Margin Calls Coming As The Stock Market Starts Crashing Again…


Wednesday Update...

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Next Week I Fully Expect The Stock Market To Collapse...

DOUBLE RED ALERT... The Time Is Here!

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Every clue the Illuminati Gangsters have given us, plus what's showing up in the charts from a technical analysis point of view, and elliottwave patterns, tells me that the odds of a stock market crash this coming week are huge.  The FP that I got a week or so back on the SPY showing a low of 119.00 could mean that is the date... as in "November 9th, 2011", and reversed it could mean "911".  Of all the FP's I seen over the last 2 years none of them ended  with no change on the end.  That is strange too me, as I usually get them like DIA 118.16, SPX 1047.28, 34.65 spy, 20.16 spy, 349.42 vix, etc...

This means too me that it "could" be a sign as to what's coming, not an actual target for the spy.  This also could line up with the interpretation of the Simpson Clock showing the nuclear explosion.  The long hand points to 11 and the short hand points to 6, which could mean 11-6-11 or 11-9-11 if you turn the 6 upside down to make a 9 out of it.  So what are the gangsters saying here?  Do they plan to blow up a city with a nuclear bomb on the 9th or the 6th?  Remember that according to Ben Fulford the gangsters stole 4 nuclear bombs from a Russia submarine, which one was used to attack Japan with while 2 more were recovered by good forces in the Pentagon.  This leaves 1 unaccounted for nuclear bomb that the evil cabal have.

Does this mean that they will "try" to set it off on the 9th next week?  I certainly hope I'm wrong on this and they don't succeed in killing thousands of innocent people in some city in the world.  According to many people who have had contact in some form or manner with the good aliens that are helping to free humanity and rid us of the evil Illuminati cabal gangsters, they will not allow another nuclear explosion to take place in another staged 911 type event.  Let's pray they succeed as these gangsters are pure evil and very sneaky... meaning that they could slip one past the good aliens and set the bomb off anyway?

Margin Calls Coming Next Week As Foretold To Us In The Margin Call Movie...

A recent development is that the gangsters have now put out a new memo that they are going to raise the margin call requirements for "Everything", and it's to be in effects as of last Friday after the close (figures that they release this information when no one is short).  This could easily cause a gap down on Monday as traders are force to come up with money they don't have to meet these new rules put in place by the CME (

Of course this means that they plan to crash the stock market, but they want traders to be covered before they do.  That way they can steal their money when the margin calls come in... and they will come in!  This means Monday could be a very ugly day.  I'm not sure about it yet as I don't know how the first reactions to this new information will actually affect the open on Monday, but I can't see it as being bullish... that's for sure!  I guess we'll find out Sunday night when the futures open.

Regardless of what happens on Monday, it's the rest of the week that I'm worried about... especially the 9th, and the 11th!  Could they really be planning to stage another "False Flag" event on the 9th with a nuclear bomb going off some where?  Then they would of course blame this on some third world country and start World War 3 as planned a long time ago.  I can only pray that everything that Ben Fulford has been saying is true and that the gangsters won't get that bomb off as the good aliens stop them.  Speaking of Ben Fulford, here's his latest...

Is the Rothschild banking monopoly finally about to be dismantled?

by Benjamin Fulford, November 1, 2011

The situation in Europe is making it clear to all but the most brainwashed that something historical is taking place. What is happening is that the criminal element at the very top of the Western power structure, especially at the very top of the financial system, has been cut off from their money printing machine. As a result, the IMF and the major European and US money center banks are insolvent. No amount of lying or paper shuffling or propaganda is going to hide this fundamental truth. The governments of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy etc. know that the debts they supposedly owe to bankers were created through fraudulent book entries and thus do not have to be repaid. That is why the banks suddenly announced that Greece only had to pay back 50% of their debt even though such a write off would destroy them. They are hoping for a tax payer bail-out that is just not going to happen. It is game over. The Rothschild banking nightmare is ending.

Even the highly brainwashed priesthood known as Western financial gurus and journalists are starting to realize that something is not right. The big announcement by European governments of a “solution” to the Greek and Euro crises is a case in point. If you analyze the announcement you realize that essentially the banks and governments are saying the banks will pay for 50% of the Greek debt with money they do not have. The governments say they will pay for it by “leveraging” the money they already have. They do not say who is going to be dumb enough to finance a bankrupt gambler who wants to quadruple his risk.

Please note that as soon as the “solution” to the crisis was announced, high level begging missions were sent to Asia, including French President Sarkozy. Why would they need to go to Asia to ask for money if they had come up with a solution?

The IMF, supposedly the world’s “lender of last resort” is also continuing to admit they have no money. The reason is that the IMF itself cannot prove that its money comes from legitimate sources.

The fact of the matter is that the criminal part of the world’s financial system is falling apart. The IMF will soon cease to be solvent. The same is true of the World Bank. The BIS is also in trouble. In fact, the entire Rothschild banking monopoly is in deep trouble.

The freeze of “trading platforms” remains in place, meaning that the controllers of the fiat system can no longer pump new money into the system. The best they can do is reshuffle money that is already in the system. New money will only start entering the global financial system once the new asset-backed system is in place.

“The IMF and the World Bank existed to force the Rothschild banking system on the countries of the world,” is how an extremely senior Chinese official explained the situation. “Our goal is to reboot the system, to start over and set all the parameters in a fair way so that all countries benefit from the pooled assets of the people of the world and not just Europe and North America,” he continued.

The original system was meant to have been run by the Swiss and protected by the Americans, he continued. “The basic failure was that the system of checks and balances failed and the people who were supposed to protect the system ended up abusing it,” he added.

