The Study Of The Human Consciousness And How The Stock Market Works With It


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Time to expand the way you think about how things really work... including the movements in the stock market!

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In my previous post, I mentioned that everything in nature is based on “The Law of Harmonics” or “Vibration”.  All things are universal, actually there is nothing which is not universal.  Man and mind, emotions and all creating things are universal, as we are all made of “Aether “ which is the fluid-like energy of life and the force behind the “space and time”.  Time is life is energy is motion and according to the law of vibration and harmonics, every motion is cyclic and periodic, of course in a non-linear system.

As a matter of fact, there is no straight line in the universe and all directions are curved and non-proportional.  All the forces in the universe are “diatonic” and the universe is a “tonal one” which is pulsating round the clock.  Man is sure part of the nature and all nature is a series of orderly tonal periodicities of the “One Force” vibrating into the "Octave of Dimensions”.  Every form of energy is spiraling, thus, it is progressive and evolutionary and divided into “opposites” (positive and negative), clockwise and counterclockwise, revolving around a nuclear center.

Humans consciousness, thoughts and emotions are truly based on “etheric energy”, as we are made of the same stuff. Therefore, thinking is a process, an orderly, evolutionary and periodic process which is truly constituted in form of “seven tones” and multiple octaves.  When these octaves complete, a new cycle will be born and the process will go on to infinity.  The fact that matters is that these octaves along with their tones constitute a cycle of evolving states of motion.

All motion is oscillatory and in form of “Electromagnetic Waves” which swing in sequence between two opposing forces, namely “gravitation and repulsion” and are respectively electric and magnetic.  This progressive and evolutionary motion is a pulsating and vibratory in-breathing and out-breathing.  These two opposite forces are only two forces of mind which are added together, constituting the “One Force”.

Now we may infer that mind is the universe and that's all there is to it.  Indeed, all the forces in the universe are diatonic.   “Musical scales” or “Harmony ratios” were first documented by Pythagoras a philosopher and mathematician in the 6th century B.C.

In my prevoius post, I mentioned that the "seed sound” of the universe vibrates itself into an octave in order to create a life from itself:  Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti.

  • Do-has the value 1.  (The other vibrations are simply increasing ratios of this vibration - [Ascending]).
  • Re- Do by 1/8, or the factor 1.125
  • Mi- Do by 1/4 or the factor 1.25
  • Fa- Do by 1/3 or the factor 1.333
  • So- Do by ½ or the factor 1.5
  • La- Do by 2/3 or the factor 1.666
  • Ti- Do by 7/8 or the factor 1.875


Do- which is refered to the “descending octave” and completes the octave.

Below, a descending octave (1 to 1/2) is measured by multiplying the descending Do (1) times ½ diatonic ratios.

  • Do- 1 (descending Do)
  • Ti- 0.9375 or 15/16
  • La- 0.8333 or 5/6
  • So- 0.75 or 3/4
  • Fa- 0.6666 or 2/3
  • Mi- 0.625 or 5/8
  • Re- 0.5625 or 9/16
  • Do- or 0.5 or 1/2

When it comes to the consciousness, there are actually three positive major “tonal forces” and three negative tonal forces and the last one is the combination of both positive and negative forces.  Actually, this process completes an octave (Master Tone).  I also touched on movement of the stock market and how to link it all to the “Law of Vibration” or Harmonics in the last post.  Indeed, the financial markets can be the best example, reflecting and charting out the humans emotions (greed and fear).

The weekly gold chart below is an example of “diatonic forces” but remember that it is not always the same case with all the patterns in the charts, as most of you folks know that patterns are quite interwoven and the bigger cycles can easily overpower the smaller ones. (the info I present here is so limited as this study is very deep).

Weekly Gold chart...

As you see,if you measure from the high of September 2011 to the high of November 2011, the “fundamental tone” is 10 weeks, when you multiply it by the “musical fifth” (Ratio of 3:2) or the factor 1.5, you will get 15 weeks... the high of February 2012.  Now if you multiply that by the next octave or 2, you will get 30 weeks.  This is the beginning of the spiral with combination of both positive and negative energy.  The process will go on until it completes the octave and the “mid-tones” describe the fractals!

Below is another example of the Dow Jones monthly chart...

As you see, we have 16 months between the low of march of 2009 and the low of July of 2010.  Now lets take it as a "fundamental vibration", or 11*1.5 (musical fifth)=16.5.  As I stated earlier, every movement of energy generates opposing movement of energy or "polar opposite", so now the reverse of 11*1.5=16.5 is 11 months (the move between the low of July 2010 and the high of May 2011).  It's a "counterclockwise" move!

You see... 11*1.5=16.5, or the move between the high of May 2011 and the beginning of the down move in October 2012.  Therefore the octave will have to complete... so you multiply the 16months by 2 (octave), and you'll get 32 months.  Now count the months from the low of July 2010 and you'll reach the low in February 2013.  I suppose the closest date of the bottom is 25th of February.  You see, there are 15 months between the low of July 2010 and the low of October 2011.  The cycle will shift into a high October 2012, and a higher high or a chop sideways move into the August of 2013.

How?  You simply do the math... 15*1.5=22.5, which makes the closest date the 19th of August 2013.

To sum up, mind is indeed based on the "universal law" and energy reproduces itself transferring its expression throughout the universe from wave to wave.  Therefore, all energy is expressed in waves and all waves are divided into positive and negative.  We live in non-linear system, all directions are curved and this curve means spiral... a diatonic spiral with combination of opposing forces.


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Ali Firoozi Yasar

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The Final Top In The Stock Market For The Year 2013 Is Likely To Happen Within A Week...

(to watch on youtube:

One of the last comments I made on the previous post was that I see another push higher starting likely on Wednesday the 9th of January and concluding by Friday the 11th... which I still think has the highest odds of happening.  The bulls are clearly running out of steam up here at this overbought levels and with hardly any bears short and no more buying from bulls the high is sure close now.  My best guess is that they will fall just slightly short of hitting 1500 on the spx by this Friday.  The charts are way to extended on the daily chart to give much help for the bulls but it looks like they have reset the 2 hour and 60 minute charts enough to turn them back up and make another run at piercing through the 1470-1474 resistance zone.

While I don't study Elliottwave and I'm certainly not a big believer in it being accurate anymore (it used too be back 20 years ago before us sheep had access to computers to chart stuff), I do still see wave patterns in the market.  With that being said I'll speculate on what I think is going to happen over the coming weeks and months.  This final move up to around the 1500 area (give or take "falling short" or piercing over it by 10-20 points in some exhaustion move) should be the final high for 2013.

The first wave down should start as early as this Friday or Monday of next week.  This really depends on whether or not we fall short of 1500 (which I then think we'll peak by this Friday), or by some unknown "pull another dead rabbit out of Bernanke's hat trick" we manage to go up to 1510-1520 (which pushes the high out until early next week).  I give it 60/40 odds that we'll hit the 1490 zone and top versus 1510-1520 area.  And with those odd's I think Friday will end the move up and allow this first wave 1 down to start... which should drop 60-70 points if it follows prior "wave 1" moves down in the past.  Then we should see the wave 2 up into the week of February 11th... just after the Legatus meeting ends.

At that point I do believe we'll see our wave 3 down similar to the May 2nd, 2012 (a prior Legatus meeting date) that lasted until May 18th and dropped a nice 123 points off the SPX.  That move lasted 16 calendar days and ironically Ali's "estimated" low date of February 25th is 14 calendar days from the likely starting date on the 11th... pretty close if you ask me!  Now do note that Monday the 11th isn't a "yearly" eleven date where all the digit's add to up equal eleven, but the12th is!  So, you have the "daily" eleven date on the 11th (obviously... duh!) and the "yearly" one the date afterwards on the 12th.  One of those 2 dates is very likely to be the top of the coming wave 2 up rally and the start of the wave 3 down.

So what will they blame this future sell off on you ask?

If I had to guess I'd say the next big scare in the news will be the "Debt Ceiling" issue.  Possibly they will time some future vote on this issue will be centered around the sell off?  I don't have any knowledge of any future date but "something" will be blamed for this coming sell off I'm sure.  I guess they could bring back the "Fiscal Cliff" crap and spin some kind of panic into that issue as we all know it's not really fixed but just the usual "kick the can" down the road move.

(Last minute find:  LOL.. February 15th huh... nice timing!)

