Stock Market Manipulation To The Extreme…


Update For March 20th, 2013...

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We truly live in a world of manipulation and deception.

 The “ Illuminated” deliberately spread misinformation on numbers and symbols all over the internet, trying to mislead as many people as possible... especially conspiracy theorists!  There are actually tons of false info and material on so-called “Masonic numbers” and “Symbolism” and one has to ask, what do these numbers and symbols really mean?  What is their true purpose?  Are they occult or scientific?  Unfortunately, there is no clear and perfect reply to these sort of questions as no one knows the right answer and is not able to offer the true explanation.

As odd and mind-boggling as it may sound the Masonic numerology and symbolism are quite scientific... absolutely no occult!  You see, they are truly aware of the secrets of science and being able to understand (and massively benefit from) the “Law of Equilibrium” and the "Harmony of Opposites".  The truth is... their numbers and most of their symbols directly have to do with the big cycles of nature and of the heavens.  The fact that matters is that it's a “forbidden knowledge” which is translated into wealth and power then used for manipulation and control of the masses.

Which is why they never ever reveal the secrets of the order and anyone studying and researching so is heavily suppressed.  James Clerk Maxwell, the great 19th century researcher and pioneer who analyzed the behavior of Electromagnetic Waves, was heavily suppressed after he claimed and proved that the internal structures of the EM waves are 3-dimensional.  Afterwards he came under a lot of pressure to simplify his equations (called quaternions).  Consequently, Maxwell was rewriting and greatly narrowing his own treatise.  Actually the second and third edition being studied at universities are not his original theory which was called “metaphysical mumbo jumbo” by Oliver Heaviside and others.

You see, secret societies  have a lot of control over and power in various Scientific Institutions deflecting certain types of research related to hyperdimensional physics, free energy and anti-gravity.  Nikola Telsa, a scientist (July 10th 1856, January 7th 1943), was an inventor and mechanical and electrical engineer.  It is said that he was the scientist who had really discovered the secrets of numbers, which is why he made numerous groundbreaking discoveries and inventions in physics... many of which have never been released to the public.

For instance, he claimed to have invented a way to harness free energy which was truly free electricity and later he was suppressed by Rockefeller family as he was considered a threat to world energy and the wealth of Illuminati family.  Generally there is ample evidence that any scientific effort which moves towards a discovery of the significance of numbers, harmony, and sacred 3-d geometries is being actively suppressed.  Mainstream scientists like Albert Einstein and Steven Hawking were not allowed to reveal the true laws of physics and such ancient knowledge has been treated as an occult non-sense.  More on this in my later posts.

Now the Stock Market...

There is not much new that I would like to talk about now as I did point to certain major and minor turning points in my previous post.  The minor one is due on March 4th or 5th which could be a top (or bottom?).  I also want to mention that it might be delayed for a couple of days as we are currently experiencing heavily manipulation in the market right now.  Regardless, it's just a possibility and please remember that it is supposed to be a little pull-back (assuming the "turn" is to the downside and not to the upside?) and then the run-up might continue into late May when the great crash and a series of panic declines are due.

Well, it is generally true when we say “everything is consciousness” but actually this is the consciousness of smart money which dominates the financial markets.  The patterns in the charts are the result of the energy being vibrated harmonically and the smart money is already aware of that for sure.  In fact, they know exactly when to buy and to sell.  It's a buy while the dumb money sells, it's a sell while the dumb money buys.  You may assume now what they are doing currently is trying to suck in as many retail traders as they can.

The smart money is buying more and more in the market trying to attract as many buyers as they can as they want this market going up higher so badly... and then at the right point and at the right time they will sell short wiping out all of the buyers as the smart money has already leaned how to read the cycles accurately.  As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them... join’em!  Meaning, with the current manipulation in the market right now this "minor turn" might not produce very much selling... so it could be wiser to just stay in cash until May (if you are a bear) or use any pullback to go long into the May top (following the smart money that is currently pushing the market higher).




Technical Analysis in favor of the Bulls...


(to watch on youtube:

It's funny how many blog writers out there claim to have such high accuracy ratings when they are a major Bull at heart.  Try getting the Bearish calls right and then come talk smack!  People who always make calls for the bulls have Bernanke's printing press to support them while those calling bearish patterns have to fight the PPT.  Seems unfair doesn't it?  Well it is unfair, totally manipulated and always in favor of the bulls... so get used too it.  If I were a bull I could have forecast the last 3-4 years correct with a 80%+ accuracy rating as the market has been up 80% or more of all the days since late 2009 when I started writing about it.

