A Stock Market Crash Wave 3 Down Next Monday Or Off To Fairy Tale Land…


Tuesday Update...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EHb1svbADY)



Next Monday we should see a very powerful multiple wave 3 combination wave down start, or a big push up taking out 1300 spx and beyond...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uw_0nzGWGds)

Which will it be?  I wish I knew the answer?  Call me stubborn, stupid and a fool, but I'm sticking with a powerful wave 3 down coming... not a rally to fairy tale land!  Why?  Because the charts just don't support it!  Yeah, the patterns forming could support a move up but the MACD's and Histogram bars or many of the charts are still extremely bearish.  From the monthly to weekly and the daily, I just and see a rally up to continue.

I know that we are all fighting a "Super Computer" (named HAL?) and that the charts are heavily manipulated and only right about 80% of the time, but I'm sticking with my shorts... and will go down with the Titanic or get rescued with a lifeboat on Monday.  This wave 2 up that happened on Thursday and Friday literally wiped out every bear left in the market I believe.  This was the first time I have ever seen a 389 point DOW drop in the market that didn't have a lower low the next day... which is extremely rare in my opinion.

So, if you feel like you got screwed as a bear after Wednesday... you're NOT alone!

I was taken completely off guard on Thursday when the market gaped up and never made a lower low then the low on Wednesday, which hasn't ever happened as far as I can see when looking back at previous large sell off days.  There was always a follow through down day the day after such a huge sell off.  That really trapped me and many other bears I'm sure, as the odds of that happening was very low from what I can see.

This is why I stayed short at the close on Wednesday, as the odds were tremendously in my favor of a lower low at the open of the next day on Thursday, which again... NEVER Happened previously!  Sometimes no matter how good the odds are for you winning, the gangsters still screw you and steal your money.  This was the case on Wednesday at the close as I'd bet the odds were 95%+ that there should be a lower low the next day... yet it never happened?

Moving on to something weird, strange and totally out of the ordinary... a dream that tells the future of the stock market!

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGEfOzR313Y)

It seems that some posters on "God Like Productions" (GLP) joined the forum on 01/27/2005, made over 5,000 posts, but the most important one was on 04/12/2010 when he/she posted the following... "The day the dow drops 389, that is the marker day.  Hold on to your hats! Yep it was a dream".  Then again another comment was... "Just a signal that you know it is all coming down.  Not just the dow.  When it hits -389.  I 'think' it is a final on the day, but am not sure.   That was the whole dream."  Finally, the last comment was... "Doesn't matter when really.  We all know it will happen.  When it drops -389 in one feld swoop..."

Ok, so how far did the market drop on 11-9-11... yes, you guess it "389 points"!  Now it gets weirder... as the "Member ID Number" for this poster whose handle is JCD, and made these predictions from a dream is... drumroll here, "11911"!  Folks I'm not making this up!  This is very strange indeed, as sure enough the 389 point down day was on 11-9-11, which was this persons ID, as well as the number for the "fake print" (FP) that I got last week of 119 SPY!

Then, to make things stranger, they closed the SPY at 126.66 on Friday at 4:15 pm!  What are they saying?  Does this 666 mean the top for the market just like the March 6th, 2009 low of 666 SPX meant the low?  On top of that, it seems that the post put up on the GLP forum has now been deleted or removed?  This is the most recent thread (basically that's a "post, but they call them "threads" in a forum) that has now been deleted...


This was a new thread that was referring back to the original thread from 2010 which it located here...


The title to that thread was "Warning= DOW Will Get To 11,246 And Then **CRASH HARD**!!!!", which of course that poster was obviously wrong about (but aren't we all).  However, it's not about the title of the thread but what the poster named JCD said... which was of course about the dream he/she had about the DOW dropping 389 points in one day, which started the beginning of the end I'd assume?

I'm not sure why GLP deleted the new thread from a couple of days ago and left up the old original thread from 2010... which is odd to say the least.  But, fortunately for you readers, good ol' Red just happen to make a copy of the original thread.  Yes, there is a reason I have 4 monitors running on one computer with 12 gig's of ram... it's so I can leave as many windows open as possible just in case this kind of thing happens.  I would say I probably have over 250 windows/tabs open right now on that main computer, while I'm typing this post on my laptop.

