The Scary planetary alignment due on April 21st 2014



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The Scary planetary alignment due on April 21st, 2014 which is synchronized with the upcoming huge financial asset bubble burst! Be ready!

Certain important planetary alignments can be used to project both the minor and major turning points in stock market. In other words, some important planetary aspects can be used as a great timing tool in the stock market activity.

There are two systems of measurement that define the periods of the planets; the “sidereal “and “synodic” systems. The sidereal period is the time it takes a planet to complete one orbit. For instance, the sidereal period of the earth is 365.25636 solar days or Mars whose sidereal period is 687 solar days.  On the other hand, a synodic period measures the period between two successive conjunctions of two planets. For example, the time interval between two successive conjunctions of Jupiter-Uranus is 14 years.

The planetary aspects are created when the important angles of the planets are aligned. As a matter of fact, such angles have traditional names; Conjunction(360 degrees), Opposition(180 degrees), Trine(120 degrees), Square(90 degrees), Sextile(60 degrees), Semi-Square(45 degrees), Semi-Sextile (30 degrees).

One of the most important planetary aspects is due on April 21st or 22nd, 2014 which could be synchronized with a nasty financial crisis.

Actually, It will not be the end of the world though. At that time, Uranus is exactly square (the 90-degree aspect) to Pluto. It is also square to Jupiter and both Jupiter and Pluto are square to Mars. You see, all four planets are either 90 degrees (Square) or 180 degrees (Opposition) to each other. It could be a real scary planetary aspect which might impact the financial markets, especially the stock market BIG TIME.

It is really important to understand that big world events are not necessarily synchronized with the major planetary aspects, the exact date on which they occur. Sometimes a couple of days before or after or even a couple weeks before or after. You have just begun to see the turmoil in the stock market though.


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Here's the link to Raymond Merriman's interesting post about these time period...,-2014/


  1. One thing is certain, the market is not in some massive “squeeze the bears” move the last few days. It looks more to me like every point higher is a major struggle for the bulls. Definitely strong signs of weakness in this rally. Looks like it’s just waiting for some bad news (maybe some bad earnings?) so it can give up the fight and fall down.

    The volume has been so low that you’d think the market has been closed. I don’t think there’s much more life left in these bulls now. If they are going to make a top soon today would be the ideal day. Then start some kind of down move, back up, down again… you know the deal.

    But, by the end of the week I’d like to look back and see that Tuesday put in the high. However, I’m not thinking we’ll break that 1800 level this week though. Usually they chop around some in the early stages of a sell off. That’s what I’m expecting here. (Not that I wouldn’t be happy if it just fell off a cliff though… LOL).

    • Red, what about the weekly charts?

      Are you not watching the MACD cycles? Those are offering upside across May, and into mid June.

      You talk about the bulls struggling, well..kinda, but the trend IS the trend, and it is NOT down.

      Right now, the notion of <1814 looks completely out of range for at least 2-3 months.

      • Correct Permabear… until that weekly rising trendline of support from
        1074 SPX in October of 2011 is broken (around 1800 now) we are still in a
        bull market. And while I see what you are talking about on the MACD’s
        it just doesn’t match up with prior rallies with similar patterns.

        I guess it’s possible (of course it’s possible… duh!) that they
        manipulate the charts and continue rallying up despite what the charts
        say, but right now that’s all I can go by. I just don’t see a new high
        in the charts right now. The weekly chart looks different now then it
        did in the past with similar patterns. (I cover that in the video).

        Anyway, I guess we’ll know by the end of this week if they start moving down as
        I expect or if they put in a new high and don’t look back.

          • Ok… I thought you were expecting new all time highs? But you’re
            not… so we agree. I seen the transports too and it’s clearly hit
            resistance on the same rising trendline, so I don’t think it’s going
            higher. The SPX should pullback too and not make a new high. But I’m
            not looking for some crash move down… more like a steady trend change
            that just keeps both sides guessing the direction.

          • No, I AM expecting new highs.

            The transports is AT new highs..and the other indexes will largely follow.

            Are you shorting this market right now? Just curious.

            For the record, I’m content to just sit it out, probably for some weeks, maybe even mid June.

          • No Permabear, I’m neutral just like you. But tomorrow may be a different story? If no higher high is made (then today’s high) I will be looking to short it. It could go up a little more but I don’t see a new all time high as I think 1897 will stand for now.

  2. The bulls sure are fighting hard here. But so far the high on the SPX is still intact… at least for now I guess. It’s very tricky here and I don’t know what the game plan is but as long as they don’t break Tuesday’s 1884.89 high I’m thinking we have topped in the short term.

    Again, I’m not expecting any big selloff to start here as you know how they love to trick the bulls and bears alike before a big move. All I’m expecting is wild choppy swings until the end of this week with the high on Tuesday holding. Then next week we should see some more action to the downside I think.

  3. Today is Soyuz 1/Gravity day. I noticed in the news that US astronauts are doing a space walk on the ISS a not so subtle reference to the Gravity flick when Clooney’s character breaks the alltime space walk record while US astronauts are performing repairs on the Hubble telescope. Later, the survivors venture over to the ISS hoping to take a ride back home on one of the Soyuz capsules. Tomorrow will be the 47 year 1 day anniversary ie 111. Oh and we had the grand cross today which I noticed most of the astro experts have conveniently ignored. I knew we were in trouble when this post popped up on Sunday in congruence with astro energy dude’s posts on the imminent demise of the stock market. And then Jeff Cooper with his “free” article last Friday on a possible waterfall decline for the markets. But I just saw another Dow 1700 ad over at DE’s so the bears can achieve some solace. Nothing special astro wise occurred April 21st, the meat of the event is occurring right now.

