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Thursday Update...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iluvs1DhCN0)

I'm looking for a gap up and crap... plain and simple. I don't think the selling is done until the FP on the SPY of 123.03 and the QQQQ of 52.27 is hit. If tomorrow closes up big, then it's possible we could continue to the major resistance area of 1300 spx on Monday and Tuesday, but I really think we will fool the bulls and reverse back down tomorrow... probably the second half of the day.



Wednesday Update... Possible Flash Crash!

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0a_NXi0Eub8)

We have a chance of a Flash Crash tomorrow, but I'm really only looking for the SPY 123.03 and QQQQ 52.27 FP's too be hit, and then a rally the rest of the day and into Friday. After that... who knows? This video below confirms what the woman in the next video down say about the 22nd and 23rd. There is a chance of a earthquake happening off the west coast until about the 26th or so, with the 19th being an important date to watch out for.

I'm looking to exit my short once the 2 FP's are hit... unless it blows past them on some more bad news from Japan. If so, then the Flash Crash should take us to the 1180 spx area, which is the 200dma. I don't think that will happen tomorrow, but it's possible... so keep your ears and eyes glued to the news, and post it if you see something! Good luck everyone...



Will the market explode tomorrow?  I think so...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeA6dzQRyp0)

Once the 60 minute chart peaks out and rolls over, the real panic should happen.  It could be some wave 3 of 3 of 3 or something (I'm not an Elliottwave Expert), but whatever it is... it should beat Monday's move down!  I think we are now in some sort of wave B (or 2?) up right now, with 1261 being the end of the first wave 1 down.

I suspect we will attempt to get back up to around the 1300 spx level and then start selling back down again.  It could happen anytime tomorrow, as it depends on how long it takes for the 60 minute chart to top out and roll over.  I suspect it will be within the first half of the day.

I'm still thinking that we will go down to the 123.03 spy FP level, before have a multiple day bounce back up.  I can see us hitting that level by this Friday, or sooner.  Next Monday and Tuesday we could have another earthquake if the woman in the video that I put up on the weekend post is correct again?  (Here is the video one more time)

Notice that she did the video on March 8th, and called for earthquakes to happen between March 11th to the 14th.  Then she stated (around 12:30 minutes into the video) that she was given a vision by Jesus and told the numbers 22 and 23.  That's this coming Tuesday and Wednesday!

Now, whether or not you believe in Jesus or not isn't important... what is important is the fact that she has science behind her Planet X (also called Planet Nibiru) data, as seen in the computer model and forecasted path of this planetary body that the Main Stream Media (and NASA) says is a comet called Elenin.  Lies... it's a planetary body!  (Whether it is Planet X or not isn't know, but it's not a comet!)

Watch her video several times if you must, and let it all sink it.  What is foretold in the bible is coming true.  Notice the new movie out last Friday (3-11-11) called Battle LA has meteors (that are really aliens ships) falling from the sky.  The Illuminati are clearly telling us what's coming.

Then there is the 2 Sun's showing up in the sky in the middle east in this video below... what's that all about?  Is that what the people in Egypt are really rioting about?  We are clearly in the end times, and this market is very fragile and ready to tank hard... as in crash for real this time!

I just don't know what to think right now, as all this information is overloading my head (and scaring me too!).  So, I just have to focus on the charts and not think about these things too much, as I can't change any of them.  Anyway, as far I as can see in the charts, we should go up in the morning to the 1290-1300 spx area and then roll over into the close.

I think we will be down again on Thursday and possibly Friday too.  My target is again the 123.03 spy FP, and I think it will be hit this week.   If it's hit by Thursday, then I can see us bouncing up on Friday and Monday too.  Then Tuesday will be the 22nd, the date in that woman's vision, so it could be another turning point for more selling?  That would be another wave 3 I believe, and a larger one then the one I'm expecting to start tomorrow.

Ok, that's all I got for now.  I'll keep these daily posts short and leave the long one for the weekend.



  1. For some reason, I don’t think this is the one that tanks the market (kings-x), because stuff like this happens in 3’s…MidEast, Earthquake…what’s next?

  2. That print from earlier in the day had 1929 encoded in it but the resolution wasn’t too clear and I couldn’t see some of the numbers particularly how much it dropped and the percentage and I didn’t understand the number to the left of those numbers. Was that the time???? Anyway, was it implying that it’s 1929 from here on???? 3.14 or Pi day was 322days from April 26 (s&B #) and 256days from July 1. 256×2===512 or 8x8x8 It was also an interesting number of days from 10-19-87.