So, besides getting a screen shot for you guys (and gal's), I also saved the page and uploaded it to my website for safe keeping... just in case something else happens out of the ordinary if you know what I mean.  Please note that this is just screen shots of the links.  Here are the links...


At the time of this writing two of three of those links are still up on the GLP forum with only the most recent thread from a couple of days ago being deleted, but I thought I'd include them all anyway.... as you never know about what might happen tomorrow?  Hmmm... now I just tried to go to the profile of JCD and it's not showing up anymore?  Here's the link...


This was working about 2 hours ago and showed the history for this person.  Why is it down now?  Is GLP working for the Illuminati gangsters or are they being attacked by them?  Very strange stuff going on right now gang (it's 10:40 pm EST Saturday night at the moment, but understand that these posts commonly take 5-8 hours to complete so things can change by the time I'm finished writing).

Holy Cow!  Now the original post is down!  WTF is going on here?  Maybe it's nothing and it will be back up by the time I get this post up or maybe it's more then that?  Something is very suspious here gang... and I do suspect big brother is behind it all.  If this post, site or youtube video goes down... you'll know why!  I beg you to copy this post and re-post it everywhere you can... especially if my site goes down too after posting this.

(by the way, be sure to download the screenshots and the video asap... just in case my youtube channel goes down).

Moving on to other news... here's the latest from Ben Fulford, as I know you guys love his stuff.  I myself am not sure if his "good guy" gang is really succeeding or not, but since we didn't see any city burn on 11-11-11 I'd at least say that's a big plus.  Maybe it was the good aliens coming in to stop the bastard reptilian Illuminati gangsters from setting off that 4th nuclear bomb, or just some white hats in the pentagon... I don't know, but I'm happy never the less.

These days, reading some of the Western corporate propaganda media, you get the feeling you are reading Axis news reports of imminent victory late during World War 2. The reality people can see with their own eyes contradicts their reports so much that only a diehard rump of the most thoroughly brainwashed now really believes the propaganda. No matter what wishful thinking headlines they conjure up about the IMF coming to the rescue, or the Feds printing more dollars or FRN’s coming to the rescue, the fact of the matter is that the cabal that hijacked the world’s financial system has lost. The criminal cabal is caput. Events this week and next will provide ample proof of this.

Both behind the scenes and in public, the world’s law enforcement agencies continue to close in on the criminal cabal from all directions. The big lawsuit expected next week against the cabal has now obtained as evidence something known as the Book of Maklumat. This is a book that details the historical ownership of much of the world’s gold by a group of Asian royal families. They also have copies of the original cash certificates and evidence of how this money was transferred to the custodianship of the Government of United States for the use on behalf of the international community. This evidence is icing on the cake in a lawsuit that will prove the private owners of the Federal Reserve Board stole this money and have been using it illegally for over 50 years.

That is why the illegal “trading platforms” that were being used to steal this money have been shut down. That, in turn, is why the International Monetary Fund, the European governments and the Federal Reserve Board have been powerless to stop the ongoing crisis affecting the G5 group of terrorist states (France, England, Italy, Germany and the United States), as well as their armed camp known as Israel.

Although these governments have threatened Greece’s government into stopping a referendum on the Euro, they cannot take their threats to the bank. The fact is that the European fascists do not have the money to help Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the five Baltic states. Furthermore, the government of Ireland has already asked the European bankers to prove Ireland is in debt to them, show where the money came from, prove that it is real and prove they have the legal rights to it. This is something they cannot do which is why Ireland is not in the headlines. It is also one of the reasons they have shut down Ireland’s Vatican embassy.

Although the G5 and Israel threaten to ignite World War 3 by attacking Iran, that is a suicidal bluff. The commanders of the US, Chinese and Russian militaries will not let this happen. These rogue G5 leaders are, of course, terrified because they know they have committed countless crimes against humanity (e.g. hundreds of millions of murders since World War 2 ended). It may still be possible for most of them to obtain forgiveness via a truth and reconciliation committee but the window of opportunity is shutting fast.