  4. While I’m sure there will be some bounces along the way I don’t see an important bottoming area to go long at until around 1800 spx. The bounces from now until there should be shorted I believe. Then we’ll see what happens around 1800 before deciding on whether to go long or just exit shorts and wait to see if a rally starts or just a sideways chop (which would make a bear flag of course and then we’d see more selling).

  5. I’m not expecting too much action until the FOMC meeting this Tuesday/Wednesday. If we float up into the meeting then we should continue down after the meeting. The only wildcard is if they decide to “not cut another $10 Billion” out of the current QE program, which is possible I guess, but I don’t think it’s likely this time around.

    With the market up still at high levels and no real bad news on the political or economic front there doesn’t seem to be any reason to “not cut” again. Now if something happened out of Russia then yeah… they might not make the $10 Billion cut and possibly reduce it to $5 Billion or even zero.

    But the way it looks right now I still fully expect them to make another round of withdraws from the ongoing QE program. That should produce another wave down with the 1800 area being my target zone.

    Of course if we drop into that area prior to the FOMC meeting then I’d expect a rally from the charts being oversold. What they would say to get the rally going is not known of course but it could be something as simple as just “hinting” that they “may” stop the withdraw in the future if things don’t turn around. You all know the game by now…

  6. I’ve been having trouble with my hosting company gang, which is why the site has been down for awhile. Anyway, I’m expecting a big move in one direction or the other after the FOMC meeting Wednesday. Don’t know which way though as while the charts are bearish still there’s also some charts that look bullish.

    So it’s mixed right now and will really just be determined by what Janet Yellen says about the future and not so much the expect $10 Billion they plan to remove from the current QE program. That’s already factored in the market right now I think and that news alone shouldn’t have too much of an effect. But what she says about the future after the entire QE program ends is what WallStreet is waiting to hear.

    Since we are so close to a double top I highly suspect they will go up and hit it… and if SkyNet see’s a bunch of stops just overhead you know it’s going to go through the double top (even if it’s just for a quick intraday move) and hit those shorts.

    The question then remains will the market roll back down and start another wave of selling or will something Yellen says spark a powerful rally to all time new highs? I just don’t know? Charts are mostly bearish and mildly bullish, but that doesn’t matter if the Fed wants to rally. So I’m neutral for now.

  7. This whole Donald Sterling/ Clippers ritual just fascinates me……..

    The guy gets a lifetime ban and possibly stripped of ownership of his team for private comments that were purportedly illegally recorded although it sounds like it was produced in a professional recording studio and sounds like he’s reading from a Quentin Tarantino produced screenplay. It’s actually quite comical. NBA owners going after one of their own with the corporate controlled media universally condemning him at a fever pitch. At first, I thought it was just hype for the Clipper-Warriors playoff series with the Clippers predictably falling on their face after Sterling’s spurious comments were released last Sunday but then they brought Obozo into the mix and had high profile NBA players and owners tweeting condemnations of Sterling. Then the NBA coming down hard on him Wednesday before Game 5 of the series in LA, just ahead of solar eclipse Wednesday night curiously 709 days from the great Mayan solar eclipse of May 20, 2012 (conjunct the Pleiades) which saw a nationally televised Dodgers-STL game played under the solar eclipse in LA.

    Alas the game did feature some memorable highlights like a 55-50 halftime score. And then benchwarmer Clipper #8, who had no reason for even getting into a playoff game, entered the game in the 3rd quarter and was promptly run over by Warriors player #10 flopping to the ground in dramatic fashion and eventually being removed from the floor by medical personel even though it appeared he fell cleanly to the ground. Now he has been declared out for tonight’s game. They flashed a nice 10-11 while #8 flopped to the gound, also a 10-11-22 combo.

    Can’t quite find a 1987 connection to Sterling although he did buy the team in 1982 (bull market begining) for $12 million dollars so the number 31 does seem to have a recurring theme here. His girlfriend, (see above) is 31 years old. Somehow the wife is still involved in his life even though she’s suing the girlfriend and now has become the face of the franchise with Sterling’s banishment. So utterly ridiculous. And for more hilarity check out the photos above. Notice the numbers in the background including the nail salon’s address.

    Also a social media infused scandal, a reflection of the current age….. the social media infused tech bubble….

    • The Miami Thrice purposely tanked and gave up the #1 seed for the playoffs which went to Indiana. Indiana furiously flailing in round 1 and on the verge of elimination. Is Indiana representing the 1987 NCAA champion Indiana team for the ritual? Miami now a #2 seed against the 7 seed.

      Lakers fired their head coach/ or he officially resigned after the Lakers lost 55 games last year (27-55 record) yesterday one day after the Sterling NBA decision and on the opposite side of the solar eclipse in LA. LA=121. His two year record: 67-87

  8. The failure of the market to make a new high today is a very bearish sign. The volume is very low today and that usually supports the bulls. During days of light volume the market should float up but it’s not doing that today. As long as we don’t make a new high then this entire move up is just a larger wave 2 with a wave 3 down expected to start soon afterwards.

    We could see some heavy selling start next week if we don’t make a new high… and so far it’s not looking like it wants too! In fact it wouldn’t shock me to see some (planned) bad news released over the weekend to cause a gap down on Monday. I’m not saying that’s going to happen of course but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

    • That’s possible Amy… but I suspect we’ll have some downside this week first. Then possibly next week we run up and make a new high? We are in a choppy “topping” area right now and this could last for several move weeks.