  3. What patterns do you see emerging on the intraday charts??? Bearish wedge, ascending triangle, pennant or something out… looking at 5min and 15 minute charts….crap are we seeing a breakout now… dang

    • Dee, it looks like we may have put in our B wave down and we are now starting the C wave up… which should continue through most of the day. I’m still looking for that 1300 area as heavy resistance, which should have the 60 minute chart peaked out and ready to roll over by then.

  4. I just got a call from a guy pitching me on an oil deal. He gave me an oil stock that went up 500% the last time. He asked me if I was interested in the next one. I said, not as much as the first one, as I am looking to just have fun for the next year and see where the world goes.

    Told him a little about what we think, what could happen etc.. He thought I was off my rocker. The average dude is pretty oblivious to all this chicken little stuff, I tell ya.

  5. LOL…

    I’m watching CNBC on TV and they stated that the movie China Syndrome (which was about an nuclear accident happening) came out just weeks before Three Mile Island happened. I guess the Illuminati have been playing their games for a long time.

  6. The charts are mixed right now and I’m out of my shorts. We have a double bottom now, with a lot of volume pushing that 5 minute candle up hard when it hit. Plus the 60 minute chart has yet to go positive and get over bought. So, I’m not sure what the market is going to do at this point? Cash is a safe position for now.

    • I agree… this is going exactly as I believed it would happen (but I thought it would be Euro debt driving it, which by the way is still there)…increase volatility so majority of participants will not have put protection going into April… tomorrow may be a big day, Friday as well, as they may force la la land put sellers to get long, smart ones covered yesterday… replay of 1987 into end of March…

  7. Now the Fed is extending POMO today. Sounds like a concerted effort to give an excuse to pump more money into the market.

      • No problem. THe weekly DOW RSI has more room to go down, but is running out of time. Full moon this weekend and seasonal cycles turns bullish monday as well. Not to mention the monthly S and P chart still has a tad bit more to go up to reach sloping trendline, and POMOs (120 billion left in Q2 by en dof June). Right now we are in the 4th EW down on weekly /YM and should start 5th wave up next week until late may early June.
        Going to post some charts shortly…

  8. after that, buying May or June 50SP calls on FCX this friday. Hopefully the stock price will be 45 or 46 by then, holding until the daily RSI gets overbought. I blogged on this trade last night.
    Thank you Red. This is the first time i have blogged here but i pay close attentionto your analysis as well as my own. Thank you.

  9. Red, can u take a look at the 15min SPY chart? Is that a 2nd wave up , about to start 3rd wave down?

    • The 15 minute chart is trying to go back up but the 30 minute chart is still pointing down and putting pressure on it. The 60 is undecided it seems, as it looks like it wants to go positive but can’t. We may go lower today, as this market is very weak now.

      • VIX has about 3 to 4 more dollars to go as well. 31 to 33 is target. Could be hit tomorrow or by end of today for all i know. Either way, more weakness to come in equities

  10. I am short till at least 1240 on the SPX. At least. I don’t know why you guys didn’t see the big shift in direction. Its not like you weren’t looking for it.

  11. That was fun! Well, shorts out. Don’t wanna worry about that last few points. Time to wait until it tops out again……

  12. Wow… nice bottoming tail on the 60 minute chart. Everything looks ready to rally up tomorrow for a several day rally. I’m staying short. FP isn’t hit yet. Bulls just keep on buying this dip. I don’t think it’s finished yet.

  13. red,

    i see the 60 min chart – but we just subdivided AGAIN!!! 5 series of 1-2’s of varying degrees. …… the fat lady ain’t gonna sing – she is gonna FALL off the edge of the stage. That is what the waves look like to me.

    stand back! this is gonna be BIG!

  14. We made some nice coin today Red. This thing is coming unglued quickly. We just may see the 200dma. We could see a break from the selling soon but further downside looks to be the case.

    • Robert, I’m fairly certain we will hit the FP of 123.03 spy and 52.27 qqqq tomorrow morning, and I’ll probably exit my shorts there… unless it looks like a flash crash is coming. Hard too say, but yeah… we could hit the 200dma soon!

  15. Well, looks like all is good again and time to rally. So it now seems unlikely that we will hit the 2 FP’s today. Maybe tomorrow or next week after this relief bounce is over. I’ll just have to ride it out as long as I can… Bummer.

