A Bounce Is Coming Soon And Then More Selling… 1987 Style!


Tuesday Update...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFmQhQE3RC8)



So when is this bounce?  Odd's favor the 1250 spx double bottom area...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFF-48nBl3c)

While nothing happened over on 6-11-11 (which is a good thing), that doesn't mean the selling is over.  Instead, it simply means that a crash isn't likely to happen next week, and a relief rally is.  Remember, next week is option expiration, and you know how the gangsters like to steal the premium paid for those options by making them expire worthless.  So the question is, are there more "puts" or "calls" set to expire this coming Friday?

I think you already know the answer to that one, but just in case you don't, take a look for yourself... http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/quickchart/options.asp?sid=9864&symb=spy

Do you really believe the gangsters are going to pay out on 71,530 puts at the 127 spy strike price when there are only 4,935 calls?  I seriously doubt it.  While I do expect more selling on Monday, I also expect a rally the rest of the week... making the 130 spy puts and below expire worthless by Friday.

However, after this rally is done, I do expect the selling to continue soon after wards.  This is only beginning I believe, not the ending and then resuming the P2 rally.  In fact, it's highly likely the Primary Wave 2 (P2) has ended and we are now in P3.  There are lots of technicals to support that theory, and other news related events too.

For one, there is the end of Quantitative Easing Two (QE2), which has an end date  of June 30th (I believe that's the date?... I know it's this month).  While I'm sure there will be a QE3 (not named that of course, but having the same effect), I don't see it happening until we go much lower in the stock market.  Remember, these gangsters are heavily short right now, as they took the stolen money (several Trillion) that was frozen for 10 years after Osama Bin Laden's (Tim Osman) death in December, 2001 of kidney failure in a hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This was the money used to crash the silver market, and I really doubt that it's over with yet.  The goal of the evil reptilian Illuminati gangsters is to make American's so poor that they can't afford to rebel against them.  There is a whole lot more humans on this planet then reptilian shape-shifters (like George H. Bush, George W. Bush, David Rockefeller, Jay Rockefeller, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, The Queen of England, and list goes on... ), which is why they feel us sheep waking up to the truth about the matrix we live in.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWVPzQLKGbE&NR=1)

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFa57sY5FEA&NR=1)

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z74GOlNPYv8&NR=1)

And in this video, she names "names" of those that she's seen shape shift in these sick rituals...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fonXzDOm290&NR=1)

Each video above is only a short 10 minute section of a 3 hour interview of Arizona Wilder do by David Icke, and I've recently watched all of them twice now and I'm amazed at how many programmed people are now able to come out with the truth, and how sick these reptilians really are.  Eating human's in ritual sacrifices, after terrorizing them and torturing them is not something everyone can easily believe.  But none the less, this story seems too be the same with everyone that breaks free from the Illuminati.

When you think about the "End of the World 2012 Prophecy", it makes a lot of sense now as to "why" the greatest stock market crash in history is coming this year and next.  After all, if these reptilians want to bring on their "New World Order" and enslave mankind even more then they already are doing, you have to break the spirit of the people by making them to poor to care about all the new laws that will be written to control us sheep in every aspect of our life.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Q_2QD58IVo)

Therefore, I can only conclude that this fall will be the time period that the largest sell off of the stock market will occur.  It should be a multiple of "wave 3's" in elliottwave terms, and not be seen again for a hundred years or more.  In fact, it should be worst then the 1929 crash, so there really won't be anything in modern history to compare it too.  This has been planned by these evil reptilian illuminati gangsters for a very, very long time.

Make no mistake about it... it's coming!

Regardless of whether or not the "white hats" (the good guys that want to free humanity and bring on a world of free energy devices and technology) succeed or fail, the crash is still destine to happen.  Why?  Because all the damage that has been done is irreversable now.  The massive run in real estate, and crash that followed is going to take a very long time to find a bottom and start a recovery.  There is still tons of "shadow inventory" that the banks still haven't put on the market for sale, as there already isn't enough buyers to bid up the prices of what's already on the market.