Calling for bullish moves is as easy as shooting apples in a barrel with a shotgun standing 2 feet away... whereas making successful (and consistent) bearish calls are rare to say the least.So with that say, any bearish calls I make can easily be manipulated to "not happen" if the "operators" don't allow them.  But I'm still about ready to make a bearish call based on the technical analysis of the charts, some common patterns, and little elliottwave.  What I see on the TA side is bull flag on the weekly chart, a bullish cross on the MACD's for the daily chart, as well as the first positive close on the Histogram bars (again, for the daily chart).  On the 4hour, 2hour, and 60minute charts I see "lower highs" coming on the Histogram bars which usually means a higher high on the actual price level... but also indicates a final exhaustion move too.

From looking for patterns there is an obvious "inverted head and shoulders" on those same time frames.  The measured move up from this pattern is generally the distance from the left shoulder high to the low of the head, which is then added to the breakout point that happened today around 1522 SPX.  So from about 1531 minus 1485 is 46 points which added to 1522 equals a move to 1571 spx... assuming the inverted H&S patterns plays out like the typical text book version of it does.  And since TA's support the bulls right now I would expect this pattern to play out too... especially since you have heavy manipulate biased to the bullish side as well.

On the EW side of things it does look like we are in a 5th wave up with wave 1 starting at the 1343.45 low on 11/16/2012, then starting the wave 2 down after 12/18/2012 at the 1448.00 high.  That wave ended at 1398.11 on 12/31/2012, which also started the wave 3 up that ended on 02/19/2013 at 1530.94, followed by the wave 4 down to end at 1485.01 on 02/26/2013... and that brings us up to the current 5th wave that we appear to be in now.  Again, I don't trade EW but it is now supported by the TA's and the inverted H&S pattern... so I have to expect it to play out this time.

So what I expect is a move up to the recent double top of 1530.94 Tuesday morning and then a backtest to the downward sloping trendline that connects that high and slopes down to around the breakout point of 1522, which should be a little lower then that tomorrow as it is sloping down.  I could see 1520 being tested before turning back up and then breaking through the 1530.94 double top by Wednesday.  Since the measured move is only to 1571 spx, which is just short of the all time high of 1574, this supports the theory that we'll sell off there and after bottoming we'll rally back up into late May to not only retest that level but to breakthrough it and put in a new all time high before collapsing into the first crash wave.

My call for the final top is for May 22nd, 2013...

Why that date you ask?  First off it lines up with what Ali see's with his calls for "late May" as being the final high that he see's in his cycle work.  Secondly, it's a double "eleven" day.  You see it's obviously an "eleven" because the actual date is the 22nd, and all master numbers that are dividable by 11 are simply considered to be 11's.  That means 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, etc... are all 11's.  But it's also a "yearly" 11 when you add up all the digits in the date, which equal 33, and that is not only the Free Mason "33rd degree" number but it's also considered to be an 11 as it's another "master number" and all master numbers are keep whole and not broken down.  This means that 05/22/2013 equals 0+5+(22)+2+0+1+3 or 33!

The next possible date is the 24th as it's a yearly eleven as well because all the digits add up to equal 22 (05/24/2013 equals 0+5+2+4+2+0+1+3=22).  But my thoughts lean toward the 22nd because it's also "daily" eleven and possibly having 2 eleven's makes it more important the Illuminati satanist?  Then there is this juice little "event" they are having called a "Legatus Retreat" on May 23rd-25th, 2013... which I had to dig hard to find.

Now I don't know if this is considered a meeting like all the past meetings that they usually put up on their main page but it looks like one to me?  Possibly all the exposure I've done concerning the connection between them and stock market turns has forced them to "not be so public" with their meetings and only publish them in their newsletter ( which is still up on their site as of the date of me writing this post (03/04/2013).

Of course we'll need further evidence once we get to this point (like a new "all time high") but so far everything is pointing to this time frame.  If this doesn't show up on their home page under their "conferences" link soon then we might be on our own without their help... or this constant exposure could have made them choose to leave it off the main page and they just slipped up by putting it on their newsletter link?  We won't know until we get closer to that date of course, so for now let's just focus on next week... which should allow us to see our 1571 area I believe.  Possible it takes all week to get up to there and then maybe they "pop it and drop it" on Monday the 11th?

