Will The Illuminati Sink Japan This Week?


Thursday Update...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TywPydpsno4)

I'm not sure about Friday, as opx day's are usually bullish. While I think we will go down to the 130.67 spy FP level in the morning, the close could be pinned between 131 and 132 because it's the area that the market makers have too pay out the least amount to both put and call holders.



Wednesday Update

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmsHkLf5fs8)

We should tank hard tomorrow. Possible gap up to the 132.50 spy FP, but don't count on it. Any gap up should quickly fail, and is a great shorting opportunity.



Tuesday Update

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlXpWUjDMt4)

I still see more selling before a decent bounce.  While I think we could go up to the 132.50 spy FP tomorrow morning I think tomorrow will close down again.  Then a bounce on Thursday and Friday I believe.



Monday Update

One more down day I think, before a small bounce into the end of the week.

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnUNURfeBKY)

An Important video worth watching...

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wozi20KhhVo)



Right Shoulder Coming Or Stock Market Crash?

I not sure which, as it really depends on whether or not the insane Federal Reserve Board Cabal uses their weapons of mass destruction on Japan this Monday, April 11th, 2011?  Yes, the gangsters haven't given up... even after Japan gave them $60 Trillion Yen last week!  Talk about evil... these people are inhuman!


Parts 2 through 7...

BEST SHAPESHIFTING EVIDENCE TO DATE pt 5 - Puff the Magic Dragon Conclusion

What am I talking about?  The latest update from Ben Fulford states that Rockefeller, Bush, Kissinger, and the rest of the Reptilian worshipers (or Reptilian's themselves?), now plan to use some space based weapons from the Ronald Reagan "Star Wars" era to destroy Japan once and for all.  Here's the complete unedited post from Ben on April 9th, 2011...

Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate now threatening Japan with Reagan era “star wars” space based weapons

As the United States Corporate government heads for bankruptcy, the oligarchs running it are now threatening to attack Japan with space-based “star wars” weaponry put into orbit during the Reagan era.

The threats came in the form of e-mails entitled “HAARP will not be silent.” This came after the HAARP facility in Alaska went offline. The blue lights seen during the April 7th earthquake that hit Miyagi prefecture may be a sign the weapons are already being used. Other warnings indicate April 11 or 411 may be a likely  day of attack. The allies of the White Dragon are hereby requested to destroy or decommission this space-based weaponry before more innocent people are killed by the criminal cabal still running the United States. The threats are escalating because of the increasingly dire financial situation facing the bankrupt-in-all-but-name US corporate government. These massive corporate debts are not owed by the American people and will be written off once the genocidal Nazi faction of the US military industrial complex steps aside and stops carrying out mass murder. The American people must be freed.

Attacking and threatening Japan is counter-productive because the Japanese people and government are not in a position to stop the US corporate bankruptcy no matter how much they wish they could.

We all know that the Illuminati love the number 11, 111, and 1111... or an combination of them, so this Monday is another possible date as it is 4-11-11.  There will be many series of 11's this year as each month has an 11th day and we end the year with 11.  Of course the biggest ritual date would be 11-11-11 later this year.  For now though, we just have too make it through Monday.

Personally, I think they will fail and nothing bad will happen.  I seen a picture (STEADY SKIES OVER JAPAN: More Orbs?) showing "orb's" (ufo's) in the sky's of Japan. (Also this one over a volcano Multi UFOs OVER SAKURAJIMA / JAPAN (VOLCANO AREA) and same at: Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica).  I believe these were most likely the good aliens know as the Pleiadian's that were assisting in suppressing the HAARP effects (radiation) on the people by doing something in the sky to reduce the levels in Japan.

In this interesting article it talks about the efforts that the aliens have done to stop the planned Armageddon that the Illuminati are still trying to make happen.  As you obviously have figured out by now, a stock market crash that takes the market down to the lowest FP I have of 20.16 SPY (about Dow 2,000 and SPX 200) would certainly occur if these gangster succeed in sinking Japan... which would send a thousand foot tidal wave into California wiping out the entire west coast.