Then there is the massive printing of money that was used to hold up the stock market over the last 2 years.  That has ended for now, and I don't see it starting back up again until either a time period that the gangsters want to (which will only be when everything has crashed, and they can buy up all the assets of America for pennies on the dollar).  Even if the good guys win, they will simply start a new currency (maybe the "Treasury Note") that will be backed by gold, silver, oil, etc..., but this can't happen until after the crash.

As you can see, it's a "No Win Situation" for the Stock Market... It must Crash!

Let's not forget about all the derivatives that the reptilian gangster indebted America with.  Guess what?  They can't possibly be paid back.  Some say they are over a $100 Trillion Dollars... yeah, kinda mind blowing huh!  This means a crash is imminent, and can't be stopped... not by the bad guys, good guys, aliens or angels.  Basically this tells me that the odds of the "Top" being put in for the year (and many years too come) are extremely likely now.  I don't see any rally back up to the 138.86 spy FP now.  It was likely a false FP, meant to mislead us sheep.

It's best to start looking for the downside FP's, as I'm sure a few of them are real one's, and will be hit.  Besides that, many of the the FP's are at support level's anyway... which means that level should be a short term bouncing point for a relief rally to happen from.

As for this coming week, I still think we'll bounce for multiple days from the 1250 spx double bottom area.  The charts are extremely bearish now, and bear squeeze is very overdue.  This being an "OPX Week" gives it the highest odd's of happening.  Plus, I think we set a new record for most consecutive number of weeks down in a row on the spx, with 2002 being the last time this happened.  I expect to see many new records set this fall.

Common monthly turn dates are the 25th-27th...

I've stated previously that common monthly turn dates are the 25th-27th of most months.  This happens a lot because it's the week after option expiration and the starting week of the next months' opx.  This really leads more evidence to my thoughts that the market will rally next week, as I don't see this coming turn date period as being a bottom in the market.  In most of the time periods in the past, it was a turn down in the market... and I expect the same thing this time.

This means we should have a 2 week rally, starting next week and ending by Friday the 24th... followed by another "more serious" move down in the market.  I suspect this week to be a nice solid white candle close, with very little of a topping tail, and next week to be more like a doji or spinning top pattern... but still closing positive.  Remember, the market rarely goes straight down, and 6 straight weeks down is pushing the limit right now.

While the market could go down to the 50 MA on the weekly chart, (coming in around 1226 spx), I don't see it happening next week.  Again, the "put to call" ratio is at extremes right now, and with it being opx week, I don't see them allowing the bears to cash out with all that money they've made on this sell off.  I think a bounce back up for 1-2 weeks first is coming, and then move lower toward the 200 MA on the weekly chart is more likely to happen.  (That's about 1165 right now).

As far as the charts go, most of them don't support my speculation that the market will rally next week after a lower low on Monday (hitting the 1250 spx double bottom area).  Only a few chart say that a turn is coming (but in those don't support it happening next week).  Most charts still point to another red week happening, so just be aware that my forecast isn't 100% based on the charts this time.  They are instead based on past history of other opx week's, extremely high bearish reading, number of weeks the market has been down in a row, turn dates later this month, full moon on Monday the 15th (putting in the low before the bounce), etc...

So all in all, I'd just conclude that if you are already short, and not in something that decay's with time, then just take the rest of the year off.  While I'm sure there will be bounces along the way, the new trend is now DOWN... as planned and executed by the evil reptilian gangsters years ago.  It's just a game that they play in this matrix we live in.  Understand that, and getting the timing of the game is the key to winning in it.  Well, maybe not winning, but at least not being one of those sacrificied and eaten.

Good luck as usual to all the humans, and to the reptilians out there... your time is near over on this planet, and I'll enjoy the day I can make a nice steak dinner out your flesh... and feed it to some random crows looking for something sick to eat.





  1. Red,

    Did you catch this comment from Atilla over at XTrends?  I thought it was interesting…


    xTrends will be shut down in a few weeks, you should find a way to use twitter.

