Lindsey Williams Was Told That Stock Market Crash Will Happen In 2012 But David Wilcock And Ben Fulford Have Other Info…


Thursday Morning Technical Analysis Update...

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Funny how this "all important" meeting happens when the Legatus meeting ends.



Lindsey Williams latest report has the stock market crash in 2012 and America defaulting on its' debt soon there after...

(to watch on youtube:!)

I've taken the time to listen to this 1 hour interview with Lindsey Williams and break it down to the key points for those of you in a hurry.  I've summarized it as follows:

  1. The Elite Illuminati Gangsters want to create massive debt before stock market crash
  2. The elite want to create debt like in not only America but every country of the world, comparable to the debt that Greece has.
  3. Greece will get bailed out in everyway imagined until the very end
  4. The elite are buying the bonds of Greece so they will own the country when they default
  5. The elite are allowing California and other states to get in the most horrible state, so when they default, they will own and control them
  6. All the bailouts are done intentionally to force a default where then the elite will fully controls them
  7. "By the end of 2012 private fortunes will be lost if they are secured with paper"
  8. Syria is the next country they will attack
  9. Elite are 3 months behind schedule because they couldn't get Muammar Gaddafi fast enough
  10. The US Mint sold 737,000 Silver Eagles sold on the first day of October. Only buy silver coins minted by the US Mint.
  11. Never done before in history. It's 42% of all the sells in the whole month of December, 2010
  12. Gold to go to $3,000 almost overnight and Silver to $75.00-$100.00
  13. The Elite plan to keep the price of gold and silver down for a few more weeks (maybe a few months)
  14. This is because they are buying all the gold and silver up for themselves at cheap prices
  15. Welfare, Food Stamps and Social Security will not be cut off until the US Defaults in a few years
  16. Elite don't want riots. They don't like the wallstreet riots.
  17. They will default on paying social security, welfare, and food stamps when the US Defaults
  18. They want you in massive debt.  You need to have enough money in gold and silver to pay your taxes for 3-5 years.
  19. Goldman Sachs won't lose a penny.
  20. Fear is what the elite what. They create it to make you shutdown your brain and not see whaty they are doing
  21. America will be like Greece in 3 years
  22. The current debt in America is $14,837,000,000,000 for the new year coming in 2012.
  23. Major discord between the elite of the world. They hate each other, but have to work together.  Major arguements among the elite.
  24. Elite have think tanks they use to predict the future.  One of the think tanks says that something very unually is going to happen in 2012. This is in the spiritual realm.  There will be some "Divine Manistafactions" in 2012
  25. The Elite have a "Devil's Messiah " program scheduled for 2012

Be forewarned when listening to Lindsey as he has a "Fear" voice that makes you want to go hide somewhere to avoid the coming disaster.  Why I don't think he is doing this on purpose, you still need to be aware of it.  He has that "Fire and Brimstone" preacher voice, which is exactly why the elite like to use him to spread fear to us sheep.  Just as Lindsey said, "Fear" shuts down the brain and keep us sheep in line.  These Reptilian Shape Shifters have kept us in fear for the last 6,00o years or so.  Don't fall for it!  Keep your spirits high and light around you all the time, and darkness can't control you.

Don't get me wrong, I really like Lindsey... it's just the way he delivers his message is what I worry about.  While I think he is sincere, honest, caring, and a genuine good person... the elite are using him to spread fear!  I doubt if he even knows that he's doing it, as it's just the way he has learned to speak over the years of being a minister.  I'm pretty sure Lindsey doesn't know about what's really going on behind the scenes as David Wilcock and Ben Fulford tell us.  This unfortunately makes it easy for the elite gangsters to use Lindsey like a puppet.  So, just listen to the information he gives us and leave out your emotions.  "Fear" is what they want... don't give it too them!

The Elite Illuminati Gangsters are losing more control as each new day passes...