What is now going to happen is that the 100 countries that have so far joined the new system started in Monaco in August, are going to implement the new system in four stages, according to a White Dragon Society source. The US military and agencies will be involved in this process right from the beginning, he added. Efforts to intimidate generals by using corrupt institutions like the IRS to try to repossess their homes will backfire and lead to criminal prosecutions.

The first step will be a lawsuit that will be filed before November 15th against the individuals and groups who abused the Federal Reserve Board system. This will lead to liens being placed against many of the largest financial institutions in the world, according to the filers. There will also be mass arrests.

The other steps have yet to be disclosed. However, some basic truths are already known. First of all, all honest businessmen and bankers worldwide will have nothing to worry about. Second of all, the money created through derivatives fraud will be eliminated from the books, even if that means bankrupting many of the big Western financial institutions. Third, major historical financial injustices will be addressed and stolen monies and assets will be returned to their rightful owners. This will be good news for the vast majority of Western citizens as well as the inhabitants of long exploited regions like Africa.

The international banking and payment settlements systems will remain in place after the reboot. This will mean the minimum possible disruption to legitimate business.

However, as mentioned earlier, the international institutions set up and controlled by a small group of Western oligarchs after World War 2 will be totally revamped.

My only issue with him is that it still seems too me that the gangsters are still is 100% control of this planet.  The technical charts say that we should be ready to crash anyway, and his claim that they (the good guys at the white dragon society) are cutting off the funds from the gangsters so they can't create anymore money seems to be foretold already.  It's like the bad guys already planned to crash the market anyway, and the good guys are just being fooled into thinking that they are succeeding.  Maybe the bad guys are just sacrificing a few of their minions to make it look like the good guys are succeeding, and that all of this was already planned to take place a long time in advance.

While I support Ben's effort I just can't believe that they are succeeding until I see people like George H. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, George Soro's, Warren Buffett, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Jay Rockefeller, the Vanderbuilts, the Rothschilds, etc... all arrested for crimes against humanity, as the murdering satanists that they all are.  Show me some real murders arrested and I'll start to believe that these satanist pigs are losing control of the evil empire.

All in all, as far as I can tell, the Illuminati Cabal Gangsters still control this stock market and this economy.  Getting past this coming week without a disaster would be a blessing... and one that I welcome with open arms.  As for the stock market, well... all I can say is that a crash is coming this week.  The technicals have been pointing at a nasty multiple wave 3 combination down coming anyway, and when you mix in all this other stuff you have the recipe for a hugh stock market crash.

I'm going to keep this post short as you should pretty much be up to date about all the stuff by now, as I've repeated it many times in most of my most recent previous posts.  If you are successful in making money from this crash and what I've shared with you has help you... don't forget to place a nice "thank you" with a donation to feed the dragon.



  1. Wow, a rare opportunity to post normally.   I heard Bradley’s ode to the 4-29-92 ritual for the first time since late August……prior to that at midnight Friday the 13th—5-13, 703years7months from the original Friday the 13th episode…and prior to that one hour approx. before the Bin Laden ritual on 5-1……6:26 pm local time……..(Ana)heim st from the ode=====Ana===1-14-1 ie 11-4……ANA from the Boeing 787 Dreamliner initial delivery on 9-27 (Nippon Airways) at 11-07am.

    This upcoming week is the numerology week of the year.   Unfortunately, crude oil is holding up and making it appear that the stock market can hold up.

    • It looks like we had a Bradley’s turn date on 10-31.   It was 19years187days from the title date of Bradley’s ode to the 29 ritual…….11-11-11 will be 19 years 199 days later…..
      This upcoming week will be the numerology week of the year…..
      Roger, 10-4, Unit 911, please proceed to the ONS Jr. Market.   There is a structure fire in progress….ONS Jr. Market at 1934 East Anaheim St…..Then proceed to 938 Temple St.  A 211 in progress there……..Then make your way to LBC port….Occupy LBC is in progress shutting down the docks and chanting that their bankster overlords are planning a 187 on the stock market in a revenge ritual to the Original Friday the 13th episode/ collapse of October 13,1307 and  the 666 ritual to the great collapse of 1345 when the original banksters took out some of their competition.

      The englightened ones putting their pawns in place to take down the financial institutions in the upcoming meltdown from within.    MF Global the first casualty to be followed by the French banks who loaded up their coffers with stockpiles of weapons of financial mass destruction in  a 704year old revenge ritual.

    • This another reason why EW. and Technical s do not always work. After one looks at the chart, go with your gut feeling before pulling the trigger.

        • This is altogether incredibly strange…and very eerie.  I guess that’s what happens when you choose to down the red pill!

          I guess this gives me a bit more confidence for holding on to short positions.

          • I’m personally not putting much faith in it unless I see this consistently happen, but it is very very strange from what Red pointed out for the Friday close using what muate mentioned in his video.

            Adding up the digits in the point change for SPX, Nasdaq, and the Dow gives you a multiple of 6, and very odd that both the Dow and the Nasdaq add up to 12.  The percentage change, with the exception of Nasdaq results in a multiple of 6.  Muate specifically mentioned seeing percentage changes of 0.66% or 0.63% or 0.36% as indicators of major reversals with the direction of the move an early indication of which direction the market will go.

            This could just be a very weird coincidence, but I guess we’ll see what happens this week.  I hold short for other reasons not because of this.

        •    First of all that was way too small for me RED.  What did you do?  That muathe guys hidden occult numbers?  IF so, good for you, and what did you come up with, what does it mean?  And are you going to add this to your already burgeoning tool box?   Please teach me how to do it, I didn’t quite grasp what he was talking about, didn’t see how you could tell what direction it was  supposed to go in.  Etc…

  2. It likely means that the market will go down in some type of “6” move.  Maybe 6 days down in a row?  Maybe 6% down in less days?  The “negative” sign in front of all those numbers tells the direction coming… down.  The numbers themselves are a code to the insiders.  I can’t read it of course, but a good guess is 6 days down in a row.

