Weekend Update – Japan Earthquake Was Likely Done By HAARP!


The Future Are Looking UGLY! We could really crash this week...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otoyTZys-rw)

And who controls the HAARP (High Frequency Active Aurora Research Program) machine?

The Evil Illuminati Gangsters of course, but more specific... the Cabal.  Who is in the Cabal?  The Bush's (both George H. and George W.), as well as the Clinton's, Dick Chaney and numerous others that we don't know about.

Yes, George H. Bush was likely the one that turned on the HAARP machine, created the earthquake in Japan, and killed thousands of innocent people.  This video (with Benjamin Fulford) gives you proof that clearly points to HAARP, as opposed to a natural disaster.  I know that many people don't believe that a certain faction of our government is capable and responsible for killing all those people, but let me assure you... THEY ARE!

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4uoregY2GI)

Of course these evil gangster Illuminati thugs are also very ritualistic, and love certain numbers.   The number 11 and 111 is very important, and the earthquake happened on 3-11-11, (which was just a coincidence I'm sure?).  The Free Masons are where many of these gangsters hide, and reaching a level of "One Hundredth Eleventh" degree... which is only for the Elite, and most Evil of the Illuminati.

Search out pictures of Barrack Obama, George H. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Dick Chancy, George Soro's, Warren Buffet, David Rockefeller, and many others... and you will find them all wearing a Free Mason rings.  These people are pure evil and they don't care who they have too kill to get whatever they want.

They are hell bent on creating their "New World Order" to control us sheep even more then we currently already are.

They want us as their slaves and have already enslaved us to the monetary system.  That why they are going to crash the stock market sometime this year, because they want to steal every last dime you have.  They plan to buy up all the companies after the economy crashes for pennies on the dollar.

Then they will own everything in America, and everyone will be working for the government... which is controlled and owned by these Elite gangsters, who are Trillionaires... not Billionaires!  Only a dozen men rule this planet, from there it flows down to the lower minions like the Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Dictators... who are put into those positions, not elected.  Below them of course are the thugs like Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner, and all of the Senators and 90% of the Congressmen too.

The same is true for each of the other countries in the world, as each lower minion has his/her place in this pyramid with one "all seeing" eye on top.  Hollywood is completely controlled by them, and it's how they program us sheep with their movies, music, and television garbage.  Look at all the stars that are brainwashed, and use all kinds of Illuminati images and signs in their music and movies.  It's truly sad how many have sold their souls to the darkside for fame and fortune.

And of course the stock market is controlled and manipulated by this gangsters... which leads me to the next subject: Fake Prints (FP)!  Here's a new FP showing the SPY at 138.8681, which showed up at 16:55 (4:55 pm) on 03-10-2011 and has a volume of  4,290 shares traded.

What does that mean?

It means this rally isn't over and they plan to push the market up to that level before the year is over I believe.  Since the POMO money (quantitative easing 2) ends in June, I'd say they will have too hit the print before then as the market WILL Collapse without this monopoly money that Bernanke keeps injecting into it.

I just don't know "When" this print will be hit?  Could it be on 04-29, as indicated by the volume?  I can't answer that of course.  However, if the market fails to go lower this week and cross the zero level on the histogram bars for the weekly chart, then they could push it up to that target within the next few weeks... maybe even this coming week?  That's one big short squeeze... but it's possible!

Here's the thing though... the traders know that QE2 ends in June and will likely be exiting long before then.  While it's possible that they could continue up until then, the odds are stacked against it.  What trader in his/her right mind is going to stay long up until the last day of the POMO auctions?   Only the very foolish I believe.  They will all be backing out of their longs weeks and even months in advance of that time period.

So, that makes me think that the market will start to sell off long before June, and then really dump hard after the cocaine addicted market gets its' supply cut off and goes into detox!  As for oil, remember what Lindsey Williams said... "Oil is to go to $200.00 per barrel by the end of 2012", and could get there a lot faster if some planned event cuts off the oil supplies from the middle east.

