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Technical Analysis for December 27th, 2012

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Guest Poster for you this time gang

Subject Matter Rarely Spoken Of With Concerns Related To The Stock Market

Written by Ali Firoozi Yasar

I have written this article mainly on “The Law of Vibration”, Sacred Geometry and other stuff in many different fields.  I have also touched on the patterns in the charts of the financial markets as they all can be linked to “consciousness”.   (Please pardon my lack of specific knowledge with all the stock market instruments).   This will simply be an introduction to the study of both.

NOTE:  If you would like to share your ideas and feedback with me, I will be more than happy to recieve your them. You may E-mail me at:  afiroozi (at) rocketmail (dot) com.

The patterns on the charts of finacial markets are all prefectly ordered by “the” Natural law of the Universe”.   You might just doubt it now and think that the moves on the charts are all random and everything, but you will see that these complicated zig zag patterns repeat themeseves over and over as the time goes by.  It is the same case in all the time frames.  Some of you folks out there may suppose that this is the economic state that moves the charts, creating such complex zig-zag patterns but this is actually the human emotions doing so.  When humans feel joy and prosperity we buy, raising the price index but when we start to feel fear and panic then we sell, lowering the price index.

The fact that matters is that this is the structure of human’s behavior graphed out on the charts, just as spyder which is not aware of the beautiful web it builds.  Therefore what traders construct in time and price charts are absolutely phenomenal and they should be able to study and research the humans behavior and consciousness instead of focusing on the markets and economic state.  You might sound puzzeled now and ask how?  Well, you know that human beings are indisputably all part of the nature, so are their consciousness.  What they create on the price-time charts is arguably "microcosm” of “macrocosm” in the universe.   So their emotions and consciousness are in line with the “natural law” or the “universal order”.

It may sound a little mind-boggling but it is true.

There is overwhelming evidence out there that a “secret society of free masons” are the ones that possesses and preserves the true knowledge of this “Atlantean code system”.   As a matter of fact, this is not the info you can easily find in text books in libraries.   Such secrets are heavily guarded as it is a pretty complicated system of Atlantean Principles handed to them by the ancient Egyptians who were inheritors of the legacy Of Atlantis.

This Masonic scholar by the name of  W.D Gann who was a stock trader and lived before the year 1955, tried to reveal the hidden structure of the markets both in price and time.  Actually to him time was more important than price and he tried to link it all to “The Law of Vibration”.   Most of you folks have probably heard his name and familiar with his methods.   The fact that matters is that there was a lot of secrecy in his work and he always kept things mysterious due to his “Masonic oath”.   Actually, he died with only $50,000 to his name but he had already made nearly $50,000,000 in his trading career.   It is said that he deviated from his main analysis, trying to depend on “financial astrology” which was the cause of his failure.   However, most of his courses have been modified and you may barely find his original courses out there, and on top of that there is ton of secrecy in his work.

In the Atlantean tradition, time is life is energy is motion and all motion in existence is cyclic.   Well, before I directly start discussing the time, I would like to talk about energy and it's behavior.   Hindus called it “Prana”.   The movie stars war calls it “The Force”.   The ancient Greeks call it “Aether”.   It is supposed to a powerful fluid like life energy suffusing the universe and structuring the cosmos.   It's signature is all around in nature.   You have probably seen the shapes of whirlpools, hurricanes, the solar system, the DNA Structure and so forth.

The moving waves in this energy medium get around in spirals of different sizes, from Very small to very large.   Actually, it is the energy that makes the planets revolve around the Sun and the sun around the galaxy, thus generating time, space, life and consciousness.

The vibration of this life energy forms seven major densities or levels in entire the universe.

You have probably heard the “seven heavens” by ancient traditions.   These densities and levels Are formed by the amount of vibration that is accuring within the aether.   It is interesting to learn that within these seven main energy levels, there are seven sub-levels and seven sub- sub levels within each sub level and this process will continue to infinity.   The same basic rules of vibration Are also responsible for the seven colors in rainbow and the 7-tone octave of  “diatonic scale”.

The entire universe is one and everything begins with one.  You may relate it to the “sheer white light” and the sheer sound of the universe.  In order for the life to be created, the light and sound vibrated themselves into “the octave”, and actually into seven colors... the same as in rainbow.  And seven tones: do,re,mi,fa,sol,la,ti.   Now one can infer that how the structure of time and time cycles has a lot to do with the octave.

The third key aspect I need to discuss now after light and sound is geometry which is another aspect of the behavior of the aether and the net result of vibration.  You have seen the shapes of mountains, hills, mounds, crystals etc...   You are probably familiar with the term “Sacred Geometry” (or not?).  Well, it involves the geometric structure of the universe, life and consciousness.  The dimensions of the great pyramid of Giza and other ancient monuments represent “The Universal Order” in the universe, (more on this in later articles).   In fact, all consciousness including human beings, are only based on this Sacred Geometry.   (You'll remember at the beginning of the article I mentioned that these are emotions and thoughts forming such complicated zig-zag patterns on the price-time charts of the financial markets).

Plato, the Greek philosopher first wrote about five most important three-dimensional geometries called “Platonic solids” which include Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Cube, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron.  These geometries are formed in different densities or levels by the amount of vibration applied to the aether.   So actually this is the “law of vibration” which is the basis of cyclic motion of the energy.   Now you may infer that the conscoiusness is 3-dimensional, and when you add the element of time, it will be 4-dimensional.


Yes... our thoughts and emotions are 4-dimensional in nature!

Vibration can be described as a perodic or cyclic motion between two extremes or wings around a mid-point.  Lets take a guitar string as an example.  When you pluck it... it will generate a cyclic move betwen the two extremes around the mid ponit, causing a sound wave to be created at a specific note or frequency (please google sound wave mechanics for more info).  If you view the process by an oscilloscope, you will be able to see that there is an extreme vertical movement at the top or bottom of the wave.   At the mid-point of the cycle, there are parts where there is no vertical movement.  Actually this is where the “Nodes” or nodal points will be created.   The number of the nodes all depend on the amount of the vibration, the higher the vibration the more nodal points.

In a two-dimensional view, when these nodal points are grouped together by lines, geometric shapes such as triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon etc... will be created.   These shapes are inscribed within a circle which represents a cycle.  Now, in a 3-dimensional view this has three-dimensional shapes.  What I mean is, the same five platonic solids I mentioned earlier, (actually, 4 nodes at the mid-points of cycles when grouped together), will form a tetrahedron, 6 nodes create an octahedron, 8 nodes form a cube, 12 nodes create an icosahedron and 20 nodes a dodecahedron.

Now you can infer that our thoughts and emotions move in line with the faces of these Platonic polyhedrons.  It is amazing to learn that these structures are formed in a sphere like the two dimensional shapes are formed in a circle.   Ancient traditions see the sphere as the highest geometry in the universe.  The universe is finally spherical.  You can tell this by the spherical energy around the Solar System and if you study the structure of an atom, you will find out that the energy surrounding the Nucleus is spherical, as a matter of fact the structure of atom is the “microcosm” of the energy structuring the cosmos and the universe.

You might just wonder why bad energy exists?

Well, good and bad, rich and poor, etc are actually harmony of the universe.   Every movement of energy creates an opposing movement of energy or polar opposite.   This is also true for the Platonic solids which also have a “dual” status.  Therefore for every Platonic shape, there exists another Platonic shape that is the opposite, and is of course inscribed in each other.  You see there are actually two forms you are dealing with.   One form is “ out breathing” (outward spiraling energy forming the Platonic solids), and there is another form which is “ in breathing” (inward spiraling energy) forming the dual of the Platonic Solids.