But for now let's just focus on this week and trying to find the right spot to get short at.  It's not going to be easy picking the top as although I think it will happen around 1490 spx (by this Friday) these gangsters have a evil knack for fooling the most sheep and going up higher then anyone can really believe.  But, I think we are already in that "disbelief" mode right now... especially after the insane rally up from the 1400 area low at the end of last year.  For you though... make sure you continue to watch the daily comments as "if" and "when" we get close to either one of these probable highs I should be able to make a better guess on which one is like the real high.

Again, I'm going with a 60% that we'll fall just short of the 1500 target by this Friday and top out there... which leaves a 40% chance that we'll pierce through it and go 10-20 over 1500 by early next week.  I wish I could figure it out exactly but that huge 2 day up move really screws up any elliottwave count I can figure out (not that I trust it anyway though), so I'll just stick with trendlines of resistance, prior average point moves, and prior time frame cycle periods (along with technical analysis too of course) to pick a point to go short at.  If it happens on some final gap up exhaustion move Friday morning then I'll be looking for 1480 on the low side to 1490 on the high side for that topping tail to happen.


P.S.  I'll be put out the news for "The Big One" on the HOT Penny Stock in the newsletter this coming Thursday evening.


  1. That was a great video Red.Does Ali have any idea on the depth of the correction into Feb 25 th area? I am now long from approx 1455 level. I sold my shorts a little to early at 1457 level. I will be scaling out of my longs within the next two or three days. The vix is in uncharted territory.

    As for the Feb 25th time frame, I see no more than a 9%-11% correction.

    • I believe Reinhardt thinks it’s going to be about a 5%-8% correction, but Ali doesn’t know about the depth as only the turns are told with his octave periods (as far as I can tell?).  He has told me that the August turn (down of course) will be “the big one” as I’m assuming that’s based on which octave periods line up for that date range.

      Meaning that the larger one’s (like the larger chart time periods) carry more weight and therefore mean that the sell off will be much larger.  I see the August one as a “crash” and it should be bigger then the 2008 one.

          •  If I told you, I would have to sh–t you. LOLLOL  I know that is not politically correct to say in these times. But I know you have a good sense of humor Red. Honestly Red, if I told you, you would probably ban me from this board. LOL LOL. I am very good at knowing the % drops but yet weak at the timing of the drops.

            That is why, I was very curious on Ali timing. Again, I see a 9-11 % drop. in the very near future. I am some what disappointed, that it will be some what of a shallow drop.

          •  Red, lets say that god him self told you that their was going to be a 9-11% drop in the near future. I guess we will assume Feb 25 th area. How would you play it. I know you like options, what type of options ect.


          • I’ll be looking for some options on the spy that expire in March and are about 6-10 points lower then the current level when I place the trade.  So if the spy is around 145 then (Feb. 11th or 12th) then I’d be looking at the open interest in the 135-139 strike prices for clues.  The more open interest the more likely I’d pick that strike price.

            Now as for the coming sell off next week I’ll be looking to do a put spread as it could be chopping while going down on this first wave 1 and I don’t want to get killed on time decay.  But the Feb. puts will be straight puts… no spread, as that’s a wave 3 and it will move fast I believe.

          • LOL… there’s a lot of things I find out that don’t post here (for safety reasons of course).  But, I still some how let everyone know the important results and outcome of that knowledge… just like you are doing with your 9-11% drop target.

            So keep up the good work on helping others out with your knowledge of a downside target… and doing so while keeping your source safe!  You can always email me too you know.  🙂

    • The SPY is 1/10th the value of the SPX (with a slightly higher bias).  So, if the SPX goes up to say 1380 then the SPY would be around 138.00, but it’s usually slightly higher… so maybe 138.10 or 138.20 is more accurate.

      • I am going to do my grand DJANGO review some time.

        As Leo says, you’re an exceptional 1 in 10,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxx. 

          • As a movie, it is probably Quentin Tarantino’s worst big feature movie.  It’s generally pretty unpleasant and ugly with too much wordiness especially from the Christoph Walz character.   It didn’t remind me of any spaghetti westerns, where the cowboy anti-heroes are pretty much laconic and cynical.   But the deranged hipsters seem to love it.

            It’s watchable though and things get good when the action moves to MississIP(PI).   The Leo and Samuel L. Jackson scenes are the best parts of the movie.

            From an enlightened one’s perspective though, it is a fascinating movie trying to decipher all of the codes in the movie.    Q.T. uses the N word about 2424 times in the movie obviously using it as an illuminati keyword.   59-77-59   And then the grand numerology soliloquoy at the end.

            I’ve never seen QT go this crazy with the numerology before. Uses even some of the Sorcerer numbers.

      • possibly.  the article harmonizes with T theory

        As I stated earlier, every movement of energy generates opposing movement of energy or “polar opposite“

        • T theory is the basis of for every action there is an equal reaction, based in Time, not Price.
          ie:  if an index goes down 3 months, it will go up for the following 3, again…in Time

          the chart above may be a little confusing.
          I have learned a corollary in that, if a T refuses to complete an
          equal reaction, it will flip into a totally opposite direction, still fulfilling
          the time period. [translation, A T may be correct in time, but totally wrong in whether it’s a HIGH or LOW)

          • Ahhh… but, according to his article nothing in the universe is a straight line.  Meaning 3 months to another 3 months isn’t accurate.  Instead one should look for the next octave multiplier of it.  So if the first 3 months was octave 1 or “Do-” then you would look to use  “Re-” for you next target.

            Which would be “Do-” by 1/8, or the factor 1.125… which means you would times 3 months by 1.125 to reach the next probably date.  I think that’s what he’s trying to say?  This assumes an “ascending” octave.  If it was a “descending” octave the you would time “Do-” by Ti- 0.9375 or 15/16… make sense?

          • yes it makes sense.
            and this may be the tool I need when starting at a high, use this octave tool
            to estimate how far down the slide/music goes.

            technique should work equal back up the musical scale.

  2. 87 degrees in Musselbrook, Australia tomorrow.   I see things are already heated down there.

    Another sign of the end times.

    • I guess tomorrow is today.   At 9:07am, it is 89 degrees.   Tomorrow (Friday) will be 104 degrees.

      • Well, I didn’t get all of the Australian references/ rituals on Monday (ie interviewing BAMA fans down under during the BCS broadcast) but then I came across some info that the anniversary to some calamatious events in 1939 is fast approaching.   And then shots of wildfires across Australia adorned the front page of the WSJ today and it looks like another sign of the end times but we can get confirmation on Friday.

        The Austrailian Open begins next week.

        (A local modern rock station is offering an Australian vacation prize promo this week as well which got my attention)

        There is an Aussie player #54 on BAMA’s team. 

  3. I don’t like the way the market looks right now gang.  I get the feeling they are going to push this up tomorrow hard.  For there to be a top there needs to be some type of gap up in the morning that fails to hold the high and then falls back down all day putting in a topping tail on the daily chart.

    Rallying into the close shows strength… not exhaustion.  And the fact that they are already into the 1470-1474 spx zone tells me they are likely going to take this up a lot higher then I expected tomorrow and into next week.  The bears are going to get squeeze hard tomorrow I feel… and 1500 is likely to be taken out next week as well.

    I would not take any short positions as I think this is a bear trap, not a bull trap.  They could even go up and put in a new all-time over the coming weeks before February.  So be very cautious here on the short side.  I don’t like the long side either so I’m just going to sit this one out and just do my penny stocks for now.

  4. 111===13 or 31?????  Tomorrow:  1-11-13 or Friday the 11th—13th—

    It will be 5 years 3months from the 10-11-07 high or 1919 days later.  53==15, the Tebow number and it will be 4years3days and 1year3days from the Tebow 316 games.


    It’s just the Australian connection to tomorrow that has me intrigued plus the fact many trolls are adamantly calling for a rally into tomorrow.

    A few minutes ago, Yh. listed the temp. in Musswellbrook at 59 degrees even though the forecast for the day had the low at 74 degrees.  Very strange.

    A youtube clip popped up while over there of the MULE scene in a Fistful of Dollars.   The man with no name tells an undertaker to get 3 coffins ready and then tells a group of gunmen that they offended his mule.   He then proceeds to kill them all and returns to the undertaker and tells him he was wrong and he needs 4 coffins instead.

  5. Oh tomorrow is a new moon Friday.   Lately, Fridays following a new moon haven’t been turning out too well although the new moon occurs in the middle of the NYSE’s trading session.