As for the Muslim Brotherhood's "Day of Rage"... looks like it was all stage to sucker the retail trader into going long on oil.  Oil has already pulled back some last week and could continue down some more this week... all planned by the gangsters of course, as they used their control and ownership of the Main Stream Media (MSM) to let everyone of us sheep know about this "Day of Rage" well in advance.

This of course lead many people into getting their money stolen again, as they were likely forced to sell their longs on oil at a lost.  More tricks by the gangsters!  Just remember, if it's on the MSM... it's a trick, designed to take your money!  Learn to do the opposite of what the MSM says, (and especially Jim Cramer) and you'll save yourself a fortune (and maybe make one too?).

So, is the market going to rally or tank next week?

Man... if I knew that, I'd be rich by now!  The charts say we will go down and close the week lower, which could put the weekly chart into negative territory on the histogram bars.  But my gut tells me that they will defy the charts and run it up because it's an options expiration week, and they are usually bullish.  There is too much open interest on the "puts" for the strike prices at 130 and below.

Since the gangsters want to steal those people's money and not pay them for their puts, it's common to see them run the market higher to make all those puts expire worthless.  Does this mean they will run it up to the new FP of 138.86 SPY this week?  I don't know... but anything is possible.

The new FP, normal bullish opx, too many puts below the 130 strike price, and let's not forget the 5 days in a row of new POMO money... all has me worried that they will once again trick the bears and ram this thing higher one more time next week.  The failure to break through 1300 spx, and confirm it with a 2nd close below it... is unfortunately "not good" for the bears.

The market is still pointing down on the daily and weekly charts, but the daily "could" hook back up at anytime now.  The weekly could hover around the zero level on the histogram bars for several weeks before collapsing below it.  It did it for almost 3 months at the end of 2009, so they could push this out further before this Primary Wave 2 up is finally over.

We bears need to see 1300 spx taken out and confirmed!

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0S_iqNLS1M)

Only then will I believe that we are likely done with P2 and starting P3 down.  Note the monthly chart and you can see that this "C" wave up in Primary Wave 2 isn't as long as the "A" wave up.  That has me concerned as usually the C wave matches the A wave or is longer.  While I'm not an Elliottwave expert, I believe that statement is correct.

The possible scenario is that we go up this coming week, but not take out the current high and only put in a backtest of the broken trendline from last September.  Since the trendline is moving up, I can't tell you a level, as it depends on what day it hits it?  It will rise higher every day next week by a little more, so it could be at the double top area by the end of the week.

Now for the bearish scenario...

There is a new article out on ZeroHedge that shows a new group of people called "Hacker Collective Anonymous" now has damaging documents on Bank of America, which they plan to release on Monday.  Tyler Durden thinks it might be the same information that Wikileaks had, and they simply handed over the data to another group.  That's a strong possibility I believe.

Remember what I said about Wikileaks in the past... "they a funded by George Soro's, and that means they are likely controlled by the Illuminati too".  Well, after all the news about Wikileaks releasing damaging data early this year... did they do it?  No, of course not... the gangsters seem to have gotten to them and threaten them enough to stay quiet.

Or, this was the plan the entire time?  To release data when the market has finally topped, which "if" they release it on Monday, (and it's really damaging), the financial stocks will all tank as where there is one bad apple in the basket, there is likely others too.  That doesn't mean that the S&P500, DOW, Nasdaq, etc... will tank too, as the gangsters can buy the up with other sectors in the market.

But, overall... if the news is bad enough, we should still see some selling early in the morning.  Then possibly the POMO money will come in a save the day by rallying the market once again.  It's really hard too say, as I don't know what the data is, or how damaging it will be to Bank of Satan (I mean Bank of America).

Anyway, to find out more about it, go to this website Monday morning to see what they release...


The key here goes back to breaking that support level around 1300 spx (and 12,000 DOW) with at least 2 daily closes below it.  If that happens, then I do believe the bears will rejoice as the weekly chart will likely go below the zero level on the histogram bars and probably stay that way for many weeks as the selling gets deeper and deeper.