Again, I think they will fail.  Of course they have back up plans to... like using HAARP (or planted nukes) on the fault line in California to sink it from an earthquake here in America if the Japan plan fails.  One thing is for sure... we live in some crazy times right now!  While I still think they plan to take the market higher to the 138.86 SPY FP before tanking it for good, if they lose control of this coming sell off, then all bets are off!

The market (and the world) is at a crossroads right now.  All those reversal candles the last week or so, tell me that a downside move is coming next week.  How deep we go is unknown?  Maybe nothing bad happens on Monday and they just take the market down for a week or so, to put in a right shoulder?

(to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUIrmcYwVuM)

Or, maybe even a little lower to the 200dma around 1200 spx over the coming month or two?  While I would expect the market to bounce back up for awhile from the first hit of the moving average, without QE3 I don't think it would go back up to the FP on the SPY (about 1388 spx).  That's what makes me think we will only put in a right shoulder and then go higher into the end of April.

The 50 dma is at 1312 spx right now and might be our downside target?  It's too hard to forecast this market that far out as the gangsters will change the plan and rob the most amount of people possible.  So, let's just stick with the short term first.

Monday is a tough call, but I think any rally up will be meet with selling.  We may only get a retest of the broken support line and then more selling.  While it's still possible for them to go back up to the 1339 high from Friday, the odds are against it.  The market looks to be rolling over now, and we should continue down more next week before taking the current high out.

I would love to see Monday gap up so I could short it, but I just don't know if we'll get so lucky?  A flat open and some choppy action early on is really what I'm expecting.  Give the 60 and 30 minute charts some time to get overbought while the actual price level of the spy doesn't really go anywhere, and that would set up a nice sell off into the afternoon.

Will it work out like that?  I wish I knew?  We can only look at the possibilities and be prepared to place our bets once we see which one plays out?  The short term charts could go either way on Monday... up or down?  They aren't oversold yet, or overbought... that's why it's a tough call.  Since they are pointing up, it's possible that they will try to continue that way... but again, I think any rallies are just good shorting opportunities for now.

To sum it up, I'm looking for another chance to get short on any morning rally with a move down to 1300-1312 if a right shoulder develops, or down to the 1200 area the selling gets out of hand.  We'll just have too look at the volume to see if it looks "controlled" or "panicky"... as heavy volume would certainly indicate a deeper sell off.


For the 2012 Election... Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura!



  1. Interesting because i watched the movie Battle LA and the invasion in the movie happened on 4.11.11 at 4:46 GMT.

  2. GOOG reports THURS go long, they (Gansta criminal terrorists banka’s) have earnings week rigged. i never saw it start out like this….AA,JPM,GOOG,C

  3. the tea party is too scared to go after wage disparity. they are however willing to set up trillion dollar death panels for seniors. i could never support that type of terrorism. and neither should anyone else. find some truly brave folks to support..

  4. Good morning gang! So far, so good… as in, there’s no be gap up squeezing the bears. I’m going to watch the 15 minute chart closely as it will likely get overbought this morning giving us a move down once it rolls over.

  5. It’s possible that we will do an ABC move today with A and B now being completed. If you look at the 15 minute chart and draw a line across from the 3 closing candle highs, it points to 1335 spx as a likely target.

    But first the market must breakthrough the current resistance at 1330 from a different downward sloping trendline.

  6. It’s possible that we will do an ABC move today with A and B now being completed. If you look at the 15 minute chart and draw a line across from the 3 closing candle highs, it points to 1335 spx as a likely target.

    But first the market must breakthrough the current resistance at 1330 from a different downward sloping trendline.

  7. So is it possible that this Ben Fulford guy is just a creative writer who has constructed an entire false reality just to sell some books and online subscriptions? Have any of his predictions come true?

