Weekend Update – Planned Crash Is Coming Soon


Quick Friday Update...

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Tuesday Update - More Manipulation at the End of the Day...

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Monday Update:

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Estimated Time Of Arrival - Within The Next 2 Months...

The new movie being released on 03.11.11 in the clip above is called BattleLA... (http://battlela.com)

[pro-player width='425' height='344' type='video']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIBHgMo-ngw[/pro-player]

(Watch the Video Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIBHgMo-ngw&feature=player_embedded)

Read this woman's story here: http://biblicaltimes.wordpress.com/2010/12/19/ex-illuminati-refugee

Here is the link to all 10 of her video's: http://wn.com/mkbutterfly71

Could the "False Flag Event" in the coming movie above cause this FP to be fulfilled?

Everything is playing out just like they planned.  The market topped last week at the DIA FP of 118.16 (piercing it a little, as it did last year on February 5th, 2010 "97 point drop" low too, which actually hit an intraday low of 1044.50 spx).  The next major low should now be the 106.46 SPY FP from last year.  Of course there will be wild swings on the way down, but that's perfectly normal and designed that way to steal your money.

While I'll be in and out of my shorts many times on the way down, as I certainly don't want to get caught in a short squeeze, I'll try my best to figure it out and let everyone know so you too don't turn a winning trade into a losing one.

As for next week, Monday looks UGLY!  I believe a wave 3 of 3 is going to happen, so be prepared for some selling.  I don't know if it will gap down or not, but either way... the panic is coming!  The 15 minute chart is the only chart that looks capable of pushing the market up at the open.  We could gap down and then quickly fill the gap (or just come close to filling it?) in the first 5-10 minutes, and then tank the rest of the day.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMPDxzJCpGE)

The 30, 60 and daily look ready to rollover immediately.  Everything tells me that "The TOP" is now in, and Primary Wave 3 (P3) has now started.  The Legatus Pilrimage is this February the 3rd-5th, and will likely be another turning point... only this time it will be DOWN!

A possible scenario is a move down to the 1220 (or as low as 1180) area by the end of next week.  That would complete a large wave 1 down.  Then back up for wave 2 into early February, (allowing time for the gangsters to cash their remaining checks through the Vatican secret bank, at the Pilgrimage), followed by a large wave 3 down toward our 106.46 spy FP (about 1060 spx).

That wave 3 could stop around 1120, bounce briefly for wave 4 up, and then wave 5 down to 1060, which would complete the first much larger wave 1 down.  A speculative wave 2 up would then last for a month or so, followed by the worst series of wave 3's down in the history of the stock market.

Those would be a combination of Primary wave 3, Major wave 3, Minor wave 3, Minute wave 3, etc... you get the picture!  Yes, this time... the P3's really are coming!  This would be the move down to the Dow 8300 FP and SPX 885 FP.

So while us bears have been waiting for this wave for a long time, you must also understand that we are now riding the coat tails of the Illuminati.  They planned all of this to "Break America", as in... make American's so poor that they can't uprise and fight the Satanist's Evil plan to chip us all and make us even more obedient slaves.

Remember these Illuminati Reptilian Gangster Elites want to totally control you.  They do this through stealing your money.  Then you will be too poor to organize any type of resistance.  They control the "Main Stream Media" and just about everyone in both the House of Representatives and the House of the Senate.

So of course they control the stock market.  They want the crash so they can profit from it on the way down (by being short of course) and by buying up every company in America at 10 cents on dollar... turning the US into the United Soviet America!  Welcome to Socialism, and Communism.... welcome to the "New World Slavery"!

I'm not kidding here folks!  This isn't just a "conspiracy theory"... it's FACT!  Look around you, it's everywhere.  You know it to be true in your heart.  We are living in the "End Times", as foretold in the Bible and many other books too.  You have to use this opportunity to profit from a collapsing stock market to help yourself survive, and to help others that don't.

When the time comes, I hope that everyone that reads this blog will stand up and fight against the Evil Empire in whatever way they can.  The laws are still out there that can arrest these gangsters, if only enough people would join together and enforce them.

They plan to unite the world financially, but keep it separate physically (as stated in this video interview with Bill Ryan of Project Camelot and Project Avalon).  They need you to think that your neighbor is your enemy so they can steal from both of you.  If everyone in every country was to "wake" up and realize that the only real enemy is the Illuminati, then they wouldn't fight each other over Religion, or other made up lies designed to keep everyone distracted and not able to unite against the Evil Empire.

So making money from this coming disaster should be used to help others less fortunate then you.  We still have a chance, but we must "Wake UP" the sheep.  Get them away from the Television set, as it's programming their mind to do what the Illuminati want... EVIL!


P.S.  Want more proof of the coming crash?  We had a movie called "Unstoppable" with a train numbered 777.  Just before the market hit the DIA FP of 118.16, the DIA had a closing price high on 01/14/2011 of 117.77 , and then on 01/18/2011 the Dow had a closing price low of 11,777.99... which is signal that the Unstoppable train in near.

Then we have a new movie out recently called "Black Swan", and of course the latest Wallstreet movie came out late last year too.  And now we have the new "Battle LA" movie coming out on 03.11.11, which again... is a sign of things to come.  Don't get on any alien ship folks... it's NOT Jesus returning!


  1. Gold is at a critical support point. Very few if any other analysis methods would show this. The PRS177, which is a channel line extension, tells us something that very few can see, much less understand, much less act upon.

    We have got a nice 11% profit on a mechanical trading system [SHORT] on GDX from BreakPoint Trades, however this PRS channel line has caused me to close out that trade. That is good enough.

    The “Cable” British Pound / USD currency pair has 2 reasons to want to push higher. The 78 Fibo and the PRS 177. This would also push US equities higher, although the multi-year correlations may be now at risk of no longer working.

    Also, Expiry week is done. The Monday after expiry often finds some good size fireworks to correct the antics of Expiry week. Sunday futures will be interesting. We banked some serious coin last Sunday playing the futures, which seemed to move in perfect 5 and 3 wave patterns, almost like shooting fish in a barrel. Not that I will complain, any win is a win gratefully accepted.

    Bond Interest Rates are at a 61Fibo, also looking a near perfect bull flag. Choose your own poison on how to play this. Perhaps TBT or even JNK? However, one concern is that there is so much media coverage about muni bonds being risk, and States being allowed to declare bankruptcy–defaulting on pension obligations and bonds. I have to take this amount of media coverage (it is large) as a contrary indicator–when they pimp it out that much, there must be some opposite plan coming out….like a TARP for borrowing for State Governments.

