The Law of Equilibrium And Past History With Legatus And Turns In The Stock Market


Part One:

The Law of Equilibrium

by Ali Firoozi Yasar

(to watch on youtube:

The universe and every phenomenon in it is truly based on “The Law of Equilibrium”.  All opposite forces are balanced, positive and negative, male and female, electricity and Magnetism, etc...  In order to reproduce, all these forces interchange to stimulate a “balanced unity”, seemingly, they appear and disappear again in countless cycles to express their eternity.  All forces are dual, as a matter of fact, “duality” is a mirror.  All forces in the universe are mirrors of each other.  Actually for every single action there is a reaction.  Energy is interchanged between “pairs of opposites” in this dual universe.

I have already stated that all forces in the universe are diatonic.  Music comprises sounds and these sounds are truly the result of “vibration” which is translated into cycles.  The fact that matters is that the “seed sound” of the universe vibrates itself into Do,Re,Mi,Fa,So,La,Ti.

In my previous post, I stated that an octave has a duality as we are truly surrounded by a “dualistic world”.  For instance, if we take the nucleus of an atom as an octave,  the proton and neutron are the duality of the nucleus and it is also true for “Electromagnetic waves” as electricity and magnetism are found  as a duality.   This is actually the state of the universe!  The ascending octave plus the descending one represent the “law of equilibrium” in which all the opposite diatonic forces are balanced, lets take the vibration of Do-48 as an example:

  • Do(descending)     48*2=96
  • TI                              48*1.875= 90
  • La                              48*1.666=80
  • So                              48*1.5=72
  • Fa                            48*1.333=64
  • Mi                            48*1.25=60
  • Re                             48*1.125=54
  • Do(descending)      48
  • Ti                               48*.9375= 45
  • La                               48*.8333=40
  • S0                               48*.75= 36
  • Fa                                48*.666=32
  • Mi                               48*.625=30
  • Re                                48*.5625=27

Understanding the “Law of Vibration” and musical scales are important to the timing of financial markets.  In fact, all the harmony ratios of the diatonic musical scale define the “growth spiral” of the financial markets.  Note:  The information  I have provided here is so limited and by no means should you base your investment decisions merely on the information presented here as cycles are progressional series just as everything else in nature.  And you are somehow wrong if you suppose that it has to do with the over-rated Fibonacci numbers And ratios.  Actually, the internet is filled with tons of misinformation!

Using the diatonic musical scale and the harmony ratios, I have projected certain major turning points, including  the upcoming  great crash due in may or June!

Below is what my time projections look like in the Dow monthly chart, I have nearly projected every single major turning point!

And, I would like to walk you through the major turning points in the weekly chart, as you can see on the monthly chart that I have already measured both from the high of  April 2010 to the high of May 2011 and from the low of July 2010 to the low of October 2011.  As you know we have 52 weeks between the highs.  Now it is time to do the math using the harmony ratios... so 52 * 1.5=78 weeks, (as I explained in my previous post), “the”musical fifth” is the ratio of 3/2 or the factor 1.5.  it nearly defines the high of September 2012.

Now from the low of July 2010 to the low of October 2011, we have 64 weeks and as I explained in my previous post, if you multiply 64 weeks to 1.5 you will get 96 weeks which defines a major turning point in late August or September.  I suppose the fall of 2013 will be really ugly.  According to the "Underlying Geometry of Harmonics" sometimes the harmonics in the patterns can be  kind of proportional.  For instance, we have 52 weeks from the High of April 2010 to high of May 2011.

And now, it just gets really interesting as I would like to apply the “Law of Equilibrium” in my calculations

In which all the opposites are somehow balanced.  You have alreay noticed that the ratio of "SO" in the descending octave is 0.75.  Actually if you multiply 52 to .75 you will get 39 weeks, which will somehow  define the low of June 2012.  Now if you measure from both the high of March 2012 and to high of September 2012, and the low of June 2012 and to the low of November 2012, you will find that we have 24 weeks between the tops and nearly 24 weeks between the bottoms.  Once again, the harmonics are proportional in the patterns.

But it gets really interesting if you multiply 24 weeks to the musical fifth, 24*1.5=36 weeks!  We may expect a major a turning point (probably a top) in late May or early June.  Now we should realize that these harmonics are not powerful enough to cause a really a major turning point like a major panic decline.  (As you know we have been rallying since March 2009 and now it is time to consider the bigger picture ,so please pay a particular attention to the following monthly chart.)

Also. I see another truning point in late February or possibly early March.  If it is due in early March, it could happen On March the 4th.  The rally we are in now, is quite unhealthy due to the heavy money printing by Fed.  The Stock Market is being flooded by the newly printed currency,which is why we are not in a standard cycle-pattern.  We can not be in this silly run-up now but rather in a sideways chop or a decline into late February or early March.  Of course, it is well-known fact that the market is often manipulated before the major turning points in order to suck in as many sheep (retail traders) as they can.

As you see, we already have 24 weeks between the low of June 2012 and the low of November 2012.  Now if you count 24 weeks from the high of September 2012 you will reach a turning point in late February or early March.  To the best of my knowledge it will not be a major turning point as we have bigger cycles and forces at work.

If the Stock Market were to return to its normal pattern late February or early March would put in a major bottom.  Then we could get back on board on the bullish side, but now all we have to do is wait and watch!  No matter what the direction is you may play it both directions.  The key is to wait for a set-up bar on the weekly chart.  As soon as you have the confirmation jump in!

Moving on...

As you can see we have 77 months between the low of October 2002 and the low of March 2009.  And now based on the “Law of Equilibrium” if you multiply 77 to .666 (the inverse of Fa) you will get 51.282 months.  What does it all mean?  It actually mean we are going to crash, then collapse big time late May or early June.  The down move will continue into early 2017, wiping out  all of the long-term bullish investors, earning the bearish one millions of dollars in profit.  But beware of the market manipulators though! (More on this by Red).

May you profit handsomely,

Feel free to email me your questions...

Ali Firoozi Yasar

afiroozi (at) rocketmail (dot) com.



Part Two:

Past History With Legatus And Turns In The Stock Market

by Red Dragon Leo

(to watch on youtube:

First off I'd like to say that I'm not the one who put the pieces together concerning turns in the stock market being connected to meeting dates at Legatus events.  That credit goes to Reinhardt over at Enterprise Correction.  He correctly called the 2008 crash months in advance and told everyone the exact date it would start.  He was early by one day!  I'd call that close enough in my book wouldn't you?  Since then he's not posted another "100% sure" comment on his blog relating to anymore Legatus meeting that have followed that September 15th meeting.

However, I've seen him give odd's of "60/40 chance" once and even once a "70% chance"... which if I recall were "NOT" calls for another crash but simply a correction.  If I remember correctly the 60/40 call was based on some event happening (or not happening) which would then either raise the odds to 100% or to "slim or none".  The end result was that the much needed "reason to crash/correct" never happened and therefore not much happened with the market either.  This was obviously why the calls weren't for 100% chance as the "catalyst" was still missing.

Sadly I believe the same is true for this coming Legatus meeting starting on February 7th and ending February 9th, 2013...