There is a great deal of evidence out there that any research and study toward the discovery of the significance of these structures in the universe is heavily and actively suppressed.  True or untrue, the fact that matters is that free masons heavily guard the “secrets of the order”.  To sum up, you can infer that that the universe and everything in it is made of moving energy.   We Human beings are made of the same stuff as well as their emotions.  Consciousness moves in line with the faces of the Platonic solids so that it completes the octave, then creat a new life or cycle.  Financial Markets was just an example of how the consciousness is in line with the”universal order”.

I hope this information has been useful and will to try to get into more detail in my later posts.

God bless you all,

Ali Firoozi Yasar


Nice post by Ali gang, as I have too say that this stuff is new to me as well.

(to watch on youtube:

I look forward to learning more about Sacred Geometry in the future, and specially how it relates to the movement of the stock market.   I'm sure Ali will give us more information as time goes forward.  For next week though gang I'm expecting light volume and nothing but the usually bullish option expiration week.  Generally you see traders run it up Monday through Wednesday and then take Thursday and Friday off as they will have closed out all their positions by the middle of the week.  This means that the last 2 days could chop around going basically nowhere.

But, since we have triple witching this Friday (it's where you have 3 different securities all expiring at the same time) we could see some wild swings up and down as market makers manipulate the various markets up and down to steal the most money from the sheep.  Don't get sucked into thinking we are going to tank hard during this period as the odds are low of that happening.  And after option expiration is over with the rest of the year is usually very bullish.  I might even put on my bull suit and go long right after this coming Friday.

But, I do believe we are going to peak out within the first week or so in January 2013 and have a step sell off into the next Legatus meeting (February 7th-9th, 2013) where I thing we'll bottom.  Then we could have QE5 put into the market and see some huge crazy rally into late summer before we finally peak... and then CRASH!  Look at January to February of 2010 as that's about what I think is going to happen.  That bottom was right in the middle of a previous Legatus meeting that happened on February 4th-6th of 2010.  And I seen my very first FP (fake print) on January 11th, 2010 (note that the 11th is a "daily" ritual date for these Illuminati pigs).

Now that was awhile back and I was just learning about FP's and Legatus... so I don't have a screenshot of the Legatus meeting, but rest assured it was the date period that the market bottomed.  I later did this chart to show what happened afterwards, and I think we could see something similar happen next year again.  While it shouldn't be exactly the same it might have similar patterns in it.  Don't forget about the FP I have on the cell phone showing the 1419 high and the more important 1068 low!  What if they use this fear of the Fiscal Cliff non-sense to scare the politicians and the president into coming to an agreement to save the stock market?  I'm sure it's all planned of course but a move down to 1068 in one month is a "mini-crash" and should force these jackasses to agree on something.

So thinking ahead here I'm forecasting (guessing... LOL) that we will peak up above 1500 in early January and then move down hard into Legatus for a bottom.  If this happens it will scare the living hell out of the bulls and make a bunch of bears go crazy shorting every bounce that follows after the meeting ends.  Keep in mind that not all Legatus meetings are "turn dates" but since the thugs seem intent on dragging this Fiscal Cliff crap out as long as possible it would make sense to drop the market hard first into the meeting and then at the meeting decide on QE5, QE6, QE7, etc...

Of course in reality all these decisions were already made well before we every heard the term "Fiscal Cliff" anyway... but the meeting is just a way for the satanists to confirm that the plans are still on track as they previously decided months and possibly years ago.  Plus these reptilians are probably hungry too and need to sacrifice some innocent "missing children" as they eat them for dinner.  Sick yeah... but truth is sometimes harder to believe then fiction.  By the way I just found some old picture that I have a screenshot of showing the date for the previous Legatus meeting in 2010 (for any "newbie's" that want more proof).

Lastly I want to add that I'm told by my connection that there are going to be 2 more penny stock promotions happen before the end of this year.  January 2013 will be full of them I suspect, as the holiday's are usually slow.  Each pick is "planned" (not a guarantee of course) to double, triple or maybe quadruple when they run.  So if you aren't signed up for my penny stock newsletter you might want to sign up asap, as I'll probably sent out an "Alert" Monday night or Tuesday.


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  1. Ok gang… it looks like a typical slow bullish day.  We could see some type of ABC move up into that 1500 plus target.  Maybe we do the A wave up Monday-Wednesday, then down some on Thursday and Friday for the B wave, and finally up the following week for the C wave?

    • Thanks Raven…

      Looks like we might have topped today for the A wave up.  We should see a little selling or sideways action Thursday and Friday for the B wave down (or flat).  Then the  C wave up starting next week.

  2. disqus comments is having trouble, red. you might need to update discus.
    personally, i’m not a big fan of the new discus update, but i haven’t figured out how to go back to the older version.

    In the wake of the mass murders that took place in Newtown,
    Connecticut on Dec. 14, information on the shooter, and his family, is
    slowly being discovered by law enforcement other sources. One
    interesting connection to the tragedy that took place at the Sandy Hook
    school is that the father of Adam Lanza has a connection to the theater shootings that took place in Aurora earlier this year by James Holmes.

    Both fathers of the shooters were allegedly expected to testify in the Libor scandal that rocked the banking world in June.

    • You forgot about the father of the 2 children “murdered” by their Dominican nanny is a top executive at CNBC where they were about to run a story upcoming Libor scandal

      • Nice find Z… I just knew there had to be a connection here.  It’s the same old Illuminati tricks.  If you can’t get access to the 2 fathers that were going to testify about the LIBOR fraud that the banksters did you go after their children.

        That means the Batman shooting wasn’t done by that kid either as they must have had other assassins do the killing for it as well as this Connecticut killing.  Both kids were framed first and then killed to stop their fathers from testifying against the banksters.

        It’s a shame that more people do see through this and go round up some of these banksters and shot them!

    •  Interesting that the prime time Sunday night game with the best matchup of the year was played in New England this week.    Of course the Bozo in Chief took the opportunity to interrupt the game with an extended photo op session…….Too bad nobody cared as most football fans ignored him and just watched the game on their phones.

  4. Tomorrow is Sorcerer day.     SL xxx………………St Louis…….
    Tebow and Wade (#3of the Thrice) wearing  S  L on Jackie Robinson (#42) day.

    The StLouis Rams’ endzone spelled out  St. Louis on Sunday rather than the normal Rams.

    Also the  (SL)eaze Bar from Dusk till Dawn.

    Sanchito 12 for 19 for 111 yards the prior week.

    The World Champion  StLouis Cardinals opening the baseball season in the new MIAMI Marlins stadium on 4-4.    The 5-20 solar eclipse occuring over LA as the Dodgers face the StLouis Cardinals on prime time national TV.

    Of course, a certain little indicator is not in the crash zone but this could be the start of the slide over the CLIFF.

  5. This coming Friday is another “eleven” day as 12/21/2012 equals 1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2=11… and many (not all) important highs happen on 11 days.  Upside possible target is 1451 on the ES.

  6. The market should bottom around 1425 around on the ES tonight I believe.  Then it should turn back up by tomorrow morning, but at the open Thursday the SPX and the ES are going to be pointing in different directions.

    Not a good day to trade as it’s likely to whip traders around as the ES pushes up and the SPX pushes down.  Could be the same on Friday too if the charts don’t line up pointing in the same direction.

