Weekend Update – Will The Bulls Ever Die?


Wednesday Update... site down again! Probably being attacked now!


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Am I exposing their FP's too much?



Tuesday Update...

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Probably Not Until The Last Bear Is Dead First!

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What I expected to happen last week was once again proven wrong as the bulls just won't fracking die!  This market is absolutely insane right now!  How on earth can it continue to go up day after day without more then one good down day out of every 20-30 up days?  Total Madness!

On top of that, my website hosting provider had to take my site down because it was getting hit with too many requests (a lot from the same few IP addresses), which slowed down the server too much.  Then my cable modem went out on me Friday (it was 7-8 years old, so it was time I guess?), and I wasn't able to post all day because of it.

I had internet through my cell phone, but posting from it is a pain in the butt... so I didn't waste my time.  Besides that, the market rallied up for that "Blow Off Top" that I've been looking for to happen, so I didn't miss any crash (at this point, catching a crash is like trying to catch a unicorn).

So now what?  We had our big move up that I expected to happen, so next week we should see the big move down too (yeah right... roll your eye's here as I've been calling "wolf" too many times now).   Ok, here's the deal... if we don't turn down next week then we are going up to Dow 100,000 by the end of the year!  (kidding of course, but we do need to roll over or this will extend up for possibly another month or so).

Not the charts have been working for the bears (as they only seems to work for the bulls... go figure!  I wonder why?  Duh, it's because of Madman Bernanke printing money faster then SuperMan can fly!), but Monday looks like a perfect day for a reversal to happen.

Here's why... just like I said in the last video I did, the short term charts looked ready to roll up together giving us a new high in the market (which they did on Friday, although I thought it would happen on Thursday... so I was off a day!  Sorry, no one's perfect!), I think it is already peaked or will be at some point on Monday.

I'll go into it more in the video, but simply put... all of those same short term charts are very likely to roll over on Monday.  I know that Monday's are usually "Bullish Monday's", and I'm going against the "norm" here, but the charts say it will top (at least short term) on Monday and roll down into Tuesday.

So, I'll be looking for a possible gap up on Monday to get short for at least a 1-2 day down move.  It could turn into more, but I'll just take it one day at a time for now.  While I don't think we will gap up on Monday, I'd love to see it happen as it would be a perfect spot to short at.

As far as other news that  could move the market (down of course), this video of Ron Paul is worth watching.  By the way, I still have hope for Ron Paul as although he seems to be a member of the Illuminati (based on the "hand sign" he used in the last video I put up on last weekend's update), I think he really wants to do the right things.

And, Ron Paul wants to do some things that I really support... like abolish the IRS and the Federal Reserve, which are the gangsters in my opinion!  Whether or not TPTB are allowing this to happen or not is unknown right now?  It could be part of their overall plan for all we know?

Maybe some of these gangster reptilian elites have decided to put on a sheep suit so they can blend in with all of us sheep and look like hero's, instead of the wolves they really are.  Since we sheep have NEVER really had any real choice for president in the past, if the gangsters let (and support) Ron Paul for a run at the presidential office again in 2012 then we sheep should still vote for him and "HOPE" that "IF" he is under their control... he breaks free and flips them the bird like JFK did (without the assassination please)!

But, do remember what I said about people/things/organizations that are heavily promoted... as they are only allowed to be that way because TPTB allow it.  They allowed Wikileaks too become popular... why?  Because I suspect they secretly control the release of the information that they have... and probably are the "source" behind them getting the info too!  Things are never as they appear!

For now though... I like Ron Paul, and hope that he wins the next election.  I voted for him in the past, and will do so again... Illuminati member or not?  I don't care, as there is good people inside that organization wanting out, just like the churches of the world have bad people inside them.  Good and Bad, Yeng and Yang, Positive and Negative... it doesn't matter.  Just focus on what he, or anyone else... really stands for.  That's all we can do as immortal spirits trapped in this human body, living in the matrix.

Moving on...

I haven't heard anything more about the coming new currency change, other then that it should take place by some time in March.  Does that mean that the market will continue up until March?  I wish I knew the answer?  For now we can only take it day by day, as calling out for P3 to start now seems pointless.

