Weekend Update – Train, Train…


Tuesday Update...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzA4rrFhUSk)

I ran out of time at the end, but the MA pattern that I was speaking of is just forming.  To complete it we would need a small rally in the morning (maybe 50% retrace?), with another sell off into the close.  It should break the lower portion of the M (1223 spx) and drop an equal (or more) distance from that lower portion to the peak of the M at 1235 spx.  That's at least a 12 point drop (1235 minus 1223) from the 1223 area, which would be at least a move down to 1211.  Since 1211 isn't any major support area we can expect it to continue down to the next major support line of about 1200 spx.



Monday Update...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4KvDkz-QU8)

Here's the link to Ben Fulford, with David Wilcock and Cliff High comments...



P.S. I did the video last night, and this morning I see the futures up again.  Surprise, surprise!  Not looking to likely now to end the day down.  I guess 1200 for brief correction is off the table now.  Gangsters!


Just keeps on coming...

This rally over the last 3 days was nothing more then a 100% manipulated bear squeeze designed to steal your money.  While I have no doubt that we will eventually hit the 11,800 dow area before Primary wave 3 down starts, I do see a move down coming next week.

How deep is unknown?  But since the market has shot up so quickly, hitting a double top within just a few points, the odds favor a pullback early next week.  Rarely does the market pierce through such a significant double top, without a least a few days pullback.

I expect more then just a few days, but at the minimum we should go back and retest the 1200 area, if not the 1173 level.  I know we are going into the Christmas season, and the volume in the market will be light.  This is exactly the right time period for the gangsters to sell off the market, as they can control how deep they want it to go.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eoNNPSDnak)

While I don't know if they are going to crash it, as the Wilshire FP could be indicating (as well as the 1206 train), it would certainly be a big surprise to most traders, and would catch most bears off guard and out of any short positions.

You have to admit that everything this year has been the opposite of what we all expected.  Everyone was looking for a really bad September, and for a crash in October.  Instead, October was one of the best months in many, many years... fooling all the bears, including myself.

Then November was supposed to be bullish, yet the month ended down with a few bearish topping candle pattern.  Now this month is supposed to be bullish too, as most traders are away for the holiday's allowing the light volume to float the market higher.

I should also mention that it's usually the government manipulating it higher during this light volume period, as it doesn't take as much monopoly money to float it up.  But what if they pulled the money out of the market and let if fall?  This would shock everyone, as we know how they like to pump it up on Friday's so everyone will shop over the weekend, because they feel good about the markets' weekly closing price.

Well, the holiday seasons are just as important to their game of manipulation.  They should be floating the market higher every week until the end of the year and the holidays are over with.  This would keep the sheep shopping and spending the monopoly money they don't have.


By doing the opposite and allowing the market to sell off some in December they could control the depth of it easier and then stage a rally next year in January when everyone is expecting it to tank.  I'm just thinking outside of a sheep's mind right now, and trying to think like the wolves.

They are always fooling us with every manipulation of the market, and a sell off between now and the end of the year would have the bears salivating at the mouth, with the January/February months coming up next.  The bears would be diving in with all four feet expecting the sell off to morph into a crash in the early months of next year.


We all know that they will take this market up to the FP on the DIA of 118.16 before the real Primary wave 3 down starts.  Every other move down before that target is filled is just a correction in the Primary wave 2 up, which in my opinion will not be completed until that final FP is hit.

So, why not sell of the market during the December month when the light volume makes it easy to control?  Then manipulate the usual weekly economic reports to look really positive in the first month or two of next year, allowing the bear squeeze to take the market up to that final FP level.

If the market rallies up to that level in January or February, you can count on one hand how many bears will be left in the market.  It will be a ghost town in Polarville, as all the bear finally toss in the towel and go into hibernation.  One of the best months of the year (January, February, and/or March are bearish a lot) turned out to be a dud with no fish to eat during the famous trout run.

I guess all the trout got too fat eating polluted food floating around in the Gulf of Mexico, thanks to the gangster gangs poisoning the water with oil and chemicals that make the money, make the human workers sick, and do nothing to clean up the damage... all while simple farmers hay would have done ten times the clean up with no sickness to the people.

But we can't have that, as intentional blowing up the oil rig, killing the wildlife, poisoning the workers, and destroying the local economy was all just part the plan.  Population control, creating angry, fear and hatred is just one of many goals they achieved.