    This feeds back into my tin foil hatter theory of Fed Gov as the economic hit man, enslaving everyone, including State Governments with debt. What a great plan to consolidate power at the Federal Level. Time will tell.


  2. Listening to Mr. Topstep, he seems to think they need about another 10-15k open interest contracts on the March Futures before the market rolls over. He estimates that to happen between January 28th to February 8th…


    The Spiral Guy’s chart has the 28th-29th as an important turn date…


    And of course the Legatus Pilgrimage is February 3rd-5th… does this all start to make sense now? It sounds too me that we are likely to be choppy this week, with some early selling and a later rebound toward the end of this week.

    Then the rug gets pulled out the following week. If this coming Friday pushes up and puts in some type of double top, falls short a little, or even goes a little higher, then look out for Monday 01/31/11, as a big move down is highly likely.

    In this scene from the new “Battle LA” movie there is a quick shot of the beach at 1 minute 31 seconds in, showing the DOW down 4,847 points!


    Now I don’t expect that to happen like that, but it might still simply being telling us that a “crash” is coming, not necessarily the amount of points it drops (remember, we already know those points).

    More like the “date” that it should start… as in 01.31.2011 (what could possibly happen over the weekend to cause that? Think everyone, as I’m drawing a blank right now).

    • what ever happened to julian assanges promise of jan release on a large money center bank……. a collapse of a goldman sachs on a wikileak would be lehman bros. x 10……..

    • IWM 50 sma day, is 76 or so—-That’s a key support for the gangsta bulls. If that breaks down, then I’m switching back to the dow FP theory. It’s hard to identify the trend. The gansta’s have new tricks, I haven’t ever seen before.

      • The FP theory has worked so far, and is now fact… not theory anymore. As for the gangsters, here’s something to educate you.

        You should listen to all 5 of these video’s from an Ex-Illuminati member… it is very disturbing how evil these people are…


        I’d rather hang out with “Street Gangsters” then those guys, as at least they don’t eat peoples’ heart to steal their power.

        But there some good news, many of the Illuminati members are breaking free of their programming and coming forward now. I’m just glad I wasn’t born into one of those families as I would have already went crazy by now.

        You see it on TV when someone famous breaks down… it’s not that they are crazy or anything like that, it’s because they were “programmed” and the programming broke down briefly and they experienced the good side of themselves for once.

        Look at when Brittany Spears broke down and cut her hair all off… her programming broke down. More will follow, as it’s not normal for people to want to be evil and follow satan. They have too be programmed into evilness, which many rebel because they know it’s not right.

        Satan will lose this battle as it’s foretold in the bible. God’s people will win in the end… not the gangsters.

        But in the meantime, we traders must profit on this planned crash to be able to help others out less fortunate.

        So hang tight, we may still get one more push up late next week? Maybe only a lower high, or a double top. Or, even slightly higher to that magic 1300 level… who knows?

        But we should expect some shakeouts before they crash it for real. This week should produce those shakeouts I believe.

  3. Het Red,

    I think we are in for a gap up on DJI – have a look at futures which are well up – see what happens

    Good luck mate

  4. Hey Red…
    P3 did start…this guy has been spot on lately, calling for higher markets up to now…increased possibility that P3 has started, aside from Dow, which is to turn south as well…great EW counting


    In video from a week ago (not linked), when he was discussing P3, he said that P3 should have “steepest slope since flash crash”…flash crash was vertical (almost)…so getting to 8300 in couple of months in entirely possible…this rally was based on short squeeze, there were never any real “dumb money” buyers, and you know what shorts are going to do, when it does turn for good…nothing to break the fall…

    I entirely agree with you on markets and control, however, I’ll stick to “Bilderbergs are controlling the world”…LOL…I hope they are just evil humans and the other stuff doesn’t exist….

    • guess who had GLD June 2011 puts for over a week now…ME!
      We should reach 930ish by June, but I think it will be sooner, because gold bottoms before the market… so if 3 of 3 of 3 (or of 1, because final bottom is 2012) is sometimes in March, that should be a gold bottom…people will freak when $1050 breaks, because that would be a long term support trend line…it’s never easy…unless you have FPs…LOL

      • awesome m,

        that will be a profitable trade for you. good for you!! i agree with your timing…. FP’s do really help!

    • looks like continuation of the chop we had friday…it will break to the downside soon… i am watching that wedging MACD on the daily spx. it has been wedging since april of last year…it is just looking to break the lower wedge trendline to the downside….this should launch heavier selling….

  5. Amazing how controlled this market really is… as we all know that we should have already started selling off by now. Looks like it could chop sideways all day today (hopefully selling off into the close).

  6. this market action is torturous. tptb really know how to make market life uncomfortably boring sometimes…..

  7. Dollar manipulation going totally nuts. Steve Liesman’s stock pumping propaganda machine in full swing – he’s already had 3 segments to pump the market since it has opened. Late last year was the fastest the dollar has been manipulated downward in history and now Madman Ben is breaking that record.

  8. RED-With state of union on tuesday–fomc meeting ending wed can you really see them letting this market go down before that?? Maybe the real turn will start this weekend

    • It’s looking more and more likely that this week will be the “chop” fest, designed to get the bulls onboard, and the bears off. So yes, I could see it holding up and rising a little more with the gangsters preaching at the state of the union meeting.

  9. red,

    they could be melting us up till tuesday to that intraday FP of the spy…. the diverging indexes (dow vs all others) is a classic major top behaviour

    • If we do go up to that 129.53 spy FP, then that should complete an ABC move up for wave 2 up. Like I said, we could put in a double top, fall slightly short of one, or push through a little. But a move up from the 1271 low was expected. How far is another story?

      • well i think the top from 1/19/11 for the spx is in. And i agree, that minuette wave 2 ABC three wave corrective would be complete somewhere around that FP. And as someone noted the manipulation “chop” happens till the FOMC meeting which is the beginning of WEC (DAVOS summit).

    • low volume melt up AGAIN – and maybe some end of day adjusting from short ETF’s – which means a little sell off, so we end off flat and positive, just above the opening (spx)

  10. As I posted before, I follow few Gann traders…most were predicting turn around by 19th…which happened in all indices but Dow…one of them had turnaround date of 25th, so maybe Dow makes high tomorrow, and then 5-6 weeks of downside which gets us to March (consensus among all)…Gold and Oil are not confirming this ramp…

    • just to add…Nenner said he will close longs by Jan 25th or SPX 1248…which ever comes first…I guess it’s 25th…LOL

  11. This is a bull trap. Pushing the DOW up to hide last week’s reversal. The broader indices will confirm last week’s reversal.