I was very excited a month ago when I seen that they moved the "debt ceiling" date from February 30th back to February 15th, which was looking to me like it was going to be the reason to have a much needed 10% correction.  But then they went and passed some bill in Congress to extend it until May of this year.  It still has to pass the Senate too, but it's looking like there's little resistance at the moment and that leaves me wondering what other catalyst could they make happen so we can see this big move down in the market?  I don't see one in site right now and it's not like them to keep it a big secret and then throw it out there all at once.  They usually tell us sheep everything in advance, but of course in a manor that we seem to note figure out.

The only other "reason to sell" would be some false flag event that comes out of nowhere and panics the market to force that 10% correction.

But that also doesn't seem likely to happen right now as they seem to want the market to stay up really badly right now.  You can clearly see the extreme manipulation going on every day in the market now as they flood it with massive amounts of money to keep it from tanking.  Then there's this other little thing that's been bugging me, which is the "need" to see a new "all-time" high before a crash will be allowed to happen.  Right now they are only close to making a new high but not there yet.  So while we should see some type of nice pullback from hitting a double top I can't see them allowing a big move down (like 10%, which would be 150 spx points) as that might make it too hard to climb back up into May and put in a "blow off" new high.

From a technical point of view (not that they really work to well) any double top should put up huge resistance on the first hit of it and cause a pullback before going back up and making a second attempt.  So the question will be... how much of a pullback?  My gut tells me that we'll be lucky to see 5%, let alone 10%!  I just don't see them allowing it to drop to far if they plan to go back up and take out the current high and put in an extreme ridiculous crazy blow off top!  If you are a big bear like me you want them to put in some crazy new high as it's a huge signal that a crash will follow.  The higher they go, the harder they fall.

So what does that mean for this coming Legatus meeting you ask?

It means the odds go way down of a 10% correction now because of those very reasons above.  I'd now only give it a 50% chance we'll see a 10% sell off after Legatus, which by the way "NEED's" to line up with a "Double Top" at the same time so you'll have both the technical reason for the sell off and the ritual "rigged" reason from the gangster insiders closing their longs during the meeting and getting short before it starts heading south.  I'd give a 75% chance of a 5% correction, and 95% chance of at least a 1-2% correction from hitting the double top.

I know this is not what we bears was hoping for but you know how they change the game as we play it and start to figure it out.  They haven't put up the date for the next Legatus meeting but if they do it in May where all the "octave cycles" start coming together as Ali posted above then we'll know the date for the final top before the start of the first wave one down (a huge one) and the likely wave three down in August or so.   This mean we shouldn't go "all-in" on this February meeting as it could be a "dud" for us bears and only give us one small bite of a nice trout.  I'm personally looking for the whole lake full of trout to eat... which is the coming crash of course!

Remember not every one of the Legatus meeting produced a turn in the market.  Many did but some didn't.  The one's that did also had some "event" that was blamed for it.  If it rallied after the meeting then it was probably from some huge QE program injected into the market... whether it was made public or not, the results were the same.  If it sold off then it was from negative event.  But without any "event" the meetings weren't turning points but just continuation points from what I've noticed.

Let's look back in time at what happen in some of these prior meetings...

I'm not going to cover the 2008 crash in detail but I'll just remind you all that Lehman Brothers and the "possible banking collapse" was the reason for the crash (the public reason of course, as the untold reason was just to steal money from the sheep).  So let's start with the October 10th-19th, 2009 meeting (note: I don't have records of all the meetings and have missed some of them) in which we the market was about in the middle of a long rally up from the March, 2009 low.  There was a brief turn down for 2 weeks at the time of the meeting but then the rally continued for many more weeks to follow.  I'd call that meeting "non-important" as it didn't result in a really nice turn.

Next we have the meeting where I first learned about the group of gangsters and the time period where I seen my first fake print (FP) on January 11th, 2010 (which showed a 97 point drop that never happened that day).  That meeting date was February 4th-6th, 2010, and it produced a bottom right in the middle of it on the 5th that also matched up with my FP low target.  I'd call that meeting 100% accurate as you could have went long from it as it rallied for the next 2 months or more.

They usually have 2 meetings per year so there was probably one in late 2010 that I missed and one in early 2011, but I can't find those dates so I'll have to skip them and move on to the next one... which is October 13th-23rd, 2011 which produced a nice correction from 1292 SPX to 1158 in 4 weeks.  Certainly something worth playing as 134 SPX points is nothing to sneeze at!  I'd give that meeting a 100% accuracy rating, as that's about a 10% correction.

Then we have the February 2nd-4th, 2012 meeting which turned out to be a dud as it was right about in the middle of another rally from the late 2011 low to the later high in May of 2012.  I guess you could also look at that meeting as a "decision" point where they decided to continue the rally versus selling off?  You can see it in the charts that the daily was ready to rollover but the weekly still had room to go on the upside.  I don't recall what news happened during that period but I'd venture to guess that another stimulus package was put into the market.

Moving on we have the April 30th to May 2nd, 2012 meeting, which was 100% accurate as a turn.  The market peaked on May 1st at 1415 spx and dropped to 1291 by May the 18th, a 124 point move!  Very nice on that one I'd say.  From the looks of the move I'd say it was a "wave 3" in elliottwave terms.  Prior moves seem to have be a full 5 wave move but this one happened as a one complete wave 3, whereas the start of that move was on April 2nd, with the end of it on June 4th, 2012.

And after that meeting we had our most recent one on October 10th-21st, 2012 which actually saw it's peak on the 18th just a few days before the actually meeting ended.  This high was 1464 SPX and continued down until it bottomed at 1343 on November 11th... which was a 121 point drop in 23 days.  And from that low the market has been rallying up ever since (with a brief 7 day sell off from the fiscal cliff news).

Finally we arrive at the present date with the next Legatus meeting...

This week I believe we'll see them push the market up to a double top on all the major indexes (some have already hit), and if all goes as planned it will line up with this coming meeting on the 7th-9th... which implies that "if" the double top is hit this Thursday or Friday then that would be the best time to short the market.  If it doesn't quite make it by Friday the the following Monday the 11th could be the double top high and the date to go short.  But do note that I'm not give high odds of another 10% correction as I just don't see any catalyst to cause it to happen at the present time.  Add to that fact that "they" want to make "not only a double top" but a new all-time high... so high that it will kill ever last bear, and you have even more reasons to be cautious on the short side.

So unless I see some new FP that shows up as about a 5% (maybe 10%) move down (from the double top of 1574) then I'm not going "all-in" short here and will likely only take a small position.  I don't trust these gangsters as they are too good at tricking the bears with their heavy manipulation strategies.  A 10% correction would be 157 points and a 5% correction would be half of that or about 80 points (give or take a few).  That means we could hit that double top of 1574 and drop to around 1500 in the typical 3 week time frame to put in a low around the end of February just like Ali see's with his cycle work.

You can look back at many of these sell off's and you'll commonly see a pattern of about 10% in 3-4 weeks.  So it's nice to see this all lining up together with past history, a Legatus meeting, technical's (massively overbought), double top, and cycle work from Ali.  Also there is a full moon on February 10th as well as a very high reading of 5.5 here on the Spiral Dates chart (  No one thing by itself seems to work to produce a turn but combining them all together does give us greater odds of a turn happening.  The question reminds... how much of a turn?