    I will only use twitter and xsetups to keep in touch with faithful xtrenders

    The reason for this is the fact that the impending financial apocalypse will create tremendous, unseen, unprecedented  depression in society and eventually in some governments and administrations across the globe, particularly in US. 

    As a result, some criminals and crooks in high places, especially those who created this mess in the first place,  will act and speak like financial cops, to secure and protect their own positions. They will launch man hunt to find blames and sacrifices on daily basis, encourage other enforcement methods  to silence the remaining truth-speakers.

    We will no longer have the freedom of speech that is already diminished to nothing. That time, I certainly would not want to be around waving the bear flag in front of millions.

  2. Red,

    If individuals like Lindsey Williams are correct and in a couple years we will have a gold backed currency, what I don’t get that is still bugging me are the couple FP’s out there for Gold at ~945???  I can’t see a scenerio where we have gold backed currencies and gold at 945 after the “dollar is dead”.  Heck, gold at $3000 seems cheap if that happens… 

    One other scenerio I see is QE2 ends, we get a HUGE deflation scare over a couple months, say till late July/early August taking gold to 945 and SPX down a couple hundred.  Heck, they’ve taken silver down 40% already?  So why couldn’t gold happen like that??? Then poof, Bennie announces QE3 (by another name…)!  That takes SPX up to your 138.86 SPY FP around late Oct during the Legatus meeting???  At point, they pull the plug!

    Of course, we won’t know how it all happens till after.  But you can bet if gold gets to that level, I will be buying as much as I can!

    • Most large institutions, banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, etc… don’t have the same insider knowledge as the gangsters at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Bank of America and CitiGroup.  Once the selling starts they will be forced to sell their gold to meet margins calls… which is why I do think gold will drop to the FP level of 935 or so.  After that, it’s a buying opportunity of a lifetime.

  3. A pause day today with crude oil and silver down substantially.    Today’s breadth is about even so that won’t harm the McClellan Oscillator or the Summation Index which continues to race down towards it’s date with destiny.    $nymo dropped below the -200 mark on Friday where nasty events start from.   I can’t say that tomorrow could be a pleasant day.

    6-14 or 146 or 416.   They were forming the 416 combo with Nowitzki’s# 41 and L. James #6.  I’ve seen the 614 number plenty of other places.  It is also considered Armstrong’s Pi date.

    Today 6-13 is 1341 days off the 10-11-07 top.  Pi in there rearranged.   It is also 1314 rearranged, another year considered important to the insiders.

    There needs to be a super bounce soon or we will arive at the destination in a hurry.

    • they might push this—-
       GOOG rsi 30.2, danger . if the rsi cracks below 30, rsi 25 is approx 480 , oct low
      i seldom win buying the first day after a stock crosses under rsi 30. i usually have to wait for rsi 25, on the power house stocks like GOOG.

  4. here’s that guys comment—
    So, Martin Armstrong cycle turn date coming up 13/14 june, right? 
    Btw, that was some really cool forecasting skillz back in 1998: 
    (last page in pdf) 
    1998 = Collapse of Russia 
    1999 = Low Gold & Oil 
    2000 = Technology Bubble (Like Railroads in 1907) 
    2002 = Bottom US Share Market 
    2007 = Real Estate Bubble, Oil hits $100 
    2009 = Start of Sovereign Debt Crisis 
    2011-2015 = Japan Economic Decline; EURO begins to crack due to debt crisis 
    2015.75 = Sovereign Debt Big BangEdited: June 12, 2011 1:51PM

  5. gov’t wants all your keys to everything you own… apartment, house, business
    http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=zFCLiij0CBA&feature=player_embedded#at=36 
    the beginning…of the end game…. 
    was passed with a resounding 6 to 1 vote,

  6. Dow Jones at the trend line: http://niftychartsandpatterns.blogspot.com/2011/06/dow-jones-near-broken-trend-line.html

  7. Pretty boring day… as usual.  Have you noticed how they never let the bulls in, or bears out when they do days like today?  They gap it up, and trade basically sideways the rest of the day… not allowing the bulls a good spot to go long, or the bears a spot to exit.

