Tomorrow Will Be Worst…



I will probably do a special video again this weekend, so we can all try to figure out what to do next. Needless to say, once we bottom in the 875-990 area we should all go long. We still have one more high to make this year before we enter into Primary Wave 3.

Our upside target is DIA 118.16 (about Dow 11,800), and we are estimating that to be hit around June 25th, 2010. After that, all hell is going to break loose, as many see us dropping 5,000 points on the Dow before the end of the year.

For all those who believe in God, this will be a time to pray a lot. We have been given the road map over the last 6 months, just as God planned it I'm sure.

I had no idea that I would write this blog a year ago, and that it would change my life and those who follow it. I've always been open minded to learning new things, and I've never trusted the government, but I didn't really know how corrupt they really are... but I do now.

When I first seen the 1047 spx fake print back in January, and then seen it hit the 1044.50 level tagged in February (pierced it a little due to downward momentum), I knew then for sure that the market was controlled and manipulated.

I started to keep my eye open after that, as I was burnt badly on the hard reversal back up from 1044.50, while I was still short. I learned my lesson on that one, and now I pay very close attention to those fake prints, as they are the road map to what lies ahead.

God must have decided to use my skills at building websites (as well as entertaining you with my daily posts, as I'm not really that good of a trader) to warn everyone who would listen, of the coming disaster that lies ahead. He even pointed me some help by allowing Sundancer to find my website and to offer his knowledge of the game, to help others.  I doubt if Sundancer knew either, how much help he would be doing when he found my website, and decided to become a regular poster on it.

Many people have learned a lot now, and are hopefully more prepared for what lies ahead.  While I really don't like all this doom and gloom, it seems too have found me, and wants me to inform people about it.  I would love for it to not happen, and the forecast be wrong, but the charts tell me otherwise.

When the final top is in, I expect to see the moving averages on the monthly and weekly chart come really close together.  The monthly will lag the market when it crosses over, but the weekly should almost be touching by the time we hit the high in the market.  Unfortunately, I can't stop it from happening.  I really wish I could, as I don't want to see so many people hurt from the collapse.  The only thing I can do is to warn everyone in advance, so that they can prepare for what's coming.

Anyway, enough doom and gloom for now, as it's making me depressed, even while I'm making money on the fall.  For tomorrow, everyone should have their triggers placed in case your brokerage firm goes down during the crash.  I can't advise you what to buy, but you can look at Monica's comment on the previous post for a general idea on how to position yourself.

Best of luck to everyone tomorrow...



  1. thanks Mon for your comment on your triggers….I had to leave so couldn't get back to you promptly…I dont want to get greedy so I think I will set up for a sell at 101 and a buy long @ 100. It might get me out a little early and in a little early but at those areas I caught 14 points plus coming down and can get that much going back up…

    Its been a good week and half with everyone thanks for all comments and hope to hear from you tomorrow and your trades do well…

  2. The Daily view from Americanbulls

    TNA was a Wait today, was down today, and remains a Wait for tomorrow.

    TZA was a Hold today, was up today, and remains a Hold for tomorrow. The buy price was $6.10, and TZA closed at $7.68, up 25.9% since the buy.

    Of the stocks & ETFs I follow, only one was sold or bought: UUP was sold.

    These are to hold on to:
    RWM (-1x $RUT)
    TWM (-2x $RUT)
    TZA (-3x $RUT)
    SRS (-2x RE)
    ERY (-3x energy)
    FAZ (-3x Financials)
    SPXU (-3x $SPX)
    QID (-2x QQQQ)
    DXD (-2x DOW30)

    The list to avoid:
    IWM (1x $RUT)
    UWM (2x $RUT)
    TNA (3x $RUT)
    UUP(US Dollar)
    GLD (gold)
    UGL (2x Gold)
    ERX(3x energy)
    QLD (2x QQQQ)
    EWX(emerging mkts)

    The following are possible (but unlikely) buys tomorrow:
    IYR(1x RE)
    URE(2x RE)
    DRN(3x RE)
    UCO(2x Oil)

    The following are possible (but unlikely) sells tomorrow :
    DRV (-3x RE)
    SCO (-2x Oil)
    DTO (-3x oil)
    EPV (-2x Europe)
    DZZ (-2x Gold)

    The following are quite likely buys tomorrow: none
    The following are quite likely sells tomorrow: none

    Summary: Very Bearish
    Action for TNA or TZA for tomorrow: Hold on to TZA, avoid TNA

  3. from “evil speculator” – “For the bulls we are quickly approaching a line in the sand that must not be breached. If we breach the May 6 lows things will get out of hand quickly.”