    • I thought they were going to rally it on up and squeeze out the bears here, but maybe it was a bull trap and we will go lower today? It too hard to figure out right now. The charts are mixed, but do support a big rally. I’m just sitting tight to see what happens…

      • I will only short again when the VIX 15min closes the gap from wednesday around 22 dollars…and when it gets close to the 200 day MA. Again, around 22. So there could be more upside to this rally until that gap gets closed. Othewrise, i would be short right nowor wouldnt initiate shorts yet.
        If we do happen to selloff tomorrow, i like FCX and WYNN Calls.

      • I will only short again when the VIX 15min closes the gap from wednesday around 22 dollars…and when it gets close to the 200 day MA. Again, around 22. So there could be more upside to this rally until that gap gets closed. Othewrise, i would be short right nowor wouldnt initiate shorts yet.
        If we do happen to selloff tomorrow, i like FCX and WYNN Calls.

      • That just means the plan was to play up all this news as an excuse to get a bunch of bears on board to short…remember, the MARKET MAKES THE NEWS, not the other way around. The news doesn’t make the market, but they try to make it look that way.

      • Stuck and Smart….hmmmm…your version of stuck is about to make you look Smart. As I said before about a week and half ago trading too much will lose you money because you get caught in these unusual jumps.Hang in there Red, if feel like Deja vue with a call to the infamous “Richie Rant”. Patience

        • LOL kihei,

          i am infamous!! who knew?? hahaaa i like to call it my “richie renaissance” moment – and yes kihei you called it correctly – was impatience. i am on board with you and your take on the direction of the market.

          ….and i am still short!!!…..

    • Hey you keep saying stay short… would you mind elaborating?
      I need some good reading and convincing today LOL 🙂

    • Hey you keep saying stay short… would you mind elaborating?
      I need some good reading and convincing today LOL 🙂

  16. high radition hitting CALI RIGHT NOW. When this info goes public charts won’t matter! stay short

    • I’m not sure Dee… looks like the short term charts are just rolling over now. I didn’t hear any news, so it’s just the charts doing what they are supposed too.

      • Ok – I was referring to that 40 pt drop on DOW which is now recovering some.. we on same page? I thought that pretty dramatic!

  17. Ok experts… what happens now – I am wondering if I cover my new shorts before end of day …. do we bounce again into OPX?

    • It’s looking too me like the charts have worked off some of the oversold conditions and should head lower into the close. Don’t know about tomorrow, but I can’t see it rallying back up until the short term charts reset back up… which I don’t think will happen tomorrow (at least in the morning)

  18. I say we all go do a round of dishes and come back and see what happens.
    I think TraderDee is on to something….:)

  19. made lunch money today… I went long yesterday.. and sold this morning when it rallied. waiting to get short.. this time.

    • Not with our MTV attention span……the reactor thing will be pushed to the back burner as soon as France starts bombing Libya. Things are going to get very interesting, to say the least.

  20. This is insane – someone said Obummer was going to talk at 3:30 – I am not watching – apparently the market loves whatever BS he is dishing out

  21. Happy St. Patricks Day everyone! I’m outta here. Corned beef sandwiches and green beer….here I come. See ya Fri. a.m.

    • based on SPY open interest for march opex, looks like we will close between SPY 128.20 and 129.80. Lots of put volume beneath 128.20, lots of call volume at 130+

  22. Not that i know of. Im looking for some weakness early next week if today is bullish. At which point, ill pickup WYNN and FCX calls (June exp).
    Once the weekly RSI turns back up on SPY…will buy on the daily 8day ExpMA and sell at upper BB. this works so many freakin times it gets boring.

      • http://sharkmarketanalysis.blogspot.com/2010/12/qqqqs-triggers.html

        I blogged that during the 3rd impulse wave on weekly /YM last year. We are about to start the 5th impulse wave up on weekly /YM so the concept is the same. We buy qqqqs calls (front month) at 8dayEMA, stops at 10EMA. sell for profits at UBB or 20/25 cents. Not huge profits but very consistent profits. I do this while im waiting on a big chart setup on individual charts like FCX and soon..WYNN.
        The weekly 5th impulse wave consist of two daily EW Bullish Patterns.So you will have a great entry point in mid april or so… to go long after the ABC Corrective.

        I will blog more about this next week.
        Also, we are in a currency cycle where gold tries to revaluate against the DOW and the dollar. We are only probably 20/30 percent through the cycle. With that being said, im converting 90 percent of my savings over to silver at http://www.apmex.com will hold until the price of gold gets close to the price of the DOW (in dollars). doesnt have to be 1:1 but close. After that, we sell Precious metals and payoff any existing debt with cheap dollars. 🙂 and buy more real estate out right!!!

