Is The Stock Market Still Going To Crash Even Though The Turndate Has Passed?




Red Alert - Wave 3 Down to start on Friday 11-04-11 and the Stock Market should Crash next week... BIG!  I give it 90% odds of crashing next week.

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(to watch on youtube:



While the market didn't crash last week, I don't believe for a minute that it's not going to... it's just rescheduled!

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Yes, the Legatus meeting didn't produced the exact top in the market like it has done many times in the past, but I still believe we are going to crash.  What should have happened was that the rally we had on Thursday should have happened on Monday.  Then a "pause" day on Tuesday, followed by an "exhaustion" move up on Wednesday and a collapse the rest of the week.  This was indeed scheduled to happen as the original meeting for the EU bailout was set for Sunday October 23rd, 2011.  But, they delayed it until Wednesday the 26th and we had our "knee jerk" rally late.

While I'm unhappy about it, as I went short too early, I still firmly believe this market is going to tank hard next week.  I'm kicking myself for not waiting until the 127.07 SPY FP was hit to make the decision to go short.  Instead I went short on Wednesday when the SPY was around 124 or so.  But, I'm still in that position and will ride it out until next week to see what happens.  This market is doomed and will collapse, but the timing of it is very hard too predict.  Even if I would have waited until the 127.07 print was hit I would still be underwater in it as the market pushed on up to 129 or so.

However, a new FP was given earlier last week of 119 SPY.  The odd thing about the print is that it was exactly 119.00, which I find odd as most FP's contain some "cents" to them.  Like the 34.65 spy FP for example.  It wasn't 34.00, but 34.65... and of course the 127.07 print also contained 7 cents in the end, not just 127.00 like this new FP on of 119.00 from last week.  While it could simply be nothing and just another FP telling us where the market is going to next, it could also be reversed to mean "911" and have nothing to do with an actual level they plan to go to, but a code to say "Look Out Below"!

There is no way to know at this point, but assuming it's only a target then that alone tells me we are going down next week.  However, since we probably haven't quite finished this move up yet (and the fact that Friday's action made a bull flag on the charts) I'd say we have one more early morning push higher on the markets Monday.  Then I think the elevator starts down.  Remember how the did on 9-11-2001?  They did it on a Tuesday just before the stock markets were open, allowing them to push it up one final time on Monday to allow the insider gangsters to get short before the staged attack happened.

Are they going to stage another 911 this week?

Something smells rotten here with the timing of everything, including the early shutdown of the highly secretive "trading platforms' by the White Dragon Society (the good guys), the scheduled "November 9th Communications Shutdown", and the ritual dates of 11-9-11 and 11-11-11 just around the corner now.  Let's not forget about Elenin too, as even though I don't believe it will harm us, the fear the Illuminati Gangster Cabal is putting out there about it does make me suspect that "they" will try to stage something and blame it on Elenin, or some other comet/rock associated with it.  Check out this video by 9Nania...

(to watch on youtube:

Now granted, she is caught up in the "fear state" that the Illuminati want her to be in... so just don't let yourself fall into the same trap.  Simply look at the evidence and leave out the fear.  The evidence does suggest that the cabal will try to stage some type of disaster to collapse the stock market and the economy during this time period we are coming upon.  I just can't imagine them letting this key period of very important ritual dates pass by without anything happening.  If their ability to punch in a secret code and create money that doesn't exist is really stopped, then where are they going to get the money to keep the stock market up?

Here's Ben Fulford's latest update...

The highly secretive “trading platforms” used by the self-appointed rulers of the world have been shut down in preparation for the revamping of the global financial system, according to sources in the CIA and in Japanese military intelligence. This shut down took place earlier than the previously announced date of November 11, 2011 (11/11/11) in order to prevent any possible sabotage by the beneficiaries of the old system, the sources say.

According to them, over 100 countries have now subscribed to the new system. Mass arrests of people linked to the old system are supposed to begin by November 15, they say.

Some new names of key players in the old system have also now emerged as the international investigative dragnet continues. One of these people is a Belgian prince by the name of Zvonko Berdik. Another key signatory at the top of the old financial system was the Duke of Kent, who signs on behalf of Queen Elizabeth, the CIA sources say. The third new name is Alan Barr, a man who is wanted by the government of Vietnam for having tried to set off a coup d’etat there.