    • i feel your pain…but remember what the lao tse says: “Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?”

        • oh we hit the top on the spx on 1/19/11…. we now have diverging indexes which is a classic sign of a top…the dow hit its top today…. the dow’s high will stand alone, as the spx and other indexes stand in non confirmation. this is a BULL trap, plain and simple…. the question is – when to get short again???

          • Just gotta ask yourself, even if you were an uberbull from Sep 1, and buying and buying the whole time, would you still be buying now, or looking at the reversal signs and getting out?

          • Not the most recent one from last Wednesday, unless I missed some spike since then. In fact, it’s still there, I can see it. But then again, the HFT guys have been heavily utilized to push down the dollar the last 2 weeks (one of the latest mr topstep clips), I think out of desperation, so who knows?

    • damn…so we WON’T hit the FP spy 129.59?? i am glad we have all this short term direction….LOL……..

    • damn…so we WON’T hit the FP spy 129.59?? i am glad we have all this short term direction….LOL……..

    • Some of the criminals are getting a little restless……they started taking the market down as soon as that print hit. Have you seen prints have an affect that fast before Red?

      • Yes, intraday FP’s can hit the same day, however most of them hit with 1-2 days. That one from last Wednesday (129.53 spy) still has been hit, but it got fairly close today (129.25), so that might be all we get?

        • Actually, I was thinking in terms of immediate effect. On most of the other prints, I noticed the markets didn’t react as quickly as this one, or maybe I wasn’t paying attention to the immediate effect? Almost as though some of the criminals are getting a little restless to grab the big kahuna.

  12. the 5/15/30 min curled over and they are taking it sideways burning it off….. it just looks like we are 5 points and change from that 129.53 FP of last wed…i think we hit this first, maybe in a little gap up tommorrow morning, and we head down to that second intraday of 128.37…………… what say ye??

  13. I personally think they are “squaring up” with these back and forth prints before finally taking it down. Hence the chop.

  14. Course, I wouldn’t put it past them to stage a rally here just for us. They are kind that way.

    On my last short using faz, I kept my profit in faz. So even if they plunge it, I make something.

    • the wedge is getting really tight… either we break down from here or it is back into the wedge and up, up and away… not good for my shorts

      • I like going overboard, heh.
        But that also means, there would have to be a “back off” period though. It’s either up or down in this market; I can’t really see a sideways movement for an extended period. That is, unless Madman Ben does what he did last year and let the market tank before starting QE3……

    • BIG LIE at 51 seconds—UNEMPLOYMENT never reached 11%.
      Makes me wonder, what else is he going to lie about—I ran away from this video. sorry!

    • Post away Z… you know I don’t care. I still allow “Freedom of Speech” on this site (as we know some blog’s don’t). Both bulls and bears are welcome here… even Illuminati gangsters. LOL

  15. Heh, why do you use the moniker Red Dragon anyway? Isn’t that sorta lizardy? Maybe…..

    Just kiddin Red. But the ole Southern accent reminds me of this pen salesman from New York I knew who used to twang all day as if he came from Western Kentucky.

    • Hey, no problem its just that most of the information guys on the other side all usually end up being agents FOR the other side. As a friend who really knows the what up in this arena says, if you are really against them, you are worm food. Otherwise, they just end up figuring out a way to use you for their agenda. They are pretty good at turning a table.

      • Yes, they are good a dis-information. I’m sure I’m exposed to plenty of it. I guess they just enjoy messing with our heads. So they don’t bother me as long as I don’t completely figure out their system… which it’s obvious that I haven’t.

  16. In terms of a top. Look at GOLD, what an incredible amount of chop, ONLY to so far, fall less than a hundred bucks.

    I guess it takes a long time to get out of all your long positions(lol).

  17. Hey, don’t be too hard on yourself, you haven’t been wrong here at all. You got the top, the print, to a T. Just be patient.

    • Here’s a little tidbit too……I think the prints are still a “GO” because the Criminal Banks (“CBs”) are suffering due to low trading volumes. They have to take the market down to generate more income from their Criminal Trading Desks (“CTDs”). They can’t keep generating phantom profits by reducing their loss reserves.

      • The money the CBs are stealing from us by flipping bonds to Madman Ben after a week are also just offsetting the losses in their Treasury portfolios. Just need to know when the greed hits the fan…

    • LOL… the “Red” is a representation of my trading account over the last year and a half. I’ll change it to “Green Dragon Leo” when the market crashes to at least the 885 spx FP!

  18. Red,
    you said it yourself…top will be kicking around…
    it keeps bulls a sleep, let all their trades work out until door slams shut…My view is that Feb 4th job report will move markets down, until then it’s kicking around…I play this the black swan way…I don’t know when will it happen, just that biggest move down for this year will happen sometimes by end of March beginning of April (but it could be sooner, that March 11th keeps popping up)…good luck…

    • hi MS,
      I guess you lost your shirt too in a March tank one time.
      I keep trying to explain the March 8th tank to everyone at Red’s site—I’ve been thru 2 of them—THEY HURT! I’m prepared this time, and will try to lend my expertise to this site, if we Hit another one of these in March.
      Right now, we’re in the setting up stages for THAT TANK! day by day, the evidence gets stronger.

  19. Red,

    One last thing…check out the RSI both daily and weekly, hell even monthly. When is the last time the RSI was as high as it is now?

  20. Approximately 78 million baby boomers retiring with in the next few years.

    There will be a lot of selling going on when these people withdraw from their 401k plans.

  21. Hi Red…love your blog although you have to know now that the FED will NEVER let the market go down again…EVER. It won’t happen.

  22. $1300 avg, GOLD prices divided by fib 38 = 34.2, silvers next high. something to think about. it’s probably bs, or not. fibs are half bs, and half they are correct!

  23. no…I was in cash, after getting out of Canadian real-estate investments…had some minimal RRSPs (401K), but I watched it go down closely…Made a lot in 2009, early 2010 in biotech stocks (my specialty), but was early this fall, lost put premiums…However, I always keep a lot of cash on the sideline…so I can play again…was on the sidelines good part of Nov, Dec….
    I love gold and oil action this morning…both on a steep slope down, $BDI as well…very telling

  24. Is everybody ready for Barak H. Obama to read his speech tonight? I think the message will be………how dumb you are, how little you know, how much you need to be helped, how much “they” want to be there for you. Yeah, sounds about right. The hell with home prices dropping 1% in November, we have a green back drop to think about. Good luck everyone!

