Looks Like The Illuminati Are Right On Schedule For The Planned WW3!


I'm looking for a pop and drop tomorrow... plain and simple.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-lm5bH7Jvg)

More on "Two Suns" I took a couple of pictures myself this weekend...


SEPT 30, 2011 St John's Red Dragon, the Virgin Birth, & the Age of Peace




Headline... the middle east is ready to explode as more threats come from Khaddafy!

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g24zbxSnyKY)

Or... The Elite Gangsters have succeeded in using the CIA to pay off and bride certain middle easterners into rioting and arming people that are ready to fight enough to justify the US striking Khaddafy.

Spin, spin, spin... you can't trust what information is coming from the Main Stream Media, as you know they are already staging a "False Flag" event somewhere.

When and where is unknown, but I do believe the Illuminati have it all planned out and so far... they are winning again!  From the killing of thousands of people in Japan to the coming killing of innocent people in the middle east.  It's obvious to me that Khaddafy is no longer playing ball with the Washington DC Cabal, or else they wouldn't be trying to kill him and replace him with someone who does.

But, Khaddafy is actually doing exactly what the elite want him to do... destroy the oil fields!  It's all about raising the price of oil to over $200.00 per barrel, and bankrupting the middle east.

While many good people are trying to expose these thugs plans, it's just not enough.  They are right on schedule I'll bet, just like what Lindsey Williams said about them creating World War 3, it seems like nothing can stop this insane criminals!  Looking a the Television now as they talk about the earthquake in Japan, it just makes me sick how many people were murdered by these people.

The disaster over in Japan is worst then Hiroshima... but at least then they knew who bombed them!  This time only a very small percentage of people actually know that George H. Bush and the other evil satanists inside the cabal are the one's behind attacking Japan with their HAARP weapon.

If all the television stations shutdown and people were forced to find out the news on the internet, many more would wake up from the deception that the Illuminati is feeding them.  I guess it's been that way for years... long before I started writing about them.  So, I just have to focus on the present as I can't change the past.

We are truly in the end times I guess, as the "awaking" of peoples' minds is growing at an incredible rate.

The sharing of knowledge and truth through the internet is what is opening up the world to the lies they have been feed.  There are so many good  people in this world and only a small percentage of evil one's.

So why can't the sheep just gang up on the wolves and eliminate them?  With 6-7 Billion people on the planet and probably less then a 100,000 Illuminati members (and only a dozen men that actually rule the planet), you'd think overtaking them would be easy?

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=teBOZYD8KWA)

But they hide in the shadows as they fear us sheep discovering the truth.  What is the truth you ask?  The truth is that what is going on right now in Japan and Libya is 100% planned by the Illuminati as they play out the prophecy end game scenario.

As sick is it all is, and as angry as I could get about it, I just have to focus on my part... the exposure!  My role is just to inform as many as will listen about their game, while trying to make a buck in this rigged game called "The Stock Market".

The Planned Stock Market Crash is on schedule I'm sure, but I don't know the "when" part...

While everything looks ready to fall apart right now, it seems too obvious that a crash is near.  I'm sure that it will take most by surprise when it happens, as that's the way it's planned.  The new FP of 138.86 spy tells me that the top isn't in just yet (assuming it's a "real" FP?), so we just need to play it day by day as forecasting a month out is just guessing at this point.

Next week should be interesting with all the disasters going on around the world.  How will it affect the stock market?  Will the market panic and continue selling off?  If so, to where?  I still think we will see at least the 2 FP's on the spy and qqqq of 123.03 and 52.27 before we rally back up much higher.

Could we rally up to the 130 spy area first and then tank to 123?  Sure, I guess we could, but Monday is looking like it wants to sell off in the morning... how far down is unknown?  The short term charts look bearish too me, but after a sell off they could turn back up and continue higher before becoming overbought again.

So, the possibility is there for a move down on Monday to create some sort of "B" wave down (assuming it doesn't take out the current low), with a "C" wave up on Tuesday toward that 1300 spx level.  Of course a failed attempt to get through the 1288 recent high would be very bearish, as I'm sure the bears will also be waiting there as it would be a double top from Friday.

Everyone expects the 1300 level, so that begs the question... if everyone is expecting it, won't it not happen then?  Great question, and of course I don't know the answer.  You'll just have to let the charts lead the way.  If the market hits the double top area, trades sideways all day and makes a bull flag, then expect it to continue higher when the bull flag plays out.  Most of the time it will happen on the usual end of the day POMO ramp job, or a gap open the next morning.

