How The Mayan Calendar, David Wilcock And Ben Fulford Have Made Me Conclude That The Worst Stock Market Crash In History Is Just Weeks Away!


Wednesday Update...

(to watch on youtube:


P.S.  Forgive my frustration toward the gangsters in the video gang as I just get angry at them for what they have done to humanity.  But, most of the Illuminati members are trapped and have been brainwashed, and need our help.  So please don't take it wrong... it's only the top "less then 1%" that are pure evil.  The rest want out and do need our forgiveness and help, just as David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, and Inelia Benz stated.  I'm trying to forgive, as only "light" will protect us and save them.



The Good Guys, The Aliens, And The Bad Guys All Know That The Stock Market And The Economy Must Crash!

First, the good guys have been busy shutting down more underground bases as this latest update from David Wilcock (commenting on Ben Fulford's post) states...

Comments by David

I can confirm from my own contacts that very few, if any lives were lost in the destruction of the underground bases. Ben is right. This is another good proof that we’re both hearing the same things.

Apparently for 24 hours before there was an explosion in either case, audio recordings that have now been recovered from the bases have the sounds of massive amounts of furniture sliding across the floor and people yelling. It appears that portals were opened up in the bases and they just pulled everything out — personnel, equipment and everything in between. There is no “stuff” left in what remains. All the supplies are gone.

However, where my sources disagree with Ben is that they are saying there is no radioactivity. Nukes were NOT used. Instead, it was a 20-fold spontaneous increase in air pressure, after everything had been pulled out for this 24-hour period.

Many of the personnel working in these bases were brought in during the 1970s, and are forbidden to ever walk the surface of the Earth again. This is all part of the update I’m working on for my website, Divine Cosmos, right now.

Ben has people who are closer to the actual negotiations than I’m able to hear from right now, but I do agree with him that it seems we are very close.

The biggest part he’s NOT seeing, apparently though, is that most of the old guard in Washington DC and thereabouts is planning on fleeing, en masse, to South America once this all happens. They’ve been using so many military aircraft to do this in the last three and a half weeks that it is delaying the return of soldiers discharged from Afghanistan. Then, as a good-bye present, they are planning on detonating charges planted in bridges and airstrips all over the country. The governors of each state have the sole control of the detonators — so I am told.

They are hoping that this will weaken society enough to create hunger, riots and chaos. I have revealed these plans at my own risk because I believe they can be stopped. The charges were put in place by workers who drilled into the concrete to test its strength, and put “detectors” in there to check on the integrity, the water vapor, et cetera. The “detectors” were then cemented in place. These “detectors” are actually charges that can be detonated remotely, but the workers never knew that.

Apparently, other charges were installed from the beginning of the Eisenhower Interstate System. Small cubbyholes were put in, ostensibly to give a view of the interior, but in reality they were made for these charges to be installed. The plan has been around for a long time — and remember, Eisenhower was also made aware of the ET presence, and warned of the rise of the military-industrial complex in his closing speech. At that point he probably already knew about the bridge charges, and that was one of his concerns.

I hope Ben and the people he is working with can anticipate this move and deactivate many, if not all of them, so the rest of the world can merely laugh at me and say I’m full of shit, which is much better than the alternative.

- David Wilcock

[David added this shortly after]
Whoops… I wasn’t clear in saying that the old guard are using military aircraft to move the last of their belongings, even including most of their clothing, at this point. They are not actually moving yet, but plan on doing so once the critical moment is reached. It will be a coordinated effort of them fleeing and the bridges and airstrips being set off.

I described this in updates to the interview with Ben I posted on my website, which I highly recommend you read for context.

To see David's latest updates from his original post entitled "Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed", go to this link: (

David also states that 6 more underground bases have been destroyed.  That doesn't mean that the key figures are going to "go down quietly", as you can see that they plan to run "like the chickens they are" (I'm being polite here as I'm thinking about another word for them) to South America to hide.  But, they want to blow up some bridges to kill more innocent people in another final "False Flag" event... that they will blame on some other third world country or dictator that had nothing to do with it of course.

The latest from Ben Fulford states that the Evil Cabal still have one nuclear bomb left...

In this post from Ben Fulford entitled "The Pole Shift In Global Financial Power Is Almost Complete", he explains that 4 nukes were stolen from a Russian submarine and that 3 have already been used... leaving the gangsters one more to create another staged disaster somewhere in the world.  Since they are now planning on leaving the country to hide, I'd say they will "attempt" to set it off in America somewhere.  Let's pray they don't succeed!

The process of removing the cabal that has controlled most of the world for the past 300 years is almost complete, according to sources directly involved in the takedown. The takedown is being done by the world’s military, police and intelligence agencies. The group being taken down is the Thule Society, Skull&Bones Nazi conglomerate headed by George Bush Senior. This group was trying to start world war 3 in order to reduce the world’s population by 85% and start a fascist world government. Instead, they will be bankrupted and put in jail. Evidence of the takedown is now becoming visible for all to see. For example the IMF, supposedly the world’s lender of last resort, is saying they have no money to help the Euro. This is publicly available evidence that the post war power structure is ending. The best way to understand what is happening is to take a look at this map:

This is a map of the real global economic situation. It shows the cumulative current account surpluses and deficits of the world’s countries. The countries that appear green on the map are the countries that have lent money to the countries that appear red. This is money based on actual physical trade so it is backed by reality unlike the trillions and quadrillions sitting on bank books that were created through fraud.