    • Yes, I will add this to my tool chest… thanks to the link.  I knew of Muathe before but had never seen that video or knew that he was also piecing the puzzles together with the num-bers that the operators put out there.  It helped me understand it better now.

          •    Why is it suddenly not available?  And you know what?  How could anyone see the signal until AFTER the close?  So, the market goes UP, monday morning just like Red predicted imo so that the last availble minions can dump and sell short. Correct reasoning?

  3. DJIA11983.24-61.23Nasdaq2686.15-11.82TSX12408.25-60.11TSX-V1650.01+7.57TSX-Gold425.57-0.15London Au1749.00-9.00$Cad/Usd0.981547-0.000192Click on price for intraday chart

          •    I agree there has to be time for the signalees to get on board, why do you say any more than six hours?  And what is 11983.24?  The djia?

          • yes, DJIA. They give them enough time. Looking at the COT reporting it starts next week, I believe. cotstimer(dot)blogspot(dot)com. So this week retailers will be given some hard time, may be starts last day of this week.

          • jesus, nice find tim.

            So what the hell, there are all these 11/9 signals all over the place.  I am deeply concerned, I hope we get through this week in one piece…I wonder if markets would even function if there was WW3 going on.

  4. Why is it suddenly not available?  And you know what?  How could anyone
    see the signal until AFTER the close?  So, the market goes UP, monday
    morning just like Red predicted imo so that the last availble minions
    can dump and sell short. Correct reasoning?

  5. Heh, if you add the numbers in integers, it adds all up to five, so yeah, maybe it all happens on Friday.

    • You’re right, it does stink. But yes, it’s a proven fact that the market, almost without exception,  has trouble when solar flares flare up. The increase of radiation not only affects human thought and emotion, but also electronics, which makes sense since the market is controlled by bots.

      • yeah, I been pimping that idea quite a bit, on my blog

        interesting, never seen Interactive Broker be “slow” I thought maybe it was the Europe thing and HFT, but more likely problems due to magentism/EMF/carrington type crap

  6. I will try one more time

    I give up.

  7. Bill McLaren, who is a Gann theorist, discovered what he calls a “crash pattern” that occurs when the market peaks, then develops a right shoulder without a well-defined left shoulder. This may be what we’re seeing here, and I probably missed it before because the time period is usually significantly longer than 2 weeks; more like 2 months.

    Not saying that it will happen, and I don’t know what McLaren thinks about the current pattern, but I guess we’ll see here shortly, if it plays out or not.

  8. From the Alternate Reality the Soylent Green Pill

    Asian Banksters invade Hawaii
    Federal worker guns down Hawaii Resident protesting Asian Banksters
    Highways and Public Areas shut down throughout the week as Banksters are zipped from one party location to another.  Hawaii Businesses greatly affected negatively.
    Mrs Obama takes Air Force 1 to Hawaii to do some Green Washing whilst Banksters Party.
    Business Hurt as their workers get called on National Guard Duty to protect Asian Banksters.

    Think this is some weird futuristic movie?    Reality, right now.

  9.    Red, they thrust the market down hard last night now it has come back, which gives me belief that the underlings given the code will be given a nice chance to go short.  If they haven’t already, how much time do y’all think they have been given.  Or was the code on the close Friday just their occult way of indicating that the time is here?

    • Depending on how the day goes it looks like shorting should be done into the close today or tomorrow morning.  Since the “code” was given on Friday to go short, I’d say we could see it today.  I really wanted to see 1270 or so to be hit, but we might not get it?

  10.    Possibly to reel in all kinds of shorts in Europe,  and bust out their stops this morning and fill their last set of friends?

  11.     I think Reds original scenario plays out here you know.  Its like he is reading the charts as if he was a CRIMBOT himself. Lol.

  12. Looks like we hit 1260 on cash today…1+2 = 3 and 6…another 3*6 = 18.  Also 12 + 6 = 18.  Maybe I’m forcing it?

  13. I’m not sure if the “top” is in or not gang, but I’m going in short here.  We could go a little higher, but I’m fine if we do.  I’ll ride it out.  We are making a bear flag and the charts are lining up together for a big down move.  Add in the ritual codes from Friday, and I’d say this is close enough for me.

    • Sorry I couldn’t give more time.  It’s just that the market moves in patterns and I have too just “feel it” and “sense it” to be more sure of “if” I’m getting short at the right time or not.  I got some November spy puts, as I don’t like trading the vxx… never worked out for me.  Don’t know why?

    • Yep… I had a gut feeling that I was getting short too early.  But I’ll stay short to see how this plays out.  So far, we are just chopping up and down in that triangle.  We need to see something come out on the news to tank this pig.  Maybe after the close today?

    •    When did you get that?  In the morning or much later. I would have held off if I had seen that.  Arggh is right.

  14. We have a high on 11-3 of 1263.21, then 1259.62 this morning (11-7) and now we are just below that at 1259.55, which makes one wonder what they are thinking?  They are so close that they could easily make a new high… why haven’t they?  Triple tops are rarely not broken on the next attempt, which all bulls know.

    That means the odds of it breaking out are high, which means that there are lots of bulls get on board right now.  A failure to breakout above the current highs is very bearish though, and should lead to a big move down.

  15. isn’t that something…we finish up 0.63% on the S&P.  Didn’t we finish down (0.63%) on Friday or am I mistaken?

  16. Es way up after hours. I guess the s&p will be up 90 pts tomorrow. Madman Bernank doesn’t want to take any chances I guess. Look lik the Fed will be buyng 24/7 now on.