The only thing that bugs me is that new FP of 138.86 on the SPY.  When will it hit?  Will it be later this year after a sell off of 10-20% in the market, or is it going to be hit within a few weeks, and then sell off?  Remember, according to Ben Fulford's source (a Rothschild member), after all the number crunching... the gangsters can't hold the market and the economy up past June of this year.  It's impossible no matter how much money they print.  The math doesn't allow it... meaning it MUST collapse!

Of course that's also the time period that the POMO ends, and I don't think QE3 is coming... or would even help if it was.  Knowing that all the traders are aware of this, I'll say it again... "Traders will likely sell weeks and months in front of the official end of QE2".  That means we are more likely to go up and put in that new high of 138.86 within a few weeks first, and then start selling off with some sort of Major Wave One down in front of the June period, leaving the period after that for Major Wave Three down to happen.

This is all just spectulation of course, but is makes sense to have a Major Wave Three down (inside of Primary Wave 3) right after the POMO ends.  This means the old saying of "Sell in May and Go Away" will likely ring true this year.  If I was a big time trader, I'd probably try to sell a little earlier then May... just so I could get ahead the other traders.  Of course I'm sure they will be thinking the same thing too!

Could the volume of 4,290 mean the print will be hit on April the 29th?  I wish I knew the answer to that.  I'm sure there is a coded message in the time, date and volume of that print... but I don't know what it is?  The end of April would certainly line up well with the "Sell in May and Go Away" crowd.  That would imply that we will go down some this week and possibly next week, and find a bottom somewhere... allowing a rally up into the end of April.

On the short term charts...

Monday looks to me like it will sell off in the morning to reset the overbought short term charts.  After a dip down to some higher low, or to retest support, it could turn back up as the POMO money comes in to save the day once again.  This all assumes the Bank of America data doesn't affect the market negatively.  If it does... then we should break the support and sell off all day long Monday.

I'm just going to pretend nothing comes of the news, as it "may or may not" have been planned to be released Monday... something we won't know about until it's over.  The gangsters still have control of this market, and the news that comes out it seems.  Maybe Julian Assange was really a good guy in the beginning, but later got threaten and bought out by the evil cabal (through George Soro's of course), and wasn't actually part of the Illuminati's planned release of timed data to crash the market?

While they are clearly still in control it seems, there are always new threats to their evil empire that pop up from time to time.  They will of course do their usually "containment strategies", which always en-tells "buying them out", "threatening them", "dis-crediting them in public", and if all else fails... "eliminating them".  What else is a gangster to do anyway, but use force?  They aren't exactly the brights people... in fact I'd call them stupid son of b@tches that will be welcome with open arm one day when they get dragged into HELL!

Do you think I go too far sometimes?

I've often wondered if my continued bashing of the Evil Illuminati Gangsters oftens you wonderful readers of my blog posts?  I think I right about them some much but I don't see enough people standing up for themselves and telling the thugs to kiss their a@s!  What these people did to those innocent people in Japan is horrible!  It's outright MURDER!  These people are sick, and need to be stopped ASAP!

I'm doing my part to wake everyone up that I can, as they can be stopped... if everyone will rise up and their part by spreading the news.  Copy this article and post it everywhere.  Link to it, click on the share button... just do something!  Good only wins if they stand up to Evil!  You'll never convince me that they 8.9 earthquake in Japan was natural... HAARP was used to create it!

And who is in control of HAARP?  Say it with me again...  "The EVIL CABAL, made up of the Bush's, the Clinton's, Chaney, and many others".  Was Obama in on it too?  Probably, but he's not as well connected as Bush Sr.,  so he probably didn't have much say so in the matter.  He's still guilty of other crimes against humanity, so don't think he's innocent and here to save us... it's ain't so!