    Which reminds me of the semi-face of the 4letter’s closing call of the BCS radio broadcast:     With championships in 3 of the last 4 years, the TIDE has RISEN.

    Roll (featured in some Steely Dan music) TIDE……….20-9-5-5===TIDE

    The TIDE’S QB came on the face of the 4letters radio show on Tuesday and mentioned that BAMA has won 3 championships in the last 4 years,and he was involved in 2 of them and he hoped to make it 4 in 5 years.  The face and his partner then chuckled.  Someone then mentioned of 1 of 3 championship rings or something like that.   Looks like they have a world class Occultist trainee program in Tuscaloosa too.

    • A 9-13 (actually 9-14) final TD daily countdown on the indices plus some nice divergences on the 60 min charts with lower RSIs, MACD lines and histogram bars.

  6. Tomorrow is 11 years 4 months (24 or 44) from you know when or 4140 days later or 591 weeks 3 days later (59-13).

    It looks like there was another COUSINS ritual tonight in the Sacramento-Dallas NBA game.
    DaMarcus Cousins #15 was getting a lot of facetime at the end of the game (finished at 29pts9rebounds) and then was kicked out of the game for intentionally smacking Dallas’ #25 (Vince Carter) in the face in overtime with the score at 111-109 Dallas.   The refs did their usual ritualistic routine lining up at the scorer’s table.   The refs were #s 20—14—-73 and they arranged those numbers every way possible both at that moment and another moment just before the end of regulation…..20-14 (25) or 20-73 etc.etc. and 14 seemed to be the center ref each time, getting a lot of facetime on his own.

    So now:
    DeMarcus COUSINS………Kirk COUSINS……and Catholic vs. COUSINS

    Even Steely Dan has song called COUSIN Dupree.

    Will I be catching grey men as they dive off the 14th floor tomorrow on PINK Friday????

    Or like Nicki Minaj a trois will I be living  in my 14th minute of fame?

    It looked like the refs in Miami Thrice-Portland game were numbers 59 and 25 but I didn’t catch the rituals in that game. It looked like the final score was 92-90.

  7. TLT with a red hollow bar and a higher low to its Jan 4 low while the Vix put in another hollow bar but above its lower BB.

    Rut and NDX also with black bars with a small doji body at the top with a long tail beneath it.   Basically the gap up open was the high of the day.  It’s supposed to be a terminal exhaustion candlestick and I looked and didn’t see any of those bars on the Dow and SP over the last several months.

  8. The lack of a gap up certainly has me considering the possibility that the high is in today… especially since it’s the 11th.  But, I’m not totally convinced yet.  Let’s see how the rest of the day plays out.

  9. Gotta give it to you on that one so far red. If it goes anywhere near where you think, I’ll gladly cut you a check

  10. Bronco – a horse untrained, unsaddled, a horse who is unpredictable, an element of surprise or wild…..hmmmm….. Since 1999, the super bowl match ups have been highly prophetic or the mascots, a highly current political parallel. hmmmm

  11. Awesome spectacle with the Ray Lewis retirement/ farewell mega rituals last week.   Didn’t see his intro dance.   Seems like more effort went into the intro ceremony than preparing for the game.

    Intro ritual:

    Then with the game in hand at the end,  the Ravens did a final-kneel down with Ray Ray in the backfield:

    Ray Ray, Superbowl champ, spiritual leader to his Raven teammates, future Hall of Famer out of Lakeland Florida (ONS Jr. Market!!!!!Riots in the streets of Lakeland Florida!!!) via the University of MIAMI

    Ray====18-1-25 or   9-1-25 or 63-1-25

    The intro starts with the players emerging from the smoke-filled Ravens stadium entrance.  Looks like it was 92-55 then 20 who came out before Ray Ray #52

    After the game and his final dance, he pulled off his jersey revealing a sweatshirt with the inscription  PSALMS 91.    Then he was interviewed by the sideline reporter with the PSALMS 91 in full display.   I checked the passage out and couldn’t really see anything on the face of it but RAY RAY is the last person one would think would be quoting Scripture.

    • ART  decals on all Ravens jerseys.   A reference I am sure to former Ravens owner Art Modell.

      ART====1-18-2 or 1-9-2 or 111??????

      The B also on the Ravens jersey for 2…..They emerge from the mouth of the Raven in the intro.

      Currently, Ray and the Ravens are squaring up against Popgun, aka Mr. NFL 666, and his fellow Broncos in Denver.   Denver the #1 seed and heavily favored against the Ravens but I think the Ravens have all the occultic touches to make them the favorite to come out of the AFC.  I would love to see Popgun once again cough up a loss for one of his high seeded teams in the playoffs.

      Last I saw, the score was tied at 14-14 and Popgun had thrown a pick six.

      I’ll make the SF 49ers the favorite coming out of the NFL.   With their 11-7 QB controversy, 11-4-1 final record, 24-24 tie, and #99 dismantling Cardinals QB #19 after TE #87 linedup in the backfield by himself with #19 earlier in the season.   (It is almost unheard of for a TE to lineup in the backfield with the QB, especially without a RB back there where he could be utilized as a lead blocker but that is more of the job for a fullback).   They play the Packers, but Green Bay, the 1929 Champs, already got their ritualistic Super Bowl championship 2 years ago.

    • I agree with him… we should have that first wave 1 down and wave 2 up into Legatus if we are to expect a wave 3 down afterwards.  Nice of him to call 1492 spx as I have 60& odds of a target of 1480-1490 and 40% of 10-20 points over 1500.  Glad to see someone wiser then me pick the same area.

      • Hope you’re both right, will be a gift if it makes it. Would think
        there’ll be some luring stops for the gangsters above the Sept high,
        before wave 1.

    • Good entry point on the penny today Anthony.  And yeah, I “sadly” see more upside.  I don’t really care though as I’ll just play around the in pennies until Legatus is here.

      •  yeah. So far you’ve picked some pretty nice ones, greatly appreciated, looking forward to any new ones/seeing how they all play out. We both know that its going to be a pretty ugly year, so I’ll gladly be patient in this “bull market”.

        • There are 2 area’s that explode in a depression Anthony.  One is penny/junior stocks and the other is MLM/Home-based businesses.  I’m going to have 3 more new picks coming up soon, so I’m excited too!

  12. few more and you should charge a subscription…. I’d pay. For now I’ll donate after I close them out

  13. This could be the start of the wave 1 down gang?  Not sure yet as it could also just be a pullback before one more attempt back up to that 1480-1490 spx area.  Today being Tuesday and with the rest of the still left I’m going to lean toward “just a pullback” and expect one more move back up into Friday.

    Could be wrong on that as we could be starting the wave 1 down with a wave 2 choppy move back up into February 11th before wave 3 down starts.  I’m not even going to play this wave 1 or 2 as they usually just beat me up badly and wish I had stayed out of the market… so this time I am!

    I’m simply doing my penny stocks for now and will only short this pig the week of February 11th after Legatus.  And by the way, I plan to get more of my penny stock this week and I think it’s going much higher then first thought.

  14. I notice the Mayans like their 13s and 20s.  Tomorrow, 1-16 will be 26 days from the end of the grand Mayan long count on 12-21.   26==13×2…….116==26 or 66……The infamous Simpsons/ True Grit release date (1969 version) 11-6……….

    Yesterday, as mentioned over at D.E.’s, NATV:NYTV spiked to one of the highest levels of the past year.  

  15. Not sure what to say here gang?  The charts are massively overbought on almost all time frames.  But the bulls won’t die it seems.  I’m personally sitting to my plan and NOT trading this garbage.  I’m only doing my penny stocks right now and will stay long in it for 2-3 more weeks… just in time for Legatus.

    I’ll then move back into the market and short it hard.  However, there are going to be more penny stock picks coming up throughout this year so I’ll also be doing them.  It’s a whole lot less stress with them and I’m making great money with them too.

    So, as for the market… again, I think we still have a 60% chance of putting in a high just below 1500 spx in the 1480-1490 area.  That could happen tomorrow if we don’t rollover today.  Then there is a 40% chance of a move to 10-20 points over 1500.  However, with the way the market looks today I’m leaning toward 70/30 odds on not hitting 1500.

  16. Could see a that “pop and drop” tomorrow Friday the 18th… but don’t mistake the move down for something I’d short.  It could only drop back to gap window over the next week around 1450 spx and then turn back up for a choppy wave 2 like April 11th, 2012 to May 1st, 2012 move was.

