Weekend Update – Still In A Topping Period


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Thursday Update...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSCvjC-V2aM)

A beautiful day in the market today... if you're a bear! As for Friday... I expect a bounce in the morning and then selling into close. While it's possible the bounce takes all day and ends the day with a positive close, the odds are low. Tomorrow has NO POMO money and once the 30 minute chart gets overbought again, I think we'll see selling into close... which "could" lead to a mini stock market crash? Meaning 500 DOW points or more? I won't stay it's going to happen, but instead stay that the charts support it.



Tuesday Update...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fFZJFYFPlg)

We could have more upside tomorrow, and even a possible double top (with a slight pierce to make a new high), but a crash is just days away.  If it doesn't start by this Friday, then I expect some event to happen over the weekend to start the sell off on Monday.



Monday Update...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV_yf__8-NY)



Stock Market Crash Delayed Again... (no surprise there!).

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsE61NEXFNk)

The Bulls are slowly dying but I suspect they will try for one more new high this week, before finally rolling over and giving up.  The pattern that we are in is very similar to the topping period in late April.  The weekly chart is showing clear signs that the market is doom and will rollover very soon.

However, the daily chart says that the market "could" go put in a new high?  We are still in a rising channel and haven't broken out of it yet.  This whipsaw action is too be expected when the bulls are finally running out of steam.  Oil is telling us the real story here, at it's been rising steadily every day like Lindsey Williams said it would.

The coming Friday, 3-11-11, is when the Muslim Brotherhood is scheduled to have their "Day of Rage", which is funded by the CIA, who was told to do so by the Elite Gangsters in an attempt to disrupt the oil flow out of that region.  If they succeed, then the Muslim Brotherhood will probably blow something up over there and cause the oil price to skyrocket over night... again, just like Lindsey Williams stated.

Will it happen?  I don't know... but so far oil "IS" rising in price very rapidly.  Trying to short the market seems like throwing money away when the gangsters manipulate it back up with POMO money... just like they did on Friday in the last 30 minutes of the day.  Going long on oil seems to be a safer bet (I'd say "investment", but you all know that it's just gambling when you are playing in a rigged market).

So, it seems that we could still be in Primary wave 2.4, or something... as it looks likely that the bulls are going to attempt to take out the current high.  If they don't, then I guess we have started the P3 move down.  We won't know until it's half way into it anyway, so who really cares!

Ben Fulford did an interview with Jeff Rense, which is below...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7UUzrdARok)

Ben's latest in text... http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2011/02/28/ben-fulford-february-28-2011-the-end-game-for-the-federal-reserve-board-crime-syndicate-is-truly-near/

Ben speaks of how the Federal Reverse cabal is now freezing rich peoples' money so they can continue to fund the ponzi scheme with the paying of interest on debt.  A Rothschild member told Fulford that from numerical calculations that can't go past June of this year... at the very latest!  That's why this market hasn't crashed yet... they are robbing rich American millionaires to keep the game going for a little bit longer.  What Thieves!

I think every bear will just throw in the towel if they push this market up into June.  But, that's not a prediction, only a calculation of when the crap "Must" hit the fan... it certainly could hit it much earlier, (as in next week?).  Soon, oil will reach a level that will be viewed by the market as bad for the recovery... which means a sell off in equities.

That FP of 135.14 spy could be our upside target for next week?  Just remember, these FP's (that are "real one's" and not false one's) only indicate that the market "will" go to that level... not that it will immediately rollover when it hit's it.  You seen what happen with the DIA 118.16 print... the market hit it, rolled over to 117.04, and then rallied back up past it.

I wouldn't call that much of a "turn" in the market... one point!  Please!  But it was hit, just like it was meant to be.  Maybe if I hadn't exposed it so much it might have been the top?  Who knows?  I doubt that they changed their plans simply based on my little website exposing it, but anything is possible.  I think the more plausible answer is that the money they are currently stealing from rich American's (and every other trick they are using to raise capital) is what they are using to fuel the rally a little longer (and higher of course).

Of all the video's, audio's and article's I seen, hear, and read... no one knows what it really going to happen!  From now until December the 21st, 2012 we are in "uncharted territory.  Even the aliens don't know, and they have the ability to travel to the future and the past.  Of all the interviews I've seen, every person that is in contact with any or all of these aliens... all say the same thing "The Future is Unwritten"!