    • He’s not selling any books that I know of? His predictions aren’t exactly what I’d call “predication’s”, but instead “plans of the elite”. Everything is subject to change and possibly the $60 Trillion Yen stopped the gangsters (for now) and they turned off the HAARP weapon.

      Or, so good guys took out the Alaska base (remember… there are at least 13 locations over the planet), and they couldn’t do anything to Japan.

      Lastly, the alien “orb’s” that were flying around the volcano neutralized the effects of the HAARP weapon.

      No matter what actually happened, it appears to have been stopped for now… which is great news! Of course they will try Plan “B”, “C”, etc…, but hopefully the exposure that Ben is doing to them, will stop them from doing it.

      Also remember what Lindsey Williams said about the elite… “they will change their timeline if needed, because of too much resistance (or exposure)”.

  8. red,

    alcoa reports earning after the bell. did you buy any aluminium this last quarter?? i am interested to see if there is any margin squeeze, or if they ~like the banks~ have been given the proxy for fraudulent accounting???? market impact?? maybe. red….its me richie….i dunno what happened to my account. ahhh

  9. Wow, AA beat by a penny and is better than the “fake/sheep expectations,” but missed the “real expectations” by a mile. get ready for an all-out slaughter.

  10. Lots of nice upside prints in AA & SPY & QQQ.

    My bad y’all, I forgot that crappy earnings = rally!

    • Probably waiting for the bears to jump on it in order to PUMP IT and create a short-covering rally, but that’s just my cynical self……

  11. 28 days later when Pluto and Mars form a perfect square, Japan raises the Atomic Alert Level to 7, the highest level possible matching Chernobyl. A lot of 7s lately.

  12. Looks like that “can’t take oil delivery” is playing out… Saudi’s are going to lower production due to oversupply, so no demand is confirmed… I think inventories are reported tomorrow, so the world will know they can’t take the delivery, Cushing tanks are full! Panic?

    • So what’s the next move Cletus? We all know that this market is manipulated, as that’s what this whole blog is about… “the gangsters”. But how do you know “when” the FP’s are going to be hit? Figure that one out, and you’ll be rich!

  13. New FP of 132.4928 spy at 1:30 pm est. This isn’t the level the market closed at yesterday (close though), so it’s probably a valid print. The “when” part is unknown of course, but I’d expect it to hit before this week is over.

  14. its so hard to make a few bucks…. luckily… I covered most of my shorts…. around 11am :0 getting most of the move down….. will wait with my ammo to short again.

      • how you feeling about the market ? did you go short few days ago ? or are you waiting with the shorts you had already ?

        • I’m out of all shorts right now, but I do think we will have some more downside to come. I’m thinking we will go up to the FP of 132.50 tomorrow and then sell off again.

          Seems strange, as opx is usually bullish, but the charts still look very bearish for the short term right now. I just don’t see any rally back up toward the current high yet, as I think we’ll have another leg down. I will get short again after the bounce is over tomorrow (I think?).

          • Yeah if we see a mid-week bounce, that would be a great set-up…wait for it…wait for it..! Of course, they can take it down tomorrow and the next day and set everyone up for a short squeeze. These guys are just full of POMO-cocaine induced moves.

          • Patience is the key…. I always jump the gun too quick… I am waiting for it to bounce…. I mean…no need to chase it…it will come to us :)… with all these pomo money… you know they gonna jack this market up…..buy the DIPS lol short the rips..

  15. Heavy POMO for the rest of the week. New schedule released just a short time ago. Think we’ll revisit that possible inverse head and shoulder neckline area???

    • Yes, that’s possible Kevin, but I’m still thinking we will get another leg down. Maybe up tomorrow and Thursday to end opx, but I don’t think we are quite really to go higher toward the 138.86 FP just yet. This right shoulder looks to shallow too me.

      • I’m leveraged long via DRN. $RMZ (real estate index) i.e. Fed inflated junk has outperformed $SPX over the last two days, suggesting to me a wicked snap-back to the upside is in play very soon. $SPX could test 1305 on an early morning gap down, and then rocket up. Or we just just rocket up from here.