I don't know the date or the exact level that they will hit but that's my target price and the date is anyone's guess?  Since I think Tuesday (tomorrow) we'll pop up and drop back for the backtest around 1520-1522 spx then that leaves Wednesday for the breakout over the 1530.94 prior high.  Then it's just a race to 1571 in a wave 3 (inside this final 5th wave) which should stop around 1560-1565, then drop back for a wave 4 and then one more move up to just shy of the all time high of 1574 by Monday.  Sounds like a good plan... but odd's of me calling this exactly right are slim, so just focus on looking for some short around that double top area seems like the best play too me.




P.S.  Keep your eyes open for FP's as I haven't seen any in quite awhile now.

P.S.S.  The "Spiral Dates" chart also points to the 11th... (

P.S.S.S.  New update will be out in a few days on the Penny Stock, but HUGE things are coming and those that own it will be very, very happy in the near future.


  1. Thanks Mr. Red and Ali for your post!!
    One would have to think….in the longer term…if one has money invested in dividend paying stocks…the dividends maybe the first to go in time?

  2. Since the bulls decided to gap over the 1530 spx resistance level the backtest to 1520-1522 isn’t likely now.  If there is any backtest at all should only be to the 1530 level, but many times this will keep running higher as it gets fueled by the “buy stops” it’s taking out just above that 1530 level from the shorts.

    So this could continue into tomorrow and turn out to be a smaller wave 3 up inside this final 5th wave.  That implies that yesterdays chop sideways move was a smaller wave 2 down with the smaller wave 1 starting around the 1490 area from last week.

  3. S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell:

  4. Today is 10 days from the Feb 22 high, the 10days I mentioned a few days ago between the initial Nasdaq high in early March 2000 followed by a nonconfirming high 10 days later.   Today the Russell 2000 and $nya didn’t make new high with the rest of the indices although they could follow through tomorrow to new highs.  (jnk also without a new high…Inversely, TLT and #vix did not make newer lows)

    But today is also 72 trading days from the November 16 low to match the 72 trading day rally off the 6-04 low into the 9-14 high last year.   Both advances were preceded by 43 td corrections.    ab=ab  gartley pattern only in time not price.   wolfe wave???

    Today’s high is very much like the 9-14…A gap up new high with 700+new highs to shoot above the top  BB with a small falling off/tailing action at the end.   Meanwhile hysteria just rages just as the QE 4 euphoria was raging then.

    Crude oil and the euro were hardly up with the other markest scorching higher.   When I heard the Nasdaq was up 40 pts in the morning, I was expecting those 2 markets to be melting up considering how oversold they were.     $cci index was barely up at all, although ags seem to dominate it.  Instead, crude and the euro are just hovering above their downtrending lower BBs.

    The trolls were coming out of the woodwork yesterday all over the blogoshere obviously enticing the commons to capitulate and buy the gap up open.  I have hardly seen any comments from today though so I can’t measure it but so far but the trollometer appears to be fever pitched over at DE’s.

    60 min RSI for the SP and basically other indices hit the 70 level today so a top could have been put in.   The RSI reading wasn’t super extreme and in need of a divergence.
    I am looking for a buying climax this week as defined by the Investor’s Intelligence crew which I haven’t seen mentioned in ages:   The market hits a new high with a multitude of new issues hitting new highs but ultimately closing down for the week.

    New lows actually shot up today on the $nyse to 55 new lows.

    • RTH (retail ETF) had its big day yesterday putting in a huge topping tail as well.   Today it had a small inside day despite the big (or lets say euphoric) day.   (which is very similar to that March 24,27 topping pattern).

  5. Oh there was a Charles Nenner citing as well or at least he’s becoming an internet sensation again .    I remember his big ((and infamous appearance on CNBC) down near the March 2009 lows.   He’s a nice bookend for this upward corrective interlude.

  6. Bank of America chart analysis:

  7. The two strongest indices of this runup, the transports and retail (rth) were both down today with the action of RTH the following 3 days identical to the topping and reversal seen on March 24,27,28 2000 for the Nasdaq 100….Several European indices also closed in the red while the DAX put in a mega shooting star.   Meanwhile, the euro and crude headed back down once again.