Meanwhile, a senior member of the royal bloodline families (a cousin to Queen Elizabeth and the Rothschilds) had some very interesting information about Adolf Hitler. He says “Hitler was a Rockefeller man,” and ads [adds] that Hitler lived in Argentina until 1967 and that he actually visited Hitler at his house there. He further claims that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter. Hitler himself was a son of King George the V, according to King Edward the 7th’s daughter. If true, this would mean secret rule of Germany by the British/German royal family throughout the 20th and into the 21st centuries. If you look at photographs of Kaiser Wilhelm, King George the 5th and Hitler, you will notice an uncanny resemblance. [this tinyurl courtesy of KP (and]

This is the sort of revelation that could come out of a truth and reconciliation committee once the secret fascist government of the West is removed from power. The process of removal is still only about 30% complete, according to a well-placed White Dragon Society source.

The signs of the collapse of the old system are becoming increasingly visible. The problems with the Euro are still the main case in point. Greece has now asked to leave the Euro. Even if banks cut the value of their Greek debts by 60%, thereby bankrupting the French banking system, the problems will still not go away. Greece is just a tiny country compared to Italy, Spain and Portugal. Furthermore, the media is not even looking at the problems in the five Baltic States including Latvia.

The fact of the matter is that all of the countries in the Euro bloc have already begun printing their own national currencies in preparation for the collapse of the Euro. Nor is this just going to be a crisis limited to the Euro currency.

Russia is negotiating with Germany to create a Russian/German dominated Eurasian union that will shift the balance of power in Europe towards the center. The Russian government has announced they expect this union to be up and running by 2015.

In the United States as well, there are signs of imminent regime change.

The multiple legal actions against the fascist corporate government based in the city state of Washington D.C. are being supported by both the Pentagon and the agencies. Thus, for example, the recent move by Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan to each take $81 trillion of their derivatives fraud from their books and dump it on the American taxpayers, has been duly noted.

Queen Elizabeth was also prevented last week from stealing $1.6 trillion from Mitsui-Sumitomo bank in Japan, according to an MI6 source.

The corporate media cartel is also falling apart. As mentioned earlier Rupert Murdoch’s Fox TV and other outlets have begun exposing information, such as the legal actions against attorney general Eric Holder, that other networks are withholding. Now it turns out the Sumner Redstone’s CBS network is interviewing a White Dragon Society member for an upcoming 60 minutes episode as part of an expose of the high-level fraud that has been taking place at the very tip-top of the global financial system (he will not be identified by the network as a White Dragon).

The Pentagon is also continuing the process of making sure the elite cannot run and hide in any of their underground bases while the rest of humanity gets slaughtered. The big underground explosion near San Antonio Texas last week (reported by local press as an earthquake that made a “boom” sound) was a part of this process.

The US is peppered with underground bases but the two big ones in Virginia and Colorado have already been shut off to the elite. Another dozen have also been dealt with. The Pentagon has informed the elite that “if they go hide underground then so will everybody else.” The last really big underground facility still under fascist control is in Norway.

The fascists, for their part, are still not planning to go quietly into the night. The murder of Muammar Ghaddafi last week was just part of a plan to re-establish colonial control over Africa. Hillary Clinton is now trying to claim the role as signator to the $200 billion or so that was in Gaddafi’s name. In order to access much of that money, 5 African nations, including Somalia, Zaire and Uganda, will have to be invaded, CIA sources claim.

There are also still plans in the works to start major wars in the Middle East. For example, the fascists want to split up Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran to create a new nation of Kurdistan. To prevent this, a Turkish, Iranian, Syrian, Egyptian attack on Israel is now likely unless fascist agent Benjamin Netanyahu is removed from power.

On a different note, the self-described Illuminati who claim to want a global meritocratic government got a public boost from Michael Gorbachev who called for a New World Order last week. The problem with their planned “meritocracy,” of course, is the issue of who exactly gets to choose the meritocrats. Such a system would only work in the context of a real-time live interactive democracy and full media transparency. In other words, a global awakening of the human race and an end to Babylonian style tyranny enforced by criminal secret societies.

We are now witnessing the death throes of a dangerous beast. No matter what, though, humanity will be freed.

Also, here's and audio interview that has more information in it... (download it first and play it from your computer)

As you can see Ben states that they have already shutdown the current financial system and are preparing to "re-boot" it.  This would indicate to me that once the new system comes up the ability of the evil cabal to manipulate the stock market through the PPT (Plunge Protection Team) with money created out of thin air will be stopped.  Without this fraudulent money the stock market will be free to fall to whatever level traders feel it's fairly worth.