In this article by David Wilcock ( you can clearly see that ever recent attempt by the Illuminati to fulfill their evil plans has failed.  Numerous Aliens/Angels/Higher powered beings... have been helping us secretly to stop the Illuminati from nuking the planet and killing off 80%+ of the population.  This includes a brief mention of a 10 mile long spherical UFO that is now parked in the upper Earth orbit.  Over 200 smaller craft have been seen coming and going from the mothership, thanks to round doors opening and closing.

This is probably the "help" request being answered by the people of our planet that are tired of the dark ones' control and want freedom.  I would speculate that these ET's are the one's responsible for destroying the two underground bases in Colorado and Virginia that caused the earthquakes aboveground.  As David states (and Ben Fulford confirms) 6 more underground cities have been destroyed too.  However, there is NO nuclear radiation found, which means it wasn't a nuclear device that caused the destruction of these 8 cities that the Illuminati planned to hide in while they nuked the planet killing the rest of us sheep off.

It was some type of weapon that increased the air pressure 20 fold and destroyed the entire base of each underground city.  David states that it is more then 8 bases now as this is continuing to happen as of this writing.  Also, the people were not killed in these underground cities but instead taken through some portal that opened.  In these underground bases where the craft that the Illuminati created (from the Trillions of dollars printed and stolen from us sheep) that were to be used to stage the "Fake Alien Invasion"... which isn't going to happen now.  LOL!

There are now 80 countries that have joined together to fight the evil cabal illuminati...

Make no mistake about it, the Illuminati Cabal Gangsters are going down!  The "End of the World Prophecies" for 2012 are really the "End of the Illuminati", and their control over the people of this planet.  This is obviously another reason that the stock market must crash, as all the illegal derivatives and other fraud transactions must be wiped out of the system, and a new fresh system started.  While Lindsey Williams was told that the crash will happen in 2012, that's only true if the gangsters maintain control of the market.  Right now, they are 3 months behind on their schedule... which I think is a lie they told Lindsey to mislead us sheep.

With the destruction of 8+ of their underground cities/bases, where they had their secret technology hidden, I'd say they are more then "3 months behind"... more like "Massively Crippled"!  I don't think they will be able to created WW3 as planned and kill off us sheep, as they don't have any place to hide now.  I'm sure their access to the "Jump Rooms" (which are basically a transporter that "beams you up" to the hidden cities on Mars) are also destroyed.  Now they can't leave the planet to go hide on the Moon in one of those hidden bases or on Mars.  Basically.... they are screwed!  They will die here with us sheep if they do some how manage to get a nuke off to start WW3... which I don't believe will happen.

Of course the stock market is sill going to collapse, but not from a "Fake Alien" invasion like seen in the movie "Battle LA", with the Dow dropping 4,000+ points in one day!  This was one of their evil plans, just like the WW3 was one too.  These people (Reptilians?) are sick!  They have no feeling of love or compassion, but instead are filled with hate, greed and anger.  I really feel sorry for them as they are going to be left behind when we sheep move into "The Golden Age".  I don't even know if we'll need money in this new period, but I like playing this stock market game anyway... so I'll continue to try to figure out the next move.

The latest from Ben Fulford clearly tells me that these gangsters are fighting among themselves (as Lindsey Williams also stated) as they are losing control and running out of money.  It's only a matter of time that it all falls apart and the stock market just totally collapses.  While they think they will be able to steal all of America's assests and create "The New World Order", everything tells me they will fail.  They will likely be arrested just as Ben Fulford states his latest post below.

Posted October 11, 2011

When the Asians decided to wage financial war against the criminal cabal that has taken over the West and was plotting unprecedented genocide, the cabalists were warned that it would just be a matter of time before they faced lynch mobs in their own countries. That time is fast approaching. The non-stop protests against the cabalists in the US and the impending doom of the Euro are just the visible part of a global movement to remove these parasitic scum from the body politic of the West. The invisible part involves control of codes and high tech “black screens,” that are used to manage the international financial system. Here multiple sources say that bank accounts meant for the use of humanity as a whole but taken over by private interests will be seized. As a part of this move, the control of the US dollar will be taken away from the privately owned Washington D.C. Corporation and moved to Switzerland. There it will be managed by the nations of the earth. Given these circumstances, the United States would be well advised to create a new greenback for their own use.