  7. Looking at the market this morning gang it looks very bearish.  Lot’s of support levels for the bulls but the charts majorly support the bears.  It’s all about whether or not the bears can get some momentum going as if they do those support levels won’t hold.  Maybe they tank the market Friday when the world ends?

    •  Thanks San…….for all your charts!!!
      $GOLD…..How low are they going to take this. Support here @1640 ish or even lower support @ 1600-1610?

  8. Slightly higher high for the Russell 2000 with divergence on the 60 min RSI (at highish 70) and lower histogram bars—-in this case, negative ones.    I am guessing 60 min $nya is similar.   SP no new high and didn’t get up to 70RSI on the 60 min.

    What’s the news er propaganda?????   No fiscal cliff resolution yet?????  These boys going to take it to Christmas eve?????    Bozo and Boner/Closet Case are getting all touchy feely???  That’s the reason for the optimism as we push the deadline????

  9. That NFL Connoseiuer dude had some cutting edge, real time NFL analysis the other day over at DE’s.   On the Monday Elliot Wave thread all the way through Tuesday afternoon.   Covered the Sanchito Monday Night debacle as well as the infamous Cardinals-Detroit game on Sunday for you four letter guys in need of material.     But that C-Detroit game, way off the beaten track, was covered on the not the fake face of the 4 letter show so maybe they already have seen it.

    Tebow now in the news, making headlines for the first time of the year, saying he wants out of NY.   His stats were covered over at DE’s.

    Jason Gay with an article in the WSJ today on the Jets turbulent situation and he couldn’t get in enough times how the Jets were 6-8 on the season.    So I guess that TD pass to #86 from newly entrenched Jets starter #14 in that miraculous come from behind non-thriller 7-6 win against the Cardinals a couple of weeks ago does have some meaning.   Hines Ward #86 of course scores the touchdown in the Dark Knight Rises as the stadium implodes around him.

    The photo in the article shows Sanchito #6 with coach Rex Ryan but only 2 of the 3 6s on Sanchito’s are exposed in the photo while the stadium clock in the background shows 15:06 or 66.   Tebow #15 or 6 as well.   So the Jets’ QB threesome: 6-15-14….6-6-14 or 12-14.

    Sanchito #6 despite throwing 4 picks with one game-ending fumble still saw his 666 jersey in hot demand at a local “auction” although the auction occurred in many locations undoubtedbly.
    This following the last auction, a Michael Vick 777 jersey awhile back when Vick wasn’t even playing.

  10. This Jason Gay article is pretty good but the NFL connoseiuer troll covered a lot of the same stuff over at DE’s.   I recommend the article but I can’t reprint it in it’s entirety but here are some of the highlights:
    “At times, Sanchez looks less like a professional quarterback throwing a football to his receivers, and more like a hotel guest flinging chair cushions off of the balcony into the pool”
    “A day later, Ryan announced that Sanchez would not be the quarterback for the season’s penultimate game, that this Haz-Mat assignment would go to third stringer Greg McElroy.{(the former Tuscaloosa based QB–editor)} McElroy is young and did lead New York to a modest 7-6 victory over Arizona a couple of weeks ago, but the team didn’t even make him eligible to play against Tennessee.   Watching the Jets make personnel decisions is like watching a manic person make a casserole out of items found in his car’s glove compartment.  It’s all madness, no method.
          Naturally, the big take-away wasn’t Sanchez’s benching or McElroy’s ascension but the conspicuous snubbing of the team’s quarterback understudy, Tim Tebow.  Tebow was a bizarre acquisition for the Jets….Tebow was off-loaded to the Jets, happy as ever to hoard insanity.  But after making loud noises about a “wildcat” offense and employing Tebow as a kind of special ops backup, the Jets haven’t made much use of Tebow at all……..Presumably the Jets have seen enough of Tebow in practice to decide he’s not capable of leading them to four-interception losses…..
       This is the point at which common sense should take hold and the detached observer should ask, WHY ARE WE STILL TALKING ABOUT A 6-8 FOOTBALL TEAM?  This is a reasonable ask–and to state the obvious, the over-obsession with the Jets is mostly driven by New York’s profound, irritating love affair with itself…..
       The Jets play the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, another tormented franchise that essentially operates as Jets West.   This game was originally scheduled for prime time, but NBC has decided to downgrade it from 8:20 pm to 1 p.m. {(obvious numerological insertion—ed.)}, like a wedding planner callinga bride and regretfully explaining the wedding has been moved from the grand ballroom to the parking lot.”””””

    New prime time game now features the 49ers again against the Seahawks.

  11. Tonight we just saw a flash crash as a late meeting was schedule for around 7:30 EST tonight but not announced until after the market closed.  No deal was reached on the Fiscal Cliff so the market tanked.

    Just don’t get too anxious to short tomorrow morning as a think they just did this to take out everyone’s “buy stops” so they can have enough money to take the market up more into the end of the year. Wait until we see what happens tomorrow morning.

  12. loving this move. bought the Q puts today with half my account 🙂
    looks like a bit of reality is setting in on the fiscal cliff, though I expect if its down too far, there will be alot of Am buying to bring it back up a bit

    • There will be buying tomorrow Bill.  They don’t want the market down going into the end of the year.  They stole everyone’s money by hitting their buy stops and will now use it to pump up the market.  Watch them spin this positive tomorrow morning…

  13. Remember WB’s Dubai Roger Federer video?   Was perusing it yesterday.  12-20?????
    I just saw an 84-20 flash in that SD State—BYU game.

  14. Don’t worry about the stock market tomorrow gang as the world ends and you’ll never get your bear profits to spend anyway!  LOL

    P.S.  Another “eleven” day tomorrow… funny things can happen?

  15. definitely looking ugly fast.. going to wait for a possible bounce, as puts will be pretty expensive now

  16. Morning update:

    I’m expecting a rally at some point to cut this lost in half.  I don’t know if we will close up at that level as it depends on if they do it early in the day or later in the afternoon.  If early in the day then it should be shorted as they will likely reverse back down into the close.  If later in the day then they don’t want it to sell off and the low will likely be in with further upside next week.

    I’m not expecting a crash here gang… unless the move up happens early this morning.  I expecting them to struggle to hold the market up all morning and then in the afternoon I’m expecting the selling pressure to let up and allow them to rally up.  Remember, they want the market up for the end of the year… not down.

    However, January is looking very ugly too me…

    • sold my Qs near at the open. Yes, shorts covering some bringing market up in the AM. Yes, the want market up also for getting more tax money in the .gov coffers…. super rrich don’t pay tax…they have offshore accounts, so this is just for their bed buddies, the .gov

      • Agreed, if they wanted the market to crash today it would have already done.  They are trying to run it up and tanking it last night was just a way to raise money (by stealing it from those with “buy stops”) to be used to keep pumping the market up.

    • and the sheep will claim its just a coincidence? lol. like this

      The father of Newtown Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza who is a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial. The father of Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is Robert Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO. Both men were to testify before the US Sentate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal. The London Interbank Offered Rate, known as Libor, is the average interest rate at which banks can borrow from each other. 16 international banks have been implicated in this ongoing scandal, accused of rigging contracts worth trillions of dollars. HSBC has already been fined $1.9 billion and three of their low level traders arrested. “

  17. FYI: Markets close on Monday Dec. 24 @ 1.00 pm EST.
     Have a great weekend one and all……staying in cash for the most part!