Moving on to the market...

I'm expecting a move up Monday morning from the bull flag on Friday and then I expect it to rollover and start heading down toward the 119 SPY FP from last week.  This all assumes that nothing out of the ordinary is meant by the FP.  If it does mean "911", then I have no idea how low the stock market will go.  Remember, these gangsters are like trapped animals right now, and they could lash out violently and just let the market collapse down to the 34.65 spy FP.  While I don't think that will happen, we are in some crazy times right now, and anything is possible.

As far as Lindsey Williams' call that they plan to crash the stock market in 2012, this assumes they are still in control of the market?  We don't know for sure as it's clear that Ben Fulford's "White Dragon Society" is tightening the screws on the gangster cabal, so they could lose control and it could collapse early... like next week.

Also, Lindsey William's source (who is probably very old and on his last days) could be mis-leading him?  Or worst, the source (who is of course a powerful member of the Illuminati) could have been lied to by other members in the gangster cabal club.  Remember, they are fighting among each other right now, and all trying to gain control of the world.  Lies are common place, so we don't really know the whole truth here... only what they plan to do.  Plans change...

Lots of signals still pointing to a collapse over the next few weeks, so I plan to stay short even though I got fooled and went short too early.  I remain convinced that we are going to crash, and that the Legatus turn date was only delayed, not wrong.  Next week will be the "tell all" week, as everything points to a huge sell off coming.




  1. Thanks for your video update, Red.

    I agree that staying short seems the most reasonable thing to do.

    A couple of comments on the wave structure: I have noticed that over the last few years most of the down waves seem to stop short of their “natural” fib retracement, while most of the up waves seem to go further than one would expect.

    I think this current intermediate wave (2) will probably go to 1306, which is the 0.786 retracement from the (1) down. The only other thing is that (2) has been very quick, time-wise: (1) down took around four months whereas (2) up has only been going for 4 weeks, but I don’t really know if that has any real meaning…

    As far as targets go, I am thinking that Intermediate (3) will go to about 800, and then Primary 3 should continue down to below 500.

    Like you I can’t wait for being in the middle of wave 3 of (3) of P3!

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Volume is very light today, so even with this drop in the market I’m not expecting much to happen today.  Just waiting for now. There should still be one more push up I believe.

  3. Right now the media is focused on the bankruptcy of MF Global, which has caused this little sell off in the market right now (not really, as the charts were WAY OVERBOUGHT and needed to pullback anyway… but you have to blame it on something or the Stock Market Bubbleheads on TV wouldn’t have a job).

    This Wednesday is the 2nd of November, the day Karen Starich seen a “possible” Flash Crash.  The FOMC meeting is that day too, and a couple of things could come out from that meeting.  One, Bernanke could announce that there won’t be any QE3… which really shouldn’t scare the market that much.  Or two, they could raise interest rates… which should panic the market HUGE!

    Now I’m not expecting them to do this, but anything is possible.  Whenever this damn breaks, it’s likely to surprise us all.  I don’t know the event or the exact date, but I know it coming soon…. very soon!

  4. I think the shit is going to hit the fan. It will be fast fooling alot of bears and bulls. I’m short and holding until i see the 800’s or so on SPX. THen i will decide what i should do. I have a feeling THis MF Global goes deeper than most think. MF could start the first chain reaction of shit hitting the fan.

    I dont know why media is reporting this MF crap, they should be reporting more important news especially Kim Kardashian’s separation.  What is the media trying to hide this info from us.  (joking)  

  6. Should be a nice bounce here guys… I’m out of my shorts and will re-enter later today after the bounce.  I see a “possible” FP of 125.45 on the SPY, so that’s another reason I’m flat not.

  7. Total comedy, Bund prices soaring and Italian bond prices tanking! Liquidity drying up both in Europe AND over here! So much for the non-default!

    • I think we could go up to the 125.45 FP on the SPY into the close and tomorrow morning to complete this wave 2 up.  Then we should crash the rest of the day.  I’m flat by the way, and well re-enter short tomorrow near that level.


      • Yeah, I sold when the ramp started & partially short. I bet they really jack this up before tanking it.

