one in NY, and one more I think in India.
    Read this article that has all the links related to that.


    If that is true, than mabye we are saved by a higher power and the WWIII will not happen, god bless you all.

        • Futures DJ30 hehehe and yeh anna has a crystal ball its not fair i tell you hahahahah i have yet to hear a wrong call from her.Saving up a little to try and get the good stuff (if you know what i mean).Been juggling a crap load of info that ive been learning so im totally wiped out in terms of posting i cant even keep up trading now hahahah.Well i gotta get some rest my heads gonna explode red you can always chat with me on goggle.Im a wittle rabbit now jumping from here to Anna and keeping my eye on the market.

          • I’m glad Anna is helping you. Everyone has different trading styles and should focus on traders that have one similar to theirs. I like to use options and catch a trend, but it’s been hard to do that lately.

            Anna also likes to trade options, but has be forced to also trade futures now, as daytrading is about the only way you can still trade successfully in today.

            Bounce around all you like, as it’s all about learning as much as you can. Of course my site and her site is totally different, but you can pick something up from both I’m sure.

            I do think we are close to a new trend change though… and it’s looking more and more like it will be to the downside. Good luck to all us…. bears and bulls alike.

    • As I mentioned a few weeks ago, there is a CIA agent named William Cooper in the movie Red and it was definitely intentional. Red means Retired Extremely Dangerous ex-agent which is how Cooper would be classified. The entire movie had some deep dark cryptic meaning that only the Illumi—nated ones would understand.

    • That’s just unreal… total B.S.! Our government is so crooked and evil that they have too pick on kids selling lemonade and cup cakes! Truly sad what has become of America.

  3. what happen today ? why did the market gave up all its gains… near end of day ? today was suppose to be.. POMO… feds couldnt hold the market up ? lol…

    • FED is not pumping real money with this QE. So HFTs are really not getting any new money to play with. This round of QE is purely balance sheet carried/forward tactics. It is not printing new money. Hence, market will not go up on pomo days IMHO.

  4. Today was a pause day except for the euro which continued its decline to multi-month lows. $nymo was unchanged and $nysi made a new multi-week low dropping right to its 50day average. Pomo, bullish Monday, and op-ex week should have sent this market to the moon but it performed as if its in the midst of a decline. Only downside is I would have liked to see $nymo continue downward today. Consensus Index up to 71%bulls this week.

  5. Tomorrow will be the Miami Thrice number of days from the July 3 date that featured the false print on Yahoo finance to Dow 8300???. It will also be 96tds from July 1 low and 499 tds from Nov 21 low. Nasdaq futures are currently tanking in after-hours.

  6. For Anna…are you covering at the open or watching how the action plays out? Like Bullkiller, I think this may possibly be a bearish setup if the Euro shorts cover tomorrow.

  7. we will be hitting that print…. red dragon leo is speaking of.. i think.. once we hit it.. we will head down…

  8. I had a print just show up of 1195 ES, but it disappeared when I refreshed the page. The ES usually doesn’t put out FP’s, but 1195 on it would be about the bounce location that I’d expect for the market to go to… assuming we bounce.

  9. We just put in a bottoming tail at the opening gap down. It’s looking like they are going to try to close the gap… which could take most of the day. Bears be patient for another entry spot.

  10. THE LINE HAS BEEN BREACHED!!! hold on to your hats boys and girls…. this baby gonna hit 1165…. on the SPX

  11. Doctor copper did a nice daily backtest of the PRS 100, and then went to break the 133 and 177. Trend change folks.

    There is a chance it’s is just a head fake, but that is less than 50%, don’t know exactly where to place the odds, but I wouldn’t cringe at saying 25%.

    Market (and by that I mean HBB Humongous Bank and Broker) has been playing a game I call “internal correction” and I think I got that phrase from the blogosphere, maybe from Bluechip Bulldog’s Brinkley.

    Here is the game: Ramp and dump various individual stocks, hitting stops up and down, and enjoying profits on momentum plays that the big HBB gets other algo’s and retail to follow there big moves and then HBB abandons the campaign, and stock corrects/overshoots to the down side. Play this with say 50 or 200 stocks at a time, and do it for months, and wallah….HBB has extracted the maximum capital from the market.