The latest twist in this financial war is the news that David Eisenhower, the son of president Eisenhower, has been a key front man for the cabal within the Bank of International Settlements.

Eisenhower has illegally placed 10 Kennedy bonds he does not own into something known as a “trading program.” “Trading programs” are an esoteric financial scam set up by Henry Kissinger. They basically are fake “mirror accounts” of real funds that are used to recycle public money into private hands. The private individuals accessing money this way have no legal right to it. Thus Eisenhower is using bonds issued in the name of the US government for private purposes even though he has no legal right to do so. Another word for such activity is fraud.

Through these “programs,” money that was meant to be used for humanity as a whole was thus instead hijacked by private interests such as the Rothschilds, the Bushes etc.

The people in on this scam include the Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas, Alan Greenspan and the other usual suspects.

The nations of the world have now been notified about this scam. One consequence of this is that the government of Ireland has been asking bankers who are trying to force the Irish to pay huge amounts of “debt,” to prove the bankers had the legal right to create this debt in the first place. They do not.

Greece is now contemplating a similar move. This same legal maneuver would eliminate much of the US private and public debt as well.

Legal action against these high level fraudsters may begin late this week or early next week. At stake in one lawsuit is control of funds worth $371 trillion. This money was pooled after World War 2 by the non-aligned nations and meant to be spent on the development of Africa and Asia but was instead hijacked by the above-mentioned gangsters.

The Rothschilds have already contacted the White Dragon Society and are suing for peace. A WDS representative has been repeatedly invited to Geneva to meet with Rothschild family leaders to work out a deal. So far, no meeting has been agreed to.
Japanese power brokers under Rockefeller/Bush proxy former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone have also contacted the WDS and are trying to make a deal via the head of one of Japan’s public security agencies.

The White Dragon Society is no longer in a position to make a deal with these people. The situation is now being handled by various national police and security agencies. That means a lot of people who might have earlier been able to get away with appearing before a South African style truth and reconciliation committee will instead end up in jail. That is unless the mobs get them first.

The exposure of this high level financial crime will fundamentally change how the planet is run. The flow of money will used for the development of the planet instead of the enrichment of oligarchs.
The IMF no longer has money because they no longer have permission to access the pooled funds of the nations of the world. In fact, any treaty rights they had expired in 1994 and were not renewed.

Since the IMF no longer has access to most of the world’s pooled money, they will no longer be able to subject nations to their brutal and destructive “structural adjustment programs.”

Instead, existing global agencies like the IMF, the UN, the World Bank, the BIS etc. will either be abolished or revamped. Some new agencies may also appear.

A Russian contact has told the WDS they now support their proposal for an international economic planning agency. The US agency and pentagon patriots have also given qualified support to this proposal. So have the Japanese and other national authorities.

This yet to be created agency is now expected to get initial funding of $11 trillion to use to finance a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. It will be meritocratically staffed and open to full media scrutiny.

Victory for humanity is close at hand.

Legatus Pilgrimage is just one week away now...

(to watch on youtube:

While most other blogs out there haven't posted anything that would indicate another crash starting the week of October 23rd I still believe it's coming.  Reading other sites it seems that everyone is different things next week, and the week after... but most think we won't crash again for quite awhile.  Most people either see the 1074 spx low being the end of the first "major wave 1" down (others call it "intermediate wave 1"), and that we are now going up for a major wave 2 that should last for several months.  So people do see one more wave down to take out the 1,000 level, but the timing of it is off... with a date out in November or something.

What I suspect now is that will continue rallying up into this coming option expiration this Friday, October 21st... and then start the sell off the following week.  But, most people will think it's just a "B" wave down and will continue to "buy the dip" expecting it to turn back up for the "C" wave... which isn't coming!  I also expected this rally up into the Legatus meeting to be some type of "ABC" move up, but so far we haven't had any "B" wave down!  It's just a straight up "A" wave right now.... which is 100% manipulated and violates all technical charts that I can find.