        • Also i prefer the QQQQs “triggers” that i mention above during the spring because you guys will see the bollinger bands on weekly and daily charts start to narrow soon. You cant swing for the fences when the BBs are tight , time decay or theta will eat ya up.

  23. Good news for the people who want a quick short..we are about to touch down on the 15min VIX 200MA @ 22.90 and there is a gap that needs to be filled at 25.70 would not be short after that unless u are scaling out. That should come close to hitting FP from this morning…

    • i agree Red. Based on the open interest i referred to earlier, we should close anywhere between 128.20 and 129.5. Given the VIX needs to close a gap..i would say we close around 128 to 128.40. The VIX gap will close monday instead, meaning we may open lower monday. Remember on opex, its all about the bankers not paying up the bulls or bears if they dont have to…so they keep the price between the most volume on Puts (the price floor) and the most volume on calls (price ceiling). i shorted spy from 128.8 to 128.3 . im out fo rthe day, i hope u guys have a great weekend. Also, come next weekend, i will go ahead and do an open interest study on april OPEX to see what our range COULD be come 3rd friday of april. Im betting UP lol..cause the put call ratio will probably be 2:1 for qqqqs and spy

  24. We have decent volume on the 5 minute candles showing how hard they are trying to hold the market up right now. The short term charts are all ready to rollover, but they may not let them… since today is opx.

    • All the short term charts are ready to rollover and produce a big wave down… but will they allow it to happen today? Opx day’s are heavily controlled, so this might just be setting up for a large move down on Monday.

  25. red,
    no worries ~ a big fat beer donation once the market hits the 1150-1175 area and i sell out my shorts!!

    the german 30 futures just went negative. i use them as my canary in a coal mine. i would expect to see some kind of selling very soon.

  26. Ok – you can thank me again… I went to take a shower and came back to a much lower market… yesterday dishes… today shower…. something to do with washing.
    Ok guys – get clean!!! LOL

    • I got a better idea… you go jump in a mud puddle and then take another shower. It seems to work best on you. 😉 Or, you can come down here to Florida and do my dishes?

      • ahem…. (cough) …. ahh folks the german 30 futures are red getting redder ~ very odd! always ahead of a sell off in the mini’s….. but of course there IS dee’s water thesis!!!

      • Oh and Dee… get really dirty this time so the shower will be longer. I really want the market to tank here! LOL.

        Maybe on second thought, everyone should go jump in a puddle of mud and take a long shower? Strength in numbers maybe?

        … bummer I don’t have any mud puddles here. I’ll go do some dishes then.

        • No mud puddles right now here in AZ either… maybe I will just walk away… and try not to peek! 🙂

          • I think they are going to hold this up into the close today. Mainly because it’s opx and they have to steal everyone’s money by letting their options expire worthless. But Monday isn’t looking pretty!

    • Alex Jones is talking to people in Japan on air – sad that they aren’t telling them the truth… They are going to lose part of Japan forever… sad

        • that’s the thing with truth… eventually it comes out
          someone should have to pay for this… makes me sick
          and comments like what Ann Coulter is putting out there – that radiation makes you healther… really makes me mad… and I generally like her
          what crap!

    • I read somewhere that Japan was their biggest supplier and their future production is too suffer from the earthquake, so that bear flag may be real.

      • Did you watch Ron Walker’s video about that last night? He was talking SPX and 1300 – said all bears were waiting for that level and TPTB of course wouldn’t let that happen…

        • As I recall he said he would not be surprised at a bounce to 1300 but I did not read that as a probable possibility. I will listen again though.

          • you are right – he was just talking about what traders might wait for to get short and that it wasn’t really probable …. sorry I have trouble with English at times LOL!
            hey how it going Jim? see you on Trader Pro often… haven’t checked in with them lately…

  27. Hey guys, looks like we are going to have a bad weekend.(Libya, Japan and its radiation hitting our shores, Middle East unrest etc.) A “FULL PLATE OF CHAOS”.
    Not to mention TraderDee busy cleaning all those dishes/plates.
    Monday most likely going to be a very UGLY day. Once again….STAY SHORT!

    • Geeze – I really want to stay short but I am in the money pretty good now and have been caught in the crosshairs on almost every trade I hold over… tired of losing $$… crap….guess I will decide in the next 45 minutes.

