Part 2 – Cabal Flee By The Hundreds As Mass Arrests Await Them From States Becoming Free From The Fed


A time frame is given for the mass arrests by Drakes' sources but Ben Fulford see's a temporary deadlock as the committee of 300 struggle to maintain power while good forces continue to put pressure on them...

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Part 2 of our story about the people of America standing up to the cabal members and freeing themselves is still on going currently.

Part 1 is here:

Right now arrests are being made in the background but main stream media isn't covering it.  But before we go there, let's cover a little more of our history and brings us up to the present.

Quickly here, about 6,000 years ago a group of aliens called "Reptilian" came to earth (from the heavens, as referred to in the bible) and enslaved mankind.

There are drawings all over world showing these green reptilian looking people in what appears to be a spacesuit, with pictures in the background showing spaceships... and yes, I'll be covering today and what Drake has said recently.  But let's cover a little history first.

These reptilians did ritual sacrifices, raping, killing, drinking their blooding, and eating children. This has been going on all the way up today. Only they use technology to shapeshift and hide their slanted eyes with holograms so they can walk among us.  They are the leaders in all the major countries of the world. They are the Bush family, Clinton family, Rothchilds, Vanderbuilts, Warburgs, The Queen, The Pope, Henry Kissenger, George Soro's, Warren Buffet, The Rockefellers, The JP Morgan's, and many others I don't have time to list.

Do a search for "Reptilian Shapeshifters" and make up your own mind... and watch the story from Arizona Wilder with David Icke.

So, they have been here enslaving us for thousands of years. In the past it was true "locks and chains", but most recently it has been through another means... "Debt Slavery".  The forefathers of the US Constitution must have realized that "Staying" free from the enslavement that England had put on them through taxes wasn't going to be easy as they knew that "if" the bankers gained enough power America would be under their evil control.

They knew that as the years came to past in the future that the Queen would figure out how to control America again. So, they adding in some legal documents that allowed the people to "Legal" overthough the government if it gets out of control... which is currently is.  Basically, the way it works is that the military must follow orders from the ruling body that governors the people of the individual states that make up "The United States".

This has been "The United States Corporation", which has been controlled by these Illuminati Reptilian Cabal members ever since it's creation. They have be stealing all the profits through their puppet banks like Goldman Sachs (CEO Lloyd Blankfien), JP Morgan Chase (CEO ), CitiGroup, (CEO ), and Bank of America (CEO Jamie Dimon).

They also have been passing the bad debts from these banksters onto the US Corporation so that they keep all the profits and we sheep (the debt slave taxpayers) spend all our lives paying it back.

It was done by their puppet Ben Bernanke through the Quanitative Easing Programs... QE1, QE2, Cash for Clunkers, Bailing out Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, Bailing out the banksters directly, and even buying back our own Tresury Bonds (kinda like eating your fingers and toes when you are hungry and don't have any food left).

Put simple... they stole all the profit through free monoply money that they printed out of thin air while pass all the debts onto the US Corporation assuming the public would just shutup and pay it.

Well, that's all over as of February 20th of this year. Now a majority of the states has filled out the proper paperwork to now be reconized as the "ruling and/or governing body" that resprent the will of the people of each individual state that make up the whole "United States of America"

It won't happen overnight overnight of course but mass arrests are planned for this year, and once that happens the military won't be accepting orders from the puppet president anymore (unless he joins the "Lightside"?).

Obama is wildcard here as all he's done so far is what the Illuminati Cabal tell him to do. Yes, he's bucked them a few times but he ends up obeying them. So, he could be a "Sheep in Wolves" clothing... actually working for the good guys, while pretending to work for the dark cabal.

Regardless, the plans will be carried out like this... the Military will recieve there orders to arrest these gangsters (as many as 6,000 from what Ben Fulford added), which they then give to the US Marshall... gives the orders to the local police department, and they go knock on the gangsters door and bring them out in handcuffs (or body bags?... LOL).

So, when is this all going to happen?

The timeline told to Drake by his sources is 30-45 days, which puts it out to about the first week of June, 2012.  Here is a 3 hour audio interview if you want to listen to it?  You can "right click" and download the file so you can play it on your own computer or just listen to it from the website.  Here are the summarized notes:

Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 9:19 PM

Drake's latest on timing of the change to Sovereign nation.
Drake has a new radio show/ interview
1.    Go to 90 minutes to about 120 minutes (Q and A)
2.    What he said:
      a.    We are a Sovereign nation now - - -200 resignations in
Europe the first day of Sovereignty
      b.    The Plan is being implemented - - - Expect to be
completed within 30-45 days (About June 1)
      c.    Money RV change was delayed today due to many banks
being closed on Easter Monday
      d.    RV should be done tomorrow.  RV is like a Breton Woods
agreement.  Thus, one dollar is worth X new currency.
      e.    Once RV is established, the Financial system should go
ahead and payments can go out
      f.     120 nations told Rothschild to get out of their
countries.  They established an independent money system
3.    Bad guys will be apprehended, tried and convicted or not.  He
expects some will be put to death.  They have killed thousands and
in some cases, millions.
4.    Expect law to change to Common Law which is not the Admiralty
law that has been forced upon us.