  4. Red – can you elaborate on the MA coming together …. not sure I understood …

    Also, if this move breaks below the previous low by a big amount, then we would have a lower low in place. …. so why would we consider a higher high after that ? Because of the false tick or something else too ?

    Consider me your contrarian indicator 🙂

    • Yes, the fake DIA print of 118.16 tells me they will rally it to that level before they finally tank the market. This will allow the moving averages to cross each other on the weekly chart, and possibly the monthly too.

      Once the month moving averages cross over top of each other, the market is going to free fall. Estimates are 5,000 points lower. But, the writing is on the wall, so I must listen to it, and see how it lines up with the charts.

      • Hi Red,

        Did we also get a downward target with a fake print for tomorrow? Or was that already hit with the crash on May 6th?… In other words where ar eyou getting your targets from. Thanks

        • I've been looking, but I haven't seen one. Wish I knew what it was, but I have two targets in mind for tomorrow. One is 980-990, and the other is around 875 spx.

          I think it will be quick, lasting only in the first hour or two, and then a rally back in the afternoon. Should look like Feb. 5th, 2010 did… a doji.

          Keep your eye out for fake prints, and let me know if you find one. Thanks.

          • Thanks Red…. you are running a great site here. I wish i read your post yesterday because I made some dumb moves today after I was having a few great days of trading. Can I ask where you get those targets?

            Also on my ameritrade software I see fake prints intra-day all the time.. just smaller ones and I use them for trendlines. It works about 75% of the time. I'm trying to figure out how the machines are talking to each other 🙂

            Anyways, the last time we had th eflash crash… I was luck enough to be in vxx…. I just dont know if I have the nerves to buy it when we are this over sold. But this is not a normal market… lastly, check out this video. His projections are similar to yours in the long run. Called a huge fall in May with a new high later in June or July! Maybe you will be right.

          • Harry Dent goes beyond Red. Dow down 8000 as opposed to Red's estimate of 5000. Good video BTW. Thx.

  5. before everyone agrees to see a crash tomorrow. Jay strauss (jaywizz) has been calling it good lately. tomorrow a low around 11am then a rally in the afternoon. end of day -the data isn't in yet

    and breakpoint trades sees a comparison between now and Feb 4th (thurs) and then friday. Market spiked down hard in the am but ended unchanged (hammer) next twenty days rallied. similarities using macd Histogram (divergence) but didn't show in the macd (lines)_between now thurs/fri and then Feb 4th/5thfriday

    I'll have to make sure I get sundancer's containment lines. I really couldn't read the chart and make out the numbers.

  6. Ok, first time post. First thank you Red for the blog and I agree Sun Dancer has added alot to all. Sundancer reminds me of Fatima, not sure if your posting ID is tied to this? FWIW, I am a toasted bear, and have been holding positions since last summer, but am thankful my shorts are ETFs and not puts where I would of been completely wiped out. I own some Faz from 58.00 and EDZ at 16, both of which have resplit. My question is Roubini thinks another percent and if sundancer is correct, up to 875 ish. You mention a reverse Doji, so any Idea what I should put my limit order sells in tomorrow a.m. so if it gets bad and then reverse, I can get out a decent price. I saw some on the FAZ board added to put a sell in at 29.84.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Just look for the 980-990 area, and watch what time it is. I suspect the selling will stop around 11am to noon est. If the market is in that range by then, I'd say the selling is over.

      Of course it could fall to 875, but then I'd expect it to hit 980-990 very early… like 10am or something, to allow it to continue falling on down and end by noon.

  7. Red,

    I see you are in a reflective mood about your blog today, and I'd like to say that it certainly is a very good work. Those who have eyes can see. I've passed along warnings to some people who I thought would be hurt by the crash, and they have been grateful. Thanks, friend, for a job well done.

    Take a look at Cobra's McClellan Oscillator chart, and you will see that it is very likely that after we reach the full extent of this decline, there will be a rally (might only be a day or three) and then a return to a deeper low, possibly at the 875 area? Here's the chart:

    I am also mindful of the Ascending Broadening Wedge that Cobra points out on his main page, that has a target of 1008-1019, equivalent to the burgundy and white lines on Sundancer's chart. I believe we will have a bounce at that level, and a trading opportunity.