Anyway, I get on a rant and rave sometimes and just can't stop typing... especially when I get so angry and frustrated that I can't personally stop these evil people.  So, I just pore out my thoughts and frustrations on this blog.  I hope you don't mind and don't hold it against me.  I'm just a simple human being that want's world peace and doesn't understand why there has too be so much evil in the world.  I just wasn't raise to hate anyone... not for race, religion, color, or sexual preference.  We are all just immortal spirits inhabiting this body... why can't we all just get along?

Peace to the world,



      • I seen that, and I was stupid enough to go short on FAS anyway… LOL! Maybe they really will release some damaging news on the Bank of Satan Monday and the market will tank? (at least the financials should)

    • I’m not sure what “fake missile report” you are talking about? You mean the one the Chinese launched off the coast of California to send a message to the Evil Cabal to “get the hell out of our backyard”? LOL

  1. Red, remember that FP we saw last year of SPY at 122 and thought how?
    Well, we know it’s history now so this latest one cannot be ignored.

  2. I wonder how much money actually reaches the Japanese people when the number to text your donation is the market of the beast upside down?

    Text your donation now to the American Red Cross Relief: text REDCROSS to 90999

      • It sickens me that people don’t open their eyes to see the truth. That video by Ben Fulford shows me enough proof that HAARP was used… NOT mother nature. Proving that Bush Sr. was the trigger man is harder to do, but the evidence clearly supports the weapon was used.

        The timing was of course on a 111 day, as these Illuminati gangsters have to kill people on ritual days. The Japanese market tanking is likely controlled too, “they” seem to have control of everything it seems. So yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some ritual number close (212… boiling point, 911… emergency number… 3.14 PI… 666, the market of the beast… 111, the Illuminati’s favorite number).

        Gangsters! Hang them all!

        • I 2nd that motion.

          Actually, as a tribute to the Romans, I would put the heads of the bankers and all the other involved parties on top of spears on Wall St to “discourage” this type of behavior.

    • morning red,

      let us see what the day brings?? you never know….wouldnt that be a hoot if japan closes down over 6% and somehow we did the same…..

  3. red,

    germany’s 30 is now off by almost 2%. it is odd to see germany sell off without a commensurate sell off in dow and spx….. hmmmm

    • The volume is pretty decent, but I agree with Dee… this looks controlled. If I had to guess, today”might” but in the low for several days… as long as NO key levels are broken.

          • It wasn’t a post Dee. Jim just comments here from time to time, and covers the VIX moves. I don’t remember how much (on a percentage) it has too move before the odds are high that it will do the same the next day?

            Jim knows more about those numbers then I do, and I was wondering if it’s hit a level that means a continuation move tomorrow is likely or not?

          • Well if you look at daily chart… higher high, higher low, bullish moving average trio aligned (for some time) a clean break above all moving averages including today’s move above the 200.., SAR, MACD, DMI line flat but bullish, ADX rising, still heading to upper BB band – not there yet, RSI only just above 60 – has alot of room to move up… I think all things extremely bullish on this chart… just have to see how we close today I guess.
            Always on the lookout for headfakes.

    • Yeah… me too BullKiller. But, a smaller profit is better then a loss, while chasing a bigger profit. Remember the old saying… “A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush”.

  4. Everyone I know started talking about going long, so I went shorter, so far, so good. I mean, are we to take a FP after the market seriously, which is quite often erroneous, or the two RUT FP’s that Anna posted and spotted?

    I went for Anna.

    • LOL… if Anna’s FP comes too, we are all in big trouble! I only state the we will likely hit that spy FP this year sometime… not today or tomorrow. I don’t know when it’s going to hit, but when the daily chart finally bottoms and rolls back up, I believe that will be the upside target. For now it seems the trend is down.

  5. All major indices trading below 50ma… very bearish
    and with VIX up like 12%!!!! I think we can expect more downside.. JMHO

        • Well I am in some that I didn’t bail on and just hoping to get even… stupid I know (March exp – really stupid). I guess you could jump back in on any bounce…but looks pretty bearish today although like I said eerily controlled… when does POMO start today?