While I fully expect the gangsters manipulating this market to fool as many people as possible I just can't wrap my head around the thought that they will push straight through the double top without first pulling back some.  I think they are going to need some bears to squeeze in order to get through it which can only happen if you sell off some to get the bears trapped in some shorts.  So, I'll just stick to the odd's I mentioned earlier as all this evidence tells me we'll see something on the downside around this Legatus meeting period and the coming double top period.

In closing though I think you all should have figured out that the best time to go all-in short won't start until May, so I'm saving my nickel's and dime's for that time period and again... won't go in short too heavy at this double top and Legatus meeting.  Past history tells me you need a "catalyst" added into the fire with all the other stuff mentioned and I just don't see one yet.  The fact that they pushed the debt ceiling out until May is a sign to me and all I need now is a Legatus meeting in that month as well to confirm my analysis.


P.S.  That penny stock I've been telling you about is... well, I can't say.  But you'll see next week and the week after.  🙂



  1. I have to say that rarely do they gap up after a one day sell off to allow bears to get short at and then proceed to sell off the rest of the day and make a lower low.  When you see a gap up like this from only one day of selling it usually means it’s over with and back to rally mode.

    • Probably a lot of trapped bears here as most didn’t see this coming.  Should be easy to squeeze them and get up to a double top of 1574 spx by early next week (right after Legatus).  Nice timing huh?

  2. Gonna start a new study on CNBC articles they’re pumping the sheeple, whether mostly bullish or bearish and how the market the next day responds….. many articles there tonight are bearish, so I expect tomorrow to be bullish. I should also study the 2 to 3 day moves also and get a good measure of the bearish/bullish change from day to day, for short term moves. Will be interesting to get a measure on.

  3. DJANGO, we’ve got your #$#%&#.   Give yourself up or we waste her # $%^&*#$.

    You’ve got till 10…..



  4. The infamous 26 tomorrow….or 33 33 as presented in Full Metal Jacket….26-13==39…..4166 days from you know when  41(66) or 512…..

    Flacco#5 did have a 512 hookup in the Superbowl with his Td throw to #12 at the end of the first half of the SB.  #12 would later have a 108 kickoff return to start the 2nd hald before the SB went into BLACK SUNDAY mode.

    This after the Salpal presentation discussing how the Ravens were heading into the Superbowl with a 5thyear QB (#5) and Ray Lewis looking for another ring 12 years later.

    26===116…..The Simpsons clock with the 58 (13) squares along the diameter, 29 black,29 white.

    There’s a nice 611 presentation (with a 12 stuck in between) in the train scene from L’Aventurra (1960) with a 6F (66) to start it off.   (Check out the pillow behind Monica Vitti’s head and the seat number above as well as the seat number on the opposite side…first shown as 12 and then 11)) 

  5. The European indices aren’t look pretty.   Pretty much all are hugging their lower BB in a very precarious manner.

    11-7 saw sharp turn down.(90 degrees ago)   We are also in the vicinity of 2year9months from 5-6-10, or 144 weeks later ie 12×12 and one of Gann’s favorite numbers and 1 year 6 months from 8-8-11.

    There’s a high dose of numerology over the next couple of days.   Might need to stay up and see what happens overnight in Europe but there is a rate decison by the ECB  in the morning.  GB has one as well.

    A certain little indicator hit -66.69 2 days ago and bounced back to the 0 line today.

  6. This is got to be extremely frustrating for both bulls and bears as the market just chops them both to death.  Today is the first day of Legatus and we “could” see the selling start tomorrow if the gangsters want out early.

    Again, I’m not looking for a huge correction here.  I still see a 95% chance of a 1%-2% pullback “if” we hit a double top (1574 spx… not looking likely) by next Monday or Tuesday.  Then a 75% chance of a 5% correction and a 50% chance of a 10% correction, with the last week of February being the most likely bottoming area.

    Then we should see a rally into May for the final high before we see the first crash wave (with the biggest crash wave in August).  The new high should breakthrough the current high and put in an “all time” new high.  Likely zone is 1630-1650 spx.

    • also a chance we could go up from consolidation here in the 1500 area….. thats because of the exception of the QE3 money, the fed feeding the banks all that free money for worthless mortgage paper….where they gonna put all that doe? the money printing is rediculous…cant see them in tbills or bonds… I expect stocks to keep going possibly…..of course, this is all rediculous fakery of the funny money….. but whatever the banksters want, the banksters get

      • Which is why I took a small short Bill.  I just don’t know for sure what they have planned here?  I’m going short basically just on the meeting starting, maybe a little also that there is a “New Moon” this Sunday, and that the year of Snake starts this Sunday.

        The charts are worthless as we’ll been overbought forever now it seems, so that’s not a primary reason for me to decide to go short.  Not that the dates always work but when lined up with other events the 5.5 reading on the 10th also points to a turn.

  7. CRUDE Oil support and resistance:

  8. I’m beginning to think the high is in today and we sell off tomorrow…. just like they
    did on the October 10th-21st meeting last year. They topped on
    Thursday the 18th and started selling early before the meeting ended
    Sunday the 21st. Friday the 19th was a nice down day that lasted into
    the following week.

    Therefore I’ve taken a small short position today.  Again, I’m a little hesitant to go short very heavily as there’s still NO catalyst to cause a nice correction.  But the failure to get up to the double top zone of 1574 spx before the meeting leaves me to think this is all we are going to get.  So, I’m dipping my toes in a little to see what happens…

    • Doesn’t look like it Anthony.  Monday is of course a “daily” eleven day as it’s the eleventh and many tops are put in on eleven days, so that could be the top.  Then Tuesday is a “yearly” eleven as all the digits add up to equal eleven, so it could happen then too.  Either way, a top is near…

    • It won’t be affected Leopisa.  In fact I see move up in it starting Wed/Thurs of next week, and possibly Mon/Tues… which ‘if’ it moves up early I’ll be using those profits to short this market.  Remember, many tops (not all) are on “eleven” days so would could see the top on either day next week.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and the penny will run for those 2 days while the market peaks?

  9. I remember a year ago now (when Cobra’s blog was free) I seen someone post a link in the comments about a large bet made on the dollar going up by some mystery men (in black suits and dark sunglasses I bet… LOL), and over the next 3-4 weeks the market tanked and the dollar soared… meaning everyone should pay close attention to this two huge bets as they are very likely insiders that know what’s coming.

  10. Ok gang, everything looks good for next Monday or Tuesday as the top.  I took a small short yesterday just in case they tricked me and sold off today but I’ll be taking the larger position next week.  Go Bears!

      • I doubt it Leopisa, but anything is possible I guess?  Just that almost all of the past Legatus meetings produced a turn either during the meeting or just a few days after the meeting.  The 21st or 22nd is too far out in my opinion.

  11. It’s starting to REALLY look like the April 2010 top. ie April 26—-ONS Jr. Market !!!!

    There is a 14-15 this week but it looks to be too close to the top.    They are even 1014, 1015 days respectively from 5-6-2010.   We’ll have to see if some other variant of Fahrenheit 451 emerges.

