From David Wilcock To Ben Fulford And Lindsey Williams As Well As The Margin Call Movie The End Of Mayan Calendar And 11-11-11 The Next Stock Market Crash Is HERE…


Thursday Update...

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Tuesday Update...

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Everything now points to the next stock market crash starting this coming week, as the Legatus Pilgrimage ends and Euro-Zone Summit on October 23rd decision is made (with the final vote given before Wednesday the 27th and details by the 30th),  which is a "no win" situation regardless of the outcome...

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The next few weeks and months are going to surprise everyone, and not just because of the stock market crash.  So many things are going to happen that it will just blow everyones' mind!  The Evil Cabal are losing more and more control now, and will lash out hard before they are taken down for good.  This means that trying to pick a bottom to the coming crash is going to be very difficult, if not impossible.  Unfortunately, many bulls are going to get trapped again as they now think this breakout to the upside signal's the bottom is in.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  They will be "buying the dips" all the way down.

I can see what they are looking at... from a "technical analysis" point of view, as it does look like the charts are turning bullish again.  But, the charts don't tell the whole story.  While a case could be made that we are now in an "A" wave up in an "ABC" wave pattern... which seem logical, the overwhelming other "darkside" evidence points to a HUGE "Wave 3" down starting next week, not the "B" wave down that everyone is expecting.  People seems to forget that the gangsters are out of money, and are losing control of the planet as each day goes by.  The days of another "Quantitative Easing" working to rally up the market to new highs are over.  That's what been keeping it from crashing since the August crash ended.

All this sideways "wild swings" up and down movement came from QE3 (although it was called Obama's job stimulus plan, and maturing bonds reinvested).  It's only been able to keep the market from collapsing, not restart the "fake" bull market again.  The big institutions aren't buying into it, but instead just using it as another opportunity to sell into.  Only when the entire stock market has crashed to levels low enough to "restart" it will we start a new bull market.  Of course by then the evil cabal gangsters will be arrested and their money confiscated.

Yes, plans are already being made to arrest gangsters like George Soros, Warren Buffet, The Clinton's, The Bush's, Henry Kissenger, Donald Rumsfeld, David and Jay Rockefeller, and many more murdering satanists.

During this crazy period you are going to see this evil reptilians attempt to destroy not only the American economy by crashing the stock market, but also kill thousands or millions of people through another false flag event.  Will they succeed?  I hope not, and believe that they will fail.  They have been stopped many times recently from starting World War 3 by good aliens and pentagon white hats that are aligned with the white dragon society.  These aliens have used their technology to do things like the destruction of the 8+ underground bases (cities) that the Illuminati Cabal planned to hide in while the rest of the planet was nuked!  Guess what Bush... it ain't going to happen!  LOL!

The time period we are now going through will be told about for many generations to come.  We will finally see the government admit publicly of the existence of aliens which I believe will be before the end of the year 2012.  This "Disclosure" will shock most of the world, but those of us who took the "Red Pill" already know the story, and how certain aliens have be enslaving humanity for the last 6,000 years while other aliens have been fighting to protect us and free us from this mind control system known as the matrix.

However, for those of you who are awake now and have this opportunity to profit from this temporary collapse in the stock market and the economy, you must NOT forget that millions of others will be hurt badly as they lose everything.  They unfortunately will be blindsided from the lies on the main stream media as they keep telling them that the worst is over while the stock market continues to make new lows, wiping out their life time savings.  It will be up to YOU to help those less fortunate when the time comes.  It doesn't matter how much money you make, or have, it only matters that you do what you can to help.  You will know what to do when the time comes.

Here's the latest from Ben Fulford...

Ben's help has been ridiculed by many over the years, as some call him crazy or a plant to mis-inform us sheep... but I don't believe a word of it!  While he hasn't been able to pick exact dates that something will or will not happen, his updates have still helped many to stay informed of what's really going on in the world today.  Maybe one day he will be invited to speak on the main stream media... after the gangster lose control of it of course.  In fact, Ben did mention that Rupert Murdoch was hinting at leaving the evil cabal and joining the white dragon society.  Since he owns FOX, that means we "could" start to see some truth come out on that network in the future.  For now, I'll stick with the internet sources for the truth.