      Meaning we could have a few fairly large down days with rallies just afterwards to recapture the losses. This range of up and down moves just is the big institutions dumping on every rally up. But at some point soon (2-3 weeks?) the “buy the dippers” retail crowd will run out of money and then we’ll see some real selling.

      There are many individual stocks that haven’t recovered from the selling 2 weeks ago even though the overall market rallied back up and erased the losses. This is an early sign that the whole market will soon rollover.

      Could we make a new high up to 1910-1915 soon? Yeah, it’s possible. But the way the market is acting now it’s clearly having trouble getting through the prior high. However, if the big institutions just don’t dump their shares in this double top area then we could see it breakthrough some higher high, but I don’t think it will.

      There’s needs to be some good buying volume from the retail traders in order for the big institutions to sell their shares into. That means we need some good earnings reports to come out this week and next, and it must be from popular companies. We seen Facebook and Apple last week and as soon as the market opened the following day the big boys dumped hard.

      Any other time the great earnings from Apple would have rallied the market up 200 Dow points or more, but it just gapped up and crapped down as the institutions used the big buying volume to unload their shares. The stopped selling after the SPX dropped around 20 points from it’s high. At some point they are going to just keep on selling and we’ll see a BIG Move DOWN Happen!

      My estimates are that we’ll drop some this week and recover some next week. Then by the second half of May we should see the big selling start. Don’t know when of course but we do have a Legatus meeting starting on the 28th this month, which could be a top of some kind before a big dump?

      Maybe between now and then we do some type of wave one down and way two up, which tops out around then and starts our wave 3 down? If we don’t make a new high then we could have already made the wave one and two, but who’s to say that we don’t hit 1900 or so and then start the wave one down and two up into Legatus? I just think we’re going to be in a choppy (wild swing) range for a few more weeks.

  9. Chop Chop Chop…

    I’m expecting some downside this week but unfortunately I think we are going to continue to stay in a wide range for another couple of weeks or so… and then I think we’ll drop hard. Will we make a new high? I don’t know but it’s clearly showing signs of institutions dumping their

    That’s why it could take a few more weeks for them to unload at the top. With that said you have to put two and tow together and speculate that the longer we chop sideways (and the closer the range is to the current high) the more people that will be putting stops up
    in the low 1900’s… which we all know that SkyNet see’s!

    Afterall, SkyNet is like the big ONE Eye on top of the mountain in the “Lord of the Rings” series. It see’s all and will go after those stops before it drops the market. On the other hand if the range is wide and we stay down below the current high by 20 SPX points or more then we might not do anything but a lower high by a point or two?

    However, from the looks of the market today it looks like they are staying close to the prior top… which tells me we’ll pierce through it at some point over the next few weeks to clean-out the overhead stops that will be gathering in the low 1900’s in the coming days and weeks.

    This projects us out to mid to late May before we start the big move down. Between now and then I’m just expecting some swings up and down but no big commitment in either direction.

  10. Tomorrow could see some EXASperating moves in the markets. A little hanging man action today. Tomorrow, 5-6 is the 77th anniversary of the Hindenburg fiasco and 4 year anniversary of you know what. There have been a few minor change readings lately with one coming on Friday and they seem to work when they do, 2 days into the future.

    Of course, another high made on 5-2 ala 2011, 2012 with the 2011 version being the Bin Laden high while Friday featured some geopolitical tensions. Friday also worked as a Lindsay low-low high cycle going back to the 3-6-9 low… 3-6-9 low, 10-04-11 low, 5-02-14 high.

    A certain little indicator, Nasdaq version has headed back downward after bouncing near the 0 line but never turning positive and is now making new lows in a very precarious technical position while the NYSE version is lagging/ diverging very badly. It seems obvious that it will be playing catchup to the Nasdaq in quite a dramatic fashion. Nasdaq and Russell 2000 are dithering until it’s time for them to attack their 200 day averages.

    Crude oil on the brink of riding its lower BB lower after bouncing off of it today. Need to see the Australian dollar play out in a similar manner.

  11. If the dollar yen chart is any indication of the future we should start dropping at the open this morning. Support is at 1875 and 1871 SPX should we fall that far.

  12. Tomorrow and Friday, the 8th and 9th will be 3 years 10 months from 7-8/9-2010, coincidentally a Thursday and Friday as well, of the major DECISION announcement and the unveiling of the Miami Thrice Number. 2 years 4 months from Tebow’s big 316 game/ 5 years 4months from the 2009 version. Basically the 4 year anniversary of you know what as well although another double ninen astro signature is featured later (basically the same thing I saw last November but let’s just say it’s rotated to the opposite side of the spectrum) Quetzi is also back in play again as a catalyst. Applying some Mayan mathematics to things, Monday, Cinco de Maya ie 5-5-5(14), was 13×55 days from the great Mayan solar eclipse of May 20,2010 although one can notice the 1356 number in the background of the Stavianos entourage photos I showed last Friday so maybe that number is more in play. Anyway there were many rituals featured on Cinco de Maya, most notably in the Yankees-Angels game on Derek Jeter night, most notably in the 8th inning.

    Jeter playing in his swan song season seems to have some central role in the ongoing rituals. Popgun and Little Bro visited him in NYC on Sunday and then we had the special events on Jeter night in Anaheim the next day where he even had a key role but there were so many rituals in that inning that my head was spinning and left me a little disoriented. Pretty much too many to interpret properly.

