Revisiting Dubai And Thanksgiving 2009…


Will we get another Dubai like surprise this coming Thanksgiving on Friday November 25th, 2011?

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Back in 2009 the Friday after Thanksgiving the stock market was only open for half a day, and that was when the gangsters released the Dubai news which caused a nice sell off on day... but would have caused a crash on any other full day during non-holiday season.  Was it planned that way so they could calm investors down over the weekend with news stories touting that the Dubai news wasn't really that bad?  Of course it was!  They always release news when it benefits them the most and allows them to control the direction of the stock market.

So what do the gangsters have planned for this coming Thanksgiving Friday in 2011?  Looking at the monthly and weekly charts right now and they are totally different then they were in 2009.  Back then the market was turning bullish and today the market is turning bearish on the larger timeframe charts.  Let's also look at the next "11" ritual date... 11-29-11, which I believe will be another stock market crash day.  It's on a Tuesday the week after Thanksgiving, and could be the perfect day for a large sell off from some news released over the Thanksgiving weekend or the Friday after Thanksgiving day... only this time they won't spin the news positive to calm the market, but instead pour more gasoline on the fire to cause the "planned" crash.

Remember, the gangsters love to surprise (and trap) the traders when they least expect it.

This coming week should have light volume in it and they can easily drop the market a few hundred points (on the Dow) each day without causing too much panic.  The bulls will likely buy the dips and slowly be forced to sell out at a lost when the expected bounces don't materialize.  This is exactly how they did it with the August sell off... slowly to gather steam to not to panic the bulls or to let the bears on board.  That's what I'm expecting this week to happen, followed by a crash the following week into early December.

This is perfect when you think about it, as the news media won't pay too much attention to it as they will all be focused on Thanksgiving and then Christmas.  They will be talking about the biggest sale day of the year "Black Friday" when retailer make the most of their profits for the year.  All attention toward the market will be diverted, as even most traders will take the week off or most it, causing light volume to happen.  This is normally bullish, but it can also be bearish... which I think it will this week.  The light volume only means that it's easier for the gangsters to control the market, but if they want it to go down this time instead of up that's exactly what they will do.

The latest from Lindsey Williams' DVD set is that 2012 will be "The Beginning of the END of the Illuminati" as he states in this video below...

(to watch on youtube:

That is one of over 3 hours of video's Lindsey did and is for sale on his Prophecy website in its' entirety or free here on youtube.  I listened to all 3 hours last week and most of it is material he has already covered on various radio interviews.  But this last part in the video above was very interesting and worth listening to.  Someone uploaded the whole series but it's broken down in 15 minute parts.  The part listed above is part 5 of 5 of DVD 3, or basically the last 15 minutes of the entire 3+ hours set.  If you want to watch the entire 3 video's on one link I found it uploaded here (

As for the "Crash of the Stock Market" that Lindsey speaks of happening in 2012, I'd say that he would consider the August sell off a "Crash"... but I do!  That means what is coming in 2012 will dwarf that August 2011 crash in size and magnitude, shocking everyone but a few smart traders I'd say.  It's all in the charts of course, at least the big moves are.  The smaller term moves are manipulated a lot more I believe and that's why it's tougher to catch a trend move down (or up).  But, without the ability to have access to "fraudulent free money" by entering in a few keys and passwords into the super computer running the market, the gangsters are running out of options to keep this pig from collapsing.

Remember, Ben Fulford stated that the secret trading platform has been shutdown and that the gangsters don't have access to create money out of thin air anymore like they did previously.  This tells me that they aren't going to be able to stop this market from crashing as the monthly and weekly charts support and say it should do.  I will say that the timing of this loss of control of printing money just lines up perfectly with the larger term charts... something that tells me this was all planned years ago.  Maybe I'm wrong on that, and maybe we should have crashed back in 2010, but the gangsters ability to create another "Quantitative Easing" program allowed them more time to hold the market up?

Here's Ben Fulford's latest...