How interesting is that?  I think it's pretty cool that "history" isn't already written and that "We The People" can change it into something positive instead of negative.  Clearly, from listening to Ben Fulford, we can have a bright and wonderful future ahead of us.  Maybe the market won't crash and hyper-inflation will keep it up... just like it did after the 1999 tech bubble crash.  It's possible?

While I believe that TPTB want to crash the market so they can buy up everything at 10 cents on the dollar, they seem to be losing control.  While I total believe that Lindsey Williams is telling the truth and has been correct in the past on every call, what if TPTB are using Lindsey to spread fear (unknowingly of course) and they actually "need" him to be able to pull it all off?

It's hard too say what's "real" and what's "allowed" anymore.  They haven't shutdown Alex Jones yet... why?  Do they support him?  Alex is helping them by spreading "fear", but at the same time he is promoting peaceful actions to over take and arrest the gangsters.  It can all be mind boggling sometimes.  I'd like to just throw it all out and just go back to reading the technicals on the charts to forecast the market, instead of trying to forecast what the gangsters plan to do next.

Problem is, the technical don't always work.  Sometimes they work very precisely and then TPTB throw you a  curve ball and manipulate the market higher on no logical reason... just like they did the last 30 minutes of the day on Friday.  So what's in store for Monday?  More upside probably.  The daily chart seems like it wants to push back up, and it oil backs off a little next week, then the market could go higher.

Oil is hitting a triple top from the first week of April, 2010 and the third week of October, 2009.  Triple tops are rare of course, but that doesn't mean it's should just push right through on the first hit of it.  It should back off some, which could happen next week and then push up past it to new highs.  If it sells off some next week the market could rally a little higher.

That's what I expect to happen... a move down to retest low resistance now support, and then for an explosive move up the following week.  The weekly oil chart is very bullish, with the histogram bars coming up to the zero level from being in oversold territory for quite a long time.  I suspect they we simply reset the daily charts this week and allow them to work off how overbought they currently are.

The question, even if oil backs off a little next week, will the market be able to breakthrough the current top and put in a new high?  Danny Riley at Mr. TopStep seems to think so.  He's call on Friday was to see 1349 spx within a couple of weeks.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCxOsanTSG0)

I'm certainly not says that these guys are always right, but considering that he's on the trading floor everyday, and can get a sense or feeling from what the other traders are thinking, I'd say his comments are certainly worth listening too.  Beside that, the 1349 spx level will probably match up with the 135.14 spy FP... which is another reason to think it's possible.

It's really going to depend on what oil does I believe.  If oil doesn't back down next week, the market is really going to struggle to go higher.  I still believe we are in a topping period that can't last too much longer.  They stretched that April topping period out to almost 3 weeks.  We're entering week 3 this week, so the clock is ticking...

The only wildcard is if the gangsters can steal enough money to keep the market up until June as that's all that is possible from numerical calculations given to Ben Fulford by his Rothschild insider source.  Personally, I think they will fail.  The weekly chart is looking pretty sick right now, and the "Day of Rage" is this coming Friday.  That means higher oil prices, and that spells trouble for the stock market.

I'm looking for a spot to go long oil as I do think it will pull back some next week.  Rarely does any chart push through a double or triple top without pulling back for a few days to reset itself.  I'm looking for the media to spin something positive next week, that will allow oil to cool off some.   A final top in the market is near... I'm sure of that, as once oil breaks through that triple top area the market will collapse.

Good luck everyone,



  1. The market sure is struggling here as oil just doesn’t want to back off any. Once the short term charts get overbought we could see another move down… unless oil calms down, which it isn’t looking like it wants too right now.

  2. wow red,

    i just got in….although i was talking my book on friday, and reeeaaally hoping the market would go down – i knew the charts were pointing up, and you said as much…..all i have to say is “wow” – the sun shineth! go figure….

  3. Yeah guys… this took me by surprise, just like it was suppose too I guess. We had 3 higher lowers and all the short term charts point up, which would normally be a indication that the market was going to rally… especially on Bullish Monday!