        Very difficult to trade — it looks like a rounded top, but we should know better than that by now.

        • Yes, it’s very difficult to trade. If the bear flag plays out on Oil tomorrow morning, then we could see that morning flush out to the downside. If not, then we could grind higher in the morning and then sell off into the close. Hard too predict which will happen?

      • Well, the 30-60 min SPX charts look like they could move higher, but the daily is pretty neutral IMO. I think 1325 FP may get hit tomorrow if JPM earnings and outlook are good. Also, oil coming down IS consumer friendly.

        • I’m kind of leaning toward a move up on the market to the FP’s on the spy and qqq, and then the 30-60 minute charts should become overbought and rollover into the close. Maybe the USO continues trading sideways all day making a better bear flag, and then collapses with the market together?

  16. I have created a blog where I outline where I believe the market is heading next based on technical analysis combined with market manipulation signals.

    The title of my blog is simply “The US Stock Market Is Being Manipulated”


    I will post my thoughts on there from now on. Feel free to read if you want. If not, it’s just a place to gather my thoughts about trading false prints.

    If I die from it, so be it. Who honestly cares who comes after me? If these people want to do this in the light of day, I guess that’s the price they (and I) pay.

    Although occasionally I misread their signals, I’m pretty well aware of what each one means now and have traded it quite successfully of late. The only losses I take anymore are on puts where I got too aggressive with the expiration date.

    • Cletus,

      You sound angry or something? I like your posts, and wasn’t trying to be mean to you. I was serious, as I really do want to know if you have figured out the secret of the FP’s. Please continue to keep us updated, as maybe we can all figure it out together as a team.

  17. Based on price action, I’m thinking they might chop around a little, but push commodities down on any down day, giving more breathing room for equities. The manipulation is going to have to get a whole lot more complex until the market finally takes a dive.

    • Could be? Hard too say? If oil drops slowly tomorrow, the market could still chop around as you say. Or it could rally a little and oil could just stay flat. JPM earnings should give the market a boost tomorrow morning I believe, but will it hold? I doubt it…

  18. Well, we got our gap up. Now let’s see if it can get to the 132.50 SPY FP from yesterday? It think it will get there before the day is over. Then, if there is a little selling from it, that would tell me the 60 minute chart wants to rollover, as it should be overbought by then.

    Then Thursday could be another sell off day? I know opx weeks are usually bullish, and they still have POMO going, but if the charts rollover into the close, I’ll go short into Thursday. However, if they can clearly breakthrough the 1325 area today, then I probably wouldn’t as the down move could then be over for this week.

    • Odd thing is, I don’t see any “recent” upside prints for SPY that are higher than the last highs. I’d say the market probably doesn’t punch thru the top.

  19. red,

    i think i am a SHAPE SHIFTER!! i lost 10 pounds and my jeans are falling off me now!! ahhhhhh!!! i will wear a belt cause with the price of cotton being inflated artificially from money printing, i refuse to buy a new pair!!!

    • prince,

      lol ~ what exactly do you mean by acting “WELL”. i personally think that artificially inflating asset prices (destroying all true price discovery) through federal deficit spending, and the fed monetizing this issuance is the definition of “UNWELL”. This makes the equity market SICK!!!! so a continuous rising in prices is the fever that will kill the equity patient……..


      • The volume is just too low right now to see a “panic” sell off. I think we will rally tomorrow and probably Friday too (maybe Friday). Then we’ll see how high it goes, but I still think we will have another leg down before rallying back up to try and take out the current high.

        A move down to 1280-1290 area to make the right shoulder would be good for the bulls, as then they could push to new highs (the 138.86 FP) later this month.

    • I don’t know, but maybe he will save the day… for the bulls of course. LOL. We have a nice wave 3 (or C wave) coming next week I believe. Some how I think the Illuminati will do something bad on the 19th (Tuesday) to tank the market. That leaves the next 3 days to rally the market up for wave 2 (or B), and then just when all the bears are squeezed out and the bulls are all long again… bam, down she goes!