    But the key event of that inning occurred when the Yankees manager was thrown out of the game for arguing a strike call on hitter #11. The pitcher #36 had thrown 101 pitches at that point, the count was 1-1, and the score 1-1 in the eight inning. He proceeded to strike out #11 on an 87mph fastball. (on a 1-2 count for pitch #103?) A nice little 9 (36)–11 combo. The home plate umps # was 63…..Jeter was the next batter and grounded out into an inning ending double play. Jeter is 39 years old and they did mention he has won 5 world series and won an xamount of gold gloves. It’s also his 19th year in the majors. Anyway, more rituals were displayed during the eight inning, topped off by an Angels closer controversy ritual that saw pitcher #38 warming up in the 8th inning as the Angels built up a 4-1 lead on 3 bases loaded walks only to see pitcher #49 come into the game to close things out. Supposedly #38 got sick while warming up and couldn’t come into the game. It turns out 38+49=====87!!!! By the way, previously defrocked closer #49 lost the game the next night.

    • To better understand the situation, the Yankees manager freaks out on a strike call when the count is 1-1, the score 1-1.

      The graphics on the TV displayed it as such:

      #36s pitch count: 101
      The score: 1-1 8(th inning)
      the hitter’s count 1-1

      The batter’s #:11

      Later on 3 different Yankees pitchers walk in runs with the bases loaded to 3 consecutive batters. The first pitcher is taken out of the game and then thrown out by the ump.

      • Yellen spoke today so one reason for the pop today. She speaks tomorrow as well. Still the Nasdaq fared quite poorly. A certain little indicator, Nasdaq version still dropping at a brisk clip. NYSE version saw its component basically bounce to the 0 line.

  13. More new V. Stivianos photos in the link below including some fabulous Cinco de Maya photos. I like how she drivers her Ferrari to the nail salon in the hood. (old photos) In the old nail salon photos, one can see UNION in the background. The SOYUZ rockets/ space vehicles featured in Gravity mean UNION in English.

    I guess they’re spoofing the whole Hollywood entourage scene as well for Stivianos 15 seconds of fame as well as the kept mistress persona running around in a furnished Ferrari that somehow she’s allowed to keep.

  14. If the market fails to make a new high here I expect a nasty move down to follow that should break the recent 1859 SPX low. Here’s the scary thing for the bulls right now, the rising trendline of support on the weekly chart from the 2011 low is now around 1830 and once 1859 breaks there’s no support until 1814 area.

    Since today is Thursday and the week is almost over with I’d expect any sell off to happen next week. Now if this plays out like I’m expecting we’ll break the rising trendline in the next 2 weeks. The first break should come in the middle of the week and then they should recapture it by the close on Friday to leave everyone guessing.

    Will it happen next week or the week after? I don’t know? I am still expecting this choppy range for at least one more week but it could be stretched to 2 more weeks? You know how they love to tire us bears out and frustrate the bulls.

    As far as important dates there’s only the 28th of this month as it’s the start of another Legatus meeting. Could it be the top before a nasty sell off and break of that all important trendline on the weekly chart? It’s possible. We’ve seen them stretch out topping patterns this long in the past so they could do it here too.

    That would be 3 more weeks of this choppy crap but it’s not uncommon to see a long drawn out top before a big move down. However, if it doesn’t last that long then I’d look for the 22nd as a top since that’s an “eleven” and it’s a few days past option expiration week (next week) which is bullish around 80% of the time.

    There nothing stating for sure that the high is in for sure yet either. They could put in a new high next week and then drop back for a wave 1 down the following week and a wave 2 up into the 28th… at which point I’d expect the nasty wave 3 down to start with the breaking of that rising trendline dating back to 2011.

    Make no mistake about it… that trendline is the only thing keep the bulls in the game. Once it breaks the fence of protection is down and the hungry bears will be screaming into the cattle pen to rip the bulls to shreds.

  15. Derek Jeter on his farewell tour broke a 161 at bat homerless streak dating to last July 28, last night when he knocked one out of the park. 161=23×7

    Jeter hit it off the pitcher with the 12-16-1987 birthday. It was his 257 career home run.

    A certain sports web site currently has a feature story showing Jeter and Pujols (2-5 or 5-2) congratulating each other and saying their performances are back but not to 2009 levels.

  16. Looks like bulls are back at it again. They never cease to amaze me. But again, this market isn’t about good earnings or good fundamentals, it’s about stealing the sheeps’ money. And I’m guessing there are a lot of bears’ stops sitting up here in this area and even more just above 1900 SPX.

    You can pretty much say that it’s almost a guarantee that SkyNet is going to push this market over 1900 now and hit all those “buy stops” before it rolls back down any. Why? Because that’s what it’s programmed to do! The news doesn’t matter, it never does. I would now look for that 1925 area rising trendline to be hit before any decent pullback.

  17. Today looks like some choppy sidesway wave 4 down, which implies we should have one more wave 5 up yet to come. If so, then that rising trendline coming in around the 1925 SPX is still a possible upside target.

    It really should depend on how many bears’ stops are sitting right above the 1900 area as if it’s not very many then I doubt they get up past 1900-1915 SPX, but if it’s a lot then it should squeeze up to that rising trendline before stopping.

    I would short any hit of that rising trendline the first time to see if it holds. There’s a 80-90% chance that the first hit will produce a pullback. Now will it go back up after the brief pullback and try a second time to break through? I don’t know? But we’ll cross that road when we get there. For right now we are still in a sideways wave 4 down and wave 5 up has yet to start.

    The weekly chart is certainly trying to get positive on it’s histogram bars so possibly we’ll see that happen next weeK? Again, while the daily and shorter term charts look bearish the weekly is still holding that rising trendline from 2011 and until it breaks the bulls are still in control.