    I will dump all May puts and possibly some June ones in that range and look for an intraday rally, but will hang onto majority of inventory til 900s.

    I'm not too sure about the timetable. This is a very big move and is taking days to play out. Monday could be the reversal day, I think, but I'll be paying attention tomorrow!

    • Yes Rip,

      If we drop hard in the morning today, then we could do another intraday reversal like Feb. 5th was. We need a capitulation day to clean out all the bulls' stops from the last 6 months.

      Then a rally can start that will start to squeeze the bears. That 875 level seems too far away to reach in one day, but that 980-990 level isn't out of reach. I have placed trade triggers to sell at 990, and buy at 985.

      Time is also important, as the first few hours should produce the most selling, and then a possible huge rally in the afternoon, which could gives the green day Cobra talked about. Of course it would probably look like a doji, and only barely up, but that's what I think could happen.

      Then they will have the weekend to calm things down, and stage a huge rally on Monday. We'll see how it plays out I guess.

      • I think we may have an intraday rally from 1017 and hit 980 towards the close for a solid red candle, and then a solid white candle on Monday, perhaps with the lows in the morning. Remember that the big boys like to trade in the afternoon.

        In any case, I have my triggers set at 1020 for May puts and 980 for everything else, will check out buys on the fly. Probably just some June calls.

        Happy trading today!

  8. Cobra says (for today)

    0.2.0 Volatility Index (Daily), VIX rose more 18%, as has discussed in 05/04 Market Recap, there’re more than 80% chances a green day tomorrow.

  9. Breakpoint trades says “look for the 9dma to act as resistance on any sharp rally. It acted as support on the way up (weeks ago) now its acting as resistance.”


    Rick Ackerman can be amazinginly accurate. His free blog says “The blue chip average fell 376 points yesterday, and we’re predicting it will fall a further 470 points, to exactly 9592, before buyers get decent traction.” Just two days ago he touted 1098.75 as the emini low. AND it his 1098.75 as the low (intraday) and bounced almost 20 pts. Right to the tick!

    His paid subscription (me) reads that the E mini equivelent of this dow reading is 1022.75

    My gut tells me we rally and I'm going to take jawizz advice that the bottom may be around 11am (or was it 11:30)

  11. I wish people would stop using the term “crash”, capital markets exist for one reason & that is to harvest speculative capital.

    This was posted last friday:
    I don't make decisions based on oscillators, I follow Rituals. There is a weekly setup that has been providing downward pressure on the market & IMO will continue to until it is completed.

    Nothing has changed, except more bottom pickers.

    I don't know what the operators have planned after they run the stops from 5.6.2010.
    Sometime today, SPY will probably dance with 108 area on the upside.

    One thing traders should ALWAYS be long on is Patience.

    • I checked to see if I used the term 'crash' this morning and, oops, I did. You are right, of course. I love 'ritual dance of the harvest of speculative capital' but it lacks brevity.

      The ritual is much like stampeding the sheep to the shearing pen, so the 19th century 'panic' works pretty well, too. 🙂

      • If you want to learn about Rituals, you can dig back through my old posts

        There are no coincidences
        This was posted on Wednesday Night

        Now this close on the SPY today is rather scary if you're long
        The operators did this same Ritual during the Oct. 08' fall harvest of Spec. Capital.
        The Wednesday of that Week here was the SPY Ritual
        10.8.2008 Open: 97.52
        10.8.2008 Close: 97.51
        5.19.2010Today Open: 111.77
        5.19.2010 Close: 111.76

        This numbers game really is simple!!!!!

        • I do want to learn, and I will! I have a million commitments I'm ignoring while this one plays out, so will muddle along another week or so, but I do intend to learn the ropes.

          It is very much like a trapeze act.

          • Yeah, But make sure you pay attention to how many times he has been wrong. Remember the posting regarding consecutive days down of a few days back.

            Look, if he were that good he would not be wasting valuable time posting here. Do your own homework.

            Go visit the That is where most of the info here comes from!

          • Well, he was pretty darn good at calling the sequence, so I'm paying attention. Granted, he's more of a long-range trader which is not everyone's style.

            I've got Levine bookmarked, too, and George Reyna.

        • Absolutely want to learn this sundancer 🙂 – very interested in determining what you saw to kick this off and determine how you came up with the levels to watch 🙂

          You mentioned that you use MA in multiples of 8 – can you share which ones specifically ? Also, do u use SMA or EMA or any other kind ?