We ended P2 months ago,  but P2.1 happened, and then P2.2, and P2.3, and now we are P2.4!  PLEASE!  When are we going to dump this P.O.S. operating system (the P2's) for a more realistic one called P3?  I've seen fake boobs on a woman that look more real then this P2 rally!  Someone smack some sense into Bernanke and stop this B.S.!  Or better yet, just whack him in the head really hard and maybe he'll wake up from this nightmare dream!

Getting back to the market, I see Monday selling off after the 60, 30, 15, and 5 minute charts all line up together in the "overbought/peaked" area... but at what level I don't know?  I'm not saying that it will be the start of P3, as I don't know when, or if we will ever get to that point.  But at least some selling should happen and I think it will continue into Tuesday.

The rest of the week is unknown, as it's opx this coming Friday, which as you all know by now... opx week is usually bullish.  You know how the gangsters like to make all the puts expire worthless, which is another reason I think we will go down early in the week... to get some bears on board (to trap on a short squeeze later in the week), and to shake out some bulls that think it's easy money up until Friday.

In summary, "if" we have a move up in the morning on Monday, I'll be looking to short it for a move down into Tuesday.  The rest of the week is unknown.

Good luck bears....



  1. Like I said before… Forget shorting until a key resistance level is broken….Until then, expect your balls to be handed back to you after they are ripped off.

    • The one problem with that Goldieee is that once a key level is broken you will miss the move down, as by the time you get short the selling is almost over and a short squeeze rally will follow. Of course you could just sit out the first major wave one down and wait for major wave three to happen later this year. That one is going to break a lot of bulls! LOL!

      • Exactly, I am not interested shorting from the tip top. I’d rather see a breakdown, and a re-test of the previous support. Once the resistance is established I will be shorting too. But until then picking tops is a good way to lose money. Until then I’m long and have been nothing but long since September.

  2. sell in may and walk away, worked really well, last year…the odds of it working 2 years in a row, are low. conclusion, the correction, probably happens before may, and may is an up month.

  3. here’s my legatus / gangstas theory about march madness—you have the college basket ball tournament on TV for who knows how long. all day long, most white anglo males, are bombarded psychologically with the madison avenue phrase, march madness. The cooler talk at the office, is march madness—so when the white anglo male, retail investor’s, turn on the stock market news, and see J Cramer and others saying this is march madness—the white anglo male, has been conditioned, by all the cooler talk, to think, oh well, this will all be over end of March, and the stock market will go back up.
    perfect time to inject pain into the market, without injecting pain into consumer confidence.

      • you have to know all the stock market season names, about 100 of them, —-google march madness stock market—-someone can explain it better, i’m sure….this catch phrase / trading rule, happens about every three years or so.

  4. march madness general rules and signals—lasts all month, starts around mar 8th, GDX or xle, xlf, etc… tops 48 hours in advance of the 3 week collapse. headlines are all the negative headlines, generated past 6 weeks, are recycled, and the fear factor, will be QE2 is ending in june, now what?—-for this to become the next trading rule, we have to get past the february pullback, trading rule.

  5. Get ready for mutual fund Monday. Lots of talk about a blow off top soon which just might be in the cards. Looking for some weakness late in the week. Egyptian army stated they will honor all peace treaties made with Isreal. This should calm markets for awhile.

  6. Hi Red here’s another madison avenue name—April earnings.
    if we do get a feb pullback, and a side ways march, this set up the APR earnings correction. I’ll leave every body alone, now.

  7. r paul, don’t know that much about him. does he ever talk about creating 20 million new high paying jobs, so people can actually do what he wants them to do? or does he subscribe to more slave labor policies, like the current (gansta’s / reptiles, whitehats, whatever people want to call them.)

  8. Based on a gut feeling, which is determined by looking at this early morning action, I think they are trying to hold the market flat while the 15 minute chart dips negative on the histogram bars, and then resets back up later with the 5 minute chart (which is already oversold, and should rollback up with the 15).

    The 30 and 60 minute charts could rollover or go up a little higher. They are neutral right now, and will likely do what the 5 and 15 do. Bottom line… we should go higher today and rollover into Tuesday.

  9. Thursday, Friday and Monday are all at least 5 Billion in POMO. I don’t see an end of the week market rollover. On the contrary, a breakout may happen. Still waiting for the 14.86 VIX Fake Prink to playout.

