Weekend Update – P3 Delayed Again But Very Close Now


Tuesday Update...

Probably up tomorrow, as the new VIX FP of 14.86 will likely be hit before we sell off. Also, the website with the video I want you to watch (that I speak of in the this update) is located at: http://endofamerica3.com



Monday Update...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bI6IJFd5Lcc)

The weekend secret meeting at the White House was likely about the new currency coming, which happened to be at the same time the Legatus Pilgrimage ended.  Coincidence?

Ben Fulford just posted this...


Another link (http://iamamalaysian.wordpress.com/2011/02/06/the-world-is-on-the-verge-of-a-monumental-change/) about the coming new currency, as well as a video by Colleen Thomas where she speaks of these thugs being arrested.  The website she speaks of is http://www.global-settlement.org/cms/, which are the one's funding the arrest of Obama and his minions (according to her).  I believe it won't be too public and O'bomb'us will just be allowed to resign.

The link to the video on Gerald Celente's site is...


Here's the bottom line... something BIG is about to happen and the market is going to react with uncertainty and/or panic.  What usually happens with a panic in the market?  Remember Lindsey Williams speaking of the dollar being devalued 50% or more this year?  It could happen over night with this currency change.



Are We Still In P2.1 Or P2.2?

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SbS7bSwb8k)

Could Be P2.3, or P2.4.... Who Knows?

This insanely controlled market should have started into Primary Wave 3 (P3) down months ago, and ended this P2 rally up from the March, 2009 low of 666 SPX, but it just keeps on going... just like the energizer bunny!

It should have ended back in January of 2010 when the market peaked around 1150 spx, but instead extended into the April top of around 1200.  Was that P2.1?  If so, then the extension again to last Thursday's top was P2.2, and I guess that's still not enough yet so it's going for P2.3!

Just CRASH will you!  This B.S. is annoying the hell out of me and every other bear on the planet!  What's next... 1400?  Then a small correction and back up to 1500 for P2.4?  Why do I even play this rigged game?  There is no way to win!  Even if you are right you still get screwed some how.

This market should be trading at Dow 5,000 right now... or lower!  This crap is really pissing me off right now!  The market rallies on every disaster and bad news event released!  WTF?  Tell me they are going to clean out the White House and kill all the gangsters by some nuke or something and I'll celebrate and go long the market with everything I got!

I'd like to see  Bernanke's head on the end of flag pole in my front yard, as the American flag sure doesn't stand for freedom anymore!  At least I'd be showing my patriotic side by honoring the master of our money scam to my neighbors.  All hail "The Bernanke" our savior of our 401k pension plan, and retirement accounts.  Never fear as the stock will never lose value and go down again... we've outlawed it!

(insert 6 hours break here)

Ok, I'm feeling much better then I did this morning.  Sometimes I have too air it all out and this blog is the only place I can do it at... so just forgive me for my moment of weakness.

Moving on to the markets.  I'm going to cover most of that in the video, so here I'm just going to go over a few points of interest.  The Legatus Pilgrimage was the 3rd through the 5th, and the day I'm typing this is Saturday so it's over about now.  In the past, these dates were good at predicting a turn in the market, but I'm not sure if that's still the case now with them being so exposed by Reinhardt?

The last one in September of last year didn't produce a turn at the bottom or top, but instead just rallied the market more.  The market was around 1100 spx in early September, and had risen from the 1040 low in late August.  The market didn't turn back down from 1100, but instead rallied to the current high today.

So... does that mean the event does work anymore for giving us a turn in the market?  I'm not sure about that?  I can only say that they still likely decide the fate of the economy at these meetings.  I would speculate that they decided to secretly inject another round of stimulus into the market at that prior event... hence the reason the market rallied to 1300 today!

The question now is... did they decide to inject another round (secretly of course) into the market currently, at the meeting they just had?  Or, did they decide to take out the money and let the market collapse?  Personally, I think they don't have the ability to continue pumping money into the market without upsetting the rest of the world to the point that they do something crazy that spooks the market anyway.

(Sunday, another 12 hours later)

Recent Video Update from Clif High of HalfPastHuman...

[pro-player width='425' height='344' type='video']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZrjdNzKvzs&NR=1[/pro-player]

Sometimes I write these posts in increments as new things come to me and I want to get them out there before I forget them.  I wanted to find out what the latest news is from our insider Ben Fulford, and I was lucky enough to find his most recent update on this website below (and this one)...


After reading the report I went to the "You Must Listen to the Call" link and read it too.  I listened to all four (30 minutes each) audio links and I've highlighted and bulletpointed the things I found interesting in them.