          Thanks a lot 🙂

          • Hey.

            Google Paul Levine. You will can download several articles of the MAs he uses. Someone posted it a while back.

            It is a great read!

    • Hi Sun – thanks. I have all my triggers ready and will only buy non leveraged instruments including DE.

  12. Carl’s morning call:

    June S&P E-mini Futures: Yesterday's range, entirely below the 1100 level, makes me think that the market will drop into the 1030-40 range before turning upward. My range estimate for today is 1035-1075. Once the low has been established I think the ES will begin a rally that will take it to 1300 and higher.

    1057.50 – 1180.50 range last night (23 points)
    1035-1075 estimate for today (40 points)
    average actual range last 9 days has been 24.5 points

    1062 currently, so estimate is -27 to +13 from here (very bearish)

  13. I don't know if today will be the capitulation day or not, as the futures aren't really down that much. But I do think it will look similar to February 5th, where we sold off early and then rallied into the afternoon.

    The day ended closing up slightly and sparked a huge rally from it. Time is critical here, as I believe the selling will end within the first few hours. I will close my shorts during the morning session, regardless of how far down the market goes, or does go.

    There is no way to know if we go all the way down to just below 1000, or just retest the 1050 area. We are overdue for a bounce, so if you are playing short term positions like me, you might want to close them today, and reload next week.

    • Europe is rally right now (as far as I can tell with a 15 min delay) and I think may be ready to head south again when we open. How convenient!

      Just eyeballing their trendline, I think they'll drop a good 3% more this morning.

  14. I agree with your sentiments. Most would rather play a positive game. I do think there is a positive however.

    If the scenario plays out and we get the expected P3 people will finally understand how corrupt and inept our government is. Not the structure such as outlined in the Constitution and Bill of rights but those corrupt 4rth branch bureaucrats and politicians that do not understand free market principals.

    Good luck today.

  15. i am out of all shorts and holding. Hit my targets. and a bounce seems due maybe not today

  16. Your comments would be more enjoyable if you'd keep all that god business to yourself. Good for you if you find comfort or encouragement in all that fantasy, but it clutters & detracts from your posts.

    • That's probably all we are going to get today on the downside, as it looks like option expiration is wanting them to close it around 108.00 spy.

      Of course it might swing back down and retest the low, or not? But, since we are so oversold at this point, I'd say we close green for sure.

  17. Amazing what that 20 points did to my account balance.

    I'm calling a big red candle for today, because of this backtest.

  18. Amazing what that 20 points did to my account balance.

    I'm calling a big red candle for today, because of this backtest.

  19. Red It's been a good ride, but I've ruffled some feathers with the operators & they have dispatched their trolls with the alphabet soup groups. (Joe Jackson Here)

    You've come a long way since I first started posting in January. Keep up the good work & a abundance of resources will follow.

    To everybody: Just Remember the Rituals Never Change

    If you have a serious question, you can email me, (be warned the alphabet soup groups will be monitoring dialogue)

    Stay safe & take care of your family


    • Thanks Sun…

      I knew that there would come a time that this site was noticed. Maybe I shouldn't have done the video I did or change the site's look, which increased traffic… and allowed them to find it.

      But, their time is near an end as 2012 approaches. The good will eventually win the battle.

    • Hey Sundancer,

      Hate to see ya go, and hope you change your mind.

      Thank you for all you've done.

    • Sundancer
      You should not go. You belong here. Plus summer is just starting so you can dance in the sun. We enjoy your work, even though we dont post that much

    • So the casino operators are looking for card counters, huh?

      Please keep tabs, Sun, and be well.

    • I dont know Mon…weren't you out last week…and now your knee deep in…its in your blood…you aint leaving

  20. Thanks Sundancer… We have been following your advice and really appreciate all your help.
    Will miss you.

  21. Hi Red, thanks once again for your time and input !! my feeling is 990 is a pretty big call, I just dont see that happening. However, if it does, a great LONG opportunity for many…… I believe 1020-1030 will be the low…


  22. I closed out my puts gang… but they were May puts. The 60 minute chart is looking bullish now, like it wants to roll back up. This should give us a big up day on Monday, as we are pretty oversold here.

    • Yeah, this backtest is pretty vigorous. My account looks like a truck rolled over it. The opposite of opening gains.