At this point I'm not sure what will happen next week, as they could fool everyone and gap it down on Monday to make that "B" wave down... or gap it up and run it all week long going toward that FP level of 127.07  on the SPY.  We should have started that "B" wave down last week on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest, but the gangsters manipulated it once again and refused to let is sell off 30-40 spx points like it should have.  Therefore, we can throw the charts out to some degree as they aren't allowing them to work!  This period of manipulation should end after the stock market collapses completely and bottoms around 3,000-4,000 on Dow.

We will be "Free" after this coming crash is over, and only then will we be able use charts and technical analysis to actually make money fairly in this stock market.  For now, I'm sticking with the fact that they still control it, and therefore will crash it after the Legatus meeting is over this coming 23rd.  How far it goes down is anyone's guess as I just don't know if the good guys are gain enough control to force the "reboot" of the financial system on the "tentative" date of 11-11-11 as previously stated by Ben Fulford.  I only know that I'll be short and will ride it down as far as it goes.

Personally I think we will only crash to below 1,000 SPX and above 900... then rally for several months for a major wave 2 up into early 2012.  Then we'll collapse in a major wave 3 down to below the 666 low and finally bottom at the 34.65 spy FP (about 346.50 SPX).  This all assumes that they the gangsters still have control of the stock market over the next 6 months... which I really don't know if they will or not?  They are fighting among themselves and against the good guys in the White Dragon Society, as well as against the good aliens that are here to protect us and free us.  Their days are numbered and humanity will be free soon.  Hang in there as this time in history will not be repeated for 1,000's of years to come... maybe never!

I look forward to this freedom, and hope you do too...

Red 🙂



    • Yes… so let’s hope that the “price” is the 127.07 SPY FP, and the “time” is the week starting after the end of the Legatus meeting.  It’s worked in the past, and since technical analysis is worthless right now, it’s the only thing left.

      • I’m pretty much open to everything…including that the 127 print might be a decoy. The macro TA seems to be working, according to price-time, but the micro level stuff seems to be easily manipulated, especially the 3rd week of July, which was unexpected. Weird stuff. If it actually ramps up to 127, I might even be open to even higher highs.

        • And that is the “bull’s trap”… thinking that it will go higher once it hit’s the 1270 spx area.  The first dip will be bought but it will keep selling off, and the bulls will keep buying on the way down… only to panic when they discover it’s not a “B” wave down but instead the start of a wave 5 down.  I think a lot of traders are going to be fooled starting the week of October 23rd.

          • That’s what I’m thinking…I just hope they haven’t changed their plans yet again to create a headfake bull trap, then a headfake bear trap and then ramp it up again. This is too damn complicated!

          • LOL… believe me, there won’t be any bears left if we go up to that 127.07 print.  They will all become bulls and buy the first dip.  I would too, if I didn’t know about Legatus.  I would be expecting the first move down to be a dip that should be bought.  This next move down should give us the “capitulation” that we didn’t really see at 1074.

          • According to some folks on your buddy Cobra’s blog, some uber-bullish folks have become bearish at the least the beginning of the this week, which kind of makes sense because the OPX manipulators may want the market to tank early on before ramping it back up towards Friday, which would be the bull trap. I have no way to validate their track records, so I’ll be very flexible the rest of the month…

          • Lot’s of people expecting some selling on Monday and Tuesday… but if it’s to get up to that 1270 spx area, it won’t likely pullback much as there isn’t a lot of time left to recover from too deep of a sell off.  That’s assuming they want to hit that level by Monday the 24th or so.

  1.     Arthur and I nailed the top at 5am. And went in hard.  Very pleased. Not saying its THE top, but it was a nice intermediate one anyways.  Going back to bed.

  2. Looking for a five to seven point SPX retracement towards the recent high and I am going to nail it again.  If and when it comes.