Stealing money from us sheep is of course the other.  Pitting us off against each other with staged wars and made up enemies is also another way they profit financially (by selling weapons to both sides).  Once the war is done, they then use the cheap labor locally, and in the military to rebuild the nations.

Of course when the bill comes due, and they need to pay it... they tank the market and steal the money from us sheep.  When will the next crash happen?  When we least expect it of course.

So, that leads me to speculate on the what the "Unstoppable" movie really meant... if anything at all?  What if I was looking at the wrong train?  The 1206 train would indicate that an unstoppable event would happen this Monday, December the 6th, 2010.

Of course it could be nothing, or it could be for 2011, not this year.  But, that Wilshire FP still bugs me.  Why is it the only print I have that shows up on a date that isn't the date the screenshot was taken?  The large candle print down to the 7300-7400 area is showing up on a date that over 3 months prior... looking to be around December the 6th or 7th, while the last candle on the chart was about March 5th/8th, 2010.

Very puzzling that one is?  Let's not forget all those people that are forwarding an email instructing everyone to go withdraw all your money out of your bank on December the 7th, and close your account with all the major banks.  People are told to put you money in cash or a local, smaller bank.

While I don't know how many people will do it... if any, but a bank run is what they are trying to create.  Whether or not it succeeds is unknown?  I personally doubt that very many people will do it, but it does match up with the FP and the train.

Nothing will probably happen,  but you all know me by now... I like to play the "what if" card and keep everyone sharp and not asleep at the wheel.  Just in case you forgot, we did have our "false flag attempt" back in mid November, so that forecast, while wrong in market direction, did happen.  However, the false flag attempt was stopped... therefore the market crashing never happened.

There are sources out there they state that the ICBM missile was headed for Iraq, to start WW3.  While it never reached it's target, (thank goodness for that), the "attempt" was still real.  The details of who shot it down are still unknown?  Some say it was the good Aliens, while others say it was a Chinese EMP weapon.  I don't know, but the false flag event was likely meant to happen during that time period... but failed.

And don't forget that John F. Kennedy was going to reveal to the public the "Good Aliens"... but he was assassinated by the gangsters before he could release that information.  There are good and bad aliens here on this planet, and battle is being fought behind our backs.

All I'm saying here is... keep your eyes open during this holiday season.  It's the perfect time to fool the sheep.  It won't be exactly the same as last year (like the Thanksgiving Dubai surprise), or any year, as that would be too obvious.  But, it will be a surprise never the less...

Moving on...

As for the charts, (not that they actually work), the market is up against a double top of resistance now, and shouldn't pierce through it on the first attempt.  A pullback is extremely likely... even with the gangsters manipulating the market with more funny money.

As for Monday, I expect it to close down.  I know, I know... what about "Bullish Monday", and all the POMO money that's still being injected to the market?  I still think the double top won't be broken on the first attempt.  Whether it's only to the 1200 level, or a little deeper to the 1173 level, the odds are strong for a move down early in the week.

If it continues to head down for more then a week, then it could go as low as the 1130 area before reversing back up into January to complete a wave 5 up, ending this P2 wave at our DIA FP.  I don't know if it will actually correct that low or not, but the downside targets are 1200, 1173, 1150, and 1130 spx.  Of course the upside target is still the DIA FP of 118.16, but I don't expect it to be hit until early next year.

I've been on the wrong side many times in this controlled market, and right now everything is turning bullish... hence the reason I'm still bearish.  Yes, yes, Bernanke is going to talk about another round of QE Sunday, which should rally the market higher.  I think it won't, and that it's already factored in.  Regardless of if they gap it higher Monday morning or not, I still expect Monday to sell off by the close.

But again, the charts are looking bullish... so just be careful going short, or long.  Good luck everyone.



  1. happy st. nicholas day red (dec. 6th is st. nick day for germans)….

    Dec 6/7 is both the irish vote on the bail out and the european ‘pull your money from the banks’ run. i think this may surprise alot of the establishment and the bank runs may just trigger some kind of crash – it would fit with that wilshire date of 12/7.


    you are the best of the best red!


    • Thanks Richie…

      You know I count on everyone that posts on this blog to keep me informed, as no one person can follow and read everything out there. It’s easy to miss an article, or important news event when you are busy reading something else.

      I sure wish I was a speed reader. That would be sweet. But then again, I’d still have to find all the info out there to read. Anyway, thanks for informing me of that news data.