Despite seeming bad news on several fronts last week, insiders assure us that plans for a new financial system are going ahead on all fronts. Instead of perpetual war and genocide on behalf of an inbred elite, the people of the planet are choosing to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and push for a new life-centered scientific and technical revolution. Major assistance emerged as a 59-nation group claiming to represent the Red Dragon Society or Maiona, offered its support to the new system. The Red Dragon is headed by Admiral Heemi Hau, Paramount Chief of the NGAPUHI in New Zealand and links 59 countries plus 2700 tribes mostly in the South Pacific Region. They back their words with treaties with the British Empire going back to the 1700’s as well as older treaties going back to 804 CE [CE = "Common Era"].

This is yet another step in the unstoppable global awakening that will forever take control of the planet out of the hands of the gangsters who have been terrifying us for so long.

Here is a part of what the Maiona group proposes:

Our objective is to overcome scarcity and provide for the needs of all the world’s people through the creation of a sustainable, living, vibrant civilization that will eliminate all wars, fears, poverty and hunger.

Resources will be assessed globally that we may cover the needs of the total populations requirement for housing, food, water, health, transport, education and recreation, and will also be co-ordinated in with the needs of other species that make up the web of life on the planet.

Sources of energy will be explored and developed, but not be limited to, wind, ocean tides, currents, temperature differentials, falling water, geothermal, electrostatic, hydrogen, algae, biomass, gravity, bacteria, phase transformation, thermionics, magnification and fusion energy.

Cities can be constructed circular, linear, underground, floating or underwater, but will all be built utilizing better resource and construction techniques. These cities would all have the ability to supply their own nutritional requirements, giving independence and sustainability.

Geometrically elegant arrangements, parks, gardens, reefs all designed to operate with efficient uses of energy and resource that co-exist with their natural surroundings. Design and development must work in with the environment providing clean air, water, food, health, nutrition, entertainment, accessibility, care and education.

That is the sort of thinking that the gangsters who took over the global financial system have proven themselves to be incapable of. They talk instead of never ending “wars on terror,” and “homeland security,” and “threat levels,” while pouring all of the planets free resources either into a massive military-industrial murder machine or a decadent lifestyle for a tiny elite.

These gangsters, for their part, made a big push last week in an effort to make it seem they were still in charge. In Europe they placed cabal flunkies in power in Greece and Italy after threatening the previous democratically elected leaders into resigning. This show of force, however, is still not backed by any show of money. The Rotschild/Rockefeller cabalists remain bankrupt and any attempts at asserting control in Europe will fail. In fact, the Greeks have contacted the White Dragon Society to inform them they will pretend to go along with the cabalists in order to get a new hit of paper money but that when the time comes to pay back, they will, as the Irish did, demand proof the bankers had a legal right to lend that “money,” in the first place.

In Japan as well, there were signs that all was not well. J. Rockefeller, one of the masterminds of the Tsunami, earthquake and nuclear attacks against Japan was spotted making a tour of the disaster zone and promising “assistance.” At the same time, the monster-toad Henry Kissinger was paraded on Japanese TV on November 11th, talking to Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda. However, Noda lived up to his name, which means “does not give,” in Spanish and Kissinger and Rockefeller left Japan empty handed.

IMF Director Christine Lagarde also returned empty-handed from her week long begging tour of Russia, China and Japan. No doubt had it explained to her that the 1.1 billion people who did not have enough food to eat were a greater priority than underfunded pensions for prematurely retired Europeans.

While here, Kissinger also tried to hire gangsters to kill this writer but found no takers, according to Japanese underground sources. Now that his fraudulent mirror account trading platforms have been shut down it would seem his funny money is no longer accepted by the underworld here.

In other news, an informant approached this writer last week with new details about the 1995 incident in which the Aum Shinrikyo sect released poison gas in the Tokyo subway system. The informant claims she was kidnapped, drugged, raped and tortured into becoming a MK-ultra type agent for North Korean gangsters. She said the North Koreans were taking orders from Jewish Al-Qaeda type agents. The entire subway incident was engineered to “terrorize the Japanese,” she claims. The informant provided this writer with specific names and contact information for the gangsters involved. According to her and other sources, these same gangsters had foreknowledge of the March 11, 2011 tsunami, earthquake and nuclear attacks on Japan. The White Dragon Society is contacting these gangsters to try to see if they will be willing to testify about 311 and the Aum incident in exchange for immunity.