    As for tomorrow, I’d expect some weakness in the morning to reset the short term overbought charts, but I’m not expecting the move down to the 1250 spx double bottom area yet.  I still think we have more upside to go, and then back down… probably next week though, as we’re likely to trade flat to slightly up into Friday (because it’s opx).

    If we go down some tomorrow, we could put in an “inverse head and shoulders” pattern on most of the short term charts.  The upside target should be around the 1320 area.  Not sure if it can make it up that high, but we all know how controlled and manipulated this market is… meaning that the “impossible” is “possible”.

    • After 6 weeks of down down down., all of a sudden out of the clear blue our pledge to Greece, and China’s better manufacturing number solved all problems? I don’t think so. This is the dead cat bounce we were overdue for. When a market slides for 6 weeks, which it hasn’t done since 2004, the rubber band gets stretched in the opposite direction. So, what we’re seeing is the snap back.

      The question is.. how long will it last? I tend to think it’s got a few day in it, even though we’ve got 123 DOW points so far and are well above 12,000. I think we can lean into this, but I also think it’s going to be a shortable event eventually.

      • The max I can see is about 1320 spx Scott, but 1305-1310 seems more likely.  It could take the rest of the week and into Monday of next week to hit it… especially if they try to stretch it to 1320.  Or it could fall short and sell off some on Friday… but I don’t think they will start the next wave down until next week.  This is an opx week, and the always manipulate the market during these periods.

      • We should get a pop on Monday too… if my instincts are right?  Call it the last bear squeeze before the next wave down starts later that day or Tuesday.  I’m just guessing of course, but that’s all we all do anyway… LOL.

  8. I think this is a one day affair again.   The market hasn’t hit the March low targets still except for the $rut which has been tracing out its own little pattern the last 6 months but today’s bounce got the daily RSIs up to around 41 which is where it went in a previous fractal although we would be ahead of schedule for that fractal but behind schedule for a serious bounce.   But the market needs to be more oversold for a superbounce.
    It looks like the lunar eclipse effect and the 1111 Ikea date are back in play.  Today’s pop seems to have disenhearted the Puetz enthusiasts.

    • I think we’ll see some selling tomorrow Geccko, but I don’t think the rally is over.  It should be an “ABC” type move… meaning a surprise up day on Thursday to complete the “C” wave (or at least an early morning pop), followed by some light selling on Friday.  Remember… it’s OPX!  They will pin it where the most amount of “Puts” expire worthless.  My guess is between 130 and 131.

  9. Well… so much for the “inverted head and shoulders” pattern.  We certainly did gap down… at least I got that one right! LOL

    However, I’m think we may have seen the capitulation move today, as the dollar is hitting a strong resistance level from a downward sloping trendline, and should pull back for a few days… allowing a relief rally in the market.  I also see a nice bottoming tail on the spy and dia right now.  That, coupled with the short term charts mostly oversold, could mean a surprise move back up tomorrow?

    If I had to think like a gangster, I’d come out with better then expected claims numbers tomorrow and job data Friday… causing all the new bears to get squeezed on a rally.  Remember, we have now had 6 straight weeks down, and even the newest newbie is now expecting bad data tomorrow… meaning that everyone is short!  Lesson learned… expect the unexpected!

  10. Dow Jones analysis after closing bell: http://niftychartsandpatterns.blogspot.com/2011/06/dow-jones-analysis-after-closing-bell_16.html

  11. According CBS Sports,  Game 7 starts at 8pm (Stanley Cup Finals).   This will be the 6th Stanley Cup Final Game 7 in the past 10 seasons…

    LeBron J. of the Thrice averaged 17.8 pts during the Finals down 9pts from his season average.

    • It’s hard too say Shark?  I wasn’t expecting such a large move down today, but that’s what they do… fool the most amount of people at once.  Now how do they fool everyone tomorrow… rally hard on some bogus initial claims numbers that beat what the market expects?  That’s what I think will happen… and throw in some good news about Greece too.  That should cause a rally!