  18. Some powerful numerology coming up…..

    As for today’s Boise St-Washington game, #84 hits the game winning field goal, a 27 yarder with about a minute remaining.   On the next drive,  Washington’s QB#17 is intercepted by #5 as the telecast shows Washington’s kicker waiting in anticipation of the gamewinning field goal, only his jersey is partially cut off by the TV view so that the viewer only sees the last 5 letters of his name….COONS……..ONS Jr. Market!!!!!!!!   Not to be outdone there, the 4 letter than does a preview of its Saturday night NFL telecast at halftime, where the sideline reporter in Detroit’s stadium is interviewed and voial we see some of the Lions cheer staff running around with LIONS flags except we only get a partial view of the remaining letters  ONS!!!!!
    The same could be done to Detroit’s opponent, the FalcONS.  They also flashed the Tebow number 316 in the Boise St game with Boise’s QB #16 and a #3.  I also noticed a 9-11-16-27 combo at one point.

    Of course, the SD State game on Thursday featured a SD State picksix by #27 as he was followed into the endzone by teammates #20 #37 #12 and some of the other usual numbers.

  19. Muni bonds have been hammered the last couple of weeks.   There were substantial outflows going into this week.

    Dow Utilities finally rallied to their 50 day average but could never make it to the 200 day average.

    This income centric averages/ units seem to be sensing some fiscal cliff difficulties on the horizon.

    • Merry Christmas to you as well San and I do look at your charts all the time (so does Anna), so they are much welcome.  Keep up the good work and be ready to kick some bull butt in January, 2013!

  20. Good Morning gang… looks like another choppy light volume day.  Not something worth trading (unless you are scalping).  Doesn’t really appear to be any direction chosen yet either.  Usually it’s bullish this time of year but right now the bulls seem to be asleep.

    • Yes… and so far this isn’t going as planned.  I’d thought that we’d top around the 4th of January because it’s a ritual “eleven” date.  Then we’d have this sell off that we are having right now.  This sell off seems early too me, but maybe that’s the plan?

      It’s still possible that this is some large “Wave 1” down and that we’ll start a “Wave 2” into early January.  Then “if” the ritual date is correct we’d still top on the 4th for the end of that wave 2, and allow “Wave 3” down to start and put a hurting on January…. at least a hurting for the bulls that is!

  21. But if we break the 1380’s we will break the weekly rising wedge and activate the weekly H&S. If that the case, the bear market rally since march 2009 could be over?

  22. It’s cute:  Harry Reid this morning says that there will be no resolution by the end of the year and the market tanks into the low and then breaking news arrives that Congress will return to work on Sunday and the market spikes back to unchanged.

    $ndx spiked down through its lower BB and then popped back above it while overall Nasdaq composite dropped down to its lower BB and then bounced back.   Other indices didn’t get there though the Dow and SP came close.

  23. DJANGO Unchained has a 1987 connection.   The first was released in April 1966 and then the only sequel to feature the original star and director was made in 1987.   The star Franco Nero has a cameo appearance in the latest Quentin Tarantino version.

    DJANGO apparently has an important numerological meaning as well…  The D is silent!!!!!!

    DJANGO=====4-10-1-14-7-15…….or 4-11-5-7-6——4-11-12-6……
    ANA  (Nippon Airways on the first released Boeing 787)===1-14-1……Anaheim or 1334 Anaheim from Bradley’s Ode to the ’29’92 ritual………ONS Jr. Market!!!!  Today is 7550 days later!!!!

  24. The Jack Reacher movie aspires to be the enlightened ones’ movie of the year but falls a little short of Batman: the Dark Night Rises but does feature some similarities and eerie forebodings like the Batman movie.

    Jack Reacher features a sniper firing 6 shots from the 6th floor of a parking garage in Pittsburgh, killing 5 people apparently randomly across the River near PNC Park in the opening sequence.   The Tom Cruise/ Reacher character shows up to solve what appears to be a watertight case against a Jack BARR, an ex Army sniper who Reacher had a runin with back in his Army MP days.

    Then one of the locals tries to setup Reacher using a girl named SANDY.   SANDY is later killed by the bad guys and her body is dumped at Reacher’s Motel to make it look like Reacher was the killer.   Reacher shows up to the motel with the police already there and a chase ensues through the streets of Pittsburgh which bears quite a resemblance to the chase scenes from the Batman movies.   Reacher escapes and travels to a gun range in Ohio (Running Springs???) where apparently Barr practiced his target shooting.  The range is owned by an ex-Marine, Case???,Robert Duvall who shows Reacher all of Barr’s bullseye 9-10–10-9 targets (shot from 700 yards???) and Reacher concludes that they were shot by Barr’s shooting buddy, the real shooter who handed them to Barr as a gift to make it appear that Barr was the marksman contrary to his Army record which indicated that he was a mediocre shooter.

    Well enough of the plot……Both Batman and Jack Reacher were shot in Pittsburgh.  The stadium implosion sequence was shot in Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field.   The opening sniper fire scene is shot near PNC park.   Some of the other exteriors in Batman might have been filmed in Pittsburg since the Jack Reacher chase sequence seems to have come right out of a Batman movie.

    Robert Duvall who doesn’t seem to be doing much work these days is reunited with Tom Crusie whom he worked with in 1990’s???  Days of Thunder. No 1987 connection there but a Tony Scott connection.

    Some other numerology in the film (there’s plenty of it—need to see the film again to do a complete recap).    In the opening sequence, the shooter puts a quarter into the parking meter in the garage and :30 shows up on the meter.   This becomes a major plot device throughout the movie.   The shooter later leaves in a van with the license plate CHC  67x?????.

    • Robert Duvall, 81 years old but soon to turn 82.   Born on January 5, 1931 the son of a career military officer who later became a Rear Admiral, just like Jim Morrison.

      L. Ron Hubbard also was the son of a career naval officer and doing some research on him after watching the MASTER also found FOIA documents online showing he was a naval intelligence officer during WW2.   Anyway, that is a completely different tangent but it appears that many of the leading voices of the 60s counterculture movement had similar relationships.

      Duvall for being a very non-descript-looking guy has had quite an accomplished career starring in many famous motion pictures throughout the decades.

    • Here’s the Jack Reacher trailer:

      The opening shot a shot of the Pittsburgh skyline similar to the Gotham City skyline shots of the Batman movies.

      An act of urban terrorism committed against the local populace in both movies both near or in stadiums.

      Plenty of numerological references throughout the movie including the BS sign scene at the 1:24 mark.   In fact, Reacher uses much of the same material used in the 1977 classic Silent Partner.   We see various shots of Telephone in the background in one section of the film including ONE, NE and TELEPH.  There is something in the background also in the car chase scene seen a little later.

      SANDY can be seen in the background at 1:38 and sporadically for the next few seconds as well.   In fact that scene as well as several others are shot in the same noirish style as the Batman films.

  25. The short term charts are oversold on both the ES and the SPX so if the bulls are ever going to make a move… today is the day to do it.  While they could continue to get more oversold, I think they will hold and start moving up into the first week of January.

    The SPX had a downward sloping trendline of resistance that was broken in the last 30 minutes of yesterdays run up over the new Fiscal Cliff meeting announcement.  The ES hasn’t broken through the same trendline on it, which is coming in around 1410 today.  But, baring something really negative, the charts support a nice rally here.

  26. Looking ugly here gang, but all the short term charts are very oversold.  Of course they can get move oversold but some how I think they will reach some kind of agreement over the weekend and squeeze these shorts hard.  It’s never this easy for the bears!