What has happened is that the green countries that have real money stopped lending to countries still controlled by the fascists (the G6: Germany, the United States, England, France,Italy and their small group of slave states) starting in the fall of 2008. That is the real reason for the so-called Lehman shock.

Looking back, the titanic struggle for control of the global financial system and hence global power, has been dramatic.

The fascists countered the initial green attack by using fiat money to ramp up global oil prices. They also tried to create a starvation crisis by paying Western farmers with fiat money to grow “eco-fuel,” instead of food. These efforts failed because the fascists no longer had a lock grip on the world’s oil and food supplies.

The fascists also tried to renege on their debts by issuing a new currency they wanted to call the Amero. This was rejected because the green countries rightfully said they did not want their hard-earned dollars to be devalued. Instead the green countries acted to preserve the value of their hard earned dollars by refusing to accept all dollars created inside the US after 2008. Evidence for this can be found in trade numbers showing such things as a year on year 77% drop in US imports of Japanese cars or in the 90% drop in the Baltic Dry Index (the price of shipping).

This explains why the US dollar has not collapsed despite the announced printing of countless trillions by the US branch of the Federal Reserve Board. These dollars are simply not entering the international financial system although they are goosing the Dow Jones Index.

The fascists won a year’ respite when they promised “change” under Obama. That ended in 2009 after Obama showed through his actions that he was part of the fascist continuum.

Since then the fascists have been acting like unemployed junkies, selling off anything they can and writing false checks to pay their dealer. For example, they melted down and sold giant silver machines used for the Manhattan project. They have also resorted to outright theft.

If you look at the green countries on the map you can see their targets. They attacked Japan with a nuclear tsunami weapon and an engineered nuclear crisis in order to try to extort (unfortunately with some success) money from Japan.

They also overthrew a few dictators like Mubarak in Egypt to steal their money (they got Mubarak’s $70 billion slush fund). Then they invaded Libya to steal that country’s oil and over $100 billion in assets. They also killed the members of the youth division of Norway’s ruling party in order to try to extort that countries $1.5 trillion rainy day fund.

Since they are bullies who are too scared to attack countries that can defend themselves (Russia and China), the next targets of these extortionist thugs would appear to be weaker green countries like Saudi Arabi, Algeria and Venezuela.

These moves have bought the fascists some time. However, that time is quickly running out. Recent illegal maneuvers to push down precious metals prices will not help.

The fascists also tried to carry out a coup against the US patriots in the Pentagon and the agencies by setting off nuclear bombs in New York and Washington. Instead these bombs were taken by patriotic forces and used to blow up the warehouse facilities of the underground bases the fascists were hoping to hide in after they started World War 3.

The bombs were set off in in a manner designed to prevent human casualties. Reports of 30,000 dead are false.

Sources in the KGB, the Pentagon and MI6 all confirm that the nuclear warhead used to trigger the tsunami in Japan and the two blown up underground in the US were part of four warheads that were stolen from the Russian submarine Kursk. That means one more rogue nuclear weapon is still in their hands and probably located in Europe.

It is hard to know when the final take down of the cabal will proceed but the situation is now down to a few technical legal details. This is because the authorities that are taking down the cabal want to do everything legally and constitutionally.

However, the take-down has already begun. In addition to thousands of bankers who have already been arrested, some big fish are being targeted. Public legal proceedings have already begun, for example, against Tony Blair, Nikolas Sarkozy and IMF head Christine Lagarde. Putin, for his part, recently fired his long term finance minister Alexei Kudrin because he had been compromised by the fascists. The Chairman of UBS was also removed because of his cabal connections.

The fascists have also been trying to negotiate their way out of this situation. George Bush Senior has contacted a senior US White Dragon Society member and offered “all the money in the world,” in exchange for “being left alone.” Unfortunately for the Nazis, many of them have tried to cling to power too long and are no longer in a position to negotiate immunity for themselves. White Dragon sources in the US agencies say top cabalists like the last four US presidents will go to jail.

All of these events,  the timing of the Legatus Pilgrimage ending this October 23rd, the Mayan Calender ending this coming October 28th, the gangsters plan to fled the country (which will probably be timed around the week of the 23rd), the possibility of another planned "False Flag" (either with the one nuclear bomb left, the bridges that are wired to explode, or both),  the planned shutdown of the financial system by the good guys on 11-11-11, the destruction of now 8 underground bases that the gangsters had planned to hide in, and the obvious "main stream media" news reports about the certain death of the Euro, and the collapse of the world economies that can't be avoided... all tells me that we are just weeks away from total collapse!

The latest news speaks of the bank called "Dexia" in central Brussels that was going to default, according to this article on ZeroHedge (, but now France, Belgium, and Luxembroug have agreed to rescue Dexia with a bailout (  This is just more uncertainty and fear that will eventually push this market over the cliff.  While I'm not sure how WallStreet will react to this news on Monday, it only tells me that the end is near.

This bailout could be viewed positive by the market and cause the rally I was guessing at, that could take the SPY up to the FP of 127.07 by this coming option expiration on October 21st... or the "fear" of uncertainty about the details of this bailout, and future bailouts could go ahead and start the next wave down in the market.  I really don't know their plans for sure, but I can only speculate that the gangsters are trying their best to hold this ponzi scheme up until they can cash their checks through the secret Vatican Bank during this coming Legatus Pilgrimage in Rome this October 16th-23rd, 2011.