  28. ok red,

    i just thought of something. monday is 3/21/11. and well as you know it can be as follows: 3+2+1=6/11 or 6/11 or 611. now red, what does that remind you of?? the 611? does the simpson’s episode with the nuclear explosion ring a bell? and what do we have happening right now? the fukushima nuclear plant meltdown ~ with tearful admission from the managing director that they lied to the public/world, and the situation is so much more dire then they let on. could this be the 611 of the simpson’s movie?? who knows…but stay tuned and keep watching RDL broadcasting for LIVE and up to the minute analysis of this possibility!

    • Check this out Richie, from Sorcha Faal
      The timing of the Holy Mothers warning to humanity through Sister Sasagawa is of great significance due to its adherence to the principals of Holy Numbering and Sacred Geometry, which in this instance calls for any repetition of prophecies to be reduced by a factor equal to its total if related, and which the Lady of Fatima and Lady of Akita apparitions are accepted to be.

      Simply put, with the Holy Mother’s warning to Sister Sasagawa being given on the 56th anniversary of the Lady of Fatima’s final message the numbers 5 and 6 must be added together and equal 11. Next, the number 11 would be subtracted from 56 giving at total of 45. The numbers 4 and 5 are then added together giving a total of 9. The numbers 11 and 9 are then put into sequence giving us the date of 9/11.

      The next reduction would be subtracting 11 from 45 giving us the number 34. Adding 3 and 4 together gives us the number 7, which for this sequence gives us 11 and 7, or the date of 7/11.

      The next reduction would be subtracting 11 from 34 giving us the number 23. Adding 2 and 3 together gives us the number 5, which for this sequence gives us 11 and 5, or the date of 5/11.

      The final reduction would be subtracting 11 from 23 giving us the number 12. Adding 1 and 2 together gives us the number 3, which for this sequence gives us the 11 and 3, or the date of 3/11.

      Of these dates derived from the Holy Numbering of Sister Sasagawa’s visions we know the meaning of three of them: 9/11—the catastrophic attacks on the United States occurring on September 11, 2011; 7/11—the catastrophic attacks on India occurring on July 11, 2006; and 3/11—the catastrophic 9.0 Megaquake, tsunami and nuclear plant meltdown that hit Japan on March 11, 2011.

      The date of 5/11 is, as of now, not known or reveled, but it is interesting to note that group of evangelical Christians in the United States are traveling their Nation warning that a “massive earthquake will shake the World apart” in May of this year.

      • That makes sense, I too think this year is important, maybe more than 2012, and the 11th is a very important date. I just dont know how the earthquake in Japan hapened right on the 11th of the month? maybe it is Haarp indeed.
        Also in regards to
        May’s massive earthquake, if you go to http://www.ready.gov you will see that there is a “National Shake out” exercise 5.16 -5.20.11, that seemed very strange to me, I dont remember anything like that done in the past, they say is done because of some aniversary of Madrid’s quake or something but it is fishy to me, last time we had an exercise was 9/11, they had a training that day for a terorist atack! I wrote this a while back in my blog when I found the site to warn people of this dates published in the gov. site. The strangest thing is that some state, IL I think, has a video game to prepare children for earthquake and in that quake they are saved by aliens! Someone had posted that game on youtube….So you might be onto something, May seems to be an important month, at least for the near future, I still think the worse month should be November as things will progress by than.

    • This market is clearly being manipulated right now, as it should have already tanked! The volume is 180 million right now, and I’ll bet you most of it is selling!

      • Well I held on to my shorts so I hope you are right about going down on Monday.. NDX was weak today – market birfurcated for sure. Headed to the mountains… when I hit my golf ball tomorrow – I am going to pretend it is Bernake head!!! LOL

  29. Ok gang, just a brief look at the charts and think we will go down Monday and recover later in the day. Then up Tuesday for final push up to get the 60 minute chart very over bought. Then down the rest of the week.

    More on my weekend post (number 314…yeah!). Have a good weekend!

  30. saw BattleLA tonight.
    I’m not a movie critic, I’d say I got my money’s worth.
    I like the underlying theme.
    One good Marine (man) can make the difference.

  31. very unlikely the dia corrects more than 11% in march, not with the spy fundi’s where they are at. and qe2’s progress isn’t over and out yet.

    • That’s why I’m waiting for April/May for the “Big Kahuna.”

      QE is a wonderful program…

      …for me to poop on!

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