Weekend Update – Bloody Wall Street Week Coming!

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Thursday Update...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AadFWTPwuY)

The Bulls did exactly what I feared... they gaped over the 1320 resistance area.  While we could still see a down day tomorrow, the chance of a crash in now extremely low.  We'll have to wait until 03-11-2011, as that's when Lindsey Williams said that the Muslim Brotherhood is having their "Day of Rage".



Wednesday Update...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxknoQN_iYU)

I'm looking for a move to about 1320 on Thursday and then for it to rollover into the close. This will leave a high chance of a Friday crash. To avoid the crash on Friday, the bulls need to gap open above the 1320 area tomorrow morning, and close above 1332.09 on the spx.



Tuesday Update...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAaJCJiViKI)

When Lindsey Williams has a track record near perfect for the last couple of decades, I listen when he speaks.  He stated today on Alex Jones to lookout for 3-11-11, because the Muslim Brotherhood is planning a "day of rage" then.  This will likely be the day the stock market crashes as oil goes through the roof overnight due to something that gets blown up over in the middle east, and disrupts the oil supply from that area.  Lindsey said oil could hit $225.00 per barrel, and that the dollar will collapse once it breaks the $75.00 level.  Scary stuff everyone!

Here is Lindsey William on Alex Jones today (part one)

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-ejWiDuVEc)

Here is Part Two

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNC0V8l7OLk)



Monday Update...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9qH3hufbLM)



Lookout Below, as this Week Coming Has the Highest Odds of a Stock Market Crash!

The moment all us Bears have been waiting on has most likely arrived!  While nothing is guaranteed, this coming week is lining up to produce a wave 3 down, which should start on Wednesday or Thursday.  I'm looking for Monday to close down, but not take out the current low.

It should be a wave B down, with Tuesday to give us our wave C up... which should complete this ABC (wave 2) move, allowing for wave 3 down to start right after that.  As for targets, that's hard too say?  It will depend on how far down we go on Monday.

If we only go down and retest that 1300 level, then the C wave up on Tuesday should go to about 1325-1330 max.  There is a gap around 1327.50 that is showing up on the 15 minute chart, so that's a likely target... as you know "gaps" are like magnets to the market.  So, whenever the market is close to one, it tries to fill it.

Another reason that would support this ABC move up, with the market being down on Monday and up on Tuesday, is the fact that the first trading day of most months is an UP day.  This is the day new funds come into the market, which is why that happens a lot.  It's not every month of course, but most of the time this is true.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZG84BOvwY0)

POMO Money and extra Supplementary Financing Program fail to rally the market...

This is more signs that Primary Wave 2.x could be ending and P3 starting.  This link to ZeroHedge shows you that every Thursday the government injects an extra few Billion in a 2nd program called... "Supplementary Financing Program", which was used last Thursday, but the market continued to sell off.

With both the POMO and the SFP supporting the market and it still going lower, it should be a telltale sign that things are changing now.  The money isn't having the same effect, or the gangsters aren't really using the money... because they want the market to tank!  Either or... the results are the same!

Just like a crack head trying to get high, it doesn't have the same affect after the hundredth hit as the first one did.  The market is slowing dying, and I really don't think the wallstreet gangsters could hold it up too much longer, even if they wanted too (which of course they don't)!

Just like what Lindsey Williams said, they plan to destroy America!  Gas will likely be $6.00 per gallon as oil will be $150.00 to $200.00 per barrel, by the end of the year just as he said it would.  This is certainly going to cause the market to tank.

I believe that many people will die this coming winter as they can't afford to pay the heating bill and will freeze to death, as seen in the fake documentary "Oil Storm".  These 12 men that rule this world need to be beheaded for crimes against humanity in my opinion!  They are sick and evil people.  Planning the death of millions world wide just to make more money and have more power is insane!

Their justice will be served to them when they enter the gates of Hell I believe!  Bad Karma will haunt them forever!  It's something that every video or article I seen, told by people in contact with different alien races, all said the same thing... you can't move on to the next level of existence if you have Bad Karma.