    • He talked and talked and talked … didn’t get to the point for 25 minutes as usual. And all BS – no solution as far as I can see. Raise taxes on the rich… he will be dukeing it out with Republicans over his “plan”.

          • I don’t think the Republicans are really trying. There’s nothing they can do. Obama has complete, absolute control over the media, as long as he does what he’s directed to do. Based on the brainwashing I’ve witnessed firsthand, Obama can throw a baby out of a White House window on National TV and a large portion of the public will blame Bush, or a “vast Republican conspiracy.”

            Disclosure: I think Bush & Obama are Dumb & Dumber.

  20. Not good for bulls tomorrow. They reset the “down day’s in a row” count, so now we could tank tomorrow. If we would have closed negative today, that would have been 6 down days in a row, giving the bulls a 80% + chance of closing positive tomorrow.

    Now that it’s reset, the bulls don’t have a leg to stand on. While I still think we could pop in the morning and hit the 132.50 spy FP, the odds of the bulls holding the day positive are low. I think the 60 minute chart will quickly get overbought and a sell off in the close will happen.

    Good for bears! 😉

      • That looks like a regular H&S pattern, (which is bearish), but the SPX has an inverted H&S pattern. Makes you wonder which one is going to fail, as I can’t see the Russell tanking while the SPX makes new highs.

        • Red,

          Cool. Your analysis agree with mine. I have some LT charts which tell me that RUT is on its way to test 625 but also shows me that SPX needs to test 1420 area.

          • Well, you know I have a FP of 138.86 spy (about 1388 spx) with a volume of 4,290 shares. It could be the target for 04-29-2011? I know the market is controlled and manipulated by the Fed’s, but I don’t know how to decode the FP’s yet?

            So, I’m guessing at the April 29th date being the period when the FP will be hit, but it seems possible. For now though, I’m just taking it one day at a time. Looking into the future that far just makes you stupid when it doesn’t happen (which I’ve done too many times). LOL.

          • It stands for “fake print”… which you can’t trade off them, but when the market is going in that direction they act like magnets for the market. Some people call them “rogue ticks”, and Anna calls them “casper prints (ghost print)”.

            I’ve noticed that many of the FP’s get hit within a certain period of time, almost like the market manipulators are telling the insiders where they plan to take the market too next. But, I’m not an insider, so I never know when they will get hit… only that they will likely be a target when trending in that direction.

  21. red,

    i am putting on my fortune teller hat today and will read the tea leaves of the spx. we will bounce up from 1302 area for the rest of the day in a very shallow 32% retracement (maybe abc ) for a II wave. we will end the day closing at the 1314 area ~ sell off to intensify tommorrow///???

    what say yeee???

    • Possible Richie? I really do want to see the market go beyond the 1310 level as that would give the bulls a nice bottoming tail, and a chance to rally tomorrow. But, the 1302 low is support, so it’ possible that the selling is over. I really don’t think so at the moment, but possible.

  22. “GASP” R-E-D!!!!

    are you doubting the tea leaves!!!! LOL…… yee of little TEA faith!!! i think a bottom tail would be just what the BTFD doctor ordered. this will help the sell off tommorrow because of a ‘LONG’ squeeze ~ do long squeezes exist??

    • No, I don’t think “long squeezes” exist. But whatever they call it (trapped bulls I guess?), I love to see another wave down today. We’ll see… it depends on how strong the rebound is here.

  23. The bulls recaptured the busted triangle. Now the 131.30-131.35 spy area must hold them in the triangle. If not, and a breakout happens, the selling is over for several days I believe, and a wave 2 up will begin (probably into next Tuesday).

    • Actually, that level of resistance from the downward sloping trendline is about 131.50 spy right now. Bears need to make a stand there and push the bulls back down out of the triangle. However, the bottoming tail that just formed is very bullish.