  2. Red, we have to remember we are only about 3.7% away from the DIA FP. If they pass the Bush tax cuts for everyone and extend unemployment benefits, 40pts +/- on the S&P would be no problem for the TPTB. That would put us real close to the FP… I’m with you and don’t think it will happen now, but it’s one scenerio that would trap all remaining bears and set the stage for taking a ton of money from the bulls.

    • I agree Johnny. But if they do that now, during the holiday season, and it really is the “final top”, then they would start the sell off before the end of the year. Some how I don’t see the “big one” starting until early next year. I’m just looking for a pullback for a few days to weeks, and then a move up to the FP in January.

  3. Top Headline on http://www.cnbc.com... (LOL)

    “Minority Investors May Offer Huge Potential for Wall Street”… (and it goes on to say):

    – Wall Street may be missing out of billions in potential investment from an untapped resource—minorities. “Minority groups are getting older and they will be looking for some place to invest,” says one financial planning expert.

    Let me translate… Wallstreet gangsters need more sheep to steal from, so they want to promote their ponzi scheme to the minority, as they’ll already stolen everything from the majority. The spin, the spin, the spin… you’d think it would get old, but it never does.

  4. Not that these guys have been very accurate (who has in this manipulated pyramid game?), but they see this current top similar to the one before the flash crash I believe.Quoted from their twitter feed on the 1st of December…- $SPX–model just triggered a capitulation sell signal and will be short under the SPX 1206.45 cash level and flat above. Big unwind possible -Link here: http://twitter.com/BAMinvestorProblem is… it’s December, and the volume is extremely light. So if it is to really tank (I’m only looking for a small pullback), then it will certainly be because TPTB wanted it too!

      • With this close, I guess 127hours is correct. This market RIP on 12-03. Dojis/negative dojis everywhere. ISEE all equities put call ratio showing a gorging of call buying today despite the nowhere market. Transports down. Comments on Daneric’s page at a multi-week low. And the more I venture through the blogosphere, the more depressed I get as all the experts are bullish and debunking all of the tried and true sell indicators. I think I need to engage in some external communication eradication.

    • Not sure? They will put up the next schedule around that date I believe. So until we see that schedule we don’t know how much more they will inject into the drug addict.

      • Someone researched those POMO days for me…not every build day, results in an up day on the market…I may still get my down every Tuesday, because USO folks get nervous on Tuesday’s, about the WED oil reports

  5. The 30 and 60 minute charts are now in oversold territory and looking ready to point back up. That could cause a gap up tomorrow, over the double top resistance level.
    However, the charts have been wrong many times before, so a move down could just as easily happen too… but some news event will likely be needed to start it.
    Will it happen, or will we continue to grind higher into the stratosphere? Who knows?

      • I should say oversold on the “short term”, as in the 12,26, and 9 time frames on the MACD. But here’s the 30 minute…


        Notice that the histogram bars are in negative territory, and moving back up to the zero line. While the MACD’s are still overbought, we could do a head fake breakout tomorrow and get the histogram bars above the zero line to become over bought with the MACD’s.

        The 60 minute chart is still pointing down on it’s histogram bars and should continue down, based on the MACD’s 12, 26, and 9 time periods, but the longer time frame of 65, 90, and 12 still hasn’t turned down yet. This could allow the market pop higher briefly before rolling over.

        While I think the double top will hold, and we won’t breakout to the upside, it still is a possibility to consider. Overbought can be become more overbought, as we all know by now.


        Just look at the 60 minute chart and notice the 65, 90, and 12 MACD is still pointing up. I’m hoping that we just stay flat one more day allowing the shorter time frame of 12, 26, and 9 to rally back up and get overbought too… which would allow a nice move down on Wednesday.

        But hoping is for gamblers, which of course we all are… if we are stupid enough to short the gangsters. LOL.

  6. Very nice consolidation today. I like sideways…. CSCO looks like its done selling off and ready for some upside IMO. Company loaded with cash….It’s very dangerous to bet against this trend. Glad Sants showed up this year…………g.l.

  7. Hi Red, one feature I’d love from your site is a page with all the current FPs that are out there, then we can keep track of when they’re hit to see what patterns emerge. Or maybe a simple table showing

    1) The symbol
    2) The date the print occurred
    3) The price target
    4) Date fulfilled (if ever)

    I think you should become the authoritative expert on FP. It would be a great feature to add on your site.

    • I’ve thought about doing that but it’s a lot of work, and I’m already staying busy enough. Maybe I do it in the future? But for now, if you need any FP, just email me and I’ll send you the link.