Regardless, just pay close attention to the charts, time of day, news, and market action while the market finishes the wave 2 up move.  Remember, Monday should likely go down and put in a "B" wave of an ABC (wave 2) up move that we are guessing will end near 1300 spx.  It really depends on how big a sell off we have on Monday?  Taking out the current low and heading toward the 2 FP's would make this count no long valid.

So, if you are all ready short... stay that way.  If not, then you might want to sit on the sidelines to see if this ABC patterns plays out or fails?  The market will certainly be volatile this week... that's one thing I fully expect to see for sure happen!

Looking closer at the very short term...

Monday looks ready to roll over in the morning as the 30 and 60 minute histogram towers are slowly headed below the zero level.  But, the MACD's are still pointing up and just crossed over the zero level, from very oversold territory.  This makes me think the move down will put in a small histogram tower below zero (and allow the spx to but in that "B" wave down), and then turn back up late in the day or early Tuesday morning.

If this happens, then Tuesday should rally up and either put in a high around the double top area of 1288 for wave "C" up, or continue on up to the 1300 area.  This could extend into Wednesday too I believe,  but again... a failure to break through the double top area is very bearish and should produce another leg down on Thursday and Friday I believe.

What we don't want is for the market to calm down and take it's time recovering.  The longer it takes, the more the bulls gain ground as the daily chart will also start turning back up too.  We don't want this to happen... if you're a bear like me of course.  Keep an eye on the RSI on the daily chart.  If it breaks over the 50 level and gets up to the 66 level, then the bulls have likely gained control back... meaning that we "could" be done with the selling, and on our way to the 138.86 FP on the spy.

Yeah, that would suck!  And yeah, I know it's total B.S. as the market should be tanking into wave 3 down... but you all know by now how controlled this market is, and manipulated by the Hal 2000 computer program.  The gangsters want to steal your money, and get you extremely bearish on the market... then rally it against what the charts say (defying gravity), which is the best way to rob you!

Of course I'm not saying that is what is going to happen, as that print may not ever be hit, or it could be hit later this year... I just don't know?  But, I won't ignore it either.  So for now, I'm playing it safe and not re-shorting until I see all the short term charts get over bought again.

To sum it up...

Scenario 1

I expect a down move in the morning, not to take out the current low of 1249 spx to form the "B" wave down.  And then up into Tuesday and possibly Wednesday to form the "C" wave up.  It should go to at least the double top area of 1288, but I really expect the 1300 area to be tested.  Then a rollover into wave 3 down on Thursday and Friday, with it possibly starting on Wednesday.

Don't forget about that woman's vision of the numbers 22 and 23 being told to her from Jesus.  Again, it's not important whether or not you believe in vision's or Jesus, but the fact remains... she was dead on accurate with her March 11th earthquake call.  Will sometime happen on the 22nd and/or 23rd, and cause another earthquake... maybe in California?

If this happens, then you should expect the 200dma to be hit on a crash in the market.  If that fails, then look for the 2 lower FP's of Dow 8300 and SPX 885!  I'm not expecting it... but if a bad enough event really happens to America, you'd better watch out below!

Also, if you haven't seen David Wilcox (his link is on my blog under "Red Pill Sites"), you should go watch his video's about humanity.  They are long, but he is basically is a reincarnation of Edgar Casey, who was a visionary prophet who died in the 1940's... but seen all this stuff happened long ago, which produced this future map of 2012.

Scenario 2

The move down in the morning continues and takes out the current low of 1249 and heads toward our 2 FP's of 123.03 spy and 52.27 qqqq.  Then of course the ABC would be invalid and the 1288 was some type of 4 up in a this larger wave 1 down.  Then at that point I would expect the selling to be done for awhile and a slow grinding move up the rest of the week, ticking off all the bears that went short when the FP's were hit.

Of course I prefer Scenario 1 as it's the most bearish and has the potential to blow past those 2 FP's on a wave 3 down (which could go to the 200 dma around 1180 spx).  But, I won't rule out Scenario 2 as it would validate the FP's and allow the market to grind high for many more weeks, and even hit the upside FP of 138.86 spy by June or so... which is about when QE2 ends.