Also, there are now Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks which is going to bankrupt these gangsters.  The "when" part is only "soon" as it's hard to really know how long they can hold this ponzi scheme together before it collapses on itself.  If they are successful, then they won't crash the stock market until after June of this year as Lindsey Williams was told by his sources.  This is a battle of good versus evil and evil has been in control for a very long time.

Assuming that good will win immediately and change the timeline the bad guys set is really stretching it in my opinion.  Personally, I think that good will win this battle (and war) only after the stock market crashes and the economy hits rock bottom.  The reason I think so is because I think the bad guys will be arrested after the damage is done... not before.  I don't see the people of America really waking up and demanding justice until after they have lost everything in the crash.

Only then will they demand a hanging of who's responsible for it... which we "red pill takers" already know.  When the "blue pill takers" turn off American Idol and the Real Housewives of whatever county is when all of us sheep will have our justice.  Until then, I see more staling or "stalemate" as Ben Fulford explains...

The battle for control of the global financial system and thus the future of the planet has reached a temporary deadlock as the committee of 300 struggles to maintain power even as the rest of the world continues to push for a fair, free and open financial system controlled by the people of the planet. The situation has reached the point where physical action against the committee (mainly in the form of mass arrests) has become the only possible recourse.

One problem, of course, lies in the issue of what to do about the “ring of power,” or the job hitherto referred to as M1, wherein a single individual has ultimate control over the creation and distribution of money. There is no M1 now according to the Swiss government and other sources. Somebody needs to make sure that never again is single individual given such power and that means metaphorically taking the centralized control of finance and dissolving it in the “Mt. Doom,” of the Lord of the Rings to ensure that humanity is once again free from debt slavery and horror.

There were many meetings world-wide last week aimed at accomplishing exactly this.
In Japan a representative of the White Dragon Society met with top Finance Ministry official Eijiro Katsu and Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa last Thursday to discuss what to do about the astronomical sums placed inside Federal Reserve Board and Euroclear computers by competing factions.

The answer they gave is that Japan wants to go ahead and start using the funds for the benefit of the planet but that the Japanese authorities needed to proceed cautiously. Translation: They want to make sure they are on the winning side and will keep a low profile until then.

The committee of 300 tried to cash $600 trillion worth of bonds, through Dr. Zvonko Berdik-Albert, “President and CEO of the World Economy & Finance Treasury.” They claimed to represent the Dragon Family Royal Society composed of Asian royal families but as reported last week it turns out to have been an attempt by the committee of 300 to pretend they represented Asia. However, their representative has since ceased all contact with either the White Dragon Society or the Japanese government.

In a different move, Neil Keenan and Keith Scott issued a cease and desist against UBS Chairman Kaspar Villiger and a Singaporean agent by the name of Alex Ling Lee Soon who were caught trying to get their hand on the real dragon family’s funds. Shortly after that UK Prime Minister David Cameron also tried to get his hands on the money but was rebuffed. Keenan and Scott are working on behalf of a Swiss led 134 nation alliance.

In the meantime, the situation in Cabal controlled economies is getting progressively worse by the day. For example, markets in Europe were rattled last week despite feel good talk by various cabal controlled leaders like Nicholas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel. The real situation in Europe is as follows* The Greek Government has unfunded liabilities worth 800% of their GDP and their economy shrank by 5% last year. The unemployment rate in Spain is 23% while the youth unemployment rate is 50%. The Portuguese economy is expected to shrink by 5% this year. Italy’s debt is 2.7 times that of the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain). Their chief creditor, the German banking system, meanwhile, is leveraged at 32/1.

Put in simple terms, the European cabal controlled banking system is bankrupt. What this means is that the European people are about to be freed from debt slavery.

In the US as well, institutions like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan etc. are already shadows of their former selves with their CEOs constantly surrounded by lawyers and armed guards.

There were also reports from three different sources from three separate intelligence agencies (MI6, CIA and NSA) that the Bushes, Clintons and other cabal leaders had prepared a hideaway in the Bahamas. A look with Google Earth did reveal two separate locations with air-strips located next to a group of ultra-rich people’s type housing complexes. One of the Islands had a giant Star of David on it clearly visible from a satellite.