  8. One of the intriguing scenes from AMOUR when the old geezer fires the nurse.   He asks her how much he owes her.   She replies 780 EUROS.   He asks if she has 20 EUROS.   She says no and he says keep the 800 and now get the bleep out of there.

    Found a nice numerology presentation from Greg Cosell, Howard’s cousin on twitter.   I’ll quote it in the future.

  9. Here’s the Greg Cosell tweet from March 2:

    Many also forget KC ran Pistol extensively in 2008 with Tyler Thigpen. 
    Started 11 games, won 1.  Threw 18 TD, ran for 386 yards.  Was gone in 2009.

    Pretty self-evident numerology there.   KC—2008—111–18–TD–386—2009.

    TD I’m sure is 24…KC===113???33 or 23???

  10. S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell:

  11.  Tomorrow is the big 3-8 (888 or 24).   And interestingly enough, it is 1008 trading days from 3-6-9, 209 weeks later.  (for 1463 calendar days).  1360 tds from the 10-11-07 high.   Both 1008 and 1360 are divisible by 8.  8×126===1008 and 8×170 (88)==1360…
    136 is also the THRICE number..  13×6==78 which also happens to be the date of the DECISION back in 2010.

  12. The Cramer Code ticker symbol CRM looks like it has peaked out after spiking up through its upper BB in its last runup and putting in a topping doji before reversing down today.   Sort of a similar pattern to the recent $xeu top (euro).

    Transports were down again but they need to see follow through tomorrow with a mega or large red candle.

  13. No jobs report tomorrow; was released today so the market doesn’t have to wait for that.  China announced imports were down 15% year over year which doesn’t seem to be getting any play on the financial sites.

    I am expecting the yen to bottom today or in the next few days.  If it drops to RSI 30 (currently 32) then it will match the $ssec bottom from a few months ago.

  14. Friday was 75 trading days from the November 16 low and a Fib 233 days from the 4-2 high.  (43day drop followed by a 72 day advance then 43 day drop into Nov 16 last year).    The 75 day advance has basically been subdivided into fib. components.    A 21 day rally into the Dec. high followed by an 8 day drop then a 33 day rally into the Feb 22 top.   13 days later was Friday.    Take out the final day of the 8day drop and add it to the 33 day rally produces a fib 34 days. (That 8th day was a lower low but the start of the new advance)
    Going back to 4-2, that high was preceded by a fib 89 day rally off the Nov./Dec 2011 lows…so Friday was 322 days later.

    Anyway, Friday’s action basically put up gravestone dojis on all the indices.   The opening gap occurred near the high of the day with most inidices retraceing almost all of that gap price but then bouncing to a slightly higher high on the day before finishing just slightly below the open.
    The dragonfly doji is a very rare candlestick and supposedly marks key turning points although the last one I saw didn’t work out.   But the indices are completing Lindsay’s domed house pattern with a steeple finish on top.   (The Dow and SP putting in 3 bars in the new high range).  In fact, the $ndx , although not putting in a new high, has an almost exact pattern to the domed house top in the SP in August 1987).   RSIs are divergeing once again at these new highs just as was seen at the $ndx, double top high in March 2000.  (another domed house pattern)

    Friday could also be marking another pattern of the market topping out on a Friday before a new decline takes hold ala 4-23-2010  (the daily and weekly chart pattern matches the pattern seen then) and 7-22,2011, 418trading days earlier.   And 9-14 last year or 118 trading days earlier.

  15. Apparently, Richard Russell is bullish again with Dow Theory confirmation, as he is at all tops which isn’t surprising considering he has admitted that he was a buddy of Bernard Baruch, the previous generation’s Warren Buffett (who once advised him to get rid of his Southern accent if he ever wanted to make it in NYC).

    Check /

    Charles Nenner sightings and updates all over the internet ala March 2009

    Check /

  16. checking in…
    well, it was an 11 day.
    how bout that VIX? – slam!

    I have a small thought.  The really big boys are loading up on short positions and longs.
    one day the doors will shut and it will rain, and keep raining.  longs will fall from the sky in torrents.  buyers will be scarce as unicorns.
    but only the inside guys know the schedule.  until then, the best we can do is stay out or on the right side of the tape.

    in the meantime, I will be distracted with the Papal selection, for the 8th King.
    Feb 11 of resignation was 84 years to the day of when this Vatican redeemed it’s Sovereignty  with the Lateran treaty.

    so why did I pick the Noah theme? I didn’t know myself until I looked up 84 biblical meaning.:

    According to the Gospel of Barnabas, chapter 155, only Noah and 83 other persons have been saved during the Flood.