    Then again, it could do something like the more recent chopfest triple top crap that happened between September 14th, 2012 to October 17th, 2012… better zone as the zone of death for bulls and bears alike.  Good for day traders but hard to make an accurate trade for swing traders.

  17. Hey Gang..long time no see.. how is everyone doing ? are the shorties still alive ? I think most shorts are dead or going to die soon.

    btw I havent killed any bulls yet.. But I got rammed up the butt by one..

  18. Everybody WANG CHUNG tonite!!!!!!!!!

    I like today’s action for a top.  Similar look to the 9-14 top.   Double top without confirmation from the Dow, Nasdaq, and Utilities.   60 min Rsi hit 70+ today with all sorts of negative divergences including lower MACD lines and histogram bars.    Even some divergences on the dailies with lower histogram bars.

    False breakout to get the bulls excited and a final spike was needed after the $natv:$nytv readings from earlier in the week.

    Notorious fake bear trolls showing up and calling for one last extended rally. etc. etc.

    Been watching clips lately from my favorite movie of the 80s To Live and Die in LA, directed by none other than Sorcerer director William Friedkin (also Exorcist) so you know it is filled with occultic references and forebodings.

    The above link is to a video of Wang Chung’s title song for the movie To Live and Die in LA, a video which I had never seen until last week.   And boy is it littered with clues with it possibly indicating that we are about to launch into the Grand Ritual.

    The video is hinting that CHUNG and EDIT might have occultic meaning…..EDIT basically ==39 or 54-9-2…..

    • After watching the scene where Richard Chance (William Peterson) bites it, I definitely see the 49ers winning the Superbowl but of course I already had them winning it.

      I’ll take Baltimore to face them there which means they will have to upend heavily favored New England this weekend but if you saw last week’s game against Denver, you know that they can prevail no matter how improbable the odds they face.  (I need to do a review of that beauty of game some time.)

      Ray Lewis and his other famous teammate Ed Reed #20 (seen introducing Lewis in the video link below), also of the University of MIAMI, just have too much occultic juice to do anything but march on to the Superbowl.   The Ravens were the 2000 champs and at that time Reed was winning an NCAA Championship at MIAMI.

      Curiously, his offensive coordinator back then, Rob Chudzinski, who also played on Miami’s 1987 Championship team just was hired as head coach of the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland being one of Bradley’s ode to the ’29’92 ritual cities.   Chip Kelley, the formerly Eugene-Ore based coach of the Nike Ducks, just did an about face and accepted the Philadelphia Eagles job to much fanfare in the media.    Philadelphia isn’t a Bradley city but the Eagles (and DeShaun Jackson’s #10 jersey) are featured prominently in the recently released Silver Linings Playblook which is receiving quite a bit of critical praise.   The WSJ critic named it the best movie of the year.   (I thought it was fine but it got too hokey and unbelievable at times)

      Ravens are also featured prominently in the Grand Ritual classic 127 Hours and the movie the RAVEN (released last year on April 27, another prominent 127 hours date,one day after the protagonist arrives in the park at PI time 3:14) set in Baltimore and centered on the mysterious death of Edgar Allen Poe on 10-7-1849  (when some of his xxxx Bros took him out)

      • Philadelphia isn’t a Bradley city, but it is a Bradley Cooper city…..Padading!!!!! Puddabing!!!!! LOL!!!!!

        In fact, I believe Bradley Cooper is from Philadelphia.

        • Cooper has the same January 5th birthdate (1975) as Robert Duvall.

          His father was also a stock broker……He graduated from Georgetown U.  (Legatus U. east).  

    • The train with the numbers 2626 or (4×13—the famous Friday the 13th date from last year when budding occultists littered the cybersphere with numerological rituals)…

      The UNSTOPPABLE good train featured the numbers 1206.

      The UNSTOPPABLE director also jumped from the same bridge William Peterson does in the movie (seen in the clip above) back in August.

  19. isn’t half of AAPL’s business the iphone? and they cut manufacturing in half the other day. i guess the new smart phones from ALL the other phone companies, killed their iphone sales.

  20. after feb employment —
     maybe get some down trend days out of the debt ceiling debate.
    and some uptrend days, too. but more down than ups.
    in other words, sell the rips.

  21.   Trade: short DO.
    Opened at 73.17 on 1/17/13.

    major OIH holding
    it might get to 75, oh well.
    77 is too high, really short that price, w/ big position size, if the market even gives you that price,,,

  22.  looking at the future by the number of tv stations.
    one movie i recently watched the camera panned right to a guy who was watching channel 363,422.
    you can probably tell, the movie was depicting a future that was pretty good.
    and all the doom sayers——in their movie, the camera pans right, and we are back to only three TV stations.

  23.  Think we have to wait for options expiry or just after. Volatility will
    come back into the market. Meanwhile, trade small and do not trade

  24. Morning Update:  Nothing… same as it always it, just light volume chop to frustrate both bulls and bears.  Take the day off gang and look a move up in my penny stock pick next week.

  25. Even more divergences today on the 60 min chart but the Transports daily is going nuts getting its RSI up to 79 today.   That usually means more highs in the future.   But the weekly chart definitely looks exhausted.

    The Euro indices were all down today although marginally in contrast to the US markets.

  26. For some more laughs, the MIAMI Thrice defeated the LA Lakers 99-90 in a heavily watched nationally televised game.   I noticed the new Nash–Kobe 10-24 combo, 1024 being a Cramer Code number as well as a recent NFL playoff score.   At halftime, they showed staffers wearing All Star Jerseys, the first two wearing 59 and then they panned over to a solitary staffer who was wearing #24.

    The 99-90 score reminded me of the 10-25-2010 NBA opener which saw the Celtics defeat the newly created THRICE 88-80.

    After the game, the broadcast during its highlights segment showed a stat on its graphics that the Milwaukee Bucks had not won a game in Phoenix since February 21, 1987 and then they showed highlights and stats from that game.   (back when they actually knew how to play basketball)
    Milwaukee went onto to win in Phoenix last night for the first time since 1987.

    Then for some reason, they showed highlights of a University of North Carolina vs. Clemson game from that same night  ie February 21,1987.

  27. Also noticed the New Orleans Hornets jerseys with the NOLA inscriptions.   The infamous NO combo with LA.

    They were making a big play on the COLD IN LA phenomenon earlier in the week.

  28. BA’s 787 Dreamliner is back in the news with ANA grounding its entire 787 fleet after one of its 787 s had a malfunction that forced an emergency landing in Japan earlier in the week.   It actually looked ritualistic since all passengers and crew were forced to exit the plane via the emergency chutes unless the malfunction prevented work crews from placing a staircase to the plane’s entrance.   I noticed a large 26 on the tarmac behind the plane.  (runway 26???)

    Quite a 180 degree turn from that triumphant day back on 9-27-2011 when BA delivered its first 787 to ANA for a ritualistic 11:07 am liftoff.

    BA’s stock has quite a volatile look to it over the last week or so.

  29. Wow, they edited the scene where Chance bites it in To Live and Die in LA over at ytube after I mentioned it yesterday.   Now you can’t see any of the numbers on the lockers except 27.   The whole scene feels rushed now.

    And I didn’t even mention which video it was or provide a link.    The whole movie is over there though but I wonder if they will edit the scene there too.

    • Oh they had a William Friedkin retrospective at the AERO Theater for his Exorcist, French Connection, Sorcerer and ToLive and Die in LA films where some of the stars like William Peterson showed up, 2 years ago.   Sorcerer and ToLive and Die were screened on January 22, 2011.

      Notice where William Dafoe prints 3 $20 bill templates in the Wang Chung video showing 12 20s or 3 bills with 4 20s.

  30. I reedited my post below.   The numbered scene in the locker where Chance bites it is in the alternate ending but the unaltered real scene has quite an extensive display of numbers.

    He bites it on January 30….another 13 reference…….the scene starts at 5:15am….

    They originally schedule the meeting for Friday night but I don’t know if 5:15am is Friday night or Saturday morning or Friday morning.

  31. Apparently, the FAA has suspended the use of all 787s in the US.   I didn’t discover that until after my post yesterday.   Quite a schocker.

    But what is most mesmerizing is that BA’s stock managed to stay levitated the last 2 days.   I guess it is a testament to the miraculous feats produced by opex week manipulation.

    So we now have to candidates in BA and Apple to help kickoff the Grand Ritual.

  32. I realized earlier that Silver Linings Playbook begins in Baltimore where the poor crazed protagonist Bradley is residing in a mental institution.   Then they mention Baltimore a few more times once he makes his way back to Philadelphia in the heavily Eagles themed movie.