Basically, these 5th dimensional beings are what we would call Angel's, while we are currently stuck in a 3 dimensional existence.  The evil Illuminati gangster reptilian worshiping thugs will be stuck and doomed to repeat their life until they get it right.  Let's all hope that their next life has them being born in some third world country as a starving baby like the poor one's that they currently are trying to kill through starvation.  Truly sad...

Benjamin Fulford Update: Obama, Biden, Geithner, Bush Jr, Bush Sr, Greenspan, Romney, Guennette, Herzog, Bill and Hilary Clinton are caught laundering their stolen money...

In this report it shows that the "white hats" are tracking the gangsters and where they move their money from and to.  Here is a list of stolen money that is being removed from secret accounts...

  • President Obama Vatican Bank One Billion
  • President Obama Bank of Santander One Billion
  • Vice President Joseph Biden Vatican Bank $100 Million
  • Tim Geithner Vatican Bank $700 Million
  • George Bush, Sr. Vatican Bank $700 Million
  • George Bush, Jr. Vatican Bank $200 Million
  • Alan Greenspan Vatican Bank $500 Million
  • Mitt Romney Vatican Bank $400 Million
  • Paul Guennette (Friend of Bush Sr) Vatican Bank $700 Million
  • Michael Herzog Vatican Bank $500 Million
  • Bill & Hillary Clinton Vatican Bank $400 Million

Clearly these thugs are worried, as the America people are getting very angry with the gangsters.  The full story is here...


Here's a good video by Lindsey Williams' about the planned destruction of America with the coming $6 dollar per gallon gas...

(watch the video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMm7QYI7Bbg from 2009)

Here's the bottom line... "The Stock WILL Crash" because the gangsters want it too!  Of course no one but the insiders know the exact time, date, and level it will happen... but it's coming, and soon!  Personally, I think it will start this coming Friday with a huge down day!

Here's what I'm expecting...

  • Monday: Down, for wave B of an ABC (wave 2) up, which shouldn't go past the current low (possibly 1300 spx).
  • Tuesday: Up, for wave C to complete the wave 2 which could go to 1325-1330 area.
  • Wednesday: Flat/Down... could be a doji day?
  • Thursday: Down, should start the sell off of the coming crash.
  • Friday: Down Big, as the market tanks in fear of something (whatever news is released will be planned).

This is the time I do believe that Primary Wave 3 down starts.  While it's possible that this is just a short correction with another high to come later, the odds are extremely against it.  I'm sure that the current high will be visited again one day and taken out, but I think we will be in a hyper-inflation time period when that happens.

For now, I'm expecting a that 106 spy FP to be hit, and then after a bounce I'll be looking for the 8300 Dow FP.   I don't know if that will be the final bottom or not, as I also have a 20.16 spy FP (about 200 spx and 2,000 Dow)... now that scary as hell!

This of course isn't something I'm expecting this week, but it's coming this year for sure I believe.  As for this week, I think Tuesday will be the last chance to get short before another wave of selling hits.  I leave you with the latest interview Lindsey Williams did with Alex Jones on February 23rd, 2011...

Alex Jones - Lindsey Williams - February 23rd, 2011 (Part 1)

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5zOuQcoo7E)


Alex Jones - Lindsey Williams - February 23rd, 2011 (Part 2)

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38LZxMyyaxk)


Alex Jones - Lindsey Williams - February 23rd, 2011 (Part 3)

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4FfEQeslFM)


Alex Jones - Lindsey Williams - February 23rd, 2011 (Part 4)

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bnkn7PUWBhc)

Good luck everyone...



    • I don’t know for sure of course, but odds favor this week. Lot’s of turning points happen on the 26th of the month, as Gann states too. Cobra has posted many times that the 25th-27th produces lots of turn dates.

      Plus, the charts (especially the weekly) are looking ready to rollover to the downside right now. While I’m sure they could stretch it out another few weeks, they don’t act like they want too?

      Last Thursday was a sign that either POMO isn’t working anymore, or they aren’t using it to keep the market up because they want it to crash. Either way, odds are high for a crash this week.