    • Yes… I agree. I won’t be going short for any bigger/longer time frame move until the VIX FP is hit. For now, I’m staying out. I still think we will go down on Tuesday, but we could go back up the rest of the week? Hard too say, but with this light volume it’s very controlled right now.

      • Yeah, OPX will be pretty tame, but there are a few bucks to be made during the day. Sell into the close & BTFD has worked lately.

        • Yes, I’m looking closely at today’s close as it could be a decent short for some early Tuesday selling. Of course it will likely reverse back up Wednesday, but one down day could make you a quick buck…

    • Yeah, I agree with you there. Follow the POMO scheedule until there is NOMO schedule…. LOL! I made a lil’ funny.

      • “Failure to increase the debt ceiling will result in my Wall St buddies not receiving outrageous bonuses, at which time they will punish US taxpayers (and everyone in the world for that matter) by tanking the market, selling quadrillions of dollars of CDS and destroying their banks yet again to blackmail the public into once again bailing them out.”

  10. Thought we might hit that 1333 number – but fell short just a smidge… weren’t we talking about double the 09 low or 666.79 (1333.58) oh well sure was a boring day

    • There will be bears that went short today, which I think is a little early. I’d like to see a quick pop up tomorrow morning and then sell off. Will it happen? Who knows? Remember that 14.86 vix print still hasn’t been hit yet…

  11. red,

    ok something is UP big time??? what to these quintessential insiders know that WE don’t know/??? Buffet, Tepper, Paulson???

    they ALL increased their holding in WELLS FARGO, CITI, BANK OF AMERICA ???? what is up with that?? these are insolvent institutions that are alive because of FASB changes for legalized ACCOUNTING fraud. Either they are heavily hedged to the downside with derivatives or they know something…. That 300 BAC FP comes to mind…….. what!!!!!

    interesting that there was NO accumulation of GS or JPM…..hmmm??? whats up with that???

    • Buffett has made some really shitty picks in the past.

      Also he owned 1/5 the World’s supply of silver at less than $5 and sold at $7. Silver is around $30.60 area.

      Even the big players mess up once in a while.

    • Where did you come up with this info???? Its shows quite the opposite of what your saying. check this out:

      – Warren Buffett’s company sold off several of the smaller investments in its $53 billion U.S. stock portfolio during the fourth quarter, including Bank of America, Comcast, Nike, and Lowe’s

      – NO insider BUY transaction according to the latest Buy/Sell insider ratio.

      Bottom line: Financials are doomed.

  12. I just finished watching all 5 video’s… excellent stuff! That’s the best sermon I’ve heard from a preacher in years! If all churches would preach that same subject America would hang Bernanke on a very tall tree!

  13. Everyone still sleeping? What’s your take for today – futures down just a bit … think it will be SOS today?

    • I was just eating some cereal and waiting on my coffee to finish brewing. But so far, everything looks like I expected it too and spoke of in the video… a doji on Monday, with today being a down day.

      The question is, when POMO kicks in around 10:15 am or so, will this early morning sell off be bought back up?

  14. Still waiting for the 14.86 VIV fake print. I think we will hit it on Thursday or Friday since those days (and the following Monday) are large POMO days all in a row.

  15. The trend is your friend? Maybe the real significant FP’s are only in direction of the trend. When we finally get a 1-2-3 reversal with volume, maybe the lower FP’s will matter more. I dunno. That is how I’m looking at it.

    • yorx

      thanks – but take a look at the 2000 dot com unwind…..and the speed of the unwind – look what 3 days can do…….

      when the unwind happens today is anyones guess – but we have a similar situation. there has been a gross mispricing going on for equities almost 2 years now – fueled by nothing but the mantra of ‘momentum’. there are bankrupt companies enjoying very strong equity prices – all due to ‘momentum’ (beta chasers)….
      just a thought……… we are topping here – will the unwind come now, or will we just have a ‘mild’ correction in mispricing? a trend is a trend until it is no longer a trend, and by the time you recognize the trend is no longer – well like i said – look at the unwind from the dot com….

      • Hey, I agree with ya, but maybe I’m not as smart as you arebecause I can’t figure out where the top will be so I am not going to just short at will. “Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent” in most cases. I agree, when the sh!t hits the fan, it’s gonna be ugly.

  16. I believe the multiple downside FP’s are where the market will dance around all week long. But first, the upside print will likely be filled. Just a feeling on that (along with looking at where the charts are now).