Rothschild family offers White Dragon Society $25 trillion to ‘go away’

The high level banksters known as the Rothschild family offered the White Dragon Society $25 trillion to “go away.” When the WDS representative said “can you make it $50 trillion?,” they answered, without hesitation, “sure whatever you want.” The problem is the WDS cannot accept either stolen money or money that was fraudulently created. In any case, the Rothschilds and the Bush crime syndicate are just playing for time because they are both still trying to start WW3. Israel has been given the green light by Obama gang boss Rahm Emmanuel to attack Iran. Bush/Rothschild agent Ahmadinejad will then be given the green light to destroy most of Israel, according to high level Pentagon sources. They hope this tragic course of events would then set off their Gog/Magog fake end times scenario. The Israeli people need to prevent this insanity ASAP by removing the gangster Benjamin Netanyahu from power.

The situation in the US, meanwhile, is moving closer to open revolt. The legal actions against Obama Justice Department head Eric Holder are meant to remove the first legal obstacle to impeaching Obama and his cabinet, according to Pentagon and CIA sources. This legal action is being reported by Murdoch’s Fox TV but not by other corporate media outlets. Murdoch is currently allied with the WDS.

The lawsuit involving the theft of funds belonging to the non-aligned nations of the world is also being readied for filing in early November. This lawsuit is supposed to lead to hundreds if not thousands of elite arrests, according to the filers but, it has been delayed often and the proof will be in the pudding.
The Chicago branch the Rothschild/Bush fascist crime syndicate headed by Rahm Emmanuel (related to Italian fascist king Victor Emmanuel?) has provided Israel, against Pentagon objections, with the cluster bombs and bunker busting bombs it needs to attack Iran. The Mossad operation involving a fake Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador is supposed to be the reason for this assault. Bush/Mossad agent Iranian President Ahmadinejad will then use the assault to trigger “Armagedon” in Israel, the Pentagon sources say.

However, even if Israel is sacrificed by these fascists, the attack will not trigger their desired World War 3.

The Pentagon and CIA sources have also added that one of the reasons for the holocaust of European Jews is that they refused to hand over their gold to the royal families of Europe. The royal families wanted to monopolize the world’s gold in order to take over the global financial system, these sources say. World War II’s main purpose was to confiscate all the global gold supplies not under the control of these families.

The WDS has also been contacted by a group claiming to be the “real illuminati.” They say their order was founded by King Solomon and Pythagoras and is opposed to an ancient Satanic cult run by the Royal Families. Their representative claims this “illuminati” group was behind the French, American and Russian revolutions. They say their membership consists of 6,000 highly influential individuals who are not part of the old dynastic families (the 13 bloodlines, also called “illuminati bloodlines” by some writers).

It is worth nothing the people from the P2 Freemason lodge in Italy also called themselves “illuminati,” even though their leadership consisted of ancient inbred Roman aristocratic families.

We have been able to independently confirm that this individual, who calls himself Alexander Romanoff, is connected to MI6, KGB, the Australian Security Police, Canadian military intelligence and the international drug mafia. We confirmed this through multiple sources including members of all of the above mentioned agencies and groups.

Romanoff says he helped former world chess Champion Bobby Fischer when he was arrested in Japan in 2004. He got Fischer an Icelandic passport to prevent him from being deported to the United States. Fischer then informed Romanoff he was a “grandmaster of the illuminati.” Romanoff also says Fischer told him he was the original mastermind behind the 911 terrorist attack against the US. The ultimate motive of this attack was to provoke a revolution in the US against royalist control, who they refer to as the “old world order,” as opposed to the “new world order,” this illuminati group stands for.

Given the use of the phrase “new world order,” by bloodline member Bush and his ilk, my advice to this individual was that his group needed to change the name of the regime they plan to set up to something that has fewer negative associations.

Romanoff says his group supports meritocracy, or rule by the most competent, and opposes hereditary rule by inbred families. It is interesting to note that Asian triads and yakuza groups are also opposed to nepotism.

The son of a yakuza boss would never be allowed to inherit control of his father’s gang although he might be allowed to join a different gang.

In Japan meanwhile, the Yakuza and the Japanese military police have informed this author that the Bushes are trying to get a North Korean agent to kill him. The agent they send is likely to be linked to the drug-smuggling, gun-running gang known as the Unification Church. Their ranch is next to the Bushes ranch in Paraguay.

Here's video "radio" interview by Sean David Morton of Ben Fulford as well, but he basically covers the same subjects as in the text above.  However, there is some interesting stuff from Morton during the last 10-20 minutes of the show.  When you listen to that last part of his radio show, you just can't think that we are going to do a simple ABC wave pattern in November! There is just TOO MUCH going on that support a STOCK MARKET CRASH in November!  From all the secret codes of movies coming out like "Margin Call" and "11-11-11", to the countdown pointing to December 7th, 2011 on the website, the end of the Mayan Calendar on October 28th, 2011... as well as the FP's I got over the last year or so,  NOTHING supports a rally in November!