      • I’m watching Tuesday’s action carefully. If first day of March isn’t a blowout, it could be interesting…

  1. so red,

    in celebration of a potential market adjustment downward, should i part my hair down the middle or off to the side??? good trading everybody!!

    • LOL Richie… Even if we rally up past the 1325-1330 target I stated, I don’t see us going past that double top area and that 135.14 spy print. However, if that happens, then the crash shouldn’t happen this week. It will be pushed out another week (no surprise there… huh?).

  2. Amazing…they really have this coordinated…I haven’t seen one single frame of Libya video on cnbc during this rally. It’s as thought it’s not happening now. You’ll know when to sell when you start seeing Libya video again. Hell, if they even start mentioning it!

    • Yes, this is amazing! Technical Analysis said we would have a B wave down today, but these gangsters defied gravity and pushed it up instead. Now tomorrow was supposed to be bullish, but if it doesn’t have a B wave down today, we could see that on Tuesday?

      Then maybe a rally into the close and/or into Wednesday to complete the C wave up. Since this A wave up has already hit the 1327.50 target, I’m inclined to believe we will have a double top with a possible slight pierce (which could hit that 135.14 spy FP).

        • That could be the target for the B wave down Dee? Since it’s obvious by now that we’re not going down to reset 1300 spx for that B wave, a move down to 131.75 spy could be all we will get?

          However, I think a partial short position could be taken today… just in case “mutual fund” Tuesday doesn’t happen tomorrow. Just because the first day of March is usually bullish, that doesn’t mean it will happen this time.

          I’m looking at the 5 and 15 minute charts right now. I think they will push this up again later in the day, as we are now forming a bull flag and those 2 charts are looking ready to roll up from negative to positive at anytime.

    • let’s review the list.
      Greece, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, maybe Iceland, Egypt, Tunesia, Bahrain, Libya, and oh, I almost forgot Dubai.

      (be afraid, no. be afraid, no. be afraid, no, rinse repeat)

    • let’s review the list.
      Greece, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, maybe Iceland, Egypt, Tunesia, Bahrain, Libya, and oh, I almost forgot Dubai.

      (be afraid, no. be afraid, no. be afraid, no, rinse repeat)

    • let’s review the list.
      Greece, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, maybe Iceland, Egypt, Tunesia, Bahrain, Libya, and oh, I almost forgot Dubai.

      (be afraid, no. be afraid, no. be afraid, no, rinse repeat)

    • The volume is light right now, so I’m waiting until the last hour or so to see what happens. I think they might dip down here midday and push back up later. I just don’t trust these gangsters in this light volume environment.

    • Just shows you how weak this rally is becoming.

      I think we will be able to sustain rally after POMO kicks in (just taking a small breather)

      This whole rally today is probably based off Buffett anyway. He is just so confident in 2011.

  3. Wow! If you were to simply look at the charts and ignore the volume, you’d conclude that we are heading down into a wave 3 right now… but volume doesn’t support it. Meaning that it’s likely only a B wave down, which should reset the charts so they can ram it up the bears behind tomorrow. Thugs!

  4. Here’s what’s coming on Friday…

    Mar 04 08:30am ET Productivity-Rev. 2.3% Medium
    Mar 04 08:30am ET Unit Labor Costs – Revised -0.3% High
    Mar 04 10:00am ET ISM Services 59.0 Medium
    Mar 04 08:30am ET Nonfarm Payrolls 180K High
    Mar 04 08:30am ET Nonfarm Private Payrolls 193K High
    Mar 04 08:30am ET Unemployment Rate 9.1% High
    Mar 04 08:30am ET Average Workweek 34.3 High
    Mar 04 08:30am ET Hourly Earnings 0.2% High
    Mar 04 10:00am ET Factory Orders 2.1% Medium

    If those NFP’s aren’t good, look out for big sell off…

      • Looks like they already stopped paying some of their employees. My friend who works for the VA said his check will be delayed for 1 week up to 1 month.