Needless to say the Japanese security police have also been informed.

However, according to sources among both the yakuza and Japanese military intelligence, senior members of the Japanese police forces have also been working for the cabal and have been bribed and blackmailed in the past so it is unlikely we will see any official police action on 311 just yet. Nonetheless, the Japanese police/military/gangster nexus is now refusing to accept new assignments from the cabalists. Most are sitting on the fence and waiting to see how the battle for control of the global financial system turns out.

On that front, the only thing that is certain is that the old system is mathematically doomed. The criminal cabal in Wall Street, the Vatican, Washington D.C. and the London “City” financial district know their time is up but they remain arrogant, stubborn and dangerous.

Nonetheless, over 107 countries have agreed to the new financial system discussed in Monaco in August. In addition, the 59-nation Red Dragon group is also working with the White Dragon. That means at least 166 nations now support the new system. The global human awakening will not be stopped.

This could mean that "IF" the white dragon society didn't shutdown the secret trading platforms and block access to the gangsters to print more money, then we would be having "QE3" right now and rallying to new highs... but we'll never know the answer to that one will we?  We only know that the time for a stock market crash is upon us again and that as long as the gangsters don't pull another rabbit out of a hat, the charts will work and the market will crash.  I think this will be the least expected by most traders as everyone is usually bullish into the light volume Thanksgiving to Christmas period.  By the time they get bearish the bottom will likely be in... just like they planned it.

Of course the rally up won't be to new highs like the one's driven by numbers put into the super computer "HAL 2000", or "SkyNet", but simply from normal oversold conditions, fueled by bargain hunters and the likes.  This means that "real" money from traders will be fueling the rally... not another "QE" program of fake money that doesn't exist.  So what does that mean?  It means that the charts will likely start working pretty accurately on the longer term scale.  This would mean that the rally up following the coming crash will only be a "wave 2" corrective rally with "wave 3" down to follow in 2012.  I think that's the "Crash" that Lindsey Williams is speaking of!

Moving on to the technical analysis picture for next week...

The doji on Friday is a bear flag on the shorter time frames, which will likely play out on a Monday morning gap down.  However, the short term charts on the SPX and SPY are oversold and will likely turn back up after this early morning selloff.  This would also be a 5th wave down in Elliottwave terms and end the first larger wave of this sell off from the breaking down out of the triangle pattern.  Since the volume will likely be light the rest of the week, (as traders will be leaving early for Thanksgiving) and an expected wave 2 up should happen anyway, I would then conclude that we should see Tuesday and Wednesday up.

Then Friday after Thanksgiving could be another "Dubai" type event, only this time it could be another company like "MF Global" or even "Italy" or some other country to announce some news to shock the market?  I'm not sure if they will announce this news during the market hours or after they are closed over the weekend, but I'd suspect that they'd do it afterhours to trap the bulls and not let the bears in.  Why?  Think about how they did the news release about Dubai on Friday, November 26th 2009... they released it in the morning if I recall, which was during market hours of course and it allowed them to control the selling because it was a half day with extremely light volume as all the traders were gone early for the holiday weekend.

This time should be different as they want the market to tank the following Monday and Tuesday (again, another 11 day), so they won't likely announce the news during market hours this Friday.  They don't want traders alerted to the news, as they want them trapped in their positions over the weekend.  Then they can gap it down on Monday and crash on Tuesday from news released afterhours this coming Friday.

This all lines up with the start of a wave 3 down inside a larger wave 3, inside another larger wave 3, etc... too many wave 3's to count!