  8. The “Upward” sloping trendline coming in around 1220 is from the August 4th low, and the market bounced right off of it.  I’d say it’s pretty important.  The trendline above that is from 12/1/1994 and is around 1250 spx (about where the 125.45 SPY FP is… LOL)  That should stop the market dead in it’s tracks tomorrow morning…

  9. I should have a new video update up within an hour and a half or less.  I’ll put it simply for you all…

    Strong Short Squeeze Rally Likely tomorrow into FOMC meeting…. then a BIG CRASH!


  10. Good Morning gang…

    We should chop around with an “upward” bias until the FOMC after 2pm… then we should rollover and fall in a 3313 wave move down.  It should look like a crash I’d say.  So, I’ll be sitting and wait to get short just before the meeting.

  11. The FOMC plans to release a policy statement at 12:30 p.m. in Washington after a two-day meeting.Read more:
    We “could” have our “Flash Crash” after this announcement gang?

    • Looking for poss. RS tomorrow maybe ~1255 before the big roll over…that is, if the whole formation isn’t tilted down to the right…

  12. Looks like we are doing an “ABC” (wave 2) up and we have now completed “A” up and working on “B” down now.  The “C” up wave should follow to complete this wave 2 move.  It could happen fast, and end around 2:15 when Bernanke speaks? Hard too say, but I’ll wait until then before shorting again.

  13. This move up is taking longer then I would have liked.  This means it will likely conclude tomorrow morning and then we should start our wave 3 down.  This could be the crash Karen Starich seen, only she would be a day off.  Not bad for something she called weeks ago.  Plus, we have this nice peak on the spiral chart too, which makes the wave count more valid.

    So, I’ll wait until tomorrow morning to go short, as this wave 2 up should end in morning session tomorrow.  This means the wave 3 down to follow will likely fool a bunch of people.  I suspect they will make any reports (NFP, Job’s, etc…) that come out tomorrow look positive to get the final push up in the morning to complete this wave up.  Traders will then go to sleep as the market slowly starts wave 3 down on NO apparent bad news… LOL

  14. ES getting hit at 1220 now on ES. No gap fill for thursday . Surprises will be to the downside.

    • Thanks, I like your video updates, especially the 5-minute intraday ones. 
      Hey, it’s not intraday but that’s OK, anyway. LOL

    • Me too, I like your 5 minute updates as well as your 30 minute updates.  Just started reading your blog, looks great.  Keep it up!

  15. Draghi makes a surprise rate cut in ECB – the best thing that possibly could have happened to give the dollar some juice!

  16. This is so fun! Euro tanks on ECB cut, then rallies on Papandreou scrapping referendum plans, now just waiting for reality to set in…BWAHAHAHAAA!

  17. This move up should fool a lot of people into thinking that we will make news highs and that the selling is over.  But, the charts say (or will say by tomorrow morning) that tomorrow’s “possible” gap up will be an “exhaustion” gap, and that the move back down to follow will be a wave 3… not a dip before going back up higher.  Lot’s of bears will jump ship tomorrow morning and bulls will pile on when the first dip happens… only to see it continue going lower all day long.  Tomorrow should be a very ugly RED Day.

  18. Good video Red, My sense is that the market bottom will be in the early  part of Dec. With the sp a minimum 985 level. The last time I said the dow was going to the 11887 level when the dow was down at the 10,600 level. At that time, every one was very bearish at the 10,600 level. We shall see.  Good luck every one.

  19. I agree with PeacefulW that it’s a very good video. I have again learned something from it TA wise, thanks Red. You, too, are getting better and better at this, which is a good thing to see. We all are going to make big bucks if this keeps up. Your work is much appreciated.

  20. I would be surprised if they bothered taking it up this morning.  Why bother, they trapped a ton of longs, and few bears have any meat left on them.

    • I’m not liking the fact that they didn’t have some exhaustion move up to squeeze out the last bear.  Maybe this is the start of wave 3 down, or maybe it’s a trap… with one more squeeze back up to take out today’s new bears.  I’m not sure yet… so I’m sitting on my hands right now.

  21. Good Morning gang…

    I was really hoping for a gap up this morning to get short at, but it doesn’t look like we are going to get it now.   But, the good news is that the market appears to be rolling over now.  While I’m not 100% sure they won’t turn this back up into the close and squeeze out the bears that go short today, I do still firmly believe we are very close to ending this wave 2 up and starting wave 3 down.  Next week is going to be very ugly.