Ok, that's all I see for now.  I'm fading the news as it's controlled by the satanists and I don't want to get sucked into "the world is ending"... short the market type thinking.  I still think it's too obvious right now to expect a crash.  So, I don't think it's going to happen until late this year.

In this uncertainty and deceptive environment, it's best to just play it short term... get in, get out, and sit on the sidelines!

Good luck rebels...


P.S.  Just had to throw this last update in this post (sorry it's so long)...

The real reason Japan was attacked by David Rockefellar, Henry Kissinger, and George H. Bush (the main Evil Illuminati Gangster Cabal Leaders)!

I was thinking and thinking about everything, and trying to put the pieces together as to "WHY" would they attack Japan?  Then I remember the story of a Japanese company that created a car that ran on water.  Here's the video...

This company is called Genepax, and their website is http://genepax.co.jp, but they were forced out of business and closed down back on February 10th, 2009 (according to the date on website).  But what if they weren't really shutdown and continued trying to make their cars that run on water project, and maybe were closer to coming to market with a car for sale?  According to this site, (http://www.engadget.com/2008/06/13/genepax-shows-off-water-powered-fuel-cell-vehicle/) the cars would have only cost about $5,000 each!

Now, what would that do to the Evil Cabal's plan to get richer by selling us sheep $200.00 per barrel oil as Lindsey Williams said they plan to have the price that high by 2012?  I'd say that was the biggest threat to their evil plans ever!  Can you imagine how many people would buy car that runs on water... especially for only $5,000!

Well guess where that companies factory planet was located?  Osaka, Japan!  ...which was convinenly destroyed in the tsunami!  (http://www.jpost.com/International/Article.aspx?id=212493)  Yeah, it's really all about money folks!  Kill anyone that can stand in your way of raping the America people by selling them oil for $200.00 per barrel, when you can get it out the ground for $16.00 per barrel.  PURE EVIL in my book!

Hang them all I say!



(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHi-N7ZLJH4&feature=fvst)

Worth reposting... thanks Dziemer!

American Soldiers Are WAKING UP!! SUPPORT OF TAKING AMERICA BACK!!! (StopTheRobbery2)

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWUQ_N_vHc0)

YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE!  Make a difference, tell the world!


  1. well red,

    today is the THE day ~ 3/21/11. In the simpsons video clip you have chief whiggam and 2 others detonating a bomb. the secret service guy detonating the bomb says” FIVE, FOUR ~ NO TIME FOR FULL COUNTDOWN” and he pushes on the detonator. i have taken this line as THE DATE ~ admission through omission.

    what are the 3 numbers that would follow “IF” he had counted down ~ why it would be 3-2-1……3.2.1……3/21

    and in the sunglasses of the secret service we have the image of two “1’s”. so we have 3/21/11 that is IMPLIED.

    so the clock that is blown out in the next scene has 6/11 ~ well what is 3+2+1 add up to?? 3+2+1=6 so we have 6/11 which is the clock.

    so today is the day for me. if all is quiet ~ then all is good and i can focus on that ridiculous overpayment ATT is making for TMOBILE!

    we will see…..

    • Could be Richie? I’m sure we’ll know after the fact… what the date was in the video. It’s encoded somewhere there, but so far none of the dates have been accurate.

    • good lord lol.. this market is raging… should weaken up a tad though..vix has gaps galore on 30min chart and below its 200 day MA. but i wont be holding shorts long..just a quick brick and sitting the rest of this crazy day out

  2. bought calls on WYNN friday..looking good today.
    Did u guys notice the SPY BID/ASK this morning? Bid was much higher than ask, hmmm

  3. Hit the magic number of 1300 do we head back down from here? That is the 68.2 FIB retracement area of this last leg down

  4. bahhahahh. Watched Linsey Williams “Middle East The Rest of the Story” last night. Buying more silver today lol… have u seen that vid yet Red

  5. Im looking at going short at SPX 1302. Its the kiss of death on daily 50dayMA. Again, i wont be shorting alld ay, just making a few bucks and out. scary right now lol

  6. and we can draw a downward sloping trendine from the high 1340 ish..to the bottom of selloff last week…lots of resistance there

      • No prob…if there’s anything that can tank a market faster than a natural disaster, social turmoil, or even a nuclear war, it’s telling the banks that their welfare check just got cut by 60%…

  7. something is fishy with the SPY pricing today… not sure if its the weird BID/ASK issue or what but something is off…

    • Maybe the HFTs are going haywire because they won’t have a stock to churn after Citigroup reverse splits……

      …wait for it…wait for it…

    • Strange stuff, that’s for sure. I think we will close up here close to the top and have one more early morning pop tomorrow morning to squeeze out those that go short today… then I think the high will be in for the week.

