Unbelievable Week With More Insanity!


Crash You Son Of A Gun... CRASH!

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtSLQtJXSlg)

The insanity continues day in and day out, as the bulls just keep on goring the bears with one thrust after another.  This has been one crazy week for me as my website was once again taken down... by whom, I don't know?  Repeated IP requests on the theme name forced me to change the theme.  Sorry if you guys and gals don't like it... I had to do it.

I'll work on prettying it up over time and hopefully everyone gets used too it.  It's a little wider then the previous theme, so I'll have too come up with a new header image (something dark and evil of course).  Just be patience with me, as I'll work through the bugs and learn the power and features of this new theme over time.

Ok, on to the market...

The market did go down early in the morning as I expected, and of course it floated back up the rest of the day like it was high on crack or something.  The same old B.S. happened as usual... big surprise, right?  As for tomorrow, history says it's a down day so maybe us bears might get to eat something?

The charts are once again overbought and ready to roll over... on all short term time frames!  Does that mean it will?  I doubt it, but hey... I just thought I'd throw that dart out there, and maybe I'll hit the bullseye?  (Of course I'm blind folded, turned around backwards, have both hands tied behind my back, with the dart in my mouth!).

So for now, I'll just keep it simple and use this post for a "comment cleaner" and do my bitching in the video.  Good luck as usual gang... both bulls and bears.  Thanks for your patience.



  1. What we need to see for the bear case is a breakdown and back-test of the rising wedge. The wedge runs out of time on Tuesday, so it has to happen soon.

    There is a slight chance it could break *up*, which ordinarily I’d say would be unbelievable, but, you know…

  2. Here’s something funny… I have this open in two windows right now. One is with FireFox and the other is Safari. The one in Safari has the “Hot Russian Babe” banner, and the one in FireFox has “ChristianMingle com” banner! LOL

    • What do you think about next week? Maybe a small correction before the BIG KAHUNA run-up & subsequent crash?

    • Thanks Jeff… I’ll be tweaking it over the coming days and weeks. It’s a cleaner look I believe. But I need to create a new header image, which takes time. I’ll get it thou…

  3. Red…glad to see you are back. My first thoughts were “is he pissing somebody off by getting too close to the truth?” Regardless, welcome back.

  4. Hey Red, how are you enjoying your freedom of expression and free speech. lol. god bless you. you must be doing a good job, because it’s getting their attention.

  5. One more thing… dziemer emailed me and told me that he seen a FP of 12,379.22 on the Dow. I don’t have a screen shot, but maybe that’s our upside target today as going down is forbidden.

    • Figures… you know the gangsters aren’t going to shutdown real child porn sites, as that’s probably where they find children to abduct for their sick rital sacrifices. Bastards!

      Yeah, target the sites that tell the truth and distribute stuff for free don’t you? Oh no, we can’t have people getting free stuff, as that would unchain them from the monetary debt cage.

  6. Unions crying about concessions on statehouse lawns and our governmet throwing money at the banks to manipulate the stock and Bond market. Seems to me the anger is being vented at the wrong level of government, but that’s just my opinion…

    Wake me up when there’s some volume to the downside. I think I’ll hibernate for awhile…

  7. Hey Leo. Did you see how WSJ had an article about the same time last year, with the SAME headline? “European stocks rise 5 days in a row” last year of the 19th, this year on the 17th. Something smells fishy. I posted this on Seekers blog.

  8. Not even option X can stop this melt. Every single bear will be dead in the woods. Maybe the bulls will have to turn their swords on each other then.

  9. It’s a beautiful day here in Florida… just the right temperature. I’ve got the doors open and the windows too! A perfect 73 degrees… not too hot or cold. So if I disappear today, I fell asleep in the hammock. (That’s my story and I’m sticking too it!)

  10. The fact that silver is breaking out makes methinks that JP Manipulation will want to tank this market to correct commodities. I guess time will tell.

  11. Wow, look at silver dive! Now we know where JP Manipulation used their POMO money today! The silver margin call is at 3pm EST today, and they’re pulling out all the stops to push it down! Woo-hoo!

    90 minutes left……could see another pop shortly after 3pm…

  12. As much as I’d like to say that we could tank over this 3 day weekend… I won’t. Mainly because of that new intraday FP of 135.14 spy… which will likely be hit next week. So, I’ll only say that I’m clueless as to what next week will bring?

  13. off topic, the phone company and water and power co, have discount programs to help people under a certain income. as far as i know the gas co, and the banks, do not, never have and never will—therefore they work for lucifer, according to most known religions.

  14. RED,

    i am baaaaack from my travels to Atlanta. So what did i miss??? anything? huh?? did the market crash and make us all WEALTHY?? well i will study the charts today – and see if the break has produced new and profound insights for me to share…..

      • red,

        on the technical side, the market is up against some big trend lines – one going back 80 years, which will act as resistance and which will make for the seemingly unfettered march up more difficult. this portends some sideways action. As we all know – this market is absolutely manipulated and is the play ground of jpm, gs, ms, bac, etc…. it seems to me this melt up (while driving bears like us crazy) is a constructed and engineered effort by the manipulators to create frenzy of buying. the goal seems to be to sucker in as much niiave public retail money as possible in a blow off top type of fashion… the msm is sure accomodating this effort….

        so my prediction for next week is sideways action – with the possibility for a very controlled down action – nothing more than 10 points of downside. 3/11/11 is just around the corner you know

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