  22. Selling some 3x inverse etfs at these levels. Buying some 2x etfs inverse. Just re balancing portfolio. My bias is still for a down market

    • Yes, this is the start of it… but I’m still not sure if today is going to be a huge down day?  Volume seems light and the short terms charts look oversold now and ready to turn back up.  I’m just not sure how high they plan to push it too?I
      was expecting a gap up first…. as in an “exhaustion” gap. But it
      didn’t happen… So, I’m going to sit on my hands and wait until I see
      what the market wants too do. Usually there is a final squeeze up to
      kill the last bear. This move down doesn’t feel right… could be a

  23. Red,

    Note from your video last night regarding the flash crash.  One way to look at the 1056 FP that showed up at 23:45 the night before is…it’s 11:45 pm what is that 11 & (4+5 = 9) or 119 or 911 in reverse.   Which may add justification to the 119 SPY FP that recently showed up.


  24. Looking at the ES, this market should be going down hard today, but the spx has mixed charts now and seems to be stopping the big decline.  Light volume and the fact that it’s a Friday is another reason to be cautious here.  The bears need a lower low here, while the bulls need a higher low. This should determine the rest of the day.

  25. Here your quick video update…

    We are forming a bear flag right now and we could drop into the last hour or so… but, the charts are mixed right now and we could be in a channel that would mean we should have one more push up.  This push would likely be on Monday morning, and should be around 1270 spx.

    This can only happen if the bear flag fails.  A move down from the bear flag means the high is likely in and we should close near the lows of the day.  I’m being cautious here may wait until Monday to go short?  It depends on how much strength this move up gets?

  26. Odds are looking like we will close between 1250-1255 spx today, then spike up Monday morning to hit that 200dma around 1273 spx… then collapse.  I’ll be waiting until Monday to go short.

    • If however they do a big squeeze today and pop out of the triangle forming… therefore actually hitting the 1273 spx level today, I will go short!  That could be the last exhaustion move up that I’m looking for and then we would be free to gap down on Monday over some bad news from Euroland over the weekend.

    • It would be nice to see 1273 area, I will buy the 3x inverse etfs at that level after selling them close to the bottom earlier today.

      • You might get it today?  If they plan on releasing some really bad news out of Euroland over the weekend, then they should pop out of this triangle and squeeze out the bears today.  That should easily take us up to that 1273 spx area.  Then fall back some into the close with a doji on the daily chart.  That would confuse everyone.  Then gap it down on Monday with NO Bears on board!

      • I guess we’ll have to wait it out. Liquidity is gone in europe, HSBC is having a bank holiday today & they have a whole weekend to bailout everyone. Jp Morgan just found (gave) Corzine $600 mil in client money, as a get out of jail free card. Sickening. If that’s pocket change, then who knows how much they’ll cram into this market to keep the music going.

    • Hi Lulala…

      Yes I think I am?  Maybe Mole is bigger… or Tim?  Naaah, I’m the biggest bear!  I expect a very big move down starting next week, but first they need to clear out the retail bears.  I hope they do it today so we can gap down on Monday, but they may wait until then to fake them out on a gap up and crap move.  Hard too say right now, but “if” we get to that 1273 spx area today, I’ll go short into the weekend.  Otherwise, I’ll wait until Monday.

          • We’re all in the same boat – bottom line is the bears will be on the right side of the trade (can they get paid on their correct bets will be a huge question). This fall will make ’08 look like a toy. There was IMHO no true capitulation in ’08, can’t wait to see it and the surprised looks on the sheeple’s faces when it happens. We (you, mole, tim, others and me) all told them it was coming. Thanks for your great work RDL – keep it up bro.

  27. With 2 hours to go, light volume, a Friday, the short term charts pointing up, and now banging on the upper level of the triangle that the market currently stuck in… I’d say the odds are pretty good for a breakout today.

    Again… this means there won’t be hardly anyone short over the weekend.  This assumes that this pop outside of the triangle will squeeze the bears up to the 1273 spx area.  If so,… look out below on Monday!

  28. ATHENS – Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos said Friday he had
    told his European partners that Greece had officially scrapped its plan
    for a referendum that had enraged leaders Europe-wide.

  29. I was thinking about getting into grpn today, but looks like no real pop unless something happens in the last hour.  The market seems to lack the volume and the competitors have talked a big talk to scare folks off.