However, sources in the Pentagon make it clear the cabalists will not be allowed to leave the United States until they have faced the justice system. These same sources say 800 bankers have already resigned and many arrests have already taken place.

In China as well, there are signs of major change. As noted before, all the top leaders such as Xi Xinping who were supposed to take over the government this year have vanished from the pages of the official Xinhua government news site in April. Clearly some sort of coup d’etat can now be confirmed to have taken place there even though the Western corporate news corps is still only focused on Bo Xilai. The Bo investigation has definitely gone far beyond him.

In Japan too, the yakuza and right wing forces allied with the White Dragon Society are getting impatient and are making plans to detain key cabal operatives for questioning. Major historical changes are becoming increasingly obvious.

Since the other countries of the world have aligned together and started their own central bank free of the cabal's Federal Reverse Bank I do believe that time is running out for them, and that they couldn't stop the coming stock market crash at this point even if they wanted too.  What this means is that the cabal can't borrow (steal) anymore money from other countries and only have access to what they already control.  You can only shift money back and forth for so long before you run out of it.  Yes, they can print more but without support from other countries helping... even this game will end to.

Sidenote:  Foreign troops (Chinese Mercinarries) that are aligned along the Mexico border (and the Canandian border too I'd assume) have been told by the good guys (the US Military in the Pentagon) to stand down. They won't allow them to attack American citizens... period!

Here's some more summaries of what Drake has told us on another interview dated April 19th, 2012 (Here's the audio link...

  • ~ Drake is waiting for substantiation of this intel he got “about a day or so ago” ~
  • “THE SECRET SERVICE IS EXTRAORDINARILY ‘TICKED’ — as well as the Delta Force — because they’ve been ‘dumped on’! “
  • “There’s been pictures floating around of Clinton [Hillary] partying in Columbia. The Secret Service got pics. Clinton was supposed to have been in a nuclear conference in Turkey at the time…and sent some clerk.
  • There was a lot of heads of state and whatnot there [at the conference] — and Israel was included. And apparently Israel was livid!”
  • “And I heard also that THE U.N. IS UNDER HEAVY INVESTIGATION…that THE CENTRAL BANKS ARE IN AN UPROAR because of some things that have been filed against them.”
  • “To go along with the same thing…DC was supposedly completely lost as to what to do — running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off!”
  • “Everybody knows about the GSA (General Services Administration) investigation by now… During this little ‘fun and games’ with the military, apparently PANETTA [US Secretary of Defense] WAS TOLD THAT THERE WAS NO WAY THAT HE WAS THE BOSS OF THE MILITARY! So, that’s going to be interesting!”
  • “And the other part of this is that THE ARRESTS ARE GOING TO BE METHODICAL — ONE AT A TIME. In other words, I guess they’re going to ‘shoot’ at the big guys [arrest them first?] and carry them away.”


  • “The problem that we’ve had in terms of this organization…of THINGS THAT WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED….HAS COST SOME 14 LIVES! These are some high level people.”
    In answer to a question about reports that the pope would be resigning in two days: “I’m not real sure that’s the exact timetable, but I HAVE HEARD OFFICIAL REPORTS FROM EUROPE THAT THAT IS TRUE…that he is resigning.”
  • “Some of those crimes — that most people are aware of, that have shown up in the news — dealing directly with the church.”
  • “There are other crimes that are much more serious even than the ones everybody knows about that have been going on for years with the pope’s permission!”

My thoughts about Lindsey Williams, David Wilcock, Ben Fulford and Drake are that they are all doing a great job of waking up the sheep... which is wonderful of course, but I still think the bad guys are in control of this stock market 100% right now.  And I don't see it crashing until they want it to do so.  The dates I'm looking out for is first this coming Legatus Pilgrimage meeting (where all these gangsters met to make decisions that affect ever aspect of the world... including the "yah or nah" vote to pull the plug on the stock market).

Lots of odd things going on right now... especially in the clues in the screen shot above.  Why mention 1930?  Since when do the gangsters meet in Washington D.C. for a Legatus meeting?  Seems odd to me... Also note that the group was founded in 1987, the year of the stock market crash called "Black Monday".  Then what the heck are they referring to when they speak of "Roe vs. Wade"?  Seems very strange to mention that on this page, but 1973 was another stock market crash year... which carried into 1974 as well.

So you have a mention of the 1930's, hints of 1987 and a date of 1973... all stock market crash years.  Is the decision they are going to make at this event going to be which type of crash they are going to copy?  Will it be a full blown "Great Depression 2" crash like in the 1930's or a lesser one like the 1987 crash or the 1973-74 one?  Why is the word's SAVE and DATE in all caps?

Sidenote:  We are now up to 611 Banker Resignations world wide as of 04/22/2012.