  12. The Thrice just defeated the Lakers 107-97 in MIAMI.   Friday will be 7x the THRICE number days ie 952 (97) days since the unveiling of the THRICE number on 7-9-10.   I noticed ref #48 was working today, the same #48 who worked the THRICE’s elimination game during the NBA finals on 6-12-11 during their first title run.    48 combining with 9 while since retired #29 stood at the scorer’s title during one particular ritual with the score 42-40 in the second quarter with 6:25 remaining.   I believe #48 is the one who was a frequent phone partner of the infamous ref Donaghy.

    The Thrice’s #6 with 32 points (4×8).

  13. Any one have any thoughts on the Pope resigning? Kind of interesting that it happen on the weekend after the Legatus meeting……

    • I seen that too… maybe he got caught eating children?  Whatever the reason it is something to be concerned about when it happens right after Legatus.  Speaking of Legatus, tomorrow is a “yearly” eleven day as all the digits add up to equal eleven.  Many tops are put in on 11 days so if we don’t turn today then tomorrow seems most likely.

      However, I’m still worried about the fact that we never put in a double top.  I’d much rather have shorted there at the same time of this meeting because the odds would be much higher of a turn down.  Now we seem to be stuck in limb… do we turn down right after Legatus or up to go make that double top (or more?).

      Obviously something important happened at that meeting or the pope wouldn’t have stepped down.  But what, and how does it affect the stock market?  If we don’t turn down tomorrow I’m out of my small short position and will sit in cash (and do my penny stocks) until May most likely as we could have a “non-event” with this meeting.

  14. Good Morning Gang…

    Is it groundhog day again?  Certainly starting out that way it seems.  If it doesn’t rollover by the close today then whatever they decided at the last Legatus meeting (besides asking the Pope to retire) wasn’t something that affects the market.

    Therefore I’ll have no choice but to close the small short I put on last Thursday and go to cash.  Let’s just wait and watch I guess as it’s either going to be another boring day or possibly the start of a decent wave down.

    • Interesting… so does that mean that Art has also become very bullish?  I’d love to see every last bear turn bullish so we can finally crash!  But from the looks of things I’m thinking this past meeting was a “non-event” to the market and we’re likely to be in a slow grind higher until May.

      •  Nope, its a joke on me.    I have been doing very little trading, got some big projects on my list.   Been more investing in hard assets, direct ownership of oil wells, gold silver platinum paladium, starting a new business, building a bug in house to be able to live off grid in comfort and security.

        • Good for you Steveo…. as trading in this insane market is worthless
          right now.  I don’t even think day traders are doing well, so you know
          it’s hard for options people.  Take some pictures of your project as I’d
          love to see them!

    • Red, there is one glimmer of hope for us bears, the March 1st sequestration deadline! 8) – I am thinking a good play would be the VIX – right now it’s at around 12.70 – that’s pretty low! I bet the vix goes up nicely come the last week of feb – March 1st is on the friday of that week – My hunch is the will put a deal together over that weekend, so it will be tricky. Maybe buying the vix end of next week, then sell on thurs before the March 1st deadline may be the safe play or looking for a rediculous rise in the S&P, then buy the VIX there.

      • You know that article about some trader buying $11,250,000 worth of a 20/25 April VIX call spread was on a “main stream media” site… meaning that it could have been put there to trick us bears.

        A year or two ago when I heard about the large bet on the dollar going up from 2-3 men that weren’t regulars to the trading floor it was real the market tanked afterwards.  I found out about the trade from one of the Mr. TopStep video’s where those guys actually seen the trade happen.  They’ve NOT mentioned the VIX on any video’s I’ve seen in the past several days, which implies it was FAKE!  More Illuminati tricks to steal from the sheep I’d say.

        Another thing that had me concerned about this past Legatus meeting was the fact that they never went up and made a double top.  That lowered the odd’s in my view as I was really expecting the meeting and the double top to line up around the same date.  

        Now that the meeting has past I’d say the only thing they decided there was to replace the old reptilian with a new one!  And no change for the stock market, which means it’s still on track to make a new all time high (which we bears want for a crash to happen later this year).

  15. Yesterday I watched snail races… today I’m watching “Ground Hog Day” on AMC network as I can watch it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that day, and…

  16. Hi Red,
    Long time reader here, first time posting.
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    Weed is a 40 to 120 billion per year industry, meaning it’s between pets and beer. But really nobody knows for sure. Companies involved are new, without any meaningful track record, trading on BB or pink Sheets.
    I personally started positions in MJNA, PHOT, AVTC and HEMP, but for anybody who reads this – this is VERY RISKY, these stocks can loose half its value very-very fast.
    As for probable profits… say my first target for MJNA is $1.50
    The only reason I took upon myself to post it here – is this:
    HOW DO YOU KEEP MUPPETS IN CHECK? – KEEP THEM STONED OUT OF THEIR MIND (and collect taxes at the same time).
    Seems like it fits with some of your views

    • LOL… how true, how true!  Keep the sheep stoned and they will vote for Mickey Mouse if you tell them too!  Thanks for the tip and yes those stocks could go up huge in the long term.  Great for investors I’d think.  I like to trade them “in and out” as quick as possible so all the picks in the future I’ll be giving should be just quick movers instead of long term-mer’s like the one I’m current in.

      I originally thought I’d see it move up quickly within the first week that I announced it but it’s taken longer then I thought it would.  I’m still in as I’m sure it’s going to move up big soon… I just can’t pin point the exact day.

      Their story is great (and real) which is why I’m not bailing out on the company right now.  I see big things coming but I must admit that it’s tiresome to wait this long.  My next picks should be less on the “great story” and more on the “fast mover” style.

      In the end I’m here to make money and can’t get married to one stock forever.  Currently though I see NO reason to sell as the move coming soon will be worth the wait… especially since I’d have just lost it shorting the SPY right now.

      But I will look for those stocks you listed and watch them closely.  After they make a nice pullback and drop in price some then I’ll look for accumulation to start in them right before they get ready to go back up for another run.

      Feel free to chat about anything else on your mind in the future as right now the market is pretty boring.  Thanks…

      •  Thank you for your kind words.
        As for your stock – I’m in. Not large, but meaningful amount. Absolutely agree with your premise, as for timing… you know, better be early than late. Can you imagine getting in those pot-stocks only couple of months ago? I know a guy, who has been sitting on MJNA for over 4 months – I’d say his patience paid off.
        Seems like we will be able to say the same about your pick soon enough – my volume profile is constructive and implies accumulation
        Patience …

        • “Volume Accumulation” profile huh… that’s great!  Regardless of it’s current price right now once it gets going I see a $1.00 to $2.00 in a short period.  So I just buy more when I see it dip.  In fact I’ll probably get some more today or tomorrow as I’m confident a big move will come.

          I only hope the other readers that got some with me see the big picture here and don’t bailout too early.  I know they will be kicking themselves when it starts it’s move.  Use the pullbacks to get more in my opinion.