  8. The events in 127 Hours actually took place in 2003 and the movie tries to come across as an accurate bio-pic although it plays out as more of a horror film so the dates in the film should be taken to be accurate or accomplish the goals of the makers in their ceremony. The socalled 127 hours occur from April 26-May 1??? So add the UNSTOPPABLE # to that and what do you get. 7years7months7days from then????? There’s more so I’ll do a complete movie review.

    • Jayson Werth signed a deal with the Washington Nationals, 7years 126million dollars. Very interesting. Nationals are the former Montreal Expos whose first year was 19(69). New York Jets are playing and I believe they last won a Superbowl in 1969 plus they are overly hyped by the media just as the Miami Thrice are.

  9. Hesitated today as market is hard to read.

    Any opinions on NFLX or OPEN. They look overpriced but I think they will push a little higher before going lower.

    I need to purchase either some good calls or put options.

  10. Well crap… Youtube is down for maintenance. I uploaded a new video successfully, but it’s not processed yet and I don’t know how long it will be? I’m sure it will be up and working again by tomorrow morning.

    I’ll put it up then, but for now I’m tired and headed to bed. If you late owls want to keep checking my youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/reddragonleo), it might show up in an hour or so?

    Otherwise, I’ll put it up when I get up tomorrow morning. To sum it up for tomorrow, I’m expecting a red day.

  11. 127 hours review: Weekend warrior James Franco embarks on trip to a national park for some spelunking and hiking. He departs on the night of April 25th without telling anyone where he is going. On his way to the park, he is shown travelling past exit 261. 261 a possible anagram for 126???? (The pre-day before the horror??) 261 is also only divisible by 3 and 9 respectively with the remainders being 29 and 87. Reverse the number to 162 and that is 81×2….81 years ago is 1929. 162 is only divisible by 3,6,9 (March 2009 low…3-6-9) The remainders are 54,27,18 (don’t really see anything here except 54 years ago is 1956 and of course the 18number)…..The next day he arrives at the park and he gets on his bike there and his watch is shown at 3:14. Eventually, he is trapped in the recesses of one of the mountains and he can’t extricate himself. In the middle of the first night, (this is in the trailer), his watch is shown at 11:59 with the 4.26date shown beneath. I’ve already mentioned all the numbers and dates embedded in these number. Then the watch clicks simultaneously to 12:00 and 4.27 with the numbers 12 and 7 appearing simultaneously. He remains trapped and narrates into his video camera and there are a variety of numbers that keep appearing in the video camera display. At one point there is a 17:03 number on the camera but he says its 3:03. Then during the middle part of the film there is a little bit of sun worship and he becomes one with nature just one of the elements in the grand scheme of things as the film embarks on an unusual spiritual message/theme. Eventually he extricates himself but during this crucial sequence his watch is seen displaying 1:16 then 1:17 and the camera cuts away as 1:18 approaches and the date beneath it is 5:01 (this whole sequence is a quick shot that takes a few seconds). There is also a flashback sequence of his answering machine with 21 messages on it. 127 hours is 5 days 7 hours, 57 adding to 12 and also being between the crucial 56 and 58 numbers.
    And during the final night he scratches his name with RIP 75-03 on the canyon wall. The cinematography is pretty murky so the 75 isn’t very clear; it could be 15 but I doubt it and it doesn’t make sense with what the actual date should be. As he leaves the canyon, he looks up to the sky and says “thank you” (to the sun in my opinion). Sorry to reveal too much of the plot but I knew what happened before going into the movie as I expect most of its viewers do.

    • 1703 is a key date according to Dan Brown it is also a possible anagram to 1307,307(number seen in the Droid commercials) or 703 which are also key historical references in my opinion. Of course there also some sort of hidden meaning in these times that appear on his watch, some of which appear in normal time and at other times in military/universal time. Of course one needs to subtract 12 to get the time during military time. It would take repeated viewings to get at these numbers though.

  12. Sell on the news for the extension of tax-cuts. Yahoo already had a story about them being extended before the market closed. Nothing happening in after-hours activity.

  13. DECEMBER 11 to 13 — CRITICAL!! Direction to be set at least for a while? Astro by Tommy
    December 11 could be a big day, other Astro sites also show significant activity through Dec 13, do a Google search

    A few days back I made an online request for data that I can publish under the “Real Data” page of this website. I received a few responses, some of which require data to be crunched and at least presented another way to avoid possibility of Copyright problems. To a great extent the daily price of various commodities and indices SHOULD NOT be information that anyone needs to pay for. These are not government secrets. This is basic data that has been published in newspapers, on radio, on the ticker tape, and lately on the internet.