        • I have some May stuff but didn't pay much for it. Good risk/reward. Had some good gains earlier, hope they'll be back so I can cash in.

          Really hard to tell how today will go. Public opinion pretty strong both ways.

    • I dont know Red…dont want to give up to early…haven't even gotten back to Pivot yet..

  23. my gut tells me that a bear is learking in the bushes. usually we need an intraday slingshot to go higher. It's rare to get such a huge drop with no downside worth noting. May puts now are CHEAP. AND worth it.
    Risk reward is very good hear.

  24. Once they start down everyone will say “Oh Shit”! As Mole says from the Evil Speculator site. “The Bulls will be running with their hair on fire”!!

    Outrageously funny.

  25. My account is as bloody as Carrie at the prom.

    You know, I wouldn't even be looking for a lower low if it wasn't for Fat Freddie. I'd be making a buy list.

    So if there is such a thing as market operators and alphabet agencies, they can blame Fat Freddie.

  26. Compared to the huge drop. This is a proverbial “Dead Cat bounce”
    for this rally to be real you have to get a stampede going (I think)

    • I'm an un-abashed Catholic. Been to Medjugorje twice.

      but does God want me to be poor? Apparently so.

          • Protect your profits. Take your money and run.

            Still got tons to keep. No need to pray NOR risk it.

            Just think of your poor husband's ulcer. LOL Besides you dont want him to pull all his hairs out and turn into Homer Simpson. LOL

            Protect what you have gained.

          • This site has deteriorated into a respite for compulsive gamblers. When you are holding large option positions and do not know how to liquidate, it spells trouble.

            It is very sad. Like you said, she has made a ton and will walk away broke.

          • It is not my intent to flog or poke fun. I am a recovering compulsive gambler. Lost everything at the Track. Not your concern.

            No one, when I see one.

            Get some help before you have to go through the h$ll that I did.

          • Before you go giving your advice to people here, you need to first become their friend. I don't know if you are a troll, or not, but get an avatar, get your disqus name registered, and offer something of value.

            If not, you will be not be welcomed here. The people on this site try to help it other, not belittle them. You are new, and you may or may not be a regular reader.

            If you are a regular reader, and this is your first post, you aren't started it off on a good first foot today. Take my advice seriously if you want to continue posting on this site.

            I'm not really in a good mood today…

          • You will not hear from me again; don't fret. I feel compelled to help those with my affliction but I learned long ago that I can not change the world.

            I tried and my mind is at ease.

            Good luck to you!

          • Not good Newbear…

            I'm a fool who hurt a dear friend, and I'm very angry at myself right now. It's best for me to just be quiet for now.

            P.S. Tell Sela to email me a full size picture of his avatar, and I'll put “selaminator” on it for him.

          • Not true Red – I think you are a great person and you should have more faith in yourself.

          • Maybe so, but friendship is more important too me then money. Friendship lasts forever, and money is just a means to feed yourself, and provide a comfortable living.

            I'd rather be poor and have very close friends, then be rich and have no friends.

          • I guess the term “poor” and “rich” are relative terms when you look at it that way.

          • Red – you gave good advise based on what you knew … that is the best anyone can do …

            Just like Sun gave the best information he had … you and Mon followed it made $$, I didn't and stubbornly held to my longs …. in the end we make our own decisions …. you are a great guy, don't beat yourself up …

          • exactly AS2009. If we don't have our own convictions, we are sure to lose every time! Red has an amazing heart.

          • Short term USO exit is 32.7, this one is get in and get out, but still have some left for 38 eventual exit.
            June 29 calls, play like this…enter under 3.60, get out 3.95, next couple of days.

    • Guess you cut your puts on time. I 've been banking coin on the long side today but just bot some June puts

      • I don't really follow them, but I do see there value. I just don't have the time to do so. Cobra does posts on them sometimes, and I read his. Also, I go to Astro Cycles sometimes to see where we are. (link in Astrology Moon Cycles category)

  27. FWIW, the ride on the shortbus is over. Market capitulated yesterday. Check the statistics, it is the third largest panic selling in 20 yrs. Today's rebounce with gusto. The bottom is in, based on historical pattern. The worst that can happen, is a retest of 1050 ES.

    Don't bet the farm on a crash.

    • Hi SC well I was long going into today and Red kept calling me and saying that for sure we were going to crash today, buy puts buy puts please I know that it is, and stupid me listened and trusted, and now what have could have been a fabulous day is killing me and the kitties outlook..after 13 years trading to be so stupid just kills me.. be aware

      • Anna – Red is your friend and was trying to help you. The deck has not been played yet – we do not know the answer.