One man who has now put himself beyond the pale is Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger last week desperately tried to orchestrate a series of assassinations in the hope of somehow turning the situation around. This writer was once again last week targeted by people hired by Kissinger.

However, Kissinger has been told to back off and his orders are not being obeyed.

“President” Obama, for his part, was the subject of severe verbal attacks at last week’s G20 meeting in France. He was told the United States was in far worse shape than Europe and that he had a lot of the blame for that, according to sources at the meeting. Obama is no longer expected to be able to complete his term as President because of the various legal actions against his regime.

In Japan, meanwhile, there has been a lot of rumbling under the surface.

Senior Japanese right wing sources say that a group of Colonels in the Japanese Self-Defense forces are plotting a military coup d’etat. Their plan is to put in former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as their leader. Abe, of course, is linked to the Moonies, who in turn have a ranch next to the Bush ranch in Paraguay. They are also linked to the international drug business.

Needless to say, these misguided Colonels have been educated and are now realizing that no matter how honorable their wish to help Japan might be, they were about to be manipulated by the very people who helped ruin Japan’s economy.

Another move in Japan came as US CIA and Pentagon types told power broker Ichiro Ozawa to permanently cease his plans to try to take over the government if he wished to stay alive. Ozawa is not trusted because of both his Rockefeller and cabal connections.

It is also worth noting that Emperor Akihito is suffering from “Bronchitis,” and has thus “temporarily” handed over control to crown prince Naruhito, according to the Royal Household Agency.

The official go-ahead has now been given for a new International Economic Planning Agency. It’s motto will be “we turn dreams into reality.”

I will comment that "if" Ben is correct that the gangsters are out of money and can't access the codes needed to print more, then we could indeed see that multiple wave 3 down next Monday that I was looking for earlier this past week.  Yes, I could be totally wrong on this call, as I have been wrong many times in the past... but the evidence just doesn't support a rally.  Not that the "evidence" ever stopped the gangsters before, as they usually just burn it (think building 7) so the market will go whatever direction they want it too.  Remember, in the end it's just a super computer (HAL 2000) that is running the show... at least as long as he has access to unlimited supply of fraudulent money.

Anyway, I'm still in the bear camp until I at least see what happens on Monday...

If we don't tank hard like I expect then I guess I'll have to throw in the towel and agree that the Bulls won this battle.  Listen, I'll be a bull when the chart line up to be bullish, but right now all I see is bearish.  Sorry, but other then simply patterns (like the continuation 'triangle' pattern) that are presently current on the daily chart, I don't see any reason here to support more upside.

Yeah, the triangle pattern appears bullish and could also be considered a bull flag... but the MACD's and the Histogram on various time frames don't support it.  Therefore I must remain bearish until proven otherwise.  This means a clear breakout of the recent high of 1293 spx, which must happen on Monday to convince me.  I know the last rally up on Thursday and Friday look very bullish to many, as it hurt many bears, but I still see it as a wave 2 up with wave 3 down to follow.

Well, I guess I put up my evidence at this point.  Now it's up to HAL to prove me wrong and throw some more egg on my face, like he's done so many times before.  For me I'm glad I stayed short into the weekend as I'm all about "Hell Mary" passes... maybe we'll see one on Monday?  Of course most bears will miss it as that's the way it always is...


P.S.  Here's the latest from Lindsey Williams...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTc8qxzYNtw)

Of course from what he's saying the market won't crash until next year.  But exactly what does he consider a crash?  If he is right again, then I guess we'll just continue rallying next week defying gravity once again.  So much for wave 3's down then...


  1. Wow! I got mentioned in Red’s video =)
    I’m glad you were able to save the GLP post, RED.
    Furthermore, what interesting is that JCD had 12 member friends.
    JCD –> (J)esus (C)hrist  had 12 (D)isciples. 

  2. Go long for perhaps a couple of bucks but go short for a future fortune. The only problem is the waves seem so clear to me that something else must develop from them. The next big decision may come as ‘when to cover the shorts when a crash occurs” this may be even bigger than 1987 and that is why I am heavy the VXX. a 500 point gap down may be in our futures. Your fake print on the VIX looks like heaven.