Could there be a clue in the Deuteronomy 30:19 Bible verse too?  Lots of clues in on this page I believe, but I'm not sure how to read them all.  In case you are new to the "Legatus" connection you should go to Reinhardts blog "Enterprise Corruption" to learn more as he's the one that put the timing of stock market debasements together with meetings at Legatus Pilgrimages... not me.  I'm only here to re-inform you of how this group works and that decisions are made there which "in many cases" determine the direction of the stock market right afterwards.

I'm thinking that we could start selling off right after this meeting is over with (May 2nd-4th, 2012) for the first big scare.  I don't know what wave pattern it will be (Elliottwave... ABC? 12345?) but I believe they will turn it back up hard into early June for a final high (or double top... or even a slightly lower high then the most recent one of 1420 or so) and then collapse down hard into the rest of the year.

There is a very important cycle date the week of December 24th, 2012 (very important) but I don't know if that will be a bottom or a top from a wave 2 up bounce?  It lines up with the Mayan Calendar ending date of December 21st, 2012... which is very eerie too me!  I don't want to go into very much detail right now but just know that period is very important in the market timing.  For now I think we could see something like what I've drawn in the chart below...

Again, I don't know the level we go down to after the May 2nd-4th meeting ends but I'm speculating on the 1300 spx area for a bottom before one more run back up into the first week of June.  We could fall short of the previous topping area of 1420 spx, double top it, or pierce it a little?  Don't know which, but I do see June as putting in the last important high before a big fall happens.  Wherethere it's a huge wave 1 down or a wave 3 I don't know... but either one is going to be BIG... very BIG!

Which one should determine the outcome of the next Legatus meeting October 10th-21st, 2012... as we could be rallying into that date for a large wave 2 back up with a HUGE wave 3 down in late December to follow.  Or, that date could be a bottom with a rally into late December... followed by the huge wave 3 down into early next year.  It's unclear which is going to happen right now as I do believe the gangsters timeline has been altered some because of the pressure put on them by the good guys.

These lawsuits against the Federal Reserve Banks are real and "WILL" bankrupt it!

The question is... how long can they keep this ship from sinking?  The good guys are tightening the screws right now but the coffin is far from being completed with the dead body of the head gangsters inside it.  They know the end is near but they aren't giving up without a fight.  They are telling their insider buddies the date, time, and price levels with these new FP (fake print) charts like the one's below:

This one is from 04/10/2012

This one is from 04/16/2012

Both charts say the same thing but are from different dates (about  a week apart).  There is a ton of clues in these charts but I can't read them as I'm not part of their group.  However, just the fact that they are putting them out tells me that they are still in control of the stock market.  Some people call them "bad tick's" or "computer glitches", but I know their not.

I've never seen the date on my own personal home computer have a "glitch" in it and give me the wrong time (or date) for 1 minute, hour or day and then go back to being correct... have you?  So why is it that these multi-million dollar computers that track the stock market are the only one's to have "glitches" in them?  Answer... there not!  They are "fake prints" put out to inform the other insiders where, when and to what level they plan on taking the stock market too.

Here's another odd thing that "they" must have some secret reason for doing... they told Lindsey Williams (I'm assuming this was coming from Lindsey's insider source and not Lindsey himself) that he doesn't want his latest video series copied by uploading it to youtube until after June 1st, 2012.  That's very odd as Lindsey usually allows people to copy all his stuff as he doesn't copyright the DVD's and wants them to be distributed to as many people as possible.  Why the sudden change?  Here's his request...

Lindsey Williams-Secrets of The Elite-March 2012 (3 DVD Set Audio by Phone)

The note inside the DVDs reads as follows: "Due to the requested privacy of my guest speakers, please refrain from uploading any portion of these DVDs to the internet until at least June 1st, 2012. Sincerely Lindsey Williams."

If you want absolutely to listen to the audio of the three DVDs before June 1st you need to call by phone to listen to the 3 DVD set by Lindsey Williams from March 2012 called "Secrets of the Elite".

Unfortunately, in a note enclosed with the DVDs Lindsey has not granted permission to upload the DVDs to the Internet until June 1, 2012. So this is the best I could think of until then.

To Listen you can Call : (It's free except for your phone charges )
For DVD1 Press extension : 461589#
For DVD2 Press extension : 657249#
For DVD3 Press extension : 578913#
The DVD lengths are as follows:
DVD1: 1 Hour 28 Minutes.
DVD2: 1 Hour 13 Minutes.
DVD3: 50 Minutes.

If the telephone call cost is an issue, you could try some free phone call software or dial ins.