    So far I just published price of Silver data. Please visit real data and let me know what you think, the excel spreadsheet is not “pristine” but all the data is there.

    We need more than just 25 years of data, since the last 25 years has been pretty non-typical. If you don’t understand this, I highly recommend you educate yourself about this, because we have the front row seats for a multi-century series of events that is playing out in front of us.

    One of the data contributors was Tommy, who I later found out was very well versed in Astro.

    I have no time to further review this, dig into previous financial crisis dates, etc, and have to get back to some government bids so I can get my share of my tax money back. I am only partially joking on that.



  14. Well, maybe this is just an exhaustion gap, as we are selling off a little now. Just a quick bear squeeze and bull trap? If we fall back down to gap fill then I’d say “yes”, but if they hold this level and trade sideways all day, then “no”, we are higher.

  15. Nice sell on the news event. Gap it up at the high of the day at the opne on the news of extension of the tax cuts and then reverse it down. Crude oil, gold and silver with bloody reversals. Munis tanking hard again with IIC (California munis) making a new yearly closing low and near the low of its minicrash low a few weeks ago. Tomorrow 444tds from March ’09 lows and 111tds from July low (which itself was 333tds from March low)….In 127 hours, Franco’s character is shown preparing for the night as he is isolated at the bottom of the canyon recess (on the 2nd night) and the screen does a countdown of the day’s temperature to the night temperature. It starts somwhere in the 70’s and drops to 44degrees. (I am guessing it started at 77–I wasn’t paying attention too closely here—and thus there was a 33degree change in temperature—–remember when it was 17:03, he says it 3:03 ie 33.) We also have an important month and day versary coming for the 7-3 fake print. (maybe we need to apply 127 hours to it)

    • Someone on Daneric’s mentioned $rut:$indu was near April’s highs a few days ago; it has now surpassed that level and it’s at the September ’08 level just before the market tanked. I am pretty sure $nymo will have a small change reading as it has stalled just above the 0line the last few days. A new upthrust would have had $nymo blowing thru the 0 line area.

    • Well crap. I was going to buy ($195) puts on NFLX today when it was around 194.00.

      NFLX and OPEN have gone too high too fast. I don’t think OPEN has a good business model.

  16. ok RED i am going to do it.

    At the risk of complete public ridicule – i am going out on the very end of the limb and state that we just say the top tick of the S&P at 1235.05

    i think we will see some sideways action for 1-3 weeks but today looks good for a top tick. why today you ask red?? well its as good a day as any. ….. the technicals are truly broken with all this market manipulation, and the market has achieved changing even the elliott wavers (on the short term) to now see more “up”. it has herded the majority of market participants (those few that are left) to ‘more up’, and bull and bear arguments alike call for higher prints.

    TpTb are the only ones who know exactly when they will pull the rug out from these markets – but i say TOP TICK…….christmas rally be damned……. today is 12/7 and your wilshire print is also 12/7….today we top ticked……

    red, i will be the first person to say i am wrong once we tick over 1235.

    …..any thoughts??


  17. red,

    i forgot to add that today marks the true 21 month reversal of the s&p at 666 on March 6, 2009. (21 = 7+7+7) today marks the true 777. today marks the top.


  18. red,

    i forgot to add that today marks the true 21 month reversal of the s&p at 666 on March 6, 2009. (21 = 7+7+7) today marks the true 777. today marks the top.


    • Today===21tds from 11-5 high…..False print released at Yahoo Finance on 7-3….127hours===(3)7—Thus–12-7(7)(3)….SP high===1235or12(7×5)…featuring the 75number from 127hours….1235minus 666===5(69) and this is the 69th anniversary of a certain event. 49tds from August 25 low to 11-5 high. 70tds from 8-25 low to today. There were 70tds from Nov 21,2008 to March,6 2009 during the final leg of the 2007-2008 bear market…………On a similar note, today is 157tds from 4-26high (thus 5-6 is 149tds ago) and today is 157calendar days from 7-3. 15.7====5PI….127 hours===5days7hours.