While it's clear to me that they still have control of the stock market, as the proof of that is in the daily FP's that seem to be hit magically ever day, I do believe that they will no longer control it after this year is over (by the end of 2012 at the latest).  They have put all the signals out there, like the new movie being released on October 21st, 2011 called "Margin Call", and later the movie called "11-11-11"... which will be of course released on 11-11-11.

They have told us their plans in "fake documentaries" like the movie "Oil Storm" what they plan to do to us.  But, as you can now see from the "real evidence" from the earthquake in Virginia that destroyed the 2 underground bases the elite gangsters had... many of their plans have failed, and many future plans will also fail.

In that movie they show a future where an old woman freezes to death in the winter because she can't afford her heating bill and is forced to keep her home very cold... which eventually kills her.  This was the evil plan by the elite gangsters reptilians to drive oil prices up to $200.00 per barrel as Lindsey Williams stated repeatedly how the gangsters were planning that to happen.  Of course if they can't stage another "False Flag" event, which would start "World War 3" and therefore shutoff the oil supply to America and cause this massive increase in the price of oil... then it won't happen!

This means that's the gangsters plan to use Lindsey Williams to get us sheep into believing that we couldn't stop them actually back fired on them as we have stopped them.  Lindsey Williams was being used to spread that message of fear, but he repeatedly told us to "wake up" and stop this from happening!  Well guess what... it worked!  The people are waking up and stopping these gangsters from their evil plans, and I don't believe for a minute that they will be able to start WW3 at this point... or increase oil prices to $200.00 per barrel.  They are at the end of their rope I believe, and hell awaits their arrival happily!

These are the last days for the Evil Illuminati Reptilians Cabal Gangsters!

It's obvious too me know that they are trying to hold this market up until the last minute and then let it totally collapse.  Their plan is to be out of the country when it happens... in South America hiding I'd assume.  But, they have to get their stolen stocks, bonds, and other various monetary instruments cashed out and laundered through the secret bank in the Vatican, and then to other secret accounts before they finally pull the plug.  This is done in the Legatus Pilgrimage meetings.  How convenient is it that these next 2 meetings are in England (where the Reptilian Queen is), and in Rome (where a Vatican Bank is).

While I'm not sure where the market will be at during the start of the week of the 23rd of October, I still believe the biggest crash will start at that time period.  If we make it up to the FP of 127.07 on SPY by that date then it's just going to be a bigger fall.  If not, it should still fall hard, and I'll be there to ride it down.   The technical analysis of the charts could support a selloff to continue from the current levels or a rally up first.  It's hard too predict at this point... besides that, you all know that the gangsters can manipulate the charts to make the market go where they want it to go (at least for now they can do that, but that will end after the collapse).

In the video I present both a bull and a bear case for the next two weeks in the market...

Looking at the charts I see that we could have completed that "MA" pattern with the right side the "A" being finished at the 1074 spx low.  This will be the "Bullish Case", in which I see the possibility for a "B" wave down to start this week (that will need to make a "higher low" then the 1074 level), followed by a "C" wave up into option expiration the next Friday, October 21st.  If this plays out, it would also make an "Inverted Head and Shoulders" pattern with the head being at the 1074 level, the left shoulder at 1114, and the right shoulder to complete this week.

That pattern would support a move up to the FP level on the SPY of 127.07, which is about 1270 on the SPX.  While that seems like an impossible level to reach in only 2 weeks, nothing is impossible in this controlled and manipulated market!  So, I won't rule it out... but instead just present the evidence.  The daily chart is pointing up on the Histogram bars right now, and the MACD's could continue up or rollover... either could happen?  The weekly chart is also making higher lows on the Histogram bars, which tells me that the selling pressure is weakening.

The monthly chart is of course still pointed down, and is a clear sign that any rally that occurs isn't a new bull market trend, but only an oversold corrective rally that should be shorted.  However, these rallies can be tremendously damaging to the bears that decide to ride them out.  After all, the goal of the gangsters is to shake out all the bears before finally plunging the market again.  So, at what higher level will the last bear become a bull?  I can't answer that of course, but I'd certainly say that there won't be too many bears left if we do go up to 1270 spx.

Looking at the "Bearish Case" I could say that we are still in that final 5th wave down, and could be in a smaller 3rd wave of that 5th wave.  This will mean that we will go down and take out the 1074 spx level next week and probably find a bottom just below the 1000 level.  This would also mean that we would have then completed 5 waves downs to make up one larger major wave down.  Since this Major Wave One started on May the 2nd of this year, and has lasted several months, one would conclude that the Legatus turn date of October the 23rd would be a bottom, and that the market would start Major Wave Two up that would last for several months as well.

Do the charts support this?  I could certainly see them supporting this scenario if we bottom in the next 2 weeks just below the 1000 spx level... but my gut tells me this is wrong!  Every other piece of evidence says that the market is going to collapse and I just don't see a sub-1000 level being a "Collapse".  The good guys in the "White Dragon Society" stated that they have a "tentative" date of 11-11-11 for a "financial shutdown and reboot"... which just doesn't line up with a rally for Major Wave Two up occurring.