  17. Interesting moves in the Penny Stock the last few days……maybe time to take my last lot???

    • Looks a whole lot of accumulation took place all last week.  It’s looking like someone is driving it down to get in at super low prices before that same someone promotes the hell out of.  I’m going to get more tomorrow.

      Appreciate your feedback on the following article from the above site, as I have put in some amount in this Penny stock relying on your research:

      If you were running a business that has been going nowhere for 5 years, what would be your best option? Well, you could either change course or file for bankruptcy. As it seems, Earth Dragon Resources Inc (PINK:EARH, EARH message board) has opted for the former rather than the latter. As a result, the company has not only lost its current reporting status, but also fallen victim to paid promotions more than ever. Yesterday, select investors unleashed yet anotherpump job on the stock.Indeed, when we checked out our promotional database for any recent updates, we came across a handful of emails touting EARH. After sorting them out, we could easily spot a two-pronged promotion organized in support of the stock. As it is, EARTH is promoted by the WFWS Consulting Group, on the one hand, and Stock Runway, on the other. The former, whose affiliates include such promoters as Research OTC,Whisper From Wall Street and OTC Stock Exchange, has received $5,000 from Mantle Media LLC, while the latter have been compensated $12,500 by Whydah Communication Inc. Has all that hype done the stock any good, though?
      Opening at $0.334, EARH shares peaked at $0.37 and hit a daily low of $0.28 before closing trade at $0.296 per share, down 7.60% from their previous close. Thus, if you got in at the open, the most profit you could possibly have raked in is a mere 10.77%, a figure which does not really resonates with what the people behind the scheme might have expected. Today’s development does not help them one bit, either. Roughly two hours into the session, EARH stock is down a further 12% and the downward trend shows no signs of slowing down.
      With EARH’s endeavours to uncover precious metals through conventional mining operations proving a catastrophic failure, the company has now decided to look for them … on the sea bottom. In this respect, EARH acquired a Nevadan private corporation called Project X, Inc. in February, 2012 with the purpose of starting a joint venture with Deep Marine Salvage. Although the information we found on the latter was rather scarce to say the least, it is actually a company fully committed to salvaging as much of the precious metals presumably available on sunken ships all over the world as possible. Since salvage operations won’t commence until May, 2013, let us now focuse on EARH’s core shareholders.
      Without going into too much detail, EARH acquired all of the outstanding stock of Project X by giving J. Michael Johnson and Jason A. Sunstein (the sole shareholders of Project X) 4 million shares of restricted EARH stock each. Now, there is a paid promotion on EARH and we cannot be sure if those shares are still restricted. We did a quick background check on Johnson to see whether he might have any relations with other businesses. Here are the companies related to him:Blue Sky Petroleum, Inc. (OTC:BSKY) -> president, CEO, CFO and Secretary owning 55 million shares, i.e 53.8% of the total O/S
      Flux Power Holdings Inc (PINK:FLUX) -> Director of Esenjay Investments LLC, a corporate lender owning 43% of the company’s total O/S
      Oceanic Research & Recovery Inc (PINK:ORRV) -> CEO, presumably one of the four undisclosed beneficial shareholders.We shall keep a watchful eye on prospective promotions on the aforementioned stocks to see how their volumes will behave.Finally, we would rather stay away from EARH shares for the time being for one more reason. Surprisingly enough, the vast majority of penny stocks which used to get promotional coverage by ResearchOTC and the likes have all incurred substantial damage in terms of market value, thus forcing hundreds of investors to throw in the towel before nullifying their pockets altogether. Check out how the shares of Primco Management Inc (OTC:PMCM) and PTA Holdings Inc (PINK:PTAH) performed on the charts shortly after the promotional hype was over.

  18. Will be closing another long as SPY gets to 156.50ish…..even with POMO Thur-Friday. Better to raise some more cash…one never knows…smile!

  19. Interesting choice…..Pope Francis….

    Oh well back to the market….one thing of note for me…..$VIX has crossed the 20/50 MA.
    Have a nice night one and all!