  24. This should be about it for the bears I’m afraid. Plus, I just now see a new FP of 131.50 spy. This bull flag is going to turn up very soon and a rally for 2-3 days is likely. Bears should lock in gains here. While we might not breakout of the triangle today, a gap up (and go) out of it tomorrow highly is likely I believe.

      • I think we’ll see that and more. Once the market breaks out of the triangle a squeeze up should happen. We could see the 132.50 FP tomorrow I believe. I got today wrong on thinking that it would gap up first, and then sell off, but that’s life. You just have too adjust.

        Instead, we sold off first at the 1302 area looks like firm support right now. I can count a 5 wave pattern down easily now, plus we have a nice bottoming tail on the 15 minute chart and all longer time frames. We should go up for several days now.

  25. We seem to still be in a falling channel. If the bulls don’t breakout soon there could be another leg down today? Not sure what’s going to happen here? The market is at a critical point and could go either way.

  26. Today is 9/11/11 day, so something could still happen. Probably later tonight when all bears and bulls are asleep.

  27. Bulls look very tired here. Short term charts are overbought and this falling channel of resistance is still holding them back. We could see another leg down? Maybe the bottom isn’t in yet?

  28. April is four. Today is one plus four, so NINE. 2(11) o 11. Two is known as another form of 11 for geomatricians and occultists.

    • I have a cycle relating to the CSX 888 incident which provided the inspiration for the movie UNSTOPPABLE for tomorrow. 4-15 will be 9years11months from the actual incident which occurred on 5-15. That’s a pretty major hit considering all of the unusual numbers involved for the real-life event. I had a bunch of major esoteric cycles hit today for Japan but it will nearly be 4-15 (or already is) there. The UNSTOPPABLE 777 cycles are already in play.

      Today’s activity though discouraged the beartard in me though. The Dow formed a hammer bottom and I don’t like hammer bottoms and the Nasdaq had a fat red candle. It looked like a clear 5 waves down although my counts are always wrong and the Russell 2000 rsi is really low on the 60min chart although it bounced to 50. Also don’t like to see $nymo reverse the other direction no matter how small the increments. Maybe all the rampant bullishness is getting to me.

      On the other hand, the transports did not break above their multi-day range after not making a new low in the morning which is unusual. Russell 2000 made a box top with its high of yesterday and no major resistance was broken in all of the indices. So just enought to keep me confused.

      Hopefully, $nymo can make a new low without a major plunge.

      I’ll be po’d if they gap it down tomorrow below the 50day average. I don’t want to be chasing that.

      I see that Google has disappointed after hours but I haven’t scanned the futures yet or scanned the data-mining sites either. (*@*) !!!!!!!111!!!!!!!
      —cryptic attribution

    • stockcharts did not predict it, sometimes stockcharts.com shows you real time even those market is closed. if you keep refreshing it, it changes.

  29. ok red, i am going to toot my own tea leaves ~ mainly because is so rarely get this accurate.

    here is what i wrote 6 hours ago ~ how did i do?? (and y’all can scroll down and check it):


    i am putting on my fortune teller hat today and will read the tea leaves of the spx. we will bounce up from 1302 area for the rest of the day in a very shallow 32% retracement (maybe abc ) for a II wave. we will end the day closing at the 1314 area ~ sell off to intensify tommorrow///??? oh yes, the tea leaves says next week the spx will puke a lung!

    what say yeee???

  30. Did you see the SP close up .11 +.01%. And crude oil close up at 108.77. seeing that after hours has me even more po’d.

    Crude oil not participating in the downside today didn’t help the brearish cause.

    A break of 106 will be encouraging. Crude oil has already done a bearish TD flip though.

  31. I like how we bounced off 1300 area today. Buy programs still kicking in. I see some upside soon and an inverse head and shoulders in the S&P to boot…..