  17. That was a good guesstimate…17.5 hous X 5 es/hr = 87.5 es at open & massive short covering rally. Pump it, Bernank!

  18. My thinking is, I’m still holding short through the end of this week given the particular importance of this week.  If we keep rallying then I may have to cut my losses.  Maybe sign of the top…I don’t know.

        •    We need that actually.  Sorry, but for the IBot to bring the market down, everyone has to go bullish. 

        • Imagine, tomorrow is turning point day. Yes we may go up to the 1275 level, but tomorrow should be the last day for any type of a high. From their we should be thrusting down wards in the market. As I said earlier, the Nov 14 -17 will be the major part of the bearish thrust. Hang in their Imaginasian23 a little more.

  19. I am not worried at all, and the fear on the board emboldens me a bit.  Not that it isn’t justified, as we all know in our hearts that we aren’t dealing with a free market, but a clone sister of the BEAST, that probably has been inputed due to sacred geometry and one of the mulitpliers is fear and emotion.

  20. Major numerological reach here, but add up the ages of all the jurors here.  Sorta bizarre they all are 3,6, 9’s.  Weird.  And gettin weirder every day.

    – Hispanic man, 51, from Whittier. A U.S. Postal Service supervisor who oversees 30 people and has some college education. Believes celebrities bend the rules and feel they can act as they please. Considers himself a fan of Jackson’s music. First-time juror. Has five children, five grandchildren.

    – White woman, 57, born in Spain, lives in Alhambra. Account manager who supervises others and has some college. Watches “CSI” and followed the O.J. Simpson case on TV. Has been on five juries and was once a forewoman. All those juries reached verdicts. Believes celebrities feel they can act as they please. Not a fan of Jackson. Divorced, with two children, two grandchildren.

    – Hispanic male, 39, from Tujunga. Bachelor’s degree in sociology. Works in product management. Listens to Howard Stern. Believes celebrities use status to get what they want. A Jackson fan who saw last few minutes of “This Is It” on TV. Served on one civil jury. Married with two children.

    – Hispanic woman, 54, from San Gabriel Valley. High school graduate and office manager at husband’s moving van business. Said the Casey Anthony case showed a jury that saw evidence differently than the public majority. Was juror on two civil cases that ended with verdicts. Watches Fox News, listens to talk radio. Not a Jackson fan but loved his music as a young girl. Has four grown children.

    – Hispanic man, 52, from Lynwood. School bus driver with some college. One prior jury experience. Believes celebrities get away with crimes because of their status. Not a Jackson fan but thinks he was a good artist. Spouse is mail carrier. Four children and one stepchild.

    – Hispanic woman, 36, from Whittier. Workers compensation service representative. Some college. Followed the Casey Anthony case because it involved a child. Wounded in a drive-by shooting in 1993. Once served on jury that reached a verdict. Single with two children, lives with boyfriend who has three kids.

    Read more:

  21. From a cycle point and astrology this Wednesday, Thursday are suppose to be bearish. Nov 14-17 a very bearish thrust down in the markets. From their, we head upwards close to the Nov 25th time frame for another very bearish time into Dec 8/11

    From Dec 9th their  we get a our traditional Christmas rally.

    As I said earlier, if we do get a major correction in the market. I will be throwing in the towel.

  22.      Again, I ask. How can 95% of investors lose their money in this game,consistently?  And I have been told by someone who actually had to audit four of five major commodity and futures firms that the figure was much closer to 99%.

         Maybe the lesson to be learned from the Jesse Livermore book that is mandatory reading by the elite, is that the 1% who consistently win, go mad and commit suicide after years of beating such tremendous odds. 

         We may very well be up against something that is literally unbeatable.

  23. I must issue a correction, put/call dropped to around the 200DMA for both retail & index. Makes me feel a little better.

  24. Oh, I missed this one too…tick ramped up above 1000 today, without the rest of the market. No shorts to cover…take that scumbag Bernanke midget devil minions!

  25.     Open higher and then start wave iii.  Dat is dat.  Every bull is loaded up and ready to go to the pen.

      •     Heh, you probably liked the animal reference heh Anna?  Just watching my squirrels and birds right now, lucky buggers aren’t caught short.

        • sure did Wash …. yep me too my office over looks my big back yard with no neighbors only preserve… Love it … good luck to us all today The bears are being beaten up (but next will come the bulls after all bears are out)

    • The one world currency (or its prelude). That’s one way to control a country without elections.

      I have so much respect for Iceland for telling everyone else where to stick it…

  26. We hit 1271.17 spx, which is pretty close to my original target of 1273, where the 200dma came in.  At this point, it’s looking like the high is likely in.  I went short yesterday (a day early as usual), but I’m happy to be short right now.

    • Good to see the market not ramping, but if Berlusconi resigns sometime this week, the market will take off like no one’s business because the yield on the Italian 10 yr will sink immediately. This is stops week, I guess.

      • Yup, there we have it. Berlusconi offering to resign after austerity laws approval. Excuse for the Bernank to ramp up the euro, es, and everything not nailed down, yet again.

    • How many bears are left at this point?  Sure, there were new bears that jumped on today, but you can’t kill every bear out there.  There will always be bears at every level higher, but clearing out the biggest portion of them was likely done yesterday.  I think a gap down and tank tomorrow morning would catch a lot of bears (and bulls) of guard, as they all expect this Italy vote outcome to be bullish.

  27. BAM investor in a crash alert for the next two weeks.  Calling for 20%+ potential downside. Note:  They’ve cried wolf before and been off on their timing….

    • We’ll, I’m early too, but not that early.  I kept calling for the 200dma to be hit (1272.87 spx) and we hit 1271.17 today.  That’s pretty close in my book.  But, l let my emotions take over and I went short too early around 1250 spx yesterday.  It’s very tough to control your emotions when we are constantly being bombarded with ELF’s to make us make stupid decisions.