  6. Has Anna’s FP been forgotten though? I got one as outrageous on silver when it was 18, and so far, its not looking as outrageous.

    And FP’s occur all over the place, and quite often are indications of where they would like to take things, but…………….

    • No, her print isn’t forgotten, but it’s almost off the chart! For it to hit, we’d have too have an Alien Invasion or something else crazy! I’m not sure that’s going to happen (and pray it doesn’t)? If so, remember… it’s all staged.

  7. I am putting in a take profit within five s and P points. It could be a well laid bear trap. If so, I am not going to be taken.

  8. What is everyone’s process for getting into these comments now, on Reds current site? For me, it is arduous, tedious and inconsistent. I click on twitter, WAIT, then click on disqus.

    Is that what everyone else has to do? If so, is there anything better? I would rather pay, than have to go through this.

  9. By the way, quick comment. I look into that face of Fulford and I don’t see a lot of credibility there.

    But my elite sources, tell me, that if you wear high end infra reds, and I mean high end, 5-15k, you can see a lot of interesting aircraft LEAVING the planet.

      • That’s what I’m thinking. Started looking at various symmetries……and I bet we’re sideways this week due to OPX, then meander down until EOM, then fake rally for a few weeks. Several indices have closed below 50 DMA and recovered, but this will be the beginning of a break, I think. Or the beginning of a massive head & shoulders. I guess we’ll see.

        I think I’ll be an observer on certain points, like Fri/Mon and EOM, to see where they want to pump this. I think the POMO criminals will want to kinda sorta follow the charts, up and down, but when it’s time to rally, they’ll really PUMP like crazy to get the biggest bang for the buck.

    • I would have to agree with you we will probably move sideways….then fri should be a good time to go short again.

  10. They took in a lot of selling, trapped a lot of bear, if they truly want to hurt the bear family, now is the time.

  11. red,

    i am baack…the way i see the charts is as follows….NOW we are in what seems to be a series of 1-2’s of different degrees off the top …in EW terms. We had 5 waves off the top to make a 1. Then we went through that triangle looking thingy (was a zigzag correction) to make a 2. then we dropped out of the triangle for another i. and on friday backtested for a ii. now we dropped again (5 waves) today for a (i) and we are making a (ii) at present. i think this indicates (if correct) that the selling will intensify and price movements will be quick for a wave 3 of i of 1 of P3. we shall see.

  12. Refresh the page. I added a video at the bottom of the post where a woman predicted major earthquakes between March 11th-15th, and said (around 12:30 minutes into the video) that Jesus gave her a vision showing the numbers 22 and 23… as in this March the 22nd and 23rd.

    She was deadly accurate on the March 11th call, what about the 22nd? Scary stuff folks!

      • I got an email from the Finance Editor at a website called “Before It’s News”, asking me if he could syndicate (republish) my RSS feed in their Financial Markets category.

        I said sure… so now I’m on their website and email list. I just got an email (from their auto-responder) with today’s “Daily Featured 5 Stories”. That woman was one of them.

        I’ll email it to you…

  13. Did you hear this? An email that came from CNBC

    Nasdaq Could Make a Hostile Offer for NYSE/Euronext as Early as Tomorrow, CNBC Has Learned

  14. Any one listening to Alex Jones today… looks like a chance that radiation can come to US in the airstream… health food store are selling out of potassium chloride… I am in AZ – I am glad I put some in our survival stuff.

    • Hey Washboard… what is the deal with the Mayan calendar ending on Oct 28, 2011… do you know something that I don’t? I thought Dec 21, 2012 was soon enough.
      This guy is predicting something for the 15th too… no matter how ready I am – I am NOT ready.

      • Also back to southern US – did he mention any where? I am in AZ – not too much seismic activity in these parts.

      • I don’t know much about the Mayan calendar. To me, it is NOT for sure, but its looking, for me, like better than 50-50 that this could be IT.

        My scientist/best friend, whose clients are many of the people that Red despises, says that every solar system has two suns, more often than not, the secondary sun is not heat giving, and in our case is metallic, IRON, in effect. IRONMAN?