    I might have to upgrade the Balt. Ravens to Superbowl champs.

  33. Yes the Ravens, despite being a double digit underdogs, prevailed against Popgun and his fellow Broncos last week.   The power of Ray Lewis to inspire his teammates as he makes one last stand for a SB title.

    And there were some improbable and miraculous feats in the game including Joe Flacco throwing a 60 yard TD pass over the top of the Denver defense on 3rd and 3, down by a touchdown, with about 30 seconds to go.  (The Broncos did fire their DB coach a few days later)   It was a pretty wild back and forth game that saw the Ravens score 38 pts against the top or nearly top ranked Denver defense, the AFC #1 seed who had 2 weeks to prepare for this game.    The Broncos got a couple of their TDS on special teams returns by the same player Holliday.   I didn’t see much of the game so I couldn’t tell how well Popgun was doing but when I did watch the game he seemed to have no problem hitting his receivers underneath on crossing routes which is what one would think the Ravens would have placed special emphasis on defending against.     (Later on I heard an analyst mention that Popgun didn’t attempt any deep throws against the Ravens defense ((with his feeble arm)).   When Baltimore didn’t score on its opening drive in overtime, I stopped watching because I couldn’t stomach watching a Popgun game-winning drive.    But the operators are good; just like with the stock market they get you thinking one way and suddenly pull a reversal in the other direction.  Popgun threw a pick late in the overtime that set up a Ravens game winning field goal.  Popgun looked totally flustered on the play as he scrambled outside of the pocket and then threw the ball across his body into the heart of the Ravens defense.  It looked like he had his standard playoff happy feet throughout as well.

    The best part of the game for me though was the overtime coin-flip when each team’s major occultists/occultees/brainwashees , Popgun and Ray Lewis faced each other to call the flip.   The Ravens won the flip and then Lewis bolted with fellow teammate Terrell Suggs #55 back across the field behind Popgun and the refs forming a nice 555 combo between Suggs #55 and the 5 of Lewis’ #52 with Lewis #2 obscured.

    Apparently after the loss, Popgun waited in the Raven’s locker room quite a bit later to meet up with his fellow occultee Ray Lewis.

    Also heard an analyst mention the Ravens are 7-1 (the Poe 10-7 date number reversed???) when Lewis plays this year.

    • Greg Cosell, an analyst who breaks down NFL film, mentioned on the 4 letter morning host’s show this week that the Houston Texans stayed in their base 3-4 defense against the New England Patriots last week and didn’t adjust to the Patriots’ personnel.  The Patriots lined up their running backs outside forcing the Texans to cover them with linebackers.   One of the Patriots RB’s ended up with 3 TDs in the game, Vereen #34???? out of LSU??? like Holliday of the Broncos.

      Brady had no problem recognizing the mismatches pre-snap.

      Cosell said that the Ravens won’t stay in their base defense and will mix things up with Brady.

      The Ravens despite coming across as undercheivers this year basically has their full defense back with Lewis and Suggs having returned a few weeks ago.

  34. Geccko23, no one in their right mind would believe much of what you say….you are way out there dood. you make conspiracists look crazy…. your speculations n3ed to be severely trimmed back dood!

    •  Baltimore—SF Superbowl  dood!!!!!!!!!

      You must be a new troll…..I am just a protege to the master…..

      • Geecko, you do realize that there isn’t any evidence that I’ve seen or anyone else has seen that rituals in the sports you follow have anything to do with the timing of the stock market.

        While I’m sure they do ritual’s for sports too, I don’t see how any of it benefits stock market traders.  Even the stuff in the movies doesn’t seem too have any value to the timing of the market, which is why I haven’t paid too much attention to it anymore.

        Yes, they are both full of ritual’s and yes they are important to know about as it’s of course what “they” have planned for us sheep in the future… but it doesn’t help me or anyone else that reads this blog in figuring out how to make money in the stock money…. which is what I’m trying to do.

        I think that’s what Bill is trying to tell you… which is that your theories on the ritual’s in the sports you watch don’t help us traders or give us any clues to the next big move in the market.

        I don’t mind you posting your stuff as you’ve been a long time reader and poster, but let everyone know clearly that it’s sports ritual’s you are talking about… which aren’t related to the stock market.  I’m sure there are readers that are into sports as much as you and find it interesting.

        If it’s something related to the stock market then keep it all in a separate comment and focus exclusively on the market in that comment.  Then do other comments related to sports.

  35. Morning Update:  After Monday being a holiday for MLK today I suspect will have light volume just like most all days do that follow holiday’s.  Traders are probably yawning while drinking their coffee to wake up from the long weekend (just like I’m doing too).

    With that in mind I don’t really expect much action today in either direction.  But, I’ve been thinking a lot about what should happen if they are going to crash the market this year.  Looking back at other crashes and I noticed that it’s common to put in an “all time high” before crashing.

    So, it makes sense to me that they will continue with that pattern and put in another “all time high” this year before the crash.  That implies that the 1573 spx level will be taken out at some point during this year.  And since it’s likely that we’re going to drop a 100 spx points or more after Legatus I’m going to have to believe that they should make this new high before then.

    While it’s still possible that they go down that 100+ points and then turn back up into summer to make that new high it just seems more unlikely to me.  Maybe they do, but I’m thinking now is the best time to do it.  I could be totally off on this call but after some serious thinking over the last week or so it’s something that’s just been bugging me so I wanted to put out that possibility for you all to think about too.

    It doesn’t affect me either way as I don’t plan to do any shorting of this market until Legatus anyway.  So even if I’m wrong and we start down this week for the first wave one down, with wave two going up into Legatus, I’ll be sitting out that trade and waiting for the right time like a patient bear should be doing…

  36. a new high, before a heavy crash, is def something i agree with you on Red. It’s generally what they always do.

    • Yes Anthony… it really makes the most sense to me right now.  Oh by the way, there’s another sweet deal coming in a week or so… just after the current penny stock run should end.  Meaning we should be able to roll out of one 100% winner and into another one!

      Sweet huh!  And hopefully this will all happen before Legatus so we can then move into a short position on the SPY or something.  More deals will follow all year long I think.

        • Yeah, but I have a feeling we’ll start seeing some action later this week and into next week.  I’m still in and patiently waiting.  There’s another deal coming in a few weeks I believe.  Could be just as sweet if not sweeter then the current one.

  37. CRUDE Oil support and Resistance levels:

  38. Watching this market go up every day, slowly but surely, reminds me of the long and slow climb you make on a roller-coaster just before you reach the top and start the fun and scary move down!

    • That’s been bugging me for quite some time now Dave.  In 2010 the sell off started around January the 19th and bottomed into Legatus on February the 5th, but this time I think it’s going to be different.  The reason is simple… they must put in a new all time high before they crash it.  Something about going to extremes first I guess… which they seem to do a lot.

        • Count the days from the May 1st, 2012 top to the bottom of that 3rd wave on May 18th and you get 17 calendar days.  Now assume the coming sell off will start as early as Thursday the 7th when the meeting starts or as late as Tuesday the 12th the next “eleven” day.

          If the 7th then you have 18 days until the 25th, an exact match as the prior sell off.  If the 12th then you have 13 days until the 25th, which could simply mean that either the sell off ends a little faster then the prior one or that Ali is off a few days on that 25th call and it ends another 5 days later or something.  Either way, both calls of having an important top around the meeting date and a low around the 25th can still be right.

    • Hey PW, what does the 39 and 27 mean?…25==55.

      You know Tim Brown is a 27 year veteran….he had the best ritual/presentation yet but I guess it isn’t appropriate for a stock fourm so I’ll keep it to myself.

      • I didn’t tell you to stop posting I only asked you post your stock market thoughts in a separate comment then your sports stuff.  Some people might be interesting in the sports rituals as this is a conspiracy site.

        I’m not, but I don’t ban or censor people just because I don’t have an interest in it.  That would be wrong and go against the very “freedom of speech” that I believe in.  It would just be more helpful if you find stuff related to the stock market that could help us all to make the right choices.

  39. Oh I see the 11-9 in there.  You like the 911 combo.

    Today is 11 years 4 months 11 days from you know when……4151 days later.