          • This is a currency game, not a stock market game for the most part.   Yeah i nailed that USD spike completely reverse, but Euro went to hit a Bernoulli channel line perfectly for the double tap and now down.   

            I bought the dip on the USD.

            They make those big scary moves to well scare people, before the real move.   the wizard is on his game, pulling the levers

          • Yeah there are so many bulls on board now that the dow couldn’t even get to +100, much less +500, if bear/bull ratio were reversed.

    • I fully agree with you Steve. Dollar is going to explode up wards, to surprise a lot of bulls and less so for the bears. I am looking for tomorrow and Thursday for a large move upwards in the Dollar.

      • Waiting for Belusconi to tell everyone to kick rocks……then again, it IS Rome, so we this might see this all end with Berlusconi saying, “Et tu Draghi?”

  28. I was hoping I was wrong with a retrace of the highs this morning. But it gives me a good opportunity to sell off some 2x inverse etfs here to fully go with the 3x inverse etfs

  29. Bull bus should be fully loaded now that Berlusconi has resigned and the Austerity (theft of money from the sheep) has passed.  The 125.37 spy FP should be the next move coming later today.  Don’t be surprised if we gap down tomorrow.  The old “Buy the rumor, Sell the news” event!

    • After hitting the 200DMA yesterday, both index and retail put/call should be significantly lower at this very moment.

  30. The 200dma was basically hit today, and now they are clearing out the shorts from early this morning.  I expect a quick move up over it and then a reversal back down.  This leaves it open to free fall tomorrow as very few bears will be on board.

    • All the bears are now throwing in the towel and the bulls are looking for 1300+, which is exactly what they want them to think.  The market is ready for a big fall now, and could happen overnight trapping all these new bulls.

  31. I got lucky and put in some bids for the 3x etfs at close to the top range here. I am now fully loaded and locked on the bull.

    • I hope there is no mischief over the next few days.  I also think this asteroid is a non-factor.  If it is indeed the size of an aircraft carrier, I imagine most of it burns away on entry (if it even enters our atmosphere).

      I just want the markets to correct normally because I am sick and tired of this Europe mess/shenanigans, and I want people to wake up to the fact that higher stock prices are not a good thing if it’s not on the back of real improvements in production and labor and rather on cheap reality tv thrills.

      I’m also sick of companies like Chipotle and Priceline making new highs.  

      I’m also sick of markets going up several handles because of some prime minister in Greece or Italy steps down.  As if that one person is the sole reason why the markets were floundering.

      Pushing/printing paper is not the bedrock of a healthy economy and neither are overpriced burritos and internet travel booking sites and kim kardashian.

      *Rant over*

    • Thanks for the share Red.  The post mentions something about Rahm Emmanuel playing a huge role very soon.

      I live in Chicago, and have always wondered why the heck he is the mayor of this city.  I hope nothing happens to this city…it is a very beautiful city!

  32. Thanks Peace.. I was in the middle of seeing patients when I decided to check in on the Market and saw it was positive. 

  33. It’s the 3pm witching hour and this “Bull Flag” appears to be failing.  If we go down into the close and hit the 125.37 spy FP, then I’ll be even more confident that a crash is coming.

  34. They do this all the time, and I always fall for it!  They make you think that they won’t go up to the target that you forecast-ed, and trick you into getting short too early.  Then they do indeed go up to the target you thought it was going to, surprising you once again.

    It then succeeds in turning all my bear buddies into to bulls.  Then and only then, is when I know that the final “exhaustion” move up, or “capitulation” move has happened.  So, my fellow bears… have you turned bullish yet, and are now expecting 1300+?

    • Yes, I just liquidated all my inverse 3x etfs. I am now fully loaded to kill off the rest of the bears.


    • Even better, I’m expecting 1400!!!  with no dips 🙂 Going TNA with 3x leverage on top of that, already starting to look at the yacht sales.

      • Since Bernanke is clinically insane, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Fed naked buying shares that don’t even exist.

    • Good, we need a few more of you to go bullish to end off this rise in the market.

      Come on, we need a few more to sacrifice them selves for the better, for all concern (BEARS)

  35. SPX Analysis after closing bell:

  36. THis is a screen shot of the entrance of  the Rockefellers estate. It is in Glenville Ct. Part of Greenwich CT. I Know the area well. I’m from the area. I Know people who have mountain biked on their land and were approach by security on horse back. They own the land in and around Indian Spring pond (It’s allot of land). I will attempt to drive up that drive way and record it but i must first talk with people i know who know about that area . I want to know what i will be faced with if i go up that driveway and the consequences i might face. Don’t be fooled by the “blend in entrance” That’s the idea. They have a simple sign about  not entering or trespassing. I can’t remember.I will take a pic of it.

  37. Tomorrow, 11-9-11 will be 8787 days from 10-19-1987.   I am not expecting a crash tomorrow though.   It will be take a certain little indicator several weeks before it can get into the crash zone.  Crude oil is ramping hard too…….

    11-9 is also featured in the film that will challenge the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for Illuminati film of the year,  The Skin I Live in, although Skin doesn’t have the hidden meanings and occultic codes that Girl with Dragon Tattoo should be flooded with.   

    The captive in Skin writes the time of her incarceration on the wall of her room, from 10-9-2006 to 11-9 and then it is cutoff. (It’s European style though so 10-9 is September 10)  The movie does take place in 2012??? but moves back and forth in its time structure which confused me.   I also was a few minutes late so didn’t catch when the movie was actually taking place.   It moves in 6 and 12 year increments though according to Wikipidea,

    It’s definitely deranged enough to compete for Illuminati Movie of the year.