      • Hey Red – 
        For example, JCD’s userID in the very first post of the thread is 60283.  If you move down to her next post in the thread, it shows her userID as 47976.  Then the next one, her userID shows 25596.  If you look at ashesandsackcloth, his/her userID stays at 14769.

        It’s odd because you would imagine that if you created a login, it should tie to one ID.  However, “JCD” is tied to multiple userIDs.

        Also Red, not sure if you mentioned this in vid but 389 = (3+8) 9 = 119 on 11/9/11.  Unbelievable.

        • You’re right, I forgot to mention that!  Good catch Nuggy… very strange stuff going on here.  You have the FP on SPY from last week of 119 which of course equals 11-9-11, and the Simpson clock that points to a “6” (or 9 upside down) and the “11”… and now the 389 = (3+8) 9 = 119 on 11/9/11.  Let’s not forget the 126.66 SPY close on Friday as well.  Oh, that 119 FP came at 10:56 am on 10-26-11 or 1+(5+6=11)… which is 111, and of course 1+0+2+6=9, and then 11 = 911.

    • Nice find nuggy! I was trying to find other websites the JCD posts. Just like Red mentioned… you can’t change your ID# on GLP from what I have read. The site you have linked is different. Interestingly, she was not aware of her previous GLP ID#. Right now, I do not feel like going through 29 pages. All this has an eerie feeling that is much more than just the stock market crashing. I’m sure a lot of this is starting to add up… the huge VIX FP, the illuminati website, etc.

    • From Skippy a poster from nuggy’s link:

      In the year 389, All pagan buildings in Alexandria, including the library, are destroyed by fire.

      So the library of Alexandria was destroyed by fire in 389. This was the year that the great knowledge of the ancients was supposed to have been destroyed

  3. From the poster The Brazillian (giving credit where credit is due:

    One more odd thing about the stock exchange:
    The movie “2012” was released in November 13, 2009, a Friday.

    Then we had the first weekend of the movie. During the weekend the stock market is closed.

    When the stock market re-opened on the Monday, November 16, 2009, the S&P 500 finished the day at 1,109 points.

    At 1.109 points, it means that the S&P 500 was 66.6% above the multi-year bottom of 666 points reached in March 2009.

    The following day, November 17, 2009, the S&P 500 finished the day almost unchanged (what is very rare), at 1,110 points.

    And in the following day, November 18, 2009, the S&P 500 fell back 1 point, to close at 1109 points again.

    It finished 66.6% anove the 666 bottom, three days in a row.

    Do you really think it’s a coincidence?

    How many times in the history of the stock market, the S&P 500 rose just one single point in a day, and fell back one single point in the following day, to close back at the same level of two days early?

    The answer: just one time. And it was in the first three trading days after the release of the movie “2012”.

    And last, but not least, (66.6% of 666) + 666 = 1109. 

    1109 = 11-09-11

    • Wow!  How odd is that?  That was a signal for sure… especially with all the other signals we now have.  The ES should open tomorrow morning very overbought on the 4hr, 2hr, and 60 minute charts.  Then you have the multiple wave 3 counts from an EW point of view.  Man, if there ever was a perfect time to drop the market a 1000 points it would be this Monday!

      • “perfect time to drop the market a 1000 points it would be this Monday!”

        I sure hope so… most of my shorts are under water!
        Thanks again for your hard work here Red. I primarily came here to learn and hone in my skills on technical analysis. But it turns out that sometimes “truth is stranger than fiction” with all of this interesting, odd, and fascinating thinks going on!

        • Well, I’ve spent the last couple of years learning how to mix all the technical analysis, elliottwave, Fibonacci levels, trend lines, etc…. all together to forecast the market direction, but they only work when the gangsters aren’t manipulating the market.  If we could rid the market of these gangsters, then we could probably do quite well in the market as the charts would work again.

  4. Lots of posts for a Sunday evening. Unless something “unexpected” (for those not in the club) happens, don’t think it’ll be much of a day, because put/call has taken a big dive, especially index. If they ramp this up, it’ll have to come down just as fast to reverse any payouts. OPX…entire sectors 80% overbought (retail, etc). Will be interesting.