Then you throw in the end of the Mayan Calendar on October the 28th, (a calendar that dates back 16+ million years!), the "packing up and leaving preparations" being done right now by the evil cabal gangsters, and the pre-planted explosives on various bridges around the country with the secret Governors having the detonation device in their hands... all of which just doesn't smell like something the stock market is going to like!

The calendar shows that we will end the 6th day on the ninth and final level on Monday October 10th, 2011.  Then we will start the final 7th day on October 11th, which will end on the 28th.  I just can't picture such an important event in the history of humanity being a "Non-Event"... can you?  This means an end to the control of the Evil Cabal Illuminati Gangsters that have been enslaving America (and the world) for the last 300 years.  Well, if you are going to end their control, how do you do it?  You have to crash the stock market to reset and reboot it just as the good guys stated.

They aren't going to put billions of dollars into a market still controlled by these gangsters.  All of those illegal derivative fraudulent transactions must be wiped out of the system for a new one to start.  This MUST be done before a new beginning for humanity can start.  There is absolutely NO way that the $250 TRILLION DOLLARS in illegal transactions can be paid back!  These countries and banks that were involved with this must collapse!  This means the Euro is going to be dead, and quite possibly the Dollar too?  I don't know about that, as maybe it will survive once the debt is removed?  Hard too say on that one?

But the Euro is another story.  Too many countries are tied to it, and they can't fix their debt problems unless they break that tie and go back to printing their own currency.  Of course I'm sure that the good guys have some plan to back any and all currencies (that are left standing) by real assets like gold, silver, oil, and other commodities.  I don't know how it will all play out, but a crash in the stock market is certain... and then a reboot!

The Aliens Also Know That The Stock Market Must Crash...

The good aliens communicate through various people here on the planet, and they repeatedly have been saying that big changes are coming.  They have been showing up more frequently in the skies over the world too, as this is part of their plan to let us know that they are here to help.  In this article by Salusa (a good alien from Sirus), he (she?) states that they have been helping to take down the evil cabal to free humanity.  However, he also states that the economy must collapse first to clean out the dark ones.  Here's the link: (

Yes, it's crazy times that we live in right now! We have discovered that the world is run by a few evil people (reptilian shapeshifters?) and that the good aliens have always been here looking out after us and helping us, while secretly battling against other bad aliens that want to do us harm.  We have also discovered that we live on a "Prison Planet" and that the aliens call it "Hell".  On top of that, we discover that we are "Immortal Spirits" that have forgotten who we are!  Yes... it's a Mad Mad Mad World (errr Matrix)!

On to the short term charts for the market forecast on Monday...

(to watch on youtube:

The daily chart is pointing up but could rollover at anytime, or continue up... therefore it's neutral.  The 60 minute chart is clearly ready to go negative and should cause the market to start down at the open on Monday.  The 30 minute chart is stuck in negative territory and trying to turn back up, but it's hard too say when?  With the 60 ready to go negative at the open, I say that it will over rule the 30 and push the market down.

How the market likes or dis-likes the news about the Dexia bank bailout will determine how low we go before turning back up.  I'll be looking for any early morning FP's to give me a clue, but right now I don't have any.  If the market views the news as positive then we might not go down very much at all, and only dip below the zero level on the histogram bars for the 60 minute charts briefly.  Then we would turn back up and rally with the 30 minute chart and the daily push up together.  I really don't expect that to happen though, as without a dip first.... then there wouldn't be any right shoulder for the "Inverted Head and Shoulder" pattern.

Of course we could just continue selling all day with little to NO bounces... but it just doesn't seem like it wants to collapse yet.  Yes, I'm a big bear... but I have to tell you what I see in the charts, with what I think the "powers that were" are planning to do.  In this case, I think they will only dip down on Monday and/or Tuesday to put in a "B" wave down in an "ABC" move up into option expiration.  This would also make up the right shoulder of the inverted head and shoulders pattern as well.  I know there is also the bearish case, and that we haven't finished the 5th wave down... which could be true?  But my gut tells me we will only put in a "higher low" (then the 1074 spx low) and then rally one more time to squeeze out the last bear.

So, I'm basically looking for a move down to put in that "B" wave down to happen.  This could start on Monday at the open, or they could push the 30 minute chart up into overbought territory first (making the 60 minute chart put in a 2nd "lower" tower on the histogram bars, without dipping below zero), and rallying the market up to hit a double top around the resistance zone of 1200-1220 spx.  If this happens, then the "B" wave down should only backtest the broken trendline from the falling channel that it has been in.

That could mean a move up to about 1200 first, followed by a move back down to about 1140-1150, depending on where that top trendline of the broken channel would be at when hit.  This seems like the more unlikely scenario when looking at the 60 minute chart... which clearly appears like it wants to go negative.  But, when you have charts that are all mixed, it's easy for them to be manipulated in one direction or the other by releasing some positive or negative news story.  So, will the market cheer for the bailout of Dexia, or boo it on Monday?  I just don't know?

Here's the plan...

If the market rallies on Monday and hits the 1200 spx level, then I'll be looking for the 5, 15, 30, and 60 minute charts to all line up together in overbought territory before going in short for the "B" wave down (or a wave 3 of that final 5th wave?  I won't know until it ends).  If the market opens and goes down in the morning, I'll be looking for the 60 minute chart to get oversold and ready to turn back up.  When it aligns with the 5, 15, and 30 I'd be looking to go long (short term only... maybe a day or a few days?).  This will of course depend on how low the market actually goes to, as I will need to see light volume in the market to believe that it will turn back up and rally.