    • I don’t understand the insiders fascination with 2006.   Miami Thrice and Dallas last faced each other in the finals in 2006 before this year.  4-26 dates in Bradley’s ode to the 29 ritual and the start date of James Franco’s captivity in 127 Hours as well as being the pre-flash crash high in 2010.   (3-6-9 to 5-6 flash crash day was 426 days).   The major date of 7-18-06 in Unknown….the key events of the film flash forward to 11-26-11.

      The license plate on Antonio Bandera’s Mercedes in Skin is 2207FC??? basically 29-29 and a license plate prominently displayed on a motorcycle was JDN–10-4-14 or 14-14???

      I definitely should see that movie again although it is definitely whacko.   Interesting that these occultic numbers are filtering even into the art films of some of the world’s acclaimed directors.

      2012 is also plastered all over the captives walls and I did recall seeing something like 12-29 or 29-12.

  38. After doing considerable research, I am more bearish than ever.

    This distribution could run out until Nov OPX or 2nd week of December if it doesn’t reverse now. It would take an enormous amount of cash to ramp this market into a bull market from here, and that won’t happen with the price of energy where it is. If the recent high is pierced, it will be an “absolute” sell.

    • I like your direction in the over all market. I differ with you on how it will be played out here thou.

      I see the markets very bearish into the opx week (14-17th)  reverse up near the 25th time frame.

      Extreme bearish into the 1st week of Dec.  After a good low in the first week of Dec, we get our Christmas rally.

    • So far the dug in bears are rewarded.  Congrats guys, good to see.   Nothing like roasted flank of beef in the morning.   I am still in the rowboat, LOL.

    •     Hey, don’t get cocky YET Red, I learned my lesson when I chirped about two weeks ago, got my first loss in a long, long time. And I swear it was because of my chirping.  But hey, looking good, and apart from me, I think the whole  board is short, so the only “bull” is me.

          And I gotta tell you, these guys are something aren’t they?  The emergency broadcast thingy is at 2pm, which is disguised 1 plus 1. An occult 11.    And you gotta know that today might be a wild and wooly one, they just gotta pull a stunt on today of all days eh?

         It looks like they open up somewhere around your fake print, and perhaps we get another print of higher TOWARDS 2pm.  So like I said, we have gotten the possible i of 3,3,3.   Now we get the meandering two during the day, so ALL seems to be WELL, then KABOOOOM.

         Or this is just a manoeuver to fry every bear once and for all, and the have a delay of a day opening the electricity back up, and the open the market 1,000 points higher, which would HAVE to make me laugh because of course I will totally short this afternoon. 

      • There is a 9:00 am print showing 127.84, which is basically the close yesterday.  Odds a high that it’s a late fill, not a FP as the 4h and 2h charts are just now rolling over, and don’t support a move back up.  However the 60 minute chart is look a little oversold, (but could go lower).

        We have an 8:00 am print showing both and upside and downside target, which implies that today will likely be a rangebound day allowing the 60 minute chart (and shorter ones also) to work off the oversold conditions allowing for more selling tomorrow.  The high on that print is 125.34 and the low is 124.60 spy.

      • Not every one is short here. I sacrificed my self for all you bears. I sold all my shorts to go long towards the end of the day, to stop the market from rising. LOL

  39. Wow,  its coming right up to the FP of Red’s.  Red might very well have something hot here with his expertise and the contribution of some elite anti criminal minds here.  Well done.

  40. Probably going to be a boring day gang, as they work off the oversold conditions on the short term charts.  Then hopefully we can wake up tomorrow to another big down day.

  41. I think the high will be around the FP on the SPY this morning (8:00 am) around 125.37 and a 2nd FP at 9:40 am of 125.80, which either could be our high.  Then I expect another gap down tomorrow and Friday.  Any Bulls should look for that bounce area to get out.

  42. We’ll see the Madman Beernanke buying everything indiscriminately – bonds, equities, CDS…everything…and putting it on to the Fed’s balance sheet until it implodes on itself. Probably saw the first example in the last 20 minutes.

  43. Oh yeah, good for LCH Clearnet for increasing margin on Italian garbage, as opposed to CME.

    I hope CME gets slammed hard for all the hurt they’ve put on people.

  44. I want to see SPX break 1200 before getting excited.

    I think we ran out of prime ministers to resign…for the time being.

  45. I’m looking at the EURUSD chart! It’s what’s driving this market in either direction right now. Red, do you really think there’s gonna be a wave2 up tomorrow? I’m looking for an intraday trade here, but I am hesitant to move to cash because EURUSD looks like its tanking and I don’t want to be left out. 

    • Any “wave 2” up tomorrow will likely just be a sideways chop… not a big move up.  The bulls are trapped now, and the bears jumped ship yesterday.  We will likely sell off more in the afterhours session and gap down again tomorrow morning.  Then “maybe” close the gap for wave 2 up, and then Friday… well, I warned everyone!

      • Can you please spend some time focusing on the EURUSD for your video tonight? I think that its movement will allow us to make intraday trades to maximize our short position for friday.

  46. So far that FP of 119 (if we think it is really referring to the turn date) is right on the money. Thanks Red.

  47. They will likely work off the oversold conditions on the 60 minute chart (and smaller) in the overnight/premarket session… allowing for more selling tomorrow.  I’m not expect any real bounce tomorrow.  The best the bulls can hope for is a “pause” day or doji.  I really expect more selling.

  48. Well, that was a good start. Hopefully all of us on the board will be able to celebrate this weekend. Although next week promises to be another roller coaster ride, sloping downwards.

    • Nice catch Anna. I will be a little disappointed, if that as high as it gets. I have to remember, to take what the market will give me and not on what I want the market to give me.

  49. Based on Anna FP, I would say approx 1080-1120 on the sp.

    Any body else would like to take a stab at this.