(to watch on youtube:

So, what do I expect for next week?

Monday should be choppy ending the day down or with a doji, as the short term charts are way too overbought to support another big up day.  Hard too say about Tuesday because of the uncertainty of "when" the vote decision will be announced?  They stated that it would be "by Wednesday", meaning it could be announced early.  There is no way to know when, so I'll just have too follow the charts closely on Monday and Tuesday, and try to figure out the best spot to get short.  There could be an initial "fakeout" move to the upside when the announcement comes?  I don't know for sure on that one?  We still have the slim possibility that they could push this up to the 127.07 SPY FP before crashing it, but I'm not counting on it.

It's a mixture of how the charts are lined up, the price level, the time of day, the volume in the market, and just an overall "gut" feeling.  Remember, there has NEVER been a time period in all of history like there is today.  With the Mayan Calendar ending this October 28th, 2011 (or the December 21st, 2012 date?), the aliens showing up in the sky's at record level's, the debt level's of the world at unbelievable levels, and all the other crazy stuff the Evil Illuminati Cabal Gangsters are doing... I'd say this period will be a "once in a lifetime" one.  This means that we should expect this period to surprise, shock, as astound ever the best chartist and/or forecaster.

While I'm not expecting the market to drop to the 34.65 SPY FP level on this move down, I'm definitely expecting the 1,000 spx level to be taken out.  Possibly we stop around the 965 spx (making a nice ritual number as 9 {6+5=11} = 911), or going down a little deeper to the 885 spx FP from last year, that also lines up with the 8300 Dow FP from last year too.  I really don't know the bottom level before we bounce into next year from so "Santa Rally", so I'll have too take it one day at a time.  For now let's just focus on the next 2 days to find our spot to get short at.

"If" we gap up on Monday (yeah, I know... that seems impossible being so overbought) then they could make a run for the 12,000 mark on the Dow and possibly the FP on SPY of 127.07 (about 1270 spx).  I'm not expecting it, but it would certainly kill the last bear and get every bull on board long, and/or praying for a pullback to get in at.  Trick the most people is the name of the game, and that's what I'd do if I were a gangsters like them.  A gap up instead of a "should be" gap down (on fears from the EU meeting decision) would go against the charts for sure, as they say we should go down Monday morning to reset the overbought short term charts.

Well, we won't know until Monday morning I guess... so not much point in trying to figure it out, as it's going to do whatever they want it to do.  I'll simply be looking for a higher high on Monday to get short at.  If they do gap it up and make a run for the 127.07 spy level, hopefully I can have enough patience to get short at the right spot.  These next several weeks are going to be very hard to figure out, but I'll try my best to keep you inform.

Good Luck,


P.S. An Astrologer named Karen Starich from sees a possible "Flash Crash" on November 2nd, 2011.  Since this EU bailout vote is being dragged out, as apparently the final, final, fina, Sarko/Merkel unveiling of the solution will allegedly take place on October 3oth, 2011... this "could" delay the coming crash a few days.

Meaning that they "could" chop around early this week to reset this short term overbought charts which again "may" give them the opportunity to push up to the 127.07 spy FP before the end of this week.  That would of course mean that the crash could happen on Karen's November 2nd date if the details of the plans to solve the EU debt crisis are viewed negatively by the stock market (which of course they will, as this is a "NO Win Situation").  Download the interview by Clicking Here and start listening at about 63:50 minutes into the audio interview.  (She's mentions "Flash Crash" starting at 80 minutes into the audio).

Thinking about the possible wave count here with this forecasted date of November 2nd by Karen, we could start the first wave 1 down early this week (like Monday or Tuesday), and then rally back up for a wave 2 into the Thursday/Friday time frame, followed by a wave 3 down to start the first week of November.  This would be some type of Wave 3 of 3 of 3 (maybe more 3's?).  So yeah... a crash is coming, as there is just too much evidence to support it.

P.S.S. The Real Truth on why the Evil Cabal murdered Gaddafi...

(to watch on youtube:


  1. I have been traveling tonight, I have never seen so many Catholic priests in the airports or on airplanes than I have seen today.  It might be some kind of sign.   If anyone has some favorite high volume inverse etfs please share.

    • Sounds like the snakes are going into hiding… what a bunch of lying murderers.  Probably moving their stolen money outside the country now that the Legatus meeting is over with.

