Lindsey Williams On The Alex Jones Show


"Next Year YOU Won't Recognize America"

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Those are some strong words from Minister Lindsey Williams, but I believe every word of it. The gangsters (Lindsey's refers to them as "the elites") plan to totally collapse America by 2012. They've told us ahead of time and laugh at us for not paying attention and listening to them.

Lindsey recorded them as they tell us what their plans are for the next 2 years.  Below is the 4 part interview Alex Jones did with Lindsey on December 15th, 2010, as he discusses part of their evil plans.

Here are some points of interest...

The Gangsters plan to take oil to $150.00 to $200.00 per barrel.

All the insiders are bailing out of the stock market at record paces now.  The last Insider Trading number were between November 15th through the 19th, and the numbers will blow your mind!

Insiders Selling Ratio is... (insert drum roll here) EIGHT THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY to ONE! (8280 to 1)

The Comex Silver Exchange has 170 million "real" ounces of Silver stored on hand, and 720 million ounces of paper contracts out!  Remember this Fake Print of Silver from several months ago, showing a high of 84.30 (the real price that day was 19.395).  Also, JP Morgan has now admitted that they were shorting silver.  But what they didn't tell us is... they still have a lot of contracts on them that they can't possibly fulfill.

The Euro is 100% Guaranteed to Collapse.  When it does, you will have 2-3 weeks only to get out of all paper contracts... meaning your IRA and 401k accounts are going to collapse with the stock market.  The Dollar will also collapse, so silver and gold will be the only safe place to protect the coming devaluation of all your assets (the dollar, your house, IRA, etc...).

I tell you all this, as the usually posts about the day to day action on the market has been useless lately.  So taking a look at "The Big Picture" is something that we should be focusing on for the coming year.  Since (according to Lindsey) it's their duty or moral obligation to tell us sheep ahead of time what they plan to do to us.  So, I'm still inclined to believe the that DIA FP is still valid and will be hit before any crash starts.

As for the tomorrow and Friday, I'm still expecting that pullback to the 1200 area, or maybe even the 1173 level.  Not sure if that's going to happen, but if they do pullback that deep you can still expect one more push up to the final high at the DIA FP... probably in early January, with it possibly being push out until the end of the month (I doubt it).

This will be the greatest shorting opportunity of your lifetime I believe (for those brave enough).  Of course buying up all the silver and gold you can get your hands on is also a wise move.  Don't forget that I have a FP for gold at 3500 on the upside and 939 (or 935?) on the downside.  I'm not sure if that downside print is accurate because it has shown up many times now... always at the close of the day.  But the upside print is real I believe.

Anyway, for the rest of the week I'm expecting some selling to happen.  But next week will have extremely light volume, and you know they will push it up into the end of the year.  So just be patient out there bears and trade lightly as we are nearing the end of this bull train ride... just wait until the train stops before getting off.


P.S.  Here's a nice FP on FAZ that was emailed to me (thanks for that).

P.S.S.  "The Elite Speak" Audio Interview by Lindsey Williams.


  1. This reminds me of a “slogan” that really stuck to me. One man buys silver and if he is wrong about the dollar collapsing then he will just have to hold that silver a little while longer for it to increase in value. One man doesn’t buy silver and the dollar collapses then he has NOTHING.

    It’s easy to become skeptical about silver and all but just this year I was buying silver for around $22.00 an ounce. SLW was around $18/share. When I look at Silver websites, most of the Silver is out of stock OR has a delayed delivery (of about 1 month) because its just not in stock.

    I realize many of us are on strict budgets, but start somewhere even if it means buying 1 silver coin per month.

  2. Matt and Steve, the Traders at Breakpoint Trades have been generous enough to post yet another full edition, with audio, Newsletter, including trade ideas at link attached.

    Have at it, appreciate your comments. This is some quality classic TA with Patterns, Fibonacci, Elliot, and not to mention, good old common sense. And they provide an awesome trading blog with lots of comments and intraday trade ideas, from subscribers and Authors.

    Their record for watch list trade ideas is over 70%, and sometimes closer to 90%. Of course we all can’t be there at the perfect time to hit each one, but that is not necessary. Hit enough good trades, that is all I have to say about that.

  3. Red,

    Thanks for the continued work. Here is some food for thought I found interesting.

    Yesterday, I was getting ready for work and put the Disney show “Special Agent Oso” on for my kids. (you probably are aware of the conspiracy around Disney). Well the show was a Holiday “special” that lasted 45 minutes. I don’t know if the show was new or not, but in it they were trying to solve a Christmas “crisis” in three areas. I thought it was interesting that they used the words crisis. Well the show took Oso first to France, he jumps on a train to Israel, then Washington DC. I thought it was interesting that they choose those areas. Sign for a flase flag?

    Well it gets even better. When Oso gets done with Israel, instead of getting on a plane or something he jumps on the train to head to DC. Instead of heading west to go over the Atlantic, the train heads east to the Pacific ocean. Why would you go over the Pacific to head to DC? Well, the train can’t go over water. He then hops on a helicoptor over the Pacific. At that moment, they flash a map showing where he was at with a triangle over….North/South Korea!

    I found it interesting the three areas they had a crisis in, the path they decided to take, and the wording. The show might have been an old show and mean nothing, but on the off chance it makes you wonder what they have planned?

    • Thanks Johnny…

      You are very correct on the Disney interpretation. The word “Crisis” being used in the movie is most likely a forewarning to us sheep, but most sheep are still asleep and will never see it coming.

      If we don’t pullback to at least the 1200 asap, then we could easily go up to the DIA print next week… just before “Christmas”. Are we going to have a Christmas Crisis that involves Korea? Could be…

  4. Charts are looking a little more than the usual bogus today. Crazy. But don’t think the scheit will hit the fan until the last couple days before the New Year – still looking at a 2008-esque for BOY…maybe. It’ll take both Europe and China imploding I think, to create some margin calls over here in the US, to counter the effect of all the illegal Fed pumping.