I don't want to get caught trying to catch a falling knife.  While I don't think we are going to collapse below the 1074 level immediately, anything is possible.  I'd rather just short it if it goes up to the 1200 area first, then go long for a "C" wave up into opx (that I could be wrong on?), but I'll know more once the week starts.  It's also about the time of the day as well.  A move down should early should start to turn back up by 11:00-11:30 am for me to believe that the low is in for the day and that the rally will continue into the next day.  Putting in a lower low around that time period (when compared to the low put in within the first 30 minutes of trading) would indicate that the market will likely trend down all day and close at the lows.

Needless to say, I'm very leery of going long in this market.  I'd rather sit in cash and wait until it's time to go short.  So, I really like to see a rally on Monday to get up into that resistance zone of 1200-1220 spx... and then go short.  No matter what wave down would follow, it should still be a nice and profitable one.  If it's just a "B" wave down with one more "C" wave up into option expiration, then it should stop in the 1140-1150 area.  If it's the 3rd wave down inside that final 5th wave down, then I"ll be happy as I can be!

Hopefully this information will help you navigate this coming week.  As always, I'll be commenting all day in the free chatroom at StockMarketBloggers and with the Disqus system on this blog.  I'll try to give you all timely updates throughout the day when more clues are given to the direction of the market for that day, and the coming days to follow.

Good luck as always gang!  And stay positive, the world isn't ending... it's only beginning!





  1. I pay $40 per month for Breakpoint Trades membership. Attached here as a PDF download is one of their “bonus” newsletters, it shows the world index as well as the big foreign indices. My EW annotated chart shows Spain, with a clear 5 down and bounce up.  
    ALL the other indices in this BPT newsletter show similar patterns. Although as of Wednesday, I was leaning quite bearish at least in attitude, I have to reconsider that after viewing these charts. These charts are quite bullish, TEMPERED with a caution….the market is tricky, when it looks like things are about to fall into an abyss, that would be the time for a major ramp to trap bears. When it looks all rosy, like now, with Europe “saved”, could also be the perfect time for a black swan to show up and defecate all over the place. The real black swans are not the ones you know about (Greece et al.) but ones that show up completely out of the blue.

    • The light volume today makes it hard to believe that any move down will stick.  While I think we’ll have a pullback today, I also think they will buy it back up and rally toward that double top area just below 1200 spx.  I’ll wait to short there…  GL

  2. Some of my weekly charts look good, but the volume keeps telling me to stay away.  I hate trading when the market does not have a good trend with volume.   SLV and other commodities indicate a buy point, but given the anemic volume, I feel like it is walking into a trap again.

    I don’t know if there is any particular thing I should think about when favored investments start heading north but there is no volume to support.  Any clues would be appreciated.

  3. Today’s actions is forming a bull flag.  Once the bull flag plays out I think we’ll have the best short entry spot.  This should happen before the close today.  The pop higher should get us up to the double top level of 1193 spx, from 9/27.  After that, I will be looking to go short.  While I don’t know if this will only be the “B” wave down in an “ABC” move or some type of wave 3 down inside that final 5th wave down… but either way, it will be time to go short.

  4. One more plunge coming… this will very likely be the biggest one since
    the summer crash, and will wipe out a number of large hedgehogs.  This from xtrends    I find this hard to believe in the near future.(FEW DAYS) I am still looking at the end of the month to early the following month for a crash if we do see one thou.

    • I seen that too.  He’s right, their is another big plunge coming… but what day is the question?  I still think the big one happens after the Legatus meeting.  But, we could start selling off slowly ahead of it, and then drop in a wave 3 of 3 of 3.

    • We might not get that pop higher until tomorrow morning at the open?  If it doesn’t come here in the last hour of trading I’ll be waiting for it to gap up and crap tomorrow morning.  I still think we could tank hard tomorrow, but we could also gap up first to clear out those bears that went short today.

  5.     Only what he says.   And he is up a dinner for four, organic turkey, with vortexed wine and beer. 

  6. Closing at the highs of the day usually means a “higher high” the next day.  In this case, a gap up and crap tomorrow morning is highly likely.  I’ll be looking to get short at the open, or shortly there after.

  7. Wow, that turned into a bad thanksgiving but since arthur has perfect record over a hundred, I am assuming this was a top to bust people. Thankfully I was out and missed the temptation to cover.

    • There should be a “fake-out” move to the upside tomorrow morning at the open to clear out all the bears that went short today…. and then we should tank.  Arthur will be correct again, but just a tad early to the party.

  8. hi RDL…. i believe there are aliens and stuff, but the things you posted here are just beyond my wildest imagination…

    • Thanks for the link Lulala… I didn’t know of that site.  But, I did know there is a secret space program, and that the have people on the moon and mars.  Very interesting read though…

  9. Damn, my improbable alternate was for extremely high RS at 1205, which I thought couldn’t possibly happen. Yet here we are. If this turns out to be one, it’ll be one for the books.
    Relates back to the 400 point up down days 2 months ago…

  10. A nice hook’em horns, hockey stick pattern that makes the one on May 31st seem quaint in comparison.   A nice 11.173% rally off the 1074 (111) low matching the 11.6% rally back in the historic times of xxxx.