  2. The Madman continues PUMPing thru the night…however, put/call took a swan dive on Friday, while the Dow stocks that missed their numbers the worst saw the biggest PUMPs. Pretty amazing, these times. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a bunch of Dow stock in this “Other Assets” category that has been ramping straight up. The criminal manipulation gift that keeps on giving:

  3. I forgot to mention…read the description on “Other Fed Assets” and then notice the dip that happened recently. What took a swan dive lately? Both the euro and stocks, that is before the Fed decided to start buying more……

  4. Back to the ol’ BTFD. ES sells off 5 pts after hours, then ramps back up 15 the next day. Another 6 months of this.

  5. oil breakOUT. bears better step up or we go parabolic. oil up, stock up. prolly get close to 200 day spx then a correction. 

  6. SPX Analysis after closing bell:

  7. Good morning gang… looks like we “could” get a pause day today?  I’m still in cash and waiting, as I don’t believe the upside is done just yet.  Let’s see how today goes first.

  8. Tough call here gang as my emotion’s want me to go short, but my gut tells me this is a ‘fakeout’ move down, followed by a run up one more time to take out these new shorts… and then the 2nd move down being the “real” selloff that we have been looking for.  I’m just sitting on my hands right now trying to figure this out.

  9. Bottoming tails showing up gang…. not good for the bears.  This looks like a staged sell off to work off the overbought conditions.  They released news about the EU meeting being canceled for Wednesday, and the market sold off hard.  Now they are releasing more news that it’s back on again… just total BS to give the market another chance to push up higher.

    I’m glad I didn’t get short too early.  I’m likely going to wait until the end of the day today now, or tomorrow morning before getting short.  They have worked off the overbought conditions on many of the short term charts now, and will have most of the remaining one’s done by the end of the day.  Just pure manipulation gang…

    • They want to ramp it higher for fear of a sell the news event. Just more euros the fed will have to buy…the only reason they’re taking it down is because of crude.

        • I think they just ran out of shorts to squeeze ACP?  So they needed to get some more retail bears on board in order to push it up higher.  I wouldn’t doubt if they don’t close this day flat with a doji before it’s over with.  Then some finally push higher to squeeze out the last bear, on some B.S. news released about the EU meeting outcome… and THEN Crash!

          • I bet they’ll get some shorts to squeeze today, but if they want to tank it, they gotta do it fast before more get on board.

          • We “could” put in a slightly “higher high” tomorrow morning on the news announcement from the outcome of the EU meeting… but I think we start crashing tomorrow regardless of this fakeout rally (if it even happens?)

  10. I view today like “The Running of the Bulls”, and after 2 weeks of running several of them fell down.  But, since they have be juiced up heavily with steroid’s, they just got back up and shook it off.  They don’t yet feel the spears in them and will likely run for one more day before the pain hits them and they finally collapse

  11. Triangle formed on the SPX now…. breakout to the UPside likely!  Don’t panic those, as this pig will likely start crashing tomorrow.   The EU vote “could” cause a brief spike when announced, but we should tank shortly thereafter…

  12. Since we are coming close to the end of the triangle, I’d expect some “fake” good news to be announced to spike the market up and squeeze out the retail sheep.  I expect the move up to happen around 2pm est or a little later.

  13. Look at the rounding wedge pattern on spx. What a bunch of garbage. Just playing games with investors’ money. What a bunch of criminal scum.

  14. Ok gang, I stayed in cash because I’m unsure of what news will be released tomorrow about the EU meeting.  But, “if” we get the bounce I’m expecting, it should be shorted.  I think we’ll crash tomorrow after some knee jerk reaction to the outcome of the meeting.

  15. Just rereading the Wall StreetGang by Richard Ney.  Wow, what a book, what a man.  So eloquent, so genuine, so honest.  Here is an excerpt. And this guy had the job of jobs, he was being “kept” quiet with a cushy job in Beverley Hills as an investment advisor and his boss gave him 100% winners via inside information, to suppress his inquisitive spirit.

       Through the keyhole provided by the Fitch sheets(showed the trades and who owned what) I began to explore the minute world of the Stock Exchange. studying the placement of big blocks, I perceived that substance, sanity,and the wisdom of the world, had no place in it.  It existed according to its own pulse of time, its own laws,and its own standards of behavior.

        I found an invisible nightmare world that haunted the rise and fall of the american empire.  its organization, its scope, and its aims, like war itself, explained, why technological and cultural achievement had failed to bring with it a higher standard of living for all Americans:why the temendous differentiation in well being still existed between social classes: why so much was expended on military power: and why this power was enlisted to serve the wide ranging economic interests of thisever colonizing, power-grabbing community.

        Richard Ney, author of the Wall Street Jungle.  A book that made number one on the best sellers lists, then was abruptly never allowed to re publish once all original copies were sold out.