I'll go over them in the video but simply put I'm expecting the bear flag to play out Monday morning with a gap down, followed by a rally up on Tuesday, Wednesday, and possibly Friday (could be a flat day?).  That should conclude the wave 2 up and allow for the gap down on Monday to start the multiple wave 3's down, allowing a crash on the ritual day of 11-29-11 Tuesday.  Now, "IF" we do finally crash on that date, how many bears will be short?  And after it's over and a rally up for wave 4 starts how many bears think we will either bottom on 12-7-11 (1+2+7=9 and 11 equals 911) or start the 5th wave down... another "Crash" wave!  Don't forget the countdown on ends on December 7th, 2011... 70 years after the false flag event called "Pearl Harbor"!

Good luck as always gang...


P.S. Notice the 777 in the "Unstoppable Train" movie matches up with the one day crash on the Dow of 777 points (September 29th, 2008... or 9 and [2+9=11]= 911).  Also notice that this was the biggest one day point loss since 9-11-2001.  The train that is sent to stop the 777 is 1206, or 12-6-11... which could me that something "Unstoppable" happens on December 6th and the stock market crashes on the 7th when the countdown ends. Remember, 12-7-11 = 911 again (1+2+7=9 and 11 = 911).  So, it look's like this coming 29th of November will be a crash date, and possibly something more on December 7th...

(to watch on youtube:

P.S.S. The dream about the 389 Dow point drop by JCD being the signal that "it has begun" is being talked about on another forum called Lunatic Outpost (  As you already know "God Like Productions" removed the thread from their forum, but you can join in on the chat with JCD as this continues to play out.  Interestingly enough, someone found another reference to the "389" and posted it on page 37 of that forum thread.  The comment refers to an Astrologist named Denise who runs a blog called "Astrology and Psychic Predictions" found here (

Ok, where it really gets interesting is the dream she had back in 2010 and posted this ( which see speaks of the number 389.  When you read the post you'll notice she speaks of adding up all the numbers in your date of birth to see what your "life path number" is, so I decided to add up mine.  I was born at 4:44 am on August 10th, 1964... which is 0+8+1+0+1+9+6+4=29, or Eleven! LOL!  Wouldn't you know that I'm an 11 (2+9=11)!  Crazy huh?  Maybe that's why was I drawn to the darkside to start this blog?






  1. looking red tonight for ES tonight….Thanks Red for the update…I have a feeling this week will be a deep red candle on the weekly..:)

    • I think everyone is expecting that BH, except me… I’m expecting a light volume rally after a down day on Monday.  Maybe not much for the week… who knows?  But never the less I don’t see this week as a big down week.  This all assumes they don’t pull another Dubai this Friday of course, which I don’t think they will.  I think they will save that for the weekend when everyone is sleeping…

      • That was my forecast last Friday also…but now there’s a different feel…

        I’ll still be watching for a possible weak drop, then rally, but now would be the perfect time to pull the rug out because everyone is expecting a “Santa Claus” rally. That’s all I hear everywhere…Santa Claus Rally, Santa Claus Rally. Wouldn’t that throw a monkey wrench into the market? If I were an HFT bot manager, I would tank this market now, to throw everything into chaos…

  2. Good Morning gang…

    There is a 119.92 spy pre-market print at 8:51 am that also has a high of 120.85, which could mean that we are “rangebound” today in-between those levels.  I’m expecting a choppy day that hovers around the low all day, and then some type of rally Tuesday and Wednesday from the expected light volume.

      • I don’t think that was a FP, as most early morning prints “aren’t”… but somethings they act like magnets for the market.  It could have just been indicating that the market will be rangebound around the low all day today?

    • Hit & bounced off that old 9-11 (119 SPY) FP right on the button. So is the next one at 115.61 tomorrow or a week or two from now. I guess we’ll find out.

  3. Volume on this move down is still light gang, and after we find a bottom today I still fully expect a rally the rest of the week.  How much is unknown, but I think we will complete the 5th wave down today inside the first larger wave 1 down.  That leaves the rest of the week to rally up for the larger 2 up, and then the crash the week follow… with the 29th being the big day!

  4. There goes the Madman again!

    PUMP that euro Bernank! Crank up the US exposure to that garbage! Fill those coffers with confetti!