    I think there is about 20-30% head room on most big caps and almost 40-50% head room on small, so a haircut would be very timely to find an entry point.  A lot of traders pulled in big gains in October, so we could use a level set.  thanks Red for your site! 

  30. Movies/Games Release Date Warning of 8th-11th November event?​date-warning-of-8th-11th-november-event/

    Mayan Elders to Hold Crystal Skull Ceremony Nov 11, 2011​-crystal-skull-ceremony-oct-27-nov-11-2011/

    EXERCISE PACIFIC WAVE 11 A Pacific-wide Tsunami Warning and Communication Exercise on 9.11.11

    uK’s NEAF Nuclear Emergency Exercise has Exercise Nightstar 11 on 9 November 2011

    20 Reasons 11-9-11 Might be the REAL 911​ight-be-the-real-911/


    Sunspot doom- Thread: Sun spot 8 times larger than earth lined up with us for next 2 weeks It should be an interesting week coming up.

  31. Well, I’m not sure what will happen over the weekend, but I stayed in cash.  They didn’t clear out the stops and I think we’ve go one more push up before we crash.  Good luck to all those that did go short.

      • The only thing that irritates me is that now Madman Ben & The Fed Cronies now have a whole weekend to come up with some BS solution, or force the CME to retract this notice.

        • Either way, their are running out of fingers to plug the dike. I still maintain, that the sp will be coming down to the 985 sp area by early dec at the lastest.

  32. Looks like their will be problems in the markets next close of business Monday, millions of options and futures holders
    will be forced to deposit billions in additional capital to the CME just
    so they are not found to be margin deficient, and thus receive a margin
    call. Naturally, since it is very unlikely that this incremental amount
    of liquidity can be easily procured in one business day, we anticipate
    the issuance of hundreds of thousands of margin calls Monday, followed
    by forced liquidations of margin accounts across America. From zero hedge.

    • This better not be bullish +500 on dow or I am not fiddling around with the stock market ever again.

      Unless Israel and Iran somehow go at it and this “comet” that’s coming by sprinkles free cash and oil to the populace.Unbelievable, and to think CME blames it on “market volatility.”  A bit after the fact no?  We’ve been dealing with market volatility ever since the end of July.  It’s the beginning of November.

      Also what’s unbelievable Red, is what you pointed out!!! “Margin Call” the movie!  What the heck!

  33. I for got all about that movie, margin call. The big boys will always give some hint for the major moves in the world events. As Red has pointed out in the past.

  34. Just a reader suggestion…I’ve noticed folks on some blogs were confused by the whole “performance bond” notice that was issued by CME today (a lot of confusion on ZH). For those who’ve never been in the business, I suggest reading a Series 7 study guide to get acquainted with all the different types of securities and terms used in the snobby world of high finance…

    • Not a guarantee, but I believe this is the beginning of an avalanche. Might take time to digest, but this is just the first shot. Unless the Madman sends his minions to break some kneecaps this weekend, I think next week could be the beginning of something very ugly.

      • Well, I wasn’t feeling like going short just yet, as I didn’t see the “fakeout” move up to squeeze out the last bear.  I certainly hope they don’t gap this down, as I’m in cash.

        • I wouldn’t worry about it. If this causes an avalanche, it’ll be along trip. If not, you” simply be more confident.

          • Yes, agreed…  I’ve been more focused on learning the charts and they patterns because ultimately, it’s a super computer controlling the market… not the news.  So, while I don’t ignore the news, I’m trying to learn to tune it out and not make trades from it.  It should show up in the charts first…. before the news hits the wire.  And from what I can see in the charts today, the high doesn’t yet look like it’s in.  Not sure of course, but it’s what I see right now.

          • I fully agree with acpzed, you will have time red to get into the action. The only thing I question you on red, is why you want to go exclusively with options. I am going with the combination with 3x etfs and 12% options. With options, your timing has to be perfect. Which most traders are usually wrong.

          • Well either way red, you will win. I am more than sure that every one will gladly donate to your site after this coming blood bath, for all your effort and passion that you put into this site.

    • I hope not for your sake Red, because you have no short instruments to take advantage of this bear market..

      • My emotions were on heavily pressuring me to go short at the close today, but it didn’t look right in the charts… nor feel right.  So I felt that I was being influenced by all the negativity on the news and decided to do nothing.  I hope I’m not wrong to listen to my internal self and not the manipulated emotions that have cost me big time in the past.