    The gangstas making sure nobody stays on the short train with their rampjob today on a bank holiday.  How cleverly diabolical and ruthlessly efficient.   Just confirms my view on the market’s status.

  11. I am noticing how similar gold’s chart is to the Nasdaq’s (100 especially) in early April 2000 prior to its collapse during the 2nd week of April.

  12.     Oh, they love to ram it on off days, Arthur and I BOTH knew that was inevitable.   Well here we are,back at break even, ready to profit.  All I know is that with Arthur or without him, I am going to short the rips in this market.  Ready for any event that will plummet the market to the depths it probably deserves.

  13. Good Morning gang…

    I’m looking for a “higher high” at some point today before the selling starts.  I’ll be waiting to go short there.  The odds of selling off today without first making a “higher high” then yesterday are extremely low.  It is rare to see the market sell off after an “all up day” that closed at the highs.  Therefore, I’m playing the odds, and they tell me that we’ll go up higher then yesterdays’ close before selling off hard.

  14. There is an 8:00 am FP on the SPY showing 118.74.  I don’t know if that will be the low, and then a bounce to fill the gap, and then back down… of if we just continue down past it?

  15. We are waiting on the 5 minute chart to reset and point back up.  The 15 minute chart is already pointing up and should give us that final push up to fill the gap this morning and put in a higher high…. patience.

  16. This market is so close to falling over the edge that I can just smell it!  I don’t think it can last more then an hour at most… more likely it will roll within the next 30 minutes.

    • Arrggh… I’m a little early again on the short.  They are clearing out stops as I expected, but I still see the market going down after this ends (and we are 99% done I believe).

    • Criminals are killing every rally. This is a local peak looks like.

      Edit: Hit the upward prints from 9/21 also. The 120s I mentioned yesterday.

      • Yes, I think we’ll rollover tomorrow ACP.  We are 99% done with this rally right now, should be 100% done if we open down tomorrow… which I think will happen.  I missed the top a little as I got short at 119.74 SPY, but I’m getting closer each time to finding the exact top (or bottom).


        • Looks now like they’re going to break up now though. They’ve painted the charts to prevent a retest of 1000 a while now. They’ll do everything to keep doing so. It’s just day to day now it seems.

  17. We do have the slovakia vote due in about one half hour. The markets maybe waiting for the info. Could be some fire works.

  18. Slovaks reject EFSF plan and eject government but outgoing govt expects
    EFSF vote to pass in new vote to take place later this week

  19. And here’s the Bernank PUMP. So how many billions of euros and mini contracts will the Fed own by tomorrow I wonder? Damn, I wish I could print money and buy stuff.

  20. Ron Walker’s video was a good one today, and the inverse head & shoulders he shows is I think the most likely outcome. He also thinks that we could still have a larger wave 3 down. The only thing that gives me pause about the beginning of a larger wave 3 is the fact that the August and October lows went low-high-low in almost perfect price/time ratio, which would more support the inverse head and shoulders.

    Regardless, we’ll have a retracement and I still think the “real lows” will be made in late 2012.

    Also due for an artificial disaster, it seems like. Heard anything Red?

    • Well, I also think we’ll sell off to make an “inverse head and shoulders” pattern, and then top out by opx.  After that, as I’ve said repeatedly, the market to collapse again.  I haven’t heard anything about any false flags, but we’ll know after the fact I’m sure.

  21.      I am up, thanks to Arthur, not myself, as I lost faith in the first errant 10points aberration in Arthurs existence initially.  But he helped me through 

        But again, being bearish, I am going to keep trading ETF’s and KEEPING my profits in stock.  If anyone out there believes as I do, that we are going south, then I would entreaty them to consider that strategy.  Because for a crash to happen, most of the time, everyone has GOT to be looking the other way.

  22.   Well so, far, down a fair bit. SO that is that.  But as I was saying, I like when markets stretch out, makes the fall that much more profitable. I am far from finished with this wave.  And again, I am going to use any(if) profits to keep stock. 

    • When you say keep profits in stocks do you mean holding your short ETFs or holding short positions in stock?

      Or do you mean buying stock and sell the principle but keep the profit?

      It would seem to me this would only work in an uptrend market. The action is so choppy I am playing the bench but interested in feasible strategies. Cheers keep up your game!

  23. Wow, lotta strong support buying and lotta short covering going on.  Hearing some bears braying for sure.

  24. Well, at least Arthur prevented me from being even less solvent today, although I wanted to take him out to the shed for getting me partially short in the first place.

  25. 1220 to 1230 is where you load up shorts. i have small short at 1205. prolly lose on that the way market is going. save big powder for 1220 to 1230

  26. Like I have always said, short covering in the junior markets and in the Senior markets creates more buzz than just about anything.

    • As I mentioned early last week to some one on the board, I see the dow getting 11,887 and the sp close to 1250 before we go down big time.

    • Like I was saying yesterday, the Bernank is set on PUMPing this market. The euro is going nuts,which is driving this. With all the bad earnings and even worse economic data, it’s clear to me that the Fed is lined with billions in euros. Your tax dollars hard at work!

  27. Something to ponder…

    Not that Cliff High has been right on all his webbot predictions, as he hasn’t… but who has?  This rally is defying gravity as we should have already started a “B” wave down, and then went up for the “C” wave into option expiration.