      • Yep, this one was actually the first one i noticed. I remember when it showed up on one of my scans, and I’m like “What? Legal pot-stock?” lol
        But seriously, this one was way too wild for me. I’m running a diversified portfolio and my risk management rules don’t allow me to go into issues that go from 3 cents to 215 dollars in 3 months ( not unless I bought it at 3c that is)
        BTW, I have MDBX and few others in scockcharts link in a post above.
        DD required !!!

          •  MJNA may just do the trick.
            It will either breakout in 2-5 days (unlikely) or will go down to 0.3-0.25 in order to stop-out late buyers, who came in on Feb 1st.
            People will see 40-50% loss, panic and sell their shares to me.
            I’m just a little yellow fruit, and this is how I roll 🙂

          • MJNA Update 2/15/2012.
            Smart operators are shaking a tree, smear campaign in full swing. Check this out:
            No kidding, are you really expecting MBA graduates or PTA moms to start pot business? Can two boys in a garage without college degree  start a Fortune 500 company? (hint – Dell, GOOG etc)
            Story may be true, but I don’t trade stories – I trade stocks. Selling is very strong, bulls don’t fight – wait for volume to come down.
            I’m not selling any, will update when buying more, much moar…

          •  I spent some time checking previous articles of above writer, and how she is magically short stocks that are not available to borrow thru IB and Fidelity. “Fantasy investing” is always soooo profitable, I’m sure her broker allows her to trade in a middle part of the chart too.
            For the rest of us, who trade on a “Hard Right Edge”, here is what I see:
             big buying 9:45am @0.35; again 11:15am @0.30. These are limit orders set in advance. Then a pretty good recovery at 12pm – I guess she went out to lunch…lol
            I set my limit order for 0.25. Lets see what she can do

      • Yep, this one was actually the first one i noticed. I remember when it showed up on one of my scans, and I’m like “What? Legal pot-stock?” lol
        But seriously, this one was way too wild for me. I’m running a diversified portfolio and my risk management rules don’t allow me to go into issues that go from 3 cents to 215 dollars in 3 months ( not unless I bought it at 3c that is)
        BTW, I have MDBX and few others in scockcharts link in a post above.
        DD required !!!

    • Yes… I’m still in it and stick to my call of $1.00 to $2.00 on it.  It’s taken longer then I thought but big things are coming on it.  Obviously I can’t go into details here but important things have already happened with the structure of the company.  That will show in the stock price soon, but I can’t put a date on it.

      I will say that the float of shares available is extremely small and once some people see the big picture with it the price has now where to go but up.  I don’t see anything happening the rest of this week so I’ll probably buy some more shares tomorrow (if I can get filled?) as I know something big is coming soon… but again, I can’t give you a date.  I can only say that I haven’t sold any shares and have bought more on these dips.

  17. Two small range dojis / bars for the SP the last couple of days.   Very similar to the two bars on March 24,27 2000 for the Nasdaq and $ndx although they had wider ranges.

    Tomorrow, Valentine’s Day is when things started to go haywire for all parties in the Social Network.  2-14 would also be a Ray Lewis 9 years 10 days from Facebook Day.   It’ s also a 14 day (1441 days from 3-6-9)(4174 days from you know when) .

    The trading day numbers are interesting:  993 tds from 3-6-9 and 1345 tds from 10-11-07.  13(45) or 139……..MIAMI!!!!

    Hmm 5years4months3days from 10-11-07 or 93…..20years9months18/19 days from the Bradley date.

    Today, Wed. is the most bullish day of opex week and all we got was this little doji.

    I have come up with some good numerological finds from Escape from New York and similar fare.   Might elaborate at a later time.

  18. Blackberry uptrend line and Golden cross:

      • Gold usually crashes from margin calls along side the stock market, but recovers much quicker.  We could see gold bottom after the first wave 1 down in the stock market and actually soar up huge when the wave 3 down in the stock market happens.

  19. Good Morning gang…

    Not much to say about the market.  It’s still extremely overbought but refuses to go down.  We literally could inch up 1-2 points per day until May and completely put every bear into a long deep sleep (which I think most of them already are).

    The only thing that I feel must happen if we bears are to get a crash later this year is for the bulls to put in a new all time high.  Whether they do it 1-2 points a day or start having some wild swings and run down and back up first is unknown.  All the charts are worthless right now so I don’t see any point in doing a new video.

    For now, I’m only in my penny stock and just waiting for it to move up to $1.00 to $2.00 per share, which I feel is going to happen very.  It could be this week or next but I’m confident that it’s going to move up into that range.  Nothing else to do but wait anyway as the S&P500 is worthless to trade right now (in my opinion).

    So for those of you still in the penny stock with me patience will be rewarded.  And I the current pick does make it’s move up and everyone profits’ 200% to 300% I’ll have another pick that will follow it.  I believe the return on it will be much more but could also take 1-2 months to reach it’s full potential (just in time for the crash in May).

  20. Red, didnt Ali say there would be a low in feb?If there isnt then doesnt this compromise his may crash call?

    • Yes, the low was supposed to be somewhere between the 25th of February and the first week of March.  But he did point out that it’s not a very powerful signal as the larger signal is still bullish into May.

      But once May comes the larger, medium and smaller signals all become bearish together… which gives us bears the best chance of success.  The gangsters aren’t having much trouble right now manipulating this weaker sell signal but I think they’ll be hard pressed to stop the one coming in May.

  21. would be great to have another one of those crash moments later this week were the DOW drops 1000 points to 13225 and S&P sees 1425.  
    How about we trigger it on 25/2/13Do you feel me now!

  22. Hi don’t know if anyone has seen this…
    One People’s Public Trust Lawfully Forecloses
    Corporations, Banks and Governments for Operating Slavery and Private
    Money Systems
    17 February 2013 Andy Whitely
    Many of you have heard… many have not.
    Announced publicly on 25 December 2012, the system of
    Corporate-Governmental rule has been foreclosed. Legally
    foreclosed… via one of its own mechanisms. The “Powers That Be” are now
    the “Powers That Were”. All debt has been erased and corporations –
    including but not limited to Corporate Governments and Banks – have been
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    Systemically speaking… WE ARE FREE!!

    (Get comfortable folks – this is a long article but it’s one you can’t afford to miss!!)
    One People’s Public Trust

  23. Ok gang, I received an email from Ali today and he stated that we should see a “turn” around March the 4th… which I’m assuming will be down from the way the market is rallying non-stop every day.  Of course if we turn down on February 25th and bottom into March 4th then the “turn” would obviously but up.

    Basically, from what I understand, we should have a turn between late February and early March, or February 25th to March 4th.  This is from Ali’s cycle work of course as I’d do a new video going over the technical aspect of the charts if they worked, but we all know they are worthless at this point.

    So all we have to work with is ritual dates, planet cycles (astrology), moon cycles, gangster meetings, and sacred geometry (octave cycles).  No Elliottwave patterns or Technical Analysis will work right now that I can see.  Anyway, I’ll post the full information from Ali when I get it.