Here they are:

  • Chinese took away the processing authority for the global settlements (concerning the buying of oil) from the Americans Friday night. There was an emergency meeting over the weekend at the White House with the Chinese Dragons, and the secretary of state Hillary Clinton.
  • The new currency is the "US Treasury Dollar", and is already in all the major banks of the world.
  • The Iraqi Dinar will be revalued and used to purchase oil with, and the Chinese Yuan will be the new world reserve currency.
  • The Chinese are going to announce a new bank system on Monday the 7th.<THIS IS HUGE! IF IT HAPPENS ON MONDAY, I DON'T THINK THE MARKET IS GOING TO LIKE IT!>
  • Gas is going to go up to $5.25 per gallon because oil will now be bought with the Dinar instead of the US Dollar.
  • The workings of this are already happening as meetings were held at the White House this weekend.
  • A new currency is coming, and it will be backed by "something" (gold, oil, silver, etc...)
  • The "Good Guys" of the world are disassembling the old cabal bad guys.
  • 911 was done to hide the theft of $43 Trillion Dollars in Gold owed to the Chinese from a 75 year old lease from WW2.
  • The gold was being loaded onto a 4 garbage trucks every night and secretly stolen a little at a time until it was all gone (64 tons at a time).
  • Then the Twin Towers were brought down by remote control flown planes and planted nano thermite explosives, that can be painted on concrete which vaporizes when it goes off.
  • You can't make a cell phone call on an airplane flying that high (unless they installed a cell repeater on the plane... and that didn't exist back then).
  • The pentagon was most likely a smaller drone plane, as the wing span on a Boeing 757 is 175 feet and the planed needed to fly between the light poles standing on the street which are only 90 feet apart.
  • Five of the reported terrorists have been found alive in Saudi Arabia and Morocco.
  • The missile fired off the coast of San Diego last November was a Chinese sub showing the Gangster Cabal that they could have sunk the 2 American Aircraft carriers that intentionally went into China's Exclusive Economy Zone (too close to their borders).
  • They politely asked the US Aircraft Carriers to leave. They refused. So China sent a sub to 35 miles off the coast of San Diego and fired an EMP missile that exploded in the air behind the US Ronald Regan (one of the carriers in China's Zone).
  • The carrier wasn't damaged too much as it had harden steel protecting the electronics, but the nearby Princess Cruise Ship had all it's electronics' fried and had to be towed into harbor.
  • The Chinese sent the Cabal a message, which was that they could take out those 2 carriers anytime they wanted too. But they don't want war, the American gangster cabal does. The Chinese want peace, and want to help the American public by assisting in freeing us of our slavery from the gangster cabal.

I've copied the audio links for you to down and listen to on your computer.  They are below:

Each part is approximately 30 minutes.

MP3 Links (click to play, or right-click and “Save As” to download)

Part 1: http://tinyurl.com/4kutdv9

Part 2: http://tinyurl.com/4bfdm7w

Part 3: http://tinyurl.com/48yxzub

Part 4: http://tinyurl.com/4r7ho7z

You can of course just play them from that person's blog if you find it easier.  The link is here:


More conformation of the coming 50%-70% Dollar Devaluation, as previously stated by Lindsey Williams...


(thanks to MyGitana for finding this)

Important highlights from this part 4 of 4 interview:

  • The plans for the destruction of the dollar are set for as early as March of 2011.
  • In the dreams of one those interviewed he see's coffee costing $10.00, grade school meal for $30.00 and a Thanksgiving meal "3 for $99.00".
  • Gas will cost $6.00 or more per gallon.
  • The 9 year girl that died in the shooting of Gabrielle Gillfords was born on 09/11/2001 and was killed 9 years and 119 days later on January 8th, 2011... 9119!

Back to message and how it will affect the stock market...

This meeting that was held could very well be the "catalyst" needed to crash the stock market, as the gangster cabal doesn't want to lose their power and may decide to tank the market as a "last ditch effort".  The new currency that the "White Hats" (many in China, who are the good guys here) are proposing will stop the gangsters from continuing to enslave the public.

You see, as long as the money isn't backed by gold, oil, or some other real physical asset, they can print as much as they want and keep everyone in American in debt prison.  They can also continue laundering their CIA drug money, and it can't be tracked.  This new money will help us sheep, and destroy the wolves as only they will be the ones' losing out during the switch.