This information on these DVDs contains the following:

Secrets never told before.
How the Elite make and preserve wealth.
Derivatives - Prelude to disaster.
Insider trading that creates Super-Wealth.
Americans Financially Betrayed by Congress.
Gold and Silver wealth preservation.
The Paper currency deception.
You can survive the New World Order.
Decisions that will help you Sleep Well at Night.
Live to a ripe old age: How and where to get it.
Health Solutions.

I'm not sure on "WHY" he has made this request... or picked June 1st, but this all tells me that the month to watch out for is this coming June!  Lot's of clues point to June as that's the last month Lindsey mentions that there "wouldn't be a crash in March, April, May or June"... but that doesn't mean it can't start the selling in that month, and then crash a month or so later when it gathers some steam.

Well, lots of stuff to study here and I hope some of you fellow readers can piece it all together for us all and give us a date as to "when" the stock market will finally peak and the crash will start... as I'm just guessing here with all these pieces of the puzzle I've spoke of above.  If only there was a way to chart the "derivatives" market that Lindsey speaks of so we will know when the "cracks" start?  But I don't think there is such an index or ETF as that would be too easy for us sheep to figure out... and I'm sure the gangsters don't really want to help us do they?

Oh... I almost forgot to post this other information from Drake.  Here is...


  • Divine intervention is here protecting us.  Recently, two opposing forces (un-named) were facing each other and told to pull the trigger and their guns went "click".  None of them fired.  This has happened many times actually as the "good aliens/angels" have stopped these battles, wars, and weapons from beginning.
  • Foreign Troops already here... now what?  Don't worry about the Super Soldiers.  Our supposedly opposing forces (2 different ones) were given the opportunity to invade America (the bad guys wanted them to invade) and they both said NO.  They ran the numbers and said they would have 85% or more losses because everyone in America owned a gun.  LOL!
  • 911 was a political action to get a 2500+ document into law called the Homeland Security Act, which was done within a week of 911 (which means it was written well in advance of the event).
  • It was written by a both of lawyers, legalists, and corporations called APAC.  These people are as dirty as it gets.  No sentator or congressman could have possibly read the bill.  It was all staged.

A majority of the states haved filed and it was taken upon ourselves to complete all 50 states. They still need people in the following states to setup and partisipate as they had no contact from them:

North Dakota

We also need help (5-7 signers) in the following states:

New Hampshire
New Mexico
South Dakota

Contact Deatra Loomer at Email them at (Place in subject line: Nation States)

The radio show interview was from:

Freedomizer Radio Call in and join us - 347.324.3704 Join our live chat and listen at

Looks to me like 30 states have filed the proper paperwork successfully, 11 more new a few signatures, and the final 9 need help getting started.  I could see this all being completed in the next 30-45 days or so... which again lines up with the month of June being a VERY Important Month!  That's all folks... now start racking your brains for a "date" (and price level) that this "pig of a market" going to the slaughter house on!



  1.    I talked to the most interesting man today.  Phew.  This is indeed going to be a tough year.  

  2. Hey Red i called the 641-751-3900 number and it kept ringing and then said the mail box is full and you cant leave a message…?

    • I didn’t even try to call it, as Lindsey usually says the same thing in his interviews.  I read the comments from this link and it seems that there wasn’t anything new in them…

        • Don’t waste your dime… I found it online.  Someone already recorded it and uploaded it.  Here’s the link…

          P.S.  I’m starting with the 3rd DVD as it talks about the stock market.

    • Nice catch BH… lines up perfect with my suspected top in the market to happen in June.  Note:  While Legatus meetings are (and have been) important turn dates in the market, Bilderberg meeting can also be… after all, the name of the organization or group isn’t what’s important… it’s the fact that all the head reptiles will be meeting to decide the fate of the us sheep (and the stock market of course).

  3. Obviously the market has broken out to the upside (duh! What else would you expect from a rigged game?).  At this point it seems likely that we will continue chopping around with an upward bias until the coming Legatus meeting is over with.

  4. I hope none of you bears got caught today as you should all know by now that anytime the market comes to a point of decision, which it must breakout one direction or the other, it’s usually bullish.  That triangle that the market was in (up until today) had the highest odds of breaking out to the upside.

    Remember, it’s not time yet for the crash.  Look for the week after this coming Legatus meeting for the cracks to start.  Then look for early June for more cracks…

  5. Sheesh guys… I know you all hate the bulls but you can still comment from time to time.  Washboard, Geccko, PW, etc… say “Hi” to let me know you are all still alive.

  6. Hi Red, I am just waiting for the POSSIBILITY of 1445 sp before I see the blood bath for approx June 19th thru to July time period. I just find it some what comical to see all the sheep buying on these dips.

    We are coming into the time window I talked about earlier for the massive arrest. May 18th thru the end of July period.

    Right now, it is the calm before the storm.