  5. I get the feeling that the low is in for the short term and we should rally up some the rest of the week on light volume before crashing the following week.  If I were short, I’d exit today and wait until this Friday for another opportunity to go short.  I would not go long as you just don’t know how high this rally will be?  It could just chop sideways for the rest of the week and not really go up very far.  Best to sit out the rally I believe.

    • Short term charts are very oversold ACP, and I fully expect this rally to last into Friday of this week.  Light volume today and probably all of the rest of the week will allow them to push higher then most expect I believe.  They will want the sheepal to go spend money they don’t have this coming “Black Friday” Thanksgiving sales weekend… which is more reason to believe they will rally up the rest of this week.

  6. S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell:

    • I don’t think it really matters where you short, as long as your time horizon is at least 1 1/2 months from now. The beginning of next year will be nothing short of disastrous.

      Edit: Especially unlevered shorts. Those are a straight up buy & hold. Investing for the long term!

    • You’re not more bearish then me as I see a low of 965 spx before this is over with.  The bottom could very well be on December 7th as the countdown ends then.  But, we still need to follow the ripples in the water (waves up and down) and since we are very oversold on the short term charts, and have very light volume the rest of the week, a rally up until Friday should happen.  How high it goes is anyone’s guess, but we should bounce for a few days before crashing next week.

    • I Just do not see a 3 day rally here into Friday, Your chart certainly looks ominous looking. This chart, just gives more credence to my immediate out look.

  7. yup i use adx, macd,
    rsi on weekly. rsi below 50 is bearish as is a negative macd and red line on top
    of adx is negative why i sold longs i held last summer at about 1300. all 3
    indicators have been bearish since that last drop under 1300. take a look at
    july 2009 and there was your buy sign. the flash crash threw it for a fat
    fingeeer whipsaw tho you got back in long 4 months later for the big gains of
    over 200 spx points. what i learn back when i started in business and have used
    to this day. beginners can thank me lol yup. learned from a seasoned trader for
    learning the trend and i do not fight it but for a few small long trades. mainly
    short in this atmosphere. im sure KATZO the clown will bash but i just post to help newbies with simple indicators and hope they can stay out of trouble and not go broke which many newbies do and the Kat clown is.  gl$SPX&p=W&yr=3&mn=0&dy=0&id=p96245223094

  8. Does any one know when the Super committee reports comes out. Before the market opens or the end of the trading day Wednesday?

    • Yes, I added that up wrong in the video… sorry about that.  The 1206 on train adds up to 911, but the countdown ends on 12-7-11, so I’m not sure what to think there but I’d say that time period will be important.

  9. Good Morning Gang…

    We didn’t get the gap up I was expecting (could have been 5-8 points) as the GDP number was bad and the market opened down instead.  I still expect a positive close today, as the volume is going to be very light from here until the end of the week.  Today might only be a doji, but I don’t expect any further selling this week.

    I still believe we will make a wave 2 up into Friday (or next Monday’s open?), and then crash down starting on Monday, with Tuesday the 29th being the “Big One”.  This wave 2 up doesn’t have to rally up to any certain level, as it could just chop sideways to complete the wave and barely rise up very much at all.  Maybe on 23.6% up, or 38.2%, I really don’t know?

    It’s not worth chancing to go long for this wave but better to simply wait to go short again this Friday or next Monday in my opinion.  This is only because options don’t do well on the long side versus the short side.  If you do futures then yeah it’s likely worth riding the wave 2 up.

  10. QQQ is sort of staying in my green area range. i guess it will trade sideways a few days–

      • for right now, i’ll try out seasonality, see if that works.
        x-mas rally is supposed to be next.
        with all the bad news out there,
        it’ll be interesting to see how the gansta’s spin the news…
        black friday shopping numbers usually help RTH after the thanksgiving holiday.

  11. WFR who probably supplies FSLR with some raw materials, just had its eps extimates cut in half again, last week.
    i was wondering if that was a poker tell, on FSLR…
    looks like i don’t have to wonder anymore.