Most of the debt is these crooked CDO's (Collateralized Debt Obligations) that the gangsters fraudulently sold to the rest of the world during the 2007 mortgage bubble.  These debts won't be paid, and will be wiped clean instead.  This will free many American's and some will even walk away with their home free and clear of any liens.

This is a good thing, but the gangster cabal (aka... the Fed's, which is run by the Illuminati Elite) will become powerless as all the money owed will vanish and be disturbed back to millions of people through the forgiveness of debt.  These gangsters don't want this, and I believe they plan on crashing the market to try and save themselves by insuring panic and violence... which is what they thrive on!

On another note, things are never what they appear it seems...

[pro-player width='425' height='344' type='video']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxqJXPcWooU&feature=player_embedded[/pro-player]

What a disappointment to see Ron Paul holding up the Illuminati hand signal in the video above 🙁  I had hoped that maybe he was "the one" (as in the matrix), but I guess he's just another cleaver distraction that the gangster elite used to mislead us sheep.  Bummer!

I'm going to stick with the hope that Gabrielle Gilfords will recover and run for President one day soon (as in, this coming election).  I know it's unlikely, but stranger things have happened.  I do believe these gangsters will lose this war they have been waging for centuries by enslaving us sheep, as they follow the bible, which in it... THEY LOSE!

On to the short term...

I have NO idea what is going to happen next week!  Sorry, but the chart are unclear right now.  I see bullish charts and bearish charts.  I don't know what to make of them?  They say the dollar is going to be devalued but right now the charts look bullish.  The market should correct when the dollar goes up, but that hasn't been happening lately?

So what gives?  More of the same old B.S. manipulation... until they decide to pull the money plug and crash the thing I guess.  When will that happen?  If the Legatus Pilgrimage turn date period still works, then it should start this week or next week at the latest.  However, if they inject more funny money into the system (secretly of course), then that could push the market up higher into March.

I honestly don't know what to expect next week.  We'll just have too take it one day at a time and see when the charts all line up in one direction, giving us a better clue of what's too come.

Good luck everyone...



  1. I’m surprised we haven’t heard more about the debt ceiling. The debt limit should be reached around late March to early April. Are we going to continue to piss off our creditors?

    Inflation could already be at 5-10%.

    I see other problems in March and April.

    • Well, they could stretch this out until March or April if they secretly put more stimulus into the market (which would have probably been decided at the Legatus meeting).

      The current POMO money isn’t likely too be enough to rally up another 1000 points on the Dow, as it’s likely factored into the market already.

      As for inflation, it could be that high already as the government lies about all economic reports… so who knows how high it really is?

  2. Apart from a couple of revealing pictures, that video was pretty insulting to watch. And replete with tons of spelling errors. The spelling errors looked almost deliberate, so as to disguise that it was a disinformation tape.

    • Which on? I’m assuming you mean the last video on the page, as the Clif High one didn’t seem too insulting… and of course my video is PG rated, so that leaves the last one.

      Yeah, pretty rude… but the picture of Ron Paul giving the Illuminati hand signal was what I really wanted everyone to see. Sorry about the rest of it, as I didn’t make the video.

  3. The color of the text was very hard to read (I am also colorblind, so that probably didn’t help).

    Not sure the reason to repeatedly call everyone a fool. Some people just don’t know the truth.

    Wandering sheep need a good Shepard.

  4. What if you make a fortune shorting the market in US bucks/ And your dollar falls off the table? Maybe it would be better to short it in another currency? Only problem is that the US buck looks like it is ready to ZOOM up. Tons of layers of bullshit all over.

  5. mp3 link 1—this guy already made a mistake about gasoline prices in the US, at 12:15…
    we don’t have $5.25 gasoline in the intermediate long term, because 30% of the US supply is home grown. and home grown, is $10 a barrel.

  6. hey Red…
    Good ones die young…well sort of … RIP
    Red, they got everyone confused, just the way they like it…But is obvious that market is tired…I know it’s difficult to be short (or own puts that keep dropping in value), but I use to invest in biotech, and some of my biggest wins were most painful…it’s by design, don’t let the little guy in…However, lots of money was lost by put sellers last time around, and they are just not willing to give signals…as I said before, it will likely by 1987 style, no time to get in or out…I think it will happen sometimes before end of March, when debt ceiling has to be raised and Spain debt refinancing blows up…Bill Gross is already lining up bond vigilantes, not that administration is cornered with debt ceiling…
    Here is a view I agree with… http://evilspeculator.com/?p=19432 he is not really evil…

    • Yes MsChemeng, Mole isn’t really evil (he just like’s to pretend…. LOL). That was a good post he did, and I’m in agreement with him. Monday will likely be a trend day up, followed by Tuesday and/or Wednesday putting in the topping tail candle and then closing down.