  27. This bus should be fully loaded with bears now and no bulls as it looks like we just pierced the flash crash low from several days ago and took out any bulls that have buy stops there.  The risk is now to the upside as we are very oversold on all the short term charts.

    We are also resting right on a very important rising trendline from the March, 2009 low to the present.  Some how I just don’t think we are going to crash next week.  I’m expecting some type of glimmer of hope about this Fiscal Cliff which will squeeze ever bears hard I believe.

    Not sure how or what will be done… if anything real at all, but “hope” of something is all that is needed to give the bears a big hurting next week.  It’s never this easy to be a bear.

  28. I don’t think there are any bears.  The sentiment readings are confirming this.   Everyone believes a fiscal cliff resolution will occur.    Basically, 3 message boards I monitor seem to feature this type of sentiment and almost all were predicting a big upday yesterday.

    I called a brokerage firm yesterday and initially had a hard time getting through since it was understaffed.   No one seemed worried above sliding over the CLIFF as most brokers decided to stay on vacation rather than come to work.   I guess they sensed most of their customers weren’t particulary worried.

    Contrast this to 9-13 right after the fed QE whatever announcement, when the place was a frenzy and I could hear the phones just ringing off the hook.   I heard nothing in the background yesterday.

    Next week has some major numerology although a certain little indicator isn’t in the crash zone and really isn’t even in no-mans land yet.

    Check out the sky at night.  Full moon yesterday with the moon just passing Jupiter in the sky.   A big cross in the sky with Jupiter-Sirius alignment in the sky bisecting the Orion complex through the Three Kings.     Basically the Sirius-Jupiter-Orion combination has rotated 90degrees in the sky since September when I was writing about it and basically shows up directly overhead around midnight.

  29. Sanchito basically has his starting job back for Week 17 and once again Tebow is bypassed in the pecking order.   #14 somehow had a concussion develop since the end of last week’s game which he happened to finish.

    Let’s see if Sanchito can keep his QB rating above or below the 66.6 watermark.  It currently resides at 67.9…. (ala 3-6-9 SP 666.79 low)

    There was an interesting numerological formation in the Jet’s last game when San Diego scored the go-ahead TD from QB #17 to WR #84 but I would need to review the highlight which I currently don’t have the time to do so.

    I saw them flash a 3-4 on one of the TDs in today’s snow bowl game in Yankee Stadium when the defender fell down to let West Virginia get to 14 pts  (26-14 at the time).   

  30. Have a GREAT New Year Mr. Red and all bloggers!
    Gold in a trading range 1667-1636 ish. waiting for a break down or up before taking a pos. IMO
    All my best; Seawind4

  31. So where’s that stock Red?  I don’t understand holding the info back.  You did the same thing with OGNG and people could have gotten in a lot better than 0.15 had you just released it when you began talking about it.  what gives?

    • I can’t give it out until I told that’s it’s OK to do so.  Certain things must happen before it’s going to move up.  If those things don’t happen then it’s not going to move.  Basically, I’m making sure that it has the highest possible chances of being a huge winner.  I don’t want to give it out and then those certain things not happen.  Then the stock wouldn’t move up but instead just sit there forever.

        • I only want to give everyone a “winner” and these things must happen first before that can become a reality.  But the good news is that they are very, very close to making all that happen… and this one should be a HUGE percentage mover!

        • I wish I say, but it will happen will it happens.  I’m hoping here in the next few days but it could be the next few weeks?  I’m as excited as you are and eager to get onboard.

  32. The average move is 60-80 points so a gap up tomorrow could be shorted for a pullback, but I wouldn’t expect much more then 10-20 points total before turning back up to go higher.  This pullback is only something that day traders could benefit from as option traders might have to exit the trade before the end of the day tomorrow?

    Meaning I’d look to short a gap up but after it drops most of the day they very likely will turn it back up into the close and erase part of the move down.  Tomorrow could simply be a doji day with a spinning top candle pattern.  Basically a “pause” day before resuming the up trend.

    • this is what I also think for the AM tomorrow. Gap up, then a sell off. Remember QE3 days back in sept….. market ran like an antelope, gapped up the next day, then started its descent, but it was a small drop at first, hoowever, this rise is larger than the QE3 move, so expect more of a profit taking to occur before move back up.  S&P is at 1462, the 6 month high right now. Tomorrow AM will be the 3rd day up. QE3 only ran two days, then spiked….with yesterday stealthy run and todays monster run, I can see alot of call selling.

      • Yes… a nice pop to just around the prior 1470 spx high from 10/05/2012 should make the bulls want to take so profit as that’s some tough resistance to get through on the first hit.

  33. Dow Jones analysis after close:

  34. Tomorrow 1-3,13 (26 or 44 ie 24???) has some interesting numerological hits and Friday 1-4 has some even better ones although the market could hold up for a couple of days more.

    Tomorrow is 7557 days from Bradley’s ode to the ’29’92 ritual date, 909 days from the unveiling of the Miami Thrice Number and 1399 days from 3-6-9 low.

    Friday 1-4 will be 1400 days from 3-6-9 low or 3years9months29days later.   911days from the DECISION.   In the vicinity of 4339 weeks from the minor grand ritual of double ninen.   974 days from the flash crash although there isn’t a proper configuration for a flash crash.

    There some other stuff but don’t have time or the energy to elaborate.

    I have a monster Sanchito update as well as well as a monster numerological update from last week’s NFL action including the highly ritualistic (and scripted) Minnesota-Green Bay game.

    I’ve notice a lot of 44s paired with 87s in the recent college bowl games.   Need to check out the latest one.

  35. Bam Investor just retweeted Mant’e Teo :

    “Just landed in MIAMI.”

    Why would he post that other than being a Legatus Fighting Irish honk.   Still seems to be quite an innocuous comment for a retweet.

    Is it liftoff time for the Grand Ritual as all of the participants converge onto Miami in preparation for the Grand Ritual NCAA Championship Bowl to take place in MIAMI on Monday.

    ND (14,4 or 54??) vs. Tuscaloosa based Alabama or as the TV networks bill the game ND vs. A.
    (also saw Friday’s game billed as #9 vs. #11—Texas A &M’s Heisman QB#2was featured next to the 9 ranking for a 29.

    Caught a little of the Florida Bowl game tonight.   They’re usually a good source of freaky numerology.   Noticed the QB #6 stands just to the right of the left guard #66 to form a nice 666 combo on each snap.   With #24 in the backfield and right tackle and guards #67 and #75 standing to the right of #6, to form a 666-67-75 combo with #72 being the center and oscured from public view.

  36.  Some interesting tidbits from today’s trading action:  Despite the big upday, the US Dollar rose and Trin was a rather high .93.

  37. The lack of a gap up this morning tells me that we’ll likely drift down some in the morning and then back up some in the afternoon.  The end result is likely a “pause” day or doji.  Until that 1470-1474 spx area is hit it’s not safe to short this market in my opinion.

    Also, Friday is an “eleven” day and many times (not always) important tops are put in on them.  So if we do indeed chop around today and go basically nowhere then we will have a good chance of popping up to that zone tomorrow morning I believe… and then selling off some.

  38. Looks like jobs report tomorrow is having people hold…. I expect it to be good. if it is, then we see a pop and then sell on news event……either way I expect a sell off after jobs report…. I expect a friday sell off day

  39. I’m looking for the NFP report Friday morning to be manipulated to look good at 8:30am, which should give us our exhaustion gap up to hit the 1470-1474 spx zone.  There is heavy resistance there and should stop the bulls on the first hit.

