It’s Getting Ridiculous Now…


The Manipulation In The Market Is Now At PEAK Levels!

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Just what will it take for the market to sell off?  I don't think a nuke going off in the White House would even cause a sell off now.  In fact, everyone would probably celebrate as it would kill all the gangsters... hence the market would rally to new highs!  But for now we have to assume that this POS market will continue to choppy around this area until it makes another run higher.

The charts are worthless, as the gangsters just ignore them and keep the market up regardless of the insane bullish percentages and various other indicators that clearly point to a sell off coming.  Will it happen?  I doubt it... after all, it's the holiday's and the gangsters need us sheep to go spend money we don't have.  Bernanke must have missed my home when he was flying over in his helicopter dropping hundred dollar bills, as I didn't get any of that free money... did you?

I think the hoover vacuum cleaners at Godman Sucks, and JP Muggers must have sucked it all up.  The gangsters never ceases to surprise me anymore, but most of the public is still asleep at the wheel.  When will they wake up and go arrest these robbers is still a mystery to me.  But, maybe some of the sheep are waking up?  The story about WikiLeaks keeps getting more and more attention.

I'm glad to see it, as it has woken up my people now.  The question of whether or not Julian Assange is a planet by TPTB is still unknown?  Since rumors are that George Soro's is funding their site, that leads me to believe that all these leaks were done on purpose.  To what evil end is also still unknown?  But, I'm sure it has something to do with cracking down on the "freedom of speak" we still have on the internet... which will result in some B.S. law being passed to take it away from us.

Just like the 911 Patriot Act was created so they could fondle your child in public at airports because they might be hiding a bomb in their pants, any new law will be just as bad as this one is.  While I'm not a fan of lawyers, as they are about the same as Carp (a bottom feeding fish), that law takes away your right to even see a lawyer as they now have the right to arrest you and hold indefinitely without any charges, and without the right for council.  They just say that you are a suspected terrorist, and all your rights are gone.

(I borrowed this from Reinhardt, as it seems so appropriate now that the Reptilians (err Gangsters) are getting scared).

Yes my friends, they have 2 sets of laws now... one for us sheep that says that we can't even grow our own food anymore without breaking the law (Senate Bill S 510), and one for them that says that they can murder, rape, rob, and arrest you anytime they please.  I'm never going to stop talking about these gangsters, until they are all gone.  When that happens, I'll celebrate and actually go long in the market!  LOL!

Moving on...

I still think we will close lower by then end of this week.  Thursday have been bearish many times in the past, and I think we'll see something breakdown tomorrow, and allow this market to sell off.  In the afterhours right now (11pm est) the market has rallied back up to 1233 ES, just shy of a double top at 1235 ES from Tuesday.  This can be looked at 2 different ways...

One:  We are going to gap open tomorrow and continue rallying to highs.  This would support the 60 minute chart pointing back up, as well as the 30 minute chart too.

Two:  They are just fooling the bulls by rallying in the afterhours, and plan to take it back down tomorrow morning at the open.  This would support my thoughts that what they do in the afterhours is many times reversed by the premarket session.  It would also clear out all the shorts, and maybe trap a few longs too.

Either one of those two scenarios is going to play out... but which one?  I favor number two, as I believe they are clearing out stops now with plans to take in down tomorrow.  But, we all now that the charts aren't working right now, so even though we are at extreme levels of Bullishness, we could still go higher.  Maybe they will continue to push up until they finally hit the DIA FP?

While I really think they will push that off until sometime in January, it's possible that they could hit it before the end of this year... especially if they continue to "not pullback" any at all.  We've all seen this market crawl higher day by day, defying gravity as the monopoly money keeps coming in and saving the day, time and time again.

So, don't be surprised if I'm wrong again on this week ending lower.  I've eaten mud too many times now, and one more time isn't going to kill me.  All I can say is that the charts still say we go down.  Whether or not they work this time is another story?

Good luck everyone...


P.S. Robert, you've been about the only one whose stayed long during this run up, and you've been right.  Congratulations on that!  Now let's see if us bears can get a little to eat?


    • I see you got the link up now. I wonder what was causing the error? I know I can’t post any link in the replies I post to my youtube only viewers. Kinda ticks me off. What good is a comment section if you can’t share links?

