Saturday, June 15, 2024

ES Morning Update January 9th 2018

Nothing new to add here today gang.  The market is still grinding away, an inch at a time.  I'm still focusing on tomorrow or Thursday for the end of this move up and pullback/correction to start.  It's 50/50 odds on whether this pullback starts a 3-5% correction or just is a nice drop of 30-50 points to shake out some longs and excite some bears before making another run higher there afterwards.  But a 3-5% correction will come at some point.  Maybe it hits in February or March?  I just don't know?  But I'll still play the hand that is given me.  Anyway, there's nothing more I can add as not much has changed from a technical point of view.  The 6 hour MACD is getting weaker as each line gets closer to each other but no bearish cross yet.  Today might be another yawner day... good luck.

Author: Red

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