      • Of course 5 days===120 hours or 3—Then 3-7 for 127hours. That DIA 118.16 print has the 3-30closing price on it but it supposedly was released the morning of 3-31 so it is difficult to detemermine where to add dates to it. 8months 8days later????7months7days would hit at around 11-5 high.

  19. oh yeah and red,

    today 1235.05 marked the exact 61.8% fib retracement of the 2007 highs. this is the kiss of death…..

  20. Anybody see the huge black candle on the SPY? those only go 2 ways—either….
    WED and / or thursday down, or 4 straight up days to a new higher high.
    My friend and I invested in black candles ( with real money) for 6 month’s…And concluded, that’s what they do.

  21. Let’s see reasons for a reversal in Gold. It seems that everyone is talking about it. It made Yahoos list of trending keywords yesterday. I guess the expectation that B Bernank was about to launch QE 3 via his 60minutes appearance got the public juices’ flowing. I see two gold bars on the cover of the latest Kiplinger’s. Prechter recommended shorting gold and silver yesterday to his subscribers so undoubtedbly the bullish consensus figures must have been off the charts, 97% or better. And my broker was freaking out about gold going to the moon. Meanwhile gold made a third straight high at lower daily RSI level yesterday.

  22. So far, so good…

    It looks like we completed the left side of the A (of the MA pattern) at 1229 spx, and we’re now heading down to at least 1211, but more likely the 1200 area for support. After that… who knows?

    • I don’t follow the TLT enough to answer that question, but just briefly looking a the daily chart for the last year it is showing that TLT is into a support area now.

      It bottomed at 93.49 on 11/15 and also it hit 93.60 on 06/03 and rallied from both dates. That looks like a triple bottom area to me. But again, I don’t follow it enough to tell you it’s a buy or not.

      • Red, you should go over to wikileaks and tell them they are attacking the wrong outfits…They should be attacking the gangsters…
        How’s this for a headline? GS CEO, wakes up today,
        $2 trillion in debt.

      • I’ve read that at least once PayPal had an entire hard drive of account information stolen. How does someone just walk away with an entire hard drive…I guess that information is only as secure as the guy guarding it and NOT the firewall + antivirusmalware software.

        Trust used to mean something back when my dad was growing up in Long Praire, Minnesota. The local store was left unlocked in case you needed something in the middle of the night you could come in and leave the cash on the counter.

        Things have changed…

  23. Bank of America Corp. agreed to pay $137 million to federal and state authorities for municipal bid-rigging practices in the late 1990s and earlier this decade.

    Earlier this year, the Charlotte, N.C., bank agreed to pay $108 million to settle charges that mortgage lender Countrywide Financial Corp. improperly charged customers before Bank of America purchased the firm in July 2008.

    The bank also reached a $150 million settlement with the SEC after the agency accused the bank of failing to disclose information during the acquisition of Merrill Lynch & Co.


  24. Breadth was shockingly bad today despite the nowhere market. This should take the $nymo below the O line today. As usual, they hold the market up until Thursday. I’d like to see II and AAII poll numbers now.

  25. $oex boys bought up greater than 2 to 1 puts to calls today over at the CBOE. Tomorrow 5 months 6 days from the 7-3 fake print day. ISEE all equities at an exuberant 237 number for a nowhere day. Bonds collapsing again and euro with a nice pause day so it doesn’t get too extended from its 20day average (that will happen later).

  26. Red, you should listen to Alex Jone’s interview last night over at coasttocoastam if its available, about Wikileaks. Some good stuff. He says Wikileaks was created out of the White House and along with George Soro’s Open Society Foundation which apparently runs it. Assange is some hacker the government caught and made him the front guy for the organization. He is being set up as the patsy. This whole operation is being used as an excuse to create an Internet pa–t-#2–rio–@t act. The elites don’t like the dissemination of information occuring over the internet and don’t like the fact that the public is wising up. I already have seen rumblings in Congress about making a mandatory Internet ID for everyone.

  27. Investor’s Intelligence poll this week 56.2%bulls supposedly right up there at November’s highs. 56.5% bulls reading at the December 2007 high. Bull bear spread is at 34.9% so I guess around 22%bears. I think it got as low as 17%bears at the Jan 2010 top and bull bear spread was higher at April’s high.

  28. Investor’s Intelligence poll this week 56.2%bulls supposedly right up there at November’s highs. 56.5% bulls reading at the December 2007 high. Bull bear spread is at 34.9% so I guess around 22%bears. I think it got as low as 17%bears at the Jan 2010 top and bull bear spread was higher at April’s high.

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