    • Thanks for commenting… it’s good to hear your thoughts too.  I’m still not sure about Legatus, but if we go up to 1445 spx by next Friday then I’d be looking to dip into some shorts.

      It’s also interesting how Bradley has 6/12 and 7/28 as big turn dates.  They could do another 911 this coming June 11th?   Who knows what they got planned?  They’ve done the first 9/11, and then a 3/11 when they attacked Japan… is 6/11 next?

      •  Red , their will be no 9/11 scenario played out. The Illuminati have had their wings clipped. I am just waiting for the shocking events that WILL be played out shortly. I am referring to the Major arrest and many other positive events.

        As I said earlier, this is the calm before the storm.

    • 12:55 Apple time…………A lot of Tebow numbers embedded in there.

      Transports were down 1% and last I checked breadth was barely 2 to 1 positive on such a  “squeeze” day and Apple of course down but unfortunately it didn’t close below yesterday’s low.

      The indices with the Dow in particular now have the classic hook’em horns pattern seen before collapse.

      Apple bounce off of 555 earlier in the week up to a high of 618 (46) yesterday after it was teetering at the edge of its precipice on the lower BB.

  7.     I am here.  Trading away on the bullish side and joining the reppies in profit land.  But do NOT worry, I am bear still at heart. 

  8. A lot more bizarro stuff for me.

    Corporate occultists trying to play Tebow rituals on me.   They recently repainted the corporate “facilities” and stamped them with a magic number disquised as a letter  (lets just say the Mayans would approve of this letter)(another ritual)

    Previously, I had mentioned a certain obscure baseball player(#19) to someone in a roto-related manner, the first time I had mentioned him in ages, and half a day later he hits a walk-off homerun against the Angels right around the time Apple printed that 606.60 quote.  #19 hit the walkoff against pitcher #51 ie 51-19 or 59??? for his first hit of the season in his 8th at bat (18) to bring his average up to .125.     He had been cut earlier in the season after only 7ABs by Billy Beane, Moneyball star and member of the 1987 Minnesota Twins and picked up off of waivers on 4-19 (day of infamy) by TB.

    Then I finally came to the realization of the REAL MEANING of 59.  
       (SF Giants led by Buster Posey#28 (born in 3-’87 and victim of a most gruesome season ending injury last year) won the 2010 World Series—-most notably was the first baseball team to move to the West Coast in 1954 and last won a World Series in 1958 or 59))

    Back to the Future takes place in 1955 from present day 1985 on to fast forward to 2015.
    In Future 2 when Marty learns of the Cubs 5 game SWEEP of the MIAMI Marlins (in a best 5of9 format)in the 2015 World Series, he buys a Sports Almanac from 1950–2000 so that he can bet on games back in present day 1985 California.

  9.    Remember the chinese mercs?    If you are having problems viewing this email, click here.

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    But I’m still an American first and foremost. I will remain an
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    our best interests – and tell the uncensored truth about Washington and
    Beijing in a free online presentation called The Great Betrayal of 2012.

  10.  We are in the eye of the hurricane, notice how their is not much in the news lately, either with our markets or in foreign affairs. Very deceiving, do not be caught off guard. My time window is coming up, May 18th thru the end July for some spectacular news that will be jaw dropping. The massive arrest our on the way with many other truths to be revealed. Later on in june, will be very significant with the markets.

    Good luck every one !

  11. Apple down again.   At one point -5.12.  

    This is how these declines start.   Small declines that morph into big ones.   Somehow they saved the European markets overnight again but I can’t see them bouncing any furthur.

    4-3 is the big Fincher number.   Especially in the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.   4:30 train, the clock set at 4-3 etc.

  12. Normally, I don’t notice the skies but last night they were quite alluring.   I couldn’t help but continually notice the bright moon hovering over  Quetzacoatl.

    Quetzacoatl passed the Pleiades on April 3, when the markets started their move south.

    • Very trippy.   There is a Pleiadean Agenda twitter account down in the reactions section.
      It looks like our Oxbrit/dge friend  but that’s pure speculation.

      But not as trippy as the V for Vendetta icon/avatar that was there for awhile.

  13. Gold looks like it might run FIRST, before possibly plummeting with margin call city.  I have been long for two days and its been pretty strong.  

    •  Very fascinating post Big House. His time line seems to co-inside with my dates, May 18th onwards

      •  washBoard, if you think all of the info is disinformation.  What is the purpose for all the disinformation being brought forward?

        •  Let me re-word the question. What is the purpose in having all this POSITIVE DISINFORMATION COME OUT AT THIS TIME?

          •      Well that stuff has not JUST been coming out, it has been spewing for over ten years on their sister sites.  And as Richard, the Rep, Gere said so succinctly in the movie Chicago, “ya gotta razzle dazzle them”.