  3. Looks like we are in “B” down right now, with “A” up being from the low of 1208 to the 1213 spx high. This is valid as long as we don’t put in a lower low then the 1208 low today. If not, then expect “C” up into the close

  4. Wondering if they are going to fill that gap at 117 in SPY before pushing Wave C.These wave B’s can be deep or shallow

  5. SPX Analysis after closing bell:

  6. So many rituals this weekend for the NFL games at least, I would need the a library the size of one of the Seventh Wonders of the World, Ancient Alexandria to document them all.

    First all of the rituals seemed to flowing heavily in the Green Bay Game.  Only later was I to  find out that the Packers were playing in their 1929 replica jerseys, 1929 the year of their first championship.  So it becomes obvious why the Packers were destined to win the SuperBowl this year.   Clay Matthews #52 (7) with the relentless pressure on the Rams QB Bradford #8.  Rams rookie receiver Salas #87—making 8 catches for 77 yards while Superbowl hero Packers reciever #87 making a 93 yard td reception and going 2-104.  Several shots of Rams #77 lining up with #87 or #8 or #88.  A sideline shot of the 3 packers receivers who scored touchdowns:  #80,#89,#87 (in that order, can’t really decipher the meaning of that one but understand the basic principle behind it)

    The Raiders game featured another 9-11 ritual when their fabled 9-11 kicker-holder tandem faked a field goal with #9 throwing a TD pass to Boss #87 on 4th and xxx.    Raiders game ending in an interesting score (start of crash to end of crash).   Of course, the Raiders infamous longtime owner passed away last week and the broadcasts have shown his lifetime line alongside his name:   1921-2011.   A certain number seems to be featured in a lot of scores during this weekends games. 

    CBS Sports showing Revis blowing by Fasono #80 during an interception return in tonight’s game over on their main page.

    So so much more.   I was even able to take notes.

    Get ready for some Tebowmania next week.   The golden boy is central to the ritual although I don’t completely understand why.   Denver just traded their star receiver so Tebow’s main receiver will be #87.   Can’t wait to see the rituals unfold in that Denver-Miami game. Of course, the sports networks should hype that game beyond belief as it approaches.   Miami of course featured prominently in Bradley’s ode to the 4-29-92 ritual.  (co-title of the song in fact even though the events don’t even take place in Miami)

  7. Red, Anna and San, what is the deal of placing a chart from say San’s site on your own website?  What do you have to do, to give credit?  What is legal?  What is moral?  What is usually done?

        And tricky outlook today, haven’t consulted Arthur,but I am tempted to let the market go up on a small c and hope for a bigger fall.  As we all know it could be that B is over.  let me consult Arthur and see.

  8. The 119.07-119.14 spy area has good support from previous afterhours and premarket hits.  I think that could be the bottom?  I’m expecting today to put in the low for this week and to rally the rest of the week and into our Legatus turn date next Monday the 24th.

  9. If all goes as planned, they will take out the stops setting above the 1230 spx peak on 8/30, 1220 peak on 9/20, and 1224 on 10/17 by Monday of next week… and then crash!  I don’t know if they will make it up to the 1270 area (based on the 127.07 spy FP) or not, but as long as they clear out those stops first, it will allow for a bigger fall afterwards.  My target date to go 100% short is Monday the 24th (possibly as late as the 26th, but I doubt it).

  10. The head and shoulders pattern forming says to go short now, but I don’t believe it.  Too obvious too me.  If we are going to crash hard next week after the Legatus meeting and the EU vote, we need to clear out the stops above 1230 first.  Just my opinion of course.  (short 5 minute update)…

      • I’m thinking like a gangster now (but of course I’ll never be one).  This is all staged, along with the news out now that they are going to “save Europe” with another quick fix, that will of course be reversed after the October 23rd meeting… hence it will allow the market to crash with NO bears on board (as they are clearing out the stops overhead just as I expected).

  11. This is great…FT / Guardian again sending out a market manipulation story at the last hour!

    Edit: New world order is steady here…european newspapers already coordinating with the Fed to criminally manipulate the market.