    “If” this happens, we’ll be hitting that 34.65 spy FP on this coming next crash!  (New FP caught by Anna…

    • Well, this rally has no precedent. The good thing is, euro is in a bearish wedgie, but with the Fed exploding its balance sheet, they can just power the market higher.

  28. Wow, what a beating.  Only went 25% in, but nicest loss I have taken since I can remember,and its only early into the beating. 

  29. Wow, just after I made that post about the euro, they DID just power up. Madman Ben is on a 24/7 PUMP roll now.

  30. Greece Finance ministry on strike now and collecting no revenues. I guess that means one thing since its not affecting the euro or markets in general…the one bank with unlimited funds is now backstopping every equity market on Earth.

    • Some how I still think that “if” we sell off today and tomorrow, it will only be the “B” wave down with “C” up still to come next week.  I don’t think they will let this market crash with any bears on board.  That means they will have to go up past the 1230 spx level to clear out all those stops sitting there.  Probably next week into opx as I originally said.

  31. Wow Red…didn’t you just comment a few days ago that there were no “big” FP’s recently???  Between GLD and Google, we have a few biggies!  We know TPTB are getting ready! 

    New Fed Disclaimer!  “Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls…Keep your arms and legs inside at all times and enjoy your ride”  and why did the Fed just announce they were buying the company that owns KY Jelly?  What use could they have for it???   Agh….I told myself these criminals wouldn’t ever get to me, but they should all be taken down!

  32. Gold is now 1678.  In 1929-32, gold stocks went up 576% and declared a 75% dividend(the big three,did, right across the board).   So gold at 1678 times 576%=????  An interesting number.

       Google to 15?  Well, google is actually in the plans to charge everyone for searches, as many know.  And they plan to kickoff the experiment in Canada.  Pay per site viewed is just around the corner

       So unless some smart operator gets IP address cards for Canadians(I think two guys are already doing it), Canadians are going to use Google a lot,lot less.  Maybe people will stop using it en masse.



    • Well, in the movie “Idiocracy,” the stock of the sport drink maker went to……ZERO!

      Damn, that movie reminds me of the US today…

  33. Tommorrow, is the great 704 (11) year anniversay for the enlightened ones.   Gary the numbers guy calls it one of the greatest days in world history lol….He must read this site….

  34. may on the tsx that I posted at 1.00 is now 1.20 bid and they put this announcement out today.

    Meadow Bay drills 62.48 m of 1.63 g/t Au at Atlanta

        62.48 metres is INSANE.

    •    Way to go Anna. And Red.  Hey Red, you are getting better and better at thinking like a gangster.  Careful you don’t become one.  Lol.

      • LOL… “Not a Chance”!  I’ll always be just a simple country boy, and never become a gangsters.  I’m too honest… lying just isn’t in my nature.  Nor is being a crook and deceiving people. I couldn’t do it even if I wanted too, as my conscious would stop me.

        Anyway, now we should be able to navigate this market until next week.  I’ll be exiting my shorts when the VXX hits 49.84 and hopefully the SPY will be at the 115.61 level from the multiple afterhours prints on Monday.

        Then go long (or sit in cash?) until next Friday.  I don’t know if the 127.07 SPY print will be hit or not, but the date is more important then the level.  They will squeeze out all the bears’ stops above 1230 spx before this thing tanks.  And I don’t see that happening until after opx.

  35. Zen-like message here:

    “Do you know how to catch a monkey? In India, they take a gourd, cut a
    small hole in it, and put some rice inside. Then they tie the gourd down
    securely and wait for the monkey. Monkeys are greedy and selfish. I guess
    you could say anybody who is greedy and selfish is a monkey. Anyway, monkeys
    are so greedy and selfish that the monkey sticks his paw into the gourd to
    get the rice. He grabs a handful – but then he can’t get his hand out of the
    gourd. His fist won’t go through the small hole. And he’s so greedy and
    selfish that he won’t let go of the handful of rice. He just waits there
    with his greedy fist wrapped around the rice until the men come and take
    Moral of the Story! Don’t be greedy and selfish or you may make a
    “monkey” of yourself.”

    • Kinda like this story…

      It happened one day that a fox had caught a rabbit and was carrying it home in his mouth to eat it in peace. Now on his way home he had to cross a plank lying across a running brook.  As he crossed the brook, he looked down and saw his reflection in the water beneath. Thinking it was another fox with another rabbit, he made up his mind to have that rabbit too.  He made a snap at the reflection in the water, but as he opened his mouth the rabbit fell out, dropped into the water and was never seen again.

      Moral: Beware lest you lose the real thing by grasping at it’s reflection.

      • One of Aesop’s fables. Did you know he was a Greek slave? How fitting that even now, only slaves will speak the truth.

  36. IBD Declares Wed a follow through day and ‘confirmed market uptrend’.

    “With volume higher across the board, the NYSE composite’s gain constituted a follow-through, confirming the uptrend that began Oct. 4.
    As follow-through days go, however, this one was on the minimal side. Follow-throughs tend to occur with larger index gains.”

    OK my friends, last time this happened was about 2 weeks before the crash in August.   The IBD 50 went wild and then like a match to hydrogen balloon the party was over.

    I did post earlier that there would be a follow through day this week, in order to support a rally and get new money in the market to provide volume.

    A few Qs

    1. What is your take on WJ ONeil?  I tend to think he is positive, but interested in other opinions.
    2. I think we need institutional support to get a strong rally, and judging by volume it is just not there, any thought?