    • “IF” and that’s a big word there ACP… they don’t manipulate this market tomorrow, then the ES Futures will open up tomorrow very overbought on all time frames.  The SPX is already in the same situation, which again supports that Monday should fall off a cliff.  But, with all the attention we are giving this with the dream about 389, the 119 spy FP, the simpson clock, etc… it wouldn’t surprise me to see nothing much happen but another boring chop feast on Monday.

      • Many instances of dark cloud cover on the mid cap minis. Not saying that can’t be overcome by Crazy Ben, but something to watch.

  5. I suspect the re-booting, shifted the markets entirely from a massive collapse stage to a neutral position.
    I do not know if it was the White brother hood (the good guys) that mitigated a collapse or not. But some major shift has occurred. I am totally out of my shorts from early Friday morning. As far as I am concerned, their will be NO COLLAPSE at this time. Can we get a run off in the markets later this week of 40 to 80 points. Yes we can, but over the next few weeks I certainly see 1305 in the near future. I hate to say, but we will have to wait until 2013 before we see a sizable correction in the markets.
    I certainly believe in Zstocks views on the markets. He had posted earlier.

    For all you bears, I hope I am wrong.

  6.     Just overcome the ELFs and sell high and buy low.  Don’t look for crashes.  Just look for 19-50 point  moves.   Again, I have never heard or known of anyone who was short before a CRASH.  The ELFs make sure of that.

  7. Allow me to play devil’s advocate (reality is, I’m agnostic about what comes next). Currently, a large number of growth stocks have replaced the traditional flight to safety stocks and are leading the market.  In addition, the dollar whipsawed out of a bull trap last week and the long term trend remains down (short answer here, don’t fight the fed). On top of all this, the Naz is looking at 10 year highs and thus far hasn’t been showing traditional signs of distribution.  The kink in the situation is of course Europe and since the market hasn’t yet started buying the news, price action remains choppy.  All it would take is one strong buying day to resolve this though. 

  8. Hello Leo,I was the OP from that Thread at GLP (AC from the Netherlands) that they have taken down. Perhaps you already know i have been banned there.Thanks for making screenshots from the beginning of that thread.I have downloaded them and i have seen your video on youtube.Thank you for doing this.Netherlands.

  9. Hello Leo,

    I was the OP from that Thread at GLP (AC from the Netherlands) that they have taken down. 
    Perhaps you already know i have been banned there.
    Thanks for making screenshots from the beginning of that thread.
    I have downloaded them and i have seen your video on youtube.
    Thank you for doing this.


  10. Guys, I guess I’ll be here most of the day (I usually am anyway) as the chatroom over at SMB is full (20 people maximum) and I can’t get in… LOL.  I’m sure they are all doing well without me though.


  11. The drop this morning looks corrective. I think you may be interpreting the charts incorrectly. I still see a wave 5 of C up to complete the larger countertrend… This morning we’re finishing up a 4.  So I think the big move down comes in a day or so… possibly 2.  I’m looking at 1276-1279 on the S&P for a top.

  12. right on . market coiling up for a big move. prolly up down or sideways as katzo would say and take credit for it .   we have lower highs and higher lows so who knows. watch oil at 100

  13. I actually COULD see the market going for one more good run UP.  Because of the wave action on the US CAD, which is a really good indicator for me.

  14. Congrats, Red on the AC Scoop.   Time to do a Red Dragon Leo exclusive on AC.   Wanna know more about his story, why was he banned from certain sites.

    It’s logical that the 389 pt down day occurred on 11-9 or 8787 days from the 1987 crash.

    Monday night football, saw RoboQB/Superbowl Champ#12 tearing it up again with two more TDs to his favorite #87, last year,s SuperBowl wonder.

    • Oh they’ll keep fighting it until the last second. Bob Pissonme and the rest of the CNBC propaganda crew are trying to talk this market up while Italy pushes its head above 7% and France blows out day after day. Hell, as long as the presses keep whining at full speed, we get one more day of the euro not getting slammed into its intrinsic value of about 35 cents to the dollar.