      That leaves Thursday and Friday to either rally back up, or continue the move down. Hard too say which will happen, as it will depend on when the selling starts? The quicker it starts the more likely Thursday will rally back. But the later it starts, the more likely Thursday and Friday will just continue the selling pressure.

  7. If you buy and wait long enough, you’ll make money in this FED juiced market. What nonsense are we moving up on today while ignoring the important facts about the economy. LOL!

      • I don’t think it matters if you buy gold. They’ll just bring back confiscation. We’ve seen a rise in power of the banks and other criminals to higher heights than ever before.

        • I was talking to a guy at Goldline and he told me which coins would not be confiscated. Don’t buy silver rounds or bullion… I can’t remember which ones but I am buying walking liberty silver halves and washington quarters. I think Franklins were good too. The guy there “Jan” can explain it all to you.

          • Ah, but those are the CURRENT rules…if they need something, they’ll do as they always do and CHANGE the rules…

    • all my puts are April to June… I don’t know when “snap” will occur, just that it will…
      All of the little selloffs were nearly vertical, until PPT intervened…upside is always a melt up style…it may be that big move will come after Feb option expiration, but it may be sooner…Stock market is counting on QE3, based on bad jobs numbers, I doubt it will ever happen, either bond vigilantes will stop it, or the debt ceiling…I have a feeling that market will punish Ron Paul comments this week, just to let him know who is the boss…will see…

  8. I did a new video, but it seems to be stuck in the “Finishing Processing” mode with youtube? It’s been stuck there for over an hour now, so I’m not sure what’s going on? But, I did go ahead and put up the new update anyway.

    Just refresh the page and read the links on it. Lot’s of new changes coming, and I don’t think the market will celebrate them. As for the video, check back tomorrow I guess? I don’t know how long youtube is going to take to process it? Sorry…

        • Processing time varies greatly depending on the format of your original video, file size, and upload traffic. This could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

          If after 8 hours you still see a status message next to the video saying Uploaded (processing, please wait), try removing the video from our site and uploading it again. To do this, access My Videos and click the Remove Video button below the video in question. Then, go through the full upload process again.

          check image appears here Make sure your video is under 15 minutes in length. We accept most video file formats, including .wmv, .mov, .mpg, or .avi. If your video meets these minimum requirements and still won’t upload, there may be a problem with the video compression you’re using. We recommend the MPEG4 format at 640×480 resolution with MP3 or AAC audio.

  9. Ok gang, I uploaded the video to my hosting account until youtube can fix the problem. Hopefully it will work this time? I have unlimited bandwidth on my account, but they probably won’t like it if slows down the server I’m hosted on. Anyway, here is a direct link…


    Once the youtube link works, please use it instead… thanks.

  10. Super Bowl ritual numbers::::Once I thought the “elightened ones” favorite teams the Jets and Bears were eliminated, I thought the rituals might subside in the football “arena”. But watching the pregrame show, I noticed the two murals outside of Cowboys stadium, one of Aaron Rogers #12 and one of Steelers Troy Polamalu #43. It took me a little while to put 2 and 2 together and realize it was a veiled 127number ie 12 plus 43 or “7”. And I noticed outside the studio, there was a “plant” errrr “fan” waving a sign with 777 on it with the words season #77 beneath the numbers and Big Ben beneath that. Steelers QB is #7. It turns out this was the Packers 13th overall championship.

    As for the heroes of the game, they were Jordy Nelson #87 and Greg Jennings #85 (58crash number). They had all of G.B.’s offensive touchdowns with Nelson leading the team in receiving. WSJ featured a photo Jennings on its front page and it was interesting to see his number 85 was reversed to 58 on his shoulderpads as opposed to the 85 on his back. As for GBs roided up super robo QB, I couldn’t figure out how he played a role in the ritual except that he threw for 3TDS (666)….

    Let’s see if today was a fakeout. Some markets like copper put in a nominal new high with a lower RSI while others like oil dropped. Dow’s RSI level is getting worrisome again. Otherwise, 67tds from Nov 5 high will be Friday. There have been many 67tds cycles during 3-6-9 on run.

    • Nick Collins, a defensive player had GB’s other TD, a 37yard interception return. His number is 36 (666). Tomorrow will be 703calendar days from 3-6-9…..