    Cheers to all

    • Hmmm… I don’t have any opinion on O’Neil, good or bad.  As for the “institutional support”… they are bailing out faster then you can say “jackflash”!.

      The IBD is of course there to mislead the sheep by getting them onboard the train to hell.  The PPT started this first leg up now called the “A” wave, and the “Insider’s” are cashing out to form the “B” wave down.  Next is the “C” wave up where the sheep jump onboard last and push it up into opx next week.

      After that… we all know what’s next!

  37. They have reset the overbought conditions on the histogram bars for 60 minute chart of the spx and spy.  We could have made a smaller wave 1 down this morning and now we are in wave 2 up.  This is only valid if we don’t make a new high.  If so, then we should have a wave 3 down tomorrow.

  38. Ok…this is a little out there….but …when I googled devil messiah to see what Lindsey has said about that in the past there is a youtube video…but more important is what is post below the video:

    Uploaded by PlanetEarthAwakens01 on Oct 22, 2010

    Jean Dixon who predicted the death of JFK as well as the
    Russian Sputnik space capsule also foresaw a time when a man of middle eastern
    origin born on February 5 1962 would rise to become a world leader. He will
    unite the world under a one world satanic government of complete control and
    domination. He will deceive the world with wondrous display’s and everyone with
    believe he is holy. He will make everyone wear a mark (RFID chip) used to both
    monitor them and participate in everyday life, buying and selling etc.

    “The False Prophet’s domain shall be the intellectual seduction of
    mankind. It means a mixture of political, philosophical, and religious ideology
    that will throw the populations of the world into a deep crisis of faith in

    Atheistic science is deliberately idolised and religion deliberately
    castigated because the people at the top do not want us to know the true nature
    of mankind. They don’t want us to know that fundamentally we are all one and
    race, wealth, status etc are all complete bullshit. They don’t want us to find
    out we are all equal. They give prominence to soulless dead science and ignore
    the spiritual. Once humanity is adequately confused and divided they can bring
    in their own brand of religion under a Luciferian technology based doctrine with
    the aim of undermining God and our true love based spirituality. Obama’s birthday is 8-4-61 …6 months off her prediction…..everything else sure seems to fit him….and what if he gets elected for a 2nd term.  Heaven help us all!

    • Let’s hope he doesn’t… let’s hope enough people wake up and give Ron Paul a chance at fixing this country.  He and Jesse Ventura are about the only two major politician’s I see trying right now.

    • We’ll know within the next year whether or not the gangsters win or the good guys.  When I see cars that run on water for sale, and electric generators that use magnets to power your home with free electricity… then I’ll believe the New World Order thugs lost.  Until then, they still control the stock market… unfortunately.

    •     Obama is just a set up man to pin all the tragedy upon.  The illuminated King comes after him.   Its still all about defecating on the blacks.

  39. Well gang, they have absolutely wiped out all the bears this week.  Now that all the bears are scared too death, none of them will go short over the weekend.  I’m staying short, as I’m already underwater on my position… so what do I have to lose at this point!  LOL

    Maybe we’ll crash on Monday?  I hope so!  If not, I’ll wait until after the Legatus meeting is over and opx.  Then on Monday the 24th, I’ll be looking for that 127.07 spy FP to be hit, and I’ll got short again… assuming we don’t just start crashing next Monday?

    However, with that FP on the VXX just under 50, I’ll probably exit if it’s hit early next week, and wait to see if they rally back up to the 127.07 spy FP.  Tough call here, but I’m too stupid to bailout of my shorts at this point.

      • Funny thing is, it took 3 times as long to go only 80% as far. Whatever the case, play both sides to ensure a profit.

      • We might have a “B” wave down on the 17th GG, but the real selling won’t happen until after the Legatus meeting ends on the 23rd.  That New Moon on the 26th could be the start of it?  I’ll be looking for the 127.07 spy FP to be hit around that time (as crazy as that sounds).  No one believed me when I said we’d go up to 127.07… not even me!  We’re not there yet, but it’s looking more and more likely that it will be hit before rolling over again.

        • Doesn’t really sound crazy any more, does it? BWAHAHHAA!!!

          Buy that M-1 SOCOM (or other toys you’ve always wanted) and accessories while they’re still in stock!

    • I’ve noticed that (barely) breaking price points or landing on price points have resulted in reversals, whereas closing the opposite direction, as though a reversal has started, results in a gap OVER resistance the next session. I think we have a downward headfake.

      That said, I’m both long and short at the moment, using different instruments.

      Edit: Last Friday, this was played perfectly…Bounced off resistance and closed down, then gapped back OVER on Monday.

      Edit 2: The fact that it closed up today leads me to believe that any downward movement (if it occurs) at the beginning of the week will be a headfake due to weekly options expiration; ie a massive ramp-up at the end of the week again.

      Just my opinion…

  40. Does anybody know the symbol for sp 500 options. 

    Sp 100 is oex symbol   What is the sp 500 option symbol?

    • Each option period has its own code, for example:

      Full SP500 EOM Oct exp.

      E-mini SP EOM Nov. exp

      Full SP EOM Nov exp.

      E-mini SP EOM Dec. exp

      Full SP EOM Dec exp.

      The place to go to is probably CBOT to find out all the codes. Hope that helps a little.

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