    5years3months11days from the 10-11-2007 high but I don’t see anything there unless it is 28(88), a very underrated number.    Adrian Peterson #28 with his 199yards rushing on Week 17 to finish 9 yards shy of the rushing title held by Eric Dickerson in 1985????  To Live and Die in LA (19(85)—

    Both football scores this week had the victors at 28 pts.   28-24 SF Atlanta score,   28-13 Ravens Patriots with SF down 24-14 at halftime.

    But I like the Tim Brown date better for the time being.

    130 days from 9-14.

    • Tim Brown with SuperBowl conspiracy theories that make mine look sane and mild in comparison………SABOTAGE…………….Time to check out the Beastie Bs.  Sabotage video again allthough I have viewed it recently.

  40. Evening all…..when looking @ the $NYMO I like to use the “Kelther Channels” among other indicators for overbought/oversold conditions…anyone else /suggestions? Today $nymo closed just below the upper kelt @ 50.96

  41. Tomorrow runs the numerology gamut……..977 trading days from 3-6-9, 1329 tdays from 10-11-07,87 tds from 9-14,  1419 calendar from 3-6-9 (embedded day of infamy/ Mayan number), 1931(4) days from Oct.2007…..4152(55) days from you know when…..I was looking for Thursday for some action with some heavy numerology but tomorrow has some nice hits. But I don’t see a catalyst for tomorrow.

    930 days from the DECISION and 929 (39) from the unveiling of the Thrice Number….

    a 1392 week number from the lesser grand ritual double five years ago and 77(week) number from the double ninen lesser ritual.

    Nikkei is down 2+% and most Euro markets were down last night contrary to US action.

  42. Since Apple is selling off after weak earnings afterhours I suspect that we’ll go down tomorrow  and possibly start that first “wave 1” down with a “wave 2” up that concludes into Legatus.  This also assumes that the high is in now and that they don’t plan on going up to take out 1500 on the SPX.

    It still bugs me that they haven’t been able to put in a new “all time” high yet as I feel that will be needed if they plan to crash the market later this summer.  Maybe we have the sell off after Legatus and bottom by the end of February and then we rally back up to put in that all time new high?  Stranger things have happened?

    If that’s not the plan then maybe they along sell off for a couple of days here and then turn this back up and continue the rally into Legatus?  It’s really hard too figure out right now as the charts are useless.  Everything is overbought, but it doesn’t matter…

  43.  I am looking at this possibility playing out within the next three
    trading days. A break of 1483 level may lead all the way down to the
    1455 area. From their I may go back long to the up side again. I am not a
    bull nor a bear. I just take what Mr Market will give me. We will have a
    few days of whip saws, great for swing traders.
    All the best every one.

  44. From Martin Armstrong

    Posted on January 17, 2013

    The next three weeks will be choppy with the primary targets being
    the weeks of 01/28, 02/11, and 03/11. We have Weekly Bullish Reversals
    at 1365810 and 1369790. These define the overhead resistance. The Weekly
    Bearish start at 1309150. Our Minor Month Bullish Reversal stands at
    1333180 while the Majors are 1399470, 1412110, and 1428000 just above
    the 2007 high. The Yearly Bullish Reversal still stands at 1333825. This
    was not elected at the close of 2012 and remains initial resistance
    during 2013. Major support for 2013 lies at 1102500-1060500 with initial
    yearly support at 1165500.

    The Daily Bearish Reversals at 1330955, 1329335, 1312900, and
    1309480. The key days ahead will be 01/23 with high volatility starting

  45. Unbelievable!  They still won’t let this market sell off any!  Even with the Apple miss and afterhours sell off the only index down is the Nasdaq now.  I’ll be glad when is crap is over with in a few more weeks.

  46. the dump only happened on nq, and /tf & /es did not last that long.  still think down tomorrow.   on the other hand safe short is dow 14k and sp1503

  47. Well, let’s all support the bulls here as if we bears want to see a crash we need these dumb bulls to make a new all time high.  I’d like to see that happen going into Legatus…

  48. The FP on IWM of 89.74 has now been hit.  That doesn’t always mean it’s going to turn though.  It only means that it will be hit.  However, with it being so massively overbought now it could turn down (should turn down), but I’m not chancing it.  Shorting here is just guessing (and gambling) that the FP was also a turning point.

  49. Mr. X and I are in sych regarding PW’s 911 date.

    By the way, tomorrow is 11years4months3 days later (11-7) from you know when…..
    Or 4155 days later (555?)

    I’ve got some good stuff over at DE’s including a Depeche Mode numey review.   I think I am going to need to start reviewing Depeche Mode videos.

  50. FALSE PRINT on the Transports

    the value of the false print low is 861.75
    Nov 2011

    so what do you think the FP means, Red?

  51. A Depeche Mode video finally got me to realize why they chose Notre Dame to be BAMA’s opponent in the Grand Ritual Bowl.    (Strangelove video).

    Two Domers are proving once again what a world class occultist/tee training institution Notre Dame is.

    Tim Brown, with his SABOTAGE SuperBowl theory (definitely see Beastie B.’s Sabotage video)

    and MantiTeo announcing to the world that his imaginary girlfriend whom he had never met had died back in Sept.   From what I have heard, and believe me I have been avoiding this story as much as possible, the key events, phone recordings etc. took place around Sept 11,12, 2012 or 9-11,9-12(93).  

    Tim Brown was a Heisman Trophy winner in 1987 at Notre Dame.   The year they lost to eventual National Champion Miami on 11-28, 24-0…….11-28 being very similar to the upcoming 1-28 or 25years 3 months later.

    It turns out this week that the Miami basketball team upset the #1 seeded Duke team 90-63.

  52. Tim Brown, self proclaimed 27 year football veteran will be 46years6months6days old on 1-28.

    1-28 has been flying under the radar with 1-24,1-25, and maybe 1-29,1-30 getting more attention from me but it has a spectacular array of numey hits going for it.

    1936 days from 10-11-07 which is 44 squared days later or 44×44 which is also 8×242 days later.

    1424 days from the 3-6-9 low or 8x78days later…..980 trading days from 3-6-9
    7582 days from the Bradley date for the ’29’92 ritual.

    25years3months9days from the lesser grand ritual 25 years ago…Notice the 39 in there….

    934 (97)days from the unveiling of the THRICE number back on 7-9…. 
    8years11months24days from Facebook day.

    Anyway, technicals indicate that a turn should be coming on Monday.   SP and Russell finally put RSI divergences at 70 on Friday with new highs and the Transports finally cooled off with a topping type candle (with some sort of divergence likely on shorter term time frames as well).

  53. Most importantly, today is a full moon, the 9th full moon since the major Mayan solar eclipse conjunct Pleiades last May 20th.  1-25 was 250 days from 5-20 but 9 full moons constitutes a year in one of the Mayans more mundane calendars.

    And the solar eclipse was the 58th incarnation from the 128 Saros Series.  1-28 being 253 days later.

    Today is also 20years9months from the Bradley date for the ’29’92 ritual.

    The full moon will be RISING in Leo.

  54. Morning Update:  It’s should be quite obvious now that “they” aren’t going to let this market sell off any until after they have put in a double top minimum, but more likely an all time new high.  I do not believe that this move up to a high of 1503.23 SPX this morning is the end of this rally.

    Maybe they close negative today but they seem very determined to push this up higher.  Again, I”m not touching a short until Legatus.  At that point I hope we are above 1574 so the crash later this year will have the greatest odds.

    I say that because most large crashes in the past had a blow off new high top put in shortly before the crash (shortly meaning several months or even a year).  So if we are to have a crash this August or so, then we need that new high around now.

    Then we can start the first wave down after Legatus and then setup the market for a nice wave 3 down later this summer.  We should see a move down prior to that as well as we will need to setup the first wave one down inside that wave 3 down.  It’s coming… I can feel it.

  55. Hy Red Dragon.
    You’ve said you won’t touch the spx shorts until the next legatus meeting (7-8 feb 2013). What’s the correlation, what’s the link that determined you reaching such a conclusion? Why? If the subject is longer to debate can you please write a post with more details ? (historical, analytical,…)?
    Thank you,

    • That’s a great question.  In fact I think I’ll do my next post answering it.  I’ve just been really busy with other stuff right now and haven’t done a new post. But over the next day or two I should have time to do a new one, and it’s will be about that very subject.  Thanks for the idea as quite frankly I’ve been at a lost for something to post about.

  56. S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell:

  57. The ritual out of Lakeland Florida is continuing to blow up.   Makes me want to pick the Ravens but the 49ers did win the Superbowl 24 years ago after a 10-6 regular season.   Need to process more information during the week.

