Light Volume And A Bullish Week Ahead


Wednesday Update...

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Another light is expected tomorrow, with a gap up possible.  If so, then I expect the rest of the day the market will fall back down some (not pass the current support area of 1330), and end the day slightly higher.  A doji (spinning top) pattern is likely on the daily chart.



Monday Update...

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Nothing like a little mud in my face (or foot in my mouth)!  So, I'm going out on a limb again with this video, as I'm getting used too mud now!



Next week will be shorten by one day, as the market will be closed on Friday because it's a holiday.   So, does this mean we'll be surprised by some staged event to tank the market?  Hard too say, but if I knew for sure then it wouldn't be a surprise anymore!

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Yes, the 19th is an important day for the Illuminati, as many events have happened on the 19th of the month in the past.  But, I really don't think anything will happen this time.  I'm leaning toward some light selling on Monday to reset the overbought conditions and allow for more upside the rest of the week.  You must remember that the gangsters still control this market, and with the expected light volume next week I fully expect them to continue pushing it up.

Somehow I just know that the 138.86 SPY FP is real, and that we won't crash this stock market until it is hit.  Just speculating here again, but the volume of 4,290 shares could be a signal to indicate that the print will be hit on 04-29-2011.  Of course I haven't figured out the gangster's insider code, but maybe this print is just that simple?  We all know that April is an extremely bullish month, and that we still have POMO propping up the market until June.  Plus there is the old saying "Sell in May, and Go Away"... maybe it will still hold true this time?

It seems impossible that we could continue higher with the VIX making new lows, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it will go lower before this market rolls over.  Remember, this will be the greatest stock market crash in the history of the market... so you should expect new extremes to be made on various charts and technical indicators as well.

Here's an interesting video that explains how the gangsters can't stop the coming crash as they shot themselves in the foot when they attacked Japan with HAARP.  In it, you'll see that when you destroy the 3rd largest economy in the world, the third quarter earnings are going to be so disappointing that a 5,000 point drop in the Dow will likely happen.

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Of course we could have something bad happen on Tuesday the 19th, and cause the market to crash, but I just don't think it will.  I do believe the FP to be a real one, and any severe down move would prevent that level from being hit on April 29th (assuming that I'm getting the code correctly?).  So, I'm simply thinking that Monday will be the day that resets the overbought conditions for another move up later in the week.  Whether it closes negative or just a "spinning top" is unknown.  I do expect it to sell off some on Monday, but they could push it back up into the close and end the day as a "pause day".

The rest of week will have likely have light volume and unfortunately I believe they will push it higher.  We all know that this market is insanely manipulated and totally disconnected from reality, but those are the facts... and we can't change them!  They have told us with the FP that they will take the market to that level at some point in the future.  So, you just have to ask yourself... "will we crash first, and then rally back up to the FP?", or is it "more likely that we will go up first and then crash later?"  I think the answer is obvious!

Once this market finally heads south, the high put in won't be revisited for a very long time.  With this dwarf star Elenin (Nibiru or Planet X?) expected to pass between the earth and the sun late this year, (real or not), they will be some serious damage to the planet (real or staged by the Illuminati?).  All this, with the looming forecast that Japan will eventually sink into the sea (creating a 1000 foot tidal wave to hit the west coast), tells me that this stock market isn't likely to continue much higher and will have likely put in an "all time high" this year.

The charts can be manipulated with all the POMO money, and that's exactly what the gangsters have done over the last 2 years.  However, right now the daily and weekly charts can easily support a rally as they could be viewed as "oversold"... at least the daily is already.  The weekly could continue down, or reverse back up for a little while.  Sorry, as much as I'm very bearish on the economy (and reality), the charts are looking bullish... especially when you combine in the "manipulation factor".

They are still injecting POMO until June 30th.  April is historically a bullish month.  Light volume is expected next week, as Friday is a holiday and the markets will be closed.  The daily chart is oversold.  The weekly chart is neutral, and could go either way.  The vix is looking like it's going to make new lows (as unbelievable as that is!).  The news out there is extremely bad, and the market continues to ignore it.  Am I missing anything?