      • Cut your losses, Anna.

        You can come back. You are a tough girl. A new day will come. You will be fine. 🙂 Trust your own method. Listen to no one else's opinion. 🙂 Your own method works.

        I am 100% confidence that you will bounce back !!

  28. If 1090 holds, bears are in good shape for the afternoon. Perhaps a double bottom.

  29. This little rally shouldn't take long. Daily TL is broken down.

    I'm looking for buyers this afternoon, will bail out of May puts at 1060 most likely.

    • From what I see…

      $NYDNV:$NYUPV is trying to capitulate today, it is now .15
      Usually a capitulate day is a value under 2 and with a CPC of >1

  30. VIX 33, is where I'd start shorting the stocks, again. FXE, has short sell signals right now. Probably should short FCX around 68.5..I'll have to wait till Monday, to gt 68.5,

  31. I see a false print to 107.50 spy on the 10 minute chart. Not sure if it really traded there on not, as I wasn't watching closely. It close be where they want too close the market today?

    It also looks like we are forming a bear flag now, so if it plays out, that is the likely target.

  32. I am trying to figure out the circumstances regarding sundancer,,why all of a sudden refrain from posting?

    • Wendel,

      Monday will most likely be up, and possibly flat or slightly up on Tuesday. But rest assured, the low isn't in yet. You would be wise to get out of your longs before Wednesday.

      I will be sitting this up move out…

      • Red – how do you come with timeframes … ie mon up – based on the 60 min indicators looking up … why wed down ?

        • It's just an estimated date, as I think it will take that long to get the 60 minute chart over bought again. Once it is getting ready to roll back down, it will line up with the daily and weekly, which are still pointing down.

  33. Wow, wish I'd been alert enough to grab those profits on May puts this morning. I learned something.

    FWIW, we are nearly done testing both sides of the 1080 level. I think Monday will be a rout.

    That is all.

    • Rip – I don't know how much it matters, but I noticed that on the SPY MACD, the 5 and 15 minute have already crossed over, and it looks like the 60 is about to cross over. I am a rookie though, so what do I know? Learned a lesson today. Still way ahead.

  34. Yesterday's selling ranks as one of the top 3 biggest panic selling in the last 20 yrs. Today's up volume is almost 10X the down volume. The textbook case of the one-two punch that signals a bottom. Any retest, if at all, will not be material. If we have a follow up of another panic BUY of > 9 to 1 any time next week, then get off the short bus in a hurry for it is hurling off the cliff soon!! lol

    The 'teal' line of the spy is around 112.5. That is the last line of warning for the cliff. IF and WHEN we consolidate above it, then the bears are foraging in a minefield looking for a crash……

    I shall speak no more of this. Good luck to all.

  35. Red did anyone get fake prints today as to the possible direction of the market next week?

    • Sorry, I had to edit your email address… I don't want the spam bot's to get and spam you to death. You should always spell it out, so computer bot to get it and sell your email to your favorite Viagra campaign… LOL.

      To answer your question is simple… “They” don't want everyone to know their plans, or it wouldn't work, and they couldn't rob us retail investors of our money.

      “They” didn't like Sun teaching us the game they play. “They” sent their trolls to post here to let him know that they are watching us. So he had to leave.

      Of course I don't know enough to be of any threat, but they didn't want us to learn any more about the game they play… Make sense?

      • hell just when it was getting fun…after my great day of BS…I fire up the puter and come here and a siren goes off on my machine…I kid u not…I got this dam siren going whoo whoo whoo…its driving me nuts…ya think maybe one of those clowns sent me something for listening….ok got to go fix this machine…at least its Friday and I got all week end…

        • now Im kinda riled up,, this is creepy,, big brother listening,, who the heck was he? an exhiled operator sworn to secrecy?

  36. well Im back….did I miss anything…all I know is nothing went right with me this morning…so I hope all was good here today and ya all made some money…

  37. Hey, is anyone here still a bear after today?

    We might have had a white candle today, but we also broke new low ground, in case nobody noticed. Geez, we've skimmed off 1050 twice without checking it out thoroughly. Shouldn't we go down to investigate?

    Calling a candle sandwich for Monday.