    I did hear Bradley’s ode for the first time in its entirety Sunday on the radio at around 5:04 or 5:05 pm and he clearly sings Lakeland Fla, although some sites list it as Lakewood, his LBC neighbor.   Michigan supposedly is in there as well although I couldn’t hear it but if there, it would apply to the Harbros but John Harbro( did graduate from MIAMI of Ohio.  Lakeland Fla was the last city that can be heard in the song unless one can decipher the chorus in the background.

    Some interesting stuff connected to the new BEARS coach but maybe I will bring that up in my Superbowl preview or whenever Fahrenheit 451 commences.

    Today is an 8 day,48tds from the 11-16 low……the high into 9-14 was 72 days from the 6-04low…….48/72====2/3   More divergences on the shorter term frames.   Another minor change reading as well…..

  58. Today is 91 trading days from 9-14….43 days down,48 up.   91===#52’s favorite line of scripture.   Ravens are now 8-1 when Ray Ray plays this year.   Will they make it 9-1.

    An amusing feature out of the Raven’s game last week against New England was with 2 minutes left in the game and the game completely under the Raven’s control,  RayRay was very eager to take his jersey off and display his anointed sweatshirt underneath but some of his teammates came over and prevented him from taking it off.    They possibly could and did play another defensive series so he would have needed to keep his jersey on.   Then the next shot showed him arguing with his handler on the sidelines who undoubtedbly was trying to convince him to keep his jersey on.   Finally after the game was over, he took it off but the broadcast only shot him from behind not revealing the front side of his shirt.   In a shot from above, it did appear to be his PSALMS 91 shirt but the back of the shirt had the image of some sort of archangel of Light, that seems to have come right out of the Exorcist.

  59. The market is resting on a rising support line right now.  Will it hold though? If not then we could see a 2-3 day down move for our first Wave 1 and then possibly a 2-3 up move into Legatus?  Not sure on that of course as my gut tells me they want to put in a new “all-time” before they let it rollover. 

    But, from the past we commonly see FOMC days as turning points.  So maybe that’s all we get?  For all we know they could have a correction after Legatus and then rally back up in the summer to make the all-time high… and then crash!  I’ll go with this selling being short lived and the rally to a new high is still in play.

  60. Also gang, besides the New Newsletter Update I’ll also have a new post up this weekend (or sooner?), and I’ll go over all the past Legatus meetings that I can remember to see what the odds are on a turn down on this coming meeting.

    Plus, I have another update from Ali and his study of octaves.  Most of what he knows he really can’t say here on this blog.  But maybe in the future I’ll put up a private forum if enough interest is there for it (and other stuff too).

    • Red, is the news letter strictly penny stock info ? Or is it combined with Ali info? I am very interested in Ali octave info, I am not a penny stock fan thou.


      • Dave, the newsletter is only for the penny stocks.  The posts on the stock market and Ali’s octaves will be posted here on the blog.  I should have a new post up this weekend.

  61. Does anyone else feel that Red may be propping these stocks up to make a profit after we’ve invested and he pulls his shares out? I am sorry to say this Red. I am just worried about speculating with any of these because I have yet to see real results with most of the stocks you’ve recommended. For example. Before you recommended EAHR you could have gotten in at 20 cents, meanwhile after you recommended it. The stock doubled because of your newsletter. So, you could have pulled out and had a guaranteed 100% return. 

    I am only curious because I have read a lot about this type of strategy going on………. Anyone else curious? 

    Apologies to you Red if you feel I’ve insulted you anyway. I am just very wary of these type of get rich quick schemes :/ I always seem to get screwed by them. 

    • I totally understand where you are coming from there Speran as that is the case for many other promoters.  That’s not the case here for you guys.  I’m am fully invested in this penny stock and didn’t sell any shares when it went up.  In fact, I bought more yesterday.

      I would suggest you just not get any shares if you feel unsure about it, and then watch happens next week and the week after.  Some of my readers have been following this blog for years now and I’m not going to ruin that relationship by doing as others do.  I will only tell you stocks that I see that have the potential to make those readers money.  The goal is 100% or more for those readers.

      Nothing is guaranteed of course, but I will not be exposing some company that I don’t personally feel will go up just from the readers buying it.  It needs to have the potential go rally much higher then where the readers get it at.  Or otherwise I won’t even mention it.

  62. I’m calling Tim Brown Sabotage Superbowl Friday tomorrow  aka Fahrenheit 451 part uno.

    And it does look like the markets are setup for a big plunge tomorrow.   Third day off the high which generally produces big down days.    Nice Td bear flips in the Russell 2000, Transports, $TSX.   Munis, junk bonds, emerging market bonds selling off.   Spain with a 2%+ down day last night and Italy with a 3%down day 2 days ago.

    Fahrenheit 451====201—21 aka 777  or 37????  It will be the first day of 2-13 or 24.   24th century in the Bradbury novel.

    Remember last year’s Superbowl score 21-17 with the ritualistic final touchdown when #44 fell down into the endzone.   21-1(0)7

    It will be xx37days from the lesser grand ritual double five years ago and xx711days from the lesser grand ritual of double ninen which is basically xxx78xx weeks ago.

    2-1 being 21 days from 1-11 (13?) or 11years4month21(3)days ie 11-43—117 days from you know when or 4161 days later.

  63. JNK closed the month at its low.

    Interesting that the new Bears coach was Tim Brown’s  offensive coordinator for the “Sabotaged” 2002 Raiders team yet Brown never brought his name up.

    He was also the 49ers offensive coordinator in their later championship years before bolting to Montreal.

    Washington won the Superbowl during the 1987 season (played in 1988) but it wasn’t realistic enough to get them to this year’s Superbowl although they did make it to the playoffs with their 10-12 rookie QB combo, winning the NFC East.   Nearby Baltimore to take their place instead?   Back in 1987 Baltimore was the Cleveland Browns with their infamous endzone fumble in the AFC Championship game that saw old #7 lead the Broncos on a subsequent game-winning drive.  Old #7 returning to Denver last year to play stern daddy figure to Tebow.

    The following season the news Bears coach joined the Brown’s coaching staff.   Cleveland being a Bradley city.

    In 1987, the Redskins Timmy Smith became the SuperBowl MVP.  Will it be the Ravens’ Torrey Smith this time.   For probably similar reasonings, the face of the 4 Letter is picking him to have a big game despite the fact he is a Maryland alumnus.  (The 9ers freak athlete #85 another notable Maryland alumnus)

    Also realized old Popgun might be numerologically appropriate.   Definitely so if combined with little Bro.

  64. Timmy Smith wasn’t the 1988 SuperBowl MVP, even though everyone thinks he was.   Despite running for 204 yards, the MVP went to Skins QB Doug Williams who threw for 340 yards (a Tim Brown SuperBowl Sabotage number).


    $Ndx has been quiet as the bollinger bands tighten around it.   It is an amazing feat as the $vix is moving up against it’s downtrending upper BB.    Muni was able to flare its lower BB wider today.

    The only impediment to a big down day would be lower BBs that would break any decline.   Many are too close but they could flare wider tomorrow.    Most of the euro indices have a flat 20 day average that could easily start to decline.

  65. they pumpin it up today! WOW! Jobs #s missed expectations, but market is way up…. the fix is in, hope no bears got caught in this. Sold my vix calls wednesday….. glad I did!

    • Let’s just hope they keep moving up strongly all next week as I really want to see a new all time high before the 11th of February.  The odds will then increase a lot for a crash to happen in August and correction starting the week of February the 11th.

  66. Today’s action makes it more like the April 2010 top and allows the bollinger bands to set up properly.   RSI divergences on the daily too now as with the 60 min charts.   Overbought Russell 2000 60 min hit 70 rsi today.

    UUP with a bottoming tail most likely today.  

    Despite today’s euphoria, $ibex (Spain) dropped 1.59% and below its lower BB in a crash like pattern.   JNK did the same thing as well.    $ibex put in a mega weekly reversal lower as well as a TD weekly bear flip.   $dax did not make a new high today but strangely EWG did although Euro markets were open when the US markets were rocketing at the open.  Is something coming out of Spain over the weekend?

    2-1 didn’t work but Monday is 2-4 although I never thought they would be this obvious.  Today marks 204 weeks from the 3-6-9 bottom.    2-4 will be 260 days from the 5-20 solar eclipse conjunct Pleiades on one of the holiest days of the Mayan year.   Their mundane yearly calendar consists of 260 days or 13 months 20 days which also happens to be the number of weeks from the lesser grand ritual double five years ago on Monday.