    Obvious gaming and manipulation, but that has always been part of the market. Some of it is legal. Collusion on a grand scale is not legal though, but it is like the old saying that if you make a lie big enough, and keep repeating it, it can become the truth. Now HFT and Algo/Bot’s are being used as an excuse for the ramps and tape slams. I think the truth will be a bit more insidious. Say there are 100 major players in the S&P futures market, the most liquid of the markets. Even so, there is obvious collusion in manipulating the tape, most easily done during the “off hours”. 2 to 3 years ago, I could play that tape very successfully, now the manipulation has gone beyond blatant. How do you get 100 players to all shift their bid and ask to allow stops to be popped…..hmmm….phone calls, or maybe Skype and Email. It is not simple algo’s.

    Now look at the other futures, that are all less liquid, i.e. easier to control. I would play copper futures, or silver futures. IF the game was even close to being fair. It is not. They are highly controlled.

    There are some leveraged ETF’s on silver and probably other base metals now, however, those are “run” by options (or even more obtuse Swaps) and we saw what happened in the flash crash. Massive moves in the ETF’s as the HBB played games with the options. I feel like a HAL2000 figuring out that the only way to win is to decide not to play (or join the dark side–good luck with that)

    See Europe on the front page of NYT — Tin Foil Hat says get ready for a throw off ramp to the Euro, and very short term drop in Bucky. Maybe not. Be on guard.

    The 2010 YOY comparisons on earning to 2009 was like shooting fish in a barrel. 2009 stunk so bad, it was easy to beat, 2011 will have a much tougher time comparing to 2010.

    And finally, on a gripe about Thinkorswim, this is the 4th day in a row that TOS forced an update. What is up with that?

  12. red,

    i covered half my agressive s&p short (initiated at 1205) i took from friday (in niiave hopes of a black monday) at 1176.90. i never expected a brown tuesday – so in that regards this is pure luck for me.

    i am still waiting for a black monday red…….


      • Yeah, probably doing everything they can to prop the market so they don’t have to pay out on options.

        Or maybe they’ll orchestrate another flash crash in order to pay out the options without losing money and have the exchanges cancel all their losing trades.

    • Yes, I agree. A small rally EOD to complete an ABC move up, but still forming a bear flag, that should play out tomorrow morning. The gap down and move to the current low, was clearly a wave 3, with wave 4 being carved out right now.

      It should be some kind of ABC pattern, and once completed we should move on down with wave 5 to the FP level of 116.71 spy. After that… who knows?

    • Yes, I agree. A small rally EOD to complete an ABC move up, but still forming a bear flag, that should play out tomorrow morning. The gap down and move to the current low, was clearly a wave 3, with wave 4 being carved out right now.

      It should be some kind of ABC pattern, and once completed we should move on down with wave 5 to the FP level of 116.71 spy. After that… who knows?

    • Yes, I agree. A small rally EOD to complete an ABC move up, but still forming a bear flag, that should play out tomorrow morning. The gap down and move to the current low, was clearly a wave 3, with wave 4 being carved out right now.

      It should be some kind of ABC pattern, and once completed we should move on down with wave 5 to the FP level of 116.71 spy. After that… who knows?

    • I’d just remember to close most if not all of your shorts today at the close, as tomorrow should be a pause day… meaning flat to slightly up. Lock in those gains and sit on the sidelines, is what I’d be looking to do.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I still think we’ll see that 116.71 spy FP… but “when” is the question? If it happens tomorrow morning on any gap down, then I’d expect this multi-day move down to rest and allow a move up to reset the charts. This could take us all the way into Friday.

  13. ok boys and girls… I think this is the start of the down turn…. are we ready ? any bad news will tank this market hard.

  14. $nymo has now exceeded the levels reached to the downside during the August correction. The next level is its flash crash levels. This can be seen over the next two days. It depends if there is a pause day tomorrow. But Nov 17 is 136 trading days from May 6 and 144tds from the April highs. But I am beginning to think 137 might be a key number too considering the historical template the market is following. Nov 18 would be 11 months from 1-18 around the area of the Jan top and also the start of production for the movie Red. I have seen many esoteric cycles line up on Nov 15 so 11-15 might be important as the pivot high before collapse. I also subtracted the fake print Dow number 8300 (I don’t know if this is correct) from the Dow closing high of 11444 and the result is 3144—ie Pi. Of course there is an even more important date in the near future that lines up with many esoteric cycle and is a key historical date and a variation of the magic number that keeps popping up at the 2010 highs in the SP and in various commercials. (even in Legatus photos by R)

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