          •  As I said before, I will apologize to you here on this web site if I am WRONG with what I see coming forth within the next few months. Major arrest and other major jaw dropping  truths that will be revealed.

  14.    And they are just rival gangs. Like Satans choice to the Hells Angels.  Ain’t nutin to celebrate about, believe me. 

  15. washboard, how do you account for all the resignations from the financial institutions in the last several months. Some where close to 611 people have resigned so far?

    •  As I stated a few months ago, I would not buy any options during these turbulent times. I would rather short Apple than buy options. I am still looking for June 19th into July for our antiquated financial system to explode.

      From their, our new financial system based on integrity will be rolled out.
      Exciting times our upon us Those who are in denial, are in for one VERY RUDE AWAKENING.

      The bottom line, we will ALL be in a much better financial position by the end of the year. Their is no need to fear, unless you are one of the Illuminati or part of the splinter group who put out fear in these coming times.

      Good luck every one !

      • Yes, buying options is going to backfire. I am going to buy some more silver tonight from

  16. s former executive vice-president — and the company’s point man in North Africa — is being detained by police in Switzerland.Aissa
    is being held on accusations of corrupting a public official, fraud and
    money laundering related to his business dealings in North Africa,
    Switzerland’s Office of the Attorney General confirmed to Postmedia News
    in an email Sunday.
    He has been in custody since mid-April following an investigation launched by Swiss authorities in May of 2011.
    February, SNC-Lavalin announced that Aissa and another executive,
    Stephane Roy, had lost their jobs. Both men had links to Saadi Gadhafi,
    the son of the late Col. Moammar Gadhafi. The elder Gadhafi was killed
    last October.
    Swiss officials say they have requested and obtained
    the assistance of their Canadian counterparts in the investigation, and
    according to Jacqueline Buhlmann, a spokeswoman for the Swiss ministry,
    they proceeded to execute certain measures in mid-April.
    weeks ago, a dozen RCMP officers raided SNC-Lavalin headquarters in
    Montreal as part of an investigation into the Quebec engineering giant.
    March, the company said that $56 million had been paid to unnamed
    “agents” in North Africa to help secure contracts for two projects, and
    that CEO Pierre Duhaime had approved the payments. That included a
    payment of $22.5 million made through SNC-Lavalin’s office in Tunis.
    Montreal Gazette and Postmedia News
    Read more:

  17. April 27, 2012 – The White Hats Report #40

    Dr. Michael Herzog Arrested By German Authorities – Has Great Voice, Sings Like A Pro.


    Please recall the winner-takes-all media
    confrontation between the White Hats Reports #35, #38 and #39 and a
    well known International Hedge Fund wherein Dr. Herzog tried to use a
    namesake as a front, hired some high priced legal muscle and used the
    well known fund to shield himself and his fraudulent activities for the
    beneficial interest of Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush.

    Well … two weeks ago, Dr. Michael
    Herzog was arrested in Germany following police raids on his home and
    the homes and offices of several of his criminal associates. As the
    circle widens, Dr. Herzog’s activities are creating major implications
    for all of the crooked political, banking and US Government parties that
    have assisted him. Herzog is now in deep, deep trouble and his
    associates will all follow in the same footsteps. How do we know this?
    We now know who they are from the reams of notes, transaction receipts,
    pay orders with instruction sets, and transcripts of Herzog and his
    associates illicit acts.

    In addition, Dr. Herzog was detained for
    further questioning yesterday. The outcome? Dr. Herzog has a great
    voice and is singing like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Bush, Ackermann,
    Dewhurst, Romney plus hundreds of people in the world financial
    markets, at the highest levels, in the agencies, past Presidents and
    elected leaders of numerous countries, our American Congressman and
    Senators are all named. Yes, it has been a treasure trove of names,
    places and events, including orders for physical violence up to and
    including termination for those that did not cooperate in the methods of
    the Cabal. The Bird is out of the cage and the cats hate the harmonious

    As if all of the above wasn’t enough to
    swallow for one week, selective high level members of the House of Lords
    were informed last night that Josef Ackermann has been taken in for
    questioning on numerous issues instigated by Merkel, and that large
    scale operations are now planned with cross border cooperation, as the
    Cabal’s International Network gets publicly unraveled. Greenspan is now
    the subject of ever more allegations and inquiries. Tony Blair’s
    Vatican accounts and his JP Morgan bagman role is now being assessed, as
    is his history of receiving Bush related funds. The net is now closing
    in on many of them.

    Ackermann was sidestepped for a key
    Bilderberg role. Now serious criminal investigations will intensify the
    focus on both he and Deutsche Bank. The Berlin Federal Prosecutors
    Office is focused on the trail of crime linked to Herzog and the immense
    scale of US Political Racketeering and CIA collusion which is emerging.