    • That was from a week ago… old news and some how the gangsters will manage to pull off what ever they have planned…. the latest that I heard (actually a couple days ago) is that they will pass something that just extends the date… SSDD just delaying the vote (Man I sound cranky today)

    • This looks like it will continue all day, as all the short term charts have topped and are rolling over right now. The 60 turned down, instead of going up a little further like I spoke of in the video. That very bearish…

    • Yeah, well not much too say. The short term charts rolled over without making a double top. So, that leaves me wondering if they plan on reversing it back up tomorrow? Right now that seems unlikely, but you know you can’t trust these gangsters to rob you.

    • Cool, I’ll have to listen again to see if anything has changed. So far, today’s selloff seems very controlled. I’m not trusting it. It could be the B wave down I was looking for with a C wave up tomorrow? Don’t know for sure of course, but you know how many times they fool us.

      • Listening to L Williams? Did you just hear him mention 3-11-11 for the
        Muslim Brotherhood “day of rage”?
        That is when that disaster (LA) movie starts too… ironic… oil going to
        the moon and faster than we thought. This could be the beginning of that leg
        down. They should just let it fall instead of fighting it …. I am tired…

  5. oh red….oh red,

    what’s happening …. did i miss anything?? just got in….. or did aliens come down and snatch up the red dragon leo disqus club???

    • LOL… just a nice and controlled sell off I believe Richie. Not down as much as I’d expected, which leads me to believe it’s the B wave down I’ve been looking for… which leaves tomorrow for the C wave up. But things are looking better for the bears I believe.

      • red,

        it does look controlled – ie, lacking impulse. could this be a set up for an impulse, rather than a b wave?? it could be a 1-2, i-ii set up perhaps…. i am counting 5 small waves so far – B waves should be corrective (3 wave look to it)…..

        well i guess we will find out soon enough….

  6. Lindsey Williams just said March 11th is the day the oil could explode upward as the Muslim Brotherhood are planning a riot/attack/invasion/…something that will disrupt oil flow to America.

  7. Well Dee, I don’t need to guess at the “Crash Date” anymore and Lindsey has just told us when… March 11th, 2011.

    Oil is likely going to $225.00 per barrel…
    Once the dollar hits $75.00, it will collapse…

    It’s all being told to us right now! Hang on to your money Bears, the crash is coming next week!

  8. Remember gang, this screen shot from the new movie “Battle: Los Angeles” coming out on 3-11-11?


    We also had “Wall Street 2” and “Unstoppable” come out last year, and “Inside Job” and “Black Swan” come out this year. The writing is on the wall folks!

    This Illuminati Elite “Must” tell us ahead of time what they are going to do to us, as it’s part of their code. It’s all a ritual game to them, and “111” is one of their favorite numbers.

    The coming crash will be 3-11-11, as they have now told us through Lindsey Williams’ interview with Alex Jones today. Between now and then I don’t know what will happen? We could make new highs or sell off some in front of next Friday? Just hang on tight bears, and it’s going to get ugly soon…

    • how ugly red?? sarah palin ugly or hillary clinton ugly or BARNEY FRANKS UGLY?? (oh barney franks be real Uuuuugggly!!!)

        • oh helll to the NO!! i best get me some extra baked beans (the kind with the quebec maple syrup in it) and some extra ammo (for my CZ-550 which loads with the 600 Overkill which fires a 900-grain (58 g) bullet at more than 2,400 ft/s (730 m/s)) – to add along side my heavy short positon!!

  9. cover…. some of my shorts… for some profit… will short again when these foos… pump it up…..saving my bullets 🙂

  10. The cracks are showing now… while we could and should have a 50% retrace tomorrow, it’s likely just another spot to go short at. This means Thursday and Friday could us out of this rising channel… and that’s bad news for the bulls. I think we will break 1300 by Friday, after a bounce back up tomorrow of course.

  11. Perma bulls got caught on the wrong side of trade today. Classic. Hope you got the tip in yesterdays post Red. Faz was Fab…. Bulls will be fighting at 50 dma but if it breaks which i doubt (heavy Pomo tomorrow) look out below.

  12. just checking in…really red day.
    haven’t read todays comments..

    oh, looking for an explanation of C wave… what now? did we have one?
    did the wave pattern change?