      #23 ritual played out in the Pro Bowl the previous week when DeAngelo Hall, a defensive back,#23 won the MVP which is quite an unusual feat for a defensive player to accomplish especially in a game with a 55-47 score. Hall is most famous for picking off Bears quarterback Jay Cutler #6 4 times back during Week 7 (The Bears had a bye the next week which was Halloween). Curiously, 2-6 is 23 months from 3-6-9 bottom,23 weeks from the August bottom and 2years 3months 23or 24days from 10-10-08 financial crisis panic low. It’s also in the vicinity of 23years 3-4months from October 19,1987.

  11. That’s a stretch Red, but whatever happens, it won’t be too far in the future that people start taking matters into their own hands. Remember, for every middle-class American citizen who gets shafted by the criminals in the govt and has nothing left to lose, that’s one more wild card in the mix.

    Like the old saying goes, “All it takes is one motivated Marine and his rifle…”

  12. Leo, I’ve been following your site for a few weeks now and I do appreciate your technical analysis of the market, but I am curious if you really believe your conspiracy theories? I thought I was a bit radical when it came to that, but alas, I have been trumped. “…the end of the IRS”,really??? “China are the good guys”, c’mon… I’m still waiting for ANY reputable media organization to pick up the “Vatican Bank slush Fund” conspiracy. I doubt we will have anything remotely close to a currency revaluation in the near term either. Again, I appreciate your enthusiasm and your charting T.A., but you seem to be a bit of a radicalist when it comes to some of your theories. A GOOD radicalist though. 🙂

    • I guess I’m just an Optimist, and hope that the gangsters really do lose power and get arrested. I just refuse to give up. I really do believe that big changes are coming in the near future, and that those changes will be positive for all of humanity.

      For that to happen, the gangsters must lose power. I think that the 2012 end of the world theory is simply the end of the old ways and the beginning of the new ways.. IE: Free energy devices, enough food and clean water for everyone, jobs, less debt, etc…

      Yes, it’s a stretch, but it’s a good dream. While I don’t have any power to make it happen, others do. Maybe my constant exposure of it helps wake up the masses, and therefore I’m doing my small part to make the world a better place for everyone.

      Who knows? But I’ll keep hoping and remain optimistic that those changes really will happen.

        • Now that you mention it, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Israelis take matters into their own hands against certain criminals for creating so much unrest around their country.

    • I think we are going to 1333 spx before topping for good. The March, 2009 low of 666.79 x 2 equals 1333.58 spx. But tomorrow and and Wednesday I think we could see some selling happen. Then back up on Thursday I believe.

    • If I would have recognized what is really going on and just got on board I would have made a million – it was just too hard for me to grasp that this charade would go on this long… it has really been free money for anyone long.

  13. Gang, I definitely believe that we have another FP on the VIX now. For this 14.86 print to be hit the market will likely rise up to that 1333 spx level (or a little higher?). Unfortunately, I didn’t get a screen shot… bummer, but we know the target now. So we wait for a short entry at that area.

  14. this market has the feel now of a blow off top… it is relentless in accelerating upwards, it shows no weakness, it disregards any and all fundamental and technical risk – these are characteristics of a blow off.

  15. The market is coming to the end of the apex of this triangle/wedge pattern. The 15 and 30 chart support a breakout to the upside, over the current resistance at the multiple top area.

    The 60 minute chart is pointing down and has yet to reset back up. So it’s supporting a breakdown from the rising support line that started around 1275 spx, back on January 31st.

    Who will win, the bull or the bear? (Duh… stupid question I guess?)

      • Of course… but it’s possible that the market fails to break the overhead resistance today and falls back down (breaking the rising wedge) and fills the gap around 131.20 spy area.

        Then rally back later this week to fill the VIX FP area, topping out around 1333 spx or so. I still see several FP’s from yesterday that are around the gap fill level. Not sure if they are just late fills or FP’s signaling where the market will close today or tomorrow?

        Hard too say, but any move down to that area is likely just a buying opportunity for the move back up to fill the VIX FP level (for those brave enough to put on a bull suit for a day or so).

    • red,

      let me guess, yet another improbable ramp job. Throwing over major wedge and closing above the upper BB!!

      • Or a drop back and punt (fill the gap) and then go for the finally touchdown later this week or early next? They might not break the line right now, as the 60 minute chart is pointing down, with no signs yet of turning back up.

    • Well, that could be a top instead of a bottom… especially if the market fails to break the overhead resistance today, as it should then fall back and fill the gap (at least, if not go lower?).

      Then it would rally back up to fill the VIX FP, and probably hit 1333 spx, or high. We bears just can’t get suckered into any sell off today or tomorrow as being the big move, because we know the VIX print will be filled before the crash really starts.