      • Well, it’s asking for a username and password. I’ll have too wait until it is replayed somewhere else for free. Keep me informed please. This story could be what will later be blamed for the coming stock market crash next year.

    • If I had to guess, I’d say that Julian Assange is really a good guy that is being played by the Illuminati. They know that the stock market is going to crash next year (probably start down after the DIA print is hit), and they need to blame it on someone.

  1. AAII bulls 53% bears 23% this week and they released it relatively early tonight. In the last comments section, I did a more in depth discussion of Investor’s Intelligence numbers which were 56.2%bulls around 22%bears…..bulls are at November highs’ levels and slightly lower than the December 2007 levels…….That’s the second highest reading for AAII bulls I have seen the past year after the 57%seen a few weeks ago.

  2. red,

    its a close one…..i might have to eat EGO PIE for lunch and say i was wrong….. i called a top tick at 1235.05 two days ago and it looks it might not stand……………..

    oh well, ego pie is good with ketchup!

    • The only range it’s in is a stair step crawl higher, day by day… until all the bears are dead, once and for all. At this rate, will hit that DIA FP before the end of next week… unless of course they allow for a small pullback first. Doubtful though, as these gangsters have it out for the poor bears.

        • It’s such B.S. San… I should have just went long months ago, and stayed long until the upside FP is hit. But who knew which print would hit first.. the DIA 118.16 or the Dow 8300?

          All I can say now is that the safe bet is to sit in cash until the DIA print is hit. Then look at the charts to see if it looks like a final peak that’s ready to rollover, and then go short. Seems simple enough… but it never is.

  3. By the way gang, according to Reinhardt the internet wasn’t supposed to be free like it is today. The 1993 failed false flag bombing by the Fed’s on the Twin Towers would have been the reason they needed to censor the net before it got big.

    Now it’s a little harder to do, but I believe that this wikileaks thing is something that they plan to use to shutdown the net whenever they feel like it. It will be blamed on “national security” and the example given will be the leaks from Julian Assange.

    While I don’t think they will be able to shut it down (too much money being made now on the internet), but suppression of free speech will be their goal… which I also think they will fail at. No law that they make will stop all the great hackers from continuing to spread the word and wake up the sheep. The wolves time is about up, as the sheep are revolting I believe.

    • I don’t think the gov’t need laws—The gov’t can just seize the assets..Now, they have a precedent…and you know how much Our gov’t worships Money…

    • Well if I was an investor, I sell before the end of the year to avoid the tax increase next year. But I don’t know if there will be enough people selling to cause a sell off in the market or not? With all the monopoly money propping it up everyday, it may never go down.

    • That huge black candle on the SPY the other day—those have 2 outcomes…4 up days in a row, that go to a higher high..or, well the other one, didn’t happen.

  4. I am shocked with the futures making a new high last night and with all the POMO money today, that the stock market didn’t ramp to the moon at the open. Call buyers were certainly exuberant at the open as the ISEE all equities registered at 519 reading at 7:10am PST. Even the Russell 2000 couldn’t make a new high. Normally these formations the past few days have been providing little resistance to the bull rampage but I think they’re going to hold here this time. Gold,silver, bonds, munis all with small bounces/ pauce days and munis were due to bounce since they are at their minicrash lows from a few weeks ago but that couldn’t stop IIC (California munis) from making a new low before a feeble intraday bounce). Looks like we’re ready for freefall city.

    • Indian stock market, which recently was back at its alltime highs tanked today. Brazil was down and emerging markets in general reversed back down a few days ago and never got back to their old highs like the US market. Tomorrow is also 77 days from Sept 24, the release date of Wall Street 2, where a key scene occurs at 77th street subway station and featured the 777pt down day in September 2008 number prominently in the movie. It also 127 hours from 7-3 false print day ie 5 months 7days. 7-3 was 58 calendar days from 5-6 flash crash day and 57days from 5-7 post flash crash low.

  5. I think we could also see this as going bullish could we not?

    If the Dollar Index rallied and the market still reacted slightly positive.

    I think we lost steam because people expected the “tax deal” to pass.

    These tax laws are written by the rich for the rich; so I still think eventually it will get passed.