  13. Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday…

    If the dollar pops tomorrow, could see a Wednesday, Bloody Wednesday…

  14. Good Morning gang…

    Looks like today will be the last day this week to get short again, as after this bounce I expect Thursday and Friday to be bloody. The target range is 1320-1325 spx on the bounce, but of course nothing in guaranteed.

    I think it will look like 05-03-2010, which as you can see… the 2 days afterward weren’t pretty for the bulls. Regardless of how high it goes, by the end of the day all the short term chart will likely reset themselves and allow another leg down. Good luck…

  15. red,

    for a true debasement in the markets the mcclellan oscillator needs to get to a very negative number. we need selling. i think we need to talk about the 1275 or the 1250ish spx for areas of interest whereupon we debase from there. it looks that the markets (hello walter rothschild !! wink wink) wish to be debased. let us go with the new flow….

  16. ok red!!

    WATCH OUT BELOW!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!! THE MARKETS ARE GONNA DROP LIKE SPIT FROM THE PRUDENTIAL BUILDING!!! AHHHHHHHHhhhh!! i gotta stop eating so many twizzlers during the trading day!

  17. It’s looking more and more like we will rally some tomorrow and today simply reset the short term charts. They are neutral now on most of them, and pointing up. That of course doesn’t mean it will rally tomorrow, but without another “event” the odds favor the bulls now.

  18. The market is breaking out of this triangle it has been trapped in. I think we’ll see our move up tomorrow instead of today. Of course if it rallies too high, then the odds of it tanking on Friday are diminished.

    • yay comments is working again. all bulls have to be careful during the mar 8-11 time period. in the past, the market has gone ballistic, down during this time period. there’s a lot of air underneath all the dow 30 stocks

  19. all bulls have to be careful during the mar 8-11 time period. in the past, the market has gone ballistic, down during this time period. there’s a lot of air underneath all the dow 30 stocks, so be careful, use STOPS EVERYTHING, take the hits, if indeed, this is it…

    • Well, looks like the odds of a crash on Friday just fell off a cliff, as the bulls are certainly going go gap over the resistance at 1320 this morning. While it’s still possible that we tank on Friday, the odds are much lower now.

      If the bulls also take out the 1332.09 high, then Friday is a dude. We will then be looking for next Friday, March 11th, as Lindsey Williams mentioned.

  20. red,

    although there is no marginal buyer for UST and the fed now buys 70% of all UST, and if they cease POMO there will be no one to replace the FED – a strong NFP tommorrow and the UN announcing highest food prices on record for FEB. http://www.zerohedge.com/article/food-prices-hit-new-all-time-record-february , and as well the ECB dropped the extended period clause from their statement – which means they are ready to raise rates, all this equals a FED ability to QE is limited. The effects of this on the equities will be immediate i think. so the better the number tommorrow, the more the sell off….just thinking out loud

  21. Turning into a nice wedge pattern. I’ll be surprised if this rally lasts all day. Amazing how easy everyone falls for some obviously contrived BS story about Hugo Chavez brokering a peace deal.

  22. Gang, since they gaped over the 1320 area I spoke of the video it looks like we are now back to an ABC move up to complete wave 2 up. This would be 1344 down to 1294 as wave one, with 1294 to 1332 as wave A of wave 2 up, and then 1332 down to 1302 as wave B of wave 2 up, and now we are in wave C of 2 up.

    As long as we don’t take out the 1344 high, this pattern is still valid. As for going short again, I’d wait until the last couple of hours of the day to let the short term charts all get over bought again.

  23. Gang, since they gaped over the 1320 area I spoke of the video it looks like we are now back to an ABC move up to complete wave 2 up. This would be 1344 down to 1294 as wave one, with 1294 to 1332 as wave A of wave 2 up, and then 1332 down to 1302 as wave B of wave 2 up, and now we are in wave C of 2 up.

    As long as we don’t take out the 1344 high, this pattern is still valid. As for going short again, I’d wait until the last couple of hours of the day to let the short term charts all get over bought again.