      • yep. i’ve learned that key points can be exactly opposite what one figured.
        anybody trading nowdays, should know they are playing with power tools and no safety guards!

      • Well, in the beginning of his article I got the feeling he was a “blue pill” taker (sometimes I wish I was too), but the last two sentences he typed were…

        “Technical indicators do not work, neither does fundamental analysis. The Fat Boys use both to trap investors. It gives them the other side of the trade, allowing them to enter positions.

        I offer one on one, learn to trade courses. There is also a powerful video set available. Both will get you on the right track in the new year. It is the same track the Fat Boys are on. They control the markets and if you are not with them, then you are a victim.”

        …which of course made me realize that he took the “red pill” but learned to how to play the game in the blue pill world. Which is something I haven’t done yet, so “Agent Smith” is always chasing me! LOL.

  16. Red,

    i am going to throw this out to you and the gang – just as a ‘what if”. What if the gangstas are on to our following of the FP’s…. we have two short term FP’s for the spy to the downside that have gone unfilled. what if they are now in the mindset of using reverse FP’s. what if the VIx fp this morning – which can be seen from the MOON (and i mean the moon from uranus), is the first of the reverse FP….we are expecting another upward movement because of that FP – just like we were expecting a down movement because of the downside spy FP’s, but that used to create a short squeeze…. What if we are being played right now because enough of us follow those FP’s as market direction…..

    what if they do the opposite to the VIX fp now??? i am thinking outloud…so be kind….

    • LOL… anything is possible Richie, but until they stop hitting the FP’s… they are still accurate. As for them “being on to us”… of course they all, as they read all the blogs.

      They just don’t care, as we haven’t figured out how they play the game exactly. We only know a small piece of the puzzle, which likely just keeps them amused at us.

      They will pay a visit to the site if we start getting it all right! For now, they just sit back and laugh at us.

      • pay attention to the euro right now red,

        look at the weekly for euro/usd – it is up against the resistance of a downward sloping trendline from 2007. does it break through this level?? it would need to as the correlation between the euro/es mini is still a driving force in the equities….

        • Someone is quietly dumping euros. But there is enough extra money to prop it up. Just feels like there is now a 3rd criminal party now pumping the market. Might be a good thing to have competition between criminals……

    • You shouldn’t be buying and selling securities based on Fake prints alone. I hope noone is doing that. Your trading system should be followed and FP’s can be used as an added qualifier if it tickles your fancy… I would pay attention to them with the understanding that the gangsters WILL change the game, eventually.

      Maybe if we all started yelling, buy, buy, buy, they would finally take ‘er down? 🙂

      • Number 1 winning strategy is to ignore all technicals, fundamentals, and everything else going on in the world and just buy every dip of more than 2 pts. It’s fucking bullshit. 3 pullbacks today of about 3.5-4 ES pts each, and every single time pumped right back up to new highs. Trendline after Trendline broker, but we still keep going back up. No such thing as support turning to resistance once it broken, yet upwards resistance means jack shit and we blow through it every time. Sorry for the rant, but I mean wtf. I’m sorry but I just can’t get myself to blindly buy thinking that we are just going to keep melting up.

        • Melt ups aren’t good enough any more. This is a full-on hard-core illegal steroid ramp job. The last bears are gone and now it’s time to really ramp it up. What do you say, 50, 100 dow points a day? Hell, throw the spx 10 handle rule out the window and jump on the Dubai tower turbo elevator!

        • I hear ya. It’s a BS market, but as long as Benny is pouring in liquidity like Niagra Falls, it’s gonna be hard to expect a REAL crash, let alone a correction of 5-10%. I’m bearish too in ideology, but I have to go long from time to time when they breakout…

          I think they are reading all these blogs to gain sentiment and that wall of worry this market is climbing,…is US.

        • it’s F’ing BS, agree with that.
          I encourage any permabears to just buy a small long, small as possible. and just watch it. mock it. watch it turn green. knowing that some day is will fall back. till then, it’s a great psyche experiment.

  17. 8 weeks of an extra $5 billion a day from the Treasury’s Supp program. I think this took the usual criminals off guard. I doubt anything downward movement will begin before then.

  18. Yup, the market falls a little, pump the euro, the euro falls, pump the market. Just a juggling act. I don’t think any market levels will have any significance at all, FPs or anything. They’re just playing a game of prop up the market until the money runs out. Looks like any criminal planning has gone out the window.