  20. Emerging markets are breaking down again as is $mib (italy).   Euro made a new multi-week low and commodities had a nice meltdown today off its recent mini rally peak.

    Cramer Code poster boy stock CRM looks like it did a nosedive off its recent diving board pattern starting yesterday.

    Tomorrow is PI day, 3-14 (Life of PI)….the start of the infamous 14-15????   Well it is kind of early for that type of action considering we’re still at new highs but who knows.  I doubt the enlightened ones are going to allow a nice clean TD weekly bear flip as an entry signal for all of the bears (and hedge funds) before they get things ROLLing.

    PI also the reverse of the infamous Friday the 13, 4-13 last year when budding occultists littered cyberspace with numey-laden cryptic messages.  (and weeks leading up to that date—obviously a homework assignment initiated by the lodgemasters)

  21. S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell:

  22. Danny Amendola,#16 formerly of the Rams, has signed a 5year $31 million contract with the Belicheats as a replacement for the recently departed Wes Welker, a fellow Texas Tech alumnus.
    What caught my eye though and what I seemed to miss during the regular season were his very interesting Tebowesque, Sanchito like stats for the season.   Basically #16 has 63 cathces for 666 yards at 10.6 yards per catch.    His full stat line as follows:

    11 games 63 (666)catches 666 yards 10.6 averages, 3 TDs, 38 first downs……

  23. The Japanese yen via the $xjy symbol looks extremely exhausted to the downside.  It registered a TD 9 downcount, 9 consecutive closes below the close 4 periods earlier, in what appears to be a 5th wave down.  It actually bottomed on Monday and has put two inside day bars since then.  The final descent into Monday’s low eerily reminiscent to the euro’s final ascent into its top several weeks ago.    $xjy (yen) dropped to an 28 RSI on Monday, diverging from a series of more extreme RSI readings at earlier lows.   MACD lines also at a higher reading than at previous lows.

  24. Sorry about new Disqus guys. It updated without me. I don’t like it one bit as you can’t easily repost on twitter and facebook when you make the comment. You have to go back after you post your comment and then click on the share link to get it on twitter and facebook. It’s sucks! Too many steps to do. Most people will get lost trying to do it. I’m not happy with Disqus right now as it’s apparently impossible to switch back.

  25. Cramer Code poster boy stock CRM really starting to nosedive.

    CRM===3-18-13 or 3-9-13 …..3×18==54…3+18=21…3+18+13===34

    Japanese yen technically did a TD bull flip but waiting for a massive upbar.

    RTH also starting to nosedive along with Dow/retail component HD.

    • Goog not looking so hot either….already below its 13 day ema…..

      I can see a clear 5 waves up from the Feb 25 low and a clear 5 waves up from the Nov 16 low in most indices. Only question is whether we’re finishing just the 3 wave within the final 5 wave from the Feb low…

      This week was 26 weeks from the 9-14 high….Since the May 2,2011 high, there have been a 22 week low into Oct’ 2011, followed by a 26 week rally into April 2012, followed by a high into 9-14-2012 23 weeks later and now we’re 26 weeks off that high. On the weekly, most indices look to be putting in a spinning top candle this week.

      It was also 210 weeks this week off the 3-6-9 low. 14×15==210. There was at one time a very noticeable 14-15 week cycle off the 2007 high. It has since then(around 2009) come and gone or disguised itself.

    • Hey Steveo, how’s it going? Are you as tired of this market as everyone else? The good news is that we are likely almost topped now. I suspect we’ll bounce around 1520 and then make another move up. I’m still looking for a new high before we finally rollover.

      But, there’s no way to know if this is the start of something bigger or just another 1-2 day pullback? Regardless, I’ll be ready come this May 22nd…

        • Look at the chart on this post. May 22nd is one day before the Legatus meeting and it’s a double “eleven” day. Many (not all) important tops are on eleven days, and since there happens to be a double one just before the meeting I’m guessing that it will be the best day to get short.

          Then lets not forget that this is the year of the snake and May is the month of the snake… and all of Ali’s cycle work with octave patterns converge in late May of this year. We are talking about cycles that go back as far as 1929, so all of them turning negative around the same time just spells trouble in my view.

    • Yes, Satan rules the world Darth. He’s the biggest employer and the biggest crook. He promises you the moon while he steals every last dime you make. He does it through voluntary taxes, un-noticed devalued dollars (the hidden tax), the prison system (a huge money maker), and of course through feel bad if you don’t donate 10% to him every Sunday.