  25. red,

    how many times have we seen these kinds of tops play out. up one day, down another day or two, then back up, until WHAMMY, the dam bursts to the down side….. look at april of last year – same kind of thing. you have mentioned this many times in the past in your videos…

        • Well that sounds like a possible interest rate hike is coming. I believe a bear is knocking on the door now… don’t answer it Mr. Bernanke, or else it will eat you! LOL.

        • but will he talk about housing??? Not… Fox was talking about the speech last night and no one is expecting much. We all know his move to the “center” is nothing but rhetoric.. but as usual he will fool some of the people (always more Kool aid in the frig)…

          • of course not. housing is fine. he’s got the biggest house out of everyone. paid for by his subjects (you and I). By the way, thats your chief and commander your talking about.

      • jim,

        the script is written…the fed will be the incompetent tragic figure in this poorly written play…… 400 billion et al….

  26. Talk about obvious manipulation… did everyone see that huge up candle on the 10 minute chart, that quickly reversed after taking out all the overhead stops? The good news is that we will probably go down now that they robbed all those bears who put stops up there.

  27. This is just nuts! The charts only work for the bulls! We should easily be down to 1272 testing the double bottom, but instead we get the same old B.S. day in and day out! What a crock of s**t!

  28. Come one Red! No one said doing Gods work was easy. Our “person of the year” is doing the best he can here.

  29. Damn red,

    i went running for a bit as i thought it was “choppo” tuesday…..i missed some action…… i need to buy me a red dragon leo market pager system

  30. I think we will have one more push down, and then that will be all for now. Tomorrow they should rally back up and try to put in a double top, or pierce through it a little. Remember, Fed day’s are almost always bullish.

  31. the higher it goes… KEEP SHORTING!!! everyday it goes up… short a little.. 🙂 you will end up winning eventually, if you have unlimited supply of cash lol

  32. Gang, there should be one more “blow off top” high before she sinks. So keep that in mind for those who are short. Don’t get shaken out, as that’s what it’s designed to do!

  33. red,

    will you go ‘more’ short on the blow off?? i was thinking of increasing my net short position if she blows again………..

    • I think they will close it down today, luring in more bears. Then rally hard tomorrow after O-bomb-us speaks tonight, and into the Fed’s 2pm FOMC meeting. If we take out the current top right after or before the meeting, then I believe that will be the final top. Most Fed days close up, so shorting at the close tomorrow (or just before 2pm… depends on where the market is at?), might be the best chance of success.

  34. Today needs to be an “all down day”, just like April 30th, 2010 was. Then the following day was an “all up day”, followed by the flash crash. I expect a similar pattern to play out.

    • And today is a total downward headfake, which fits……the MMs stole about 20% of the premium out of the short ETFs and they’re not giving it back…not until THEY go all in…

  35. I see a new intraday FP of 129.12 spy, so I do expect a rally tomorrow. I don’t know if they will go to that print exactly, fall short of it, or rally past it… but it clearly states to me that the direction tomorrow is up.

  36. Watching Alex Jones today and said that Robert Gates leaked that Obama will go for gun control tonight in speech – what would that do to the market? Glad I am stocked up on ammo…

    • Hmmm… interesting. But some how I don’t think they will tank the market until after the FOMC meeting. Obama doesn’t want the blame for a market crash… past that buck off to Bernanke.

    • that’s me….i have been called richie rich my whole life….. that cartoon avatar of richie rich is perfect….

  37. All you need to do is look at gold and oil, if Fed printing and economy booming was to take hold, they wouldn’t heading south…stock may be up tomorrow, although, I don’t think we can make new highs…maybe Dow by few points…we seen some nice manipulation, until TPTB are ready, nothing big will happen…housing was down today, Korean shipper in bankruptcy, as $BDI approaches FP (as posted on Zero hedge couple of weeks ago)

  38. that is cool. okay i’ll use it. I dont know how to go about setting it up though, so that’s a little problem.

  39. omg…that intraday fp will be hit before the end of day…. nervous shorts closing out positions before state of union, and fomc??? hmmm

    • Tomorrow will likely be flat until 2pm, then look out! Wild swings up and down always happen right after the FOMC minutes are out. The first move is usually a “fake out”, which most of the time is down, followed by a small rally into the close, with the day almost always closing positive. Will this time be different?

  40. Woo-hoo! Nice EOD Insane Ben pump! Since there’s a buyer’s strike in stocks…PUMP that Euro! All $7 billion! Steal 20% premium in equities and options and then pump it and sell it back! These guys have their hands in every illegal source of income possible!

  41. Obama has his green backdrop for tonight. So go grab your barf bags and watch his finger wag on every channel tonight! Do not go to him though.lol.

    • forgive my french red,

      but what a ‘LOAD OF HORSE Sh*T’!!!! take a look at the last hour of trading on the spx, a 1 min chart, and tell me that is not your first reaction!!

      • Hmmm… I’m not sure Dee? You might have too play around until you see a page that says “forgot password”. Then enter your email address and they should send it too you.

        • I just found where I wrote it down and it won’t work… I can’t find anything that I can get it sent to me. So I guess I will remain faceless… I tried to reregister and that was worse…

          • Dee, go to disqus.com and you shouldn’t be logged in. If you are, click on the logout link in the top right of the page. Then click on login. You should now see a popup box just like the first 10 seconds of my video.

            Enter you email address and click on the “forgot” link to the right of the word “Password” (it’s in blue text). Retype your email address on the next page and click “continue”. Then check your email…

  42. ok red…..here i am – in all my glory….. thanks for the avatar..now i just have accumulate as much wealth as the cartoon character…..

  43. Red, I can’t find the FP for $BDI that was on Zerohedge…anyway…I think we hit it today, another -53 points to 1292 (that over 30% down in 2 weeks or so)…

  44. Someone call JPMorgan ~ Silver is rallying +0.04 cents and we need them to short more silver so I can buy at less expensive prices.

    Meanwhile the USMint has closed down production of both Silver and Gold American Eagles because of “unprecedented demand”.

    I call that “Demand & Demand” because there is no supply and the COMEX price is plummeting to hell. It all adds up perfectly.