    • Richie, Shanky’s H&S pattern is likely a match for an ABC pattern too. If the market breaks out of the triangle/wedge that it’s in right now, then it could hit that black line for a backtest in that chart. That would be 1333-1335 depending on when it hits it.

    • Richie, Shanky’s H&S pattern is likely a match for an ABC pattern too. If the market breaks out of the triangle/wedge that it’s in right now, then it could hit that black line for a backtest in that chart. That would be 1333-1335 depending on when it hits it.

    • Richie, Shanky’s H&S pattern is likely a match for an ABC pattern too. If the market breaks out of the triangle/wedge that it’s in right now, then it could hit that black line for a backtest in that chart. That would be 1333-1335 depending on when it hits it.

  24. Another Spy FP at 11:22 am – 132.39 sending the print to Red…. someday I will learn how to do this

    • I see it Dee, and I got your email. That’s most likely a late fill because it’s the same level of the gap window. And by the way, I’m still learning too.

    • Yes, this sucks! The odds of the market tanking tomorrow are extremely low now. I’m glad I stayed in cash. I knew that 1320 level was the key. If the market had opened flat and steadily rose all day, it would have hit that level and been rejected. (I would have went short then).

      But, they gaped over it and then it’s off to the races. This pattern still looks similar to the late May, early April time period. We could get a quick pop higher tomorrow on good NFP numbers and then sell off hard the rest of the day as reality sits in with the traders that a good number means “no more QE money”, and a possible interest rate rise… all bad for the market.

  25. holy highly controlled market day red!!

    suddenly its as though all the headline risk problems of the world has evaporated and all is good in the world of make believe and candy canes!

    i think the fed turned the optimism numbers around

    • Let’s hope for some blow out numbers tomorrow with the Non-Farm Payroll report! The bulls will get excited and gap it up, and then realize what it really means (the are a little slow you know… LOL).

  26. 1350-1360 has been a long term target out there for a long time by some good tech’s–a gap tommorrow could really get close to that–xlf is the key–banks have not been leading this latest charge–if sp gets close to 1350-1360-and xlf can’t break thru 17.20 Might just be that iIT for now–fwiw

    • Well, that 135.14 spy FP is still out there. That sounds about the same level as 1350 spx or so… and it does make more sense to have a double top area before crashing, as opposed to a single topping day candle.

      • If it so much as hits the recent top, it’s going higher. If it’s not down tomorrow, it’s going higher. Only an event that causes an oil spike can keep it from trucking up to wherever they originally intended it to go, 1400-1500 SPX or so.

        I’m watching oil now, that’s the only thing that will prevent a breakout.

        The employment numbers won’t matter either way. Really low or really high, if oil doesn’t pop hard, then it’s going up tomorrow.

  27. Yeah, but only one. Three thrust, distribution or double-top. If not down tomorrow, pretty hard, then it breaks the descending wedge and away it goes. Oil is really the only wild card now.

    Trichet was obviously ordered by the Fed to make comments that would keep the dollar dump going…just at the right time (there’s no such thing as a coincidence).

    November saw this scenario, and actually made 3 thrusts, and broke the top. Pretty sickening how they can just HFT their way out of any possible bad situation.

  28. Only a big, bad event will affect this market at this point, after the strength today (lack of volume doesn’t matter – it never does). Too much momentum.

    • I like to think it was mutual fund money coming in late, plus the 6-8 POMO money at the same time.
      I’ll take that over some dumb chavez rumor, or libyan news!

      • Very well could be, but there was also a lot of money burned by the HFTs to keep the SPX from closing below 1300. Just a “wait and see” for now, I guess.

    • Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is the only thing that can REALLY tank this market is if all the Fed bobbleheads except Hoenig died in the same car accident. Then, there would be a REAL crash.

      And, FOR THE RECORD, I hope that happens, because what they are doing will result in the deaths of many, many people. Not only outside the US, but inside the US too.

  29. dow and spx 20 and 10 moving averages crossed today. we are at horizontal resistance. both the 60 and 30 charts overbought area. So do you think they will ram it up tomorrow? I think down day. we may have to redraw diagonal resistance when its said and done.