    But they decided to trick the bears and panic the bulls today I guess. Funny thing is… we should be moving back up, as Gold, Silver, and Oil have been selling off some today? Strange?

    • Looks like they’re playing a little bait-and-switch to shake out the little guys. The tank job on March 1, the Mutual Fund Monday selloff today. It’s all just reindeer games. I think they’re still in control and will be painting the charts at the last minute to keep everything technically bullish.

    • Volume on the spy is 118 million right now, and there is 3 hours to go yet. We could hit 200 million, or a little lower. This move down still doesn’t look like panic selling, but more like a technical sell off and profit taking.

      • i agree with that characterization red,

        i have yet to see anything really impulsive since the 1344.07 top. selloffs have a controlled look to them…..

        • Yes Richie, I’m thinking one more move up and then the real panic starts. Oil, Gold and Silver seem to be ready to take a breather and drop down some. This should give the market boost tomorrow I believe. However, as far as a new high in the market… I don’t know?

          • i would like to see that 1294 low taken out before the bounce – that would be on my wish list!!

            red – i can still dream can’t i?? lol

  4. Why aren’t people just holding shorts? Why do they keep “expecting new highs”? Makes no sense, all trend indicators were down heading into Friday, most notably the VIX trading above the Bollinger Band midline. A long position should never be held in that circumstance. NEVER.

    • Don’t worry about that, I’m certainly not going long. I’m just shorting bounces. At this point, I don’t think a new high is coming, but just a bounce tomorrow and possibly Wednesday.

  5. red,

    so what do you think? in terms of wave structure, are we in a corrective mode here, or are we subdividing into a series of 1-2’s, i-ii’s, (i-ii)’s?

  6. Going back to Friday, 3-11-11… Everyone in MSM, CNBS and alike, both guests and staff are using word “hope”, when referring to Saudi Arabia…”I hope nothings happens in SA”, “I can’t change my portfolio based on priced on oil, I hope it will sort itself out”, many others but always “hope”…no one has appropriate hedge for such event… given that every other “day of rage” followed through, I don’t see the difference…SA King shared the least with his people, given the size of oil wealth revenues coming in…
    So no need to rush until Friday, they may try to pump this up, to offload few more longs…

    • I’m thinking they will do just that MsChemeng… pump this up to sucker in more longs. Then “Bam”… some oil fields blow up and down goes the market! (over the weekend when everyone is trapped of course)

  7. Anna must be loving days like today. Mini trader’s dream. And oil had some beautiful channel action. And…the Nasdy yet again landed right on its 20DMA. The bots are REALLY trying to protect that one. I’m watching that for what will happen next.

  8. Totally in cash and one small profitable position in faz. My good friend just informed me that she cannot get any more dried food. Fema put in an order for 1 billion dollars worth. No one can get any for a while.

    • At his age, 47, with his supposed drug and alcohol use, there should be a plethora of liver spots. NOT ONE. This guy is an imposter, and I didn’t need to see this pic, to figure that out.

  9. This sideways movement appears to be forming a bull flag on the 5 minute chart. But, there is a lot of resistance at this area… not sure if it can push through or not?

  10. Thinking like a gangster… here’s what I would have done to rally the market.

    Plan the rally around the time oil makes a triple top… Done! Oil is now backing off some, as I expected it would.

    At the same time you would want Gold and Silver to hit a top and for them to back off some too… which they are.

    Finally, to add that little bit of extra juice needed for a rally… I’d gap the Dollar UP in the morning so I could sell it off some to push the market up. Done!

    Good job Bernanke!

      • As I pointed out in this post, rarely does anything push straight through a double or triple top without a pull back first. Oil is pulling back now and might do so until later in the week. Of course I think it’s just going to be a great buying opportunity for next week.

  11. The bulls cut through that 1322 spx resistance level like butter! Let’s see if they can put in a double top or not? That would be good for the bears as the market rarely has a big sell off on a single top.

    A double topping area is too be expected before a huge wave of selling. I think they might actually get it this week… maybe even hit that 135.14 spy print for a slight pierce. Just be ready to short gang, as this coming weekend could have some unknown “event” happen, and next Monday could be Bloody Bulls Monday. LOL

  12. Oil is trying to break out of today’s range. If it does, we’ll see your pullback in ES.

      • Hard to tell, PPT to the rescue today. I think oil is still key. The dollar isn’t having any effect, as you mentioned.