    • Unfortunately for the bears, the crackhead bulls got the 4h, 2h, and 60 min charts oversold afterhours yesterday and premarket today.  Assuming they keep the volume light today I’d expect a positive close to happen.

      • Yeah, either way positive or negative. Nice to have bots they bought with stolen money to trade while they’re asleep so they can steal more money.

      • Weird thing is, HFTs are hitting this market every 30 mins now, with less & less effect. I can’t figure out why they would do that. The last HFT ramp 10 mins ago just got hammered. Clobbered. There must be something on the horizon.

  15. I know it is opx week, the markets should head up. But I have this nagging feeling we may get a surprise downward move that will catch a few bulls offside. I sold most of my longs 1/2 hour before the close.

    • It’ll have to be a big surprise. As long as the euro drops before market hours and rises during market hours, the bots don’t care and will keep buying. I think the reason the bots were on overdrive, banging the market every 30 minutes today, was retribution for the MMs slamming them yesterday. 6th graders run this market. 6th graders with a lot of money.

    • acpzed, thanks for the update. His most resent update looks very ominous looking if we break the 1240 level.

  16. Every bear and bull is talking about this triangle pattern and how it is going to break to the upside. I’m not so sure. I think its going to break to the downside and trap allot of bulls.

    • Why not trick bulls and bears both?  Do a “false breakout” to the upside to get the bulls long and the bears to give up… and then reverse back down and tank it with the trapped bulls and no bears.  I don’t know if that’s going to happen but it would frustrate the most people I believe.

    • Too many are talking about it.  My guess is it gets faded if it breaks out or a triangle turns into a rectangle on a break down.  There’s too much resilience in the market for a big downswing and too many playing whack-a-mole with the breakouts due to the continuing dreaded news drip out of Europe for there to be an edge here. 

  17.     I went all in, PLUS margin, now averaged at over 1252.  And I think this thing is gonna crash, and I am going to be the only one to catch it, besides Red.  Its just gotta be THE way.  Still going on the gut, Arthur and that spy close on friday.  Enough for me.

  18. Good Morning gang…

    The market traded about 10-12 points down all night and never made a move back up, which I find odd?  The volume is so low that I can’t get a read on the overbought/oversold conditions of the 4h, 2h, and 60 minute charts on the ES (the S&P futures), so a direction still isn’t clear at the moment.

    The spy and the spx also aren’t giving a clear direction either.  Since the volume is still light, I’d have to favor the bulls as long as we don’t take out the lower trendline in this triangle which is around 1235 spx.  If not, then I’d be looking for the market to turn back up by noon or sooner.  Remember, the gangsters hate the bears and love the bulls.  When the market is at a crossroads, the bulls are the favor as they are being fed crack by Bernanke.

  19. wow would u look at
    oil. looks like g6 liftoff as predicted. dumb money lol. a certain someone is
    not mentioning it. meow 

    • I sure feel it when I fill up my gas tank… gangsters!  We could (and should) be paying 60 cents per gallon from oil in the north midwest of America, but the thugs won’t drill there until oil is $150.00-$200.00 per barrel, which will cost us $7.00-$8.00 per gallon.

      • interesting which tail wags the dog. oil up=stock up usually . we shall see in next few days. gangters will be gangstas lol

      • Why my next car will be electric..you know they will raise lower gas prices to keep people hooked. I will get electric before it is popular because the criminals will screw that up when everyone goes electric.

  20. I can hear Madman Bernanke yelling now, as he pumps the market to high heaven…
    To the last, I will grapple with thee…from Hell’s Heart, I stab at thee! For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee!

  21. I am out of the rest of my longs from 1246 level. Just went short from 1258 level, right at the top of the intersect line of the diamond formation. I am not playing for a crash, just a swing trade. If it goes up thru the diamond formation, I will exit my position 1257 position.

  22. It sure would be appreciated if some of you well seasoned traders, would explain your rational for trades. Entering and exiting. We can all learn from each other. By the way, I am not one of those seasoned traders.


  23. I see 1242.50 ES as support, which is around the lower trendline for this triangle.  Break that and she’s in trouble.  If not, then it could go back up again to stay in the triangle another day.