    • A broken trendline means something…it means BUY! BUY! BUY! We’ve have had 7 straight up days and now we’re accelerating. During the last half of the 1999 Greenspan PUMP, the Nasdaq doubled. I don’t see why they don’t just keep this pig rolling until every last cent runs out.

  19. On the other hand, because the criminals don’t have any more money of their own, they can’t gap the market up and have to wait until 10:15 EST for the freshly printed manipulation money from the Fed. At that point, buy the 1 handle dip, and go “all in” as usual.

  20. SPY p/e and eps raised due to the fantastic earnings season! i’ve made my adjustments, i’m raising my 2011 target price from 1400, to 1497—sorry folks, I have to trade what’s right in front of me, (always)__

    • Hell, looking at the ridiculousness, time to take out a loan and go all out on calls baby! Woo-hoo! Dow 400 points a week or bust!

  21. From July 2009 low to Jan 2010 high there were 134tds or 67×2. Then from the Jan top to April 26 high there were 67tds, 13tds down followed by a 54td rally……From April 26 high to Nov 5 high there were 136tds and 67tds later should be Friday which should be (2)0(3) tds from April 26high…..15tds down followed by a 52day rally……Feb 11 or 2-11-11 would also be 7months7days from July 4 (I’ll get to that later—July 4,1776 was 234years 7months7days ago). It will also be 7years 7days from Facebook day ie the Social Network founder’s day of revelation on 2-4-2004.

    The final updraft into the April 2010 top featured a DeMarkian 10consecutive weeks of closes above the close 4 weeks earlier known as a weekly sell setup but in this case it was recycling previous setups and was really an extension. This week also should be the 10th consecutive week of closes above the close 4 periods earlier. I haven’t mentioned this here but there are all sorts of esoteric cycles for this week. Only caution is next week is opex week and would also be 33weeks from the July low. It’s hard to see a drop during opex week and next week could give a DeMarkian sequential weekly sell signal (actually recycling one that is already in place) if it holds up in this area.

    Today is the first day with a daily bar completely above the August 2008 high and if this is a false breakout, the market needs to put a few days above the 8-2008 levels. Currently there are 6 consecutive daily bars above the close 4periods earlier and I expect an extension to occur to at least to a 9 count.

    • DeMark mentioned in his CNBC interview that the market moves in increments of 5.56%. Twice that or 11.12% is his conservative estimate for his predicted downmove. Today is 556tds from the 11-21-2008 bottom and Friday will be 2-11-11. Friday will also be 156tds from the July low.

  22. Market Structure FACT 2/8/2011
    Another Market Structure fact worth noting. On 1/28/2011, the QQQQ dropped 2.5% while the previous days high was at highest level in 2 plus years, the next 7 trading days it rallied 4.1%…the ONLY other time my QQQQ history shows such an event occuring was 3/2/2000 and 3/13/2000, those highs marked the weeks of the Internet BUBBLE TOP and the market sold off 83% over the next 2 1/2 years. It is no wonder in my mind that Richard Fisher Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas spoke today suggesting he would dissent from further FED easing/market intervention. Fisher will likely supercede Bernanke at some point in the future.


  23. At least the S&P 500 looks range-bound for now. I doubt we will go past 1328.

    We should cycle down until we can bull forth to 1350.

    Silver and Gold is usually down a little bit before Uncle Ben speaks and then it rockets up.

  24. Son of a bitch. The VIX close today was right on the nut on that FP the Thursday before the big Friday dump. 15.81. It was a red print. Today’s was a green print. These MF’s color coding these now?

  25. Red, you sound a bit tired.
    if this baby does roll over in the next few weeks…what are our targets?
    I did a little woowoo curve fitting best I could.
    remember guys: this is looooong term, don’t try this at home.
    Target of 4750 – 6000 DOW. by next Year.

  26. Looks like another boring day, as the charts are pretty much worthless right now for picking a direction. The FP’s are all that’s left to go by. If we didn’t have the VIX FP, I might have already went short again, now I wait.

    • Of course! The whole point is to have to spend so much on food, that you have to BORROW money to live. The only way this fake economy can be successful is if there’s a negative savings rate. The more people have to bury themselves in debt, the better!

  27. Head and shoulders patterns on the SSO and XLF in the 15 minute time frame. I know they hardly EVER work, but at least it is a tradable pattern. 🙂

    I missed Berspanke being grilled (roll eyes). Did he say anything truthful today. 🙂

  28. I don’t think “they” will let a crash be very tradable. They will gap it up or down either way and then crash it. Today’s action is too easy and opening within a few points of the previous close isn’t ther style. So we wait…

  29. would you know the look of a forest if you were squared up to the bark and trunk of just one tree?

    it is uncertain market times like this we would be wise to pull away from the tree and consider the perspective of the whole forest.