    • The more retail silver that gets sold, the lower silver prices are going—it’s supply and demand backwards, therefore it’s a physics problem.

  45. I have a fairly simple question for anyone who can fill me in, how do you catch the fake prints in real time?do you put alerts on price action?ect…

  46. I just leave my charts open all day, in my Ameritrade account, and they just show up. Ameritrade bought Think or Swim, and they use a charting system by “ProphetCharts” (which I think is the one that Tim Knight from Slope of Hope sold to them?).

    Anyway, I have multiple windows open, on different time frames. Most are 5 minute and 10 minute candles. As I watch the tick by tick action, you’ll see a “rogue” tick, or FP as I like to call them.

    You don’t have too have Ameritrade, as I believe they show up on all live charting platforms. Hope that answers your question.

      • that was only 19600 shares, little over $3million… there is no liquidity…that’s how you get Dow 8300 in short order, and HFTs flipping 100 shares at the time is not providing liquidity…you may think of this as calibration, for the main event…

          • If you look at what happened the last 15 minutes, there were 500 e-minis traded every second until the close, which is approximately $27 billion of trades. That’s a lot of burn to get to the FP of 129.13. They’re staging this like nothing I’ve seen.

  47. Was POMO still going in to the market when we had the last flash crash? If so, why not manipulate it then to keep the market up?

    • POMO wound down and the last billions were pumped in late March/early April. So the market was in cruise control until everyone realized the market was overbought and no money was being pumped in out of thin air, and the market took a dump.

      There lies the key…money has to be created out of thin air and pumped into the market or it will crash. Money isn’t being cycled out and back in after a correction, so to keep the market overbought, money must be created from nothing and pumped in the market immediately.

      • Like I mentioned in my post below, the criminal banks spent $27 billion to push the DOW back to even today, which is clearly an act of desperation. It looks to me that they bit off more than they could chew and their prints were a little too aggressive. I can’t see them pushing the market much higher with even $9 billion a day of illegal pump money from the Fed.

  48. I’ve been reading about this COMEX deliverable silver shortage, that happens every month on expiration. They have to go to the open market, to get the rest (50%)of the delivery. It’s very interesting. I wonder what the entire silver amount is worldwide, consumer and privately held.

  49. I think we’ll still have few days of choppy up and down’s to keep both sides guessing…plus they will not crash the market until Davos meeting is over…We have few thing lining up for beginning of February: Legatus, Chinese New Year and very likely bad job report (as seasonal retail is laid off)…$BDI still dropping, check out Faber of Bloomberg, he says commodities, emerging markets down 20-30%…I’m not a fan of his, but he was hilarious…Given China liquidity issues, I’d say they are approaching the crash…don’t forget the rest of the world is counting on China to bail everyone out…can you say panic!


      • Raise the intrest rates and say good bye to any real estate recovery. Not that there was one to begin with….

        • You never know “what” is going to cause the crash… only that something will start it. No one suspects anything but the usual “continue unchanged” policy, so a rise in interest rates would certainly surprise everyone. I don’t think it’s going to happen of course, but it’s still a possibility…. but small one.

  50. Wow, the first move up hit 129.54 spy, just one cent above the FP of 129.53 a few days ago, then back off a little. Now it looks like we are going for the next FP of 129.68 from this morning…. just hit it! LOL

    Funny though Dee, as I see 129.81 spy high in the pre-market, so maybe we go up a little more?

  51. I getting some February puts here gang, as if this isn’t the exact top, it’s very close. The 5 points down are safer puts, and the 10 points down are wildcard puts. To be safer, you can go out to March puts.

  52. red,

    so we done now with any overhanging intraday upside FP?? i think we hit them all??? dee print this morning is to the downside – correct…?

  53. Wow! If this doesn’t wipe out the last bear I don’t know what will… this is brutal. Now let’s see if they are able to stay up here in the clouds the rest of the day? Some how I doubt it…

    • the angle of this move from yesterday 3pm to now is VERTICAL…..

      this short term move will fall down upon itself….

  54. I still like my 1304 at 1pm. Pullback once 1300 is hit first. Also like the Double Dees print to be hit EOD tomorrow.

  55. DOW 12K – it is just not believable that it could just blow thru this key number without some serious resistance

    • Ok this is better… maybe we just needed to breach 12K and almost 1300 on SnP to get our reversal… just a thought

    • I’ve got HOD at 1299.34 on my platform
      Yahoo finance has 1299.22
      richie you are good at this – what would these numbers mean?

      • hmmm thats odd, because i have on my 1 min chart hod at 1299.11….either way – lets see if it holds first and then i will see what i can gather from those numbers

  56. Soros on CnBS next…Red are you watching…LOL
    Gold steady down…
    Elites know they will get it much lower, when they crash the market…this crash will be their last chance to move dollar assets into gold (at “reasonable” price)…

    • It wouldn’t shock me one bit if we hit 128.18 by the EOD. All of the short term charts are now very overbought, and we should head down throughout the rest of the day (except for the manipulation at 2pm).

      • I think they’ll change the script a little this time…in Nov they were flat into the meeting, this time they bought up the market into the meeting…draw your own conclusions…

  57. well dee, it looks like 1299.22 is the HOD so far….

    so 1(2+9=11)9.22 or 111:922 //// (22=11+11) so we get 111:911:11 this is as best as i can figure out…

  58. LOL – this market script is hilarious……. the kind of hilarious that happens when you watch a REALLY bad movie – the kind with poor writing, poor directing, poor acting, and even poorer(is that a word) camera work – in fact it is soooo badly done it is FUNNY!!! well folks – i have that same feeling right now!!!! i am laughing so hard i am tearing up!! LOL….

  59. My broker who is one of the top three traders I have ever encountered, has been begging me to buy BAC. Begging me. Last time he begged this much, a stock went from bucks to 26.

    • we don’t know the timeline on that 300 FP. for all we know, BAC is nationalized, shareholders wiped out, the bad assets stripped from the bank and put in a resoultion trust, and the good assets are re IPO’d – and when the new BAC company is refloated and it sells for 300/share

  60. How about a good joke while we wait for “The Bearded ONE” to speak? It’s called…

    Little Johnny Sold Toothbrushes.

    The kids filed back into class Monday morning. They were
    very excited. Their weekend assignment was to sell something, then
    give a talk on productive salesmanship.

    Little Sally led off: “I sold girl scout cookies and I
    made $30,” she said proudly, “My sales approach was to appeal to the
    customer’s civil spirit and I credit that approach for my obvious

    “Very good,” said the teacher.