    The top might not happen right at the open though as there is also the Factory Orders and ISM Services at 10am that they can manipulate to look good for that final push up.  So, I’ll be looking for the high to happen in the 10am to Noon time frame if it doesn’t happen right at the open at 9:30am.

    This will be a good spot to get short at in my opinion and let the move down tell us how far it want’s to go.  We should at least see gap window at 1448.55 spx but realistically need to fill the gap at 1426.40 spx if the bulls want a solid level to rally from again.

    Of course we could continue down past that as the high could be put in with the move up on Friday.  Some how I think they want to take out 1500 and make a new high but there’s no guarantee that we’ll move back up higher after we rollover and start selling off.

    •  Thx Mr. Red……..lots of people looking @ 1470 ish…well me too! Smile! Expect the unexpected….crap!!!

  40. I’ve seen this move so many times in the past it’s becoming very predictable.  When very overbought and near an important high/resistance level it’s common practice to sell off into the close to bait in some early bears while working off some of the shorter term overbought charts.

    Then the next day the bears are trapped short while we see some gap up on bogus news to hit the important high/resistance zone and to then rollover and sell off for real.  The early bears won’t short again as they got squeezed out and are scared to for fear other another squeeze the next day.

    They sit on the sidelines and watch the move down to wait for a bounce to get short at but it never comes.  When the bounce does happen it’s not a bounce but instead it’s the actual low and the bears get squeezed again.

    Rinse and repeat…

  41. I forgot to mention Tebow was in attendance at last night’s Sugar Bowl to watch his beloved Florida compete against Louisville.   Old #15 (6) would have fit well playing behind that line meshing particularly well with the left guard #66.
    His big 316 games, 4 year and 1 year anniversaries are coming up on 1-8.
    Old popgun arm, Mr. NFL 666 himself, willed his team to the #1 seed in the AFC after an early season series of hiccups as opponent after opponent could no longer defend against the precision of his throws no matter how feebly they were thrown, a quite miraculous achievement that should net him the MVP trophy with all of the enlightened ones’ acolytes in the media once again slobbering overthemselves to praise Popgun for his stunning performance.   In Week 17, he threw TDs to old Tebow favorite #88 and 2 more to his new favorite #87.

    Meanwhile, Houston which had the #1 seed for the entire year coughed it up against Popgun’s new replacement in Indy, rookie phenom #12 who broke Houston’s back on a memorable 3rd and 23rd completion to fellow rookie number #13.   #13 could be seen breaking away from Houston defenders #24,27 and 29 to score the game clinching TD.

  42. Well I guess I should give the Sanchito update before I am off to watch the Eugene, Oregon based team, the Nike Ducks, play in tonight’s Fiesta Bowl vs Kansas State (near Kansas City???)

    I know many are eagerly awaiting news about whether Sanchito finished the season with his QB rating above or below his 66.6 watermark from his current 67.9 rating but he made a valiant effort at achieving the target going xxxxxxx  for a 55.1 rating against the Buffalo Bills in a xxxxx loss.

    He ended up finishing the season with a

    66.9 rating.

    Interesting that he was replaced by #14 in Week 16 only to get the gig again in Week 17.  (#6)

    The Arizona Cardinals with a horrendous QB situation likewise inexplicably started rookie practice squal level QB #14 Week 16 and then replaced him Week 17 with new acquired #6 (off the scrap heap—former backup to #12 in New England).  This QB Carousel cost the Arizona coach his job following the season’s end on Monday.

    During the Arizona-San Fran. broadcast, I did see a graphics presentation listing all of Arizona’s QBs since Kurt Warner #13.   They were listed as follows:

    #13,#???(Max Hall??),#19(Skelton),#4(Kolb),#14,#6……

  43. Eugene, Oregon and Kansas City of course cities mentioned in Bradley’s ode to the ’29’92 ritual.

    Others include Cleveland, Phoenix (Arizona),San Diego, and Chicago.   The five prior cities fired their NFL coaches on Monday while the Eugene-Oregon based coach of the Nike Ducks is the hottest NFL coaching candidate for these openings.   2 others, Buffalo and Philadelphia, fired their coaches but their cities are not featured in Bradley’s ode.

    Philadelphia’s ex coach is now in contention for the Kansas City job after being considered the lock for the Phoenix position.   Nothing much profound comes out of Kansas City so I guess an NFL ritual would have to be it.

    San Francisco is the other major city mentioned in Bradley’s Ode but no firings there.  SF won their division despite the #11-7 QB controversy/ shakeup with new starter #7 going wild on Arizona’s defense week 17 hooking up with favored target #15 to clinch the division and finish 10-5-1.

    My Rams (StLouis) finished the season at 7-8-1 tying the 49ers in that memorable 24-24 game.   The Rams in Week 16, had a Tebow 316 like moment at the start of the second half against Tampa Bay, with QB #8 hitting a quick strike 80 yard TD pass to TE#88 on the first play.   So an #8 to #88 hookup for 80 yards which is really 4 8s unlike Tebow’s 80 yard td to #88 (only 3 8s) in last year’s overtime playoff victory against Pittsburgh. 

  44. Since we have failed to gap up near the 1470-1474 spx zone I have to think that they are going to push this out until next week… possibly Monday or even Tuesday.  Therefore today could be another choppy sideways day closing similar to yesterday.

    We’ll have to wait until the 10am numbers come out to see I guess and they could use them to rally up to that zone but so far it’s not looking like they want to hit it today.  I’ll just wait them out as that zone is like a magnet and the odds are high that they will attempt to hit it before dropping back some.

    •  You may be right Red, but every Tom, Dick and Harry are looking at that same target. I am going fully short here at the 1462 level.  All the best every one.

      • Good luck Dave.  You could be right of course as today is an “eleven” day… which could be the top?  But, from looking at the charts I see one more pop higher before rolling over.

        It’s common to see them trade sideways while working off the shorter term overbought charts and then have one day where they rally up hard and fast to squeeze out those that go short on days like today and yesterday.  Then they rollover and actually sell off for real…

  45. I’m thinking inching into some shorts here soon gang as they are squeezing the bears out right now in preparation for a move down I think.  Let’s see how the close looks first as there might be a better spot Monday morning if we close at the highs today.

    •  they can probably hold this narrow range, until Monday. tues. 8th, they should start to worry about earnings. worry = down, short term. 3% pullback.
      that’s my guess!

  46.   here’s
    something on option expiration, the week before the Jan expiration,
    positve close to 70% of the time since 2000, the week of expiration
    negative, close to 80% of the time. The week of expiration starts with
    the new moon which of late has put the brakes on any rally

    • Download and install “Jing” from Techsmith.  It’s a screen capture program that allows you to record up to a 5 minute video of your desktop or just take snapshot pictures of what you see on your desktop.  Simply take a picture of the imageshack pic and upload to your Jing account.  They will give you a link that you can post here.

  47. KANSAS CITY hires Andy Reid.  Fires their GM.   They’re the first team to take action in hiring a new coach.   Odd place for Andy Reid to end up.