  18. Support has been broken which lowers the odds of a new higher high in the 1925 SPX area being hit. While anything is possible (as we know how they favor the bulls and manipulate the charts in that direction) I’m going to neutral stance right now.

    Meaning I think we’ve sold off quite a bit now and shouldn’t have too much more downside left, so going short here is probably too late. But I’m not comfortable going long either with some much technical damage being done.

    I have to admit I really wasn’t expecting this big of a move down… at least not yet. But again, until that rising trendline from 2011 is broken the bulls are still in control. It’s just that right not it’s looking more and more like they are tiring out and gives the bears some food for once.

    I’d give this market no more then the next 2 weeks before we see that breakdown happen (assuming we don’t make another higher high, and at this point the odds are much lower). The only thing that bugs me right now is how low the volume is today (and yesterday).

    With such low volume this market appears to be more of a technical move down instead of the big institutions selling… which clearly they aren’t doing today! That one thing leaves the door open for another push higher as I do think once you see them start selling they’ll be a very big dump happen. Until then we could be just swinging up and down for awhile longer.

  19. Quetzi rising just before daybreak alongside the illuminati full moon was quite a sight in the early

    morning today. Quetzi also putting in a T-square with Pluto-Sirius conjunct Uranus today.

    Quetzi opposed Mars on Sunday, a double ninen like astro signature, but Quetzi currently in the midst of the fray right now.

    Took a break on the trollosphere the last several days….need to get acclimated to the noise…no great loss though.

    • Of course, Mars Jupiter also in the midst of the fray. There was a Saturn Sun opposition on Sunday as well.

      Russell 2000 still below its 200 day average.

  20. Considering the expected light volume later this week due to the upcoming holiday weekend I’m expecting nothing but chop between now and then. I don’t think we’ll make a new high but I won’t rule it out completely. And of course I don’t think we’ll take out the current low.

    This could actually play out as I suggested it might a week or so ago. Meaning we could still put in a top on the 29th. Now the question is… will it be a slightly higher high, slightly lower or a double top? I don’t know? I’m not to excited about a short position or a long position at the moment.

    • Re-looking at the various indexes, time frames and charts I’d would add that “if” this top trendline is hit on the rising channel (also a bear flag) on the QQQ’s I’d look to short the market even though we are expected to have light volume this week.

      I think the QQQ’s will fall to the 80 area in the coming weeks and into next month before we have a nice bounce. From looking at the top trendline I’m guessing it will be around 88.75-89.00 when hit either tomorrow or Wednesday. That’s about the only short I’m interested in at the moment.

  21. With this week going into the Memorial Day Holiday I’d expect them to hold the market up to make it look good for the sheep so they’ll go spend more money they don’t have thinking the stock market will always go up.

    But I will say that they are struggling to fulfill that goal so far as even though Monday (May 19th) was the lightest trading day so far this year they can’t seem to get the market to make a new high again.

    And I’ve also noticed that there is now “broad based” selling now whereas the last month there was only sector rotation. This is a warning sign that a sell off is near.

    Not a crash but a nice move down. And since this coming 29th of May is late next week after the 3 day holiday, it still could be the last important high before a nice drop starts.

    Usually the first day after a holiday the traders are still hungover and not doing to much. That would be Tuesday as Monday is Memorial Day and the market is closed. Then Wednesday they come alive again and prepare for data that comes out on Thursdays and Fridays.

    Now since the 29th is a ritual “eleven” day, as well as in the middle of another Legatus meeting, the odds are pretty good for a sell off I think.

    The charts certainly support it, the history of the market around holidays support any bigger move NOT starting until the week after a holiday ends. Then there’s the “end of the month re-balancing” where big institutions shift around what they own and don’t own during the last 3 days of the month.

    Most of the time they will buy quality stocks during this period to show their customers who put in their money into these firms to trade it that they don’t take high risks and only trade solid companies like the old bellwethers found on the DOW.

    Naturally they don’t want their clients knowing they have have been gambling with worthless stocks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc… so they lie about what they’ve owned. Nothing surprising there.

    Since Friday May 30th is the last trading day of May it stands to reason that we’ll see some small rally Tuesday through Thursday of that week to close out their books saying they owned all these quality stocks.

    But I wouldn’t expect them to hold on to them past Friday the 30th, and I actually wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t peak on Thursday during the first half of the day and then start tanking into Friday as they turn around and unload the stocks they buy up 2-3 days prior to meet the requirements set for them by the SEC to allow them to legally lie to the sheep about what stocks they have been trading.

    This all sets the stage for a nice move down in June which I think we’ll see. Then a rally into early July followed by another nasty sell off (which could be a mini-crash since it might end up being a larger wave 3 down) followed by big rally afterwards.

    All in all the market is showing some serious signs of weakness now and “if” they let it play out we should see it start late next week with the 29th being the ideal topping day.

  22. Market breadth was surprisingly weak on this sizeable upday. Very interesting. The Russell 2000 vastly underperformed the Dow which is similar to another quaint time some 26 (8)years 7 months ago when the indices bounced off their lower BBs like the Dow did today after hitting it yesterday. Dow bounced from its lower BB to mid Bollinger band line ie 20 day average today.

    Noticed that some of the retailers continued to get smacked down like URBN yesterday (due in part to 9% y/yr sales decline at its namesake store) and WFM recently. Both are below their 20 month aka 400 day moving averages, key bear market signs.

  23. We were on home run watch for Albert Pujols as he approached a grand milestone but it looks like #5 just hit HR #505…….his 13th of the season………….Ritual on!!!