    The euro indices have the best BB setups with their 20 day averages already flat and the lower bands starting to flare open.

  67. S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell:

  68. I’ve noticed a 20-23 trading day pattern in the stock market going back at least to the 4-2 high.

    The latest leg off the 11-16 has now gone 51 trading days but it is marked by two different advances or around 21 days, the first one 21 days into the mid December high followed now by a 22 day rally off the late Dec. low with an 8 day downleg in between.  21+22=43.   There was a 43 trading day decline from the 4-2 high into the 6-4 low and a 43 trading day decline from the 9-14 high into the 11-16 low.   The 4-2 high to the secondary 5-1 high was 21 days.   These 20-23 day cycles have been interspersed a couple of time by 8 trading day interludes such as the final blowoff high into 9-14 as well as the aforementioned 8day setback in December.

    Big turns have been occurring on Fridays or Monday’s near the start of the month.   Monday 4-2 high,Monday 6-04 low……5-1 looks to be a Tuesday……9-14 was a Friday but not at the end of the month but there was a secondary high on a Friday 10-5 where the Dow made a slightly higher high and even 11-01 had a sneaky secondary high before the plunge on 11-7.

    The bin Laden 5-2 high of 2011 (Zero Dark Thirty) was a Monday.  There was even a minor high in early July.

    • A low within the uptrend on the second trading day of August and first TD of September.

      Also on the weekly, most indices have put two bars above the 9-14 high which is consistent with major highs with basically a double top that sees a slight piercing by two bars above in a new range.    Lindsay describes it as the domed house.   A minor domed house might be forming on the daily.

      The best example I can think of in the $ndx going to a new high in late March 2000 while the Nasdaq and Rut did not after all peaking together earlier in the month,  the $ndx putting in a new high with a couple of bars in new “breakout” range.

      The Dax might be doing this domed house pattern on the daily right now.  (and completing it).

      • The SP weekly (last 6 months) does look exactly like the $ndx Feb,March 2000 double top pattern except the SP final 2 bars are fuller while the $ndxs were more shooting stars.

  69.  My Superbowl preview:

    I will go with the Ravens.  Just too much occultic juice going for them though the 49ers have plenty themselves.    Just saw Ray Lewis on the cover of Sports Illustrated portrayed as some sort of religious icon so that helps sway my decision.

    Just like the fact that the Ravens go to 9-1 when Ray Ray plays if they win.(Matching his favorite line of Scripture, Psalms 91)  (Ray Bradbury died at the age of 91).  Plus all of the University of MIAMI connections on the Ravens and their head coach, John Harbro, went to MIAMI of Ohio.   While Ray Ray was winning a title with the Ravens in 2000/2001, his future teammate Ed Reed was winning a national title at MIAMI.   I don’t quite get the 2000/1 connection.   And then Ray Ray of course is out of the key Bradley city, Lakeland Florida.

    Then the Ravens are the more experienced team.   5th year QB (#5) and fifth year coach, John Harbro (who came over from the Silver Lining Playbook Eagles but wasn’t a member of the staff during the Silver Lining Season—–Flacco comes out of New Jersey near the Philadelphia area) while the 49ers QB #7 is playing the 10th game of his career (2nd year) and Jim Harbro is a 2nd year coach as well.    The Ravens have their full defense back so they have the ability to stifle the 9ers read option style offense/ heavy physical style running game.    SF is also a huge public team and favored to win and I am pretty sure the public is behind them.

    The Ravens wearing the ART decal on their uniforms in honor of previous owner Art Modell….Art===1-18-20….1920 among other things…..Bradbury was born in 1920 and had that number placed on his gravestone Before he ever died.

    Of course, a lot of analysts are picking the Ravens sensing they are a team of “destiny” just as the 1987/2008 SuperBowl winning Giants were last year, and the 1929 NFL champion Packers were the year before.   So that is slightly distressing.

    The 49ers of course have never lost a Superbowl and this SB is the 24th anniversary of the 89 SuperBowl (89==449???) which was also played in New Orleans.   Then, the 9ers defeated Cinci 20-16 with Montana throwing the game winning TD to John Taylor.   Jerry Rice who had 215 yards receiving was named the game’s MVP.   The old classic #16 to #80 (7-8) connection.    San Francisco is a Bradley city;  Baltimore isn’t. Neither is New Orleans but a lot is going on with NOLA…..

    They like to display 7s with the 49ers (77).   QB#7,RB#21,offensive linemen #49 and #77.
    If they had been pulling out Montana to participate in a multitude of rituals, then I would be a little more ecstatic over the 49ers chances.   The closest ritual came during the week when current 9er,  Randy Moss, #84 claimed he was the greatest wide receiver ever dissing former 9er great Jerry Rice #80 but that was a very subdued controversy that died pretty quickly.

    • I think you write too much intot he numbers and are missing the key points. Every super bowl since 1999, with the SB team maskots, have either been prophetic or have been what is currently going on in economics and politics, like 1999, the titans getting rammed (911), 2003 SB bucs n raiders, two teams with swords (start of war in iraq), 2007 and 2011 SB repeat (those where election years with pats vs NY giants), 2001 Pats win SB in midst of 911 patriotism), 2005 eagles vs pats (two US symbols in the midst of elections and internal strife), and now this year, 49ers vs Ravens. Ravens in 2000 SB were the dirty birds of NY (Ravens vs Giants). This match up, 49ers vs dirty birds could mean dirty birds (the banksters) vs the gold, or it could be prophetic, as 49 is 7×7, the number of completion….. I take a more broader approach to the signs than you do Geccko23 and do not write every little number into it….. maybe you best to refine you’re search and just go with what is more broad and solid and be not so alarmed at every little grain of sand.

  70. CRUDE Oil Support and Resistance levels:

  71. I will also say this. the two brothers coaching the Super bowl teams, this is a sign of revolution that is coming, brother against brother…. the older brother won, big brother will defeat lil brother….the banksters always will till Jesus comes to utterly burn them! the ravens are the dirty birds of TPTB. A Raven is a creature who lives off the flesh of other animals, like the banksters. The 49ers represented the awakened ones, as the gold miner (a 49er) represents those who stand for a real money system. The 2013 Super Bowl was both prophetic and current of the real war that is going on, just like the other recent super bowl maskot matchups.

  72. I was going to put a link to and post about the Black Sunday trailer over at yutube yesterday but didn’t have the time.   I would have looked very prophetic or more to the point Tim Brown would have looked prophetic with his Sabotage Super Bowl theory but he kept emphasizing the Friday BEFORE the SuperBowl.

    I have a couple more reasons why I liked the Ravens which I didn’t mention.    The Grand Poobah of the NFL travelling to Baltimore the first week of the playoffs against the Colts (former Baltimore team) and hugging Ray Ray.   Ray Ray embracing his ultimate grandprogrammer.

    The B for Baltimore (on the helmets) combined with the R on the uniforms to form BR, which is also a Sorcerer number. (the number of miles for their journey)

    Ray Ray with his deer antler juice controversy during Super Bowl week (SWATS).   Ray Ray’s 37 year old body rejuvenated by deer antler juice.    Ray Ray with his 13 all pro titles and the 13 year anniversary of the event in Atlanta.

    I missed the Beyonce halftime show but it apparently had the twitterfolk in an uproar as some sort of enlightened one event.    So much so that it had the face of the 4 letter throwing out the illuminati word a few times in a mocking jest.    Supposedly, he was going to have Beyonce  on and ask her how he could join but I already believe he is a member of one of their subsets.   Particularly since he likes to repeat Joe Flacco’s 0-14 comment after the loss to Denver earlier in the year and newer fave terms like GOAT (Greatest of All Time presentation courtesy of  a Randy Moss—-then the Superbowl ad with the GOAT 4 SALE ad).

    BTW,  Ray Lewis used Roll a few times in a postgame presentation…ie this is how we roll with it etc.etc.

    The power outage lasted 34 minutes and the score at the time added up to 34 with 34 also being the Ravens game winning score.     The infamous 3of 3 of 3 of 3 number which also can be seen in the background as 33 33 in the Nancy Sinatra Walking Boots Saigon sequence of Full Metal Jacket (1987)

      •  The actual markets weren’t down as much but maybe they play catchup tonight.   $cac down to its lower BB,  $dax almost there and $ibex was already in freefall mode below its lower BB.

  73. S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell:

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