  17. Isn’t it funny how they have $5-$7 Billion Dollars on days that the market should normally sell off, and only $1-$2 Billion on days likely to rally? (as in… tomorrow, as just about all the short term charts are oversold now!)

    • Maybe they’re saving the money for a major pump tomorrow or later this week. I doubt they’ll let this market close lower on OPX week…

        • I was thinking of that too, but looking at all the seasonal rules they’ve violated recently…i would say the odds of going up are slightly higher…remember last September? After that, it was time to throw the book out the window!!!

  18. Could 3/6/2011 (2 year anniversary of the bottom) end up being the top at 1400 SPX? It looks like (at the current rate) 1400 would be hit around that time. Just throwing that out there…

  19. nice video. I see what you mean on the faster time frames. but the daily, I see them looking more and more bearish……..so do they change that tomorrow? you know they are trying to invalidate every aspect of TA and EW, dont you? That darn dojo…lol

    • The 18th (this Friday) is a turn date according to the Spiral Guys charts. I agree with you on that as I do believe we will go up tomorrow too Robert.

      You still thinking 1342 tops? Mr. TopStep thinks 1349 is possible. I don’ t have any target in mind, but a top either tomorrow or Wednesday seems likely.

      • 1342 tops then the pullback. Pomo is the wildcard but even the perma bulls would love to see a healthy pullback before continuing higher. Nite all…….

  20. your videos are informative, thanks. I live in Minnesota now but you sound like the folks I worked with in Kansas.

  21. Hey Robert, do we rally tomorrow because the gang member spoke today and preferrs a green back drop……or because we celebrate the juggler knot of dell? lol… do agree with pomo?

  22. I read today that president obama is “hoping” for……… how’s that hope tasting people? Truth be said, he’s all for sinking the current standard of the USA. Sorry wrong blog…. I think bearish momentum is building on the daily charts.

  23. red; are you chasing the dragon indexes? I chose a sector to decide on whether bull or bear. I’m tracking like my ancestors have always done on the silver trail.

    • Greeter… I am a Dragon after all, so YES I do focus on the primary indexes. But I welcome posts on others too, as there are many different traders here and I’m sure some follow and trade silver and gold. So post your thoughts on the metal’s, as it will help everyone to better understand the overall market too.

    • Wow, this is my favorite “print” ever. It has the future crash dates embedded in various numbers as well as the low of the year, the Bear Grit number/Pi date. And it has even a “flash crash cycle” embedded in its date. Man they loaded this page up with clues.

      • It does say 34.65, but I’m thinking it was done that way on purpose to confuse us sheep that discovered their system. Meaning, I think it was a coded message that only those on the inside knew.

        I could be wrong on that, as all the other FP’s really do mean the level that show them out, but I’ve exposed them pretty heavy now. Possibly they changed the game a little?

  24. You know, everyday that the market rallies they main stream media has too come up with some new reason for the rally. Why is that? Why do we need them? We could save a ton of money if all MSM outlets just fired all of them.

    All they need to do is put up a simple sign that says… “The market rallied again today as Bernanke’s Printing Machine is still running at full speed”. End of story! No need to change the sign as the reason for the market rally will be the same tomorrow as it is today!

    Wow! I just saved CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, etc… a ton of money! I wonder if they’ll give me a nice “thank you bonus” for helping them cut costs?

  25. That day it gaps up hard and crashes,..I’ll be in it. I know it! I sold some longs today and she’ll keep going up.

    It’s a game of friggin’ musical chairs…

        • So true, I think that no matter how good the intentions of a guy they always get to you somehow and they let you continue your antigovernment kind or work but there will be for sure some subjects they won’t let you touch or else….
          I read somewhere that a while back Gerald Celente had to move his funds in Canada because of government harassment, you know they attack you on your finances first because that is how they cut your operations….however Alex Jones had said in some radio show recently that he is scared of the iminent global currency conversion if it happens overnight because he has about 3 mil in his account just for necesary business daily operations… that is why I think dear Alex is no longer with us….

      • Maybe they don’t want to rally too much on OPX either? At any rate, amazing how POMO + Treasury $ + falling USD is not enough to pump the market for more than an hour today. Near a short-term top?