    • Donald Trump is such a gangster… but the video of the OWS’s was nice.  The police finally left them alone in the end of the video it seems.  Funny, I thought the taxpayers paid their salaries and their job was to protect those citizens?  I guess they serve their bankster masters who serve satan.

  12. i don’t short AMZN, next week!!!!
    Monday is internet Monday shopping, so i’ll be getting out the way of AMZN’s, possible upcoming upside rally.

  13.   The US/CAD would APPEAR to need one more C wave down to really get rocking.  And lets face it, it may have already occured in very subtle fashion.  But it may very well have NOT.  In which case we NEED a very strong rally UP in the SPX.  Going perhaps higher than 1292. 

       Obviously this will materialize almost immediately, so we won’t have to wait long.  And then, BOOK, the wave only Laird Hamilton and friends will like. (Laird Hamilton is the king of big wave ocean surfing).

       Just my opinion, seems to jibe with the now very sage Red Dragon himself.

  14. Hey Red man
    How’s about some back @ me (you know what I mean)
    brand NEW HOT LOOK FOR please come visit and let me know your
    thoughts You too Red !

  15. HAL has taken a ton of stock,we could,should get a really nice rally, but if this is a iii,or 3 wave,we won’t.

    • Non-stop selling in an already very oversold market, with no bounces, lead to crashes!  This all supports my thoughts that we’ll crash next Tuesday, as this market will be very oversold by then… especially if we don’t bounce today and tomorrow (which it’s not looking that way right now).

  16. I am still hanging on to all my shorts here. Shortly I will have to sell some for trading discipline purposes even thou I do NOT WANT TO. LOL

    • You might want to wait until we bottom on Tuesday after the crash, as it’s not looking like we are going to bounce any this week.  Just a straight down move just like the one in August a few months back.

      • I agree with you over all, but I am trying to find some place to sell here to take some profits. But it keeps on going down. I need to, for trading discipline purposes. I am 95% short, need to take some profits.

  17. That 117.91 maybe a bear trap in the making. Reading other blogs, many our buying on this dip. I hope we do reach that FP, I sold 30% of my shorts near the lows. I would like to buy back in. (shorts)

  18. Where is every one today? Imagine you still around? I feel like I am talking to myself here. Maybe I am, and I don’t know it. LOL    I have cut out this coffee. LOL

    • Sorry Peace.
      Unfortunately I drew the short straw @ work and will be on call the rest of the week taking care of lonely pain seeking patients. It has been very busy in the hospitals. Have a good Thanksgiving! Eat a hearty feast for me =)

  19. For the record, following red’s trades the past 3 weeks has lost me 100% of my money. I won’t be returning. Thanks for the calls Red.

    • Reds advice is a POSSIBLE ROAD MAP. You are to use your own intelligence and gut instincts on taking any course of action with the markets. You gave away your own power instead of relying on your own self. RED will be proven correct here shortly.

      • No, I’m pretty sure he was proven incorrect when 11/11 was a big up day totally screwing me, and this week was all down instead of all up. Goodbye.

        • one guy already doubled his money.
          in a month and a half
          only trading my index charts!!!
          he’s trading the triple INDEX ETF’S ..
          i started copying his trades!!!!

        • GMMoney, I am sorry you lost money. I know the pain you are going thru. It is very difficult to go thru a financial thrashing like you did. 25 years ago, I went thru the same meat grinder. After I went thru the phase of unworthiness and feeling worth less both financially and emotionally. I realized that I needed a coach, who had more experience in the stock market than my self. I would highly suggest some one like Zstock 7   He is a very discipline trader using stops. This will help you become a more discipline trader in the markets. You may not have  much money left, but you do not  need $100,00 to work with  some one like Zstock. Start out small and slowly build it up over time. I guarantee you will SUCCEED.

          I wish you all the best.

    • Sorry to hear.  Trading is not an easy job/hobby (I’m talking prop trading, trading one’s account, not the market making trading).  The best traders have been there, and have their wounds to show.  The statistics are mind numbing…90+% of traders do not make money consistently.  It is a tough job, and requires a lot of discipline and commitment.