        Anyways, this metallic sun, around now, cause all kinds of electromagnetic irregularities as it comes into the KILL SPOT. Not the least of which is a possible pole shift.

        Think of it as an etch a sketch, with us the etch, in the sketch. Not pleasant to think of.

    • You hit the nail on the head. I’m thinking of when I should take some luxury vacations, courtesy of Visa & Mastercard……

  15. Uhh, watch the youtube video on elinsomething on the youtube channel I posted. I cannot remember exactly where in the southern US. Obviously I don’t want to throw any more angst into an already poor situation.

  16. vix, i’m asking myself, are the white hat lizards really going to let all of their hard work go up in smoke, by letting the vix go to a new 22-26 price channel. well that’s what i’m asking myself. charlie sheen says, duh, Winning!

  17. The bitchin warlock rock star from Mars is flashing crash numbers and crash dates in his twitter feed.

      • He’s such a gnarly winning warlock, that mere mortals are unable to see his crafty codes. All of his recent travails started when he appeared on Alex Jones’ radio show a few weeks ago and issued his now infamous inflammatory comments. Both can truly be considered VaticanAssassin warlocks.

        • Here are some links to the gnarly winning warlock

          http://bit.ly/h7bDGR Check out the SK icon at the top of the page. SK===1912 or a 1929 reference or 1129 or 1291? which was a big year for warlocks or 911/29 combo. Couldn’t decipher the 18 and f/a on his wrist sleeves

          http://www.twitpic.com/497cc3 I just like this picture. But the url is 777 and 333, the infamous 73combo.

          But these aren’t even the examples of the codes that I am hinting at.

  18. Oh I have a window open to post: Markets are setting up with a similar pattern that predated the flash crash. Of course, they want to you to think it’s another buy the dip the pattern like last November’s correction with a similar pattern to it. That correction lasted 15 days. With today’s action, it has been 15 trading days.
    All the indices have dropped to their lower BB ala pre-flash crash, something that didn’t occur in November. Tomorrow 508tds from 3-6-9.

    • Sorry, tomorrow is 510tds from 3-6-9 or 170×3 and 580tds from 11-21-08 low. 177tds from July low and 224tds from April high (224 was SPs 10-19-87 close). McClellan Oscillator is at -133. It needs to drop below -200 for a flash crash. A window could be opening into Thursday (512days ro 8x8x8) or possibly a low into Friday, an anniversary of a major event for the insiders in 1314 (see today’s date—-April 13 was a big date in the movie social network—backwards it’s Pi and throw in the 04year in Social Network and there is an anagram for 1314).

  19. Wow… just checked the futures.. my god… this mother is gonna TANK… tomorrow AM… where is ROBERT ? on vacation ?

    • On the sidelines my friend. They say buy when theirs blood on the street but I will sit this one out. Uncertainty unbelievable……I pray for the Japanese people. What a trajedy.

      • I was wondering about whether you were long or not Robert. I’m glad you didn’t get trapped. I missed the move too, as I got out early yesterday and was waiting for today to get short. But, cash is a position… a safe one.

    • the overnight charts are going to say lower low coming within 48 hours. positions, no longs. so this downturn may only just now be gathering steam. march madness corrections are huge. sometimes 20%

  20. What did I say about SHORT AND HOLD? I am leveraged approximately 6:1 short heading into tomorrow via puts and 3x ETFs. Of course, I lost quite a bit shorting on the way up, so it’s nothing to brag about, but at least I’m going to have a good run here. Now the question is what next? I’m using this H&S target on CPCE as a guide, whenever it hits the 0.75 target, I’m at least closing my shorts. We’ll see about going long.


  21. SP futures have bounced off intra-year support slightly below 1260. If that is pierced, look out below.

  22. hellooooo RED? anybody?? is anybody here?? its like a ghost town around here…

    did i miss something?? is there a party going on at someones house that i was not invited to??