    • A similar situation is that of David Wilcock and his book/mini-series movie that he’s trying to get made.  It would only cost about $600k or so to make the movie according to David, which is peanuts when it comes to the cost of most movies.  Yet he can’t get anyone to do it… why?  Maybe because “The Source Code” reveals too much information that the elite don’t want the sheep to know about.

    • Cool, you’ll enjoy it… I watched it several times in the past, and he’s other video’s too.  I watched his 4-6 hour one’s over a year ago (I forgot the name of them?), but he covers a lot of the same material in this one.  Good stuff…

  16.  wow, Micheal Moore won’t even touch this subject for a movie.
    let me go find more info.
    depopulation program, it already started. very sinister.
    involves dna and monsanticore
    guess who took over, head of FDA—
    ex ceo of monsanticore

  17. q’s under 57 go long, over 58 short
    it hit 56 last week, so 56 go long, if the market will even give me 56 again.
    between earnings and the EU threat of the printing press, i don’t see the bears winning a huge gain, just yet.

  18. 11:11 when u see this on a clock, some folks think it usually means something chaotic is about to enter your life.
    so the question is, should you be long or short on 11-11.
    it should be chaotic.

    • I believe it is spiritual transition, letting go of the old disfunctional ways of life as we know it. 2nd part of the transition, is implementing a whole new Paridiam in thinking. Socially , economically politically ect in a fair and just way. Letting go of the old and bringing in the new for the highest good of ALL CONCERNED.

  19.     Red and Arthur, right again, oh well, I went short anyways.  I feel part of “it”, whatever it is.  And looking at the US/CAD I see a little C wave down on that chart to come, which would fulfill an up move that Red has been calling for.  And what Arthur must have known about when he suggested I NOT go short a 1233.  OR thereabouts.

  20. Good Morning gang…

    There should be a dip at the open, but I wouldn’t short it immediately. Give it some time first, as they will buy the first dip.  It “could” take all day to get the short term charts overbought again, which means the market “could” close green? Hard too say right now, we’ll have to take it one hour at a time.

  21. Goddamn, Arthur for president. Getting under water here, shoulda listened to Red and Arthur.   Another strong rally.

    • LOL… it’s all in the charts, (as long as you know how to read them?).  We’ll, it’s 80% in the charts and 20% gut instinct from understanding the thought process of “the dark one’s” and their plans to take the sheep’s money.

      P.S.  Here’s your dip to exit at, as we should turn back up from around here and rally for awhile.

  22.     Gotta say from looking at the US CAD chart, which is inverse to the S and P, at least it has been for a long time, the top could already be in.  USCAD has gone through an ABC down, now it needs to go up, which means. ………………

    • This is typical moves, as they commonly will dip down at the open from a gap up to get some bears on board short, and then they turn it back up and rally for most of the day.  I still don’t know if we will rollover into the close or not, as that depends on how long it takes to get the short term charts over bought again?

  23.    By the way, I was very young when I first read Richard Ney.  Red, you gotta read this guy, its so inspirational.  He was literally the Jesus of securities.  Went right after everyone, walked away from a 200,000 a year job in the 70’s.  He is so articulate and so researched, its much better to read it now, from an adult perspective.

  24.     Have to go to ebay or amazon Red.  I have one copy, I lent out all three to people and they never came back.  I lent out my signed copy of healing codes for the biological apocalypse, which were signed by both authors, complimenting me on my setting up clinics in africa for AIDS treatment, and those never came back either. So…………. they are out there.

       Neys book was on the New York Times  best seller list, although the New York times refused to do a review on it.  Carson and McMahon tried to get him on their show, it was refused by the network.  Other major tv show hosts all rallied around him, but NO network would allow him on.  His publisher bought out all his books, and then refused to publish, as did any other publisher.  The books go into tremendous detail of how ALL this started. 

    • Well, I guess you should have asked Arthur if the people you lent the books to were trustworthy and would return them.  Finding honest people is tough today, but they are still out there…

  25. I hope we get more of a pop up here in the markets, I want to buy some puts on the sp. I may have to layer in here.

    • We should PW, as this is likely just retail bears shorting this pig.  The 5 and 15 minute chart is what is causing the selling right now.  I do expect them to turn back up when the heavy volume dries up.  I’ll wait until closer to the close of the day (after the lunch time float up) before getting short.

  26. Hmmm… they might want to take this down to the 1215 spx/ex level first and then backtest the broken trendline into the lunch period?  That was the level I discussed in the “Tuesday Video Update”.  If so, then the trendline will be broken… obviously.

      • I hope you are right red, I am going to have to put in some stink bids in on the sp if I have to go to bed.