  26. Gang I think we are in an ABC move down with this being the C wave (on the ES only, as the SPX looks to be in an A wave down). If it takes out the previous low from yesterday it should stop around 1520 ES where there is good support at. It could however just barely go below the previously low by a hair an look more like a double bottom.

    After it is done I believe we’ll turn back up and go for the all time high of 1574 spx. The only thing that concerns me on whether or not it will stop at 1520 and then turn back up is the fact that we already have a clear 5 wave up pattern from the 1350 low.

    So from and EW point of view the top is in now. Meaning that the entire 5 wave pattern up from that 1350 low to the 1560 high (rounded off) could be some type of larger wave 3 up, which means will have a wave 4 down before a final 5th wave up to complete the entire move and put in a new all time high.

    If this count is correct then then this wave 4 down could go to the 1450 area before finding some good support. That could take a couple of weeks to happen and if it does then it will setup the market for one final 5th wave up into late May for that new all time high. Perfect!

    • May certainly looks right, and hopefully it is, but I still think we have a bit more upside left for now. You could assume that the midday fluctuation, from cyprus, could’ve been a squeeze, but I’d think many took a short at the close. Still think there will be one more push up for now.

  27. On March 6th, 2009 the low was 666 SPX. Will the high this year be 1666 SPX?
    Will it happen on another eleven day… like April 1st, 2013? Will the wave 2 high also top on May 22nd, 2013 (a double “eleven” day) and then the wave 3 down start… again, with a Legatus meeting happening at the same time (May 23rd-25th, 2013).

  28. $nysi is very close to breaking below its 50 day average although still near its multimonth highs. I’ve noticed piercings of the 50 day average tend to be bad for the market.

    Worst case scenario for the bears is the market rallies for another 4-5 trading days, then it would have equality to the 21 trading day rally of wave 1 rally off the November 16 low. But today is also 21 days off the February 20 high.

    Man, one needs an industrial strength browser just to READ the comments on this site.

    • This new disqus really sucks! I can’t see you comments coming in without refreshing the page. And then I have to scroll down through all the old comments to find it if some one posts a reply to some other comment instead of brand new one.

      But yes, the bears aren’t going to make any money until the high is finally in I believe. Every time the market dips the gangsters buy it up. Just have to wait it out I guess.

    • It still sucks! They have no support/contact form and you can’t go back to the old disqus. I’m losing traffic because of it as I can’t retweet and post on facebook without going through a dozen steps after I make the comment.

  29. Support is around 1532 SPX from a rising trendline (also a channel) should the market continue down tomorrow? There is a good chance that it will as a high of 1564.91 this morning is still under the all time high and could be close enough for this attempt. They did get a new high on the DOW which means the odds are very high that they will get one on the SPX too… but it doesn’t have to come right now.

    They could push out this new high into the first week of April like I posted in the latest update video. So possibly a bottom short term above 1532 and then back up into April for the all time new high. The 2 important dates are the 1st and the 10th as they are both “eleven” days and could be the date the high is made on?

    • Watch for 3:02 tomorrow for a major turn in the markets. Going up I suspect. I have been short since Friday. 1/2 position and shorted just off the highs today.

      • I don’t see it breaking that level… if it even gets there? But the trend is still up and will probably stay that way until a new all time high is put in… which again I think will happen on a ritual “eleven” date like the 1st of April or the 10th.

        Of course that is just speculation there, as well as the target of 1666. My main focus is on May 22nd, and until then I see nothing much but chop. It’s good for the short term daytraders but I’m looking for a large move, so it’s better to wait for me.

        I can only hope that they do hit a new high before then and start down with the wave 1 and back up into late May for the wave 2, as I’d really like to see the charts setup for a wave 3 by the time the next Legatus meeting happens.

  30. The charts could support one more move down later today or tomorrow but with the heavy manipulation in then I wouldn’t chance a short. However, I wouldn’t be going long today either as I believe even with the manipulation the charts will need another day to reset back upwards.

  31. A certain little indicator dropped below its 50 day average a few days ago which really isn’t a positive harbinger for the stock market although today produced a nice pop, but still didn’t bring the indicator’s component above the 0 line. The euro and euro countries hardly popped although the bulk of the US markets’ gains came at the open when the euro markets were still open. Greece was down nearly 5% while the other euro basketcases $ibex and $mib were down pretty good with both at the lows nearly putting in new multi-week lows.