  48. The 4 letter morning radio guy had a pretty good numey presentation this morning.

    He mentioned that there was a jobs report this morning and that 19 to 29 year olds had the highest rate of unemployment and bascially said they were the least employable because they spend all of their time on twitter or cell phones or something to that effect instead of being productive.   Then he went on to explain that Ocho Cinquo has 9 million twitter followers but basically doesn’t have a job (intimating he doesn’t pay attention to detail to his job) while Calvin Johnson, the best reciever in the league has almost zero followers.  And that was about it for the numey portion of the rant.

    Didn’t quite get the numerological meaning of the rant but did notice the similarity to the local classic radio morning guy on 7-18 mentioning it was a certain composer’s 85th birthday that day and they had pictures on the station’s site showing him at 19years and 29 years old and  NOW (85).

    Then pondering this, I realized of course OchoCinquo is 85 so I guess he’s been the operators’ plaything for quite a while.

    Of course 85 is a Cramer Code number as it is the total of one of the Cramer Code columns.

    Also notice on Manti Teo’s twitter page, one can see 2 uniformed players wearing #8 and #5 although Teo’s number is 5.

    Yesterday, one of the 4 letter radio show guys played a twitter game that culminated in a Manti Teo tweet so I am gad to provide them with material although really it was BAM Investor who provided the true inspiration.

      • Teo’s latest tweet:   Congratulating Marcus Mariotta for winning the Fiesta Bowl MVP #808 pride.    I am guessing 808 is a Hawaii Area Code…..


        One of the 4 letter’s promos (for the MIAMI NCAA Champ game???) last night did throw out the numbers 87 24 in it  (2 of 4 weeks or something to that was the 24 portion)

  49. Finally found the Lakeland Florida connection.  More on it tomorrow.

    Calvin Johnson is #81 or 9 or 9×9 or 29?
    So the numey presentation below is  19-29-85-9-81?????

    The Arizona QBs since Kurt Warner #13—Derek Anderson #3,Max Hall #6,then #19,#4,#14#6 but the Ariz-SF broadcast only showed one number between #13 and Shelton #19 so it most likely was Anderson #3 since he was the initial starter/ free agent signee following Warner’s retirement.   Hall was blip on the radar.

    So 13-3-19-4-14-6????   There’s the day of infamy number scrambled in there as well as the Social Network number at the end.

  50. I knew it would be a sign of the end times when Lakeland Florida would get in the news because of its prominence in Bradley’s ode.    I have often wondered how they would do a ritual with it since it seems to be a sleepy backwater town in the heart of Florida with very little to offer in terms of a ritual.

    But then it dawned on me last night.   Ray Lewis grew up in Lakeland Florida and earlier in the week announced his retirement. It looks like he will be playing his last game in Baltimore (RAVENS) Sunday.  Lewis has had a Hall of Fame Career and is considered one of the major impact players on the defensive side of the ball in NFL History.   He was also involved in a controversial incident in Atlanta that everybody seems to ignore these days.

    On top of that, he went to the University of MIAMI.

    And then Manti Teo tweeted on his retirement on Wednesday.  (Or his handler/ programmer tweeted it.  Teo being incubated in the world class Domer indoctrination program.   I have shown a photo in the past of some of the Domer stalwarts to come out of this program).   Which is the tweet the 4 letter guys used for their twitter game on Thursday.

    In fact, I wonder if Teo’s twitter page was the inspiration for the 4 letter morning guy’s 85 rant on Friday.

    The Legaturs Fighting Irish did play MIAMI this year but they are based in South Bend, Indiana which isn’t a Bradley Ode city.   But they are in the Chicagoland area and Chicago is the second city mentioned in Bradley’s Ode.   Of course, Obozo is based out of Chicago but that is because Soros and Co. bought him a safe seat there.

    The WSJ is calling the ND vs. A matchup the greatest game ever.   Well, it is the Grand Ritual Bowl afterall.

  51. Well, Jimmy Claussen is at it again no more how obscure a player he is these days:

    Tweeting a photo of a Catholics vs. Cousins T-Shirt recently,he might have established the Domer ritualistic connection to Bradley’s Ode and the reason it made it to the National Championship game/ Grand Ritual Bowl:

    Back in the time of ’29’92 ritual, the University of Miami was a college football powerhouse winning many national championships and faced a heated rivalry with Notre Dame which was dubbed from the Domer perspective Catholics vs. Convicts.   This was back in the days when Notre Dame was last a national power before undergoing a 20 year period as a football also-ran until reaching prominence once again this year.

    I probably should look up some of the scores from these matchups although this article does highlight one game from October 1988.

    • The University of Miami won the National Championship in 1987 although the championship game was played in January 1988.   The Championship game played in January 1987 was won by Penn State which has been in the news quite a bit lately (over the past year). 

      Miami played Notre Dame that year on November 28 and beat the Fighting Irish 24-0.

      Miami played Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl (MIAMI) for the National Championship.
      Notre Dame played Texas A+M in the Cotton Bowl and lost 10-35.

      Yesterday’s Cotton Bowl matchup featured  Texas A+M vs. Oklahoma.

      In 1992, Notre Dame finished 10-1-1 for .875 winning percentage and defeated Texas A+M in the Cotton Bowl.   Notre Dame ended the year ranked fourth.   They didn’t play Miami but Miami and Washington split the national championship going 12-0 each.

  52. Another #14 QB replacing the starting QB, this time in the playoffs.   Minnesota’s starting QB #7 suddenly developed arm problems despite making it through last week’s highly ritualized game vs. Green Bay (which I need to discuss at some point) and completing some of the longest passes of his career.  (he had one of the lowest completion rates of passes over 20 yards in the NFL).   So in a last minute move, #14 who hadn’t attempted a pass the the entire year was given the start.   So 14 in for 7 for 777 or 5-7???

    They did the start the game with the shot of the game clock in Lambeau field at 25 and then displayed 29 on the screen as the game time temperature (ie 29degrees) for a nice little 11-7 to start off the game.   Predictably, Green Bay won. The 1929 champion Packers.

  53. They did another 10-12 ritual in the Washington Redskins game.   Starting QB #10 somehow tweeked his ankle in the game and eventually had to be replaced by #12.   They’ve done this a few times already but it was quite distinctive against Baltimore a few weeks ago when backup #12, Cousins, came in and won the game in overtime.

    Kirk Cousins……………..Catholics vs.   Cousins………..I think we might have an Illuminati keyword here.

    During the telecast when #10 initially tweaked his ankle, he could be seen walking along the endzone with the large game clock behind him at 29 and then it counted down to 27 before the broadcast cut away.

    Seattle’s #24 was the game’s MVP in his Seahawks 24-14 victory.

    I saw two interceptions, one in each game by #s 29.   I will have more detailed comments in a later post on both games.     The first game featured some mega Ray Lewis rituals.

  54. Morning update:  The failure of the market to gap up in an exhaustion move (which would have likely rolled over immediately and put in a nice topping tail on a daily candle) tells me that they aren’t done with this rally yet.

    It is now likely that whatever move down we have today will end by tomorrow and turn back up to “now” take out the 1470-1474 spx zone of resistance and put in a new high… probably over 1500.  The reason is simple… by dropping back today to a lower level and getting another run at the upside it gives the bulls a renewed sense of strength, which means that strength will be strong enough to go through the resistance by more then before.

    Whereas “if” they would have gaped open today without dropping back first they would have been exhausted with only enough energy to pierce inside the resistance zone and then fall back down harder… meaning they would have likely sold off to fill the gap around the 1420 spx area.

    By falling back now and not reaching that exhaustion, but instead resting for a day, they will likely have the strength to hold the line at gap window around 1345 spx area and not go as deep compared to gaping up first and then rolling over.