        • We should go up and backtest the broken trendline, which is coming in around 123.80-124.00 spy right now.  I’ll be shorting later today for sure, as I see that new 119 spy FP as today’s sell off level into the close.  However, it could also be the open tomorrow too?  Hard too say for sure, but I do see a sell off the last few hours of the day today.

    • Yes ACP… it’s huge!  That’s are likely closing price today I believe.  After we finish this ABC (wave 2) up in an hour or two, we should rollover into a nice wave 3 down into the close today.


  27. We have basically completed the “A” wave up in this ABC (wave 2) pattern.  We are now trading sideways to slightly down for the “B” wave down.  The “C” wave up to complete this wave 2 pattern should start within the next 30 minutes I believe (based on the charts).

    This “B” wave is also forming a “Bull Flag”, which adds to the odds of a “C” wave up occurring.  We also in a downward channel, so this “C” wave up “could” surprise us with how high it goes?  I still think it will just backtest the broken rising trendline (from the 1074 low), and then tank into the close and tomorrow too.

  28. Here’s my only worry about the collapse to the 119 spy FP… the ‘re-capture’ of the rising trendline of support.  If so, then we could close at the highs today and not sell off toward that 119 FP until tomorrow? Blame it on the job’s data I guess, but it’s in the charts already.

    This is just the 30 minute chart (and the 60) pointing back up to work off the oversold conditions. I want to see them get overbought and ready to rollover before I get short for the expected wave 3 down.  Maybe into the close now, as it looks like this could go longer then I thought.

  29. I guess as long as the debt problems remain unsolved, keep ramping. Every time europe delays the meeting, that’s another 25 points in es. Delay=rally.

  30. Just curios for those who track and trade growth equities on this site.  What is your take on stock breakouts.  2 that I follow IRBT and FIO just broke out more then 8%.  I always feel like this is kind of market manipulation, the stock breaks higher by a large number in a day and hold some interest for the next 5 days, psychology says it is time to get in before the next big move, but it seems the odds favor an eventual fill the gap, then some Tsunami hits and the stock gets reset.

    • I don’t know Simon?  I don’t follow very many individual stocks? Sorry…. but I do think tomorrow will be an “all down day”, and a big one at that.  So, I wouldn’t go long any stock that trades in parallel to the overall market right now.

  31. Madman Ben is angry at the es not going up 25 points today, so the AH ramping starts. SPX 2500 by year end!

  32. WTF? Euro is going all squirrely. Oversold to overbought in 30 min after hours?

    Australian exchange closed indefinitely because the criminals didn’t get perfect trades, er, I mean, because of a technical glitch?

      • In my limited experience, the climax of periods of extreme volatility and uncertainly and super high levels of BS is a big washout. But when it happens, I’m not sure. The mind games are relentless.

        Edit: All I know is, my core position, bought at close to the perfect time, will be held until I see what I want.

        • Ain’t that the truth…

          Regardless, the charts tell me we will tank tomorrow, so I’m happily short and hope they keep the market up during the afterhours and premarket sessions so it can crash in the regular hours.

          • All I’m trading from here on out are the options, because of decay. Everything else is settin’ tight!

          • The decay will kill you if you don’t get the entry just right.  Then you have to have it move in your direction quickly… within a couple of days.  That’s why I wait for so long before placing a trade.  I’m really looking for a wave 3 down tomorrow and into Friday.  I just have to be patient and let the charts work.

          • You know what I’ve been thinking lately? We need to have a financial bloggers convention. Dammit, everyone else, even hackers, have their own conventions. We need to really get the word out, build a base and capitalize on this niche. Make enough noise so that the media scum can’t ignore the truth!

          • So Mr. Dimon, exactly how much money do you get from the Fed specifically to manipulate the silver market?

  33. I’m just wondering right now if too many people think there’s a bull trap going on, which makes me think the rally will ramp up like gangbusters. I mean, 1300 isn’t out of the question, even in a bear market, because the H&S was so tight at the top. Decisions, decisions…

    • I don’t know for sure of course, but I really don’t think there is enough bears left at this point… therefore I think we’ll just start falling tomorrow and not stop anytime soon.  The bulls should continue “buying the dip” and the bears will still be waiting for it to turn back up and rally to 1300+… which it won’t, and their miss the whole move down.

  34. I could not stay up till the close, which is 4:00 Philippine time. I managed to get some of my way out the money puts filled. Which surprised me. I bought only enough puts, so that it does not harm me financially if I made an air in judgment. All the best every one.