It's truly sad to see so much B.S. going on right now with the market, but the facts are the facts... and we can't change it!  I'm sorry, but I can't get bearish here for next week.  While I'm sure they will likely surprise us all with some "event", I'm not looking for it until after the upside FP of 138.86 spy is hit.  Until then I'm not seeing another big move down.  Sure, there will be some down days (maybe... LOL), but they will likely be just to reset the overbought charts (followed by another push higher).

So, to put is simply... I'm not looking for a big sell off next week!  I know everyone is expecting a rally up to just short of the current high to form a wave 2 up, followed by the wave 3 down... possibly to the 1290 area, but I just don't think they will allow it to happen.  I think we'll rise up to the current high, trade sideways for awhile trying to pierce it, and after a few days we'll go past it to new highs around the 1388 spx (the spy FP level).  I don't know if the market will stop there and reverse, or just pause there and go higher again.  We do have POMO until June, so it's possible that we go higher, but I'm leaning toward that area to be the final top... mainly because May should be a bearish month.

Ok, that about sums it up for now.  I just didn't have time to do another dark post this weekend.  Maybe the next one...




  1. If there is any threat to the US in addition to the New Madrid fault, it would be this:

    The Japan quake has already released an incredible amount of stress and isn’t likely to produce anything close to what has already happened. Cascadia has a proven track record of producing a phenomena (that they don’t mention) that would include a large tsunami (surge) accompanied by a 1,000 foot tidal wave. The tidal wave would bring complete destruction to about 10-15 miles inland, but the tsunami would bring destruction to “only” about the same distance inland. If there are any geologists on this board, please comment.

    I don’t know why the blogosphere hasn’t brought this to the forefront; the only thing I can think of is that the campaign of misinformation by those in power has caused the conspiracy theorists to focus on areas where events have already occurred. Strange events all over the world need to be monitored, keep your eyes open.

    • lol… I held onto some of my shorts on friday… just covered… some of it….now its time to buy it back…. they probabaly will rally this SOB back up..

          • Have no clue what the general market is doing in terms of technicals but i can say this, i like FCX June/July calls at 49 strike price because the daily and 233 RSI are at 0.00 lol

            Also like July calls on SLV if it pulls back on the daily to 41. All this debt crisis and deficit issues and political YoYoing is good for precious metals 🙂

          • Thanks for the update. I agree with you assessment of precious metals. I think they will continue to go up until the overall market crashes. Then they will be sold to meet margin calls, but once they bottom again, they will be the best opportunity to go long for a huge move up again.

        • Hey you know the market drives the news, and not the other way around. And by the way, the White House, PIMCO and all the other scum knew about this on Friday, hence the BIG gap down. Any surprise?

    • sorry Bro, like you said.
      they won’t let anybody on that bear bus.
      and that frustrating quip – “it is until it isn’t”
      i’m just glad I dumped my puny SPYs @ 133 range – woo hoo!

  2. CSCO i’ve been waiting and waiting for CSCO to get to 16.50, finally 16.6 today. close enough. went long…17.3 exit looks simple.

  3. here’s a thought, unrelated to pizza.
    GOOG Morgan Stanley is lowering its price target on shares of Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) to $645, SO 200 DAY 560 EASY
    MAY 545 CALLS i can probably get $10.00 to $15.00, soon enough…at $6.00 today

  4. Fun fact, from ZH:

    Earlier during the S&P conference call, one of the participants asked the brilliantly simple question: with the Fed monetizing debt, why should the US even bother to collect taxes?

    OVER 50% of the money to run the govt is from the Fed, so why not just print the other 50%?

    Oh, I forgot……screw the middle class.

    • BK, I guess all the bears are hibernating! It’s just us left now. But, I’m hibernating too, as I’m still not trusting the sell off yesterday as the start of something real. I think it was staged to kill a bulls and allow the gangsters a better entry for a move up to the spy FP over the coming weeks.