    Herzog’s Berlin Court arrest is filed
    under Charge Case No. 83 Js 960/06. His arrested associates to date are
    Josef Birch, Case No. 83 Js 792 /05, address given as 34/36 King Edward
    Street, Darlaston, West Midlands, UK and Heinz Bosche, Case No. 47 Js

    We have information and belief that
    Birch supplied a false address and believe this is a Joseph Birch from
    Cornwall. In fact, it is believed to be Sir Joseph Birch, a well known
    Bush crony and associate, which we are now tracking, to help German
    Police and have him deported back to Germany. If this is the Joseph
    Birch we believe it may be, he comes with a long history of fraud,
    litigation and Bush connections.

    In other significant news, it has been
    learned that Sarkozy needs to assist in the release of the Global
    Settlements to save his Presidency. Merkel needs it to save the Euro and
    EU model. If the EU goes, Germany’s industrial base will collapse.

    We are continuing to unravel the web of
    criminal conspiracy of the international Cabal. Germany’s arrest of
    Herzog and associates is a major first step as it will lead
    investigators to the central, prominent cabal members in Europe and
    America. We have named just the first few. We will continue naming
    names, especially of those in the US through a series of reports that
    will be released starting next week.

    Posted by
    The White Hat Reporters

    3:09 PM

  18. I have a new post written guys, but I’ll have to do the video tomorrow… therefore I’ll put the post up tomorrow night too.  I will say this, I believe the end is very near for the bull run.  This week or early next week should mark a very important top.

  19.     They eat their own.  Is all I have to say about the “new guard”.  I think the great song by the Who, Won’t Get Fooled Again, should be listened to over and over here, by all.

  20. washboard, Please be more explicit on how you see 2012 unfolding. So far you have briefly talked about these Chinese mercs who are going to invade us all here in North America. How is this going to be played out?
    When is this sup possessively going to happen?

    How do see the economic scene played out?
    Are we going into a 1930 type depression where most people will lose their jobs and house?
     This question should be a easy one to answer, since you have stated how you are connected to some very powerful bankers who are in the know.

    Will their not be any arrest. The Bushes, Rothchilds and the many other high profile people will not be arrested?

    After you answer each question, please tell us how this year 2012 will unfold economically, socially and politically.

  21. I have been following your posts for several months now and you haven’t gotten ANYTHING right yet!
    1. Timetable for arrests and collapse of the Cabal set for the first of June – nope didn’t happen.
    2. Collapse of the stock market after the Catholic meeting then after the Bilderberger meeting- nope that didn’t happen either

    Come on man give it a rest.

    • I wrote another post about the same thing.  I now believe that it was “just a smoke screen”.  Go to my site to read it and watch that video.  The link is .

      The post I’m speaking of is titled “Lindsey Williams Tells Us When The Stock Market Is Going To Collapse!”.  It’s a long post and the video is 3/4 of the way down the page.  But yes, I now believe that Drake isn’t correct on this mass arrest thing and that’s it’s not going to happen.

      As for the stock market selling off, it did indeed top at the Legatus meeting and has been selling off ever since then.  It’s not a crash, but a sell off.  The crash will likely start at the next meeting this coming October.

      Read the comments on the newest posts as I’m there everyday trying to figure out the next move.  Some I get right, and some I get wrong… that’s life.  I try to update everyone as things changes so they can get into and out of any position they are in.  No one gets the all right… except the gangsters of course.

  22. When David Rockefeller’s body guard Ford is shot dead trying to keep Rockefeller from being arrested I will believe this, but only then. When David Rockefeller, George Soros and George H W Bush are taken to the underground prison on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean I might believe
    these evil people are being stopped. Which would mean the British Oligarchy would have no wish to object to the US military controlling that island.

    • Dennis,

      This post is 3 years old and not valid anymore. The elite were not arrested (unfortunately), and a lot has changed since I thought this event would happen. I’m working on a new post today and should have it up later tonight or tomorrow.

      Just click on the big red header image to go to the home page. There’s an old post there from March of 2015 as I now only do a new post once a month or so (in this case it’s been about 3 months).

      It’s June 2nd, 2015 as I write this so I guess I’m writing even less frequently now. I find myself day trading instead of trying to forecast out a week or so in advance as the market is very hard to predict past a few days. So I just stopped trying to do so.

      However, predictions on the larger time frame (months out) does appear to be more accurate. The newest post I’m working on predicts a “possibly” crash later this year of 2015. Since I day trade to make money (and doing very well there) these forecasts out several months don’t effect me too much on my ability to make money.

      But if I see something that looks really big I do try to take the time to post it, and what I see coming could be very BIG! I’ll edit this comment later when I complete the new post and add the direct link for you.

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