  35. The afterhours market is rallying tonight, which is good for us bears.  They will be nice and overbought by the open tomorrow at the rate they are going right now.  This is also good because it will take out the stops set today.  I’d really like to see it go up just past 1254.50 ES tonight and clear out those stops from Monday.  Then the market will be free to just drop off a cliff at the open tomorrow from some bad GDP numbers (staged of course) and something bad out of Euro Land… LOL!

      • Funny how they release news both positive and negative just timed perfect with were they want the market to go too.  If they go above the Monday high on the ES of 1254.50 tonight (and I believe they will), then there shouldn’t be any shorts left in the market as they will have hit all their stops and forced them to cover.

        This means the market won’t have anyone left in any positions expect the bulls that are now expecting this news out of Euro Land to rally the market up to 1300+… which isn’t likely to happen without shorts to squeeze.  Who’s left to buy now? I still see the market tanking tomorrow and hitting that 119 SPY FP…

          • Remember when they dipped down below the regular session intraday low of 1101 months back and took out the bulls’ stops by hitting an overnight low of 1077 on the ES?  Then we rallied for months afterwards and never seen that level again until just recently.  I think they are doing the same thing tonight.

          • Hmmm… could be BH?  It’s possible that we do gap up one more time tomorrow morning and hit that 127.07 FP on the SPY, which is probably around that 750 around on the Russell too.  I’m just not holding my breath for that FP to be hit, as I did that once in the past with the 138 DIA print and it never hit (I think that was the level?).

            If we start selling off tomorrow morning before the open then I think there is a very good chance that the high was in on Monday (assuming they clear out the stops tonight above the 1254.50 ES level).  Well see after the GDP is out at 8:30 am I believe.

          • qqq top 10 holdings don’t have enough Q4 earnings, to get above 59. did you see AAPL, AMZN, that’s what i mean.
            so that limits the other indexes upside.
            i don’t know how to add in this EU printing press money.
            that could be a flaw, if the market decides to push higher, ahead of that producing any results.

          • Even “if” we do gap up tomorrow, I still think we’ll immediately rollover and tank the rest of the day.  This market is running on fumes now, and it’s about to crash hard!

  36. I think the best move would be to sell either sovereign debt or by sovereign yield. CDS just became worthless, which is going to kill PIIGS debt. Why own debt if insurance against it is now worthless?

  37. Atilla just put a new tweet out…

    “Today is like ‘October 3 2008’ for European markets”

    I fully agree… they are about the pull the rug out on this market.  Maybe I should re-listen to Karen Starich’s audio interview above about her November 2nd call?

    • Atilla missed this big wave 2 up. He will be right in the long run but holding shorts from late Sept must be hard

      • How do we know he missed it BH?  He doesn’t post his trades… unless you are a member of his subscription site.  He could be trading this up and down on the short term (with smaller positions) and letting his core position (larger amount of money) ride up and down until the trend finally works.

        Point being… he trades on a different time frame then most, and probably does both short and intermediate trades.  But, I believe he only posts his intermediate trades on his blog (previously, as he shut it down a month or so back), and his twitter account.

  38. ES made a new high with a MASSIVE divergence. Madman Ben must have really lubed up those presses to print enough money to crank this pig up.

  39. I am feeling pretty lonely here. When the sp was at 1120 I was calling for 11887 on the Dow, everyone was neg on the market than. Again, feeling like I am out their by my self again where I bought most of my short position at the recent top. Many of the financial analyst that I have a great respect for are all bullish. Some of the blogs that I read, have turned bullish. The consensus seems to be a santa claus rally . Well ,maybe this time it will be different and we will have a ramp up in the markets. I DON’T THINK SO !

  40. Wow… talk about a “ram it up the bears behind”, this is nuts!  I guess I should have believed in the FP on the SPY of 127.07 as we’ve hit now in the pre-market session.  Man, I hate it when I don’t listen to myself.  I’ll remain short of course, as I think this is finally the top and I was just a day early… again (arrgggh)!

    • Well, Arthur has been known to be a day or so off before, so give it some time as we have too be topped by now.  Everyone out there has now got to be fully bullish right now, and expecting 1300+… which I don’t think will happen.  Something wicked comes this way I believe, and it should happen when no one expects (like over the weekend?), and when no one is short.

  41. Ah-ha moment…the Fed’s devious plan is starting to make sense. Since sovereign CDS is worthless, and everyone in their right mind will be selling PIIGS debt, Operation Twist is starting to make sense. Where do people park their cash when they sell their crap debt? Into the 10yr T’s. So the Fed has screwed China and now is screwing Europe. I must say, nicely played.