  24. Zero
    Hedge is alerting us that the Federal Reserve has announced their
    readiness to deal with a European Banking Emergency….Gee, I feel so
    serene, knowing that Mr. Benanke is on top of things…It also probably
    means bad stuff is almost ready to…

  25. TXN and USB shorts, reasons for entry and exits.
    it takes time for some to get why i place eps figures on my charts.
    I need those eps figures, in order to calculate my risks.
    when risk is close to zero, i post the trade.


      • thanks p8
        it is one of the best stock picking sites on the internet, if i do say so myself.

        has been for several years.
        very few realize it.
        i think it’s because my charts look so un-professional!!!!
        and trying to figure out when the trade actually activates, well, that’s a challenge as well, since my charts try to anticipate a couple of days ahead of time.

  26. As of last night, MF global  has 30,000 accounts still frozen. A lot of very frustrated investors squirming in their seats.

  27. U.S. stocks posted steep declines Wednesday after a rating agency signaled trouble ahead for U.S. banks should Europe’s debt trouble worsen. “Fitch said U.S. banks have manageable direct exposures to the stressed European markets, but further contagion poses a serious risk. Fitch believes that unless the Eurozone debt crisis is resolved in a timely and orderly manner, the broad credit outlook for the U.S. banking industry could worsen,” said Peter Boockvar, equity strategist at Miller Tabak. 

  28. Been studying DAX; two hollow red candles consecutively seem to be consistently followed by a FAT RED candle. Let’s see what happens.

    • We should bounce back up tomorrow, but I do believe it will rollover and tank even harder on the next sell off.  We are likely starting the first smaller wave of a larger wave 3 down.  Nothing bullish here that I can see, and I’m trying to be bullish… but it’s just not there.  The weekly and monthly are bearish and I just don’t see the market breaking out hard out of this triangle.

      While it’s possible (slim chance now) that we rally back up tomorrow to re-hit that upper trendline on this triangle, it’s not likely to do it.  I’m expecting a 38.2% to 50% retracement bounce tomorrow morning at the most.  Then a rollover HARD and a BIG wave 3 down into the afternoon and close of tomorrow.  Friday could be worst?

  29. Just remember the SPY close, forget everything else.  Short the highs, cover SOME at the lows, build a big position for FREE.

  30.    I don’t see much room for getting more short here, just keeps retracing. I am perilously over positioned anyways, this is the biggest position I have ever bought of anything, even my own companies a few years ago.  But its mostly etf. Some futures. 

      Going to scale out and get a good sized free position if it really tanks today.  Carrying too much short.

  31.      Hmmm.  Market coming back nicely.  I sold my futures, should be up nicely still in my etfs.  But this time I am selling at the opening, and keeping my profit in them.  Buy 10k worth and keep 600 dollars worth.  Buy 100k worth and keep 6k, that type of thing.

  32. Looks like the Fed & ECB are now taking complete control of the equity markets and buying everything up. DAX did not get a fat red bar like it usually does. It’s a first. Looks like the big boys hardly have to do anything on OPX to keep this market levitated.

  33. Back to 1/2 position after buying shorts at the 1223 level. Sold out at the 1215 level.
    Will buy back full position once the resent lows are penetrated. More dip buyers coming in to buy here.

    This almost looks like a 3 wave, with dip buyers coming into buy.

  34. Just received a tweet from BAM Investor indicating additional crash window into Dec. 5th.  Possible SPX 680.  I find BAM better at the longer term perspective than short term.  But we’ll see.  Might tie together with the December 7th count down?

    • The first week of Dec was when I was planning on getting long.  As for 680, No way we will reach those levels

    • 680…in 2 weeks?  During low volume Thanksgiving trading days?
      While I’m a bear, 680 so soon would imply a couple TBTF banks implode in two weeks.

      If it does hit 680, I highly doubt I would even be able to get my funds out of the account

    • BAM is wrong a lot from what I’ve seen.  You can’t do any short term trades from them.  Longer term they will be right like Precter, but shorter term they are useless in my opinion.