        • There is a “Bradley” trun date on friday. Maybe we see some chopping for OPEX. But QE2 lasts til june. Look at the charts during QE1, if history tells us what is in store, I’d say 1400+ S&P before this thing rolls over. Unless we have a major event, but good luck “timing” that.

  26. “On Laszlo Birinyi’s 2,800+ S&P Prediction By September 4, 2013” <— from Zerohedge.

    When I see stories like this, the more i think we'll get a slap in the face soon enough. The insanity levels are getting almost as high as 2007. But remember one thing, the markets can ramp up longer than your account can stay fluid.

    • Especially true when “they” control the printing press! But I wouldn’t think that they want to keep it going that long, as they need to steal the publics money at some point!

      • The gangsters want it all, this is true. But they want to make sure people stay in the game. This last downturn has taught people to just stay put in their positions. People who jumped ship sub 10k DOW are feeling badly. Gotta steal from the bears too ya know.

        • “Gotta steal from the bears too ya know.” What do you mean? That’s all they have done… steal from the bears! The bulls haven’t lost any money if they stayed long from 2009.

    • Thanks for info… and yes, “if” hyper-inflation kicks in sooner then everyone expects, (as in… right now), then we could go up to Dow 38,000 as Mahendra claims he see’s in his vision.

      I just can’t see how the gangsters can profit if they don’t first crash the market, so they can buy up all the assets at 10 cents on the dollar… which is their ultimate plan of course.

  27. Also regarding the market going up, according with Cliff from Half Past Humans, it may keep on going up and up but at some point it will be irrelevant because you will be able to buy DOW with one ounce of gold…
    I kinda of believe him, you know I am an advocate of precious metals, even though I favor silver…

    • Interesting… but you and I both know that the “Hal 2000” that runs this market doesn’t follow any technical charts, patterns, or systems that we sheep have. Your circle’s show maybe 2 or 3 hits out of 5 possible FP’s I seen. Meaning that we still don’t have the secret trading system… bummer.

          • That was EXACTLY what I had been thinking, but was wondering why they would play out for just a split second? Or maybe these are put out there because the quants will read them as support/resistance?

          • it’s something to ponder. the May flash crash was a great example in macro scale IMHO. what does an algorithm do if the bid/ask jumps more than say a standard range of 3%? for that matter, what does a human do if major unexpected price change occurs? first they look for news, (exogenus) event something outside of their radar, yes?

          • Yup, or programmed to read FPs that are formatted a certain way, so that it can be controlled w/outside signals without changing the code.

  28. CNBS with their 1000% club…. That absolutely SCREAMS selloff, but alas, with POMO until June, I just can’t see it happening.

  29. It is clear to me that the housing “crisis” was implemented for many reasons. One of which is to get rid of the elderly. Let me explain,… These gangsters have borrowed (stolen) so much money from the social security system that the baby boomers are a drain on our government now. The retired class will be larger than the working class at some point and the SS system cannot handle that. So what can the gangsters do? They institute Obumbacare, which will dictate what care the elderly get (If you think “deathpanels” are a radicalist expression, better think again), or should I say, don’t get. In the meantime, you destroy whatever savings they have in the bank and of course, what they have in their homes. That way, they will live with less means and naturally get sick earlier…

    Take a snapshot of your lives now and then look back at it in 5 years. Things will be alot different then.

    God save us all,…except the gangsters in our sh1tty government. That includes all of them Repubs and Demos.

  30. Hopefully everyone lived to hunt for the top another day! They have so many debasement tools available right now, it’s very hard to be confident going long. Mid-East, inflation, jobs, etc on and on. Once they play even 1 card, they can continue to play all the cards back to back.

  31. Very nice day today. Thought we would go a little higher. Don’t be surprised to see some weakness via Headlines the rest of the week. Pomo is still the wildcard. I’m thinking we correct some.

  32. My site is back up now. I had to put up a new theme as the old one was causing problems. Just click on the title of the post and scroll down to the page to see the comments. Sorry for all the trouble.

    • I’ve been working on it all morning… Pain in the ass! The old theme “Mystique” was being hit with too many IP requests. I had to change themes. It will take some time to get used too this new one, but I’ll try to edit it and make it more user friendly as I learn all it’s functions.

    • No, it’s a FP… I’m sure the transaction was canceled later. It’s a signal of where they plan to take the market. I think it wasn’t meant to be 34.65, put 134.65… as in today! Tomorrow though… is another story.

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