  12. With those web bots clearing out the shorts at these higher levels, I suspect we may get some kind of down draft tomorrow morning. Especially if Apple figures are not positive.

  13. Spain just got downgraded by Moody’s, which means the Fed will be buying more euros in the coming days.

  14. Rebuilt short. If it bounces I’ll be doing the same thing, selling 1/2 and holding the other. Won’t go long unless there is decisive break.

  15. S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell:

    • That is my thought also,  to buy precious metals after the Huge correction in the Major Markets.
      Hopefully we see that FP of $ 900 plus in gold.

  16. I think AAPL will be on a downtrend at least thru EOW so the criminals can steal the premium out of the calls. Whether or not this ACTUALLY happens is very problematic for the rest of the market. What a monkey wrench.

    • the QQQ as a result of the 4% miss has about zero chance of making a new high.
      they’ll have to keep AAPL down, in order for the QQQ to correct.
      i don’t have a time frame on when the QQQ will pullback.
      if earnings continue on their current path, they will retest 50 again.

    • I do not agree with you at all. Yes, we are going to go thru adjustment period in our every day life. We create our own reality. We should all have extra food on hand.As for the cellar, that may be going a little to far.

    • Washboard…come on you know better than to make doom like predictions on Red’s site and not back it up with links or even why! It sounds like something that is posted over at GLP.   Throw us a bone here and at least give some rationale 🙂 !

  17.  Well the Fed gangstas and their syndicate did force BofA to buy the crook company of the decade Countrywide.   Now I gotta pray that the conspiracy rumors are true and that the Vatican secretly owns BA and won’t let it fail.   They did bounce the CEO and replace him with an Irish guy.

    During this great panic phase, I am going to have to worry about all of these financial institutions and all the ones I deal with are tainted  (for the most part they all are).

  18. The girl playing the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, in David Fincher’s upcoming version, Rooney Mara is the grand-daughter of a deceased Legatus member.   She is actually the scion of two NFL blue blood families, the Rooneys and Maras (Steelers and Giants).   Interesting she dropped her real first name Patricia for her acting career and kept the family names.   I had a sneaking suspicion so I looked it up and confirmed it.


  19. if you haven’t been by my site—u can still get into this short. it hasn’t activated as of today.
    INTC which is up 4% in AH, may help BRCM get into my short sell area.

  20. I think they are going to just chop around all day today until they reset the overbought short term charts.  Then I expect them to continue to rally tomorrow and Friday.

    • I hope you are right. It would not surprise me if we get one more good down draft in the markets before they finish off the bears.

      • I think they have some bears trapped from the H&S pattern yesterday, and aren’t going to let them out.  Plus, they pierced the overhead resistance yesterday too, and they aren’t likely to fall back too low, as they will make another attempt at going through it.

    • So much for chopping, just a continuous ramp job. I guess when you have the ability to create money out of thin air, there’s no need to fade anything. Like having a car with a built in oil well & refinery.

    • Volume on the SPY is very light… they won’t likely let this sell off too far.  I suspect they will go down some more tomorrow morning and then rally back up the rest of the day after working of the overbought short term conditions and getting them oversold instead.  My downside target is around 1200 spx.

  21. Very surprised to see the markets wobbly today.  My thought sometimes is that the really big money uses yesterdays news to trade.  I get the WSJ everyday, but of course it is printed last night.  Front page, “Traders Warn of Market Cracks”, which goes on to speak of the lack of liquidity in the market which causes spreads of up to .05 percent on many highly traded stocks.  My projection is that we are looking at another Aug. 4 or so next week just due to the lack of money in the market and has Red has pointed out the gangster pull the rug out from under your feet trick.  I can only suspect, but I would not be surprised if one of the last resort straws is going for the 401K, loosening regulations and allowing individuals to invest in stocks directly, which would add a more liquid, though it would not be pretty at first.

    • Makes sense Jimmy… I know the gangsters are trying to get everyone and their brother into the stock market.  They want to lose peoples’ Social Security money in it too… they are the biggest bunch of crooks on the planet.