  23. SPY 100ma is at 1259.07, DOW 100 ma is at 11658.48I would think we would at least touch that and bounce…got close. Blew right thru 100ma on NASDAQ

  24. red,

    what i can figure wave 1 of 1 of p3 was 50 points. wave 3 of 1 of p3 should look to 1.68 times or greater than 1 – which is about 85 points.

    the zigzag correction for wave 2 ended around 1318. so 1318 – 85 points = 1233.

    so we should be looking around the 1233’ish area or lower for a potential bounce.

    lets see how this pan’s out…

    • I’m waiting for the FOMC meeting at 2:15 pm est Dee, which should match up with the 15 minute chart becoming overbought. I think we will sell off into the close today. Those FP’s haven’t been hit, and I think they will be hit before the market really bounces hard.

        • I’m sure traders are just waiting to see what Bernanke says. Remember, FOMC days are usually UP days… will this time be different? I think it will. I see us going to that FP of 123.03 spy first, and then a decent bounce back up.

          • The drift sideways is a bit up – may drift up into FOMC. What do they expect today? More of same… no rate increase and telling us schmucks that there is no problem regarding inflation??? Of course an announcement of QE 3, 4, 5, 6…. I should have bailed at open… I am pissed at myself

  25. Just hit all the SPY prints that came out today. I bet it drifts downward, rallies on the FOMC, then tanks. Just my thoughts.

    to the sheeple. This dinner is far from being over.(more like just starting) To me it looks like is the easiest thing to do is stay short. Trading too much now is going to lose you an awful lot of money over the next several weeks.A good example would be the end of the close yesterday and todays open. Alot of people surprised by overnight action.

    • You know that any rally today is likely just a bull trap. I think we will sell off again tomorrow, and this time… there might not be a big bounce at the open like today.

        • 75 points now and climbing – this is screwed!!!!
          What the hell is so great? People are insane to buy this dip!

          • I don’t think “people” are buying…this is unprecedented as far as I’m concerned. Never seen the govt so obvious in its manipulation.

  27. Well, if we close like this… the bears could get hurt tomorrow. It’s looking like a long bottoming tail on the daily chart. Not good… but I remain short. (Plus, someone said the tick hit 1,000 today… which could indicate a bottom, or a crash coming?)

    • Like, wow.


      Someone levered up their POMO money by about 100X times today to PUMP this PIG.

  28. red,

    that retrace is close to 61.8% …. that retrace is a two wave in nature. if i am seeing this correctly we have subdivided the wave once again, and we now have a series of 4 (1-2’s). this means 3 of 1 of 1 of p3 has yet to happen. this means we are building for something real ‘kick ass’ big that will surprise us all in its magnitude.
    this is what i see in the waves, so this insight represents the conjuring of my little richie brain – we will all know the truth soon enough.

    • Yes, the short term chart are getting overbought now, so while others may think we will continue higher tomorrow, I think we will sell off again. This move up was too fast and powerful. That’s not what you want to see for a bottom. It should be a process, not a ramp job!

  29. Anyone listening to A Jones? A guy called in and said that at a base on east coast they (military) were provided with bio-hazard suits etc to prepare for a US natural disaster that will take place within the next 14 days (yesteray) …. he is going into fifth hour overdrive.

      • do you think the market will follow the recovery of the Nikkei? It is up 442 right now… I agree the market looks damages – it was just that run up for the most part of the day that was not good. Was the buying volume very good today (of course as opposed to the selling). Someone was following the COT – I can’t get that chart did it change much?

  30. McClellan Oscillator closed at -208(they even flash the codes in the McOscillator). This is in the vicinity where it (NYSE version) closed on May 5. The Nasdaq version (per stockcharts.com) closed today right where the NYSE verision on May 5. But McOsc. is below the low it reached in November. It would take one more day of extreme selling to get it to an extremely low/oversold level unless it want to challenge its alltime record which is unlikely for the first wave down. It seems more likely we tank Thursday but who knows. It could rally back to the 0 line but that would make the first leg down unusually strong.

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