  32. what a Dutscheeebag I am… I shorted INFY yesterday…at 73.30 and covered at the close lol cuz I was a chicken $hit… look at it this AM

    • red,

      it is a sell the market set up.! vix is now outside the lower bollinger on the daily. a close below the band sets up for III in the market next week. we are finishing off a countertrend II wave today……

  33. The SPY 132.50 false print could have been the OPEX pin target and was valid. I’ll make a note of it on my blog to spot the pattern if it turns out to be true. Maybe we always get a FP to give the pin.

      • That’s why I think it’s good to keep track of all FPs and when they were hit so we can start to find the patterns. This one is looking clearer — it was the OPEX pin. I’ll see next OPEX if we get a similar FP. I think they usually do this.

    • The alternative explanation was that uptick FP was a “buy all dips” signal. Let’s see how next week plays out. Sometimes uptick FPs are buy signals.

  34. FP on SPY at 131.51. I have recorded it and will post it to my blog. I assume this means they will hit the 132.49 then head lower or just head lower now.

    • Could be the closing price? Hard too tell? But I think we go higher next week. Everyone is expecting a sell off now, but we should only have a higher low, and then another push back up. How high is the question? Do we take out the current high now, and push for the 138.86 spy FP, or go back down to 1274 spx first, and then push up?

      • Doubt it. For now the trend is still down and my primary objective is the QQQ print of 54 for the time being. If they reverse the trend officially, I’ll have to change my interpretation of their plans.

      • Sometimes these prints are straight sell signals, but if history is a guide, that is just a pullback target and the market might rise on Monday…but if it keeps going lower it was a sell signal. Bottom line: the trend is still down.

  35. Fear Factor — This is our “Brand Name” Ratio, measures Fear….with a downward movement indicating increasing fear–thus is moves the same as the US Indices, it often leads. However, the key trade I have used is that when the indices stagnate, consolidate, or dead cat bounce, and FF keep going down, then I expect the indices to follow the way. If FF Does a V bounce off a bottom channel line, I don’t maintain bearish positions. Too bad I can’t apply the PRS 133/177 since I can only do ratio charts on Prophet charts and not on TOS which is the easiest platform to do PRS channels on.

    The Euro just popped the 78 Big Fibonacci line. In the last year or two, waves often retrace to the 78. This prevents most people from being able to make money, since if you set your stop above the 61 or 78, you get stopped out. Anyone trying to make fundamental sense of the Portugal and Euro situation would assume that the Euro would be getting crushed due to printing. Maybe popping the 78 was enough crushing.

    It is possible we get a silver kickdown from the PRS 133, but silver has gone parabolic in the past and may need to draw in even more people before a huge turn down….enough of a crush to get everyone who jumped on that train to get off the train at a loss, say silver to below 20.

    Note the “Egg” Launch on Cable (GBP/USD Currency). Just when it looks like it is going to fall off the edge of the Egg….a massive launch upward. This truly is a pattern, be it said that Hawaii Trading claims the Egg Launch as proprietary.

    Soybeans — just an interesting adherence to PRS channel lines. Not playing this one, futures are quite illiquid, which means they will hunt your stops at night. Could be a kickdown, could be a bull flag. How far can the New World Order crush the food supply without generating massive social upheaval? I won’t place my money betting on at.


  36. Boatload O’ Charts
    Cable will find support or lose support at this line. Euro looks ready to tank also, see 2 charts. Also got charts on Copper, Cotton, Gold, Lumber and more. Check it out. Entered the weekend as heavy short as I have been in 6 months, most Fridays I sit in 100% cash except for some long term “investments” in gold miners and natty. I am cognizant that I am a lightning rod for sentiment. I will likely move my stops to breakeven today, even with risk of a stop out and then continued move down.


    Full moon means earthquakes. The last “little” 5.9 quake sent radiation levels skyrocketing, which probably doesn’t mean new cracks in containment, possibly just stirring up the radioactive saturated ground water which we already “proved as fact” due to the refilling of the pumped out areas.

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