  35. The markets did not seem to give any hints of any major moves for Monday. Oil, gold were very steady today.

    • $750 mil S&P index puts purchased on Oct 20-21, strike between 1200-1205. If the criminals knew this was going to happen, there would be no need to sell off today.

    •  One of the better tells is the UUP and FXE.  UUP has a negative correlation with the indexes and FXE positive.  Both are stuck in neutral territory as of Friday’s close.  However, UUP is up against serious resistance in this area.  I personally don’t short confirmed uptrends, which we have been in since early October and until the UUP breaks, one way or the other, I just don’t see a valid signal.  Disclosure: long a few small cap growth stocks, which are breaking higher.

  36. Not sure about gap down but hope it’s not some messed up launching pad for a massive rally that destroys all our predictions.  I’m also not sure how big this particular type of bonds are.  I’m not familiar with performance bonds.  It “could” be a “non-event” but my gut tells me no.

    I’m still rather concerned about what the heck is going to happen on the 9th or maybe we are all just being played?  I don’t even know if that comet YU whatever is real.  Then again, I’m not sure what is real anymore.

    • I’m sure it’s real, just like Elenin… but I’m also sure that the good ET’s will prevent it from harming Earth just like they did when Elenin came close to us.  But, that doesn’t mean the gangsters don’t stage some other event to blame the collapse on.  I also can’t imagine them letting 11-9-11 and 11-11-11 pass by without something big happening.

    • Please don’t take this the wrong way nuggy06, but “performance bond” doesn’t actually mean bond, it means margin. Hence my post below suggesting readers to get a Series 7 study guide.

  37. Here’s a thought (probably too obvious though, however I overlooked it until now), the 119 FP on SPY is actually the date of November 9th, not a level that they plan to take it down to.

  38.     Don’t see how this could possibly be bullish, but hey, in this crazy world, anything is possible.  Seems very overt them doing this to ordinary folks and then putting out a movie called margin call a week later.  Makes me certainly less interested in hearing about the efforts of the white dragons.

        • I got back Thursday after the market closed. I came back a week earlier than originally expected. 2 weeks was enough. It would have been nice to have had a friend or a companion to go with. But being single, it got a little boring for me. I shied a way from all the beautiful Asian women. I was tempted many times thou.

          • LOL! I could have hooked you up with one of my single cousins there! 
            I hate flying there, takes about 24 hrs, & plus the jet lag.
            Glad you made it back though!

          • The jet lag was a bitch. I was out of commission for 3 days. Basically stayed in the hotel. It would have been nice to have been hooked up with one one of your cousins. I just could not pay for sex, my spiritual values got in the way for any sexual pleasure.

      • I’m with ya ACP, I am getting tired of this market. What was once a favorite hobby of mine since high school has now turned into the 1%’s rigged monopoly game. If I do well in this downturn & catch the bottom here, I’m just gonna buy one stock that pays dividends & just forget about it. No more looking at T&A, charts, news. I rather spend my time & energy with my family. 

  39. It seems Zero Hedge info can be used as a contraioran play on the markets. Every time they come out with some exciting information on the markets, the equity markets go in the opposite direction of where you thought they would go. I for one would be excited to see the markets come down 20% Monday. But I would not be surprised to see a flat or positive market closing for the day.

  40. Man, with all the BS going on here, I’m so tempted to just bail out into cash, fly to Nepal and watch the whole F****** world unravel while sipping tea and eating goat cheese with the locals in some monastery in the clouds.

    It just gets to me, dammit!

  41. My fictional (or maybe not) account of what happened this morning:

    CME Group CEO answers phone: “Hello?”


    Madman Bernanke: “Good morning Craig, you notice
    anything missing?”


    CME Group CEO: “Yes, my children are


    Madman Bernanke: “When you sent out that notice to
    increase margin requirements, you actually meant decrease,
    didn’t you? You do realize we only increase risk here in the US, right?
    And you do want to see your children again, don’t you?”


    CME Group CEO: “I will issue a……’clarification’


    Madman Bernanke: “Glad to hear that. You children
    will be at your front door in 5 minutes.”

  42.     All these white knights are sons of bitches either working for the other side, or just Icke sycophants trying to get their strange looking faces in the social media.   I have no time for them or the illuminati plants Icke, Rense, Maxwell, that loud mouth Jones and Tsarion.  They are so obvious, almost as obvious as old Ronnie runnie for President.  Please, we are NOT that stupid.

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