    • san, i go to your site a lot. but I end up a lurker, cause i forgot my passwords, to make any kind of comment there:) nice work you have.

  5. i like GOOG at these levels. sorry to hear you don’t trade it. i only trade it on dips like these. i don’t get that many opportunities a year on a company like this.

  6. Has anyone posited that the reason the stock market is being propped up with a wizards stick, is that all kinds of things are going to occur and might as well entertain the crowd and distract them, before the proverbial chit hits the fan?

    • I think you are over looking the fact that we have already been told that they will take the market to the FP on the SPY. I don’t believe that it isn’t a real FP. Of course the “when” part is still unknown, but odds say we will go hit it before the chit hits the fan.

  7. Chit : n,

    1. A statement of an amount owed for food and drink; a check.
    2. A short letter; a note.

    How appropriate……

    Here’s how I’m playing it…I don’t really give a crap when it happens, we all know the support/resistance levels. These trends are all smooth as silk also. Follow the yellow brick road until the chit hits the fan.

    • LOL… I guess that’s why I decided not to do a video tonight! After all, it’s the same chitting thing! “Light volume is likely to push the market up this week. While it should be choppy, the week should end up”.

      • I’m still trying to figure out which of the following 2 scenarios the criminals will be playing:

        1) Pushing down the VIX to buy protection cheap, or

        2) Chop this market sideways for as long as possible in order to suck the premium out of the put protection everyone is buying.

        Of course, an artificial disaster could change the game real quick-like…

  8. I think everyone is too stunned to say anything. Maybe tomorrow will bring a nice surprise? This week is going to be controlled by all the folks NOT on vacation, so could be some interesting chit.

      • Wow, silver nosediving. GS just put it on the “hard to borrow” list, according to GS. Something is definitely up.

          • It’s just weird. Why would they announce that to produce a margin hike? A signal to others? To get a better price on silver?

            Since they are a PD and thus have complete immunity from all US laws and regulations, I just wonder what the real reason was?

          • gs, and jpm have morphed themselves into a government agency. there is no longer any seperation and the two are without distinction.

            the motive is without relevance. govt. GS and govt JPM take care of their own ~ that is all we need to know.

            so when gs pulls the ability to short slv because they are going to take silver down ~ do the opposite side of the trade ~ buy the dip, and go long physical!

  9. red,

    the daily VIX looks bullish. a close outside the lower bollinger will be a set up for a buy of VIX.

    the complacency indicated of this VIX level/chart looks to me much too manufactured. And who says america has lost its manufacturing base!!!!

  10. a,

    where is everyone??? i bet you red has a bunny costume on right now ~ hiding easter put options for the neighbourhood children to find on their easter derivative hunt!!

  11. LOL! You guys are too funny! I got my bear-ka-bob last Friday when I closed out my shorts at a loss. I’ve been in cash since, as I’m not shorting this pig! Too much B.S. going on in the market this week… especially the Monday fake out drop!

  12. Dunno, ran up into earnings, which blew out the always low expectations, but sales volumes were light in some areas and forward is sketchy. I think it opens at the high.

    But then again, if POMO has been saved up all this time, a massive gap up could cure that ill.

  13. Today is expiration day for the weekly options. I wonder where they will pin it?

    Calls Calculator

    131.0 Call 2.22 2.41 2.30 45,081
    132.0 Call 1.28 1.45 1.42 55,135
    133.0 Call 0.51 0.55 0.53 55,959
    134.0 Call 0.09 0.10 0.13 29,680
    135.0 Call 0.01 0.03 0.02 9,759
    136.0 Call — 0.01 0.01 7,569

    Puts Calculator

    131.0 Put 0.04 0.05 0.04 70,469
    132.0 Put 0.07 0.09 0.10 73,367
    133.0 Put 0.24 0.28 0.24 44,325
    134.0 Put 0.76 0.91 0.87 4,667
    135.0 Put 1.63 1.84 1.73 1,641
    136.0 Put 2.63 2.82 2.68 212

    Looking at the open interest on the call side versus the put side, it seems pretty heavy on the calls. I think we pop and drop…

  14. 90 minutes have passed, tomorrow is a holiday.
    I forget about light volume snooze days.
    this feels like one.
    reminder to self: don’t get locked into the wiggles.
    GG shifting to 30m candles.