    From doing this strategic move they give themselves a 2nd chance at piercing 1470-1474 with much more energy (from resetting the short term charts from massively overbought to neutral or oversold) when the next move up comes… which I think will be later this week.

    So, I didn’t take any trade on this move down as I didn’t get the exhaustion move up I was looking for.  If you are short I’d look for a bottom by Tuesday morning at the latest and then another move back up to start and likely continue the rest of the week.

    Yeah, it’s crazy I know… but these gangsters are desperate to keep this market up and will push this to the max I believe.  The problem for them is that once they push it up to 1500+ and rollover from that level I’d say the high will be in for quite awhile.  When they then go down to fill the gap around 1420 or so they won’t likely stop.

    Maybe they’ll bounce shortly from it but they will continue down lower I believe, and not go back up to make another new high but to simply put in a wave 2 up into the week of February 11th… which then sets up us bears for a nice wave 3 down.

    So, I’m going to wait until this Friday (the 11th) to see if we put in a high over 1500 before I decide to take a nice short position.  For now it’s just day trading or very short term one day trades I believe.


    • We’ll be lucky to see 1450 spx I believe.  They are holding this pig up with everything they have right now as the charts say we should have dropped nicely today.  But, they won’t allow it.  It will take 1-2 days of this sideways chop to reset the shorter term charts (the 60 minute, 2 hour mainly) to a point where they can get a nice push up from.

  55. Notre Dame faced Alabama on November 14, 1987 and defeated them 37-6.   14 days later they faced the eventual national champion MIAMI Hurricanes and lost to them 24-0.    Prior to playing Alabama, they played the previous national champion Penn St.

    Notre Dame won the national championship the next year.

    November 14====11-14 similar to ANA from the first released Boeing 787 similar to the San Francisco 49ers 2012 11-4-1 record.

    The local hipster NPR station played Steely Dan’s Deacon Blues last night.   A song that mentions the Alabama Crimson Tide.   The song was written in 1977 and comes from their AJA album.

    ANA similar to AJA—-AJA===1-10-1.

    DEACON definitely seem grand ritual appropriate.

    DEACON======4-5-1-3-14-15 or 4-5-13-29??????or 24 29?????

    I’ve seen Blues used before as keyword.   BLUES  2-12-21-5-19…

    • The 4 letter morning guy predicted a 27-13 victory for BAMA on the face of the 4letters radio show this morning, and the face and partner chuckled at his prediction.  I think the face or his partner then predicted a 30-10 victory for BAMA.

      The morning guy previously ranted something about ND not wanting to start slowly by going down 13-0 and  then mentioned 13-0 again.

    • They got a name for the winners of the world,
      I want a name when I lose,
      They call Alabama, The Crimson Tide,
      Call me Deacon Blues

      This is a relatively famous song that gets plenty of airtime on commercial radio so quite an unusual choice for trendy ground breaking hip local NPR Radio.  It was obviously a reference to the Nat’l Champ. game tonight but with a deeper-seated meaning?

      They also played a Police song this morning.

  56. We’ve got the easy bear flip set up on the daily(SP,Dow etc.) Tomorrow, the 4 and 1 year anniversaries of the Tebow 316 games.   

    The US Dollar will be mimicking the BEAM, rocketshop to the moon, stock pattern that Jeff Cooper mentioned a few weeks ago not the SP.   The Dollar rallied (until today) with the Fiscal Cliff Resolution inspired bounce last week.   A double bottom spread out over 8 months on the Dollar.

    BEAM similar to BAM (Investor) similar to BAMA??????

    • If they can breakthrough that 1470-1474 area they should hit enough “buy stops” from the bears to get another 15-20 points higher.  But after that I think they’ll be out of steam with no one left to short and no one left to buy.

  57. Look at the NFL scores this weekend………24-9,24-14,10-24, and 19-13  LOL and then add tonight’s 42-14 drubbing of the Legatus Fighting Irish…..definitely a ritualistic score since I don’t think the Domers played well enough to get anything but a 0……

    Alabama=====the winners of the world…………….Domers=====Deacon Blues……
    A very predictive song by Steely Dan….

    Well, the Legatus Fighting Irish were exposed as the fraud that they were…..Managed to win a bunch of tight games w/ the help of refs,occultists, and intentionally incompetent opponents (see USC) so that they could be the ritualistic Grand Ritual Bowl opponent to Alabama.

    #9 of BAMA scored 2 TDs and at one point saw that he was covered by ND’s #2 and apparently he is from MIAMI.

    #42 ran wild on ND with fellow backfield mate #4 to form a nice 10-4(2) with BAMA QB #10.  Figured BAMA’s final score would settle at 42 points once they got there.

    The 4 letter broadcast showed the team stats at the half (and end of 1st quarter) behind the shot of the two announcers.   Interesting set of occultic numbers each time but I do recall the total yardage stats at the end of the first half were  124 (ND)   309 (BAMA).

  58. I see 4 wave from the 1467 spx high, with this move up being the wave 4 of those possible 5 waves.  Looking at the charts tells me we could still move down one more time for a 5th wave to possibly the “gap window” level of 1448.55 from 1/2/13 to complete this move.

    If so, then I’d expect them to turn the market back up and rally to breakthrough the 1470-1474 resistance zone.  Possible high is the 1500 level of course but knowing how these gangsters think I’d really expect them to either fall short around 1490-1495 to not allow the bears waiting at 1500 to get short… or go through 1500 by 10-20 points to squeeze out those bears that do attack at 1500.

    But, since they seem to be running dry on bears to squeeze at this current level and on manufactured news to get something started (not much important news all week) I’m leaning toward “not piercing” the 1500 zone and falling short.

    This market isn’t just about price levels but also about time.  When you fail to hit a price level by and certain time you have too drop back a bit to regroup (allow the charts to work off the overbought conditions) before another attempt back up.  This is whats happening right now.  The bulls were too extended to pierce the 1470-1474 zone on the first attempt so they are setting themselves up to try again.

    The key is to hold the “gap window” level and not let it fall to “gap fill” (1426.40 spx)… which I think they will be able to do.  But, the daily chart is getting a little too far up in the “overbought” area to keep this rally going much more then another 2-3 days I think.  That means they are running short on time to make this last move up.

    If they had more time then they could do a move above 1500 by 10-20 points or so, but it’s just not looking likely too me right now.  Not only are they running out of time but they are out of buyers too.  And, they don’t have many bears to squeeze because they aren’t letting a far enough move down to happen for the bears to get onboard.

    It’s a “no win” situation as if they sold off to “gap fill” to get more bears onboard to squeeze they would still need some big news event to justify the gap up squeeze to get the rally started… which they don’t have as the Fiscal Cliff non-sense is over with until March it seems.

    And by not pulling back deep enough to get the bears onboard they don’t have anyone to squeeze even if they did have some important news event this week.  For these reasons I’m beginning to think the best they will get is a 10-20 move above the 1470-1474 zone that doesn’t even hold up for that one day that it happens.

    We should see this last push up starting tomorrow after a possibly move down first to complete the 5th wave and hit the 1448.55 gap window area.  The top should come on Friday if I’m reading the charts correctly (I am, but the gangsters manipulate them all the time to make me look like a fool I think).

    Of course if we don’t have that 5th wave down tomorrow then we could just start the move back up at the open, but it makes more sense to go down first.  Anyway, that’s what I see in the charts for now.  Good Luck…

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