    • catalyst in the news will be the March 1st deadline for sequestration…… I think start of next week we see some worry enter into the market   –   will congress pass another can kick, or will the auto cuts come into play? If the auto cuts, look for the bears to come out of hibernation strong

  24. This week is 72 weeks from the 10-4-11 low.    The final touch to the Lindsay low-low-high cycle???   69 weeks from 3-6-9 to 7-01-10 and then 66 weeks to the 10-4 low.   And 138 weeks from the 7-01-10 low to now.   138===69×2…..207 weeks from 3-6-9 then is 3×69.

    Also 333 trading days into 7-01-10 and then 318 into 10-4-11 and now into yesterday 344 trading days or 995 tds later.   The market topped on 4-2 at 775 tds or 220 tds ago and voila we get the turn today on 2-20.  About 2 years ago the WARLOCK was starting to go LOCO right about this time.

    In Argo, it is revealed that one of the character’s birthday is February 21, 1952 or 2-21-1952 making her around 27 years old at the time of the Iranian hostage situation.   2-21-(87??)
    The movie takes place in 1980 (or the bulk of it does) and 8 and 19 are combined in the Sorcerer truck speedometer and then there is Mark Cuban who likes to wear the 1980 MAVS T-shirts.

    About a month ago, I did mention a certain basketball broadcast mentioned that the Milwaukee Bucks hadn’t beaten Phoenix in Phoenix since February 21, 1987 and then they flashed a graphic of the North Carolina Tarheels-Clemson game from Feb 21,1987 but since I didn’t hear the sound I couldn’t quite figure why they brought that game up.   But it turns out one of the studio hosts during that broadcast played on that NC team (32-4 mark in ’87 reg. season) and it marked N.C.’s 1400th win in program history.   Coincidentally, the 1987 NCAA champ Indiana Hoosiers are currently the #1 ranked team in the country and just fended off another challenge from the #4 team in the country and Big 10 conference nemesis.

    2-21===42 (2×21) or 2-3 or 4-1.

    Commodities were hit hard today with oil busting down through its lower BB and a nice little massacre in copper.    Euro also shot down to its lower BB.   Gold has already busted through its lower BB.    Gold should bottom now (at least temporarily) or its going to get scary.  It’s RSI a very lowish 18.

  25. After seeing Argo, no doubt it’s a shoe in for Best Picture at the Academy Awards although they didn’t nominate Ben Affleck for Best Director.   They basically found 55 ways to put 87 in the movie including just ARG (o) when at one point when Ben covers the O.
    Another time the business card with 8 (or a 6 that looks like an 8) is combined with ARGO seen on the script to form an embedded 1987 or 8-1-9(18)-7 (then O or 15).

    Of course, it turns out that ARGO has already won Best Picture at the Golden Globes and even BAFTA (British Awards) so I guess it won’t be any surprise if it does win.

    There is probably a deeper hidden meaning in there somewhere but I don’t care about delving into it at the moment.

    • Actually, they do show the fake IDs/ Canadian passports of the Argo 6 at the end of the movie just before the credits and the first few list a February 20 or 2-20 date and then they did show a July 5 date for the next few or 75 but I can’t recall the third lot off hand.   Might have to see that movie again.

      It won’t take much of a drop to get to the lower BB’s for most indices tomorrow so we’ll have to see how things unfold.

  26.  Certain little indicators did breakout to the downside today, one below a key short term moving average and it’s component to a new multi-week low.

    Basically, TD daily bear flips everywhere and this one day off the high.

  27. Looks like that turn down is here now given hawkish Fed minutes . Will watch closely around Mar 4th for reversal. Big POMO $ today and tomorrow dished out after lunch will quell any plunge though. Thanks for Ali update Red

  28. Ok gang, here’s what I think is going to happen…

    This move down looks like a wave 4 to me, which means a wave 5 up is still yet come.  I’m thinking that we bottom sometime between today and Monday and then turn back up into the first week of March to complete the 5th wave.

    I don’t think they will have enough bears short to squeeze for them to take out the all time high of 1574 spx though, but instead we should see a move 10-20 higher then recent 1530 high.  So maybe a double top?  Who knows but the odds favor the bulls rallying back up one more time.

    On another note:

    The penny stock I recommended has yet to rally and fell in share price yesterday and today.  I still own all my shares and will not sell.  I still see a $1.00 to $2.00 minimum on the stock.  I can’t say when but this is a longer term investment that will pay off HUGE when they get the gold.

    I want everyone to understand that this deal can return anyone in it a huge profit when they get the $3.2 Billion in Gold and Silver.  There is a show airing on the Discovery channel this Sunday called Silver Rush, where one company goes down deeper then the Titanic (over 10,000 feet) to get only about $40-$50 Million in Silver, so you can only imagine what $3.2 Billion will do to the stock.

    When this stock does move it will move up fast and hard and I’ll be glad I didn’t sell my shares.  If and when they get the gold we could a crazy stock price like I mentioned in the newsletter.  But for now I’m still holding on to my shares and adding on dips.

  29. European indices were hammered last night in particular Italy down 3+% and Greece 4%, all pretty much dropping to their lower BBs, at least their ETF versions……Haven’t checked Greece, it was still at recent highs.    Euro and crude oil plunged through their lower BBs.

    US markets look to have resistance to the downside so far as the proper BB setup isn’t quite there yet.   Need to see the 20 day average flatten.   The Dow’s BB channel is very constricted with the lower BB still rising.

    It should be a day of negative breadth though which will cause a certain little indicator to continue to head south to new multi-week lows.

  30. Noticed the 10-12 Howard Nash combo in last night’s Lakers game and I had an Alexander Graham Bell moment.   Seen it before but could never put it together.   Helps to explain LA….ie To Live and Die in LA…..

    Which reminds me I never did put together that 10 to 12 top movie list I mentioned awhile back.

  31. Not much worry or mention over the Italian elections tomorrow.    Markets rallied into the elections.   Then we got the UK downgrade of its AAA rating after the close.

    Monday is 2-25 or 27 and it is 999 trading days from the 3-6-9 low.    As I mentioned in a previous post 207 weeks is 3×69 but I didn’t see the 369 number in there.  (from the 3-6-9 low)…..39==27 or 999…

    Bounces pretty much everywhere in the stock indices to help positon a proper BB setup but they left the weekly setup pretty ambiguous.   No weekly TD bear flip and a minimal if any weekly reversal lowers.    And the Dax, Cac, and the euro were on the brink of a 13,34 ema bearish crossover but had not triggered a sell signal yet.   A perfect moment to plunge the market on some nasty news while most participants are waiting to board the bearish bus and watching it leave without them on board?

  32. On Tuesday, there was a +1200 tick reading with a high $cpci (index put) number matched with a low $cpce (equity put) number.    There was also a gapup open with 700+ new highs all indicating exhaustion.    The tick reading was the highest number I believe since October 2011.

  33. EURUSD Support and resistance levels:

  34. Looks like we might be getting a C wave down (or 3 wave?)… assuming the move up from 1500 a couple days ago to the gap open high today was a B wave up?  Or, this could be a B wave inside the final 5th wave up from that 1500 area last week?  That would mean C wave up to take out 1530 spx is next.  Tough call here…

  35. If this level breaks then we could go to 1450 to 1465 area before stopping. This is looking more like a “C wave” down to me, instead of a “B wave” down inside a wave 5 up.  The next 10-15 minutes are the key.  A close at the low gives us a 90% chance of a lower low tomorrow.