  30. okay, I’ve got my crusty shorts on because I see reversal patterns on the indices. will I count losses or wins tomorrow, hmm i wonder…

  31. I’ll try a short of any IWM retest of 81.3 with a 1% stop loss. If I get stopped out…that’ll just confirm, i’m wrong. and have to switch to —week of OPX feb, last 8 of 10 times, the QQQQ lost 2%, if that’s wrong…I’m back to “I have no idea when the pullback starts!” Again!

        • I wouldn’t actually try that on any individual stock. Just indexes. The way I see the strategery…if a big stock misses earnings, or is perceived to miss, that stock is “let go” for the day, while the broader indexes are pumped. The very next day, or after a short period of time, it’s as though nothing happened to that stock. Pure, unadulterated manipulation.

  32. I’ve got a sell signal on my newly devised DeMark Geccko sequential count TM (jk) of the rally off late November lows, a variation of standard DeMark sequential which seems to loose on the daily counts. It still has the same setup, 9 consecutive closes higher than 4 closes earlier, but afterwards each new upbar must have a higher high and close than the previous upbar until there is a 13 count. And each newupbar has to have its body at most in the upperhalf of the previous upbars body. (very subjective—I understand). Well today was day 13 by that criteria. And to top it off a final 9upcount of 4closes above the close 4 bars earlier would be a double sell signal on top of this. (this hasn’t happened yet).

    I will stay wait for Friday’s action though. Today is the equivalent of the rally off the July 2009 lows to April 26 ie 134tds +67tds(Jan’10-April26).
    While since then there was 136td high-high fromApril 26 to Nov 5 +a 65td high-high to today. A massive bear flip or weekly reversal will change my mind although I am already bearish. Friday’s date with destiny could mean it is a big down day. A weekly reversal would validate the 23weekly numerology angle for a top. Hint,hint this week is week 174(111-also a featured number from Red’s favorite print) from the October 2007 top.

  33. I’ve got a sell signal on my newly devised DeMark Geccko sequential count TM (jk) of the rally off late November lows, a variation of standard DeMark sequential which seems to loose on the daily counts. It still has the same setup, 9 consecutive closes higher than 4 closes earlier, but afterwards each new upbar must have a higher high and close than the previous upbar until there is a 13 count. And each newupbar has to have its body at most in the upperhalf of the previous upbars body. (very subjective—I understand). Well today was day 13 by that criteria. And to top it off a final 9upcount of 4closes above the close 4 bars earlier would be a double sell signal on top of this. (this hasn’t happened yet).

    I will stay wait for Friday’s action though. Today is the equivalent of the rally off the July 2009 lows to April 26 ie 134tds +67tds(Jan’10-April26).
    While since then there was 136td high-high fromApril 26 to Nov 5 +a 65td high-high to today. A massive bear flip or weekly reversal will change my mind although I am already bearish. Friday’s date with destiny could mean it is a big down day. A weekly reversal would validate the 23weekly numerology angle for a top. Hint,hint this week is week 174(111-also a featured number from Red’s favorite print) from the October 2007 top.

  34. Actually,yesterday was day 13 since all indices were down except for the Dow. And this is very experimental.

    Today though is 704days from 3-6-9 low.

    One can also easily see 5 waves up from the Nov 2008 low for $ndx and qqqq with wave 1 being Nov ’08 to Jan ’09 rally…March ’09 to April ’10, wave 3….and wave 5 since July lows. Technically there is a chance that a wave 4 within this last wave might need to happen (the equivalent of the August decline) but I have seen these type of conundrums before at tops so I wouldn’t bank on it needing to happen. They tend to confuse bears and bulls at the top. The paltry Nov correction could still qualify as the wave 4. The wave counts though are mangled in the Dow and SP though which definitely helps to confuse.

    QQQQs hit the 58 crash number something I have been considering for awhile now.

  35. the problem with less seasoned veterans in seeing all this bull chit, is lacking the ability to turn sentiment, on a dime. ( myself included, sometimes, but not often)___you bulls out there, that’s 90% of everyone, be careful, intermediate short term.

  36. that’s what the gansta do, they try to get me hooked on buying every dip, and I’m completely hooked…that’s when___ i do the withdrawal symptoms cold turkey, and change strategies.

  37. Been looking at the prints, and may be going crazy, but the way I read the Qs prints, we’ll be at 57.02 by the EOW. If I’m wrong, back to the drawing board…

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