  15. Did notice how they traded sideways all day yesterday and then popped into the close on the next to the last 5 minute candle (to do a stop sweep), and then reversed back down completely on the last 5 minute candle? If they continue trading like this today, I expect they will do another stop sweep before the close today.

  16. ..put in a put order around 134.00 plus low ball for weekend depreciation.
    if it get’s filled, joy. otherwise, no sweat.
    walking away from computer..
    have a great holiday, don’t sweat the small stuff.

  17. Ok Red, need you to validate a fake print for me. Not sure if it fits in the parameters of what a fake print is. Apple AH’s yesterday at 4:36pm spiked down to $320.80 on only 255,000 shares. Is that considered a valid FP?

    • I look for a print that isn’t near any known closing/opening price of prior days, as well gap fill/window levels. It’s got too be out of the norm basically…

          • I’m sure the SEC is watching that REAL closely (tongue firmly planted in cheek). Gangsters! There shouldn’t be ANY after market hours trading. Oh, but wait, then retail couldn’t get royally screwed. What am I thinking. There already is a level field, uh huh…

  18. Philly Fed number is horrid. Let’s say it all together now…. “stag-flation.” The market will digest that as usual,…eventually.

    • Also, don’t forget, Fed press briefing on monetary policy is April 27th… He could spook the market then or the market could take ’til April 29th to digest that news. Black Friday?

        • Sounds realistic to me. The big banks want to get out at a premium and QE3 can’t really get extended, can it? With all the media attention to our debt, how can they really justify it… We still need a recession to go through. Gas is just rediculious and I think the middle class is just beaten down and tired to the point that they bring their own KY jelly to the gas station with them. Not hearing a lot of anger over the cost of energy. Sad…

  19. The premarket high for the spy was 134.19, which is where I expect them to push it to before the day is over. I suspect it will be the last few candles of the day (typical B.S.!)

  20. I’m actually thinking of doing a call spread on the vxx (buy the 26, sell the 28), as I just can’t see it remaining this low all of next week. A move back to the 28 level (which was an area with 2 weeks of consolidation before the breakdown) is highly likely regardless of where the spy goes.

      • The charts look very top heavy for Monday ACP. I just can’t see it not closing down. The question is… how much? It can’t go too far down if they still plan to go up to the 138.86 FP by the 29th.

        • Yeah, I can see them pulling the same shenanigans Monday, but take a look at the dollar index……I took my eyes off the front……no resistance between 74 –> 70. Too damn many scenarios, which is probably why I don’t own stock, nor am I short, at the moment.

    • I was in cash anyway GG, so it didn’t really matter where they pinned it. But, I did get some calls on the vix (VXN) before the close… just in case they pull another repeat of last Monday.

      • agreed. monday down day maybe. does the public not see?!?!? this is 2007 all over again. oil at highs. gold at highs. here we go again. dollar at all time lows. vix all time lows. lets bring USA to the fuc*ing ground why dont you bernanke….and let it crash. and pick up pieces and start all over.

        im only 23, but i get it. makes me sad for my future…

  21. the spx, doesn’t have the eps, to make too much of a new high, next month or so. it should trade nearly sideways. when june gets here and if the market hasn’t corrected by then, and june keeps going higher, that means the market is play earnings forward, to make the higher highs in june, get ready …if that happens for a July-Aug CRASH at least enough to make every dow 30 stock go to rsi 15-25…rsi 25 is a long drop for IBM, as an example.

  22. sector rotation can last a lot longer than anyone has cash trying to short the market. right now, cash has sector rotated out of solar and airlines. I think sector rotation has a long long way to go. i think next week, the market sector rotates back into those 2 sectors.

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