      If you are trading early on, it is guaranteed that you will lose money.  However, do not let it deter you from working hard at it.  As for anything rewarding in life, there are no freebies.  Personally, I come to Red’s site and watch his videos because his opinion is one of many others.  I value his thoughts but I would not follow his opinion and his alone.  It requires your own homework, due diligence, and sometimes your views will line up exactly with his.

      There’s a study which I think is now fact.  In order to attain near-“expert” status in any field, you must log at least 5000 hours.  Maybe it is more than that.  I can’t quite remember the exact figure.  I don’t remember the figure for trading but it is upwards of 5000 trades to really get a feel for what is going on.

      Trading has also been a great analogy for life.  You can pull a number of life truisms from trading alone:
      1.  Never be complacent
      2.  Consider all possible scenarios
      3.  Review upside downside
      4.  Cut your losses and move on (particularly true with relationships for instance)
      5.  Work hard
      6.  Patience
      7.  Control your emotions
      8.  Learn new things/new methods
      9.  Stay humble
      10.  Bird in one hand is worth two in the bush
      11.  There are no guarantees…zero.
      12.  Always be ready for the next opportunity because it could come the next day.

      Today I cut a bunch of shorts.  Not because I think the bottom is in, but because in the past, the market has humbled me one too many times that gains quickly became losses.  Stops will always help out but in this market, there are so many gap ups and gap downs.

      Note: I am always learning and I by no means am good at all.  Wish I had something more to offer.

      Happy thanksgiving everyone.

  20. Good to here from you Imagineasian. Sorry you have to work, but you may be in a better position than most traders. You do not have to go thru the 6 1/2 hours watching a computer screen. LOL

    I will not be eating any turkey this week, I am from Vancouver Canada. We celebrate Thank giving day in late OCT. This way we get the Prime A turkeys before the Americans, they get the 2nd grade ones. LOL  I agree with you on the early Dec date for this market to drop into, to buy for the upswing. I gave 1165 price target for tuesday. I was one day out. My next pivotal time frame is the Nov 28-29

    All the best Imagineasian

  21. I took another small loss, and it wasn’t because of red, it was because I followed the little men who usually win, and even they, by my estimation, too a bit of a bath and the market went even a little lower.  I bought a contract right at the bottom on the futures and am so far up more than I lost, and I think we bounce, here, HAL has taken in a lot of stock.  This is STILL not a THIRD for sure, but it sure feels like it, so I will sell at 1180 or better.

  22. This is a little delayed but the gangstas make sure that it is very difficult for me to post here.

    I once again heard Bradley’s ode to the 4-29-92 ritual last Friday during a time which is a soon approaching date.   Interesting last Friday, 11-18, was 19year206days from the 4-26-92 title date of the song and made this Monday 19years209days.

    Then on Saturday 11-19, there was a Miami Thrice sighting at Nike U. during the broadcast of the Oregon-USC football game along with a few other unemployed NBA ballers but they showed all members of the Thrice first from #6 to #3 and then #1.   Eugene Ore one of the towns mentioned in Bradley’s ode:    (Tuscaloosa, ALA another one that popped in the news during the 19th anniversary with the catastrophic tornadoes and now the quest for Alabama to win another national championship…….Denver currently occupied with the Tebowmania ritual with the golden boy’s nonstop miraculous comeback wins with the first one occuring in Miami)

    Last year’s Super Bowl MVP and soon to be league MVP, RoboQB, #12 continues on his tear with another @reddragonleo:disqus  TDs thrown to #87 while another #87, the one caught up in the mini 87 ritual with adult actress Bibi Jones earlier in the year,  continues to light it up with his #12 QB, scoring 2 more TDs on the Monday Night Broadcast.    GB’s and NE’s #87s are 2and 3 in TDs scored among receivers only behing Detroit’s #81  (Detroit and GB will face each other tomorrow in a Turkey Day Broadcast)

    During the Oregon-USC broadcast, a little 29 was flashed during the first touchdown whenUSC’s#9 caught a long TD pass while covered by Oregon’s #2 and a shot from the end zone showed their numbers 2-9 clearly aligned.    Both of USC’s receivers #2s and 9 had big days that night.