  30. okay, on the spx we usually see higher highs and higher lows after the crossing of the 10 and 20 moving averages occur. even the cute little correction in november saw lower lows after the two crossed. and we are at even more extreme levels now! I think the question is, will it happen this time?Well will it? Punk.

  31. my brother was cleaning his house all day………..said he’s waiting till options to expire. lol. I bet his house is cleeeean.

  32. about what? it closing in the apex, or it being funny he was cleaning his house all day? lol. I know what you mean buddy. but just the probability of lower lows is greater than not. Might not happen tomorrow and probably wont, but I think it will happen though. More damage has been done this time than last time they crossed. Look at symbol… bank, no good. look at bullish percentage today, no good. was the ramp job today to absorb some of the fall tomorrow? Another bloger mentioned that, made sence to me.

  33. also, on the daily we are getting more long red candles in a condensed area than any other time in this ramp job. who wants out, who is proping it back up, whats gonna happen?

  34. disclaimer……..I’ve got my huggies on for tomorrow and hopefully I wont need the wipes. Lol. Okay I best stop drinking and bloggin or Red will make me go back to Market watch. Which is sad, that used to be a good place.

    • Yes, I wasn’t registered with Disquis at that time, but when I did, ACP was taken, so I just changed it a bit.

      • okay, well I regisered all the z’s…..along with “apple” warner brothers” and a long host of other words corporate america wants to own titles of, so will you please take that out! Just kiddin. I still think we see the color red tomorrow Ed. I mean Zed. lol

        • Oh I can top that…I registered “madmanbernanke.com”, so if you, Red, or anyone else has any ideas for how it should be organized, feel free to make suggestions…

          That prick has made me so incensed, I intend to fund that website for the rest of all eternity to make sure everyone knows who jacked up the world.

          • lol. you sure did. you just had to bring up that bastard didnt you? A man has got to know his limitations….lol. Dick Cheney should bring him on a little hunting trip, dont you think. yeah, I remember you as acp, but you seem a little different. Maybe I just dont remember right. sometimes i think no one is on the other end of which whom read or type, do you ever think that?

          • Looking at what’s happening everywhere, all I know is…I wish Charlie Sheen would pass me some of that


  35. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone…
    The Market opens down on good employment news -The dollar declines – silver and gold spikes up – oil is up yet again… CNBC pun dents seem clueless – No one is talking on this post– is everyone just trying to figure out what is going on?

  36. What happens if the US Dollar get Devaluated does the CDN, Euro and other Fiat currency also get Devaluated?
    Stock market: will it go higher or fall to 666 lows on the spx.

    • it “IS” going slow – red!! isn’t it!!

      lets all rub our “go fast” crystals, and get this market selling off!! i mean COME ON – me and WALTER ROTHSCHILD wants us a good ole fashioned 1930 type sell off!!

    • Yes, this is a “toping pattern”… just like late April and early May. I’m not sure exactly where we are in comparison to that pattern, but these up and down wild swing days are a clear sign that the end is near.

    • bk,

      you know there is only one thing that can answer that question of yours – and that’s TIME…..only time will tell…. grade me an “A” for HOPE though – we can hope this is the start!

  37. Gang, Mr. TopStep seem to think that 1349 is in the cards for next week. I don’t know of course, but anything is possible with madman Bernanke printing money like crazy. So, just use your head and don’t get too greedy. While we could crash on Monday, the odds are low. A profit from this selloff shouldn’t be given back from a rally on Mutual Fund Monday.

    As Anna preaches… leave some shorts on for protection, but take profits when they are there. Personally, I think they are having a harder time controlling the price of oil, then the spx. So, I’d rather be long oil over the weekend, then short the manipulated spy.

  38. I’m going to buy a barrel of light, sweet crude and put it in the middle of my living room and worship it.

    I now know how those guys on “Beerfest” felt when they had their first swig of the “secret recipe” from their grandfather.

  39. red,

    Grand Supercycle has stuck his neck out! He is “sticking to my call on Feb 22 that DOW topped @ 12,391 on Feb 18 2011 and thus signals the end of the rally.”