    Little Jenny was next: “I sold magazines,” she said, “I
    made $45 and I explained to everyone that magazines would keep them up

    on current events.”

    “Very good, Jenny,” said the teacher..

    Eventually, it was Little Johnny’s turn. The teacher held

    her breath … Little Johnny walked to the front of the classroom and
    dumped a box full of cash on the teacher’s desk. “$2,467,” he said.
    “$2,467!” cried the teacher, “What in the world were you
    selling” ? Toothbrushes,” said Little Johnny.

    “Toothbrushes,” echoed the teacher, “How could you
    possibly sell enough tooth brushes to make that much money?”

    “I found the busiest corner in town,” said Little Johnny,

    “I set up a Dip & Chip stand, I gave everybody who walked by a free

    They all said the same thing, “Hey, this tastes like dog

    Then I would say, “It is dog crap. Wanna buy a
    toothbrush? I used the President Obama method of giving you something
    shitty, but looks good, for free, and then making you pay to get the
    bad taste out of your mouth.” The teacher was speechless. . . . . . .
    Little Johnny got 5 stars for his efforts, bless his

  61. Talk about “I don’t care who sees my illegal activities”.
    VIX is doing NOTHING while the criminals load up on futures.

  62. RED 1299.74 OMG….THAT IS IT!! I THINK………

    1(2+9=11)9.74 or 1119.74 and (7+4=11) or we get 111:911 that is the number!!!!


    1 (2+9=11) 9 . 74 which is 1119.74 and (7+4=11) so we have those meaningful top of 1119.11 or 111:911 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  64. I will say this, if the markets go even a little big higher today. Its going to go on a long run. No resistance left. Yikes.

  65. Tempted to go very short right now. I am probably being prompted by the mind email blasts they send out at market tops and bottoms.

  66. I think this is a big blow to the bulls…….they could not close it above 12k. Will the Feds, less than good news, sink into the market tomorrow?

  67. More irrational than irrational. NFLX up $15 on missed revenues and a “surge” in subscribers. A SURGE IN FREE SUBSCRIBERS!!! WTF??? Otherwise, they missed subsciber target by 200K! WTF is wrong with people??? The Fed’s got people convinced that nothing can possibly drop the market. JESUS CHRIST – please strike down the “Bernank” before he destroys the world and sends all of its souls to the deepest, darkest depths of HELL!!!

    • I saw that too. Except when I looked it was only up $11 now it’s up $18.47.

      This is gonna get knocked down sooner or later. Reminds me of the dot com days…

      • Shows how much Mickey Mouse garbage is going on. My ARCA order book still has bid/ask at ~201, plus or minus a few pennies, which is a bunch of horseshiiiiiit. That’s gotta be the same guy painting the book. Thanks Ben, the stock market is now more corrupt than Al Capone’s 2nd hand furniture store.

  68. Yes, so I expect the 128.18 spy FP to be hit today (hopefully) or tomorrow. After that… who knows? If this is going to be the greatest crash ever, then they should take the longest time up here at the top chopping around before finally dying.

    • that’s why you enjoy each day as it happens – you just never know when it is gonna be your last! sometimes that train just sneaks up on you and “POW” – unstoppable! just like US debt levels!! LOL

    • Was that unlucky 13(00) for S&P…
      Red I’ve seen you comments on Attila’s blog, good to see him on our side…I agree with him on China…Since China was suppose to bail out world, if the go down, do you think there will be panic?
      GL all…
      Action very reminiscent of April 2010…So many things are lining up to kick of fireworks Feb 4 or Feb 7th… Seem that we are heading for 1987 style crash, with no warning…

      • …. and you know what is going on around that time period, right? Yes, it’s the annual gangsters meeting called “The Legatus Pilgrimage”, where the gang meets up prays to the devil (their Reptilian Alien Master), rapes and kills some innocent children (that they abducted of course), then eats their heart while it’s still beating.

        Then they go celebrate and laugh at us sheep, as they cash their checks (stolen from the poor sheep of course) at the secret Vatican Bank.

        Just in case you forgot, the Pilgrimage is this February 4th-6th… which sounds to me like they will release the Wikileaks news then.

        • No…didn’t forget…
          Plus, astrologically bad after Feb 6th, very bad monthly job report on Feb 4th, China after their New Year…perfectly lines up with flash crash, we follow topping pattern of April 2010…Fun..I’m ready…I don’t trade on daily basis, all my puts are April to June…there won’t be many entrance points during “main event”, if we crash 1987 style…

  69. red,

    i guess the market didnt get the ‘heads up’ on the 2 downside FP’s… who do we need to call to get this matter rectified! LOL

      • On the bright side, some people have caught on to the dollar bashing the criminal banks are doing to pump stocks. I noticed they have started buying the dollar vs euro before US markets open, only for the criminal banks to buy it back up, making it much more expensive to pump the market.

    • Yes… boring. I think the metals have an expiration date today for the “futures”. The “options” on them expired yesterday, so maybe will see some selling tomorrow after all the “pinning” is done.

      You know how they like to manipulate the price to a level that allows them to pay out as little as possible on the options and the futures contracts.

    • i can’t get this chart, i can get SLV chart, are they the same?
      btw, I can’t leave comments at your site. I don’t have any of the accounts. any upgrades to that coming? Disqus increases traffic 300%…

  70. Yay-ah! Market dumped after POMO today…why? Because POMO was oversubscribed, showing that even will all the POMO so far, the idiot traders at the dumbass criminal banks somehow managed to box themselves into a corner where now they desperately need POMO just to stay afloat. I’m lovin’ it!

  71. Well, all this sideways garbage is just giving the bears more time to get short. That’s not good, as you know they don’t want them on the train when it heads south. That means they will likely pop this higher again, to do a stop sweep and clear out the bears.

    This will probably happen tomorrow or Monday based on the time needed to reset all the short term charts in bullish alignment again. The 60 is heading down and getting ready to cross below zero right now.

    If it does that the last hour of today, and the first few hours of tomorrow, then they could push this on up by the close of Friday… allowing for “nothing” to happen over the weekend, or “something” to happen?

    Either way, I’ll stay short into the weekend, as if “something” happens there won’t be any escape for the Bulls on Monday morning, and the bears will miss the train.

    I have no idea if it’s going to happen this coming Monday or not? They could chop sideways for another week, as the Legatus Pilgrimage is Feb 3rd-5th, so maybe it happens after that?