  24. Tomorrow, Friday the 23rd, aka Friday the 13th during the original Friday the 13th episode 706 years 7 months ago before the switch to the Gregorian calendar, will be 5-5-5. Tebow will be 9779 days old. 1313 trading days from the 3-6-9 low. 1414(55) days from the unveling of the Miami Thrice Number, 1415 days from the Decision.

    Technically, denouement isn’t really possible but a possible launch of denouement could be in the works or maybe Putin is planning some special development. A certain component of a certain little indicator did hit the 0 line today.

    • Also the 34th anniversary of the release of Stanley Kubrick’s ode to the Grand Ritual, the Shining…..home to Room 237

  25. So far we are on track to continue up toward that rising trendline around 1925-1930 SPX, and then rollover for pullback. It’s looking more and more possible that we could actually top this Thursday the 29th, which would surprise even me as I’ve been expecting this for several weeks now.

    But, even if we rollover and start a move down I’m still not looking for the larger 10%+ correction just yet. I think we’ll stay above the rising trendline on the weekly chart from 2011, which limits the pullback to 2-4% max. That’s around 1865 SPX currently and rising every week.

    You can see the both trendlines in this chart:; I think we’ll stay above the weekly rising trendline all this coming month of June and make our final peak in mid-July. Until then it’s just brief pullbacks with continued choppy moves up. Final high still unknown?

  26. There is a new moon tomorrow just a few degrees away from the location of the grand reunion nearly 2 years ago. New moons in that location have been quite lethal over the last few years.

    Anyway, the Nasdaq put in a B wave high/ lesser grand ritual signature today with a close above the upper BB, four straight days up and an RSI at 66.76. Strange enough, EEM has been down the last two session, $xoi was down today, commodities were down, and retail ETF rth put in a doji. A certain little component of a certain little indicator is getting as overbought as a similar instance at a B wave high.

    There was quite the enlightened one’s spectacle on Saturday for the Euro Champions League Final as Real Madrid made a miracle comeback tying the game at 1 in extra time….90th minute 3 rd minute —93. And then the game went to overtime where I was expecting the winning goal to come down to 1-11 time but alas I was a little off as it was scored at 109 minutes, officially the 110 th minute ie 11×10, then the game jumped the shark as Real Madrid piled it on scoring twice more against an indifferent Atletico Madrid defense the next time as Real #12 (111)ran through the parting Atletico defense to score and then finally they had to give pretty boy/soccer actor Ronaldo a final goal when he was tripped in the penalty box to be given an easy penalty goal attempt. Obviously, it looked like it was in the script for the Atletico defender to slightly trip him in the box when he had nowhere to go with Athletico defenders all around him. So a final 4-1 score.

    The game was played in Lisbon, Portugal, Ronaldo’s home country between two Spanish teams and ostensibly a country home to a certain organization that seemed to flourish after the travails of the original Friday the 13 th episode. And then a certain royal personage was handing out medals at the end of the game, an individual who has been linked to be the head of a certain little organization in a article once linked to this own site which would furthur bolster the theory that Portugal provided refuge for a certain little organization on the run although the financial operations moved more “offshore.”

    • Ronaldo, the Tim Tebow/ Justin Bieber of European sports. Someone on another message board aptly called him Real’s backstreet boy. After scoring his goal, naturally he took his shirt off and ran around the field shirtless. Landon Donovan has a little Ronaldo in him. The US media whining about Donovan being left off the team by US coach Klinsmann. Donovan has been wildly overrated/overhyped by the US media although he does posess some skills. I am beginning to wonder if he was allowed to score some goals in the same way Ronaldo is in the last World Cup after doing very little previously on the world stage.

      Klinsmann likes to run around in a sweater brandishing his initials JK. JK==10,11.

      It turns out the Klinnsman also got his professionall career off to a start in 1987. Later to win a World Cup as a player.

      • Donovan does wear #10 so his sacking from the US team does appear to be a ritual even though it probably is deserved.

  27. Ok, all we need is some positive news tomorrow morning (Jobs claims?) to get another gap up that should hit the rising trendline overhead where we can short it. It’s hard to see exactly where that level is at on my charts as it’s a rising trendline and we are at new high, therefore it’s off the chart. But I suspect it’s currently around 1920-1925 SPX area.

    The first hit of it has about an 80% chance of a pullback to follow. Now how much of a pullback is unknown but it’s still worth shorting in my opinion. I’m not looking for a big move down as I really don’t think we’ll get more then 1-3 down days in a row (2-4% pullbacks) until mid-July when I think we’ll top out for a much bigger correction.

    Never the less it’s worth trading I think and I’ll be looking closely at that trendline for a hit of it to short. Until then I’m on the sidelines. While I could have went long I’d rather not chase the last 1% move up.

    • it’s the transportation index continuing to rage to multiple new all time highs almost daily for the last 2 years that leaves the door open to the rest of the market also going higher from here. look at ‘that’ chart.

      • The market could go higher into mid-July but we are overdue for a pullback and I think we’ll see it this week. My best guess is that we’ll top on Monday or Tuesday morning. Then I’m expecting a 2-4% pullback to start.

  28. I thought the French Open ended this weekend but it looks like we have another entire week to see if Federer survives.

    They’re ringing the bell at the top with the Ballmer/ MSFT take-over of the Clippers for $2 billion to bring closure to the Sterling/ Clippers ritual. Bull market icon Donald Sterling bought the Clippers in 1982 (31 yrs ago) for $12 million and now will sell them for $2 billion. I guess this ritual was symbolic of the impending demise of the great bull market …and a retreat back to 1982-1987 levels? Sterling was also a developer of luxury apartment buildings so he is quite representative of the great bull market but he does get bailed out to the tune of $2 billion.