  8. so who gots balls to short now ? its very very close to that level ?

    I am starting my shorts again.

      • Went short at SPY 129.9, there is a SPY fake print at 128.4 and it seems as if we normally at least cover 50 percent of the fake print which is around 128.8. Will be selling SPY put position at 129.2, just in case :). It has until 3:55 because if we close right here, that may put us slightly above the daily neckties which is at least short term bullish

    • These are about as clearcut as channels get. Sunday was an obvious round of “futures support”, well of course, indices were up all over based on “less bad news”. Quite the bullish market….as long as a nuclear meltdown doesn’t occur, party like it’s 1999! Hooowah!

      And 1 really awesome picture of the moon I took this weekend. I like the spooky ominous look.

      Not often do you see a perfect touch of the channel line down to .01 cents or perfect. Euro did that.

      After getting beat up on ES short futures over the weekend…I closed on Sunday, however, started shorts on NQ and EUR/USD at close of trading based on these channels.


    • I remember that from a previous interview with him and you posted it on your site… Some experts are still saying we are due for a pull back in PMs before another big push higher. I hope so as I am holding out waiting to buy more silver.

  9. well red,

    my simpson’s video clip thesis seems to be for naught. not even a firecracker went off – let alone something of the size on the clip!oh well, ‘se la vie’ as the grizzly bear said to the bull….

  10. zerohedge

  11. The bitchin warlock from Mars is flashing more crash codes over at his twitter account. He’s flashing a lot of 3-22s, the S+B number which is appropriate since the 137 ritual is being played out (see the Libya ritual or the revenge of 1291). It looks like he’ll be in New York firsthand to witness the crash.

    I spent the weekend cracking more “enlightened” one codes most importantly the 49/94—-941 (seen in your favorite Iphone commercials),942(Wall Street 2Forbes cover),9:20time in Social Network,149 Henley race# from Social Network,and 94s seen in the most recent FP mentioned today,999942 Social Network subscriber number (942 is 3pi also).

    I also figured out the numerological significance of 1776 since the “enlightened” ones officially founded themselves on May 1 of that year but that is kind of straying from the point unless one can find some 1776cycles. By themselves 17 and 76 seem to be important numbers and 17 was featured quite prominently in True Grit but I have yet to see it fit in any of the cycles or numerology by itself.

    I was watching the Duke game yesterday and saw the clock stop at 8.7seconds left when the Duke player shot a free throw to score the final point for Duke at 73pts in a 73-71 finish. I then turn around and watch Blake Griffin #32 (the new Jordan wearing his old # reversed ie #23) get kicked out of the game by a referee wearing #29 and they kept going back to shots of the ref in particular his back with the #26. In between, there were Alec Baldwin credit card commercials flashing the numbers 1987 and 56 backwards (as the credit card #) while the stages had interesting numbers.

      • If you’ve seen the video of the reactor explosion, it occured at 11:01 local time and the number 119 (911 reversed) can be seen at the top left hand corner (channel #???)—-3-11 was 10months9days from 5-2 Simpson’s episode but unfortunately there should be another 1 there.

  12. oh man! i’ve got it!

    http://www.livestrong.com/article/92990-early-symptoms-schizophrenia/Some examples of these latter behaviors include things like refusing to eat at all or refusing to eat certain food brands or types, thinking that others are trying to poison or hurt him or his family, acting suspicious of others for no reason, a newly found fascination with numbers and dates, or an excessive collection of something like newspaper or magazine clippings.

    Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/92990-early-symptoms-schizophrenia/#ixzz1HIbK6sLc

  13. Amazing, Yahoo has a video over at its main page, their sport minute and it encapsulates quite a bit from my last post. It shows the dunk that got Blake Griffin kicked out of the game Sunday and Yahoo quotes the Phoenix coach saying its the best dunk he’s seen in 23years (hmmm 1987—-23reversed= Griffin’s number). They only mention two college games the Duke-Michigan 73-71 game and the VCU defeat of Purdue 94-76. Plus another NBA game and one Nascar event that seemed to have some numerological properties. (mentioned some NBA player scoring 23pts)

  14. OMG, Red! You’ve got to stop with the end of the world stuff… I like your stock market analysis, but the “comet” and “Mayan calender end of the world” doom and gloom is a bit out there. I better get right with God? Why, because all of the sudden you’ll be right about one of your conspiracy theories? Bilderberg has bombs that are creating 8.9 scale earthquakes and subsequent Tsunami’s that wipe out coastal Japan to rid a bankrupt H2O car manufacturer? Really? I find these conspiracy theories entertaining, but that’s about the extent of it. In the end, the Mayan calander apologists will be out explaining how it was read wrong or something and no comet will have hit the Earth. I know it’s all in good fun because you can’t really believe that stuff. Were you touting the Y2K crisis back in 1999?

    • LOL… no, I wasn’t blogging back then, and I doubt I would have said anything about the Y2K stuff. My computer back then had all 4 digits showing up, not just the last 2 as they were talking about. I never did fall for that line of crap as everyone I knew used a computer that easily rolled over to 2000 after 1999 ended. I would have dismissed that lie… had I been blogging back then.

  15. Good Morning Vietnammmm! Red, i agree with you, we may popup as the POMO goes thru until 11am. “POMO completion at 11:00 am” says Zerohedge. Given the fake prints on spy yesterday, we should go down to the SPY 128.78 area, which is 50% of the FPs.
    I may play it down and reserve some cash to buy more FCX calls if we happen to hit that area.

      • Hard to say, it looks like both the SPY and the VIX are in a tight channel and both look weak lol… im going to wait to see who the winner is first before choosing a side

        • Yes, sitting on the sidelines here is a good decision. If they hold it here all day, then all the short term charts could reset and point back up again into tomorrow. So, it’s in no man’s land for now.

  16. Sorry to be cryptic, but if any of you survive this year, you will have a long, long life. A golden age is coming, but most won’t make it. Red is not far off at all.

    • Yes… whether there is or isn’t a God or not isn’t relevant. The “2 Sun’s” (of which the new one is either a comet or planetary body) is real, and not fake pictures or video. When the earth rotates to a position (October-November of this year) that we here in America can see the 2 Sun’s, I think people will realize that this stuff isn’t so far fetched.

      The Elite aren’t leaving the country and headed to India just for fun. Too many of them are down there, and they know something that they are hiding from the rest of us sheep. Something is going to happen this year and next… I do believe that for sure. The rest is debatable, but still important to consider.

        • Maybe it’s part of the Illuminati’s secret code of immoral ethics that they have to tell us what is going to happen before it happens? Of course if the comet/dwarf star/planetary body is real (I do believe it is), then it’s out of their control to stop it anyway.

          It’s pretty big hoax to put an object in the sky that large to fool the masses into thinking it’s Armageddon time. I think it’s real, and that they have just a small shred of humanity left in them, and that’s why they are making the data available to those who seek it.

          • yes, all too overwhelming really… I need to write down those other dates… didn’t 9nania say that maybe something today or tomorrow??
            …and FYI I went into the kitchen and did dishes only to come back and to my disappointment find that nothing had happened! 🙁

          • LOL.. you are too funny girl! Try a mud puddle and shower next time! He He He!

            I think we will pop up to the necktie of resistance around 130.65 spy today (but that level will be different tomorrow). If we don’t pop into the close today, then tomorrow morning I believe.

      • Why not? Most of this info will be ignored anyway by the 99.9% of people who are complete ignoramuses. Gotta keep up with what the Kardashians are doing…who cares about all that politics stuff…like what-EVER!

  17. These warlocks are good:


    This is a story on Blake Griffin’s monster dunk on Sunday. In the still photo, notice all the 3s, player #33,player#3,and only Griffin’s #3 can be seen.
    333 for 3-23 or 3-24???? I couldn’t put 2+2 together last night but the emphasis on the number 23 in the Yahoo Sports minute clip besides being a 1987 reference probably was a reference to the upcoming 3-23 date.

    Marcin Gortat, the one being dunked on, is #4. So Gortat-Griffin combo yields the 3-24 date. Griffin gets kicked out of the game by referee #29 and I couldn’t believe the amount of shots/time spent on the back of the ref where his number was displayed. 3-23 is also 7years1month19days from Facebook day. A little 911/17 combo there. Some other major hits for tomorrow also but that will be presented only to the true believers.