    I consider this important. i have followed this site for years and whereas Grand cycle has a simple blog, his analysis is anything ‘but’ simple.

    So now RED AND GRAND SUPERCYCLE says the top is in! what more do we need to know…


  40. We got a huge print here as they paint the tape all the way down, paper seller comes in to trade on the downtick as the get the print in on the VIX

  41. We got a huge print here as they paint the tape all the way down, paper seller comes in to trade on the downtick as the get the print in on the VIX

  42. We got a huge print here as they paint the tape all the way down, paper seller comes in to trade on the downtick as the get the print in on the VIX

  43. red,

    spx one minute time frame – a broadening formation is what we have – just had 3rd touch…we should sell off from 3rd touch….lets see…

    nope – it just broke out to the upside…..oh well…

        • red,

          you want to continue to stoke bullish sentiment, and this is the way to do it. in the short term we have had 3 higher lows (1294.26,1302.58,1312.59) now – in a wedge type pattern. it all spells “break out” to new highs (if you are a bull). how many people are looking for a “break out” to new lows??? (present company excluded). The sentiment indicators says very few….. i would place my money AGAINST THE OVERCROWDED BULL TRADE……

          i say BULL TRAP – we will find out monday and next week i am sure….

          • red,

            of course the charts are correct – they almost always point UP even when they point DOWN……that is my point…. if you were one of those LONGS on the last day of the month and sell on the 1st day of the month – well THIS month you had your head handed to you!! that is a statement from the ptb….. so eat/drink/live bullish MONDAY……

          • That sounds reasonable, first day of March down, big signal, 3 Black Crows, big signal…but today’s signals tells me that they want everyone to go back to the usual BTFD garbage that has been going on since September. There are a lot of technical areas that they are pulling out all the stops on to stay above. Today was 20DMA. The Nasdy WILL NOT close below the 50DMA. Yes, it’s all bullshit, but that’s what is happening.

  44. Why would anyone want to go long over the weekend… ramp up here at the end.. at this rate we will end green!

  45. Yup, they turned the manipulation machines on overdrive the last, looks like 20 minutes. Probably to get it as close to 20 DMA as possible. Gotta keep the BTFD horseshit going.

    • 24 months of bear traps and the population is close to extinction – now bulls dominate and threaten to overwhelm the environment. nature hands the bulls now – THE BULL TRAP! the paradigm has changed.

  46. Yes, but the easier path for the permabulls is up. Their mandate from the Fed, in exchange for POMO money, is to illegally manipulate the market upwards. However, like you said, time will tell. Oil & silver seem to be good, as long as the Fed illegally keeps the dollar down.

  47. Have a good weekend gang. I hope you all did well today. Monday has high odds of being UP, especially in the morning. I don’t know about the close, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a gap open and rally for several days. The daily chart looks ready to curl back up, and “could” allow for 2-3 days of an UP move.

    • You too Red, have a good weekend… I am headed to the golf course to get in a quick nine … also have a long bike ride and hike planned for this weekend. I can at least enjoy my weekends because I haven’t been enjoying watching this market lately.
      Have you been listening to CNBC talking about the “day of Rage” for next Friday? I too now wonder if it will happen if everyone knows. Or … it could scare everyone ahead of time… we will see. 🙂

    • zerohedge says this comment: Looks like the Egyptian stock market ain’t opening up on Sunday after all:In other news, congratulations to all those who got suckered in by the last 10 minutes short squeeze

  48. Hi Red’s folks 🙂
    As per Red’s Zstocks update on my webinar (thanks to you both!) I am doing a options/spread/basic strategies/greeks webinar tonight @ 6pm EST It is totally free and I would like to share my 14 years of knowledge/education with you. It is filling up and seats are limited so please register soon
    questions and answers interactive to answer those nagging questions about options/ how to open/close spreads/what role greeks play and much more.
    I hope to see you there 🙂

  49. i think folks can use the vix, to determine which way to place trades. I noticed the 15-18 price channel, evaporated, since crude and libya hit the headlines. throw those prices out 15-18, and i get my new… go long go short, the market signals. 19 short, 22-23 go long

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