    • I’ll just be keeping my eye on the 50DMA & put/call ratio. Once a direction is found, the bots should cram equities in that direction until its exhausted. Volume was relatively light for a selloff like this.

  50. Did anything actually happen during that emergency broadcast system test?  It was just same old day over here.

  51. SPX Analysis after closing bell:

  52. Once I saw Cramer asking the “R” candidates questions, I changed the channel to DIY.

    Holmes on Homes. Hell, maybe Holmes should be hired to tear down the rotten walls of the Fed and build it the right way!

  53. The 2 FPs from AH are the same as the before hours one on the SPY. I hope this means the transaction is complete.

    • Great video! Good target for VXX. Close out my calls before 11am or close to $50, wait for the bounce, then average into OTM calls. Mwa ha haha.

  54. this movement that started with occupy wallstreet to move your money out
    of the big banks to the credit unions, is starting to hurt the big
    the bank mangers are beginning to plead with the customers not
    to move their money. in some cases it just embarrassing the amount of
    begging and pleading the bank managers are going on with.
    i wonder what happens when the total transfers to credit unions reaches a trillion?

  55. FAS did a 5:1 reverse split. Looks like a good short candidate to me as these ETFs like gravity… if you catch my drift =)

    • I’m staying short into tomorrow, but this move up could take all day?  I really expected a gap down and then a reversal, but they decided to go up first.  This could end up being a stronger up day then I expected.  

  56. I still believe early next week is when the fire works really starts. This is just the calm before the storm.

    • Something is strange, that’s for sure.  Tomorrow is expected to be a light day of trading due to the bond markets (and banks) being closed for Veteran’s day.  With it also being 11-11-11 I’d be shocked if the gangsters don’t surprise everyone with one huge sell off.

    • Schwab has been having problems with their systems very consistently since the 90s. I for one, would steer clear…

  57. Some thing is going with the data feed with my royal bank plat form. Lots of pauses for 15 seconds at a time. I have never seen this before.

      • i have an IB broker account.
        orders are fast.
         i have my trading plan diagrammed out, on my charts…
        i can get up to around 20 positions, before i’m overwhelmed.

      •       One of my friends does the same thing scalping all day, its rare he doesn’t win every trading contest in Ontario every year, it looks like the matrix on his computer. Some people can process large amounts of information, I can barely pay attention.

  58. Oddly, today is going about as I thought it would… just a little higher then I expected, but still a wave 2 up.  The real test will be to see if we get our wave 3333 down tomorrow or not?  The light volume from the bond markets being closed is of major concern for the bearish case, but we won’t know until tomorrow I guess…

    • michigan consumer sentiment is fri. 60 estimate looks bad to terrible. 
      which means if it moves the market down, then “they” didn’t  manufacture any positive odd headline to thwart such a miserable economic report.

    • Sounds like Anthony Michael Hall. Is that what he’s been doing all these years?

      Edit: If you read his later posts, it looks like he wasn’t expecting the big move South.


    Bear wedge in S&P futures.

    Bull wedge in USD.
    When Julius Caesar fought against Pompey in Greece he was greatly outnumbered. Instead of retreating, he held his ground. His reason, was that he would have to make his stand somewhere, and he could use the fact they were outnumbered to his advantage. His men had to fight or they would die. Today I make my stand as a bear, or I die.

  60.     The charts look like this is heading into a wave three up, gotta agree with that guy.  That would actually make me laugh.

  61. Headlines from the blue pill site CNBC:

    Stocks Seen Higher; Progress in Italy, Greece
    Brent Turns Flat; Doubts About Euro Zoneo

    So if I read this right, OIL is Bearish, While Stocks are Bullish.Such bull malarkey!!!!!

  62. I guess no one cares about weekend headline risk over the weekend because they know all the central banks are in a coordinated RAMPing and PUMPing effort in order to keep every stock on Earth from falling. Unbelievable crock of shit.

  63. Wow 80% overbought on the 10 min. That’s no problem. The Bernank just has to press the “buy everything for sale” button to keep this running up to 100%.

    • there is no side money coming in, only short covering. after their stops are taken out, its back to square one. What a plan our gov has for economic recovery

      • All the money Madman Bernanke didn’t have to spend on Italian bonds is apparently now going into the market. Now that the Fed has a swap line with the BOJ, the manipulation scheme is almost complete.

        Amazing how “new economics” works…the ECB is printing billions of euros a day and it appreciates.

  64. (CNBC) Some trader just mentioned throwing a dart board at the technology sector. If great minds like these are supported by the Fed, we’re all TOAST!

  65. Dear Leo,

    I have kept on listing to your advice and now I am almost 2k minus. Furthermore you have started asking for money on this website. I have started to wonder if you really ever made any money on the stock market.

    • Sorry to hear that.  I’m down on my position too, but plan to hold it.  This market is unforgiving and not easy to figure out.  I win some and lose some, that’s the nature of trading.  Unfortunately, the house knows the cards I have in my hand and cheats all the time.  But, I have patience and plan to wait this out a little longer.  I still believe a very big move is coming.

      • I have been in my life through years even with over 100% Inlfation rate and I know as long as they have the printing machine they will keep on printing and printing.

        • Yeah… it sure seems that way.  The same cup of coffee that cost my grandfather 10 cents a hundred years ago now cost $10 at starbucks… WTF?  People just don’t understand that “Inflation” is the hidden tax that the crooked gangsters do to us sheep when they keep the printing press running full speed.

    • Gigca,

      Here is a quote for you: 

      “No one else can ever make your choices for you. Your choices are yours alone.
      They are as much a part of you as every breath you will take, every moment of
      your life.”