    The stock market did rally back to its 20day average up from its lower BB ala the post flash crash rally(and during similar instances in the 2008 decline) and the McClellan Oscillator has rallied to the 0 area although today’s action probably drops it back below the 0line.

    • Look at this photo. There was a smaller photo linked in the above article that cutoff player #25


      This photo features Devin Hester #23 paired with #58 (the crash number). Of course the number 3 on his right shoulder combines with his 23 to yield 3-23. And naturally they are Chicago BEARS!!!!!

      If I had seen this during trading hours, I would have loaded the boat. I was a little complacent today.

    • I don’t know what the 23 means Geccko? Certainly lot’s of 3’s too, but I can’t piece this together with a date for a crash? Between sports, music, and the movies, there are a lot of places to “hide in plain site” the crash date. I wish I knew where to look…

      • These numbers are just predicting something bad for tomorrow. It’s not the future crash date although these clues are indicating that there could be crash like behavior tomorrow.

        By the way, I have never seen this mentioned anywhere but off the July low there was a 333pt SP rally to the 1344high.

        And all I am looking for is the next major turn. I already know the destination. And it appears that the insiders are blatantly describing when it will occur. This isn’t even subtle.

        Today’s bar also matches up with the April 26bar. It’s also 21 trading days from the Feb high (777) which was 56tds from the Nov low which 56+21==77tds. The nov low was 64td (88) from the August 25 low while the Nov 4 high was 49tds (77) from the August low.

  18. No video tonight gang. I’m still waiting on a pop higher to occur. The short term charts are all most all reset from overbought conditions, and by the later half of tomorrow (maybe the morning opening?) we should see a push up to near the necktie of resistance on the daily chart of about 130.85 spy.

    After it’s hit, I do expect it to pull back from it. How far it sells off is unknown of course, but I think tomorrow well have our high put in for this wave 2 up rally. Then Thursday and Friday I’m expecting some selling. I’ll do a video tomorrow.


      • I think it will fall back a lit in the morning and rally back into the close. Then… depending on how high it goes, I expect it to rollover by Thursday.

        I’m looking for 1305-1310 spx max, then a topping tail on a 5 and/or 10 minute candle. I just think they will fool the bears by dipping some tomorrow morning and then squeezing them into the close… followed by the real sell off on Thursday. Just guessing… as that’s about all you can do in a controlled market.

    • Well… typical I guess. I lack of news coverage. Only the local news picks up the story, and the network news is to controlled by the gangsters.

      While I don’t want to see millions of people die from Elenin coming too close this September and rotating the poles, I do hope it buries these gangsters in their secret bunkers.

      • Don’t know if Elenin would do much damage by itself, being that its gravitational pull is small, but a lot of celestial bodies lining up &/or solar flares, seem to have a larger effect, which have & will happen shortly.

        A series that included this flare:


        Occurred right before the earthquake, which makes me think that either a blast of radiation got thru to the surface of the Earth & helped the quake happen, or maybe the HAARP folks decided this was a chance to “push things along” during a period of maximum stress.

        • Cool site ACP… and yeah, I guess the solar flares could have also happened around the same time the earthquake in Japan hit? Maybe they used the flares to mask the uses of HAARP? I think it’s possible…

  19. Guys, what is going on with the QQQQ this am… no data… no results on search… weird. I have puts open this is not good.

    • it was certainly looking like it, but now i’m of the opinion.
      tempt the bears first hour, then spend all day taking their money – setup.

  20. ok red,

    the set up is complete. if we are going to have a debasement (aka 1987), it can now happen. we dropped beneath the 50 and 55 DMA and rallied back to try and challenge it. this is the earmark of all large debasements. Thursday and Friday will be the tell tale days of reckoning! ARE YOU READY?????? ……. IIIiiiii SAID ~~~AAaaRE YOooooU R.E.A.D.Y!!!!

    what say you red? heehee

  21. I guess everyone is asleep Dee. I’m not sure what to think right now about this move down? I’m kind of leaning with GG, as the first move down is to trap some bears, and then a squeeze back up should happen. But the charts are looking bears right now, so I’m not sure yet?

  22. Well, from looking at the charts and more importantly the volume, I’d have to say that NO, this isn’t the start of the selling yet. I suspect we will retrace this move down as long as the volume remains light.