    The euro dropped hard on Monday to new multi-week lows and down to its lower BB which is starting to flare downward once again.

    Today is also 21 days off the Feb wave 4 low matching the 21day wave 1 rally although the 21 day rally could extend into tomorrow if one excluded the first day of the rally which produced a marginal new low in the SP. Transports and the Russell 2000 are now diverging with the new highs posted in the SP and Dow the last two days ala a similar double top 13 years ago (March 24,27). RTH (retail) is most closely matching that 2 day high from 2000.

    • Tomorrow, there will be a full moon opposite of the triple Sun,Venus, Uranus conjunction with Mars in the nearby vicinity and a T square to Pluto in Capricorn.

      Quetzacoatl has now come half circle from his return last June 5,6. The full moon eclipsing Quetzacoatl who is already being eclipsed by the sun.

      This is probably one of the greatest of recent astro events that my amateur mind can come up with.

  32. Really need a lot of catching up to do. In the PI matchup from last week’s NCAA tournament #14 seed Harvard defeated #3 seed New Mexico in the first round, Harvard’s first NCAA tournament victory ever. And they were displaying the Hs in full force during that upset victory.

    And 1987 champion and #1 seed Indiana has advanced to the Sweet 16 where it will face its 1987 championship game opponent Syracuse on Thursday.

    MIAMI has risen from basketball obscurity to NCAA tourney powerhouse achieving a #1 seed and advancing to the Sweet 16.

    Tomorrow 3-27===39….

  33. Really need a lot of catching up to do. In the PI matchup from last week’s NCAA tournament #14 seed Harvard defeated #3 seed New Mexico in the first round, Harvard’s first NCAA tournament victory ever. And they were displaying the Hs in full force during that upset victory.

    And 1987 champion and #1 seed Indiana has advanced to the Sweet 16 where it will face its 1987 championship game opponent Syracuse on Thursday.

    MIAMI has risen from basketball obscurity to NCAA tourney powerhouse achieving a #1 seed and advancing to the Sweet 16.

    Tomorrow 3-27===39….

    • If they don’t get the new all time high by the first week or so of April (again, I’m looking for a ritual number high like 1666 but that’s just a guess) then it’s possible that after we bottom for the first larger wave 1 down (made up with 5 smaller wave and the wave 3 of that should start late May) in Sept/Oct of 2013 we could see that strong rally into February 2014 to put in that all time high.

      So while my thoughts are that we’ll top this April 1st or 10th with some new all time high and then the larger wave up into February 2014 is a wave 3 I guess it’s possible that this coming top in April is only a much larger wave 3 with the rally off the low later this year and into February 2014 being the final 5th wave up. Just doesn’t make sense to happen that way but it’s possible I guess?

      The main thing to focus on here I believe is that we are looking for a top early next month to happen. If it’s a new all time high then it’s that much better, if not then we still want a top to happen as we want some kind of wave 1 down and wave 2 up to occur before my May 22nd target date so that can start a nice wave 3 down.

    • I haven’t seen any… but I haven’t been looking every day like I usually do. Been too busy with other stuff lately. I already knew I wasn’t going to short the market until late May so I’ve kinda been ignoring the day to day action. It’s just too boring to watch right now.

      However, I’m still thinking the high will happen in early April with the most likely dates on the 1st or the 10th (just because those are ritual “eleven” dates). But regardless of which day it tops I still don’t plan to do much trading until late May. I might dip my toe in but probably not in the SPY like I usually do.

    • Yes Peter, I agree. Since we are so close to a double top at 1576.09 SPX from 2007 I have to think that we’ll gap up a little on Monday to hit it (give or take a few points below or above) and then sell off the rest of the day to close with a topping tail. Then I see a several week move down.

      Odds are strong just on the technical point of view as well, because the longer the period between one prior top and the new double top the higher the chance that there will be a pullback. Then the move overbought the charts are when hit the longer the pullback should last.

      Since we are very overbought on most all charts I give it 80%-90% chance that we’ll have an important top on Monday April 1st (naturally another “eleven” day… LOL), and pullback 2-4 weeks. Then back up into May 22nd to squeeze the bears that are in the mindset of “sell in May and go away” (they just need to learn the time to sell is late May, not early).

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