  36. Well, that clearly looks like either a “C wave” down or a “Wave 3” down… and we should have a lower low tomorrow at some point (most likely at the open).  When you have a close at the lows there is a 90% chance of a lower low the next day, so odd’s are finally in the bears favor.  But, I don’t think this is the start of some large move… unfortunately.

  37. Well, I wasn’t expecting today’s action after watching Germany open up .95% in the first few minutes of trading last night and with the Nikkei up 2.4%.    The EWG (german Etf) chart bar looks utterly ridiculous today.

    I was going to call for an imminent bottom in the yen but haven’t looked at the chart yet.  It was mimicking the $ssec’s bottoming pattern from a few months ago.

    • Italy (EWI), Spain (EWP), France (EWQ) with even more ridiculous bars.   The first two down well over 5% and the last down 3.99% after opening much higher.   I am guessing that the Italian elections ended up mattering after all.

      Looks like the Dow opened at a new high today and then put in a massive reversal (mega engulfing) lower.   With 200 new highs on the $nyse, putting in a nice little divergence with that indicator.    Dow, SP, Dax etc. all attacking their lower BBs which are starting to flare open and the 20 day average starting to turn down.

  38. was staring at QQQs 66 at .37-.39 this AM (now at 1.03). almost pulled the trigger, but was visiting family….. i would have sold them a few hours later though and not at the EOD….gotta learn to hold sometimes.

      • it’s just that waiting so long thru the month to finally get our bear day and to miss it and to know it was coming any moment cause of sequestration, is a foot stomp, but I like the ES and how it is looking to go up tomorrow into wednesday I hope for another big drop to come I believe end of week

  39. Hmmm, another top/ turn on a 25th ala the top double five years ago and another more recent Monday the 25th.(one that is dear to my heart)

    666 trading days from another big turn on 7-01-10 (711).

    A certain little indicator needed to stay negative to keep heading south and the market complied dropping its component to a new multi-week low despite early initial euphoria in the markets.

    It looks like it’s the Europeans who got headfaked today and now get to look at a sizeable gap down tomorrow when a multitude of sell signals will be triggered.   The ones I mentioned a few days ago other than weekly td which will have to wait until the end of the week for confirmation.

  40. Oh forgot the full moon occurred just as the markets made their final bolt into the abyss.    So the DARK KNIGHT Rises????.  

    It just occurred to me that the Dark Knight Rises was slighted.   Definitely one of the top 2 or 3 films of the year yet it was never nominated for an Academy Award. Much better than some of that dreck that they nominated. A very weak year for movies and with some of its flaws it still was better than about everything other than Argo but it definitely had bigger scope and greater enlightened one subsubtext than Argo.

    • Yes, he see a possible low around the 25th of February and a “turning point” around March 4th… which looks like it’s most likely going to be a top from the way the market is rallying today.  They could squeeze the bears from that big move down recently and probably hit a double top by next Monday the 4th I’d think.

      While Ali said it could be +/- a few days on the low call for the 25th and the turn call for the 4th I’d say he’s off to a great start with the 25th call for a low.  I can see in the charts right now that this could easily play out just as he thinks it’s going to.

  41. We’ve got a pattern match to April 29,2010 on the RSI for the SP today.    And with a certain little indicator which didn’t even make it back to the O line today.

    CHOP CHOP CHOP and then KERPLOP!!!

    Dow new high unconfirmed by all the indices today with less than 200 new NYSE highs.
    May 2, 2010 saw the Transports go to new highs intraday unconfirmed by any other index.   Maybe transports do the same thing tomorrow and put in another RSI divergence.

    Crude oil hardly moved today as did the euro.   Hardly commensurate to the move in the Dow.

    And the Bernanke bullishxxxt testimony influence over the markets is now over.

    I had many numerological hits for tomorrow.   So I need to review them.   Then there was this one from several weeks ago:

    3 9>>>>11/28….11/27 or something to that effect.

    And why does the pope resign on the 28th at 8pm???    Definitely an occultist.

  42. We’re on the brink of a sell signal based on Gerald Appels New High to New Low ratio which I recently rediscovered….(thought it was based on BP index achieving certain thresholds).  Technically the sell signal has occurred but the current readings are still right on the borderline of a sell signal trigger.

    Basically, the indicator works as follows:   When new highs have risen to a greater than 90% reading on a 10 day average of New Highs to New Lows and then drops below 80% then a sell signal is issued.   We’ve been slightly below 80% the last few days but since new highs have plummeted from over 700 to about 62 yesterday, some very low ratios will be coming off the 10 day average over the next few days.

    I am using stockcharts data as well.  There does seem to be some discrepency between their data and other outlet’s data.

  43. Panem et Circenses is latin for “Bread and Circuses” (or bread and
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    Grain etf JJG seems the way to go, with Soy and Corn looking really good this morning.There is SOYB and CORN, but they are less liquid. Use limit orders and mental stops if you must.

    MGAM for online gaming.
    Do you  know any other stocks for online poker etc. – I didn’t have time to search

  44. Red, I would appreciate your insights with Alis info. As I mentioned last night, I was going to short the market today. I got lucky and shorted near the highs. I personally believe we  will have a low Monday some time rather than a high. Based on the above scenario and with Alis analyze, would we not go for at least a double top into April? Than a major down draft into May?

    • I’m waiting for Ali to get back to me with his update before I do a new post, but I don’t think the rally is done yet.  Tonight they should dip down some to reset the ES from it’s overbought conditions and then push it back up again tomorrow.

      I suspect that we’ll easily take out the last high of 1524.50 on the ES and 1530.94 SPX, with the goal being the all time high of 1574 SPX.  Now I don’t know if we’ll hit it or not but I certainly don’t like fighting this heavily manipulated bull market right now.

      Last week on the 25th when we sold off 37.99 SPX points in one day (closing at the low) we had a 95% chance (from past history with similar all down day red candles) of gaping down the next morning and putting in a lower low… but we gaped up instead!

      Logic tells you that shouldn’t have happened until the MACD charts were extremely oversold… and even then it still doesn’t happen on “all down days”.  In fact you should have still gaped down and put in a long bottoming tail candle on the following days’ closing pattern… yet it did the impossible and gaped up with the MACD around +1 and +6 on the two bars, instead of being -5 or better.

      The daily histogram bars were only -5 from that sell off and could have easily gone to -10 by the time the MACD’s went below zero… but they never let it happen.  This is totally against any reasonable technical analysis and is 100% blatant manipulation.

      This say one thing too me… we are going higher!  They simply sold off hard like that for one day to get some bears short for the squeeze up into the final 5th wave.  This final move up should approach the all time high, but I’m not sure if it will hit it, pierce it, or fall short.  Basically I’m just looking something very close to 1574 SPX before I’d even think of shorting.

      That double top area has another 95% chance of stopping the bulls and producing some selling from the first hit… and since it’s lining up with Ali’s “turn date” (and the fact that he called the low on February 25th exactly… several months ago!) and the timing of the austerity deadline (called “sequestration” here in America) is this coming Friday one would have to come to the conclusion that the timing is perfect for a top and therefore a sell off follow (which we didn’t have any similar reason for the sell off on February the 25th).