    The 60 minute chart is almost bottomed on the Full STO’s and should turn back up within a few hours. The 30, and smaller charts should follow. If the move back up doesn’t take out the 1300 area and gets the charts overbought again, then I’ll be looking to go short.

    But, right now it’s just looking like a technical pullback before moving higher. As much as I hate being bullish here, I still think we are going higher… probably tomorrow.

    “If” the market can rollover here and push down with some volume, and bust through today’s current bottom, then I’ll re-access the charts, but for now I think we will continue up after these charts turn back up later today.

  23. red,

    silver is close to 37$/oz….as i understand it, every dollar above 36$ ~ JPM has to pay out incrementally more money on derivative contracts which use the 36$ level as a benchmark for payout. Also for every one dollar above 36$ on silver, JPM stock price will need to drop 45 cents to account for the derivative contract payouts. this week is silver/gold op ex week too…..

    • Is that a new article Richie, or an old one? I suspect that they have closed out a lot of those short over the last month and might not be as heavily short now… meaning that level might have changed now?

      • it is new red, max keiser from last week. they have done just the opposite ~ and it is inaccurate to say they closed out on shorts. in fact, jpm and the comex is so desperate they applied for being a comex delivery vault on 3/15 and 3/17 they were approved. the vetting process is usually 45 days.

        now what can happen is that instead of having to delivery the physical to a comex vault for delivery, it can deliver to itself. unless the contract being fulfilled wants to take physical delivery of it, jpm can say it is in their vaults and none the wiser ~ until they have to prove the silver is there. IT BUYS THEM TIME TO GET THEIR HANDS ON SILVER. they have only fulfilled half of the short delivery for this month, and only 8 days left for delivery.

        this is full desperation by jpm/comex……http://www.kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/Broadcast/Entries/2011/3/7_John_Embry.html

        • Ok – given this information – you are expecting silver to pull back? I have been waiting so I can get more at a lower price. thxs

    • I’m sorry to say that “if” the daily chart continues to turn back up, it could roll the weekly up too. That means the selling is done for now as the gangsters will use the remaining POMO to push this up to the 138.86 spy FP before June.

      After June, this whole house of cards will collapse… and all those downside FP’s are going to be the targets. Read the article I just posted about Ben Fulford and David Wilcock (https://www.kitcomm.com/showthread.php?t=78501).

      The writing is on the wall and we aren’t seeing it. I believe that the cabal is and will do everything they can to keep this market up until the last second. Then they will leave the country and let it all collapse.

      • They’re really pressing the Dow to give the illusion that it’s better. S&P really lagging the Nasdy & Dow. Maybe this is a short-term buying climax?

        SPX can’t get above 1302, so looks to me like a local top.

  24. Looks like we are doing an ABC up move, with the move down this morning completing the B wave down, and we now seem to be in a C wave up. Possible targets are the 1310 spx area on the low side with a truncated C wave (a very short one), or 1330 area if the C wave is normal.

    There is resistance from the formal rising channel around that 1330 area, which would make a nice backtest of it. Of course it could fail tomorrow around the 1310 area too? Hard too say right now, but with the light volumes still in the market, I’m leaning toward the higher target for now.


    • Not with that 60 minute chart pointing up and the daily and weekly neutral. If we pop higher on the open tomorrow and get overbought really quickly, then I’ll consider a short.

  25. .618 retracement of the move down from the SP high of 1344 to 1249.05 low would be 58.71 pts which added to the low would be 1307.76 roughly. That’s some impressive numerology. But I am not going to bank on it. SP still hasn’t reached it 20day average which is slightly above and the Nasdaq is far away from its 20day average.

    23 years 23 weeks from the October 19,1987 crash started on Tuesday.

    • They didn’t like my post. Anyway, it’s actually 22weeks from 10-19. 23 weeks start next week. It’s 33days from 2-18 high today and 22tds from that day so maybe 22 works.

    • I went to that Before It’s News site last week and it was doing the same thing: showing there were 666viewers in the last 24 hours plus they were flashing some freaky numbers including the crash numbers. Either they’re connected or some of their contributors are.

  26. I don’t know how the comments got closed gang? I guess the gangsters are playing tricks with site? They seem to be open again now, after I went in and changed some setting back to where they allow comments again.

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