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ES Morning Update September 30th 2019

Short post this morning gang. My brain isn't working yet... sorry. I was going to do a post over the weekend about the HUGE business opportunity coming soon, and I still plan to do it... so hang in there, it's coming. There's some "possible" FP's of 296.90 on the SPY from afterhours Friday but they got hit Sunday night. However, if we do rally back up any today that's the level I'd focus on.

The 294.69 level on the SPY is the 50 day simple moving average, and it's been holding as support quite well last week. But 200 day simple moving average is probably the real target to focus on, as it's near the FP level on the QQQ, and just a hair above the June 2019 lows. That level on the SPY is 282.97, and I think we'll eventually get there in the coming month. On the ES that same moving average is all the way down to 2835.92, and on the DOW it's a 26,050.90.

On the short term though I just don't have much to say, so I won't. I'll get to that business opportunity as soon as possible as well. But don't worry as it's still in prelaunch and had only 50-60 people involved a week or so back. The last business done by this same man had over a million people... so YEAH, it's SUPER Early right now. Have a blessed day.

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