      Sidenote: This should have really been done in the next new post…

      For those that don’t understand fancy words like “sequestration”, “fiscal cliff”, or “austerity”, they are all created to fool the sheep into thinking that the elite assholes that run the corporation of America are smart and are looking out for your best interests.

      In fact it’s just the opposite that true… they are creating those fancy words to keep you from understanding the true plan behind them.  Which of course is to steal from the hard working middle class sheep to give to the rich worthless gangsters… who keep most of what they stole and some of your hard earned money to the poor that are on heavy drugs (prescribed to the legally or sold to them illegally from a few drug lords in Cuba that our powerful military just can’t seem to stop… even though they can turn the middle east into a barren waste land).

      Anyway, they are clearly setting up the bulls (and stealing all the bears trading capital) going into this weekend where Obummer will lie, steal, and cheat with every word that comes out of his mouth related to this snow job (sequestration) where they once again put in some unbelievable move up before they roll it over with the trapped bulls and no bounces for the pissed off broke bears to get short at.

      Sidethought:  Has Warren Buffett be making the television rounds lately? He usually does when the top is near (and/or the bottom… but then he’s preaching about how bad things are in the economy).

      Ohh… 2nd sidethought:  Is any channel show Robin Hood this weekend?  Kinda appropriate movie to show to the sheep while the wolves rob them.  (It’s the opposite of reality in case you didn’t get that one… Robin Hood rob’s from the sheep and gives to the wolves).

      Ok, back to your question…

      I think we will go higher into early next week and come close to, pierce slightly, or hit exactly the double top around 1574 spx before turning down.  The move down should last about 3 weeks (assuming it follows similar past patterns?) and then I expect another rally back up into May to pierce that prior high and put in a new all time high… then we crash, and crash hard in August/September.

      Well, so much for a new post as I think I’ve said it all?

        • I don’t expect this selling to last too long.  Probably within an hour or two I suspect they will have worked off the short term overbought conditions enough to turn it back up and rally into the close… maybe closing flat or slightly down.  This looks like some type of B wave down with the last 2 days being the A wave up.

  45. Tomorrow, 3-1 is 1355 tds from the 10-11-07 high.   Can’t get a more freaky number.   1003 tds from 3-6-9 and and 1030 calendar days from 5-6-10.  13–13–13

    3-1-13 is about as close to a Friday the 13th, that we’ll get this year.   Unfortunately, a certain little indicator and its component aren’t in crash territory but that still won’t prevent an initiation thrust downward, a potentially powerful one.

    March 2013 or 3-13 is 39 or 999.

  46. Crude oil and the euro were already plunging before the stock market decided to make its late session plunge.   Can’t get a rally going without their participation.

  47. Gee Red, your triple top target is very compelling and it seems likely they will use an 11th hour sequestor crap to do so. But Im not sure what matters more the Dow or S&P500? The dow isnt far away from 14164 all time high but the s&p is still some ways off 1574. Which one is top dog or will they try and triple top both of them? Thankyou

    • Hard too say for sure as it looks like they are running out of money and might not get up to 1574 this go around, but if we are to see a huge crash we do need a new all time high put in… which might not come until May?

  48. SILVER Support and Resistance levels:

  49. I looked at the Fed POMO schedule. Which is the date when the trading desks get the bogus new money, the
    Operation Date or the Settlement date. I thought it was the latter but last Wednesdays ramp suggests its
    the operation date that we need to pay attention to?

  50. Crude oil and the euro are down big again today and probably have pierced their lower BBs.   A lot of hollow bars though is scaring me though not on the stock indices.   Need to see some negative breadth but haven’t checked so far.   Since the market gapped down breadth could still be negative.

  51. A hanging man on the SP weekly.  Crude oil closed on its lower BB after opening lower.   Euro dropped down to its lower BB.   Don’t like the $xeu gap down hollow bar but on the weekly it had a nice fat red bar following the TD bear flip last week so it will be hard to reverse the weekly sell signal (the most likely time a reversal of a bear flip occurs is right after the initial bear flip).

    $mib (Italy) dropped down to its lower BB so it looks like the action will be coming out of Italy.  EUFN (Euro financials) also dropped to new lows and its lower BB.   EMB (Emerging Market Bonds), another very sensitive risk on/risk off indicator also dropped to new lows and the lower BB.  JNK had a nice gap down but then rallied putting in a fat hollow bar.  But it does look to have put in a nice secondary high a few days ago.

    Monday is 3-4……AMOUR with the CD 16-29 presentation……34—7-11…..Need to do a review of that semi sicko film soon.  I knew going in what I was going to get with AMOUR and actually the director restrained himself…….somewhat……still needed to see why it keeps getting all sorts of awards….It won Best Foreign film at the Academy Awards while still being nominated for a Best Picture Oscar while winning the Cannes Palm D’Or earlier last year.

  52. Forgot to mention $CCI (old CRB) dropped to new multi-month lows and below 30 RSI on daily which appears to crash acceleration mode.    And a certain organization has been continually harping that were on the right side of the 60 year cycle low(commodities).

  53. S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell:

  54. Noticed the similarity to the $ndx double top nonconfirmation to the Nasdaq in March 2000 with the current stock market.     In this case, all of the indices topped on February 20, broke hard to the downside and then a bounce ensued but only with the Dow making a new high (transports made an intraday high).   The double top bar on Thursday, a red shooting star candle mathches the candle from the March 24, 2000 double top $ndx high.   A final smaller inside day candle was made on the next trading day on March 27 before the plunge.   Yesterday’s trading action would be commensurate but the bar did differ with a more of hanging man like action.   Also there was  a 10 trading day period between the double tops in 2000 while only 7 this round.

    There was a pretty amusing Bloomberg Business Week cover this week showing exuberant homeowners rolling around in a house filled with cash proclaiming the housing market is back.  Quite a nice marker for a major peak.

  55. Working on a new post gang.  Should have it up late tonight or tomorrow.  Nothing much has changed though as the bulls aren’t likely to give up until that double top is reached.  Today it looks like they are holding the price level up while letting the overbought MACD’s and Histogram bars (on the various time frames) reset.

    This could take all day tomorrow too?  Sideways trading makes a bull flag which breaks out once the overbought charts get oversold and reset pointing back upwards.  So if we don’t breakout tomorrow and instead just have another sideways day, they Wednesday should be the day to rally more.

    Rule number one when the gangsters are manipulating the market heavily… the charts always work when in favor of the bulls, but seldom work when in favor of the bears.  The house (the operators) always know the cards in your hand (the sheep) so the house always cheats to win.

    Rule number two… you have a better chance in Vegas of winning (if you are a bear) then in this stock market.

  56. Nice post Red. Tesla’s Dad worked at the Vatican. Nicola didnt invent anything. He just copied ancient Atlantean manuscript specs and specs from ETs. The Catholic church have it all in their underground library

  57. Its good to see we live in prophetic times. I welcome St Malachy’s vision that the next and final Pope Peter the Roman resides over the destruction of Rome to end this Illuminati madness

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