  35. Update: Just out from Reuters which could be causing the
    plunge: No Plans for Financial Assistance for Italy From EFSF

  36. Once I get a little short term bullish they tank the pig!  LOL… I’m sure they are scanning the internet and reading the posts of bloggers, tweeter’s, etc…. and then do the opposite.  I think we are finally starting that wave 3 of 3 etc… down now.

    • That’s why you gotta keep saying…ramp this pig Bernank! Liquity is as frozen as it was during Lehman and we’re only down 200 on the Dow. Pump it Bernank! Grab a Hoover and vacuum up those euros Bernank!

      • I like that 1185 level my self. If we go down in the morning and touch that level, I will bail and possibly go long. The option boys are certainly do not want to pay out those puts, they will ramp up the markets into the close. Lots of head fakes tomorrow.

  37. I suspect they may bring the market up close to the 1226 level. That will cause a lot of investors with option puts to sell out. Than we may get another good down draft, later on in the afternoon.

    • With retail put/call so low, they don’t even need to ramp it up. Could be straight down tomorrow. If not, I might bail.

        • Watch carefully! ETF holders could hold thru a lot of Fed/ECB BS, but they still have to power to DECIMATE options holders.

          • I am really caught here, I use ETFS because I can see down the road, options and futures will not pay out. But yet etfs can hold a lot of Fed/ECB BS as you said.  Any other ideas on how to play this market ACPZed?

          • I’m just trying to figure out the complexities of the manipulation. Why is VIX so stagnant? Are they going to drop it and rape ALL options holders, or spike it for one day before ramping the market back up. OR, it this a mini-crash that will seek to suck in as many put holders as possible AFTER ramping up the VIX, then slam it down to rape all options holders?

            Put/call retail is higher for retail and lower for index today. I’m looking for a big down day tomorrow, but all the numbers confuse me. I’m not so sure.

            The one thing you have to watch with ETFs is how the value is calculated (this applies only to leveraged ETFs). If they go in one direction, the intrinsic value compounds and can become quite large. If the criminals chop the market around like they’ve been doing, with a bullish bias, they can really steal a lot of the intrinsic value out of the leveraged ETFs while the market goes nowhere. When they decide to drop it, the criminals can go “all in” and make a killing, while the people who’ve been holding since the very top may make only 2/3 of the profits the criminals are making, but at least they make a profit.

            I’ve been putting on shorts at a possible top, and have a tight stop. If it stops out, try again at another technical level. Eventually, you’ll be able to get your top, then wait it out. When the market has built up enough downside momentum and breaks the “line in the sand”, go all out. I’m not a part of the club, so I’ll never make a “full” profit, but patience is really the key.

            I really think collecting a lot of data from indices that:

            1) Determine absolute ETF value, and
            2) Determine the “multiplier” (aka VIX, etc),

            and creating an algorithm, would probably be the way to go.

            I hope this all makes sense!

          • Thanks ACP for the info. Correct me if I am wrong, I thought the vix options expired on a Thursday

            After careful consideration, I believe we get a head fake 1st in the morning.( upwards) From their we head down wards to possibly the 1185 level. From their we shoot right up into the close to trap a lot of bears. But who knows.

  38.     What a guessing game.  U really have to sell into big rips and buy big, triple bottoms.  My opinion.  RIght now its who knows?  But seriously, you should already be short to some degree. I am only 5% short via wins and taking my wins in etf stock.

         Its not 100%, but like I said, I have never met a man who bet when an empire went down the mountain.  Now I can possibly say that I at least participated.  If it goes up, then I will take my win in money paper. Lol.  For as long as its worth something.

  39. Right now, the back testing is looking pretty weak. I thought it would get to the 1225 sp level. We may have to go back down to test those lows hopefully.

  40. We are caught between two significant levels here. 1226-1211   We may have to wait until next week for a significant thrust downward. OPX today.

    • Be careful of what you wish or, there are chinese mercs ready to slit every throat in the US and Canada as we speak.  And they are HERE.

      • ah so, but can these mercs get to the guys with their finger on the BUTTON, before they fire the Button!!!!
        mutual assured destruction!!! or MAD!!!

    • Nah, execution is too quick. I’m all for life with hard labor. Death Valley would be the ideal location for such an institution.

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