        There was already a day of rage in Egypt during that crisis and I don’t think that had any effect on that particular day. I still think the bias will be up. Again, they still have the power to take it up, so it’s just headline risk that might push this market down. I think oil may have a correction soon, which, of course, would push ES up past the recent top. That is, unless something big happens soon.

        • Yeah… it’s a very sleepy day today. Volume is light, and not much news out that the market doesn’t already know and have factored in. I think they will pop over this downward sloping trendline of resistance tomorrow morning, and then up to test the next level.

    • I heard that the “Day of Rage” has been canceled, as they didn’t have enough people to show up. It was in a twit on Mr. TopStep’s twitter account.

      Sounds like the gangsters planned to pull a fast one on use sheep again. Now what do you bet they pull another fast one and still do it?

  13. Oh man, I didn’t notice the oil wedgie until today! We’ll know which direction it’s going to tomorrow, and probably ES too.

    • red,

      calling the actions of a top is singley the toughest thing to do in trading! i applaud you for making the calls!!!

  14. Short-term…big build in oil, drawdown in gasoline. But the “for the now” market doesn’t care about gasoline, so since oil didn’t make a new high…this may be it for now for oil…

    • Oil taking a big hit now, yowsa! If this continues, we’ll get your double top before a significant move downward.

  15. how is volume today??? anybody…i am not by my platform i can only see the charts from the device i am using…..

  16. what boggles my mind is that PIMco’s bill gross has telegraphed the fact that QE3 will NOT happen! who the heck are you going to sell to in 2.5 months? who will be the market bid at that point?? who will you sell to? i would think that you would see much heavier selling from the lemmings on that news….are you kidding me – LOW VOLUME – REAALLY!!!!!

    • No QE3 temporarily, in order to tank commodity prices. It’s all a sham. Then QE3 will be introduced after the commodity bust.


    • oh how I’ve been there. several times.
      I have a test now.
      if my 30min candles overlap each other repeatedly, it’s time to take the trade off, or set some triggers(stops).
      my 2 grams.

  18. Don’t worry too much…look at the volume on a weekly chart of VXX.
    I think the fall is going to happen very fast. Sneaky purchases happening for 3
    weeks now… the most buying volume EVER SINCE ITS INCEPTION! Hang in there Richie, be patient.

    • thanks k,

      i will hang in there – i needed to blow off some frustration, and get that off my chest…… all will happen when it happens ….

  19. Gang… no video tonight. I have no idea which way the market will break tomorrow? I only say 60/40 in favor of the bulls because symmetrical triangles are usually continuation patterns, but not always.

    So… we wait until tomorrow comes to see which side the coin lands on? Heads or Tails?

  20. Silver is supposedly in a “parabolic” state and all it does it dick around all day.

    -+10 cents.

  21. Guys and gals. I think we have been waiting for something to come out of the Middle East to bring our markets down. But I think the big surprise that we never expected might just be what’s about to happ

  22. Guys and gals. I think we have been waiting for something to come out of the Middle East to bring our markets down. But I think the big surprise that we never expected might just be what’s about to happ

  23. I spend all day trying to make posts here and now I finally can and I am exhausted.

    Is the bitchin warlock working for “the enligtened ones”. If he is he’s sacrificing 2 million per episode.
    http://www.twitpic.com/45ge8f Interesting choice of number and how they are cut off in the photo

    Warlock time with #29 highlighted as well as 56 and the 5:37 (87 and # seen in the Back to Future segment of the Academy Awards intro) time or 11:7 time depending on how one views the watch. Second hand crosses the 1 of 11 in the circle and then touches 27 minutes for 127. Bambino ring===127 or 10-27 World Series.

    • You really think they will rally back up after breaking the trendline in the afterhours/premarket session? I don’t think we are going back up to the right side of that “T”.

  24. SO FAR that “patience” word works. Red your CRASH predictions may finally be coming and you may not need to say “NEXT WEEK” anymore.:)

          • I’ll take that bet. But on a serious note I know we have talked about the dollar/market moves down at the same time in the last couple of weeks. Take a look at the UUP chart… looks like a hit of the 20 day moving avg.
            now, but a move up to the 50dma and a reverse back down would set us up for an inverse head and shoulders.Back to dollar up/market down? Time will tell i guess but just trying to stay ahead of the “GAME”.