  42. My Internet was down, now up and going. I will stay the course, with my shorts. I have no doublt in my mind, that the sp will be down between 80-120 minimum by this time next week. I hope to god that no one sells out at these artificial, manipulated levels from where red suggested getting in. I would rather be a day early than a few days late? Yes it sucks, that the market went a little higher than we anticipated. Do not let the big boys scare you out. Bradley model date of change is tomorrow . I am personally going to stay the course. Besides some selling of 2 timed inverse etfs and buying 3 times inverse etfs. If you are getting emotional about your shorts, go for a walk. Come back clear headed, than decide from a more grounded head space? All the best every one.

  43. Gang,

    I know a lot of you are discouraged, but I urge you to stay the course.  Yes, I made the mistake of going short too early instead of waiting for the FP of 127.07 SPY to be hit… but I’m staying short, as I firmly believe the top is in now.

    Let’s examine the past for a moment. The last Legatus Pilgrimage was April 30th-May 2nd of 2011 (this year), and the top was in at the open on May the 2nd.  This time it’s off a few days as this Euro bailout meeting was delayed, therefore delaying the top in the market.  I think we are going to fall off a cliff next week and any bear not short will wish he was.

    Here’s more proof from 2010…×684.jpg

    … and here’s what happened afterwards

    I don’t have any from 2009 or 2008 but they also were accurate.  Use your own judgment here but I’m staying short.  I feel a crash coming next week… possibly on November 2nd as forecasted by Karen Starich above.  Leave your emotions out and just look at the past facts.

  44. fund managers may get performance anxiety til year end. the higher it goes
    the more of a need to participate.

  45. Yup, this is truly the end. The Fed will spend whatever it needs to keep this above the 10 DMA now. No going back for the madman.

  46. Anybody see Margin Call? gave it 85% rating. It was an ok movie. Acting was good. Tried to look for some signs. There were lines/script that seemed to insinuate what may occur in the future & most of these phrases were in the previews/trailers. I did see 311 maybe on a subway sign. 311 –> 3 11’s –> 11-11-11, maybe??

    • I am on the island of Palawan. Puerto princess. Very nice little town. I am amazed on how the town is so clean. No debris on the streets, not even cigaret buts. The staff at the hotel are incredible, service is 2 nd to none. I have been all over the Caribbean, Mexico, Cuba ect. This is the best service i have ever experieced.The Philippine people are very warm and very genuine.

  47. Refresh page for new video update…. and it’s OK to laugh, just laugh “with” me not “at” me as I know I’m not the only bear that got his ass handed to him today.  🙂

    • Yeah, but notice how the levels on those prints are very close to the previous days’ closing price. Those are most likely late fills as big institutions are sometimes delayed… don’t know why?  But, I do still believe the 119 FP to be real, as no other previous prints were even close to that level.

  48. As expected (so far) a very boring day today, which should end as a “pause” day (doji).  Over the weekend is a good time to announce something bad out of Euroland and open up Monday with a “gap down”.  Will it happen?  I don’t know?  But I expect the move down to start early next week.

    It should also trap all the bulls and not let them out… nor the bears in.  Currently, assuming yesterday was a very larger “wave 3” up, we appear to be chopping around sideways to make the “wave 4”.  This means we should have one final push up for a 5th wave to complete this pattern.

    Now, whether this is the completion of our major wave 2 up (with major wave 3 down to follow… as in the “Crash” I’ve be looking for), or just the end of the “A” wave up in an ABC pattern (major wave 2 up) is still unknown?  If it’s an ABC pattern then the “B” wave down should go to the 119 SPY FP from a few days ago.

    If it’s the start of our Major Wave 3 down (again, some call it Intermediate Wave 3), then all hell is going to break loose over the next few weeks, with key dates on 11-11-11 and 12-07-11.  This means the 119 FP on the SPY was more likely a signal that “911” is coming, and not an actual downside target.  Either way, once this final 5th wave up finishes (today or Monday) it should be the last chance to get short before the move down to at least 119 spy (1190 spx).

    • Interesting point on the 119 being reversed to 911.  What we’ve seen over the past is sometimes the FP’s are just a milestone.  ie. when we hit the DIA 118 FP, we simply went up there, paused and then kept going higher.   So if it’s really “911” and $hit does HTF, the 119 FP might be just a starting point??? 

  49. SPX bullish daily now officially higher than it was on OPX in July.

    SPX RSI 65, where the record “cap” during a bear market is 66 (assuming this is a bear market). Dow is actually almost 67.

    Transports leading down.
    Looks kinda like a bungee cord stretched way too far.

  50.  I told you guys that the US/JPY was the biggest money making opportunity of the year.  It just went up three cents, NOW.  Huge obalisk move.

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