    • Apple buying Beats for $3 billion which doesn’t seem so outlandish unless it’s a junk company.

      In the indie flick, Chef, the blogger/ food critic sells his blog to AOL for $14 million which does seem to hint at the AOL Time Warner merger that marked the technology bubble top back in 2000. Is AOL still around??? The Chef/ El Jefe does promote his work on Twitter quite extensively in the flick and even gets in a twitter flame war with the aforementioned critic. He takes his show on the road, going indie buying a food truck and selling his wares starting in Miami (South Beach), then to New Orleans, and then back to LA. The flick does seem to be a social media homage to the tech times we live in and has extensive numerology sprinkled throughout the story.

      • Apple should hit 650-655 Geccko, and then it’s a short in my opinion. But, they are doing a 7 for 1 split on Monday, June 1st so you’ll have to divide that to figure out the new level to short it.

        • I’ve been wondering when that split would occur. Someone else had mentioned it would occur in a couple of weeks. Another reason for it to have topped today and sell off on the “news”. Monday is 6-2 or 611.

          Apple’s little rebound helped bounce the $ndx to the old highs while the overall $compaq lagged quite dramatically. Very reminiscent of the March 27,2000 $ndx high. Rut has also bounced feebly now as it did back then (from initial early March 2000 high).

          So does denouement take a fast form into Miami Thrice the 13th or a slower form into a date dearer to my heart.

        • Interesting. apple seems better suited as a high triple digit stock to me,but it certainly gives smaller investors a chance to get a little.

          • Doing a split like that is a “tell-tale” sign of weakness up at this level. It’s running out of steam and a lower price should give it a little more of a boost higher. It could actually hit a double top from 9/21/2012 at 676.81, but I think it will pullback first (probably at the same time the market does).

  29. Federer was bounced from the French Open yesterday. I don’t know if LeCarre’s crystal ball was foggy or if it was ritual appropriate. It did occur on Sunday as in the book. Now for the official corporate takeover/ shareholders’ meeting where one mafioso is forced to sell to the kingpin mafioso. Sounds about right for the Clippers ritual except I don’t know if the NBA board of governance meeting scheduled for tomorrow June 3 is still on when the owners would have voted 29-0 to banish money bubble icon Donald Sterling from the NBA.

    And then the Russian theme of Dima pitted against the 7 Vors who are unofficially sanctioned by the Kremlin is very topical for the times. Except the takeover and subsequent denouement took place in Switzerland. We’ll have to watch for any developments taking place in Switzerland (although we did have a nice metals mining takeover there after the French Open 2 years ago that fit the theme pretty well)

    • Looks like they’re making a film version of Our Kind of Traitor with Ewan McGregor as the lead. Some photos of the shoot in Switzerland:

      Like Ewan McGregor although he’s technically too old for the part but never heard of the director or most of the supporting cast. Stellan Skaarsgard doesn’t seem to have the physicality for the Dima role. It’s a little worrisome. I don’t know if they’re going to get the little details right.

  30. We still have NOT topped yet to produce a nice 2-4% down move. Since we are chopping sideways today and yesterday it’s clear that this is a bull flag of some kind and it should pop higher later this week to clear out all the bears shorting right now.

    The typical move higher is around 25-30 points from what I’ve noticed in the past. Therefore I’m expecting a squeeze higher to 1945-1950 as soon as this bull flag plays out. If I had to guess on what day it would happen I’d say this Thursday from the Jobless Claims number.

    It should be an exhaustion gap higher to clear out stops currently being put in. Then I think we’ll see it rollover that day and start our 2-4% correction. Now since there is NO negative divergence yet on the daily chart that tells me we should still see a higher high before it starts a larger 10%+ correction.

    So after this one is done I think we’ll rally into mid-July and make a higher high to finally put in the high for this year (well, most likely it will be), which will likely be above 2000 on the SPX. But on the short term there is money to be made on this move down as it could test that weekly rising trendline from 2011 again… if it’s a big drop.

    If it’s a 2-4% drop (which is what I’m expecting) then we might only hit the rising trendline from February of 2013, which is around 1850-1855 area, whereas the other trendline is around 1750 area and is probably too far down to go if they plan on going up to another higher high into mid-July (and I believe they are).

    Therefore I would not look for any move below that higher rising trendline to happen. That’s the area I’d expect a bottom to occur and then a rally into the July 4th holiday and into the middle of July. So again, this Thursday I’m looking for a gap up from the rigged Jobless Claims numbers and then a sell off to start that should last until around 1850 area before bottoming.

    Naturally things can change along the way and I’ll post those changes when I see them, but for now that’s the best guess I have based on what I see in the charts and important ritual dates.

  31. looks like you may get that squeeze to 1945-50. good call.- i’ve been hitting many of the other sites on your blogroll the last week or so. most are pretty quiet right now as far as comments, with the exception of daneric’s elliot wave blog – . the only problem being…is most of the posts are bickering insults and false bravado among 2 or 3 regulars…and very little short to medium term ‘predictions’. – anyway,thanks. looking forward to your next post.

    • I think we’re done on the upside Ben. I don’t see us getting up to that 1945-1950 SPX area now. It looks too weak and today should have been the day to do it. I’m now in short and will ride it up to there if need be but right now I see nothing else coming (news wise) that could get that kind of move up.

      The ECB cut interest rates today and that should have fueled the market higher. It moved it up a little but not as much as I’d like to have seen. So without anymore big news events I don’t see much chance of another move up. But do note that I’m only looking for a 2-4% correction here.