  6. well red,

    my call of a top tick lasted all of 3 days. i was wrong (gulp)! We broke that level this morning. humble pie is on the menu today.

    i just cant wrap my head around a market in which tptb will never allow it to truly correct…… this makes no sense.


  7. Well gang, I agree with all your comments… this is total B.S.! I guess I’ll have to put on my bull hat now. Of course it will be from a dead bull that I killed and scalped! LOL

  8. Well gang, I agree with all your comments… this is total B.S.! I guess I’ll have to put on my bull hat now. Of course it will be from a dead bull that I killed and scalped! LOL

  9. What a boring day… It’s probably going to just chop around until the end of the year, with “maybe” a slight pullback before the end of the month (for profit taking by the mutual funds). Yawning now… need more coffee.

    • Maybe I should stop wasting time covering the S&P and focus on Gold and Silver, as it’s definitely going up over the coming years ahead. That’s one bull market that I would be glad to put on a bull hat… made of gold and silver of course.

  10. Well guys, if there’s any good news… we’re only about 400 Dow points away from the DIA FP now. So we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer I believe.

    But, I don’t see it hit this year, as I expect the market to stay range bound for the rest of the year, with some small move down to close out long positions for tax purposes. But nothing big.

    I suspect we’ll hit it in January sometime. Remember, we still have the Legatus Pilgrimage February 3rd-5th, 2011… so something might come out (false flag or wikileaks bank documents?) a little before or after that meeting.

    While I’m still unsure if the meeting will still provide a turn date like it did February 4th-6th of 2010, I do believe the gangster will be making important decisions at the event that will affect the market.

    So, it’s still worth watching. January should be a very interesting month, and we should keep our eyes out for new FP’s. I can’t catch them all. If you see one, be sure to screen capture it and email it to me please. Thanks…

    • I was going to chime in on that. Since it’s hit there it’s flattened. Meanwhile, ISEE all equities is shooting for an all time record reading and 10day trin on pace for one of the lowest readings ever.

        • 10 day arms and $rut:$indu right at the levels of around Sept 22,2008. According to Daneric, sentiment trader is showing 0 bearishness. And most bonds are tanking today particularly PCN. Some though haven’t dropped below their lows of a few days ago.

          • Stock charts has the wrong trin reading for September 19,2008. It should be lower than the .31 reading the day before.

    • You’re not kidding! We still haven’t hit 100 million shares traded on the SPY yet, and I doubt if we do in the next 20 minutes. It’s about 90 million right now… extremely low volume.

    • if i give you money at 0%( banks) and say dont worry about anything , pay me back in the future just go buy stocks………….

  11. I understand a lot of people that’s what’s happening but I don’t……I think it’s a bunch of weak, MONKEY investors who are buying into this CRAP because deep down they need to believe that everything is fine and things are okay because they are too much of a PUSSY to accept the the truth we are in serious trouble…’s a psychological thing….it seperates the strong from the weak

  12. Today’s SP close which was also the high, 1240.40 minus the alltime high of 1576.09=====336.69 (remember the March 2009–3-6-9 low plus it has the 69 number that the insiders love). No new high in the Dow and new highs on the New York Stock Exchange only 195 compared to nearly 500 on Dec. 7.

  13. Awesome day to end a fantastic week……Only Price pays, everything else is noise…..Looking for some weakness early next week……..Have a great weekend Red……..

    • Come on now… be nice. He’s just riding the trend with gangsters’ free POMO money. While I refuse to do it, I don’t blame anyone that does.

      I agree with you that this is 100% B.S. Manipulation by the gangsters, but it’s not Robert’s fault. I’ll be sitting on the sidelines until the sh*t hits the fan next January. Until then, the bears are going to go hungry I believe.

      Bulls and Bears are both welcome here, even though I’m personally a bear. I’ll be a bull when the Down bottoms around 3-4k though. Until then, we just have to be patient… our time will come.

    • You know nothing about me, but I know alot about you. Trading is about making money. If you want to be dreamer, I suggest you start playing monopoly and quit trading…….

    • You know nothing about me, but I know alot about you. Trading is about making money. If you want to be dreamer, I suggest you start playing monopoly and quit trading…….

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