      • Either that or a very bad number and with QE2 “ending” soon , the market may anticipate the Feds to act causing maybe a short term rally. Weekly RSIs are so low at the moment, not sure how far or better yet..how LONG they can keep the down without some kinda bounce that last over one day

        • Also, the SPY “sweet spot” based on open interest is between 125 floor and 130 ceiling friday so we may head down briefly in the morning but after that recover and rally going into friday

  12. I agree with Red’s rally scenerio. All economic data this morning beat expectations. That,…mixed with Greek “talks”, OPEX Friday and the 1249-1255 major support on the S&P would seem like a rally at least til mid Friday. Well, at least common sense would dictate that, but you know what common sense usually yields in this manipulated market. A rally back over 1300-1310 would get the rest of the big players out of their long positions before a serious crash.

    • Well, they are certainly off to a good start today.  I was off on the “inverted head and shoulders” pattern, but we are rallying today as I expected.  I think it will continue into tomorrow too.

  13. US Dollar hits resistance line: http://niftychartsandpatterns.blogspot.com/2011/06/us-dollar-hits-resistance-line.html

  14. Heavy false print activity today.

    First, we had the QQQ print achieved, it took 3 months to hit it!!

    On the same day the QQQ print hit, we had a huge unusual spike in XLF. Now, I’m not sure what that means since it’s so strange. It was gone by the end of the day so it could have been a data error. HOWEVER, it is strange that it happened right as the QQQ print hit. I’m interpreting it as a potential buy signal for now, but if in a few weeks it meant nothing, I’ll make a note of it. I DO NOT think this is a price objective. It is completely unlikely and ridiculous to suggest that!


    • Yes, I agree.  For that print to be hit the Dow would have to hit 50,000… totally unrealistic!  But, something is up with them.  What I don’t know?  I think there is a coded message in the print, but I don’t know what it means?

      • I’ve posted and tracked every valid print I’ve seen and they’ve all had clear meanings.

        Just look at my sight and do the research. It’s all very obvious. There might have been one DIA print that didn’t do anything so obvious and I mentioned it — the market just consolidated in that zone and never really bounced significantly. But every other print was crystal clear, true, some only in retrospect, but consider that all prints HAVE been filled to date, so if you simply buy/sell ANYWHERE above/below the print such as to pocket the difference, you will win — at this point it’s at 95% but I think the IYR and IWM print will easily hit.

        This is what I asked you to do, to track the prints, since you haven’t I had to create my site, and from it I derived a complete explanation of how to interpret false prints.

        •  hi ben, I like the way u’ve organized the fake prints. thanks. i bookmarked your site. can you put up your comments section?

  15. here’s last weeks IWM chart and i noticed the 200 day was almost off the
    grid. that’s a powerful support signal, whenever i have found one like
    this (off the grid) in the past. rare.

  16. i’m stopped out oF GOOG, chitz….try again at 450… 
    GOOG the analysts write. “According to our checks, US retail paid-search 
    spend is up high-single/low-double digits y/y but below search engine 
    marketing expectations of 15-20%.” 

    • What makes you think that? I see margins being maxed out and spending taking a big hit. The increase in prices probably helped, but otherwise I can’t see it. I guess foreign markets could have a substantial positive impact?
      Anyway, what I can see is that the bots will see that there is no longer $100 billion being pumped into the market in the market, which they may interpret as lack of confidence in the market. Then again, who knows with all the shenanigans going on?

      Edit: Also, since March 2009, it seems to be a free-for all for market manipulation, both public and private, so I guess just wait and see what kind of scheme they have in mind.

  17. I have known this for many moons,
    That the Fukushima disaster is much worse than is being publicized

    In fact, I  published it at this link on March 16th.   The governmental / TEPCO response has been appalling, fully a crime against humanity.   It can get worse too.   Way worse.


    Also I built a radiation resource center, practical stuff and news.

    There are actually ways to protect against every form of radiation, there is no one size fits all cure-all.


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