          • I don’t know what to say about the dollar, as it’s heavily manipulated. It should of course bounce higher temporarily, but will crash in the end… just like what Lindsey Williams said.

  25. Seems like the price protection team may be investing some more of our tax dollars into this sinking ship.What a mess.

      • The open was 131 so I was wondering if you thought a late fill… what was the volume on that? the time didn’t seem significant nor the amount (as far as numbers go). Maybe they want some to think it will go back up to trap some bulls and get the bears to cover??? I am still in and should have covered at the lows.

        • The 5 and 15 minute charts need time to reset Dee, and I believe they told us the target with that FP. It doesn’t match up with the open, so I believe it’s real. I’ll look to reshort once it hits that area, and the charts match up in “overbought” territory too.

    • It should take most of the day to reach that level Dee, but it should hit it before the last hour today. The short term charts are pretty oversold right now, so a bounce is to be expected.

    • Of course it’s less then the selling… only the government is buying here! No smart trader or smart money would be that foolish. They are just waiting on the bounce to get short again. As for the amount, hard too tell? But it’s much less then the selling volume.

  26. UH OH! JOE THE PLUMBER just show up at Wisconsin State Capitol.:) With a huge protest planned for this weekend, the “MIDWEST” may just be our version of the “MIDDLE EAST”. This also could cause problems for our markets next week.

  27. Very nice move down… I’m surprised it went down so far that fast. I missed it as I’m still in cash waiting for the short term charts to get overbought. Well, it’s better to have missed a move, then to have been caught on the wrong side of one!

    • Damn, I had just copied the link and was going to paste it into a new comment box! A day late and a dollar short!

    • Damn, I had just copied the link and was going to paste it into a new comment box! A day late and a dollar short!

    • We should bounce back up on the market tomorrow morning I believe, but the close tomorrow could be ugly. A lot of technical damage was done today. I’ll wait for tomorrow before re-entering short again. After all, who’s going to hold over the weekend? (Plus, there’s NO POMO money tomorrow).

      • So in other words, sell down tomorrow, then buy the gap down on Monday when they perform a standard criminal short squeeze.

  28. Oh – yea – tomorrow is 3-11-11 and start of Battle LA. Is the “day of rage” still on? I am a bit out of the news loop today.

  29. I don’t think anyone is really concerned of a big fall in this market due to the fed pomo, but I believe THE VIX AND VXX is very cheap right now considering what type of dire possibilities are out there.

  30. Well fellas, we had a powerful down move as advertised. Looking for a snap back tomorrow. OPX next week, time to be bullish again.

    • I wouldn’t count on a bullish week next week Robert. While I agree with you that OPX weeks are normally bullish, the charts are very bearish right now. I don’t think the “they” will be able to rally it up very much against all the downward pressure on the market right now… POMO or NO POMO!

    • Your energy weapon was used in Japan today, causing an 8.8 earthquake.

      That’s F’n huge!!! What was that thing called again? NKD futures -300 from the daily low of -300, for a total of -600 on the day.

      That was the 3/11 plan!

  31. Looks like the evil cabal is at it again, as I don’t believe that earthquake in Japan was natural. I’d lay odds on it that HAARP was used on them, and Bush/Clinton/Cheney, etc… were behind it! So sad! These bastards need to be arrested and hung for crimes against humanity!

    • red,

      omg, i woke up this morning and when i saw the news i said exactly the same thing – this was UNnatural an event if i ever did see one! 3/11/11 – sure!!!

        • why isn’t our market responding… the whole world (markets) tanked and we are screwing around here today… unreal… with no POMO I thought we would continue down…

          • It’s just working off oversold conditions Dee. Once the 30 minute chart resets, I think we’ll see some more selling. Probably later today as it could take several hours to reset the charts.

  32. anna

    WOW!!! omg i feel like a big ole slab of buttah melting over a huge pile of flapjacks!! that is a serious potential FP… did you get the print of that trade??

    • I think they used HAARP on it, and Reinhardt seems to think so too…

      http://www.enterprisecorruption.com (scroll down the page and look at the picture titled “Got Global Labor Troubles?”)