  38. Carl at day’s end:

    1035-1075 estimate for today (40 points)
    1051.25–1088.75 actual range today (24 points )
    Market was 13-16 points above Carl’s range.

    For the past 10 days, average actual range is 24.6 points

    Trades: No Trades
    Grade: C (lost no money)

    In the past 10 trading days, Carl has taken just one trade, a loss of 7.25 points.

  39. We are now in a New Moon Trade, which tends to favor TZA.
    TZA opened up 5.0%, and the opening gap was filled. TZA was up 6.3% at it’s high, and closed down 4.5%.

    AmericanBulls had TNA with a Wait today. TNA was up 4.2% today, but TNA will be a Wait again for tomorrow.

    AmericanBulls had TZA with a Hold today. TZA was down 4.5% today, and will be possible (and likely) sell for tomorrow. The buying price was $6.10, and TZA closed at $7.34, up 20.3% in 4 days.

    Volume for TZA today was 44% above it’s 1 month average. Good for TZA.
    Volume for TNA today was 63% above it’s 1 month average.

    $RVX (VIX for $RUT) closed down 8.4% with TZA down 4.5%. No divergence.

    TZA had been up 2 days, down 1, up 3, and now down 1. Choppy, but generally rising. Good for TZA.

    The low for TZA was from 19 days ago at $5.30. Today’s low was $7.12, 34.5% higher. Good for TZA.

    Today, Ultimate Oscillator for TZA fell from 56.4 to 54.7 (-1.7) while TZA was down 4.5%. No divergence. Bad for TZA.

    MACD fastline above zero rising & slowline below zero but rising. Good for TZA.

    Bollinger Bands for $RVX (VIX for $RUT): Today, $RVX fell and closed below the top Bollinger band. MACD both lines are rising pretty much vertically. This might be the 2nd day of a 3-day sequence ending in a $RUT buy signal. Good for TZA for the time being.

    Bollinger Bands for $RUT: Today, $RUT had a long white candle that closed above the lower Bollinger Band. The bottom tip of today’s candle touched the 200 day moving average line. It looked like $RUT today dropped to the 200 day MA line and bounced. MACD is falling sharply. Could be very bad for TZA.

    Yesterday: On the NYSE, down volume was 73 times the up volume. Usually, the market bounces after a number this large. Maybe not the next day, but the day after that.
    Today: On the NYSE, up volume was 9 times the down volume. A nice bounce, as expected (for today or tomorrow).

    TZA had a much higher high & higher low & much higher close (Bad for TZA)

    Money flow for the Total Stock Market:
    $ 264 million flowing out of the market 2 days ago.
    $ 1,568 million flowing out of the market yesterday.
    $13,442 million flowing out of the market today.
    Huge Outflow for an up market day. Good for TZA.

    I will post the AmericanBulls candlestick interpretation a bit later.

    Overall, Bad for TZA for tomorrow

  40. The Daily view from Americanbulls

    TNA was a Wait today, was up 4.2% today, but remains a Wait for tomorrow.

    TZA was a Hold today, as down 4.4% today, and is a possible (and likely) sell for tomorrow. The buy price was $6.10, and TZA closed at $7.34, up 20.3% since the buy.

    Of the stocks & ETFs I follow, these are to hold on to:
    IYR(1x RE)
    URE(2x RE)
    DRN(3x RE)
    UCO(2x Oil)

    The list to avoid:
    TNA(3x $RUT)
    UUP(US Dollar)
    GLD (gold)
    UGL (2x Gold)
    DRV (-3x RE)
    SCO (-2x Oil)
    DTO (-3x oil)
    EPV (-2x Europe)

    The following are possible (but unlikely) buys tomorrow:

    The following are possible (but unlikely) sells tomorrow :
    SRS (-2x RE)
    FAZ (-3x Financials)
    DZZ (-2x Gold)

    The following are quite likely buys tomorrow:
    IWM (1x $RUT)
    UWM (2x $RUT)
    ERX(3x energy)
    QLD (2x QQQQ)
    EWX(emerging mkts)

    The following are quite likely sells tomorrow:
    RWM (-1x $RUT)
    TWM (-2x $RUT)
    TZA (-3x $RUT)
    ERY (-3x energy)
    SPXU (-3x $SPX)
    QID (-2x QQQQ)
    DXD (-2x DOW30)

    Summary: Transitioning from Very Bearish to Bullish
    Action for TNA or TZA for tomorrow: Likely sell of TZA, avoid TNA

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