      Just something for you to ponder…

  66. Leo are you still doing that study on “ghost prints”? I remember about a year ago on Trade To Win you were talking with Keristen about collecting them and seeing if there was anything to it. If so do you have any conclusions from the study that you would be willing to share?


    • I can only say that they are a code for the insiders, and unfortunately I’m not able to figure them out.  The “when” part is obviously the most important in figuring out the print, as you can end up waiting a long time for some of the prints to hit.  Sorry, I can’t be of more help.  If I knew, I’d tell everyone though…

      • “RDL”… thanks! Hope all is well with you. I use to see you on Evil Spectacular, then Anna’s site  and also on Trade To Win. Amazing how time flies. [Side note: 2012 is going to be an interesting year to say the least]

  67. Hit the upper end of the triangle and gap over 1292 on monday. The fact that es & euro is overbought is immaterial. Criminal Ben will by buying $300 bil of Italy debt europeans don’t want. That’s like $300 bil QE crammed into one month. Would’t surprise me to see spx 1550 by end of Dec.

  68. During the day the “one minute” candles have an “opening price”, “high price”, “low price”, and “closing price”…. of which NOT ONE of any candle had the same price on all 4 positions, except the 4:15 pm candle:

    Opening price = 126.66
    High price = 126.66
    Low price = 126.66
    Closing price = 126.66

    You figure it out…

    • OK, please explain. I don’t get it.

      Man, today during market hours I WAS HEATED! I’m calmed down now.

      No wait………F*** YOU BERNANKE!

      OK…NOW I’m better.

      • You don’t get it?  Pretty simple… “666”, the mark of the beast, the low of March 6th 2009… it’s a signal ACP.  They are telling the insiders that the top is in.  So, look out for something bad over the weekend as “if” this really was a signal and not just a coincidence, then the market is toast next week.

        • I got that 666, but what is the significance of the 12? I’m thinking it could mean the 12th as in tomorrow, or the 12th as in December.

          • No, the 12 doesn’t mean anything.  It could have been any number in front of the 666.  It just happened to be in the 120’s when they needed to send the signal.  Also IWM closed at 74.38 or 11.11 (7+4=11 and 3+8=11), probably another signal?  Nothing in the DIA or QQQ, but the SPY is definitely a signal.

          • Interesting on the IWM.

            In any case, put/call made a HUGE drop today, but VIX did NOT fill the gap from Tues. I think we fall thru Wed for VIX expiry, then ramp up Thurs/Fri for OPX.

      • WOW it got deleted (should have gotten a screen shot).. but the gist of the thread was about a former member poster citing a dream that she had in 2010. The dream was about the number 389 flashing on CNN and that number marked the “beginning of the end. ” Well that # was the closing number on 11-9-11 on the DOW. Interestingly, her member # was 11911. Well, this was the biggest buzz on the forum last night. People had solid proof that it was not a hoax. I’m not sure it meant that the market was gonna crash, but rather the end of society as some people aptly put it.  I don’t give a lot of credence to most stuff on GLP as I read these forums for entertainment, but this one certainly got my attention.  

        • What a weird site GLP is.  I posted a question on their site, asking what happened to the Post. I ended up getting banned from the site. No longer able to post any comments. I sure up set some one their.

          • Yea, lots of weirdoes there & very sensitive too. I happen to come across that forum by Gary the numbers guy & Strongman Shelford. 

  69. finally, the s and p released its Nov eps estimate numbers for its index—
    i get to terrorize the market now!!!!
    these are powerful, non bull chit reports—-
    here is a conclusion, and it’s bad for bears hoping for a retest of QQQ 50 anytime soon.
    which is another conclusion.
    DIA max is 123.7.
    might reach it in Nov, or might do it in Dec.
    i think that works out to around 1305-1310 on spx.
    which makes me think, they need to hold some extra for the x-mas rally, so maybe we test that in Dec.
    this part might be a little crazy, here goes anyway…
    think they ( reptiles, cabal, whatever you want to call the governing forces) need the x-mas rally, so everyone at work will see the dow
    is in pretty good shape, and will buy buy buy x-mas presents!!!!
    call me crazy if you want to!!!but that’s my theory about x-mas

      • thankfully, Red, allows any and all opinions on his board…
        it helps to keep the debate from getting too one-sided,
        which is a good thing.
        makes all of us stay on our toes!!!!

    • I hear ya.  After Friday, I’ve become short term bullish.  I have made the sacrifice and cut a bunch of my shorts (still holding just in case but net long nevertheless)  I’m sorry I went to the dark side.  However, I am putting a really tight stop loss on my longs 😉

      • the same numbers i use also conclude this— QQQ will not / should not, go over 59, Nov-Dec.
        it really is a market in perfect equilibrium.
        good enough earnings to keep a tight trading range, not enough earnings to go above 59!!!
        once in a lifetime opportunity, right now….to take advantage of this.

  70. well, it’s 11-13-11 and the world goes on.  feeling like Y2K.

    anyhoo, here’s a tidbit

    the chart shows two important events [ 1950 & 1981]
    both events have Fibonacci time-lines pointing to 2002.
    throw another Fibonacci timeline on 2002, and a common year of late 2013 pops up.

    as you can see the value of DOW continues down, while GLD goes up.
    GLD is 1/10 of GOLD, so divide 40 by 10 and you get a ratio of 4.
    The ratio during the depression hit 2 or 1.
    looking at the blue ‘old trendline’, I think you can draw your own conclusions.


  71.     That was some very interesting close.   They literally forced it into 666.66.  C’mon, that is beyond creepy.  Obviously, its more evidence that we live in a very sophisticated computer software program with regards to the financial markets.  And its governed by something very advanced.

        Just watched an old movie last night, Arrival2 last night.  Very interesting how it had events that just recently took place in 2011.  Not a great movie, but eerily accurate of future events, going on now. 

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