    Hard too say, but I’ll stay short until it happens. I’d like to see about 1313 spx by this Friday, as that would leave the door open for it happening this coming Monday, the 31st.

    If we sell off tomorrow some, then I doubt that it will happen this Monday. They have allowed too many bears on the the train right I believe, and they need to pop it higher first to clear them out.

    Maybe well close out Friday at 1312.12… boiling point (212). Or maybe that will be the high of the day, and the close will be 129.11 (or 129.99) on the spy? I’ll be looking for ritual numbers at the close, high, and low price on the spx, spy, dow, dia, etc…

    Keep you eye’s open for large FP’s folks… on all charts, as we will likely be given the level before it happens. The day before the flash crash Alphahorn caught this print and sent it too me (a few days later unfortunately)…


    That showed up around midnight EST, but many of you are in different time zones and might see another print like that when you are up and watching. Keep your eye’s on the DOW too, as very few people watch it… which means it’s a great place to throw out FP’s.

    • red,

      the problem with the pop up to clear out overhead stops is that it is way tooo obvious…. if after 22 months of almost exclusive bullish moves, (bar a few convenient and scripted collapses) a consolidating day like today before GDP release – would mean one thing (cover shorts)…. i think bullish sentiment has bulls “ALL IN” at this point – expecting the market under the supervision of the bernake put, to gap up over resistence and go well over 1300 tommorrow…. my gut is telling me – set up!! an expected bullish move that turns bearish……. again its just way to pavlovian obvious!!

  72. hey everybody,

    so whats the consensus??? gap up on GDP numbers tommorrow? gap down on GDP numbers? or more of the same???

    • There has too be a stop sweep at some point… but I couldn’t tell you if it’s in the morning or at the EOD? From the looks of the charts, I’d say we go down in the morning and up into the close.

      • i agree – but on jan 26th at 3 pm to opening of 27th, we went from 1281 to 1299 in one vertical…that looked to me like a sweep…. but i guess 1300 is resistance (cough) so i guess you are correct….

  73. SP 1313 is 1087pts from 224.83 low of October 19,1987. Jan 31st is also 1207 (127) days from 10-11-07 high if one doesn’t include the 2008 leap year date. SP now making a new high at lower RSI but Nasdaq needs to make a new high while the Dow’s RSI is still too high.

  74. Dow is in a very bearish set up right now. financials holding up and nasdaq too and spx looks good. so….. hard to say. Well, its mixed. I hold a long overnight.

      • no kiddin. I noticed you took the hammer on gold. I’m kind of pissed that my computer speed has really slowed since setting up the disqus thing and signing up on here. I hit refresh or show comments and it now takes forever? this is why i hate blogging, thinking about stopping. you have a nice site though z.

          • maybe RED can install a guest picture, instead of that awful disqus default picture—I know red could have fun with that! I installed a go green symbol for my guest visitors.

        • I use javascript sometimes (Disquis uses ajax & regular javascript), which gets REALLY sluggish when it has to refresh or spawn a huge amount of information like this. If there is an ability to limit visible posts to say 50 or 100 posts at a time, it would run/refresh a lot better.

  75. the dow has a tweezer top formation and my macd settings are rolling over at the same time on it………doooooooooom. I hope!

  76. This will certainly be an interesting weekend…what with the stuff in Egypt. Especially since it’s adjacent to Israel. It will keep on going, country after country will fall, until a cache of weapons “disappears” and…well…you get the picture…

  77. There goes the euro, sold off again, forcing Criminal Bastard-mind Jamie Dimon to buy it back up tomorrow to bash the dollar and keep the market pumped. At least someone is enacting a little bit of vigilantism…

    • Here is your market update:

      The Dow Jones falls a massive 5 points and is considered oversold. It closes up 11.11.

      The S&P rallies on news that the snow is melting outside and that the groundhog may or may not see his shadow.

      NFLX CEO wants to know what kind of weed people are smoking to purchase his stock and where he can get some.

      Everyone who bought SPY CALLS and VXX puts is a winner as it has been for the last 5 months.

    • Sorry about that Gerb… I’ve been busy with a few other things and didn’t see the need (or have the time) to do another video. I think today we’ll see some weaken as the 60 minute chart goes negative. But it looks like nothing much is going to happen until next week.

  78. Overall I see nothing compelling. 2nd Chart, Doctor Copper is hinting down.

    EUR/USD – sloppy

    I feel like an EWI writer….”this ought to keep going up until it starts going down”

    Copper (aka Doctor Copper) Important Crossover, leaving one PRS channel and confirming the second new channel….Down!

    Golden Egg — I call them eggs, but really they are ellipses. They combine price and time in one tasty little package.

    GBP/ JPY has a very strong channel downward. I went back short last night and got pounded so to speak.


  79. median control!!!!
    WTF…CNBC showing peaceful demonstrations in Albania as Cairo….OMG…OMG

    I’m watching Euronews…It’s like outright war in Cairo…OMG…

    (seen Albanian flags in the crowd)

  80. Want to talk about control? No Nasdaq composite is available while Jamie Dimon and the Illegal Fraud & Manipulation Dream Team figures out how to pump the Nasdaq enough to offset any possible decline in the index.

    • I’d wait for at least 2 consecutive down closes. PLUS, BOM is always UP. Wait for what happens on Feb 1……

      • a,

        Based on the action/technicals of the daily VIX, the explosive move to catipult it out from a descending wedge (which has been forming since last april) appears to be upon us…..my expectations are for volume to pick up, as prices drop………..

  81. red,

    how is volume on this sell?? platform i use is having issues today….this looks impulsive – truly…i might end up surprising us all…. (cough).

    • Volume is a little higher then normal… about 56 million right now. We could break 200 million “if” the selling continues throughout the “normally” dull time of the day. Either way, I think will might just see an “all down” day?

      • As with every day in this “managed market”, we shall see. I think 2 down days in a row would really be the “tell”……

  82. Bye euro, remember what I told you, don’t talk to strangers. You can stop by at 1.34’s house if you want, but after that, go straight to 1.30…

  83. According to the Ministry of Propaganda, CNBC, Nasdaq composite was unavailable as certain trading was halted, for example, Nasdaq minis.

    In other words, too many Nasdaq mini sell programs, which is NOT ALLOWED, according to Fed rules, so trading was SNUFFED.