  22. The big boys, are just giving the bears a bone here to get them excited. Than they are going to rip this market up  higher.

        • Yes… absolutely!  Depending on how many bear stops are sitting above that 1230 spx area will determine how high it goes.  But, we could easily expect 20 points above there on stop covering.  I’d say 1250 is a given, but we could go up to the 1270 (about the 127.07 spy FP level), as you just don’t know how big the squeeze will be?

    • We all expected a correction, before the ramp up. They want to slay the rest of the bears, before they dump the market. Hopefully a good size correction tomorrow, than ride it up with the big boys to the 1250-1260 level. Than like a roller coaster, ride it down for one hell of a ride.

      The only concern I have is, everyone seems to be waiting for a correction to the 1150-1175 level. So perhaps as Red says, it maybe just a shallow correction than ramp it up.

      We shall see.

      • Or what absolutely no one is expecting, which is a flat out no holds barred drop to 1040. Not expecting it, but keeping that in mind…

  23. One of these mornings, when we wake up. The sps  are going to be limit down. I suspect within the next 3 to 7 trading days we may witness history unfolding.

    • Possibly. What people are missing about this whole situation is that if the Europeans start printing money like they say they will, the euro will fall like a rock vs the dollar. Gotta keep your eyes on the obvious……

      Edit: This is a “live for the now” market; what happened yesterday has absolutely no bearing on what happens today.

  24. one of these IYR companies is still too undervalued, which makes me
    think i have to wait for the SRS quad bottom, before buying puts on
    IYR—-and calls on SRS… 
    here’s what i came up with. you should,  
    like it. and i think its easy to understand, the way i lay it out. 

    • this situation gives credence to another situation. the QQQ  might trade in a 57-58 price channel, until sector rotation is finished.
      i have enough proof in earnings, that qqq will unlikely, strong opinion, reach any new yearly high.
      so compromise—58 is good.

  25. my signals are sizzling on short sll areas…
    i posted XOM earlier. mad a few dollars off this trade today.
    it will probably keep repeating.
    that’s the nature of high consolidation price channels.
    take profits at 1.5 or 2%, and then wait to get in again at the previous high.
    MON is a good example of high consolidation stable price channel.

  26. Unreal. How many times is the Bernank going to ramp the euro up almost 2c overnight? Just a straight up wealth transfer from the Fed to the criminals.

  27. Man, they’re really ramping up the transports. I hope this is just an exhaustion move with the euro pumping.

  28. Final weekly ramp-up might have to wait until tomorrow because T, AXP, EBAY may have big redemptions today, unless the criminals have enough money to jam these pigs up later today.

  29. They (the gangsters manipulating this market) are lining all the short term chart up together for a “gap up” tomorrow morning above the resistance zone of 1220-1230 spx.  While I don’t know if that’s what they plan to do or not, the charts will support it by the end of the day.

    • I’m just waiting for the charts all to align up together pointing down.  What level the spx is at isn’t really important.  But, if it does hit the 127.07 spy FP and the charts all look very overbought together, then “yes” I’ll be going short.  I will post it when I do.  Everything has to line up together, with the charts, ritual dates, market sentiment, etc… 

  30. Well, the short term charts are all mixed now.  I’m not sure about tomorrow.  I’d just as well throw a coin up and pick a direction.  So, I give it 50/50 odds… LOL!

    • Whatever they do tomorrow, you know they’re going to be throwing in a monkey wrench for Monday. I’m just going to be patient because upside is now severely limited.

  31. get ready to rumble!!!!!
    look at ABX  and AU, when their double bottom confirm, that will tell me
    exactly what “time” to LOAD UP ON GOLD stock longs—any miners…
    very very high probability these 2 double bottom supports are IT!!!
    go long GLD too!!!!

  32. We had a small-med earthquake in my neck of the woods today, which reminds me that we haven’t had any artificial disasters lately. Any news Red?