      • thank RD.-at spx 1940 now..we have hit your upside targets give or take. we’ll find out if this is an interim top very soon now….by monday or tues at the latest i would think.- if it is, i’d have to think we’ll get well south of spx 1900 and keep heading south.- of course if we don’t do that..spx 2000 is looming large and magnetically just above us.-should be interesting..thanks again.

        • After this coming correction Ben I do suspect we’ll climb back up in front of the July 4th holiday and probably a week or two afterwards. My suspected top date is July 16th, but that’s not written in stone of course.

          The move up from this coming pullback could either make a lower high (which would mean we go closer to that 4% pullback) or make a higher high (which means we might only get a 2% correction now), which very well should clear that 2000 SPX mark.

          On the short term I’d expect tomorrow to gap up from the non-farm payroll report (or any news they deem positive) and then drop back into the close leaving a topping tail on the daily candle.

          We don’t have to put in a big down down as I’d actually expect it to close either slightly positive, flat or slightly down… but well off the high for the day. As long as we get that topping tail we should start heading down next week.

          Keep in mind that the bottom is usually put in the Thursday or Friday the week prior to options expiration week. That’s next Thursday and Friday, so that’s when I think we’ll bottom for the first leg down of this sell off.

          Then we should rally some the week of opx and then make one more move lower the week after. That would be the ideal pattern (of course nothing ever plays out perfectly… LOL), which would then form a nice ABC pattern down and allow for the 4th of July rally to start in the last week of June.

  32. Great video mate.

    i also try to look at the sentiment trader daily analysis here ->

    Their calls in the current BULL MARKET have been insanely GOOD!

    It makes trading this god damn MANIPULARTED market alot easier

    • Glad to see you stop by Jesterx. Yeah, it’s pretty dead out there on the “Bear Blog” world. But I think things are going to start heating up for them here soon.

  33. I think this is all we are going to get on the upside for awhile. I’m taking a short position today and will ride out the move up another 10 points or so if it happens. Good Luck Bears….

  34. I had given up on this move up we are having now as I was expecting it to happen in the morning session. It should be the “stop clearing out” move that I previously was expecting and with that said the highest I could see it go it that 1945-1950 SPX area.

    However, it could end lower then that. It really depends on the close today. If we fall back and put in a decent topping tail then I’d say it’s done today at whatever level we hit a high today. If it closes near the top then we should have a brief follow through tomorrow morning to hit that target zone.

    This was a tough one that fooled me. I really wanted to short the 1945-1950 area but when it didn’t happen in the morning I thought it wasn’t going to happen. Regardless, after it hits (or not?) I’m looking for a move down to start with the gap fill level of 190.29 SPY being the first downside target.

  35. The topping pattern matches the patterns from the tops of 2000 and the lesser grand ritual. Going forward the numerology towards a date dear to my heart fits the grand theme and one of many pentecosts to come going forward. Tomorrow is 6-6-14 or 125 or 26 or 611 so maybe something happens but Apple might continue to levitate until it splits on Monday although it did have a topping candle today. The EU monetary easing today also might be ringing a bell for the top. The French Open timeline from Our Kind of Traitor would indicate dislocation wouldn’t arrive until next week. The major coporate meeting took place on 6-10 in the novella (Wednesday of the week).

    And the book does seem to be ritual appropriate and indicating that these are the signs of the times. The 7 Vors did have a large gangland meeting in Sochi in 2000 that set in motion poor old Vor Dima’s fate.. (27 or 72) In that meeting, the Kremlin became the overlord for the Vory which was totally abhorrent to the ideals of the old Vory.

  36. We are in the zone that I think we’ll end this rally up and have a small 2-4% correction. But to confirm this we need to drop back today and put in a topping tail on the daily candle. Considering that it’s Friday there’s a pretty good chance that it will happen as traders simply take profits before the close.

    Again, it doesn’t have to be a down day but simply a day with a topping tail is what I’d like to see. Just close the market 1-2 points up or down and I’d say we will then have good odds that the high is in for awhile.

  37. It doesn’t look good for this being a top gang. The market is trading sideways and we all know that’s a bull flag. The lack of a pullback today into the close tells me we aren’t going to pullback now and instead continue up higher with 2000+ being the next target zone. I will exit all shorts today if we continue this sideways action into the close.

    • Yep,,the way this thing has acted this week, I won’t be shocked if they work this up to SPX 2000 into the July 4th period. Unless Monday and Tues show some real downside power,I think the odds are very good we go higher the rest of June. Thanks for your updates.

  38. looks like it’s going to be hard for the boys to resist taking it to dow 17,000,at least for an intraday rub.

  39. Well I had to take a peek and see how we closed and I see it was a good one.- Unless the FED news tomorrow runs this up back to new highs by Friday at the latest..then I’m 99% sure we’ve seen the highs on all the key indexes for at least a month or so. Say Dow 17,100 and SPX 1990.One more run back up SPX 1881 ain’t gonna cut it now.- This has got nuthin to do with all that P3 shit talk and bulls vs bears crap..this is just about developing a real trading range for a while in the upper 5 to 7% to range. Very normal in bull markets.So lets see what happens after the FED shit tmrw and hopefully they open this up a bit. Hell..even if it’s just down to SPX 1920,it works for me…although if we go down there..I think we go south of SPX 1900 for a bit. How about a range from SPX 1850 to 1990 into Oct ? As I’ve said for 2 weeks..SPX 1970 is my line in the sand, WE close at 1969…so It will be rel interesting to see where we have closed at 24 hours from now. Of course I’m hoping it’s lower. We shall see. Hasta manana.

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