  23. I do not know where every one is, but I am picking up my original shorts I sold out the other day to bring me back to 100% short.

    • Hi Peace – I’m currently still positioned short.  Picked a bit more up when the market tried to break through the 10 hour EMA this morning.  I plan on holding through Monday – Tuesday.  My “gut” believes we are close to a bottom but when a train is going full speed, I do not want to step in front of it.  I’ll let the train decide when it wants to stop.  Have a good one.

      • Good move Nuggy picking up some shorts near the top. I personally will be letting go of some of my shorts Monday morning, hope fully with a gap down. I hate going into a weekend being fully short. As you said, you have to watch out for that train.  As for me, if I see light at the end of the tunnel, I will be exiting very quickly due to the train coming down thru the tunnel. I suspect we get a good low Monday maybe tuesday, than retrace up near the 1200 level. I still see a very good low near the Dec 8 time frame.  Good Luck to you.

  24. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    In response to earlier post.  I follow several blogs and have subscriptions to IBD and other publications.  There is no publication or blog (even paid newsletters) that can guarantee results.  Following IBDs cup and handle methodology, if the market is not in a strong up trend you get stopped out like crazy.  As I understand Red uses options on the indexes, which provides a bit of risk management, rather lose a few hundred on an option then a few thousand on stocks.  I have actually found that this site offers a good balance and perspective if you read other publications.  Invest with care, define your personal appetite, risk tolerance and time frames.  I totally agree 5000 hours to become an expert, study the market for at least 5 years and have a broad outlook.  Might not hurt to be short with a % of your portfolio right now.

    Best fortune to everyone.

  25. Start of Mercury Retrograde and a solar eclipse today……..We have room for one more ugly downday unless it’s a crash situation, then 2 days but I don’t think it will be the crash but a mini meltdown nonetheless.    The stock indices are mimicking early August’s actions and the declines should really accelerate now since the Dow and Russell 2000 have penetrated the support at the mid October lows.  But there really is only room for one more big decline day before a bounce……….

    Think of this decline comparable to the May to mid July 2008 decline….

    A certain little indicator is still a few weeks to a week 1/2 away from entering the crash zone at this pace but its internal component is reaching historic oversold levels.

    • Yes,you are correct with all the technical indicators in over sold territory. But yet they can remain over sold longer than we expect.

  26. Attilla wrote:
    ECB engaged in a massive quantitative easing, which is why the rating agencies accelerated the pace of downgrades; to reduce the cost.
    this may slow down the momentum of the bear market by extending the broadening top into late 2012

    what do you think?

    • Hi Parker, I am sorry Attilla came out with that statement. He has made some bad calls in the past, where a lot of people lost big money. Example, the lows 2009 he advised his clients to stay short or sit on the side lines as the market was heading up. Please note this was from another member from this site that stated this. 

      The best we can do, is swing trade from the summer highs to the resents lows from Attila statement.

      As for myself, I will stay flexible and nimble trading the stock market. Although I am % 100 short here, I will be off loading most of my shorts here shortly. Looking for a counter trend for a few days. Than short again.

      Bottom line is, be your own guru. NEVER Make a Trade with out going within to see if it FEELS RIGHT. Gut instincts.

      All the best to you Parker

  27. CHICAGO, Nov. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Retailers can breathe a sigh of relief. The holiday shopping season started strong, with bigger crowds spending more dollars than ever before.
    According to ShopperTrak — the world’s largest provider of retail and mall foot-traffic counting services — Black Friday
    sales increased 6.6 percent over the same day last year. This
    represents $11.40 billion in retail purchases and the biggest dollar
    amount ever spent during the day. Retail foot-traffic rose accordingly,
    increasing by 5.1 percent over Black Friday 2010.
    Read more:

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