    • Oh yeah, that’s definitely man-made, but I was thinking more along the lines of a disaster for disaster’s sake, engineered by certain people……

  33. Good morning gang…

    Since the EU Debt vote is delayed, (They still have the Sunday Meeting, but they scheduled a 2nd meeting for Wednesday or earlier) I won’t be going short today. I’ll wait until next Monday-Wednesday for the vote.  Here’s the thing though… the vote “could” be announced early, as in “before Wednesday”.

    So, let’s just focus on getting short when the charts all line up overbought… whether that is Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Then we will let them make the announcement by Wednesday and see what happens.  I still see a crash coming..

  34. I am only 130 points a way from my original target of 11,887 dow. If it hits, I will NOT wait until Monday.

  35. A lot of bears sure got a rude awakening this morning. If it heads up further, a lot them are going back to their caves for good. That will be the time to get 100% short.

  36. Adding to shorts. Friday before an event, as well as a FAT divergence on 3 min charts, yup, it’s well worth it.

  37. Well, they are squeezing out the bears by taking out the stops between the 1230-1250 spx area as I expected. We will be free to crash next week. 

    The crash will probably start on Tuesday, maybe Wednesday?  I expect them to make the announcement on the EU Debt Meeting early when no one is paying attention.

  38.  I am scaling in some single etfs shorts here. If the market goes up here or next week I will buy the 2x and 3x etfs. I am not going to miss this opportunity at these levels, even if I am a little early with the single etfs singles

  39. Is this a bull trap? 
    The situation seems similar to what happened with PM a few weeks ago that I got caught up in the up draft, then in a matter of a few days they fell prospectively.  Also could be a wall of worry updraft.  Anyway, I hate to sit on the sidelines more, but no harm in waiting it out another week.

    • Monday is the best day to get short in my opinion Simon.  Watch this 5 minute video I did…

      Assuming this bull flag plays out at the close today, and we end the day close to the highs, then I still expect that “spinning top” or “doji” candle on Monday.  They will likely open it higher and then fade off the rest of the day.  I don’t expect a big down day, but I do expect the high to be put in on that day.

    • Yes, but don’t be surprised when they run this back up into the close today and/or Monday morning.  It’s too easy to allow the bears on board right now. They will squeeze them out Monday.

          • By the way, that last 5 minutes was totally manipulated.  All the short term charts were pointing down into the close and we should have dropped to pin at 123 spy, but they pushed it up to steal the sheeps’ money and pinned it at 124 instead.  It’s almost impossible to figure out on an “option expiration” Friday.

            I was actually going to post that I thought we would drop to pin at 123 spy into the close, but they rallied it so fast that I didn’t have a chance to post that comment.  Of course I would have been wrong on it, as they cheated and rallied instead.

            Moving on… I’m looking forward to crashing next week 🙂

  40. The 5 and 15 minute chart is starting to turn.  It shouldn’t be long now before they rally this back up into the close.  I’d say it should start around 2pm est, or shortly thereafter.   If you’re a bear, this would be a good exit point.  The volume on the SPY is low (just under 150 million right now) and should make it easy for them to turn it back up to squeeze out the retail bears.  Be careful here…

    • If they close at the highs today, the odd’s are very low of them gapping down and crashing on Monday. There is high odds of them opening and then making a slightly higher high, then closing the day flat with a doji.

      I will play the odds and wait until Monday to get short. I don’t want the time decay over the weekend on options bought today.  Of course if you are buying ETF’s then you don’t have too worry about that decay, and get some shorts today.  Just be prepared for a final push higher (slightly) before falling.

  41.    He is saying this could be a major wave THREE up.  So he isn’t too comforting for a bear.  Lol.  And he isn’t all that good, I used to follow him, he was never very accurate with his Elliott Waving.  His trading looks pretty good though, which is important for him and his family. 

    • 1270 might be a stretch. I have been saying 11887 on the dow for two weeks. In terms of the sp, probably no more than 1155.  But we shall see soon enough.

      Attila must be pulling his hair out.

  42. Red, I will be in the Philippines for a spiritual retreat as of Sunday. Internet is hit and miss their. I will e mail you a message, later today before I leave.

    All the best.

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