  5. Cautionary tale!
    Do not short XOM, till it reaches 74.80….This price has been worked out on 2 very different trading systems…completely independent of each other…How cool is that!

  6. I’ve been openly bullish, but I’ve turned very conservative lately and have stopped buying longs and letting my remaining positions get stopped out. I think we’re about to enter a solid correction and then rally to new highs (possibly your fake print theory)

    • I watched the $99.00 3 part DVD series by Lindsey Williams over yesterday and today. I found it on youtube for free (just google him). In it, he states that the elite (the gangsters) have a moral code (yeah… right!) that they must inform us sheep what they plan too do.

      He mentions’ the episode of “The Lone Gunman” that aired before the twin towers were hit during 911. He also mentioned the “Oil Storm” fake documentary that was put out before Katrina. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but some of the things in it haven’t happened yet. So, I plan to watch it over the next few days.

      He states that war is planned and scheduled to happen within a year (sometime in 2011). He states that the dollar will be destroyed and lose 50% of it’s buying power. Hyper Inflation is also coming.

      Of course this means Gold and Silver will go up, and the stock market is going to crash too I suspect. He doesn’t mention it directly, but tells everyone to get out of all “paper instruments”… which tells me that stocks, bonds, treasuries, etc… will become worthless.

      Now does that mean that they won’t pay out on our shorts and put options? I can’t answer that, but I would expect them to pay out as they will probably be shorting the market themselves to profit from the move down too.

      So, putting all this together, I believe they put the FP out for us to see (per their moral code) and will hit it before crashing the market. That means it’s pointless to get heavily short right now as there is going to be a better spot in the near future to get short at.

      The bottom line for me is… I’m waiting until the print is hit before I’m going short.

  7. “Market comes in and buys every dip and you get VIX 13’s go baby go! down 10% today…Too bad the JAN strikes don’t start working properly until next week.”

  8. $nymo looks to close barely above the 0 line today. Tax vote passed today and the prez was to sign it slightly before the market close. I was too complacent to take action. The recent highs in the Dow and SP were 5600 and 580 pts respectively from their March 2009 lows. 24 (888) weeks from the July lows and 77 days from Social Network release date (it looks like Social Network will get the Oscar for best picture—it’s the movie loaded with all the key hidden meanings). I did look up the Special Agent Oso show and it was season 2 episode 11 where he travels to France,Israel, and US (although I haven’t seen the episode)—it aired December 6 or 126 or 4pi. With Mars in Capricorn, Mercury in retrograde, and a lunar eclipse occurring on the Winter Solstice, the Insiders are salivating at the chance to precipitate an “eVent”. Mars soon will also be approaching a true Square with its malefic buddy Saturn although it’s close enough to be considered a square I suppose and a Tsquare with Jupiter and Uranus. On December 14, Mars,Mercury, and Pluto were all aligned at 4 degrees Capricorn. The Sun will soon enter Capricorn as well and cross Caput Draconis (around 12-24???). Mercury will cross the Sun in a few days as well.

      • It’s official; the tax law has been signed into a law. Nice number they used to estimate its cost …858 billion dollars…..As for the Tourist, there were only a couple of numbers that stood out. Angelie Jolie takes train 822 from Paris to Venice and the Madoff figure—AP or Alexander Pearce owes the tax authorities 744 billion dollars while he has stolen 2 billion (or I thought in the movie it was 2.36 billion but I can’t remember quickly) from a oligarch/gangster (British version though he surrounds himself with Russians). The money is stored at a vault at 23 ?????address in Venice (could not understand the Italian name). Well breaking the numbers apart, 822 and 744, one gets the combination of 87 and 66. And 23 is the number of years from 1987. Although 23 years 66days from 10-19-87 was a few days ago.

        • Actually, 23years 66days from 10-19-1987 hasn’t happened yet. It looks to be 12-24. 66days from 10-10-10 has been achieved. Friday was 165tds from 4-26high and 118tds from July low which itself is 333tds from 3-6-9 low which should make 451 a particularly evil number. The last time the sun crossed Caput Draconis was the time of last year’s solar eclipse when Mars was also in Capricorn and Mercury was in retrograde ie Jan’s highs.

    • It’s usually down a little after opx, so I could see some selling next week too Robert. But, the crash isn’t coming until the FP is hit sometime in January. Until then this market will continue to be manipulated higher with only small pullbacks I believe.

    • Sorry about that… I’ll have a video up tomorrow night (Sunday). I’ve just been busy as it’s getting close to Christmas. I don’t expect anything major to happen until the upside FP on the DIA is hit.

      That could be next week, or later in January? I’m thinking later in January, as next week looks like it wants to pullback some… but not a lot. Be patient… the greatest shorting opportunity in our lifetimes isn’t too far off now.

      Personally, I’m not trading until it’s hit. At that point, I’ll be all in short. It’s already been foretold to us, so we must simply have the patience to wait until it is fulfilled.

    • I see that…. strange? Thanks for telling me. It’s not showing up on, so I really don’t know what to think of it? There is absolutely NO Way we are going up to that print on Apple anytime soon. Maybe a few years down the road when hyper-inflation kicks in, but for now I think the downside fake print will be the short term target.

    • I know it’s an important event (the full lunar eclipse that hasn’t happened in 456 years, and is coming this Tuesday the 21st), but unless the FP on the DIA is hit, I don’t believe the final top is in.

      I think it will be hit in mid-January, with only a small pullback next week… maybe to 1220, or 1200 at the lowest, but not the start of Primary wave 3. That happens when the DIA print is hit.

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