  84. Growth picks up 3.2%? I think the only “growth” is on the side of the dows neck! Pullback may be coming gang lol.

  85. Who mentioned that mr. topstep video with tim haefke? I remember he said, indications of interest told him that a correction would start somewhere between 1/28 and 2/8. Well, today is 1./28…

  86. i know everyone is mesmerized by the market action – but my almost richie rich spidey senses are telling me we are at ‘the tipping’ point…. i could be wrong, but i must defer to the spidey senses….good luck y’all!

  87. We hit the FP and pierced through it. Based on the time of the day, and the charts, I think we have a bottom for today. While we could dip quickly a little more, I think we will roll back up some into the close. Not a lot, but higher then where we are now.

  88. Regarding the recent riots in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and most recent Jordan… Someone said in a prediction somewhere that all events will escalate much faster near 2012, I believe it was Terence McKena. And it does seem exponential increase if you look at year 2010 and just the begining of 2011:

    March – Iran
    May- Greece, Thailand
    June- Toronto
    July- Ireland
    September – Spain, Turkey
    November – London
    December – Italy, London, Greece

    January: Palestine, Chile, Bangladesh, UK prisons , food riots in Tunisia, and Algeria, Egypt, Jordan


    March- Rhode Island
    May- Tennessee
    June- West Virgina
    July – Iowa Lake Delhi
    August- Pakistan
    October- Thailand
    December – Rusia

    January : Brazil, Australia , Sri Lanka, Iowa big Sioux river

    • Hmmm… I see that now. He must see something in the charts I missed? Maybe I’ve just been so conditioned to think that all bearish patterns fail and only bullish one’s work, that I’m seeing a bounce that isn’t coming?

      • One thing I’ve learned is to listen to people of middle east: Taleb, of Black Swan, Lebanese…Carlos Slim, Mexican of Lebanese origin…I believe Atilla is Turk…unlike Jewish mafia, they share the knowledge with common man …when you build house on the crossroads, you develop sense for the underlining current, which may look like a calm water to others…personally, I now a lot of Armenian Lebanese that are savvy business man and women…very religious as well…

        Here is my question…would you buy VIX calls here?

        • No, as they some how screw you on the upside (and downside) on those calls. I’ve heard too many people get the direction right, but not make any money. Don’t understand why, but it’s something to do with the way they price them.

  89. Thank for reply on VIX Red…
    I’m all set up…all I care about is the slope of the sell off, need that DOW 8300 by March…If Atilla is right, it’s just about guaranteed (given China issues)…couple of Gann traders, thinking that we go lower that March 2009 by June, and that we turned corner for good…so 5 waves down, worse over by the end of March…

  90. Oops, I was waiting for this…here’s comes the euro PUMP. Let’s ee how much Criminal Mastermind Jamie Dimon pumps the euro to push the market back up…

  91. Gang, Atilla has a great track record for calling tops and bottoms, but he’s a little bit more longer term then me. I try to catch the intraday moves as well.

    With that said, we very well could crash on Monday to 1150-1200 as Atilla mentioned on his blog today. But, I still think we will go up some first, to put in a “wave 2 up”. Then once that is completed, either by the EOD today, or midday Monday, a wave 3 down should follow. It will be ugly!

    So, if you are already short, I’d stay that way! If we go back up to retest that blue trendline (in the video) then so be it… but the way afterwards will destroy the bulls.

    However, if we simply trade sideways to slightly up, then we could have another leg down into the close today? Hard too say, but one thing is for sure… “The Bears Are Back In Town”

    • cool, thanks red!!

      i agree with atilla – crash monday – perhaps event driven by something over the weekend… risk is to the downside….i also think we sell off hard into the close – as this will put the short term charts well into oversold territory. crashes tend to happen from oversold charts will play out – i think we should be looking for violent moves to the downside, rather than the last 22 months of failed bearish moves turned bullish….. the market is sick and fraud ridden and liqiudity dry…..there has been NO new money that has come into the market since july of ’10. It has been driven up on margin debt….this is a positive feedback loop once margin calls are made in an environment where everyone is running for the exits at the same time… (just thinking out loud)

    • k,
      i just know that the market has a tendancy to collapse to the downside when i LEAST expect it to, rather than when i calculate when is SHOULD…… preparation for the unexpected are the times we so live……just a thought…

    • Do you think we will go up in the morning on Monday Kbsclp? …or crash down hard from the open? I think a bounce is still likely in the morning, then a sell off into the close.

      • IF we follow same path (as mentioned on my chart) then we should see 2 days up starting Monday….today would be same as 4/16/2010….which happened to be a Friday as well !! Just check out a daily chart starting 4/16/2010 and see the subsequent action…chop/chop for quite a few days….I mean BIG CHOP

  92. Comment cleaner post please! taking 1.5 minutes for my computer to open this site! ( instead of 10 seconds) This site has disqus overload!
    qqqq under it’s 20 day, yay!

  93. I’m going to have to agree with Kbsclp and my original thoughts that Monday we should bounce back up to clear out the first wave of amateur bears. How high… I don’t know?

    A crash is coming, but I don’t know if it happens on Monday or Tuesday… or later in the week. But the charts say a oversold rally is coming… at least Monday morning.

    • RED,

      you should seriously consider this ; “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED”…

      you have been conditioned over the last 22 months to expect bullish responses from sell offs…… but when you least expect it – THAT is the TIME it will be DIFFERENT…. thinking out loud…

  94. I’m getting sell signals for monday as well. if there is a bounce, I dont think it will be much. but, what do i know.

  95. My OSG long up 6% today—eat that GS and BEN! FRO up 7%—- want to eat more? all my longs are up today, and all my shorts are down today—-go figure!

  96. based on the short term oversold positive diverging charts – and based on the last 22 months of melt up, one would logically EXPECT a bounce come monday – VIRTUALLY EVERY CHARTIST IS SEEING THIS SAME THING – “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, FROM OVERSOLD CHARTS OF ANY TIME FRAME CAN COME CRASHES….” MY VOTE – RISK TO THE DOWNSIDE…

    • I see that… it likely a late fill, but it also could be the upside target? Hard too say? But I’d say it’s certainly a “directional” print… meaning we go up on Monday, at least in the morning.

      • Do you really think so? HK & Europe will be selling into this Monday before our open. I would think it would open lower for a headfake, then pop when a bunch of rescue funds come in.


    • Right after close would be a settlement from earlier in the day (likely from the morning), you see them in biotech all the time…
      But low at the Dow close 11823

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