      His theory is based on getting rid of labor trouble, but mine is simply that the gangsters are wanting to distract everyone from the coming financial meltdown.

        • No Dee, I don’t subscribe. I just read what he posts on his blog. He’s been right on many things in the past, and he’s just one more person that believes the gangsters caused the earthquake in Japan. I’m sure Ben Fulford will get us some information about it when he makes his next post.

  33. We’re putting in a bull flag here (on the 5 minute chart). I think they will take it higher before the close. The 60 minute chart has turned up sharply, as well as the 30 minute chart. We could push up to 1310 spx by the EOD.

    The volume started out strong, but has fell off a cliff right now. Light volume always seems to favor the bulls (I wonder why?)… LOL

    • HFTs are going crazy pushing up the S&P. I wouldn’t be surprised if they let this market fall on Monday just so they can buy it right back up with fresh POMO money. What a bunch of criminals.

  34. Well, I’m not sure what to do here? The charts aren’t much help, and the fear of POMO makes me hesitate to go short over the weekend. But, we’ve had our retracement and should rollover Monday morning (how Monday closes is unknown?).

    • I think it’s a good place to short. Even in the most bullish case, there will be a drop down to SPY 130.21 to complete the pattern. I’m not sure but I am holding some May puts and other short ETFs for the longer-term because I know eventually these levels will break, although a new high could come in March.

    • I like how the criminals left it open-ended by closing just below the support that turned the SPX back down yesterday. Nice poke in the eye.

    • Red, can you tell me how you placed your bet on options ? what stock option ? and what expiration and cost ? I am curious .. on how you play it.. thanks.

      • Well, this time I bought some FAS puts that were “in the money” so I don’t get killed with time decay over the weekend. They expire next Friday, but I plan to dump them Monday morning, and shouldn’t need the extra time. Their strike price is 32, and FAS is currently at 30.47 (so it’s 1.53 cent in the money already).

        I paid $1.88 for them, so I only have .35 cent of time and vix expense in the option. I think we will drop early Monday morning and at least retest the low from today at 29.40… which means the options will have $2.60 of real value in them, plus the time and vix premium.

  35. Hey Red,

    Just for S’s & G’s – while looking at the multiple prints, I noticed that if you place your pointer in the exact middle of the group (vertical), and look at the following day, most of the time you see either a level of support or resistance. The single prints seem to measure where they want the market to go on an absolute basis.

    Check out the 2 prints yesterday…the single print hits EXACTLY, I mean EXACTLY the midpoint of that group of prints after hours. I think this could be what they mean and will be testing this theory.

      • Did you get the charts – emails? If so do you think those are valid? I wish my 52.27 Q’s would hit…

          • A time machine would be really handy… we could figure out how to recapture the money we have lost in this charade! LOL Have a good weekend 🙂

  36. If that nuke plant blows in Japan it will tank the market in addition to all the other problems that will happen….

      • O.k Red, charts are looking iffy but Massive Pomo still going into the market. March seasonal Opx week is typically bullish and Fed day usually brings smiles to the bulls. If we close below 1295 then my bear hat comes on. Don’t fight the Fed or crooks….

      • O.k Red, charts are looking iffy but Massive Pomo still going into the market. March seasonal Opx week is typically bullish and Fed day usually brings smiles to the bulls. If we close below 1295 then my bear hat comes on. Don’t fight the Fed or crooks….

    • I wouldn’t get long this market. I’m with Red on this one. Weekly macd readyto cross to downside on Dow and spx and already crossed on nas.
      i think its about to get ugly boys and girls.

    • I wouldn’t get long this market. I’m with Red on this one. Weekly macd readyto cross to downside on Dow and spx and already crossed on nas.
      i think its about to get ugly boys and girls.

  37. Gang, I have the weekend post done, but not the video. It will be later tonight, probably after 8pm est. Sorry, it’s long post… Don’t forget to attend Anna’s free webinar today at 5pm.

  38. Gang, sorry for the delay. I just put the weekend post up, but it will be another hour before the video is up. I had a bunch of stuff to do today and just got back. I’m going to work on the video now and will upload within the next hour. See you on the new post…


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